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Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot (GER) - Gold Medal | Pairs Free Skating | PyeongChang 2018

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018 veröffentlicht
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    Enjoy Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot of Germany's breathtaking Pairs Free Skating gold medal performance at the Winter Games 2018 at PyeongChang.
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  • Avakin Jocelyn
    Avakin Jocelyn Year ago +27

    The fact that they remembered this entire routine shows how good their memory is

  • Liu Xiaokun

    Their size difference makes their synchronisation so much more impressive

  • Unicorn Ghost

    I still come back to watching this routine, this is the absolute pinnacle of perfection of ice skating. These two made history that day and it will be hard for any performance to come close to this. Absolutely incredible

  • Semechki for Putin

    the guy's excitement at the end when the score is announced is intense. that's the face of somebody whose biggest dream that he's spent tens of thousands of hours training for is coming true.

  • Que Perries

    For so long, I wished to find a figure skate that was soft, like a water flow.

  • FluffyMarshmellow♡

    Sooo now I'm back here after having watched a couple of performances of the 2022 Olympics... All of them are crazy talented and flawless, they really perform so beautifully <3 But even after 4 years, Aljona's and Bruno's performance literally makes me tear up every single time, emotionally it touches me the most :c So incredible!!! <3

  • PhantomStrider
    PhantomStrider Year ago +12

    Every time.. Those ending moves still bring tears to my eyes..

  • Alysma
    Alysma  +157

    As a German, the only thing about this performance that makes me really sad is that my grandparents, who were olympic-level figure skaters, were not alive to see this. They would have appreciated this so much. Oh well, maybe they got to watch from heaven. <3

  • Gus Rupp
    Gus Rupp  +163

    Let’s not forget the passion and intensity of the coaches in the background watching and portraying every move! Pure drive to WIN. It simply takes a team.

  • Robert Valencia

    Watching this now for the first time and I can’t believe what I just witnessed. I’m so glad there wasn’t any commentary, so glad I came across this video. Such an incredible performance that touched me beyond what I can understand. Hoping for this year to be just as great!

  • Reea Fu
    Reea Fu  +485

    Has anyone else cried when watching this? As the end of the routine approached, could not keep my tears... it has been extremely touching and sensational what they did, I am mesmerised and at a loss for words. It is still so incredible to see watch sensitivity on a screen in this brutal world. They’ve made pure art and joy from this sport! Congratulations!

  • Ольга Федорова

    Это шедевр. Спектакль. Не помню ни одной программы спортивных пар, которая бы настолько меня впечатлила. Смотрю каждый раз со слезами. Чистейшая победа.

  • Kiki Dee
    Kiki Dee 2 years ago +5

    I’m so glad that they won, after all the backlash she got for being “too old”. I love their performance and you can see that they love doing - and that’s all that matters.

  • Sollte 123
    Sollte 123  +174

    I am here after the olympic skating competition this year and this performance is so much more emotional....

  • Angela Blasi Lopez

    You can feel a huge chemistry between those two, it makes the show so much better. It looks magic, that was awesome. They deserved the prize

  • Catherine
    Catherine  +12

    Little translation for those who are wondering : At the end, what Bruno says to the camera before hearing the score is ''Mom, dad and the whole family, I send you big kisses. I love you!'' Its very endearing.

  • Александра Литвак

    На последней поддержке сердце просто остановилось!Это волшебство!Идеальное выступление,полностью заслуженная победа!Браво,мое восхищение!

  • 김미미🦋

    Everytime I watch them I recognise one simple but eternal factor: trust is what builds incredible things between people.

  • dg 296
    dg 296 Year ago +5

    For people who doesn't know their story, in short:

  • Samarah Raffat

    I hope Aljona and Bruno have an opportunity to read the beautiful comments on this thread.