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This Needs to Stop

  • Published on Jan 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This is the greatest bad gym trend of All Time
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  • stephen19590
    stephen19590 Month ago +31405

    The fact she thinks 21 is ‘underaged’ shows how sheltered she is

    • Noirblanque
      Noirblanque 5 hours ago

      fun fact: that sentence was OBVIOUSLY an exaggeration and a joke. She was saying she was uncomfortable and felt like "ew men are looking at me" but then remembered "oh yeah im an adult woman, they're not pedos". The rest of her statements were stupid but that one was obviously a joke.

    • Fxck.Damian
      Fxck.Damian Day ago +1

      Was thinking for a minute how tf is 21 underaged when that’s the age your basically a legit adult 😭😭

    • Juan Martinez
      Juan Martinez Day ago

      Under age 21 year old 💀

    • Juan Martinez
      Juan Martinez Day ago

      The fact that she’s looking at him is just stupid

    • Moosification
      Moosification 2 days ago +1

      ​@Joe TheSchmoe Ya, that one 19yo girl who was giving Ryth death threats was claiming she ain't even an adult yet. 😂

  • Sherisse
    Sherisse Month ago +2616

    Charlie flexing his bicep was the closest real-life thing I’ve seen to a Popeyes cartoon

  • Drstache3
    Drstache3 Month ago +2578

    0:21 The fact he had to photoshop it to look smaller for our sanity really shows how much of a legend Charlie is

    • joeyeie2
      joeyeie2 13 hours ago

      swole boi

    • Parthanaux_H
      Parthanaux_H Day ago

      @Mellissa Mercado shopped to look SMALLER. That's putting even more respect on his name

    • Who Knows?
      Who Knows? 28 days ago +2

      @Mellissa Mercado re read the comment

    • TJay
      TJay Month ago +1

      Definition of a sleeper build

    • Mellissa Mercado
      Mellissa Mercado Month ago +5

      that aint shopped. there's no reason to because that is already huge and respectable.

  • Speedie Truck
    Speedie Truck 28 days ago +683

    “This is why I don’t want kids” honestly good, because god knows how bad of a mother she would be

    • Chuck Kells
      Chuck Kells 3 days ago +4

      Her child would be choking, turning blue while she's mugging at the camera.

    • Gon Savage
      Gon Savage 3 days ago


    • spaghetti69
      spaghetti69 8 days ago +5

      “Remember sweetie, if any boys so much as glance at you I give you my full permission to beat them up ok?”

    • km077
      km077 9 days ago +6

      @vibes cake "I think you could use even more 'em broccoli, kid... I mean sweetie. 😊 Mommy's gotta do another appology video before dinner, so that most people will forgive her sooner or later."

    • Hdhdvdb
      Hdhdvdb 12 days ago +9

      @vibes cake HAHAHAAH

  • justcrazymax
    justcrazymax Month ago +6094

    I hate how Tik Tok trends turn polite and genuine people into creeps, and the whole mess discourages people from interacting with someone for fear of being ridiculed or accused of harassment. this is a whole new level of bullying and I REALLY hate it

    • BludAardvark
      BludAardvark 18 hours ago

      If anything it warps what genuine good gym behavior should be. Also people at the gym are going to look at others for various reasons. Including that oddball girl who dresses with the short bike shorts, got lipstick on and smells like gasoline. So if I don't blame people if they wanna look pissed off at the gym. Or just be perceived as rude when people are trying to do tik tok vids at public spaces at the gym. Then overreact when someone else is in the shot.

    • 1234kingconan
      1234kingconan Day ago

      Ppl who are used to bullying see it as it is.

    • TheBasketballPotato
      TheBasketballPotato 4 days ago

      This is why whenever I’m in public anywhere, I try not to glance at people in the halls of my high school for example because I’m afraid of someone (especially a girl) looking back at me and think to themselves “damn, that guy’s staring at me, why is he staring at me? That’s creepy as hell!” And I don’t want to develop a reputation as a creep because I’m not creepy, I’m not staring, I’m just minding my own business trying to get to where I need to be. Maybe it’s a lack of confidence or maybe the world is that far gone or maybe it’s something else that I haven’t considered.

  • Danblade2175
    Danblade2175 Month ago +812

    I like how she’s the “victim” for being glanced at, yet she’s filming him.

    • Cog Cog
      Cog Cog 21 hour ago

      @Aiyana what is point in fighting when incorrect?

    • Lizzette Santos
      Lizzette Santos 3 days ago

      @Aiyana Exactly how old are you my good sir 🧐

    • MSXD 12
      MSXD 12 7 days ago

      @Ben Chapman Don’t pin me as the problematic one. I only said what I said, because her argument was ridiculous.

  • Dennis-Christian Grimm
    Dennis-Christian Grimm Month ago +21842

    The irony of accusing people of staring while she literally films them lmao

    • Thatitalianlameguy
      Thatitalianlameguy 16 hours ago

      @me llamo she agreed to be stared at by way more creeps on the internet showing off way more for payment, and a stare is not harassment, verbal and physical harassment is a thing, visual harassment is not

    • Thatitalianlameguy
      Thatitalianlameguy 16 hours ago

      @KD0SKH because women could never do it, and it's so worth getting pissed over,especially when you dress yourself up that way,a look is guaranteed, your fault. A look is not harassment

    • TheBasketballPotato
      TheBasketballPotato 4 days ago

      @Seven Day yo, true. I didn’t think about it like that, thanks for letting me know.

    • Thalmor Agent
      Thalmor Agent 14 days ago

      @No Name

    • Alex Wardlow
      Alex Wardlow 17 days ago

      Worst than that. She is in the corner talking to herself like she is crazy

  • Nerdslayer0
    Nerdslayer0 Month ago +1488

    this happened to a friend of mine, some girl approached him and asked him to stop being a creep when he literally just had his headphones in and was getting through his workout as normal. he's a regular at that gym and is there 4-5 times a week, there was literally nothing special about this person that had him doing anything but his usual 50-min routine. honestly some people really need to work on themselves rather than focus on being the center of their own universe

    • a nerd
      a nerd 3 days ago

      Damn a nerdslayer

    • AFTSOV 🔆
      AFTSOV 🔆 18 days ago +2

      Well, what did your friend say in response?

    • Sorrow
      Sorrow 25 days ago +9

      @Robert Joseph Most likely. I’m so disgusted with my generation. I feel so distant from people as is. I would apologise on behalf of Gen Z, but I don’t give enough damns about Gen Z to even want to associate myself with it more than I have to. Fuck the way this society is going…and people said Millennials were too much…

    • Paul Googol
      Paul Googol Month ago +6

      At least she is honest and direct. Now a honest reaction and we have decent interaction going

  • Tinandel
    Tinandel Month ago +841

    When the gym is even moderately busy, it's almost impossible NOT to look like you're staring at people. Unless you stare at the ceiling or the floor, you're going to be looking at someone.

    • Have you seen George Hennen ?
      Have you seen George Hennen ? 5 days ago +1

      Not to mention you kind if have to scan the area to see what machines are available since there's so much people

    • Ben Chapman
      Ben Chapman 7 days ago +1

      @Samuel As some one with ADHD, this kind of gets to me. The floor, myself, and the machine I would see everyday get boring. I am only able to look at new stimulus without talking to myself.

    • Sorrow
      Sorrow 25 days ago +3

      @Matt I’M CRYING! I gouged out my eyes with spoon. I use fucking sonar to get around with clicking noises bouncing off the walls. I’m the Daredevil himself! 🤣

    • Sorrow
      Sorrow 25 days ago +2

      @Mamba Mike I’m going to start coming to the gym with a walking stick, claiming I’m blind while clubbing people and machines on the back.

    • Sorrow
      Sorrow 25 days ago +4

      @Samuel LMAO. Walk with your head up and stare at the ceiling. Close your eyes doing reps and look at everyone like you’re high out of your mind and half asleep. Then try to navigate the gym looking at the floor with your eyes closed. Perfect solution.

  • Leo Wakefield
    Leo Wakefield Month ago +639

    god damn, I'm autistic and eye contact gives me so much anxiety, constantly worried if I'm making too much or not enough. If I went viral for glancing at a woman while literally just looking around the gym to see what I wanted to do next, I would literally never go back to any gym. Working out is scary enough for me to begin with since I'm pretty new at the gym and don't know what I'm doing sometimes. After seeing this tiktok trend I honestly doubt I'll be able to ask people for help anymore without being terrified I'm being filmed without my consent. If this continues its going to make the gym really inaccessible for a lot of people but especially neurodivergent people like me who don't always have the best grasp on social interaction

    • SXGAR
      SXGAR Day ago

      I was diagnosed with Autism, OCD, GAD and ADHD last year never been to a gym. I want to go to the gym but my social anxiety is fucked up so I workout at home

    • 1234kingconan
      1234kingconan Day ago

      Same here. I work out at home it’s a lot nicer.

    • SpectralI
      SpectralI 4 days ago +1

      Yeah, eye contact is terrifying, eyes in general for me personally. Hope you are able to have a good life despite any hardships’

    • Ben Chapman
      Ben Chapman 7 days ago

      I haven't been diagnosed with autism, but I can 100% relate! Really debating weather I should get a diagnosis.

  • Ryry_
    Ryry_ Month ago +826

    My biggest issue is that this is taking away from people that actually get harassed at the gym. It desensitizes people online into always thinking that they’re faking for views. Can you really blame those people?

    • Ben Sweeney
      Ben Sweeney 9 days ago

      @avig rett I don't want that, can we just work out around each other without it being a fucking problem?? Like seriously!!

    • avig rett
      avig rett 9 days ago +1

      There should be separate gyms for men and women.

    • Mariam
      Mariam 10 days ago +1

      @Ben Sweeney I’m not a gaslighter??? But okay

    • Ben Sweeney
      Ben Sweeney 10 days ago

      @Mariam no thanks, I don't talk to gaslighters

    • Mariam
      Mariam 10 days ago +1

      @Ben Sweeney as I said, you’re being irrational, if you wanna continue talking about it, please come back without throwing random insults, and come back rational.

  • Rezolute
    Rezolute Month ago +452

    I am at the gym and this literally crossed my feed.. thank you for speaking out about this bs behaviour.. all gyms will ban cameras very soon because of this sh*t these people need to be dealt with.

    • Rogue Amendiares
      Rogue Amendiares 22 days ago +2

      ​@Rezolute I always thought that gender-integrated gyms were a disaster. I honestly wouldn't mind going to a men's or women's only gym at this point if it means I have less chances of being spied on or accused of something life-ruining.

    • Bell Cranel
      Bell Cranel 22 days ago +1

      I wish they would ban cameras but everyone has one on their phone and we all know people still going to do it anyways. It’s just like the guy recording in the locker room. It’s for sure not allowed in there but no one cares and they do it anyways. I do wish we could minimize the camera usage tho it really makes me uncomfortable at the gym

    • Rezolute
      Rezolute Month ago

      @Rogue Amendiares yeah that's probably where we are heading if people keep doing this stuff.

    • Rogue Amendiares
      Rogue Amendiares Month ago +3

      Imagine going to a gym with a no cellphone policy because of this shit. I miss back there was the YMCA and YWCA. Good times.

    • okie dokie
      okie dokie Month ago

      Just buy mp3's am I rite

  • Stanimus
    Stanimus Month ago +59857

    She deleted her first apology and and posted a new one because her first one did not take accountability.

    • random youtuber
      random youtuber 5 days ago

      @Dream ⸜⁄ average bot comment

    • DaSpoopyGhost
      DaSpoopyGhost 6 days ago

      @P i want to like your fart comment but it’s at 420 so I’mma give you a thumbs up 👍

    • Jesse
      Jesse 11 days ago

      Not good enough.

    • Violence
      Violence 13 days ago

      @Joku true

  • alauna cisneros
    alauna cisneros Month ago +700

    as a women i understand being vigilant, but the best and nicest people I've met have been at the gym. not saying there aren't creepy guys, but the one time I had a uncomfortable encounter two strangers walked up to the guy and told him to stop and leave me and my friends alone. Most gyms encourage positive environments and that reflects on most of the patrons. idk it just seems like if you're only looking for trouble in people you miss out on the actual great people at the gym who just wanna meet their goals and see others meet their goals.

    • BludAardvark
      BludAardvark 18 hours ago

      @lilbrother45 yeah seems like the case now. When I got started in the gym 6 years ago at some Fitness 19 people were willing to greet each other and some will ask/inquire about machine help/form advice or working a set with someone else using the same machine. Also if women see the distraction that badly, why not join a womens-only gym?

    • SXGAR
      SXGAR Day ago

      Creepy women

    • avig rett
      avig rett 9 days ago

      Go to a women’s gym.

    • lilbrother45
      lilbrother45 21 day ago +1

      I’m a 30 year gym rat. I use to meet great people at the gym. Now? I put my headphones in and don’t say a damn thing to any woman. Need a spot? Nope. Go ask another woman to spot you.

    • Brandon Erwin
      Brandon Erwin 21 day ago

      I agree.
      Also, some people aren't there for meeting people or helping out. People are there for content. And what is the best type of content? Controversial content. So they set up their cameras and try to catch people looking at them. They don't care if it hurts anyone, as long as they get the views and make the money. This is what society today has created. A generation of narcisistic, psychotic, oppression grifters.

  • Kimberly Venesky
    Kimberly Venesky Month ago +693

    I'm a female who's been going to gyms since 15 and have never understood why someone would film themselves at the gym other than to check their form or educate others on form. These tiktoks are getting crazy. As someone who has experienced actual sexual harassment and catcalling by guys at the gym, these tiktoks are nothing. I'm the type of person who minds my own business and the extent of my social interaction is to ask if someone is using equipment. Smh

    • Aetherny
      Aetherny 5 days ago

      @BWM Gaming A lot of the discomfort of catcalling comes from the aggression of it. If you're willing to yell across a room at me, what else might you be willing to do to me? As someone else has said, if it's an innocent compliment like 'I love your hair colour' then it's less likely to be taken as aggressive and more like excitement, but it can still make people nervous that you're commenting on them at all. Also most comments to do with appearance make girls uncomfortable because at best they don't want to be judged on it by random people, and at worst they may have image issues.
      It basically comes across as aggressive, particularly to woman and particularly if about appearance.
      Anything sexual is pretty much absolute no because that's not the vibe that they want and your comment means that you've forced the situation to feel way too intimate without considering their feelings.
      Just don't do it. Literally only things like 'I love your dog' or 'Your shoes are so cute' and stuff.
      Sorry for massive reply, lol.

    • Miau
      Miau 15 days ago +1

      @sky horizons they do have the right to tell you to stop complimenting them, thats also free speech, youre just bending it so your argument seems better

    • Miau
      Miau 15 days ago

      @BWM Gaming its not rlly a compliment as its not just "hey i like your dress" its like "i wanna rearrange your organs ;)" from someone you dont know

    • Emma Schuette
      Emma Schuette 17 days ago +2

      @sky horizonswho hurt you 🙁. Not all women are like this.

    • Emma Schuette
      Emma Schuette 17 days ago +2

      @BWM Gaminghonestly calling someone pretty is fine or complimenting a shirt is fine in my opinion. But when it’s sexual in anyway it can be scary. We don’t know you’re intentions. And it’s really scary if someone just sees you as a sex object. If you wouldn’t say it to a man don’t say it to a woman.

  • Mercy's High Heals
    Mercy's High Heals 20 days ago +58

    As a woman who likes to go to the gym from time to time, these women are doing nothing but making it harder for us. Now I have to be afraid that I may need help, and the men around me would be too afraid, because I might call them creeps afterwards.

  • Archive.mp6
    Archive.mp6 Month ago +209

    0:21 Charlie is the perfect example of a sleeper physique, huge respect

    • TheShermanTanker
      TheShermanTanker 6 days ago

      Strength isn't just about how much muscle is built by the way, it has to do with intrinsic contractile protein quality and genetics, as well as how far out the muscle attaches on the bone

    • Archive.mp6
      Archive.mp6 8 days ago

      @Chii Suigintou yeah you say that but in reality, bruce Lee, Mike tyson, any trained fighter would absolutely lose in a fight against a gorilla

    • Chii Suigintou
      Chii Suigintou 8 days ago

      In a true fight, it's not the muscles that are to be focused on, bc that's meaningless.
      There's difference between slow muscles and fast muscles.
      It doesn't matter how strong you are, if you aren't able to land a single blow, you'll never be able to win the fight.

    • Darude Sandstrom
      Darude Sandstrom 10 days ago

      @Loxben strong as in body mass to lifting ratio. A 60kg guy who can lift double his body weight would never be stronger than a 100kg guy who can lift 1.5x his own body weight. But I get what you’re saying

    • Oreosmilkshake
      Oreosmilkshake 21 day ago +1

      @Loxben It's called tendons.

  • Blightwind Dota
    Blightwind Dota 10 days ago +10

    Honestly the guy getting called out for being new and not knowing how to act is a source of my own anxiety. I've only ever done workouts at home because I'm afraid I'll step on toes or come across as the new weirdo just for wandering around. I'm glad to see the behaviour is being called out and hopefully addressed in the community

    • BludAardvark
      BludAardvark 18 hours ago

      Don't be fooled to think this behavior is new, rampant and accepted in the gym. Many of the swole guys who show empathy and compassion at the gym have the best attitude because they too understand how it is to be that new small/skinny person at the gym. Also at this point many of us who are respectful at the gym are just going to put on our headphones and mind our own business unless something major comes up.

  • Wesley Miles
    Wesley Miles Month ago +9368

    As someone with pretty bad social anxiety, she is precisely the type of person I’m afraid of encountering

    • 1234kingconan
      1234kingconan Day ago

      She’s a bully

    • Sam
      Sam 21 day ago

      @Hophop Pop don’t downplay yourself like that bud

    • DangerousHillbilly93 💃 🕺
      DangerousHillbilly93 💃 🕺 24 days ago

      She claims anxiety too 😆

    • Zafir Uzoma
      Zafir Uzoma 25 days ago

      ​@Zenith chan this Is why everybody shits on anime pfp

    • Sorrow
      Sorrow 25 days ago

      A lot of people still don’t realise that women can be just as creepy aa guys. Maybe not as often and sometimes in different ways but still applies.
      This type of shit is why I just avoid the gym in general, if possible. I rather lift at home. Independent studio with no people. Easy solution. I have really awful social anxiety as is. I don’t need people filming me. Crazy how times have changes since the 90’s and even early 00’s.

  • ballon fly
    ballon fly Month ago +126

    Thinking that everyone that is looking at you is either obsessed with or attracted to you, whether or not you perceive that as good or bad, is a sign of narcissism.

  • Viktor
    Viktor Month ago +191

    I will never forget one of my first weeks on the gym. I was way more skinnier than I already am, just as tall as Charlie. I glanced at a 6 footer muscle blob and he glanced back, his eyes staring directly inside mine, his face clean and deprived of emotions, I continued looking to assert my dominance. We looked at each other for more then 15 seconds, until he finally gave up, declaring myself the winner.
    The next day he said "G'day" and everything was fine!

  • Dillon Daley
    Dillon Daley 11 days ago +6

    It's really fun and makes the gym so much better when you have a place that everyone loves talking to each other and are just respectful. I don't wanna live in a world where everyone is scared to interact with each other.

  • Ray
    Ray Month ago +91

    "Everyone loves to think they're the main character". And that sums it up. Very well presented. This is why I dont go to the gym...well and because I'm lazy.

    • Chii Suigintou
      Chii Suigintou 8 days ago

      I love to think that I'm not the main character, bc that's how it feels.
      Just some random side character that isn't like worth much attention.
      I'm a dog chasing cars.
      I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it!

    • Hwan Niggles
      Hwan Niggles Month ago +1

      Im lazy too but I am attempting. The thing is, I dont just wanna build muscle. I want to learning a fighting style. Building purely muscles just doesnt seem my kind of thing if no purpose is given to it

  • FarmBoy Brown
    FarmBoy Brown 20 days ago +16

    If you’re at the gym and people are checking you out, you’d think some people would feel encouraged like maybe all your hard work is paying off and you look gooood.

  • Cordingdesert 95
    Cordingdesert 95 Month ago +43526

    She did the equivalent of making up and winning an argument in the shower.

  • Luka 2000
    Luka 2000 Month ago +78

    Ive never been more happier in my life to go to a smaller gym where people simply work out and go home

    • BludAardvark
      BludAardvark 18 hours ago

      Yeah I lucked out spending a lil more money for a smaller gym location. Its also better maintained and folks for the most part clean up after themselves.

    • H K
      H K 29 days ago +3

      Underrated comment. Small gyms vs mainstream gyms where "influencers" go to record. I mean, work out.

  • amylomo
    amylomo Month ago +105

    i really feel so anxious about something like this happening to me because im a beginner in the gym and often watch how other people are using the equipment before i do so i get an idea of what to do. if I got accused of being creepy i think id drop dead on the spot from the embarrassment

    • CaucasusHimmothy
      CaucasusHimmothy Month ago +1

      @Apple Juice so what🤣🤣 dudes trying to learn. Absolutely nobody needs to ask to do such a thing..

    • simp defend m'lady
      simp defend m'lady Month ago

      Imagine caring what normies think

    • Apple Juice
      Apple Juice Month ago +3

      That could make people uncomfortable; maybe try asking them before just to be clear.

    • U R Phake And Gey
      U R Phake And Gey Month ago +4

      If you get accused for harassment, laugh in their face and say "ME sexually harass YOU? HAHAHA"

  • Destiny Mulvany
    Destiny Mulvany 26 days ago +28

    I'm a new gym member and I find it so disturbing that people would take asking a question or glancing at someone as an attempt at flirting or checking someone out. Some people are creeps but those kinds of people aren't common.

  • - Caesarian -
    - Caesarian - Month ago +39

    This whole “Trend” is the best example of how it is possible to twist any attempted interaction into either an insult or a threat.

  • 50hz Legend
    50hz Legend Month ago +13

    Thank you as ever Charles for calling out people on their weird clout driven antisocial behaviour. As others have said, suffering from social anxiety, this sort of thing only makes it more awkward and scary to try and go about what should be normal day to day activities.

  • Gib
    Gib Month ago +3947

    She's unironically the kind of person that makes me feel uncomfortable for going to the gym

    • James Ford
      James Ford 25 days ago

      @Gib now THATS ironic

    • Gib
      Gib 25 days ago

      @James Ford To be fair sheep have much more respect for people than you do.

    • Dr. 3
      Dr. 3 Month ago +2

      @Cross God I wish I was as disconnected from reality as you are. Must be nice living in your own world.

    • That Russian Guy 🇷🇺
      That Russian Guy 🇷🇺 Month ago

      Who moist critical?

  • Mikey
    Mikey Month ago +15

    One of the reasons why I bought equipment and turned my basement into a home gym. I got tired of having to watch my every step, making sure I didn't come into view of someone recording themselves. Also, I just got tired of the weirdos and how packed it was no matter if I went before or after work. Now I can lift in my own gym and not have to worry about these people. The less human interaction, the better.

    • BludAardvark
      BludAardvark 18 hours ago

      @MOONIE. Sadly that is the reality sometimes. Not everyone has a nice smaller gym (with an affordable monthly rate) to go to.

    • Mikey
      Mikey Month ago +7

      @MOONIE. Yeah but that's the reality of the world now and I like it much better. I'll never go back to a public gym.

    • MOONIE.
      MOONIE. Month ago +2

      You shouldn't have to do that tho 😭

  • gabfann1
    gabfann1 Month ago +11

    Just sayin, the girls calling the guys weirdos for "staring" at them and then proceed to basically shove their asses into the camera is the funniest form of irony

  • Vincent Ucciferri
    Vincent Ucciferri 11 days ago +6

    I never knew this was a trend. Am almost positive this has happened to me. I was waiting for a leg sled to open up so I could finish my workout and would periodically stop by to scan for an open machine. Next thing I know a random woman is recording in my direction (set up by the sleds). I thought to myself "that's strange" never gave it a second thought until now

  • Fliteful Wants Subs
    Fliteful Wants Subs Month ago +158

    As a female, this is just embarrassing. So many guys don't take us seriously, even when we are very uncomfortable due to certain behaviors, but this is incredibly stupid and makes us women look bad. No guy is going to take us seriously if this becomes the norm. In one class I took, I consistently caught a guy staring at me everyday, even while we were taking notes and I'll admit I was a bit unnerved and being watched made it hard to concentrate. Continuously staring at a girl someone finds attractive, a stranger no less, is a behavior I'd like to see stigmatized. But what's up with these girls shitting themselves if a man so much as looks in their direction? This is harmful for the younger generation of girls who will inevitably find guys disgusting, and this is harmful for guys not taking women's concerns seriously. It's clear these "women" just want to capitalize on "creeps" for TikTok views, it's pathetic

    • BludAardvark
      BludAardvark 18 hours ago

      I mean if they inevitably find guys disgusting, I'd be curious to see what kind of guys find them 'alluring'. In the social media world everyone wants to be a dime a dozen pretty face. But they can be just as ugly inside as anyone else.

    • Skurge
      Skurge 16 days ago +1

      literally everyone takes you seriously. There's a reason there's an epidemic of innocent young men getting their lives ruined with false allegations

    • — V2 —
      — V2 — 25 days ago +1

      @Erik they are such hypocrites and still complain about not being taken seriously??

  • Shm-3kera
    Shm-3kera 27 days ago +13

    as a person who has severe social anxiety, these kind of women are going to scar me for life if i encounter one and later see myself on her tiktok

  • CoverLuxe
    CoverLuxe Month ago +5430

    TikTok has officially destroyed our social skills to the point where people make videos like this thinking that they are being harassed when, in fact, they are experiencing the absolute bare minimum of human interaction, if you can even call it interaction.

  • Deviction
    Deviction Month ago +22

    Something I noticed that many people aren’t pointing out is the fact that she is nice to him while they’re talking to eachother but belittling him on the internet. Goes to show how fake people can be.

  • martin patiño
    martin patiño Month ago +9

    this genuinely made me sad and I sincerely hope that people don't get discouraged from going to the gym because of delusional narcissistic pricks

  • Red Cloud
    Red Cloud 29 days ago +30

    The fact that these girls complain about guys glancing at this or asking them a question, but then proceed to point their cameras at their ass is just mind boggling.

  • antihistaMEME
    antihistaMEME Month ago +18

    For one thing, men are going to look at women, you can't stop that unless you remove their eyeballs. Secondly, people are probably looking because you have your damn camera/phone propped up or on a tripod filming your ass and/or extremely uneventlful session at the gym. I find these people more of a weirdo and creep than anything else and I'm a woman. Like, "ma'am can you tell your damn phone to stop staring at me without my consent". The audacity and entitlement of people nowadays know no bounds.

    • Fankas2000
      Fankas2000 Month ago +3

      Men would stop looking at women more often, if women stopped wearing skimpy clothing to the gym. It's literally them wanting to have their cake and eat it.

  • Khakii
    Khakii 25 days ago +6

    I think the part that freaks me out the most, as someone who goes to the gym 3-4 times a week, is when I'm at the gym I fear this situation. So 99% of the time I'm either staring at myself in the mirror like a weirdo, or looking up at the ceiling. Shit sucks.

  • chilX3467
    chilX3467 Month ago +5915

    “This is why I don’t want kids.”
    “Natural selection better take the weirdos out!”
    She’s already playing her part by not bringing more of her kind into the world.

    • Gruby
      Gruby 29 days ago

      Don't worry, she'll bear kid(s) to some handsome guy who totally isnt a creep because hes handsome (shut up, you incel). He obv will ghost and dump her and shell be a taxpayer funded single mother.

    • Rockers R.G.
      Rockers R.G. Month ago +1

      @ElChuntyCabra what’s sad is you and many other guys love to undermine women just because of the few female liars compared to the many female victims. women don’t asked to be raped or catcalled or harassed or trafficked or kidnapped or drugged. just like men don’t ask for the same thing.
      You’re willing to hurt all real victims just because of the women who lie? Do you have a problem with false accusations or what, cuz you’re insulting the exact opposite, which would be real victims who don’t lie.

    • 채원
      채원 Month ago

      That’s good and that good she deserve no one ,man ,woman ,no one

    • Ronny Collins
      Ronny Collins Month ago

      Children are bank account sucking liabilities anyway. In my opinion, nobody who makes less than $50,000 a year should even CONSIDER having kids at all.

  • Wolf101con
    Wolf101con Month ago +7

    This is also really concerning because I could definitely imagine this content causing many people who want to live a healthier life style to not. Gyms can already be super intimidating if you're not used to going and don't know what you're doing. I don't go very much so I'm always worried about things like "am I using this machine right or do I look like a helpless idiot" and "am I taking too long on this machine and making others annoyed at me". Seeing people get accused of being perverts for even looking in someone's direction is going to make that infinitely worse.

  • V SC
    V SC 6 days ago +1

    Hearing Charlie talk while observing the cat cleaning itself and putting itself confortable is the best shit ever

  • Natakk
    Natakk 21 day ago +3

    I stopped going to the gym and workout at home because of all those damn people taking videos of themselves and making everyone uncomfortable around them. People have eyes, we will look, situational awarness is a thing, girls like her need to learn public places are PUBLIC.

  • Feel Tipsy Gaming
    Feel Tipsy Gaming 6 days ago

    Bro you really got me with that flex😂. I wasn’t expecting that kind of pump! Even though I’ve been a fan of yours for decades since the puenginzo game days🙏. Great to be present for your entire journey and watch you never change always remain the same Charlie we all love!

  • Dashing Blazer
    Dashing Blazer 23 days ago +8

    You know who's the only woman that appreciates being stared at? Medusa 🐍🐍

  • Aubade
    Aubade Month ago +4860

    Not just Tiktok itself, but this entire "tiktoker" era has let so many terrible people get undeserved attention. We live in an age where narcissism isn't just accepted, it's borderline encouraged. It's nice that a few people get called out on their shit, but this happens way too damn much.

    • mdrocks 78
      mdrocks 78 Month ago

      The Internet was one of the worst things we as a species created it's downsides far outweigh benefits. I will die on this hill.

    • PED0 Peter AKA Joe Biden
      PED0 Peter AKA Joe Biden Month ago

      @khajit has wares
      You're better off that way. I avoided the swag-screeching Yolo bros in my day and lived happily. If you can avoid the bussin broccoli hairs, you'll do fine.

    • xenteko
      xenteko Month ago

      The Chinese psyop is working as intended.

    • Banana
      Banana Month ago

      Been like that LONG before Tik Tok baby

  • Frost
    Frost Month ago +29

    It’s funny because after doing a set and being absolutely exhausted I will often stare off into oblivion from exhaustion with blurry vision and tiredness. And I’m sure I’ve stared in the direction of people. I remember one time in one of these exhausted states I found myself looking at a wall and when I noticed I was staring right at some dude doing leg lifts. He looked up at me and I felt awkward for the next two hours. I’m telling you that most people aren’t as creepy as you think most of them are just there to be as healthy as they can and do something we all enjoy.

  • Icy water
    Icy water Month ago +24

    She just seems so insecure in her own body that she’s taking it out on others.

  • Confusion and Creation
    Confusion and Creation 23 days ago +4

    "Maybe I just need to be shirtless more often"
    No one's arguing with you on that one, Charlie

  • Des Vexel
    Des Vexel Month ago +47

    I can see both sides. There are genuine creeps at the gyms (sniffer dude), but there's also way more people who are just trying to work out too. Taking videos of yourself working out is fine (not in the locker room), but you should always make sure there are no other people in the video. Some people want to document progress, so I get it, but you also can't get upset over people looking at you when they are likely just looking at your phone and wondering why they are being recorded or freaking out cause they don't wanna be watched any more than you do

    • Dat dank Dj
      Dat dank Dj Month ago

      Ngl as a very curious person this behavior scares the shit out of me. I get that there are people who are genuinely creepy, but have they ever stopped and thought “maybe they’re wondering what music I’m listening to” (if I stare at someone, I’m usually either A: studying their form/technique to improve my own since I’m kind of new to the gym thing, B: wondering what music is playing in their headphones, C: waiting to see when they’re done with a machine, or D: I’ve spaced out and didn’t know there was a person in front of me)

  • Some Weird Guy
    Some Weird Guy 27 days ago +3

    This is the reason why I work out at home when I have the choice and actively avoid public areas, and public stuff.
    I never bring someone with me to preoccupy my focus, so my eyes might wander, and I don't want to deal with people like this harassing me because of my ADHD.

  • DukeSSB
    DukeSSB Month ago +3803

    The real creepy part is the fact that these people likely spent hours analyzing every behavior of these random people that they’ve secretly recorded. This should honestly be a crime

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago

      @Viktor Holm Why would you waste that person‘s time with this petty and uselessness? You worried your staring is going to get you in trouble?

    • Viktor Holm
      Viktor Holm Month ago

      @Tyler Gannon So i talked to a friend who is currently in law school and he gave me a more indept answer, keep in mind, like my last post im still refering to german laws and these can vary from country to country but what im saying now is what my friend told me based on a quick research from him, he is not a lawyer so its possible that a lawyer might get a different opinion or result but he based his answers by quoting direct laws and is pretty confident that he is right
      1. Alot of these Problems are illegal the moment they get published, if you do something for yourself and its privat it can still be illegal but the "Victim" aka the person whos Picture got taken doesnt know this and therefore cant sue the person for doing something like that
      2. There is a paragraph in the Copyright Law that states that any form of picture or paintings of someone are only allowed to be shared and published with their consent
      3. As i allready mentioned it is ok to make a picture for example from the eiffel tower in which its practically impossible to take a picture without people on it therefore its ok to have them there aslong its obvious that they are just in the background and arent noticed in the first place
      4. There is a part in the police right, he mentioned it just very briefly but he said that its possible to film someone (they probably mean Police officers but thats a part im not sure of) as long as you cant directly identify them, aka without filming their face, the law states that its allowed to film aslong as you dont show their profile but dont ask me what that exactly means
      5. Their are Laws that prevent people from using youre Data and that means any data and youre Body and Face count aswell, its especially not allowed to harm someones reputation or honor by using these kind of data, well its also not allowed to do this in the first place
      6. Since everything that is part of, is considered yours and also as kind of data, you can file a copyright complain if someone publishes videos or pictures of you without youre consent, this would also be possible if a private investigator does so
      So all in all if someone does this in Germany and you know they did this, you have more than enough laws that can protect you, the main difficulty is, that to make these law work, you as the victim need to file a complain, aka go to youre lawyer and show them the video/picture and tell them you didnt give youre consent the rest will be done by the lawyer but if you dont know that someone is harming you or that you were filmed obviously you cant make use of these laws but if you dont know you probably didnt even get harmed in the first place since no one ever mentioned it to you
      But yeah there are certain things that can be done and im pretty sure alot of these laws have some kind of usage in other countrys aswell, its mainly that no one goes to their lawyer if something like this happens and also other country obviously have other laws but im confident that most countrys have laws to protect copyright and the right of youre own image so it should be possible to get a lawyer to force the person to take down the video especially if its obvious that you did nothing wrong and the person is just trying to harm you

    • Doc Rainbow
      Doc Rainbow Month ago

      @Kano Aikawa Ch. | Virtual Aces DSGVO says otherwise xD

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago

      I bet you anything that guy would have deed her down so good she’d be happy he was looking at her. Then anybody who told her he was creepy would get cussed at and threatened by her.

  • Resident Lesbian
    Resident Lesbian Month ago +7

    These men are not even creepy, they’re just being normal people. Some of the guys were even polite. These men are just living there lives.

  • CalebTheCashew
    CalebTheCashew Month ago +21

    8:59 I like how we go from no cat to an adorable display in the matter of a millisecond

  • MealzOnWealz
    MealzOnWealz Month ago +6

    I'm kind of sad how gym culture is changing on social media. I've only been in the gym for a year and a half or so. But some of the things I see online are wack. Influencers posing and posting their routines while hiding the fact they are on PEDs and other influencers posting about these "horrendous" gym interactions when its just someone asking how many sets they have left. Let people better themselves and stop lying to teenagers on tiktok. There are some good influencers out there but they're growing thin. I'm glad you spoke on this man because it is a disappointing topic.

  • Remy Blas
    Remy Blas Month ago +12

    Joey Swoll is the hero every gym member needed.

  • Tanner Jordan
    Tanner Jordan 8 days ago

    Charlie’s cat going hard as hell in the lick department at 9:10 killed me honestly

  • ApplePioneer
    ApplePioneer Month ago +3304

    We honestly need more gyms to enforce a no filming/pictures rule

    • Safwann Λttentäter
      Safwann Λttentäter Month ago

      or... (hear me out) we need to hold women accountable

    • Wouter vanR
      Wouter vanR Month ago

      For sure. If I every choose to go to a gym instead of just cycling outside that would be my nr1 requirement. It's already annoying enough to be there with other people, being filmed is so much worse.

    • Alex Mason
      Alex Mason Month ago

      Honestly, seeing that some people take pictures to show and record progress, it'd be better to have a specific area like say a hallway with a all sized mirror where you can take pictures of yourself while the rest of the gyms are a no picture/filming zone.

    • rosettenrudi
      rosettenrudi Month ago +1

      ​@Marshall Ney
      "I don't think I said anything about people suffering because they can't film"
      No, you made up a nonsensical rule that has nothing to do with the argument at hand and treated it as if it is just as legitimate as a no filming/picture rule in a gym.
      You also claimed that it is (certainly) unconstitutional for a private business to forbid filming/taking pictures at their location, which it isn't. Have you ever been to a concert? Also, a private business making their own rules is not gonna impact human rights. You are aware that female only gyms exist, right? Are you afraid that men will lose their right to move around freely because some private businesses don't allow men to enter? Your argument is ridiculous, because no rights are being restricted by forbidding filming/taking pictures at a gym. But maybe this is too complicated for you, I don't think I can make it any more basic though, sorry.

  • Vagabond
    Vagabond Month ago +8

    People like this seriously bring a horrible reputation towards the people who genuinely experience these horrible things. There are real victims out there who are never taken seriously, and it’s going to get so much worse because of the attention brought on by these awful people

    • Rockers R.G.
      Rockers R.G. Month ago

      Plus there are some guys who’ll use this example happily as an excuse to dismiss a real victim just cuz they can’t be bothered

  • Kevin Gray
    Kevin Gray Month ago +9

    Call me a socially inept creep, but I think it's a sign of support and respect to take a moment between sets to give an appreciative nod to another person who has obviously been sticking to their program and performs correct movement with smooth control. It's not salivating. Mostly we're too focused to care. If you're getting stares, it's probably because you're annoying other gym goers.

  • parzival
    parzival 2 days ago

    the fact that this stuff exists is absolutely insane, but people fighting back on it restores my faith in humanity

  • The Football Plug
    The Football Plug Month ago +3

    This is what happens when you reward bad behavior... This shit is insane, if she wasn't going get a ton of clicks and views on social medias , she would of never even did this...

  • Ball Bag Chris
    Ball Bag Chris Month ago +5884

    Filming yourself for thousands of people (probably many actual perverts) then complaining about one random person glancing is mind blowing

    • Funny Music Man
      Funny Music Man Month ago +5

      @a nation Dude, the point is that she is complaining about some random dude, who did literally nothing wrong, being a creep. When she has an OF where hundreds or thousands of ACTUAL creeps go to see her. The dude there glanced at her, the people on her OF are deliberately trying to find that type of content of her.

      「ZA MASTER HANDO」 Month ago

      Yeah, it's called "attention seeking" lol

  • blossom_kitchen
    blossom_kitchen Month ago +4

    I have a fear of someone approaching me at the gym just because I have no social skills with strangers and it just feels really awkward but maybe I'll get over that fear one day and realize no one give a $hit about what I'm doing.

  • DoublyTheWhale
    DoublyTheWhale Month ago +4

    You know you really hit me in the beginning there, I’ve been doing Brazillian jujitsu for a little over 4 years (purple belt), but I have a slim frame so no one would ever be able to tell how healthy I am until I flex. Always relatable as always, thanks Charlie for giving me something to watch at the start of my day

  • Demi God
    Demi God 25 days ago +3

    get mad people stare at you but let thousands of people also stare at you

  • Julien Dupuis
    Julien Dupuis Month ago +6

    So throughout the video, Charlie makes it seem like this behavior is rampant and unavoidable, but in over a year of regular every day training I haven't encountered a single instance of this.
    I think it's important to remind people that videos like this are the exception and it's for that reason that they actually gain traction. Most of the people you meet at the gym are super kind and are totally ready to help you in any way they can. So don't let stuff like this disuade you from starting the gym cause it just doesn't happen all that often.

  • MrActionproductions
    MrActionproductions 6 days ago

    I was SHOCKED when I saw how jacked Charlie is. Crazy impressive. He hides it well.

  • Chlades
    Chlades Month ago +6399

    actually, ‘going to jail for staring at an under aged 21 year old’ is such a perfect representation of how people these days are desperate to manipulate a situation to fit their narrative

    • yan
      yan 4 days ago

      i’ve read every comment in this thread 15 times each and am still having the difficulty of a blind and deaf alzheimer’s patient to comprehend “under age 21 year old”

    • Barbara Nobriga
      Barbara Nobriga 5 days ago

      Running on all fours lmao

    • Chii Suigintou
      Chii Suigintou 8 days ago +1

      tbh, in legal terms it does exist,
      (I mean in Belgium that is, not sure if it also exists in the USA)
      however, I don't think she an extended minor.
      (srr, verlengd minderjarig, don't know how to translate it to English, so it's the literal translation)

    • Numbrero Time
      Numbrero Time 14 days ago +1

      What a polite young man she was

  • Grisha
    Grisha 5 days ago

    I'm glad i dont go to the gym, im pretty sure people would hate me, i tend to zone out severely haha! one time in school after gym class i just sat on the ground staring at literally nothing across the Gymnasium for 1 minute while i was mentally preparing myself for my second run lap

  • 48
    48 Month ago +11

    Tbh I realized watching this video I purposely don’t stare at anyone because I literally don’t want to get accused of being creepy. Has made making friends in the gym basically impossible now that I think about it

  • NASA Fan
    NASA Fan Month ago +3

    The creepiest people in the gym are the ones filming others without their consent.

  • acuilnos
    acuilnos 16 days ago +1

    The first two clips are actually a really good example of what some people with social anxiety worry about. These people are doing it for attention but as someone who has social anxiety I often worry about what other people think of me and how I act and I am also guilty of being judgemental of others, even if it's just in my head. However those clips are taking it to a new extreme, and trying to come across as the victim even though they're the ones who have made up this narrative in their head.

  • FoBo -
    FoBo - Month ago +2

    honestly as a gym goer it's unreal how stupid it is. I Saw some lady accuse a blind dude staring at her while he was doing a set and even got the manger of the gym involved. The dude was like I'm blind dude like wtf you want me to do.

  • reflective101
    reflective101 Month ago +2916

    I feel embarrassed even when I have my camera faced toward me for a Snapchat response .. I don’t get how people are able to just openly film other people .. they are the gym creeps for doing that.

    • NotFunny
      NotFunny Month ago +3

      I get you bro I'm the same. I'm also scared to even let strangers hear my voice.

    • Kirsten
      Kirsten Month ago +7

      It’s exactly why I never have any photos of me when I’m in public 💀

    • L L
      L L Month ago +10

      I honestly hate being in someone else’s video at the gym. I wish it wasn’t allowed to just openly film.

    • Spee
      Spee Month ago +6

      @AJ Gumpper it's just people forgetting common courtesy for the sake of whatever satisfaction they get from whatever social media platforms they use. Selfishness, really.

    • AJ Gumpper
      AJ Gumpper Month ago +10

      Oh, as a 17 year old, I've always had to deal with other people my age shoving iPhone cameras in my face for their snapchat's... I will never understand what it means... It was really hard not to fight those people lamoo

  • max-UH-million
    max-UH-million 19 days ago +1

    Bro Charlie’s muscles are like a damn conceal carry

  • Pallo Productions
    Pallo Productions Month ago +3

    Bruh when he flexed my soul left my body. I was finishing up the phrase “holy shit dude” when he aptly described his physique as a jump-scare. 10/10 Charlie’s in touch with his fan base

  • Anthony Hancock
    Anthony Hancock 16 days ago

    I had no idea he went to the gym, and I thought he was lying till he flexed 😂

  • Egyptian Space Odin
    Egyptian Space Odin Month ago +3

    Thankfully I've become immune to this. I'm always drumming and head banging while im resting between sets so if anyone were to record me they'd just see me jamming out. Good luck!

  • Austin
    Austin 16 days ago

    This happened to me at my gym. I was on a stair stepper at around 8pm and there was only one other person there. She decided, out of all the equipment available, to go to a treadmill right in front of me to the left, and I saw her put her phone with the camera pointing directly at me. I got the hell out of there are cancelled my membership a few weeks later. Home gym is the way now.

  • Teano Beano
    Teano Beano Month ago +12696

    As an underage 62 year old myself, it's disgusting when people try to talk to me

  • Toby Blizzard
    Toby Blizzard Month ago +5

    One of the few content creators that makes me happy when they flex. Starts off with "idk if you all know this but I'm RIPPED."

  • Goman Fong
    Goman Fong Month ago +1

    I am super glad I am a member of a gym where it is common to ask for help, advice or just simply talk friendly.
    No delusion

  • Thatoneguy620
    Thatoneguy620 14 days ago

    "But I'm on a 5'6 frame and I keep myself lean so no one even knows I'm ripped until I do a flex and it ends up being a jumpscare" had me diein

  • Dan Buker
    Dan Buker Month ago +5

    3 years ago I quit a decade long gym routine. Home gym ever since. I was already turned off by the lack of communication due to everyone being headphoned up and slamming weights and grunting like gorillas, using multiple pieces of equipment/machines simultaneously, and not putting their weights away or cleaning up. Good to hear I ducked out before the next wave of obnoxious behavior would plague the gym.
    BTW I was always that guy to clean up the gym as something to do between sets especially for the less heavy/strong... typically elderly. I'd be scorned on tik tok for sure after all this time.

  • GreenJP
    GreenJP Month ago +1

    Makes me want to go stare at people to remind them what creepy behavior really looks like. Might even lick my lips with a little eye contact in planet fitness before I get kicked out, as a PSA

  • Kevin
    Kevin Month ago +2687

    Ironically, Jessica has made the rest of us more uncomfortable in the gym than she was

    • Kevin
      Kevin Month ago +1

      @al112v5 sorry Al, I think this is a terrible example to "show men that women don't feel safe". Everything these days is so hyperbolic, I think men and women should just help each other. It's hard to do that though when people have permanent victim mentalities.

    • Carl On Duty
      Carl On Duty Month ago

      @Ellie :P No shit. But dont make others uncomfortable either.

    • Ellie :P
      Ellie :P Month ago +1

      @Carl On Duty As a gym, please stop Recording random people and accusing them of things they are clearly not doing- and don’t record in lockers.

    • Ellie :P
      Ellie :P Month ago

      @🌸 J.c 🌸 As an extension of this, she is no longer accepted as a woman who works out.

  • Anticonformist
    Anticonformist 29 days ago +1

    Honestly, it's reasonable for some people to be made uncomfortable much easier when exercising and/or wearing more revealing clothes due to it, but it's probably not best to exercise in public then. I am made very uncomfortable exercising in public so I only do it alone in my garage.

  • Tim West
    Tim West Month ago +3

    Women are starting to forget that it's a natural thing for a man to check them out, it's just how we are. If any woman is at the gym toning up and sculpting their body, other women will check her out as well.
    BUT there seem to be a lack of wisdom between knowing the difference of checking someone out VS staring and being obsessed.
    Social media, and this clout chasing is slowly turning our society into a mad house.

  • menedie
    menedie 15 days ago

    It's so funny that when charlie said he keeps himself lean and when he flexes it ends up being a jumpscare it actually jumpscared me lmao

  • MrBro
    MrBro Month ago +3

    Honestly half the time I'm staring into space is me wondering what I'm having for lunch or if I can make the next set without farting audibly or not.

  • Gavin Sauter
    Gavin Sauter Month ago +3

    I look at people at the gym to learn. I know I don’t have the best form and seeing how more experienced people work out definitely helps

  • natman2939
    natman2939 Month ago +2821

    Holy shit. Charlie is the living embodiment of that anime character that looks frail until he flexes and his clothes all tear off. Damn.

    • Facker
      Facker Month ago

      Bro I like Charlie too, but you gotta stop glazing his tip like that.

    • Ki11ukw1k
      Ki11ukw1k Month ago +1

      @Deathencounter He's Escanor from Seven Deadly Sins 🤣🤣🤣

    • johnrobot
      johnrobot Month ago

      Ya gawd damn

    • Verdii
      Verdii Month ago

      A real sleeper build

    • Micah Lewis
      Micah Lewis Month ago


  • Octalriver1
    Octalriver1 Month ago +3

    Nobody gonna talk how this man is absolutely ripped. Like Jesus he’s got that god tier sleeper build.

  • Rosenberg Bello
    Rosenberg Bello Month ago +1

    I usually look around in the gym to see if a machine I’m going to use next is available. If not, I try to see if another machine that targets the muscles I want to target is available

  • Movies Move Me
    Movies Move Me 28 days ago

    All well said, very well said. Also, I find your sense of humor hilarious. Subscribed. :)

  • ShujinQ
    ShujinQ Month ago +5

    3:14 The potential of this face being a meme is immaculate