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Oscar Piastri: Remote Control Racing to F1 Rookie | F1 Beyond The Grid Podcast

  • Published on Mar 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Oscar Piastri came into Formula 1 with plenty of expectation. But it seems he has the potential to match the pressure. After winning the F2 championship, there was no space on the grid for the 2022 F1 season and Piastri had to take a year out from racing. But now his chance has arrived. Piastri tells Tom Clarkson about leaving home at a young age and how his career in motorsport began with remote control racing.
    02:15 - Settling into F1
    06:17 - How remote control racing started his career
    13:10 - Juggling education and competition
    21:22 - Homecoming in Melbourne at Australian Grand Prix
    30:12 - Idolising Webber and Ricciardo
    35:11 - Winning Formula Renault, F3 and F2
    41:19 - What he learned from Alonso
    46:24 - Why he chose McLaren
    52:13 - What a successful 2023 would look like
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Comments • 134

  • Jason Jorgensen
    Jason Jorgensen 2 months ago +77

    Oscar is such a well spoken, grounded young man. He definitely appears to have the tools to fight at front of the grid. It will be fun to see him and Lando as the car improves.

    • SoloXFuRy
      SoloXFuRy 2 months ago +2

      Yeah so weird to completely blindside alpine after all their support 😂

    • T‘ea Valenti
      T‘ea Valenti 2 months ago +13

      @SoloXFuRy their the ones that didn’t have a seat for him at the time. He didn’t feel he had seat for this year unless he went elsewhere, so he did!

    • The Abhiram
      The Abhiram 2 months ago

      @T‘ea Valenti idk he kicked danny ric and is suffering now

    • Retr0
      Retr0 Month ago

      @The Abhiram you think they would have been better off with ricky in that seat?

  • Azz Maz
    Azz Maz 2 months ago +27

    All of the RC racing community in Australia is so proud of this young man. I’ve raced against Oscar when he was about 7. He always lapped me and most of us full grown men! 😂

    • YL Yang
      YL Yang Month ago +1

      Is the RC car powered by an electric motor?

    • Azz Maz
      Azz Maz Month ago

      @YL Yang yes Brushless electric motors and lipo batteries

  • Kai Freemaker95
    Kai Freemaker95 2 months ago +28

    Oscar is now one of my favourites after this interview

  • jwmurphyccsis
    jwmurphyccsis 2 months ago +9

    Impressive guy for his years and certainly can see why he has been so successful with his confident yet humble demeanour.

  • Thalanir7
    Thalanir7 2 months ago +8

    It’s crazy to think of the mentality this young man has. His response to be informed that he would not be on the F1 grid in 2022 no matter what he did, was to qualify on pole, and win the feature race in all the remaining rounds.

  • Hunter King
    Hunter King 2 months ago +34

    As another rc racer it’s cool to see a f1 driver start with rc racing! Surprisingly once you get more in-depth into rc setup it carry’s very well into setup on real cars with adjustments being roughly the same, and changes also effecting the cars in the same ways! So much fun!

    • RottieShep CALIBRE
      RottieShep CALIBRE 2 months ago +4

      I can't believe how parallel the start of his career is compared to Hamilton

    • Azz Maz
      Azz Maz 2 months ago +1

      Yep, Rc racing is basically scaled down motor sport.

    • Dillon Navurunnage
      Dillon Navurunnage 2 months ago

      @RottieShep CALIBRE so is he going to come second in the championship this season?

    • tosehoed123
      tosehoed123 18 days ago

      Yeah its cool, but its not really that surprising that a small car and a big car works much in the same way

  • Moritz Spick
    Moritz Spick Month ago +1

    Such a kind guy, really happy to see him on the grid and especially on this interview. And he got his first f1 points 8n his home race, soo deserved!!

  • Redmond Barry II
    Redmond Barry II 2 months ago +80

    16:35 ad skip

  • Gourob Kundu
    Gourob Kundu 3 days ago +1

    As an rc hobbyist, I feel soo proud.

  • Parker
    Parker 2 months ago +9

    despite the car, hes had an impressive first impression in f1. cant wait to see more

  • T BZ
    T BZ 2 months ago +11

    Sounds like a younger Seb Vettel in his approach. Analytical first, driving as an engineer.

  • Philip Thomas
    Philip Thomas 2 months ago +6

    He reminds me a bit of Hamilton with the RC racing and also a bit of Max very focus on racing, a lot of the middle field have other hobbies like playing golf, but the true companions hobby is racing I think Max, Alonso, Vettel and Hamilton, they do promotional stuff but racing is/was everything to them.

  • Brian Jarred
    Brian Jarred 2 months ago +3

    Great interview & yes Oscar WILL win in a faster car

  • Superxav XII
    Superxav XII 2 months ago +11

    Funny to see the parallels with him and Ham when it comes to the start with RC cars.

    • RottieShep CALIBRE
      RottieShep CALIBRE 2 months ago

      My thoughts exactly. I wrote something similar but you worded it much better than me

  • Herb Solomon
    Herb Solomon 2 months ago +1

    Would be great if this was a video podcast!

  • Aríes¹³
    Aríes¹³ 2 months ago +2

    He's strong 👊💪

  • Bon Sai
    Bon Sai 2 months ago +3

    I think there is more pressure on McLaren to perform then there is on Piastri to be fair.

    • Bon Sai
      Bon Sai 2 months ago +4

      So far this season has shown Piastri does not need to prove to McLaren they made the right decision in signing him..... McLaren has yet to prove that Piastri was right to go with them!

  • Fs Consultantcy
    Fs Consultantcy  Month ago

    What a machine not in a bad way

  • Harrison DS
    Harrison DS 2 months ago +7

    Tom, what AFL team does Oscar support?

  • Abhishek Jain
    Abhishek Jain 2 months ago

    He might as well beat lando this year

  • Liam Cameron
    Liam Cameron 2 months ago +18

    I think Oscar made a Fantastic choice of picking mclaren over alpine because apart from mclaren struggling right now, mclaren and alpine will have the same paste when mclaren gets there paste back, but the main reason in my opinion how Oscar made a fantastic decision of picking mclaren over alpine is because hes teammates with a future world champion 👍👍👍

    • Abhishek Jain
      Abhishek Jain 2 months ago +17


    • Kb
      Kb 2 months ago +5

      When's the paste due to come back?
      Being teammates with a future world champion is one of the worst reasons to pick a team,nye doesn't get a share of Landos points.

    • Metro
      Metro 2 months ago

      Is this sarcasm?

    • GozieZilla
      GozieZilla 2 months ago +7

      I agree, cannot make pizza with the same paste 🤌🤌

    • Selder
      Selder 2 months ago +13

      He picked McLaren over Williams, an Alpine seat in 2023 was not on the cards when he signed with McLaren

  • Rain Master
    Rain Master 2 months ago +3

    If he beats lando that'll be Great. Lando was abit cocky towards danny

    • NSK
      NSK 2 months ago +1

      Stop being a dts fan 😂 no wonder f1 has so many toxic fans

  • Cristian Molina
    Cristian Molina 2 months ago

    "Dont move dudeee"
    Dude: ⚰️🥀

  • Eric Rossoni
    Eric Rossoni 2 months ago +1

    Fun fact, Logan Sargeant is a better driver than Oscar.

    • Thomas Marshall
      Thomas Marshall 2 months ago +14

      Fun fact, Oscar Piastri beat Logan Sargent in every junior formula category. Logan Sargent hasn't made it to Q3 🫣

    • Eric Rossoni
      Eric Rossoni 2 months ago

      @Thomas Marshall
      He would if FIA didn’t remove his time for literally staying in the track. Go look at this time, he never left the track yet other drivers did and they never got their time deleted.

    • Bartandaelus
      Bartandaelus 2 months ago +9

      ​@Eric Rossoni Sargent barely pulled a super licence out of last season.
      Piastri is a 3x back to back to back champ who has had incredibly strong competition all through his career.

    • Eric Rossoni
      Eric Rossoni 2 months ago

      And Sargeant is already performing better. He’s just getting unlucky in Qualies but. He’s been the best rookie by far. Piastri couldn’t even get out of car damage on the first lap lol

    • GladiatorKnightGhost
      GladiatorKnightGhost 2 months ago

      ​@Eric Rossoni Sargeant is in a better car, and Gasly hit Oscar, it wasn't Oscar's fault.

  • Enrico Haack
    Enrico Haack 2 months ago +1

    The lewis hamilton story all over again.

  • Brian Percival
    Brian Percival 2 months ago +1

    Why is this video not available in Canada?

    AKKSI 2 months ago


  • Angel Jesus Chipana Rodas
    Angel Jesus Chipana Rodas 2 months ago +1


  • titancheat
    titancheat 2 months ago +13

    Rawe ceek

  • Sam
    Sam 2 months ago

    Need the background music

  • Piotr Kobielus
    Piotr Kobielus 2 months ago +2


  • Alex C
    Alex C 2 months ago +3

    It’s radio controlled not remote, actually research it or listen to Oscar

  • Arendee Property Maintenance

    2 minute intro. Too long.

  • F1 Cockpit View Racing Only

    No video??? I only get sound.

    • Zwamhoofd
      Zwamhoofd 2 months ago +1

      yes i think your pc is broken

    • Tony Cox
      Tony Cox 2 months ago +1

      ​@Zwamhoofd 😂😂👍

  • Lee Claxton
    Lee Claxton 2 months ago +4

    Am i supposed to just stare at the same screen for an hour? Where is the video footage?

    • KatNotDinner
      KatNotDinner 2 months ago +14

      Your generation needs constant enterntainment! Back in my day you would stare at the wall for fun, get your ADHD in order!
      Jk, it's just a podcast though. I usually listen on Spotify, as there's no video anyway

    • John-e5
      John-e5 2 months ago +2

      Would you like them to make it shiny and sparkly while they're at it? Oooo sparkly things.

    • Lee Claxton
      Lee Claxton 2 months ago +2

      @John-e5 why not have oskar in the studio and a camera filming him Speak?

    • ksells
      ksells 2 months ago +6

      It's a podcast lol, what do you expect?

    • Jeremy G
      Jeremy G 2 months ago +4

      Apparently you have never listen nor watch beyond the grid

  • Benjamin Blakemore
    Benjamin Blakemore 2 months ago +1


  • Tuomas Holo
    Tuomas Holo 2 months ago

    It’s a shame Oscar will waste his talent at McLaren.

  • Snucks
    Snucks 2 months ago


    • AKKSI
      AKKSI 2 months ago

      Get all duh hunnies with tha PS TRIPLE. PS TRIPLE BALLING

  • The champ
    The champ 2 months ago +5

    Do you think Oscar regrets THAT post yet 😂😂

    • under
      under 2 months ago +13

      judging by the fact mclaren have a whole new aero team and tunnel all taking effect within the next 18 months, no.

    • Metro
      Metro 2 months ago +5

      @under Copium

    • Mandy Mc
      Mandy Mc 2 months ago +12

      No, because he was already signed to McLaren & Alpine previous to him signing for McLaren he didn’t have a Contract or a Race Seat for 2023…

    • under
      under 2 months ago +1

      @metro3313 it's not copium, it's hopium....

    • Henry Williams
      Henry Williams 2 months ago +8

      You're assuming alpine was going to choose him for next year. They weren't, they only picked him because of Alfonso deciding to leave. They wouldn't of chosen him if Alfonso stayed.

  • Dingo Dee
    Dingo Dee 2 months ago


  • Luke
    Luke 2 months ago


  • Abi_2011
    Abi_2011 2 months ago


  • SoloXFuRy
    SoloXFuRy 2 months ago

    Let’s hear an explanation for the F he got in business ethics.

  • Sean G
    Sean G 2 months ago

    Red bull are cheats

    • Soolan
      Soolan 2 months ago +11

      Rent free

    • Sean G
      Sean G 2 months ago

      @soolan1190 yes I am son haha

    • Jason
      Jason 2 months ago

      ​@Soolan he is right they are

    • mgi 12321
      mgi 12321 2 months ago +3

      Cry harder.

    • Timothy Post
      Timothy Post 2 months ago

      They are

  • cha cha cha
    cha cha cha 2 months ago +8

    He is better than Hamilton

    • J5L5M6
      J5L5M6 2 months ago

      @Slack Panda Hear, hear

    • lilith x
      lilith x 2 months ago +3

      ur kidding, right?

    • Lester Combs
      Lester Combs 2 months ago +2

      Wake up Son…… put the Dab down.

      RAGING BULL 2 months ago +1

      @Slack Panda 2 races in, and he already has 2 Championships separating himself and Max. True 🐐

    • cha cha cha
      cha cha cha 2 months ago +2

      @Slack Panda 6 of his championships were just thanks to the car, stop overrating

  • Metro
    Metro 2 months ago +6

    His talents are being wasted at McLaren, should have just stayed at Alpine, I guess that's karma

    • Kb
      Kb 2 months ago +15

      It's been 2 races, chill out mate.

    • peterfighter
      peterfighter 2 months ago +17

      Piastri joined McLaren because Alpine took him for granted and kept him in suspense.

    • Metro
      Metro 2 months ago +1

      @Kb McLaren is done in this sport

    • Metro
      Metro 2 months ago +2

      @peterfighter Yeah like any serious organisation would get rid of Fernando Alonso for an unproven rookie driver

  • Heiko Franz
    Heiko Franz 2 months ago +1

    To succeed Monisha Kaltenborn in terms of worst contract management ever.