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VAN TOUR | Space Saving DIY Van Conversion With INNOVATIVE HIDDEN Shower And FLOATING Bed

  • Published on Mar 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Hi! We’re Ryan and Laura and since August 2022, we have been travelling around Europe and Turkey in our self-converted 2010 Citroen Relay L3H2. We purchased the van in 2018 and spent four years converting it into our dream home on wheels. If you would like to read more about our conversion process and how we went from clueless to converters, check out our blog post on the topic here - www.vehicleadventurenetwork.c...
    We really hope to start uploading more long-form videos through our Clip-Share account, for both our travels and our van and would love to hear any suggestions or questions in the comments! Make sure to subscribe and turn notifications on so you don’t miss a thing.
    You can also follow along with our travels in real time on our social media pages, which we update daily with our reflections and favourite locations - vehicle_adventu...
    If you want to know more about any of the products that were featured in this video and used in our conversion, you can find almost all of them on the affiliated link page of our website (we get a small commission from any products purchased through these links, at no additional cost to you) - www.vehicleadventurenetwork.c...
    If you’re interested in supporting our journey, we have set up a ‘Buy me a Coffee page’, which will be a great help in funding Laura’s coffee and Ryan’s hot sauce addiction and replacing parts in the van that inevitably break when on the road - www.buymeacoffee.com/vehiclea...
    Thanks so much again for watching. See you again very soon!
    00:00 - Intro
    0:20 - Cab
    0:41 - Shower
    1:52 - Bulkhead
    2:37 - Wardrobe & electrics
    4:27 - Kitchen appliances
    5:40 - Storage
    9:12 - Sofa & bed
    10:20 - Back doors
    12:09 - Outer van
    13:07 - Roof
    14:55 - Outro
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Comments • 257

  • Catventure
    Catventure Month ago +74

    Best van build I‘ve seen so far. Lots of storage, extremely genius never seen before hidden shower. „Simple“ but practical as hell bedding situation and the hole Layout provides just so much space through out the whole van, feels so open and airy, this is incredible!

  • Michelle Gaeb
    Michelle Gaeb Month ago +44

    That is the most ingenious shower 💦 set up I have ever seen in a van!

    • Tomika Kelly
      Tomika Kelly 3 days ago

      Where does the used water go?

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  25 days ago +1

      @Lady Trader yes, we made it ourselves 😊 the base is wood with a tray sealed on top, the walls are wood lined inside with PVC and the edges are sealed with corner trim - it took a few goes to get right but it was definitely worth it!

    • Lady Trader
      Lady Trader 25 days ago +1

      @Vehicle Adventure Network So I found the Tetravan folding shower for $1700 US, but only the bottom part, Did you guys make that folding shower yourself? or is it something you can buy? Sorry if you have already discussed this, did not see it on your website.

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  27 days ago +1

      Thank you - we’re really glad you like the design 😃

    • Patricia LaCava
      Patricia LaCava 27 days ago +2

      And I love the bed!

  • CL
    CL 14 days ago +4

    Amazing build, I'm blown away by the creative solutions to maximize the space you have! The cutting board with the hole straight to the bin was genius and definitely reduces the mess when cooking in a smaller space. I love the roof deck idea as well! I always thought it was a shame that most of these van builds didn't have a roof 'seating' area to enjoy all the beautiful places van life takes you to. Thanks for sharing your home with us!

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  8 days ago

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment - we really appreciate it and love that you enjoy the features of our build 😊

  • pansypuss
    pansypuss Month ago +13

    That lounge area is genius! I would love to see how the sofa/bed goes together. I haven't seen anything like it, and to have a high backrest like that on a van sofa would be a godsend to me. I was leaning towards a fixed bed, but the comfort of that sofa is making me have a rethink!
    Any idea when you might be able to give us an in-depth bed video? Pleeeze??🙏

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +1

      @EctoMorpheus thank you so much for your lovely comment! We’re made up you enjoyed the tour and aspects of our conversion - we’re excited for you to start the journey too 🙌🏼

    • EctoMorpheus
      EctoMorpheus Month ago +2

      @Vehicle Adventure Network Really looking forward to the bed/sofa details as well! The swivel table and frankly all the other aspects of the van are also absolutely genius. I don't have a van yet but this is all hugely inspiring and really makes me look forward to converting one!

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +4

      We’re really glad you liked our bed set up 😊 we hope to film a breakdown of it in detail soon!

  • Cora The Crafter
    Cora The Crafter Month ago +19

    Love this guys! Your van is sooo beautiful 😍 the lock in the cab to the back is suuuch a good idea! And that pop out shower is probably the best van shower idea we’ve seen! The electric stuff always goes over my head I wish I understood it abit more 😅 love the pull out drawer with the food bin - you guys have literally thought of everything!! OMG that decking!! Hands down one of the best vans around 🙌

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +2

      Awwww thanks so much guys - that comment has made our night and we are so glad that you like the conversion 😃 can’t wait to see yours too very soon ❤️

  • D Newman
    D Newman Month ago +23

    I have seen a great many van tours, but this is, definitely, one of my favourite builds. Well done guys 🙂

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +4

      Ahhh thank you for your lovely comment, we really appreciate it and so glad you are a fan of the build 😃

  • tezman68
    tezman68 25 days ago +4

    What an amazing van. I've watched hundreds of van builds / van tours and this is one of the most innovative.

  • Phil Powell
    Phil Powell Month ago +17

    Some really cool features that I've not come across till now. Excellent storage ideas, and fold away shower cubicle. Great attention to detail 👌

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago

      Thank you, we’re glad you liked it! It was definitely a labour of love but we got there in the end 😄

  • Wendy Davies
    Wendy Davies 16 days ago +4

    I absolutely love your shower. What a great space-saving idea.🥰

  • Gee
    Gee 28 days ago +8

    I've been binging van tours and this is one of the best I've seen. So many thoughtful touches that certainly took some ingenuity. I appreciate your efforts.

  • Christina B
    Christina B Month ago +3

    What an amazing build, so practical, the shower and pop up roof deck seats are genius! Ive been racking my brains on the ideal shower system so thank you for another idea. Would love to see abit more on the electrical system, and the bed 👍 , happy travels, cheers guys.

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +1

      Thank you! Glad it was helpful 😃 we’re in the process of getting those videos together, hopefully they will be just as useful!

  • Yma Mahp
    Yma Mahp Month ago +11

    Well thought out Van design!
    Please do videos on “how to” on your van built. Thank you!

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +2

      Thanks very much! We will definitely try and get some more in-depth videos done of certain parts of our van soon 😊

  • Maria Sand
    Maria Sand Month ago +4

    Really loved your tour and your incredible solutions. Would really want to see a how to video for the bed. Planing my van at the moment and this set-up really looks great! Im subscribed and hope to see different how to videos in the near future. No pressure! Hope to see more vloges for your adventures also.

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago

      Thank you, we’re so glad you enjoyed the tour 😊 that’s definitely on our plan for things to video - hopefully we can get it up while you’re still in the planning stage! Hope it’s all going okay 😃

  • Garret Gerritsen
    Garret Gerritsen 25 days ago +1

    The shower, deck, and bed are marvelous innovations. My takeaway from your build is that invention is the mother of necessity and that lifestyle does dictate design. No garage, the first time I’ve never seen one and it works for you. Cheers!

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  24 days ago

      Thank so much - we’re really glad you liked the build! We absolutely agree, the design should definitely be what works for you and in this case, this set up works perfectly for us 🥰

  • Karen and Harley loves .......

    Very clever layout, love the shower 🤩

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +1

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the shower, it definitely saves a lot of floor space having it fold away 😃

  • lorraine curtin
    lorraine curtin Month ago +4

    Great video. Love the van - so much thought put into it. I’m so jealous of the shoe racks 😂. Lovely to see so much reclaimed materials used 👏❤ @siloadventures

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +1

      Thank you, we’re so glad you liked it! The shoe racks were a great last minute addition and Ryan definitely did well working his magic on some very damaged scaffolding boards to get them like this 😂

  • Nikki T
    Nikki T 4 days ago +1

    Love the creative concept and thought you both put into this DIY van build. Hope to see the video on the floating bed soon.

  • John Zurbriggen
    John Zurbriggen 15 days ago +2

    Wow, such a genius way to save space and still have everything. Great planning and design. I give this an A+ 👍

  • caroline collins
    caroline collins 8 hours ago

    Divine timing, you guys have really utilised the space beautifully. I'm new here 😊 just watched this one. I'm excited to watch more. Please keep them coming. Bed design etc. That's if you haven't done that already 😉 I too wanting to adapt to van life. Thank you 🙏 guys 🌸💞

  • Lena Schofield
    Lena Schofield Month ago +2

    Love your van! Would love to see videos about the bed, shower and water systems

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +1

      Thank you for your comment and suggestions - we would love to put videos together breaking down those parts in more detail soon 😃

  • Joshua Adams
    Joshua Adams 29 days ago +1

    Love your set up; watched a lot of layouts and hands down I love what you have done. Plus you did it yourself; hats off to you!!

  • Jane Channing
    Jane Channing Month ago +1

    I cannot believe this is your first van build? Love the unique ideas, so many I will have to watch this a few times. Thank you for the show.

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago

      Yes, our first one - it took a really long time but we’re so happy with the final features. Thank you so much! We’re so glad you enjoyed it 😊

  • 41bluets
    41bluets 8 days ago +1

    So Awesome! I thought I had finally settled on the perfect layout as I move past the insulation phase but now I feel like I need to reconfigure ha! That shower is amazing .Great job!

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  8 days ago

      😂 designing and settling for a layout is one of the trickiest parts! Thanks a lot, we’re glad you liked the shower. Hope your conversion is going well 👍🏼

  • Garen Karapetian
    Garen Karapetian 28 days ago

    This is what happens when clever people put some thought into the layout and build. Congrats to both of you! This is a great van build!
    What is your insulation? Sprayfoam? And what did you do with bottom triangular holes in Relay/Ducato/Boxer that connect the floor with walls? Did you stuff and seal with moisture barrier, or did you leave them open?
    I've been trying to come up with an "unfolding shower" and such design was among many that crossed my mind (with exception that instead of the shower curtain it'd have the fourth wall unfolding from one of the side-walls), but at the time I wrote it off as having too many factors that could go wrong (and persistent leaks can damage the subflooring and make the van uninhabitable). How has it been working out for you? How often do you use it? Any minor leaks? What are the dimensions of the shower?
    Which solar panels are you using? and what are the dimensions?
    Adding to my favs. Thanks for sharing!

  • Heena Thakkar
    Heena Thakkar Month ago +3

    Excellent shower cubicle
    Enjoy your tours ❤

  • S
    S Day ago

    Well done, you guys! This is definitely a sensational build!

  • Sasha Benoit
    Sasha Benoit Month ago +5

    Absolute gorgeous! I can't see a single flaw or something I would change. Although, I'm curious, how/where does your shower drain?? I'm also curious about lighting too!

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +1

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! It drains straight into a flexible, corrugated pipe at the back of our shower tray then into our underslung grey water tank 😊

  • Louise and Kelly
    Louise and Kelly Month ago

    You both ought to be very proud of yourselves,great tour. Great work and excellent ideas. We love the toe kick storage and wish you both all the very best on your adventures. We might see you on the road, we are still waiting for our van to arrive hopefully in a couple weeks time. Thank you for sharing, we have subscribed XX

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +1

      Thank you so much, we’re glad you enjoyed the conversion and tour! That’s very exciting, hope you have a smooth settle into Van life and enjoy your travels 🫶🏼 we have subscribed too - looking forward to following along! Xx

  • Tricia McDaniel
    Tricia McDaniel Month ago +1

    Oh wow I truly love what you two have done.
    Especially they hook ups and how it is under the van and tucked away. Would love to see more on how you guys did that . Also cool way of doing the seating on top.of your van. So you guys have videos of the build.
    Would definitely love to see it. Thanks for sharing 😱

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago

      Unfortunately, we didn’t vlog the build as to be honest, it took us a really long time to do around work without videoing it too 😅 we do have pictures and stories though on our Instagram page @vehicle_adventure_network and we can definitely put some videos and explanations now it’s all done! We’re so glad you like it and thanks for your lovely comment 😊🫶🏼

  • Mona Rite
    Mona Rite Month ago

    This is a amazing build. And I'm addicted to watching van builds. I lived in a van for 2 years before mine broke down. Ill be getting another one soon. This is soo good. Amazing!!

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment - we really appreciate it! Hope the search for your new van goes well 🤞🏼

  • Raylene Tatum
    Raylene Tatum Month ago +1

    Awesome shower idea!! First time seeing one like that. Everything is gorgeous. Safe travels.

  • mcp Bythesea
    mcp Bythesea 3 days ago

    Amazing! You guys are an inspiration, and super-talented with your design. Love the security by hiding it’s a camper. Happy travels One new subscriber here! 😊✨👏

  • radicalpinkys
    radicalpinkys Month ago

    Loved some of the features in your van, the shower is brilliant, the bed flexibility and simplicity of use is brilliant. Great job!

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +1

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment, we really appreciate it and glad you liked it 😊

  • Nickodaboss
    Nickodaboss Month ago +1

    Nice design, really love the functionality, 1 suggestion I wouldn't keep the draw with my waste bin in the same drawer, possibly the cleaning products should combine with that drawer and possibly your clean dishes in a upper cabinet

  • mybirdies
    mybirdies 11 days ago +1

    Clever and ingenious layout. Love the compact yet practical shower.

  • Invonilde Burgess
    Invonilde Burgess Month ago +1

    Beautifully done. I love it. Best set up I've seen.

  • Lady Trader
    Lady Trader 25 days ago +1

    WOW! Wow, wow! The ideas in this design are so good. LOVE the shower idea. Sorry, but I have to have a shower. Have seen just the flip up pan before, but now can't find it, never seen those type of shower walls. GREAT job, you two, feel proud! I subscribed and LIKE! Cheers!

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  25 days ago

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment - we glad you like the shower idea and we felt exactly the same about needing one too 😂🙌🏼

  • M Hayes
    M Hayes Month ago +2

    Wow! The best shower idea ever! Kudos! Safe travels!

  • Jaimie Ray
    Jaimie Ray Month ago +4

    Oh my gosh
    This is perfect van I have ever seen before. It’s practical ,smart and well designed.

  • Wandering Zythophile
    Wandering Zythophile Month ago +1

    I love that shower solution! Very clever use of space.

  • Arna Melddrum
    Arna Melddrum Month ago

    Hi Ryan and Laura, this is a great build! Love your shower. And love your sofa bed. If possible could I see the detail video of the way the bed was made and how it works? I've only got a small van, well I've not picked it up yet, but in a few weeks I'll have it. I think this sofa bed could really work for me. Arna

    • Arna Melddrum
      Arna Melddrum Month ago

      @Vehicle Adventure Network Hi guys, Thanks for your lovely reply! I look forward to the video on your bed system, that is great news. xx

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago

      Hi Arna, thanks for your lovely comment! Glad you enjoyed the build 😊 yes, we are hoping to get a video recorded and up of the bed system very soon. We hope your first few weeks with the van and starting the conversion go well - it must be such an exciting time🤞🏼

  • Daniella Scozzafava
    Daniella Scozzafava Month ago +3

    This is amazing! Props to you both (and Dave ofc!)

  • timaima matalailai
    timaima matalailai Month ago

    Love this build. Great job guys.

  • Lynne Scaddan
    Lynne Scaddan Month ago

    This is a brilliant home on wheels, there's some fantastic ideas, that shower is brilliant. The kitchen has some brilliant ideas. Yes it's a GREAT build whoever built it gets top marks for originalality.

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago

      Thank you! Ryan designed and built it all, with the help of family 😊 we’re glad you liked the build

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan Month ago +3

    Very nice. Love the shower fold out idea

  • Michael Steele
    Michael Steele Month ago +2

    Great video, that shower idea is genius!

  • lisa8369
    lisa8369 Month ago +2

    So well thought out. I want your van!! ❤️

  • Audrey McFarland
    Audrey McFarland Month ago +2

    Wow! You have some very clever ideas in your van! - and it is cozy too

  • Judy Keogh
    Judy Keogh 8 days ago +1

    This is the best ever van build I've seen .... Incredible Guys!! Too many amazing design features to mention. Any chance you could let us know the cost of the build and the make & model of the van? Cheers 👌🤗

    • Judy Keogh
      Judy Keogh 6 days ago +1

      @Vehicle Adventure Network Thanks so much for your reply, I appreciate it 🙂.

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  8 days ago

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment, we’re really glad you like the build and design! The van is a Citroen Relay L3H2 and cost us £3,300 to initially buy in 2018 and a further £12,500 to convert 😊

  • Brenda
    Brenda Month ago +1

    Great build, lots of great ideas.

  • Sara Weigh
    Sara Weigh Month ago

    Congratulations guys on you van loved your shower idea really clever idea 💡

  • Tobias Patterson-Jones
    Tobias Patterson-Jones 21 day ago +1

    Great tour of a fab van - thank you! I’ve got some cool ideas for my own conversation.

  • Living-working Outside-box

    Well done just found your channel in recommended. Thanks for sharing your journey 👍
    Will you be making an all videos playlist so new and old fans can binge watch your videos to get caught up? Not to mention the algorithm loves the session times. 😉🤙

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +1

      Thanks for your comment. This is our first, and at the moment only video 😊 hopefully as we create more, we can then put them into a playlist

  • Charlotte Cosgrove
    Charlotte Cosgrove Month ago

    such an incredible build!!!

  • Will Eckrich
    Will Eckrich Month ago +2

    Very nice build!!!

  • Anna & Jean
    Anna & Jean Month ago +2

    Wow, awesome van! Good job

  • Hopeuluv
    Hopeuluv Month ago +2

    Yes, yes, yes simply genius van build around. I would like to see more about shower.

    • Hopeuluv
      Hopeuluv Month ago +1

      @Vehicle Adventure Network thanks, I will subscribe & press notifications

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +1

      Thank you! We are looking forward to putting that together for you really soon 😃

  • Ian A
    Ian A 12 days ago +1

    Great van conversion 👍

  • G T- W
    G T- W Month ago +1

    Great build yes I like to see more😊

  • Rick56
    Rick56 18 days ago +1

    I’m getting ready to design my van. So I have a few questions that maybe you can help me with…. How often do you really use your hideaway toilet? And how often do you actually sit on that couch to watch television? and how often do you use the outside table? Really appreciate your answers. Happy traveling

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  15 days ago

      The amount we use the toilet is usually dependent on where we’re parked up - if we are wild camping and don’t have access to facilities, then we will use the toilet. We don’t often watch the television but do sit on the couch everyday to when eating breakfast, lunch and dinner 😊 the outdoor table is also heavily dependent on where we’re parked up and the weather outside - it was a lovely option to have in the summer but we haven’t used it much over the colder months. Hope that’s helpful, we’d be more than happy to help if you have any more questions 🙌🏼

  • Kim Sikorski
    Kim Sikorski Month ago

    Really like the shower. Great idea.

  • Lynda from-Waiheke
    Lynda from-Waiheke Month ago +1

    That really is a great design. Soooo clever. Cheers from Waiheke Island, NZ

  • Jammy Gits
    Jammy Gits Month ago +2

    This video was so good! 😍 We’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching it & have a nose around your van! 😄 You guys have thought of everything!! It is so well designed and still looks so cute inside! 👏🏼 can’t wait for more videos🥰🤘🏻

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago

      Thanks sooo much guys, we really appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed both the video and the van 🥰🫶🏼

  • Jheanell Bailey
    Jheanell Bailey Month ago +1

    I love your van. It’s amazing

  • Kerri Halligan
    Kerri Halligan Month ago +1

    Wow! What a clever build!

  • resh.s1
    resh.s1 Month ago +2

    Loved this video!!! ❤

  • DappyDux
    DappyDux Month ago +1

    This is such a cool van !!

  • Amanda Gordon
    Amanda Gordon 14 days ago +1

    We built our own van. And the one thing I love the most. Everyone has a different take on how to maximise their space.

  • Richard Ware
    Richard Ware 4 days ago +1

    Simply amazing.❤

  • Sisi Gu
    Sisi Gu 28 days ago +1

    It seems that having a van life means that you really need to be ORGANIZED!

  • Karli Gonzalez
    Karli Gonzalez Month ago +1

    I am soooo stealing the shower idea. Creds cause I ain’t ever seen it done like that, y’all are geniuses.

  • You. Me. This.
    You. Me. This. 9 days ago +1

    Just found your channel, great set up!!

  • Ronald Aldus
    Ronald Aldus Month ago +2

    Wauw guys, what a wonderfull van conversion, you did a incredible job!!!
    Personal a want to see more off your electrical set up. We are at the moment coverversing a boat, and we have to do all the electric from the beginning.

    • Ronald Aldus
      Ronald Aldus Month ago +1

      @Vehicleadventurenetwork yeay, you should do that. And if you like the forest you have to go to the Veluwe, that's in the middle of Holland. And if you do let us know 😀

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +1

      😂 there were quite a lot of components! We’re currently in Turkey - the Netherlands is such a lovely country, we would love to take the van there one day 🤞🏼

    • Ronald Aldus
      Ronald Aldus Month ago +1

      @Vehicleadventurenetwork so far is going great thank you 😀 maybee olso put a spreadsheet or something from all the electric stuff, because the list you shared I miss a lot of thing 😅 which country are you at the moment? We are located in the Netherlands

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +1

      Thank you! We can definitely put a video together just focused on the electrics - as Ryan said, he could talk for ages on it 😂 hope your boat conversion is going well so far!

  • Donna Warmouth
    Donna Warmouth Month ago

    Oh my goodness check out that shower!!! Best idea I’ve seen yet!!!

  • Caitlyn Keeney
    Caitlyn Keeney Month ago

    This is such a good video! I hope your channel becomes popular

  • Just wasting my Time
    Just wasting my Time 24 days ago +1

    WoW! Genius idea with the Shower!!!

  • Andrew & Barbara
    Andrew & Barbara Month ago

    Hi just come across your channel and watched this video. Amazing layout in your van. Well done. Looks absolutely fab. We will be watching more of your vlogs. We have subscribed by the way. Pop over and check us out. A&B.x

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +1

      Hi guys, thanks for watching the video - we’re glad you enjoyed! We will check your channel out and subscribe too 😊

  • Gideon Porter
    Gideon Porter Month ago

    That hidden shower set up is awesome - and then some

  • KBS
    KBS 21 day ago +1

    Brilliant ideas. Thanks 💖👍

  • Vicki Ivins
    Vicki Ivins 28 days ago +1

    Well designed!

  • Lujy Innocent
    Lujy Innocent Month ago +2

    One of the best vans I’ve seen

  • The Rebel Princess
    The Rebel Princess Month ago +1

    My whole family watch your videos Can you please Spanish Subtitles lots of love from Spain 💕💕💕💕

  • Moose Tea
    Moose Tea 7 days ago +1

    Great workmanship

  • الوردة الحمراء

    You are so smart I never see shower befor like this I see h under van tour nothing like this beautiful job amazing work thank you for sharing with us love it 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  21 day ago

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment - we really appreciate it and glad you like the shower 🥰

  • John Young
    John Young Month ago

    Clever folding shower pan/folding shower door/combo storage area idea! But how in the world do you empty the pan, which appears to have a drain on the side of it?

    • John Young
      John Young Month ago

      That was such a special and unique design that I think a lot of people would appreciate a short video just about that.

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago

      Thanks a lot! The water drains as the shower tray fills up, then as we tip the tray to put it away, the remaining water goes down the drain at the back 😊

  • Chris Curl
    Chris Curl Month ago +1

    You've made a nice job of that
    Good use of space
    Where did you get the cabinet locks from please

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago

      Thank you! We got them from Amazon, here is a link 😊 - www.amazon.co.uk/Magnetic-Cupboard-Instruction-Toddlers-Drilling/dp/B073C54BCM?keywords=magnet+child+locks+acorn&qid=1669826844&sr=8-1-spons&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9hdGY&psc=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=vehicleadvent-21&linkId=0cbbcf003cfe5ed3746437732b9c4715&language=en_GB&ref_=as_li_ss_tl

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    Shelley Luzaich 4 days ago

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    Joëlle TERROIR Month ago +1

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    Darrell Fort Month ago +1

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  • Nelsono dc
    Nelsono dc Month ago +1

    Do you think the outside table will damage the door?

    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago

      We shouldn’t think so as we have positioned the mount so that the four bolts go through the metal on the inside of the door and is sandwiched with ply either side 😊 with it being possible to hang tyres and bikes off the door, the weight of the table shouldn’t be a problem.

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    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +1

      Thank you! It was a great gift - and is also now a very aesthetic refill bottle for our less savvy soap brands 🤣

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    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago

      Thanks so much for pointing this out - we will get that on there as soon as we next get wifi! Here is a link to the table leg - ebay.us/ygs43N and here is a link to the extra bracket that we use to attach it to the door - ebay.us/3twPeA
      Both of these links are affiliated, which just means we get a small commission if you purchase through the links, at no extra cost to you 😊

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      Uri Bové Month ago

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    • Vehicle Adventure Network
      Vehicle Adventure Network  Month ago +1

      😂 we can see what you mean but we haven’t had a problem with it at all