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Is A Lighter Mouse Really Better For Valorant?

  • Published on May 6, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    Is A Lighter Mouse Really Better For Valorant?
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    THE GAMING UNIVERSE 11 months ago +260

    if you aren’t fighting the mouse then u aren’t trying hard enough 😂

    • Nathan Smith
      Nathan Smith 21 day ago +1

      i hate people that are better than me so muhc bro, what does "trying harder" mean, ive been gaming on gun games for around 8 years, and i found no improvement watching pro vids or tutorials

    • Fortnite landing spots
      Fortnite landing spots 15 days ago +1

      ⁠​⁠@Nathan Smithdude I SERIOUSLY agree with you

    • Slaczy
      Slaczy 11 days ago

      ​@Nathan SmithI have but I think it just the game sense that's hard to learn not just the movement and aim

    • Aerialz
      Aerialz 4 days ago

      ​@10CentWenty you don't get better by watching videos and pro guides you get better by playing more aim training and trying to use your gamesense to the best like only taking favorable fights n stuff the only times pro guides help are when you have reached a high rank where you need to know mechanics like jump peaking and constantly checking minimap and when to check n stuff also you need to be focused in ur game to improve u can't just be on tiktok half the game

  • Nic
    Nic 5 months ago +43

    No, you don’t need a new mouse need a new vandal skin

  • Luke Zaluski
    Luke Zaluski 3 months ago +13

    DM7 Dream machines with swith switches are a real upgrade to my gaming experience. The feel of the buttons is incredible. It makes the game more immersive and adds a new dynamic to my actions.

  •  5 months ago +40

    You should up your dpi to at least 400 (preferrably 800) and calculate what your sens would be relative to the dpi you've had before. Trust me it's MUCH more precise and there's a giant difference

    • Doctor Monnix
      Doctor Monnix  5 months ago +9

      I’ve actually switched to 1600 DPI about a month ago. I don’t see too much of a difference, but I’ve heard something similar from other people and gave it a shot.

    • Nazor
      Nazor 3 months ago

      @Doctor Monnixwich rank are u rn

    • Doctor Monnix
      Doctor Monnix  3 months ago +2

      @Nazor diamond 1

    • Nazor
      Nazor 3 months ago +1

      @Doctor Monnix w

    • Emil Carlsson
      Emil Carlsson 3 months ago

      @Doctor Monnix something that did work for me is that I do eDPI calculator instead, like many others I did calc my eDPI to be between 800-1000

  • Rust
    Rust 2 days ago +1

    Id recommend turning up your dps because you are taking to long to get to the person that you want to aim at.

  • arizen
    arizen Year ago +49

    bro i went from a superlight to a finalmouse and the difference between 169 grams to 43 is just mouse control and the glide your capable of enjoying. definitely still recommend a finalmouse over everything else tho

    • Doctor Monnix
      Doctor Monnix  Year ago +4

      Yes definitely what I saw. The mouse glide was 10x better. Glad I made the change! I’m loving this mouse. Thanks for the comment

    • BlastReape
      BlastReape Year ago +2

      If you like the ergomics of The night sword, u can buy the model i now, its a ergonomic gaming mouse at 69g, only downside is they only have the wired version currently

    • In N Out 2
      In N Out 2 Year ago +4

      Bro a superlight is around 60g not 169 what did you get

    • BlastReape
      BlastReape Year ago

      @In N Out 2 I think it's a honest mistake since superlight is 69g and they prob accidentally added a 1

    • In N Out 2
      In N Out 2 Year ago

      @BlastReape 9 is also close to 0 on the keyboard i probably shouldve though about that

  • Euan Valdez
    Euan Valdez 11 months ago +19

    I just wanted a mb4 and mb5 mouse buttons for easier life ;-;

    • Rakesh Yaar
      Rakesh Yaar Month ago

      try razer basilik or glorious model i

  • Zucchi Al Diarh
    Zucchi Al Diarh 2 months ago +3

    Bro just cheated on his first mouse

  • GigaKhar
    GigaKhar 5 months ago +8

    If you prefer low sens then a light mouse is the way to go. But if you prefer high sens then a mouse with some weight will work better

    • Doctor Monnix
      Doctor Monnix  5 months ago

      I agree with this!

    • Pypaut
      Pypaut 3 months ago

      makes much more sense now, didn't get the hype of lighter mice

    • Evan
      Evan 2 months ago

      Wrong. All pros with high sens have a lighter mouse. A light mouse is just objectively better because it takes less energy to switch direction and stop.

    • Evan
      Evan 2 months ago

      ​@Pypauttheres no hype. Its science. If you are moving a heavier mouse, it takes more work to start, stop and switch directions.

  • Bibhuranjan Nath
    Bibhuranjan Nath Month ago

    The fact that you're in bronze equates the mouse not mattering as much. Come to Gold and you'll be forced to reconsider.

  • Valchix
    Valchix 5 months ago +7

    got a new mouse and tried 8000hz polling rate and my aim got better

  • DelScully
    DelScully Month ago

    my main thing is I kind of want a mouse where I can have at least 3-4 buttons on the side etc for certain things but it seems as though nobody uses those and they just use ones with the 2 little buttons on the sides which confuses me.. Why not want more buttons for say throwing a grenade or dropping to the ground fast and it'll keep ur other hands on the wasd's more.

    • Rakesh Yaar
      Rakesh Yaar Month ago

      try razer basilik or glorious model i

  • Zeni Gamer
    Zeni Gamer Month ago

    is that waterproof?

  • smaJ3
    smaJ3 7 days ago

    I would suggest viper v2 pro for fps games

  • Micfon1
    Micfon1 3 months ago +1

    I think your mouse might be a fake because it doesn’t have the rmb and lmb honeycomb holes

    • FTClub
      FTClub 2 months ago

      New update, no holes

  • kiss the trismegistus
    kiss the trismegistus 2 months ago

    I like it heavy when it feels like it’s rolling around I don’t like feeling like I can flick it across the room like an overpowered anime character

    • kiss the trismegistus
      kiss the trismegistus 2 months ago

      although I did just not even 5 minutes ago but a mouse exactly like that

    • Evan
      Evan Month ago

      Heavy makes your aim worse.

  • Flxm3zzz
    Flxm3zzz 2 months ago

    dont get this mouse. it will last you at most 2 years and then start being very unresponsive after the 2 years. i mean dont get me wrong at the time the mouse is good but i feel like mice are suppose to last long

  • Boffy_exe
    Boffy_exe 27 days ago

    Yea when you get a wireless mouse you never wanna go back to a wired one.

  • Jack Meister
    Jack Meister Month ago

    Looks More like the model d

  • TheCharlie •
    TheCharlie • Month ago

    Im just bad with light mouses I have the Viper pro 2 and the basilisk v3 pro and with the viper I feel like I don’t have control of my aim I’m always like moving it around by accident because it’s way to light and I get better kills with the basilisk

  • Blueberry
    Blueberry 3 months ago +1

    Just wondering are you still in bronze?

  • JosieTron
    JosieTron Month ago

    Looking good 😉 and I have a similar mouse to the first one and idk how I feel about it lol

  • Sharon Ertz
    Sharon Ertz Year ago +4

    Good job! This is the best mouse

    • Flax
      Flax Year ago +3

      As an owner of a Model O and plenty of other mice I can say it’s not even top 5

    • Z
      Z Year ago

      @Flax what other mice bro

    • Flax
      Flax Year ago +1

      @Z haven’t received it yet but lamzu atlantis based on its similar shape to the xm1r, and the specs. xm1r(xm2w will be it’s successor). gpx super light. razer viper v2 pro. zowie s1/s2. and probably Pulsar X2. All of those would be the top mouse imo

    • Be Real
      Be Real 5 months ago

      @Flax hey, would you recommend getting a zowie za13 over model O-? I know your comment is old but i thought you sound experienced. Does zowie feel very heavy?
      Im torn between the two. I have really small hands 15cm, and just need a good lightweight mouse. Im currently using the viper mini, but im sick and tired of its buttons breaking. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Bot Frag
    Bot Frag Month ago

    damn 119 grams mine is 130grams i need to buy a lighther mouse, what mouse do you recomend , now i have asus rog gladius 2 wireless

  • TS0
    TS0 Year ago +4

    It’s light and *nice* gramd

  • M1lar
    M1lar Month ago

    I loved the model o but when you have it of a while the holes get messy and it's not great

  • Yeetusfeetus602
    Yeetusfeetus602 2 months ago

    U should of got the model d

  • OTHMAN Aidroos
    OTHMAN Aidroos 7 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣The fact i am still in bronz 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ha Seung Jung
    Ha Seung Jung Month ago

    every time i upgraded a peripheral, i would see a steady incline in performance not a straight away jump. so do what you want with this info

    SYMBIOTE 4 months ago

    Where is mouse name and model

  • im_bored2276
    im_bored2276 20 days ago

    Bro what is that vandal skin

  • Xi Mayar
    Xi Mayar Month ago

    what is that mouse name

  • Babbage's
    Babbage's 6 months ago +2

    the original gpro wireless is my favorite mouse rite now after I replaced the switches the superlight was 2 light n threw off my aim a lil the glorious model d never felt rite n the sensor felt slightly off the roccat burst pro was amazing but caused me hand cramps, aerox 3 wireless did the same thing my next goal is a deathadder v3 pro but after the switch change on my gpro wireless it made me not care as much about changing mouses so il eventually do it lol.

    • R3yne
      R3yne 5 months ago

      How about a pulsar X next time 🤣

    • Yhiz47
      Yhiz47 3 months ago

      Ever heard of getting used to the weight?

    • Yhiz47
      Yhiz47 3 months ago

      U aren't just gonna be op with a mouse first try ofc ur used to heavy mice cuz that's all u have used

    • Babbage's
      Babbage's 3 months ago

      @Yhiz47 used each mouse for a few weeks to months usually but if a mouse causes you to hold in unconfratable ways that cause ur hands to feel messed up to aim proper or your not excited to use it its not the one is how i feel .

    • Yhiz47
      Yhiz47 3 months ago +1

      ​@Babbage's Thats the shape.... Weight has nothing to do with how you hold your mouse lmao
      Also don't use the Model D as a reference point for lightweight ergo mice (not saying u did, just saying that since it's the only ergo u said u have tried). Glorious mice are embarrassingly bad and literally put people off from buying lightweight mice a lot of the time due to just how low quality they are. A 70 gram mouse having a honeycomb is also INSANELY stupid, there are solid shell mice with better build quality and better battery life (not hard to beat glorious on that) than all of glorious's mice while weighing below 50 grams while also having better specs and being cheaper.

  • Remotiions
    Remotiions Month ago

    Hyper x buddy

  • mahito
    mahito 4 months ago

    Its the skin that is holding you back just saying

  • caleb kershisnik
    caleb kershisnik 5 months ago +2

    trust me, get either a lamzu atlantis or a pulsar x2, so much better than glorious

    • Doctor Monnix
      Doctor Monnix  5 months ago

      I’m very interested in the pulsar x2

    • caleb kershisnik
      caleb kershisnik 5 months ago +1

      @Doctor Monnix nothing but good from the newer batches, i think that if you are looking to upgrade, or just getting a gaming mouse, nothing beats it within its price range

    • Doctor Monnix
      Doctor Monnix  5 months ago

      @caleb kershisnik appreciate the recommendation!

  • Manthan Singh Rawat
    Manthan Singh Rawat 5 months ago +1

    69 grams , nice

  • Yhiz47
    Yhiz47 3 months ago

    Sorry the Glorious model O wireless isn't a good mouse. Period

  • Clowd_Nyne 86
    Clowd_Nyne 86 4 months ago

    Is this the Corsair g502?

  • Charlie Hill
    Charlie Hill 2 months ago +1

    if you want a light ergo mouse the glorious model I is only weighs 69 grams

  • Halo Daycare
    Halo Daycare 10 months ago

    Glorious mice aren't out dated but definitely there were way better options bro. Not that you wanted my 2c

  • Ali27
    Ali27 Year ago +5

    Hey I'm the 69th like. Nice

  • Hardcore Gaymer🤨
    Hardcore Gaymer🤨 5 months ago

    Yeah wires can be annoying, sometimes i just wanna punch the shit out of my mousr lol

  • Vorex gaming
    Vorex gaming 5 months ago

    What is the mouse name

  • Jas Habib
    Jas Habib 2 months ago

    69 grams💀☠️

  • Angelo Rafael San Juan

    should've gone with a model d or pulsar xlite simce they're also ergonomic like the corsair mouse

  • Beba
    Beba 3 months ago

    Glorious mouse 😮 ☠️

  • taira
    taira 4 months ago

    "69 grams"😏

  • Dayhay
    Dayhay 5 months ago

    You are stopping for way to long before you shoot…

    • Doctor Monnix
      Doctor Monnix  5 months ago

      Definitely something I’ve worked on and improved at. I’m platinum 2 now

    • Dayhay
      Dayhay 5 months ago

      @Doctor Monnix oh ok fasho if you turn on shooting error you can see when you are moving and shooting

  • Zury
    Zury 7 months ago

    People use like 100g mice and they are like top 50

  • Mrigank Thanoch
    Mrigank Thanoch 4 months ago +2

    Best mouse under 4k for velorant

  • Sensei
    Sensei 11 months ago +2

    Lightweight mouses personally helped me big time. I did have to relearn though

    • Ayoubovic06
      Ayoubovic06 10 months ago

      How long did it take you to relearn?

    • Sensei
      Sensei 10 months ago

      @Ayoubovic06 like a day

    • Ayoubovic06
      Ayoubovic06 10 months ago

      @Sensei alr cuz I used to game on light weight mouse and moved to heavy weight like 2 years ago and I’m considering going back to light weight cuz I feel that I will have better aim

  • Fady
    Fady 8 months ago

    who will tell him 69 trams is the wight of the box

  • Red Fawn
    Red Fawn 8 months ago +2

    69 grams 😘

  • Dominick Musto
    Dominick Musto Year ago


  • Charlie Viklund
    Charlie Viklund 7 days ago

    i got the same one dude

    • V1RAT
      V1RAT 5 days ago

      name of the mouse plss

  • Alfonso Miguel Perry P. Pateña

    I'm upgrading from 160 grams to a 61 gram mouse
    Would it strain my arm less?

  • Inter Fuze
    Inter Fuze 4 months ago

    What’s are y’all sensitivity for valorant with glorious mouse^

    • Axel CZ
      Axel CZ 3 months ago

      1600 0.41 D2 💀

  • Frdgee
    Frdgee 8 months ago

    All preference

  • Jace liu
    Jace liu Year ago +5

    But doesn’t you sensitivity fee different after switch the mouses bc I switched from my Logitech mouse to my model o and I couldn’t hit any shot becuase my send felt way faster even though it stayed the sane

    • Geri Sela
      Geri Sela 11 months ago

      i have the same problem, any tips?

    • XO RollyJohn
      XO RollyJohn 8 months ago

      @Geri Sela I've heard that you can just lower your sensitivity

    • Mephora
      Mephora 7 months ago

      Just set both mice to the same dpi

  • Huzail Jamil
    Huzail Jamil Year ago +1

    Same for.me

  • Kyle Dewees
    Kyle Dewees 4 months ago +1

    I recommend getting the glorious grips for the sides of their mice

  • Theprofessor64
    Theprofessor64 Year ago

    Bigger mouse is better

  • Benvyy
    Benvyy 10 months ago

    Model o is shit. I’ve gone through 2 and never slam my mice. My buttons have came out one my most recent one and both of the scroll wheels broke from regular use on both

  • charlie is a angel
    charlie is a angel 5 months ago +1


  • George Boi
    George Boi 9 months ago +1

    Might rank up with a new mouse because i have a office mouse that cant flick very fast