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Daemon Targaryen cuts Vaemond Velaryon's head | Aemond Targaryen impressed | HotD

  • Published on Oct 8, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Gamer's Den
    Gamer's Den  5 months ago +5

    Checkout playlist: clip-share.net/p/PLPdzNSF9YgELr_YZHcOM8Sy7S5bqZzelP

  • MovieRebel
    MovieRebel 5 months ago +140

    Ewan Mitchell obviously studied or conferred with Matt Smith about how to play Aemond, as he mirrors Matt Smith's mannerisms. Matt Smith described Daemon as a "leaner," someone who is slyly looking around to see things without drawing attention to himself. You see Mitchell adopt the same posture, when he's studying Daemon. You already see how they are shadowy reflections of one another -- all the way down to Aemond having Visenya's former mount in Vhagar, and Daemon having Visenya's former sword in Dark Sister. It's like her legacy was split down two bloodlines and landed on both men.

    • Aayushi Bartarya
      Aayushi Bartarya Month ago

      Ahh yes it's like visenya's soul split into two

    • SupremeBacon
      SupremeBacon Month ago +8

      @Captain Valourous You obviously didn't get what OP was saying.

    • Captain Valourous
      Captain Valourous Month ago +2

      Interesting since Visenya's line had ended long ago after Maegor's death.

    • Bless
      Bless 5 months ago +7

      Very well said

  • Michael Sanft
    Michael Sanft Month ago +14

    This is the coolest depiction of Valyrian steel so far. A slender sword like Darksister cutting through skull, neck and jaw with almost no resistance, making the daintiest little 'snick', so satisfying. Also, props to whoever designed Darksister for the show, it's gorgeous.

  • Bad Trigger
    Bad Trigger Month ago +51

    0:41 that smug grin on Aemond 😂

  • ricky
    ricky Month ago +4

    I love how simple and easy cutting of a human head with bones is to a Valyrian steel sword. Compare this to Theon cutting Ser Rodrik’s head off and having to basically hack it off. Dark sister cut it off smooth as butter and daemon is so talented that he was even able to perfectly miss the tongue so he could make that cheeky one liner

  • Roger W
    Roger W Month ago +13

    Aemond and Daemon would have been an unstoppable combo if they had united.

  • Kevin Boudreaux
    Kevin Boudreaux Month ago +17

    Such cudos to the special effects department on this one. The detail of Daemons sword cutting the dreadlocks separately from his head was brilliant!

  • DARK Seeker
    DARK Seeker Month ago +27

    I fully believe vaemond will play a crucial roll in the next seas….. oh wait nevermind. He’s dead.

  • Dakota
    Dakota Month ago

    the reactions from everyone seemed so real

  • N Nelly
    N Nelly Month ago +16

    Hey, I just realised that Aemond is basically Daemon written but they put the D at the end

  • Wahahaha
    Wahahaha Month ago +12

    Helaena is just so fucking innocent haha

    • Wahahaha
      Wahahaha Month ago

      @Lee-Anne K i knew what will happen to her

    • Lee-Anne K
      Lee-Anne K Month ago

      sad story..... wait as the series unfolds if you haven't read the books

    • Evan Yurko
      Evan Yurko Month ago

      Ik fr. Especially in the books. Her fate is sad

  • Ruatsanga Heartnett
    Ruatsanga Heartnett Month ago +3

    I mean, Aemond still shocked as hell to see his uncle act out merciless... He flinched real hard just besides Helaena's cowering reaction...

    • Cutest Pikachu
      Cutest Pikachu Month ago

      @Lee-Anne K Nope, it's Aemond who is flinching away. Aegon is barely moving

    • Lee-Anne K
      Lee-Anne K Month ago

      no that was Aegon.

  • Horus Lupercal
    Horus Lupercal Month ago

    Best scene this season.

  • Tasha Dent
    Tasha Dent Month ago +2

    One word, badass

  • Dr Pavel, Im CIA.
    Dr Pavel, Im CIA. Month ago +5

    Vaemond did nothing wrong. Should’ve had rhaenrya feed him to her dragon and Viserys cutting off Vaemonds family’s tongues so we can get some bad shit on the black side but noooo

  • Fallen Aeon
    Fallen Aeon Month ago

    0:54 Poor Helaena 🥲

  • Эдуард Даниелян

    Cool scene.

  • maccas
    maccas Month ago

    0:54 I like that Halaena covers her ears when she's scared. It's heavily implied she's on the spectrum and that's quite the accurate reaction.

  • mikasa ackerman
    mikasa ackerman 5 months ago +5


  • StrainMIX
    StrainMIX Month ago


  • Darth Desec
    Darth Desec Month ago

    Cuts OFF.

  • CiggyButtBucket97
    CiggyButtBucket97  2 months ago +10

    No need 💅