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Michael Jordan: The Mind of a Competitor

  • Published on Mar 15, 2017 veröffentlicht
  • These clips were taken from Ahmad Rashad's interview with Michael Jordan in 2013, when he turned 50.
    I do not own the copyright to any of the contents of this video.
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  • M Frusciante
    M Frusciante 3 years ago +134

    This guy was hyper-intelligent. He understood that it was a battle between himself and his desires, and that his mind was in control, and he knew that no one else understood that the same way he did, and that alone put him on another level.
    He was at the pinnacle of self control/self manipulation, where others would let things get in the way, fear/doubt/complacency/fatigue, etc. He mastered the ability to make his mind and body do whatever it needed to to achieve his desire.
    If I were a neuroscientist, or even a psychologist I'd be all over Jordan, asking to study him. One in a 100 billion mind.

      ROSEMARIE S 3 years ago +2

      He possessed The Master Key and used It to unlock his own " Hidden Splendor. "

    • Turn to God
      Turn to God 3 years ago +5

      True I noticed that about MJ. It’s like his mind and body are in perfect motion together like a car. I just wish I had the same physical attributes my dream was to be a basketball player

    • Anton Cigur
      Anton Cigur 2 years ago +1

      This post is illuminating. But I would substitute "desires" with "instincts", it suits better to me. Whatever, again, great point.

    • Jeffrey Otingo
      Jeffrey Otingo 2 years ago +1

      This is the first time I have ever taken a screenshot of a Clip-Share comment

    • iCommando
      iCommando Year ago

      I have a question. Is it possible to gain this kind of mindset?

  • Travy Doyodirt
    Travy Doyodirt 5 years ago +1662

    "Work ethic elminates fear. If you put forth the work, then what are you fearing? You know what you're capable of doing and what your not."

      ORAMI27 SHYGONE 5 years ago +9


    • Clive Rodney
      Clive Rodney 5 years ago +14

      Work ethic eliminates fear. If you put forth the work, then what are you fearing? You know what you're capable of doing and what you're not.

    • Steve Merenu
      Steve Merenu 4 years ago +11

      It seems as if Michael Jordan let everyone know where they belong!!

    • Myk V
      Myk V 4 years ago +13

      This is why him and Kobe are in a completely different class than the rest!

    • Leroy Mckenzie Jr. JNF Enterprises LLC.
      Leroy Mckenzie Jr. JNF Enterprises LLC. 4 years ago +1

      That's golden rt there!!!!

  • dsetgetatme
    dsetgetatme 4 years ago +50

    "Work ethic eliminates fear" Powerful statement!!

  • ThunderPants
    ThunderPants 4 years ago +85

    Michael Jordan is the most athletic human being I've ever seen. When you take his leaping ability, hang time, speed, agility, body control, hand-eye coordination, strength, and quickness and consider the fact that he's 6' 6", his athleticism was absolutely off the charts. Then when you combine that unmatched athletic ability with his phenomenal work ethic and competitive fire, you get the greatest player of all time.

    • Ball Is Life
      Ball Is Life  4 years ago +10

      Well said.

    • EL RAW
      EL RAW 3 years ago +13

      You forgot to add his intelligence, basketball IQ, leadership, shooting ability, discipline, seriousness and clutch factor.

  • Jeff Kressner
    Jeff Kressner 5 years ago +95

    Jordan was the hardest working and most disciplined basketball player there ever was and he is still unmatched in the game...by ANYONE.

    • cheeze zlayer
      cheeze zlayer 4 years ago +1

      jliveslife the game became a long distance battle, 3pt competition.....…

    • oihgrtzjgggjkk
      oihgrtzjgggjkk 11 months ago +2

      What about Kobe?

    • Mindfulvibez
      Mindfulvibez 5 months ago

      @oihgrtzjgggjkk Kobe came close but wasn’t there but Kobe has his own legacy that will be remembered forever and he’s his own man

  • Wylin Out
    Wylin Out 4 years ago +25

    This man, no excuses, no bs! MJ found solutions and ways to make it happen!
    Every time this man's foot touched the court you knew something amazingly magical was going to happen.

  • Cherose _18
    Cherose _18 5 years ago +331

    "work ethic eliminate d fear." - MJ was, is and forever be d GOAT 👊👊👊

    • Roy
      Roy 4 years ago

      I'll show you my goat.

  • vagaboN51
    vagaboN51 5 years ago +91

    work eliminates fear... preach MJ!

  • TimepieceBeast
    TimepieceBeast 6 years ago +740

    listening to MJ talk explains perfectly why he's the goat!!

    • Ball Is Life
      Ball Is Life  6 years ago +25


    • Oldschoolhiphop
      Oldschoolhiphop 4 years ago +37

      Mike said he physically couldn't compete with the Pistons. He got in the weight room & got bigger & stronger. Champion bred no excuses he elevated.

    • Giannis Lampadoxitos
      Giannis Lampadoxitos 4 years ago +13

      Thats a champion talking. Champion in life for me. He talks about his passion like he is still playing. Thats obsession brother.

    • the collector
      the collector 4 years ago +1

      Listening to a legend wow mentally trick himself to be better strong headed strong on court

    • Justin Gabat
      Justin Gabat 4 years ago +11

      “Work ethic eliminates fear.” Thank you MJ!

  • Mel M
    Mel M 5 years ago +156


  • Emilio Martinez
    Emilio Martinez 4 years ago +24

    He will always be the greatest he changed the game

  • john A.
    john A. 5 years ago +124

    Growing up in the heart of Chicago, it was this man alone that kept me out of trouble and hanging with the wrong crowds.

    • Ball Is Life
      Ball Is Life  4 years ago +14


    • Apex Photostories
      Apex Photostories 4 years ago +5

      Im not from Chicago nor I am from the US of A but MJs inspiration grew all over the world so I wont be wondering if he inspired people from Chicago to be better lucky city to have such inspiration as the GOAT himself

    • Ornelas Jorge
      Ornelas Jorge 3 years ago +7

      It was awesome living in Chicago in that era , everyone wanted to be like Mike it was fun playing ball at that time .

    • milo lee
      milo lee 3 years ago +1

      And a bigger man you turned out to be.👍

  • Xavi R.
    Xavi R. 4 years ago +71

    Being a Kobe fan, got to say MJ is the best of all time. No doubt. The mental Game of this guy was just in another level.

    • Kakarot
      Kakarot 4 years ago

      Same here dude!!!!

    • Shane Drayton
      Shane Drayton 3 years ago

      Same here

    • Eazy E
      Eazy E 2 years ago +1

      Kobe was a great player and he's better than Lebron, but he ain't in jordans league

    • Lucyyy
      Lucyyy 2 years ago

      Lebron is great he is skilled but he lacks the mind, the will to win

    • Sarge B. Cuttin’
      Sarge B. Cuttin’ Year ago

      Kobe emulated all of Jordan’s moves. He couldn’t help but be great.

  • S Beharry
    S Beharry 5 years ago +7

    "LOVE for the game" that's what pushes him Truly an incredible person and athlete. GOAT

  • Lisa Wilson
    Lisa Wilson 4 years ago +8

    I remember MJ battling New York some of the best I seen.MJ had that fire not to lose by any means necessary.The G.O.A.T....So blessed to have watched MJ play..

  • bolowood
    bolowood 5 years ago +47

    God bless you 23...greatest athlete of all time and a great human being

    • cheeze zlayer
      cheeze zlayer 4 years ago +5

      Put MJ or atleast orginal 23, other people may think it's lebron.. Lolz

    • Jhonathan
      Jhonathan 4 years ago +2

      cheeze zlayer damn right

  • The Dom
    The Dom 4 years ago +18

    I dont know why it never struck me before, but when The Flu game ended Jordan falls into Pippens arms, it really shows how close they were. Not a lot of people can get close to MJ, not a lot of teammates especially, but Pippen and MJ loved each other.

    • Jason Dyrkacz
      Jason Dyrkacz 4 years ago +6

      They more or less grew up in the league together.
      LeBron fans seem to think that Pippen was an established star when he came to Chicago. Pippen was one of those late blooming prospects that needed polishing. Pippen was a draft day trade that was made by the 80s version of Danny Ainge.

    • Eddie Ash
      Eddie Ash 3 years ago

      Rofl he didn't have the flu. He partied too hard and long thr night before.

    • JM
      JM Year ago +2

      About that…

  • Freeman X
    Freeman X 4 years ago +2

    Jordan highlights still gives me chills....like no other basketball player ever

  • Janardhan Iyer
    Janardhan Iyer 5 years ago +5

    To him, the greatest thing abt basketball is passion and love. To the world, the greatest thing abt basketball is MJ. As a basketball fan, I'm lucky Jordan played my sport.

  • rezza akbar
    rezza akbar 4 years ago +7

    Perfect lesson of personal motivation course from the greatest of all time.

  • Matthew Ma
    Matthew Ma 4 years ago +13

    Some have just the physical, some have just the mental, but Jordan had Both at a high level, the Perfect Shooting guard/Basketball player

  • The Guy
    The Guy 5 years ago +167

    He was so good that never allowed a game 7 WHEN IT MATTERED. But, I can only imagine how this man would play on a game 7 of the finals. He would have destroyed everyone.

    • Forgem Nos
      Forgem Nos 5 years ago +9

      Neither did. LeBron....he got swept

    • Jhonathan
      Jhonathan 4 years ago +1

      Ulysses432 talk about the Finals but I get your point

    • makaveli g
      makaveli g 4 years ago +1

      Nathan K. When he was a rookie smh

    • Mark V
      Mark V 4 years ago

      You can see it when they play against indiana at semi finals game 7. He may not scored well but on defense he gave his all. Reggie miller is point less in the 4th qtr. They maybe older ( mike, rodman, and pip compared to indiana) but they have the heart of a legend. The desire to win nothngs compare. Look how exausted Mike after the game. During the game you cant see that they are tired.

    • mustangmaniac1983
      mustangmaniac1983 4 years ago +1

      Dashing_Davey Just to clarify, the Bulls lost to the Pistons in 6 games in 1989. They took them to 7 games in the Eastern Conference Finals in 1990 but lost. Then in 1991 the Bulls finally got their revenge and swept the 2-time defending champion Pistons en route to their 1st of 3 straight championships. Being born and raised in Chicago since 1983 these are some of my best memories, hard to forget.

  • M Frusciante
    M Frusciante 3 years ago

    His words about passion and love at the end are eternal. Passion is what made him what he is. Those who find that kind of passion in life, and are able to hold on to it, are blessed.

    vCLOWNSHOESv 4 years ago +1

    I've seen everything this man did in the league but it never gets old.

  • Awake Not Woke
    Awake Not Woke 4 years ago +51

    “Work ethic eliminates fear.” -M.J.

  • IIProfoundIIGamingII
    IIProfoundIIGamingII 3 years ago

    Greatness personified! He is and always will be the best to ever do it!

  • jungle Kutz
    jungle Kutz Year ago +1

    Work ethic eliminates fear! What a profound statement! You can always tell when someone is experienced in whatever they're talking about (has put whatever work into) soley based on their words and how they're able to communicate and express what they mean, know and have personally experienced. Work ethic reveals so much about who someone is. Something that most that don't have work ethic are confused by and or interpretate wrong.

  • prav777
    prav777 3 years ago

    His movements on the court were so graceful, was pure artistry. No one has ever come close except Kobe (RIP) to some degree....

  • Sherma Gustave
    Sherma Gustave 4 years ago +3

    This is what I remember that motivation was growing up, he fought and came back MJ, thanks for being awesome

  • Matson G
    Matson G 3 years ago +4

    I’m a musician and I model my playing after what Micheal Jordan says. Especially when he said “practice as if you’re playing for real, so the time comes to do it for real it’s not new to you.”

  • Haunterr
    Haunterr 5 years ago +503

    “I practice as if I'm playing a game, so when the moment comes in the game, its not new to me."

    • Mike Doc
      Mike Doc 4 years ago +6

      Luc longley said that practice was easier than game played

    • Mike Doc
      Mike Doc 4 years ago +2

      Ulysses432 you understood my thoughts

    • Jeremy Crum
      Jeremy Crum 4 years ago +2


    • Deo Saut
      Deo Saut 4 years ago

      What does that mean for? I cant really understand it.

    • Mike Doc
      Mike Doc 4 years ago +3

      @Deo Saut the pratices were very hard

  • james lachs
    james lachs 4 years ago +33

    MJ is the GOAT but I loved watching Clyde "The Glide" Drexler too. Drexler was an elite player and he's a class act. No one is, or was, as good as Jordan. Clyde was one step down, in the Jordan era, and Portland was the perfect City for him. He's a smart guy and could have been more of a star but he always struck me as an introvert. He wanted to, and played to, win but I never sensed he wanted the spotlight, tons of commercials a big shoe deal etc. He's always listed as a SG but I think he was more of an undersized, absurdly athletic SF. His shot was super unorthodox. His Portland teams always contended and, like so many, Jordan kept a ring from Clyde. I've seen him once in Seattle and once in Portland. People love him!! I hope he's healthy and wealthy!

    • Adam V
      Adam V 4 years ago +1

      james lachs very slept on player just cuz he played in the same era as MJ

    • Ball Is Life
      Ball Is Life  4 years ago +2

      Good post. Drex gets little respect but he was great. And yeah, he was more like an undersized SF than a SG.

    • Jhonathan
      Jhonathan 4 years ago +1

      Yes it’s unfortunate but losing to the best over is nothing to be shamed.

  • James Jones
    James Jones 5 years ago +161

    Chicago was blessed to have this man!

    • cheeze zlayer
      cheeze zlayer 4 years ago

      It was the greatest moment for chicago city..

    • C.O.D
      C.O.D 4 years ago

      Definitely loved and cherished every minute of it. ♥️🖤

    • eiji niizuma
      eiji niizuma 4 years ago

      during the championship seasons the bull never had a 3 game losing streak

  • Michael Metric
    Michael Metric 4 years ago +6

    MJ and Brady have a lot alike when you listen to them speak - practice, preparation, teammates, knowing your opponent...this is what separates the good ones from the great ones.

  • vincesomerhalder
    vincesomerhalder 4 years ago +7

    Simply the greatest, Michael Jordan

  • Tabatha Brabham
    Tabatha Brabham 4 years ago +14


  • Tyrone Weekes
    Tyrone Weekes 4 years ago +5

    Michael Jordan is the GOAT hands down no body could touch his legacy

  • Shawn Pysadee
    Shawn Pysadee 4 years ago +17

    Michael Jordan had the skill set as the Best Player of all time. People acknowledge him as the GOAT because his passion and attitude for the game made him the Champion he was. He competed against himself. The only player with a similar passion and attitude for the game was Kobe Bryant. His legacy as the GOAT, will never be matched.

    • Leroy Mckenzie Jr. JNF Enterprises LLC.
      Leroy Mckenzie Jr. JNF Enterprises LLC. 4 years ago

      I disagree with u abt the competitiveness. Magic and Bird were just as competitive and they hated losing to each other. Bird still mad cus he lost to Magic in the ncaa championship and Magic still let him know he beat him.....lol

    • M Frusciante
      M Frusciante 3 years ago

      @Leroy Mckenzie Jr. JNF Enterprises LLC. yep. Bird n magic were indeed hyper competitive similar to MJ. Kobe was too, but I'm not convinced he was on the other threes level.. I watched pretty much every playoff game Jordan ever played, he never folded, shyed away, submitted, disappeared. But Kobe has. I watched him throw in the towel to the Celtics. Right in the same situations I've seen Jordan in, except Jordan pushed harder when that happened, he dug deep and willed his team to victory, or to at least go down swinging. I'll never forget sitting there saying ok Kobe u gotta do something now's the Time(same thing I used to say in bulls games), but he never even tried. He was deflated. N so was I, I lost all belief that he was anywhere close to MJ.

  • DeadArmed
    DeadArmed 5 years ago +121

    Poor clyde. He was so good too. Elite basketball player.

    • Ball Is Life
      Ball Is Life  4 years ago +15

      Born in the wrong era. Lol. Clyde was damn special too.

    • Joel Stucki
      Joel Stucki 4 years ago +6

      The problem is that Clyde was a very similar type of player to MJ, and that meant he would inevitably be overshadowed.

    • DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)
      DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals) 4 years ago +6

      Jordan robbed so many greats of titles. Good thing for the Rockets he took a break. :)

    • rene santillana
      rene santillana 4 years ago

      It doesn't matter

    • J Fedol
      J Fedol 3 years ago +2

      @DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals) Man could've won 8 titles in a row, it's insane when you think about it

  • hi hi
    hi hi 6 years ago +222

    The reason MJ is the greatest is because he's the only guy youd have to actually kill if you managed to get him in a finals game 7 to take a title from.

    • ᒍᗝᕼᑎᑎY ᗯᗩᒪKEᖇ
      ᒍᗝᕼᑎᑎY ᗯᗩᒪKEᖇ 4 years ago +2

      I forgot his name but he's one of MJ23's tough competitor, he said you have to rip MJ23's heart out to beat him.

    • Juan Vega
      Juan Vega 4 years ago +2

      Johnny Walker, I believe that comment was said by George Karl, former coach of the Seattle SuperSonics.

    • Rodel Valenzuela
      Rodel Valenzuela 4 years ago +1

      Kenneth Erickson haha you nailed it...

    • Jim Ellingson
      Jim Ellingson 3 years ago

      Jordan never played a game 7

    • Sergio Giacomo Sammartano
      Sergio Giacomo Sammartano 3 years ago

      Which of course never happened. Whenever MJ sniffed the smell of an NBA title, 6 games were the maximum opponents could hope for.

  • The BassBaritone
    The BassBaritone 4 years ago +386

    When you swing your baseball bat, while smoking a cuban Churchill in a locker room before a playoff NBA game, you know you are the league’s daddy.

  • R Smitty
    R Smitty 4 years ago +7

    We need more competitive spirits in the current NBA. Draymond's got it, few others do now.

    • Jaquaveon Andress
      Jaquaveon Andress 4 years ago

      Ray Smith yea most definitely

    • M Frusciante
      M Frusciante 3 years ago +3

      Players more worried about looking cool than trying hard. I believe one day someone like Jordan will come along and change that though. Somebody dominant and hyper competitive. And everyone else will have to rise to that level to compete w him.

  • Anthony Lennon
    Anthony Lennon 4 years ago +3

    I needed inspiration with my studies. Thanks Jordan for sharing your mindset.

  • Franky Garcia
    Franky Garcia 4 years ago +1

    Passion!!! No other word to subscribe this!!! You are the best basketball 🏀 player in the world !!!hands down!! ..and thank you for the greatest memories ever !! U are in inspiration to all basketball player of how you should play the game!!! With passion!!MJ23!!!

  • Haru
    Haru 4 years ago +524

    Man. Watching this video made me realize how soft the NBA is right now.

  • C.O.D
    C.O.D 4 years ago

    He was competitive on a level of legends.

  • brandunk23
    brandunk23 5 years ago +51

    What makes MJ special is that he never forgot about Scottie Pippen during his Enshrinement Speech.
    After everything was said and done..
    Teams win Championships.

    • Paul Kim
      Paul Kim 4 years ago +1

      yeah it took mj a minute to figure it out..but he did.

    • cheeze zlayer
      cheeze zlayer 4 years ago

      @Paul Kim it's coming along for the best moment

  • Roy
    Roy 4 years ago +8

    "Anything try'n to take something from us... That's rivalry"
    Imagine putting this guy in today's NBA. Damn.

    vCLOWNSHOESv 4 years ago +3

    "Work ethic eliminates fear" If Michael Jordan never played basketball he would have been a great man doing something else. His parents raised him right and his siblings as well.

  • Real Is Real
    Real Is Real 3 years ago +5

    He had nothing else to prove after his first ring. Yet he played his entire career like he had everything to prove

  • It's mr1's world
    It's mr1's world 3 years ago

    That phone call with Ahmad was comedy gold 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • smashingairguitars
    smashingairguitars 4 years ago

    "Anybody who tries to take anything from us is a rival" That's how you protect a legacy. Don't let them catch you lacking, because you underestimated your opponent.

  • Sean Goward
    Sean Goward 4 years ago +1


  • Mike Lee Fit Life
    Mike Lee Fit Life 4 years ago +1

    "Work ethics eliminates fear." -Michael Jordan

  • Mr.Night
    Mr.Night 4 years ago +4

    This is truly my favorite.Thanks to Michael Jordan for extremely valuable information which is the truth and the person (man or woman) who upload this video to Clip-Share.

  • G YamBal
    G YamBal 3 years ago

    Most of us know MJ was the best during those years particularly when he was at the prime of his career. He should be the reason today’s and future players should strive to be better at their game.

    JPLMONEY23 6 years ago +206

    His competitiveness started out playing against his older brother Larry......then him not making the varsity squad only fueled his desire to make sure that it will never happen again.

      BASELINE JORDAN!!!!! 5 years ago +2

      JPLMONEY23 u mean larry bird?! lol

    • Paul Kim
      Paul Kim 4 years ago +2

      mj was the friend you didn't want to play nintendo wth. you'd end up giving him a purple nurple because you didn't quite want to punch your friend.....but you wanted him to feel something..lol

    • Jhonathan
      Jhonathan 4 years ago +3

      BASELINE JORDAN!!!!! No, true story about him being competitive with his older brother. It’s the reason why he wore 23 which was half of 45. 45 divided by two is 22.5.

    • M Frusciante
      M Frusciante 3 years ago +3

      I've been there, got that same fire, but my fire faded, MJs never did. It stayed burning hot as fk for decades. I'll never understand how he stayed so driven.

    • Claudio Monreal
      Claudio Monreal 3 years ago +3

      @M Frusciante yeah I hated him because he killed my team the Lakers the first time he won his championship but I was said to myself this guy is the best

  • Mizrahim Sephardi
    Mizrahim Sephardi 4 years ago +19

    Work erases FEAR cause now you know you capabilities and limitations. WoW MJ, thanks!

  • Joure-Ellex
    Joure-Ellex 3 years ago +6

    And that ladies and gentlemen what separates this man from the rest, PERIOD!!!!!

  • Indy Custom Made
    Indy Custom Made 4 years ago

    Of course, everyone is going to have there favorites no matter what anyone says. I say MJ is the best because I grew up watching him and cheering for him. Even when he beat my Pacers. It's the same with anything. I grew up in the '70s and '80s and love that era's music over what is being played today. That's not saying I can't enjoy things today or players of today. When you see all the replays of MJ you see him getting bashed making a basket. Todays NBA is a lot different than back then. There are way too many whiners when they get fouled. I think when the GOAT gets thrown around today it should be by the era not of all time. Just like MJ says you disrespect the players before you. Stick with the era.

  • Owen Lee
    Owen Lee 3 years ago +17

    It seems to me that guys like MJ, Tiger Woods, Nikki Lauda, Christiano Ronlado have similar mindsets...borderline insane ultra competitive streak, obsession with work ethic and need to be the best of the best. Also they all seem to give zero thought of what haters think of them. God I wish I had that passion!!!

  • JJBrookes
    JJBrookes 3 years ago +1

    Absolutely true. Very early in my life, I recognized the value and the uniqueness of life. I made a decision. I wanted to be free. If you want to be free, independent and autonomous, you need to educate yourself!
    Don't hesitate. Go for it!

  • Navshawn Guron
    Navshawn Guron 3 years ago +1

    If youre into sports its hard not to admire this guy, all the goats of this generation of every sport look up to jordan. His mentality is real.

  • Basketball facts 2.0
    Basketball facts 2.0 4 years ago

    He took whatever he did in practice and did it in the game plan as simple I’ve learned from the best and I do it all the time it works either u make the basket or not it’s all about effort salute to the greatest player of all time

  • rjb555
    rjb555 4 years ago +1

    How lucky I grew up in Chicago and Jordan played for us. Can't imagine if he played for someone else. So lucky.

  • Emman
    Emman 4 years ago +3

    Very articulate and educated when he speaks. No uhms and ahhs, straight to the point, evry statement is sensible. He plays as a leader and speaks as a leader.. GOAT in evry sense of the word! 👏👏👏👌

  • Lima Lima
    Lima Lima 5 years ago +10

    Len Bias would've definitely given him a run for the money. We must never forget Len Bias. M. J. had the mind of a complete athlete and competitor. The mind is always the priority over just the body.

    • cheeze zlayer
      cheeze zlayer 4 years ago

      Jordan beat len bias in college.. I don't know if len made it into the nba that would be something worth to see

  • Kristopher Goad
    Kristopher Goad 3 years ago

    No athlete inspired my life more than Jordan. Faced with any obstacle I can watch footage of him and feel like I can do anything. The name Jordan will mean pure greatness to an entire generation. Nobody in any sport is ever going to reach his level. He wasn't once in a generation. He was once in lifetime. There's no discussion of who the greatest is. Anybody who wants to argue that has no knowledge of the game or is an idiot. Period.

  • troy jones
    troy jones 5 years ago +1


  • Andre Esters
    Andre Esters 3 years ago

    Legendary words straight from the legend... love it

  • bigpoppa 1967
    bigpoppa 1967 5 years ago +232

    As competitive as Kobe was....I sense a competitive rage when I hear Jordan talk.

    • daniel de lewis
      daniel de lewis 5 years ago +6

      Good point

    • airkuna
      airkuna 5 years ago +2

      Kobe wasn't as competitive at all..

    • YourAverageGuy
      YourAverageGuy 5 years ago +34

      yeah okayyyy. Kobe was just as competitive. Search up stories bruh.

    • Forgem Nos
      Forgem Nos 5 years ago +5

      Kobe told Jordan I would beat you! Done....

    • Dat_BA06_Guy
      Dat_BA06_Guy 5 years ago +42

      +Forgem Nos
      "The [competitiveness] for Kobe [stops] at the [basketball court]. He's not competitive anymore. With Michael, he wants to race you in a car, he wants to beat ya at ping-pong, he wants to play cards with ya, he wants to play ya in golf, all of those things. He's competitive [all the way through]."
      Phil Jackson: "10 Differences Between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

  • Red Pill Revolution
    Red Pill Revolution 4 years ago

    Listen to him and then listen to the casual approach players take today. A world of difference...that's why MJ will always be the GOAT...

  • mela bbn
    mela bbn 5 years ago +11


  • Liandre Marco Ricafort

    man, this one's a beast. i wish i couldve seen him play

  • Anthony NGOP-LOTI
    Anthony NGOP-LOTI 4 years ago +5

    "If you have a passion for something, you'll go to the extreme to maintain that love."

  • Trex4523
    Trex4523 3 years ago

    I was there. This man is the GOAT.

    RAHMAN MUHAMMAD 4 years ago

    The repetition of greatness is legendary

  • JM Davis
    JM Davis 4 years ago +5

    You can't watch this and say anyone else is the BEST. MJ is TBE

  • J C
    J C 4 years ago +10

    This guy breathes and live just for the competition and the challenge and to win

  • Foy P
    Foy P 4 years ago

    We lived to see a legend

  • Marc Carter
    Marc Carter 4 years ago +1

    I love Jordan he's the first player i learned of the love and his passion he came in and started the evolution of the kobes and lebrons and the hardens durants and the Westbrook's ask any of them and they say MJ was my guy MJ came in and at the right time just changed the game forever that's why he is the greatest

  • Rod
    Rod 4 years ago

    Absolute GOAT. Jordan alwsys on fire when he talks about basketball.

  • Eazy E
    Eazy E 3 years ago +6

    Think about this. In the same season Jordan won mvp defensive player of the year and the scoring title. That will never ever happen again

  • Hans Cholo
    Hans Cholo 3 years ago +3

    I hate basketball with a passion......BUT ill stop and watch JORDAN play anytime...HE WAS THAT GREAT. To make a non basketball fan stop and watch a whole game is saying something. the TRUE AND ONE AND ONLY BASKETBALL GOAT

  • Dumny Człowiek
    Dumny Człowiek 4 years ago +2

    Legend. Bow for his game

  • Terry Byrd
    Terry Byrd 3 years ago

    The fire and intensity in these players is remarkable.

  • kkash
    kkash 5 years ago +285

    Notice how he said the coach, then him, then Scottie etc. Even Jordan respected his coaching. Something these kids today don’t do and why they will never be on the levels of Jordan, Bird, and Magic.

    • Tommy Buena
      Tommy Buena 4 years ago +10

      kkash72 yesterday Lebron proclaim himself as the GOAT lol😊😊😊😊 I KNOW you’re the GOAT =going on another team 😊😊😊very delusional ! I feel sorry to LEBRON

    • Fukyu All
      Fukyu All 4 years ago +3

      This exactly what I keep hearing about lebron

    • Tony Gates
      Tony Gates 4 years ago

      It was Phil Jackson

    • sam wright
      sam wright 4 years ago

      absolutely on point

  • Paul Kim
    Paul Kim 4 years ago

    damn...the greatest thing about basketball (according to mj), is the passion HE brings to the game...lol

  • suntansuperman26
    suntansuperman26 6 years ago +481

    Jordan talking with that cigar in his mouth while swing that bat is like basketball Negan.

    • Mr UV
      Mr UV 5 years ago

      suntansuperman26 😂😂😂😂

    • Roderick L
      Roderick L 4 years ago +8

      I like that.
      That looked like back in the days when video and photographs are b&w.
      MJ's so confident he can smoke a cigar and play around with a baseball bat in the freakin' locker room!
      MJ's the GOAT!

    • Jhonathan
      Jhonathan 4 years ago +1

      Alberto Mangila what’s wrong?

  • Dave Green
    Dave Green 4 years ago +1

    There's an old quote by Calvin Coolidge "Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent." In Jordan's case, he had it all AND persistence.. Add that to an abject refusal to lose and that's what makes him the G.O.A.T.

  • john wakely
    john wakely 4 years ago

    No doubt no question MJ is the GOAT on and off the court! Anyone that doubts that is a goat!

  • Lee Russell
    Lee Russell 4 years ago

    SAVAGE! = Any means necessary = MJ GOAT

  • R R
    R R Month ago +1

    "...send a message coming in to play us your 10 points down..." Straight 🐐 talk 👈💯#theGoat

  • TheQuietGeneration
    TheQuietGeneration 3 years ago

    this man is a genius.

  • Kid Peligro
    Kid Peligro 6 years ago +28

    the part he told about his experience against Detroit is why he became Goat. Every year he made it a point to become stronger than he was prior.

    • Clark Bucher
      Clark Bucher 5 years ago +6

      Kid Peligro - Agree. Without the Pistons Jordan still would have had an unbelievable career. Probably would have even won a title or 2. But it was Detroit that created the ruthless, cut-throat, maniacally obsessed, do anything it takes to win, assassin that we all know and love today..

    • Gaby Kazmerchuk
      Gaby Kazmerchuk 4 years ago

      Nba warriorgamme

  • Derrick Talbert
    Derrick Talbert 4 years ago +1

    work ethic eliminates fear - I never tried to play like jordan but I dam sure thought like him

  • marcel bielma
    marcel bielma 4 years ago +1

    That *jordan rule* though......a plan to contain mj.......that's how good he is...nah...not just good...no word to describe his greatness....#GOAT

  • itsnotrhen lopez
    itsnotrhen lopez 5 years ago +185

    When lebron lost in finals...he said "its just basketball"mj didnt want to loose...that how competitive mj was than lebron..

    • CDPlaya
      CDPlaya 5 years ago +12

      Jhen Dela Rosa yeah and meanwhile while LeBron is losing in the finals he says I'm averaging a triple double yeah you are but are those triple doubles consists of wins for your team only one but you lose in 5

    • Kanye East
      Kanye East 5 years ago +3

      charlie davis when did LeBron say it's ok because he had triple doubles. You're confusing what fans said with what he said

    • Existent David
      Existent David 4 years ago +1

      Jhen Dela Rosa MJ would be roasting his team that they failed in life and as men as if they had been death if they lost.

    • BONES
      BONES 4 years ago +7

      Jhen dela. It wasnt just that MJ didn't want to lose.. he refused to lose..

  • Pj Williams
    Pj Williams 3 years ago +2

    Blissful solitude of legend competitive mind Jordan

  • bart tehe
    bart tehe 4 years ago +4

    "work ethic eliminates fear" GOD DAMN.