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How Hard Candy Is Made | WIRED

  • Published on Dec 22, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Sugar Smith Greg Cohen and the staff from Lofty Pursuits make traditional Christmas candy using century’s old techniques and equipment at their shop in Tallahassee, Florida. Watch and see how Greg and the staff make some of most popular styles of holiday hard candies: Candy canes, Sugar plum drops and more.
    You can see more of them making candy at: www.Clip-Share.com/LoftyPursuits
    at the Public Displays of Confection website www.pd.net
    and on their weekly podcast called “Lofty Pursuits”.
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    How Hard Candy Is Made | WIRED

Comments • 4 904

  • iAmHestbech

    Honestly, hearing someone talk with this much passion - could make anything interesting.

  • Olivia Fairchild

    i loved his assistant he clearly loves his job, the lil "mmm smells like pink" was honestly the best part about this.

  • FlowerPrincess16

    This video makes me want to go to their store and buy all of their candy. The process is gentle and natural, and the owner is so wholesome. I know it taste amazing

  • E Abbi
    E Abbi  +724

    I could watch this guy talk all day about anything! He is so knowledgeable and passionate and explains everything just right. He makes me want to be a sugar smith!!

  • EntySid
    EntySid  +443

    " Ideas, people, friendships, loves. And if we can remember all that, everything's as sweet as candy. "

  • Jackattack
    Jackattack  +211

    I'm glad that lofty pursuits got the attention they deserve.

  • Sajjad Saddam

    At this point, I don't know if he is a scientist or candy maker. He really loves what he does, and I like it !

  • Todd Levin
    Todd Levin  +261

    I'm also very impressed by the sheer physicality required to make this hard candy.

  • Zippy 🎀

    I love how the guy looks at these machines as him being their caretaker and not particularly the individual owner. Such a sweet way to look at it.❤

  • Amanda
    Amanda  +26

    This is so beautiful. It really shows me that it’s not just a cliche to say that doing what you love is important. A job as seemingly unremarkable as that of a candy-maker becomes wonderful and magical because of how passionate the people working there are.

  • Sergio Aragón Iturri

    The scientific knowledge this guy has is amazing, I have professional friends who for sure don't even know what a non Newtonian liquid is. Kudos my good friend.

  • Tyffanee Lavely

    I could listen to this man talk about candy all day. He has so much passion for what he does. he explained everything with such detail. This was honestly amazing to watch. I LOVE how they use antique machinery. I'm obsessed with that lol. Anyone else want to have some of the candy when it's at that solid, but soft, chewy type form?

  • Common Sense

    It’s rare that you have a older generation and a younger generation. Showing so much passion for their craft!

  • CinnamonFairyFluff

    I love watching the semi-melted candy mush around. It looks so soft and pretty.

  • Kyote 10
    Kyote 10  +22

    One of my most favourite videos of all time! The true passion they have for their craft, and the history they continue to display and be so proud of... Literally jaw dropping to me!

  • Jessica S.

    This is such an interesting process. I love watching how a few large lumps of play-dough-like material is folded and stretched and squeezed out to become hundreds of pretty little candies.

  • ICantDriveReally
    ICantDriveReally 21 day ago +10

    I really appreciate these guys, talking with such passion, love what they have been doing, i can watch and hear this all day n night . This is what people call a true master piece of art.

  • Swamp_Queen

    I love that he has recycled so much equipment, and is preserving it for the next generation.

  • Real
    Real  +4

    Been a fan of Lofty Pursuits for a while now. This guy knows his candy. He's even been able to reverse engineer candy that's been out of production for years.

  • Rachel Mary
    Rachel Mary Day ago +3

    "I don't feel like I own it, I feel like a caretaker," this is the feeling of joy we get to experience when we have nice things. I'm glad there are more people with passion about timeless and quality things 🍬