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  • Published on Sep 6, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Today we work for Fedex delivering packages at 3 o'clock in the morning. Welcome to Night Delivery.
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    GrittySugar - Animation
    / @grittysugar
    KrpticUnknown - Beat / @krpticunknown
    / myuuji
    PO BOX 3089
    Farmington Hills, MI 48333
    Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.
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  • Golden Ninja 50
    Golden Ninja 50 2 years ago +11848

    I can't believe Cory is doing daily uploads!!!!!!!!

  • Pheonixtail Dragonlore
    Pheonixtail Dragonlore Year ago +2257

    For anyone that doesn't know, there's two endings in the game and the good ending is triggered when the delivery guy gives the dog water, read all of Kohei's mom's letters (missed one near the dumpster), and duck out of Room 404 quickly after finding the fridge. It reveals that Kohei was murdered by the landlord because everyone in the apartment complex were abelist a**holes, and his ghost gets revenge on everyone in the end (he spares the delivery guy if he reads all the letters and gives the dog water because he proves he's a good dude). Then there's end credits that says the delivery guy reports everything to the police and the landlord is arrested for murder.

    • Morning routines and dance class
      Morning routines and dance class 8 months ago +25


    • Timemonster
      Timemonster 8 months ago +85

      Thank you for this comment I was dead confused what was going on bro

    • Adainis
      Adainis 6 months ago +11

      Still lost on why the landlord murdered Kohei

    • Pheonixtail Dragonlore
      Pheonixtail Dragonlore 6 months ago +150

      It's primarily due to greed so that he could get Kohei's disability insurance, and ableism alongside it. From what I've read in other comment sections in other playthrough videos, the game is supposed to have commentary on how most Asian countries (Japan included) aren't often the best at addressing mental health and have had a history of being discriminatory towards people with disability.
      I don't know if it's as bad now as it used to be, or if newer generations are less discriminatory or not. Still, there was unfortunately a time when people with disabilities were treated like crap in most Asian countries (and also unfortunately, there's still lots of countries and people that still treat people with disabilities pretty terribly).

  • Autumnz
    Autumnz 2 years ago +3821

    can we all appreciate that cory is just one of the best editors out there, and he never fails us…. LIKE BRO, HES THE BEST Clip-ShareR SHOGUN OUT THERE!

    • 𝙊𝙩𝙬 $𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐢𝐧
      𝙊𝙩𝙬 $𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐢𝐧 2 years ago +33

      The "can we appreciate" thing iso not for like's huh

    • Autumnz
      Autumnz 2 years ago +63

      @𝙊𝙩𝙬 $𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐢𝐧 bruh you one of those kids huh, i’m just thanking cory and showing support

    • 𝙊𝙩𝙬 $𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐢𝐧
      𝙊𝙩𝙬 $𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐢𝐧 2 years ago +24

      @Autumnz Im not f'n stupid bruh everybody on every single channel does this like we don't already respect that person like damn they got all the subscribers what more can they ask for we already been appreciative for a long time now

    • EbonyGyro
      EbonyGyro 2 years ago +49

      @Autumnz Don't mind the haters. They thrive on toxicity. You're good.

    • hjja
      hjja 2 years ago +4


  • Pot man
    Pot man 9 months ago +906

    Can we all agree that Cory’s screams are scarier then the actual jumpscare

    • Beans
      Beans 9 months ago +5

      Wow you’re watching this too I guess we all like going back to other and old coryxkenshin vids

    • Randumb :]
      Randumb :] 9 months ago

      Lol yeah

    • nin
      nin 9 months ago +1


    • Rachel Roth
      Rachel Roth 9 months ago

      Try Daz Black screams

    • Tanjiro12Moon
      Tanjiro12Moon 9 months ago +3

      Yeah one time i was watching one of his videos but also playing a game and for no reason he screamed and my mouse went flying lol

  • Monkey Doodles
    Monkey Doodles 2 years ago +5463

    "That baby has been plotting for years." had me dead LMAOO

    • aleyna
      aleyna 2 years ago +43

      Me too LMAO

    • k13ran_18
      k13ran_18 2 years ago +22

      fr fr, nice pfp btw

    • SirAlexander
      SirAlexander 2 years ago +52

      That baby is actually a dwarf in disguise

    • aleyna
      aleyna 2 years ago +10

      @SirAlexander omg this comment made me laugh so hard yessss XD

    • the three musketeers
      the three musketeers 2 years ago +45

      plotting in the womb

  • sparkling_pearl
    sparkling_pearl Year ago +438

    Cory’s scream scares me more than all of those jump scares 💀

  • TheGalek
    TheGalek 2 years ago +6202

    Fun fact: everyone’s day gets better when Cory uploads

  • Mystique Rolon
    Mystique Rolon 2 years ago +2268

    Me: *is amazed by Cory's Japanese*
    Cory: "My Japanese is rusty.."

    • Frogget
      Frogget 2 years ago +32

      For real though

    • tan
      tan Year ago +127

      Cory: "Headbandu"
      Japanese people: 🥴💦

    • huntkil
      huntkil Year ago +3

      lit lmao

    • ◖ 𝘬𝘪𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘯 ◗
      ◖ 𝘬𝘪𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘯 ◗ Year ago +23


  • Devastator
    Devastator 2 years ago +1815

    17:12 Cory makes the best Tom and Jerry screams 😂😂

  • nman551
    nman551 Year ago +129

    This game is just so unsettling. The buildup is great, I wouldn’t be able to get through it without Cory.

  • Depressed Ultraman
    Depressed Ultraman 2 years ago +3107

    Cory: "just call the police"
    The character that he is playing: "no, i don't think i will"

    • koiun dwrru
      koiun dwrru 2 years ago +33

      30:30 “I’m never coming to this apar- complex again.” You had me laughing every 5 minutes bro. Keep up the good work&uploads. Happy 10M Subs!!😅

    • koiun dwrru
      koiun dwrru 2 years ago +12

      I love when Cory tells one story over the span of a whole gameplay 😂

    • D7OOM305
      D7OOM305 2 years ago +7


    • jasmin T
      jasmin T 2 years ago +5

      That's every horror movie character ever

    • Depressed Ultraman
      Depressed Ultraman 2 years ago +1

      @jasmin T some of horror movies

  • akito.
    akito. 9 months ago +102

    i love how he makes scary parts funny because of his commentary- 😂

  • RageElixir
    RageElixir 2 years ago +756

    that PS5 story seemed oddly specific

    • Anton Ecoslite
      Anton Ecoslite 2 years ago +4

      Eyyy 2 of my fav youtubers here ❤️

    • Stranded
      Stranded 2 years ago +3

      Cause he has one

    • Plorps
      Plorps 2 years ago +6

      @XKDd do you have anything better to do

    • Something.V0id
      Something.V0id 2 years ago +3

      Çhrîstófér Pèzét ×19 But did anybody ask?

  • LifeAsCocoa
    LifeAsCocoa 2 years ago +4608

    This is by no means your fault Cory but I literally almost died at 29:49n I was eating a chicken patty and drinking ginger ale and went to gasp and started violently choking💀my bf had to do half a heimlich on me. That thicc ass Hawaiian bread almost took me out the game. Oh and I STILL samurai sliced that like button!

    • oy a
      oy a 2 years ago +499

      🤣🤣💀💀💀 GUURL!! Be CAREFUL! And not the thick ass Hawaiian bread😩😂😂

    • Ash
      Ash 2 years ago +81


    • l.acy.n
      l.acy.n 2 years ago +262

      Sorry that i laughed at your almost death💀😭

    • Itssubzerr0
      Itssubzerr0 2 years ago +136

      bruh is it bad that I laughed.

    • just a girl
      just a girl 2 years ago +61


  • Lola Bunny
    Lola Bunny 2 years ago +153

    To answer Cory's question about Kohei being mistreated at the complex and him killing the the residence, yes that did happen. But only after Kohei was killed by his landlord. Kohei was handicapped and that was why he was on welfare and treated so badly. Seeing poor Kohei as unsightly, useless, and unemployed the Landlord had him killed, but before that if you look at the tenants rent list on the landlords office desk you can see him charging more rent from Kohei than the rest of the tenants. The landlord hired someone to kill Kohei, the man you saw petting the dog and banging on the window, once dead the landlord had Kohei's body stashed away in a refrigerator, then at one point Kohei's spirit came back to slaughter all the tenants that bullied him.

  • ジヤガミ
    ジヤガミ Month ago +11

    rewatching this, as a delivery guy, I can confirm we also fetch babies for them mommas

  • 0̸B̶l̶a̶c̶k̶Z̶e̶p̶h̶y̶r̶0̸

    “I MIGHT AS WELL BE IN DETROIT” damn Cory 🤣 he said it like it is

    • Shvy Gotti
      Shvy Gotti Year ago +24

      a direct hit 😭😭😭

    • Dani Miller
      Dani Miller Year ago +8

      I was looking for this comment 💀💀

    • TrixoMoves
      TrixoMoves Year ago +5

      I live in Detroit and Cory used to so he alr know💀

    • StuffLAND
      StuffLAND 7 months ago

      @TrixoMoves pretty sure Cory still lives in Detroit

  • John Ollis
    John Ollis 3 months ago +19

    I'm watching all the chillas arts games again, I swear Dashie and Cory have the funniest reactions to this game. GOLDEN CONTENT!

  • Benson
    Benson 2 years ago +33641

    you know it's serious when cory has a headband..

  • teskui
    teskui 2 years ago +532

    This man really plays games with horrendous jumpscares and still plays it, gotta love Cory bro 😂❤️.

  • justapieceintheirgames

    This is the first horror game playthrough that actually scared the heck out of me - can only imagine what Cory was going through at 3AM by himself 😭

    ITAMI 8 months ago +18

    3:50 dang the way Cory just unexpectedly pulls out a shotgun is funny 😂

  • darksamuraikhan
    darksamuraikhan 2 years ago +952

    Coryxkenshin: 'why cant i ,why cant i move?"
    Ghost: Ima bouta end this mans whole career

  • exodus
    exodus Year ago +10

    aint nothing better than rewatching cory play retro horrors

  • Diø
    Diø 2 years ago +3744

    Cory’s return couldn’t be much better. Coming back to school is hella depressing but when I come home to see that he uploaded just makes my day better

  • how .
    how . 2 years ago +164

    I love when Cory shares his stories with us

  • KSDT SubFil
    KSDT SubFil 2 years ago +272

    7:27 Karmic moment right there. I watched this game so many time in different languages and it's so amazing that Cory was just talking about his experience with trash and the game just:

  • Blessed by Cory’s Afro
    Blessed by Cory’s Afro 9 months ago +36

    Cory is that one person who always makes you laugh

  • ThatboyMalachi
    ThatboyMalachi 2 years ago +59

    This man Cory has the best edits like they literally fit every scenario of his gameplay. This man is a legend

  • vlade
    vlade Year ago +56

    15:06 had me dying 😆

  • Grease Hardbody
    Grease Hardbody 2 years ago +1297

    I love that more horror games are embracing this low-poly, VHS filter graphical approach. Looks nice and frees up dev time for other, more important aspects of horror game design.

    • Kevon Young
      Kevon Young 2 years ago +18

      Fax i love it

    • bug
      bug 2 years ago +10

      I love it too

    • Reggie
      Reggie 2 years ago +14

      Ahh another cultured individual

    • Slanket Marie
      Slanket Marie 2 years ago +32

      I think it looks scarier too tbh

    • ADj
      ADj 2 years ago +1


  • touya
    touya 2 years ago +698

    Cory: "I'm never coming back"
    Ghost: "And I took that personally"
    Also if you see this make sure to samurai slice that like button!!!!!!

    • hitam
      hitam Year ago +8

      "Sup Clip-Share what's going on touya the mochi here and WELCOOOOME. To the comment section"

  • Jasmine Siffre
    Jasmine Siffre Year ago +38

    Cory as a narrator is so freaking entertaining 😂😂😂

  • JavaKnight
    JavaKnight 9 months ago +233

    17:15 cory got that Tom and jerry aa scream😂

  • BloodWash
    BloodWash Year ago +655

    Cory : "My japanese is rusty"
    Me : *Stop the cap*

    • A.C.O | Akalïdeo
      A.C.O | Akalïdeo Year ago +8

      when he was gone for more than half of a year nahhh

    • Spelmik
      Spelmik Year ago +36

      Just because he can speak it, doesn’t mean he can speak it fluently

    • FaZe Aiden FaZe
      FaZe Aiden FaZe Year ago +1


    • Pixiesticks
      Pixiesticks 9 months ago

      @Spelmik fr 😂

  • Th3nP3rish
    Th3nP3rish 5 months ago +5

    The sheer amount of serotonin Cory talking Japanese gives me

  • Breeanna Tyrell
    Breeanna Tyrell 2 years ago +2505

    Cory: We’re not really suppose to go inside houses for delivery.”
    Proceeds to walk in anyways😭😭

    • George Floyd
      George Floyd 2 years ago +6

      Matthieu love your Clip-Share profile pic

    • Idk Idc
      Idk Idc 2 years ago +2

      @George Floyd now i have a feeling past is gonna come to future lol

    • George Floyd
      George Floyd 2 years ago +3

      @Idk Idc lmao

    • Onlyryl
      Onlyryl 2 years ago +4


    • George Floyd
      George Floyd 2 years ago +2

      @Onlyryl lok

  • D TK
    D TK 2 years ago +140

    This is why I love Cory is the best I was so depressed and haven’t smiled for the past few hours, really felt down, and I opened the video with a straight face, and not even a minute in, I was smiling genuinely, you da best Cory

    • d.
      d. 2 years ago +12

      Hang in there, every smile counts ❤️

    • D TK
      D TK 2 years ago +6

      @d. it absolutely does, thank you ❤️

    • senjiiii
      senjiiii Year ago +5

      So glad you got to smile again! You got this

  • Christy Puev
    Christy Puev 2 years ago +106

    (Cory knocks flower pot over the edge)
    Random man screams
    Cory: I hope that did not drop on anybody

  • cmlh06
    cmlh06 Year ago +4

    The stories Cory tells when playing horror games are legendary and something about them is really enjoyable

  • Bilbobagin Utopi
    Bilbobagin Utopi 2 years ago +42

    I love this game so dang much because it reminds me of my grandmother's apartment. The bike racking station, the small jungle gym, the window pattern with the bars in front, the wall pattern, the elevator, everything is spot on for an old Japanese apartment. Love ya Cory!

  • quit.
    quit. Month ago +1

    can we know Cory is keeping so scary parts and make us so happy ! It’s so cool and relaxing Lmao!

  • Fuzion Jay
    Fuzion Jay 2 years ago +879

    Nothing makes me happier than coming home from a stressful day of school and seeing Cory post again. Truly a blessing

  • winniethepooglit
    winniethepooglit 2 years ago +319

    When Cory was looking at the guy that was staring at him on the balcony I really said (do a flip) and my sister just started cracking up

    • just a girl
      just a girl 2 years ago +6

      bilij pdan you sound like a bot to me

    • Amalia :3
      Amalia :3 Year ago

      cool story bro

    • honor
      honor Year ago +2

      @jisungs_blue_hair this happened to me as well, exactly 8 months ago..

  • H-Bomb
    H-Bomb Year ago +33

    That moment when Cory’s scream is scarier than the actual jumpscare

  • Fury_99
    Fury_99 Month ago +1

    Cory is one of the only people I actually fullscreen, and if I am full screening that means its QUALITY TO THE MAX!

  • Lilly Prince
    Lilly Prince 2 years ago +53

    Aww Cory it’s so cool that you know Japanese, you should try exercising the language more often so you don’t lose what you learned ❤️😊

  • cludix.°•
    cludix.°• 9 months ago +3

    This video made me scream so loud lol Cory never fails entertaining us

  • Amanda Udarbe
    Amanda Udarbe 2 years ago +586

    havent laughed like this in awhile, so happy you’re back cory

  • Ave Cave
    Ave Cave Year ago +34

    Okay, but the joke with Cochise playing when the woman opens the door? 🤣😭
    Corey, you on the highest level of funny possible! I've been injured and sick and I've been binging these vids like crazy the last couple weeks and they been helping me get through!

    • honor
      honor Year ago +1

      Hope you are better, and I know this was 4 months ago, but still. And have a great day, i wish you the best Avery Zudell..

  • EllieStolfo
    EllieStolfo 2 years ago +4

    cory out here making everyones day 100x better

  • Ral_pal
    Ral_pal Year ago +35

    I love how every time Cory’s intro on a horror game is him getting jumpscared

  • Thebillliearchieve
    Thebillliearchieve 6 months ago +6

    Cory screams always have me having a heart attack 😭

  • MCTaylor 13
    MCTaylor 13 2 years ago +5485

    Me just vibing to Cory's accidental bars.
    "He killed himself"
    "He got bullied"
    "This is bad"
    "I can't see"
    "Get outta the house"
    "I can't leave"

  • boo im a ghost
    boo im a ghost 2 years ago +21

    I really missed his content. A lot of stuff has chamged in my life and i tend to not like change, but the one thing that wont change is my love for cory's content. Really missed you man

  • MJ
    MJ 6 months ago +7

    You know it’s finna be fire when you got chillas art games at 3am

  • johnny's phat ass
    johnny's phat ass Month ago

    1:59 "Y'all not here for me" I dispute that!! Cory I'm not that big of a horror fan but your narration & stories make it so enjoyable. We love listening to your stories, & I like getting a glimpse at the person behind the content. 😊 You're appreciated

  • Princess Joy
    Princess Joy 2 years ago +12

    This man is INSPIRATIONAL! He got me wanting to do my Choctaw and Spanish homework rn.

  • Matias Foster
    Matias Foster 3 months ago +1

    Cory has the BEST reactions to literally everything in his videos

  • Niyahluv
    Niyahluv 2 years ago +345

    I respect Cory for stuttering while reading the lines to make it more realistic

    • Bobby
      Bobby 2 years ago +2

      Cody the goat

    • VenomHaha
      VenomHaha 2 years ago +2

      @Bobby who’s Cody

    • Mxiicro
      Mxiicro 2 years ago +1


    • Cay9s
      Cay9s 2 years ago +3

      @VenomHaha CodyXKenshin

    • Kuruk Avatar
      Kuruk Avatar 2 years ago +3

      Rose ✓ the spammer got confused, hmm

  • Slushii
    Slushii Year ago +4

    I am always here to witness his screams … it’s hilarious 😂 I don’t regret saying this at all either

  • Briyahna Rice
    Briyahna Rice Year ago +3

    As a former Driver's Helper for UPS this is waaay too relatable. The worst was when people claimed their packages were either mishandled or not delivered so the driver's got a pink slip saying they had to rectify the issue. If they had a helper with them, they had to get involved too.

  • munira - butterfly 🦋
    munira - butterfly 🦋 3 months ago +5

    I feel like when Cory plays a horror game all he think is about “call the POLICE!”why don’t they call the police!” Man Cory always make me laugh ily Cory 😂

  • bellazzx
    bellazzx Year ago

    Cory is the only person who can make me smile and he never fails

  • lilsphix
    lilsphix Year ago +2

    Cory thank you I'm just in a Los of words of how much I love your content all I can say is thank you:)

  • Andre Johnson
    Andre Johnson 2 years ago +441

    You know it’s a good video when Cory hits that Tom and Jerry scream

    STONERRR 2 years ago +14

    Guy: *Throws water bottle*
    Cory: ✨All good vibes✨

  • BernardG718
    BernardG718 2 years ago +364

    “This is bad, I can’t see. Get outta the house, I can’t leave.” Hardest unintentional bar 😭😭

    • Melis'Yah Ay'
      Melis'Yah Ay' Year ago +3

      Frfr tho..😂👏

    • mj
      mj Year ago +1

      LOL i was thinking the same thing !! nd he aint even comment on it

    • BernardG718
      BernardG718 Year ago +1


    • Malak Fares
      Malak Fares Year ago +1

      i thought i was the only one who thought that lol-

  • CaptainShroomy
    CaptainShroomy Year ago

    Bro, Cory seemed to really up the humour in this video, hes hilarious

  • V Saxena
    V Saxena Year ago

    This video is HILARIOUS from beginning to end! Loving it!

  • Eric
    Eric Year ago +3

    Fun fact, my elevator at my apartment sounds like this. And each time it dings, I'm reminded of Cory's Scary Package Delivery Game. LMAO

  • muna Jama
    muna Jama 2 years ago +359

    Can we just take the fact that cory scream was the most genuine I ever heard from him

    • 48kVoid
      48kVoid 2 years ago +11

      Well a women Just wielding to the side of a corner is frickin terryfying

    • Chicken_Man Evan
      Chicken_Man Evan 2 years ago +9

      Can we just take the fact that the “Cory scream” is its own thing 🤣

    • xunian
      xunian 2 years ago +6

      naaah bro if you think that's genuine then you clearly haven't seen the older videos. my mans has had so many "genuine" screams😭

    • jayson!
      jayson! 2 years ago +1

      which one? LMFAO

    • Anime_Slayzzz
      Anime_Slayzzz 2 years ago +2

      @xunian he said that he heard from him

  • Future-D1-Hooper
    Future-D1-Hooper 3 months ago +1

    Cory really went firm the shotgun to the peaceful background music acting all positive 😂

  • Malik Mikhail
    Malik Mikhail 2 years ago +73

    Am I the only one that actually talks to Cory when watching his vids?
    Cory: yall not here for me, yall here for my suffering!
    me: nah cory, we here for u

    • naomi
      naomi Year ago

      nah bruh i do the same

  • devisterr
    devisterr Year ago +4

    I love how at 23:31 Cory is like I hope that didn’t hit no one when the sound of a man grunting happens in sync with the glass breaking

    SEVEN SAMURAI Year ago +6

    Cory my guy. I just started watching you and gutta say man I love your content and love your vibes. I like how you put Bible verses at the end as well to lighten up people's day. You a real one. Much love bro. I was having a dark day but this made it so much better 🤩

  • D&X
    D&X 6 months ago +4

    Thank god there was not another jumpscare at the end. I don't think my body could handle another one 😂❤

  • schuotube schlannle

    Hey cory! me and my mom love watching your spooky scary Sunday videos stay amazing legend!

  • Blueberry9214
    Blueberry9214 2 years ago +2

    Just got home from work, got me a bowl of crab and shrimp, lying down and watching a Coryxkenshin video, life is good. 😌

  • Alicia Figueroa
    Alicia Figueroa Year ago +5

    i love this guy so much, he makes my day when im bored and dont have anything to do. Im in health science and im jus watching his videos. i LOve him. Thank you cory!!

  • SaltySabri
    SaltySabri Year ago +6

    I know this is random and irrelevant to most people but I’m going through what I think is one of the hardest moments in my life and I know it’s gonna get harder but these videos that Clip-Sharers like you upload keep me busy keep my mind at bay while everything around me crashes down. Thank you for uploading Cory even if it’s not consistent I don’t care as long as you always come back.

  • DailyDoseOfPills
    DailyDoseOfPills 2 years ago +308

    *Sometimes Cory screaming in horror games is more terrifying than the actual game on high volume.*

    • Plotsto
      Plotsto 2 years ago +7

      Bro Horror games ain’t scary for shit it’s when you have the headphones on full blast then a loud ass sound affect comes on. That’s when I jump at least.

    • CLN CLN
      CLN CLN 2 years ago +1


    • Ridwan Antik
      Ridwan Antik 2 years ago +3


    • Jacob___
      Jacob___ 2 years ago

      I got to that part right as I was reading this…

    • ಠ_ಠ
      ಠ_ಠ 2 years ago +3

      @Ridwan Antik not really, it already has 245 likes.

  • Soy Saucing
    Soy Saucing 2 years ago +6

    I already watched the playthrough of this but cory playing it helped me understand the story better 🙏🏽

  • Devon Acid
    Devon Acid 2 years ago +10

    Thank you for cheering me up my grandma just yelled at me and I was feeling down thank you for always being there to cheer people up I inspire to be like you

  • Mia Everblessedgirl
    Mia Everblessedgirl 9 days ago

    The complaining to my boss thing got me laughing on the ground😂😂😂😂

  • string bean
    string bean 2 years ago +84

    Him using the Yakuza substory music at 9:37 got me needing a Cory Y0 playthrough, ik he's family friendly and all that but man would it be a banger playthrough

  • Earthboundmother
    Earthboundmother 6 months ago

    Personally, I’m here because of pausing to make a sandwich and then realizing... my Chilla’s Cory marathon wasn’t yet over!

  • coriii
    coriii 2 years ago +388

    Glad he motivated himself to come back to the camera for millions of people. He could’ve quit right on the spot and he didn’t, enjoy your plaque while we enjoy your happiness. He’s so hilarious and energetic, it takes every thing away when I watch him 🐐

  • Luc1I ⁉️
    Luc1I ⁉️ Year ago

    Every time I watch a coryxkenshin video, I ALWAYS laugh 😂

  • NightWind Teo
    NightWind Teo 2 years ago +33

    Is it just me or the building Cory's delivering packages to looks almost the same as the one in horror short pov but less floors and such

  • sxgod73 collective
    sxgod73 collective 4 months ago +1

    a funny thing ive noticed is WAYYYY back cory said he had a D+ in Japanese. And I can see his japanese has been improving ever since.

  • Colton Lewis
    Colton Lewis Year ago +3

    This is basically what I deal with everyday driving for FedEx.

  • Chili Cheesecake ☆

    the way he says “bro are you good?“ at 3:32 is hella funny 😭 especially the “good”

  • ಠ_ಠ
    ಠ_ಠ 2 years ago +807

    The flashback to the store game when he jumped out the locker was hilarious, the good old days. (It was like a year ago)

    • def
      def 2 years ago +17

      Fr I remember it like it was yesterday 🥲

    • syn
      syn 2 years ago +3

      Throwbacks fr

    • Jabroni
      Jabroni 2 years ago +1

      All days with Cory are the good old days.

  • Dj Grant
    Dj Grant 2 years ago +14

    I’m a groundskeeper rn Cory I feel you especially in Florida.

  • Sting Chameleon
    Sting Chameleon Year ago

    Cory got me with his story, my last job(call center) was the one that made me say "i can't do this", was so done after one week lol

  • Kenisha Rubio
    Kenisha Rubio Year ago

    I am not here for your suffering I’m here to enjoy your videos 🙂

  • shadysaar
    shadysaar Year ago +5

    Him gaming at 3 am is so my vibe. I relate on a higher spiritual level

  • Mitchel Pirnat
    Mitchel Pirnat Year ago

    I’m always here for the screams and suffering

  • Toxicc Gaming
    Toxicc Gaming 2 years ago +591

    Cory needa start hosting lessons for us- I’m stationed in Japan on Okinawa, I be Tryna learn from him 😂

    • ɀꪮꪑ᥇𝓲ꫀ♡︎𓁹
      ɀꪮꪑ᥇𝓲ꫀ♡︎𓁹 2 years ago +21

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    • RipXumi
      RipXumi 2 years ago +6

      My sister is stationed there thank y’all for yall services

    • Wyomingman
      Wyomingman 2 years ago +11

      U find any baddies bro?

    • Streety
      Streety 2 years ago +1

      Fr Cory gotta help me peep game to Japanese girls

    • Catch
      Catch 2 years ago

      @Wyomingman yea I found like 10