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10 Ways to Hide Your Minecraft Base with NO REDSTONE (ok maybe a little..)

  • Published on Dec 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Foxign
    Foxign 2 years ago +6037

    I like how people try and hide em using redstone and glitches, whilst I just remove 2 dirt blocks and replace em...

  • hi how’s your day Blizzard

    These were so useful!! No one can get in my base I made in my solo world!

    • • ¥ Corrupted ¥ •
      • ¥ Corrupted ¥ • 3 months ago

      @Link Link r/woooooosh

    • Presley Pilates
      Presley Pilates 4 months ago


    • Shrektopuz
      Shrektopuz 5 months ago

      @Link Link Yeah, that’s the joke

    • Link Link
      Link Link 5 months ago +1

      Umm, doesn't solo mean one player, not multiple players?

    • Notmess
      Notmess 8 months ago

      What about that dude on you sever at point -3/74/-81 named xXdemonslayerreal748384Xx

  • Jack Maslov
    Jack Maslov Year ago +915

    Those hidden base entries are all nice and secret until you get to leave them, cuz mostly there isn't a way to do so!

    • Benjamin Surname
      Benjamin Surname 9 months ago

      I wish I knew how to hide my house in real life from black people

    • PineappleThePine
      PineappleThePine 10 months ago +2

      @Amy Foley The passive aggressive face really makes you sound dumb if you are trying to sound smart

    • TropicalToast
      TropicalToast Year ago +7

      Nether portal.

    • Amy Foley
      Amy Foley Year ago +10

      Referring back to the snow biome one, you could use scaffolding and snow or maybe water. 🙃

    • 1021
      1021 Year ago +17

      ender pearl stasis chamber at a nearby village

  • Kira OP
    Kira OP Year ago +865

    Me who constructing hidden rooms even after knowing no one is gonna enter my SOLO game

  • Max Majerowicz
    Max Majerowicz Year ago +403

    You forgot the other OG hidden base, walking through a painting.

    • FireballerJack
      FireballerJack 4 months ago

      @A form of matter you can also put a pressure plate behind it and you put an item on it

    • #Hashtag
      #Hashtag 4 months ago

      Yeah but the whole mc community knows about it and almost everyone walks through a painting if they see one but the dirt one is really hard to find cause it can be any two blocks of dirt in the big big world

    • A form of matter
      A form of matter 5 months ago +1

      Put an iron door behind the painting
      Usually if just walking straight into a painting doesn't work, people will just give up. Without activating whatever button or lever, it'll seem like just a normal painting on the wall & people lose interest
      I know this works because I hid behind one with all my valuables while my base was being raided by a bunch of griefers. They literally never suspected such a trick, & gave up looking for secret rooms after a simple walk-in failed them

    • Chris Viola
      Chris Viola Year ago +3

      No one uses paintings for the looks, everyone knows it. Breaking blocks and placing them again IS WAY better. There is no way to notice it.

    • Marissa Rensen
      Marissa Rensen Year ago +1

      Oldest trick in the book

  • Dave Pickering
    Dave Pickering 2 years ago +1090

    Can we give him props to him for actually building the bases for just these short clips.
    he deserves it.

  • Cold Mona Lisa
    Cold Mona Lisa Year ago +158

    Grian: I’ll give you a good tour so you can copy it.
    Also Grian: *moves to next house after 3 seconds*

  • Corofaerie
    Corofaerie Year ago +33

    Lets just appreciate the way he named every base

  • Shockshwat
    Shockshwat Year ago +168

    Grian - Redstone scares me
    *Mumbo Left The Game*

    • Cats
      Cats 4 months ago

      @‎ e

    • rockerattribute
      rockerattribute Year ago +2

      @Alayna Llama "Redstone is so hard, Mumbo makes it easy" -Grian

    • ‎
       Year ago


    • Alayna Llama
      Alayna Llama Year ago +5

      “Building is so hard, Grian makes it look easy -Mumbo”

  • Toy Edits
    Toy Edits Year ago +2

    For the second base, instead of scaffolding, you could try a water elevator! (Only works in Java not bedrock)

  • Shaelyn The Gamer
    Shaelyn The Gamer 3 years ago +63

    Also, Grian, our precious bro... we're not going to be upset with you using redstone xD You're just expanding your building arsenal with new tools.

  • Sage
    Sage Year ago +3

    If you place a block above a shulker box with just enough space for a player to stand on top of the shulker box, you can open the shulker box to phase through it into a secret base.

  • Doggo plays
    Doggo plays Year ago +26

    Imagine getting trapped in a infinity ♾ room in virtual reality

    • WHI Foe
      WHI Foe Year ago +3

      It’s called torture

  • Meiji Samurai Official
    Meiji Samurai Official 3 months ago +1

    I loved to find those kind of twin ponds that spawned, where one would be exposed and the other covered,a it’s a tiny entrance to the covered, smaller, second pond. Then I’d build a hidden entrance in that second pond and maybe cover up the entrance to the second pond.

  • AmazingMR Pig
    AmazingMR Pig Year ago +2

    That crate with scaffolding seems perfect for me, I usually make those around my base anyway

  • TheCsGoPro
    TheCsGoPro 2 years ago +3843

    Grian: "If i can do it, so can you."
    Also Grian: "Thanks to Iskall for helping me out."

    • Becky Morse
      Becky Morse 9 months ago

      Grian you are good at Minecraft but can you please do a bit of sims 1-4

    • Shailesh Ranjan
      Shailesh Ranjan 10 months ago


    • Angela Johnson
      Angela Johnson Year ago


    • Rat
      Rat Year ago +1

      @ItzCatz your past 1 year ago self sounds childish, present person

    • Troll 4 Life
      Troll 4 Life Year ago

      pcvrisepic What about reddit?

  • Tanuki
    Tanuki Year ago +5

    Grain: Redstone is scary
    Also grain: *redstone to literally troll a friend when afk*

  • Cinnabot538
    Cinnabot538 3 days ago

    I am even worse at redstone than you are grian 😂

  • UnknownGamer
    UnknownGamer 8 hours ago

    Me: looks up videos on how to hide based better.
    Clip-Sharers /w millions of subscribers: this is how you hide you'r Minecraft base.
    Person who is watching this: hmm let me try this.
    Other pro players: hehehe let's rudely take everyone's diamonds. Lol like if you think the same when you watch these videos while being grateful for them at the same time. 😂😂😂

  • Evanster
    Evanster Year ago +6

    Grain: just a little bit off redstone
    Also grain: has a piston and lava mechanism

  • Astro
    Astro 3 years ago +294

    Grian: "It looks super complicated, but it's not that bad..."
    Me: looks over at the redstone signal that took me 3 hours and 8 tutorials to make

    • Leviathan
      Leviathan 2 years ago

      Remembers me giving up on a t flip flop after 1 hour

    • ehhhh
      ehhhh 2 years ago

      Ummm can I get the tutorials I can't figure it out

    • Decrepit Elmo
      Decrepit Elmo 2 years ago

      Took me like ten minutes to make a blinking light lol

    • İyki Gugu
      İyki Gugu 2 years ago

      @Xanthe Moore clip-share.net/video/wvFKxWhZ1-U/video.html

    • İyki Gugu
      İyki Gugu 2 years ago

      @꧁༺British Tea ༻꧂

  • Melon’s Little Workspace

    Grian, for the 1st 1.15 one u showed us, use the same design with a pusle extender- connecting the lend two lines with the door- it has the same effect-but stays open a bit longer! (this is just an idea :))

  • KRNinja 409
    KRNinja 409 Year ago +7

    That third one wouldn’t be a problem for me because my friend leaves random boats everywhere in our world

  • Fleshker Adventures Plus

    🟥 Grian, when you go mining, what do you do with all your leftover redstone dust that you don’t need on HermitCraft? I know you don’t often do redstone.

    • Slate Box
      Slate Box Year ago +5

      probably does a drug deal with mumbo except the drugs are redstone

  • kobe
    kobe Year ago +1

    For the scaffold one u can make an above ground snowgolem farm and hide it there.

  • Angeliki
    Angeliki 3 years ago +20

    Grian: So it really isnt all that bad.
    Me, a redstone noob: Sounds like Iskallian Mumbo Jumbo to me!

  • Book Thoughts
    Book Thoughts Year ago +1

    I'm okay with the snow biome! Fun fact: Only skeletons spawn in the biome. All other monsters migrate from other biomes. So if you go deep enough into the biome, you will never get attacked by any monsters besides skeletons. And I got used to it and was able to deal with them easily. All they are really doing is shooting you with slowness arrows, so crouch and defend yourself with a shield and you and the monster will be affected by slowness, but they will take the damage of the arrows. And the more there are near your base, the better cause you can use the nearest one as a secondary shield from their arrows and gradually kill more and more of them. I collected so many arrows and bows using this trick. But I still hate leaving the biome caused I get mobbed by mobs of every other mob.

  • The Lego Reaper
    The Lego Reaper 10 months ago +1

    Can we respect how he builds the entire base and makes it look good

  • Padgodlo l
    Padgodlo l Year ago +1

    For the stone one, that red stone was much more complicated then it had to be

  • Herobane Nair
    Herobane Nair 2 years ago

    You could use stone stairs to nullify suffocation damage (as of 1.14)

  • Silly Jilly!
    Silly Jilly! 2 years ago +684

    Grian: “Maybe a little red stone, it’s not too complicated.”
    **Shows the most confusing red stone I’ve ever seen**

    • Joshua Eisenbart
      Joshua Eisenbart 6 months ago

      I'm with you, Silly Jilly, and I do Redstone in Bedrock Edition. What makes Grian's Redstone so confusing is that he is bad at it. Mumbo Jumbo's Redstone is a lot more complex, but because he uses wool to separate the different parts, and knows how to simplify, it is a lot easier to follow. Grian's Redstone is unnecessarily complex, built on plain old stone, and even he doesn't quite understand it. Part of being good in any particular skill set is being able to simplify the process. Mumbo Jumbo doesn't just make Redstone look easy, he is really good at making the Redstone simpler, and thus, easier to understand.

    • Silly Jilly!
      Silly Jilly! Year ago

      @Brian_ The_Lemming Thank you!! :)))

    • Brian_ The_Lemming
      Brian_ The_Lemming Year ago +1

      ayyyyyyy love the Kang Sae-Byeok profile

    • Sophie Z96
      Sophie Z96 Year ago

      SCARY NUMBER 666

    • Katsu
      Katsu 2 years ago

      I’ve seen more confusing ones but yeah

  • iTyqr
    iTyqr Year ago

    For the first one, you can make a command block with a button that makes it night, and the same on the base that makes it day.

  • Unicorn Youtube
    Unicorn Youtube Year ago +8

    Grian: "If your like me and you find Redstone a Little bit SCARY..."
    Me "I find it Hard more Than Scary"

  • Skyrotechnics
    Skyrotechnics  Year ago

    one tip for the 1.15 one, you could make an item detector under it, also super easy

  • BlastLightStar
    BlastLightStar Year ago +1

    Something I’ve never seen anyone else think of- build something directly under a tree. Have a tunnel with a ladder or just a straight up hole into your base under the tree, remove the logs, go inside, and replace the blocks! Useful literally anywhere!

    • Okamisamaa
      Okamisamaa Year ago +2

      I used a dark oak forest, and because the trees are 2x2 at the base, I just thickened it slightly so it was 3x3. I'd have to make sure nobody was around and removed the 2 logs in the centre, walk through, replace behind me, and then descend. But it was effective. I also actually had a dummy room at the bottom and several hidden rooms behind the walls of that room xD it was very Josef Fritzl except I was hiding my parkour dripleaf experiments instead of victims

  • Arce Hiero
    Arce Hiero 3 years ago +136

    Grian : A little bit of redstone
    *builds a washing machine curcuit*

  • Tzabarpho
    Tzabarpho Year ago +12

    I like how grian gives us less than a second to copy each angle of the redstone

    • xarooo
      xarooo Year ago +2

      Dude you just pause the video

  • Royal-Flamingo
    Royal-Flamingo Year ago +44

    Grain: "It's a little complicated, even I can do it!"
    Me: oooooooo look a Redstone torch can light up a lamp!!!!!

  • danzilla
    danzilla 2 years ago

    I know the 1st one because i used to make a tiny house without the corners from outside in survival .. i always put the bed in the corner 🙂

  • kelsey28
    kelsey28 Month ago

    I also hid my secret base under the lava pool and the thing I used to build an escape route is just some signs, soul sand, a stone, and water. Like, find a lake or a river, then dig a hole under the water and build a tunnel to connect your secret base and the lake/river. Of course the water will start to flow from above so you need to place some signs to prevent the water from entering your tunnel or secret base. Then place the soul sand on the block where the water falls. In order to have some bubbles on it,(well, I'm sure y'all know how to do that...) grab a bucket and fill each block their own water until you reach the surface, the soul sand now will produce bubbles which help you to swim UP faster. On the second block on the surface, put a sign so it will have no water on it. Above the sign, put a stone so your escape route will be hidden. Just break the stone block and put it back once you're out then the escape route is done. ᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ

  • CololGamer
    CololGamer 3 years ago +23

    Grian: “It’s really simple”
    Me: “But doesn’t understand it”

  • LuLu
    LuLu Year ago +1

    10:00 I did a similar thing but with white carpet and scaffolding to make it look like a cat bed in a house but it was a secret entrance to a barracks

  • Enrico Moss
    Enrico Moss Year ago +20

    15:17 "I tried to keep this original"
    ALSO GRIAN 14:46

  • hxlsee
    hxlsee Year ago +1

    for the honey couldn’t you do a hopper to dropper which spits out the item onto a wood pressure plate with a hopper benith it and have it powered that way?

  • Cheezit Chomper
    Cheezit Chomper 10 months ago

    I really like the Scaffolding trick thanks for this now I don’t have to worry about my friends finding my house 👍

  • Doggi Dash
    Doggi Dash Year ago +17

    Mumbo: yeah not that hard
    Us: so um, repeat that again?

  • Nyx0_o
    Nyx0_o 10 months ago

    I might actually use some of them! Maybe the snow one with moss carpet instead! I hope it works lol

  • AngryPasta
    AngryPasta 2 months ago

    You’re better at redstone than you think. Thanks for all these simple tips

  • Sonics0828
    Sonics0828 Year ago

    i had a very simple redstone idea for a kinda underground bed, pull a lever, and it just start two sticky pisons which push another two sticky pistons into a redstone block, and those ssticky pisons have a block of grass, cobble, etc to cover your tracks, only downside is you have to either break 2-4 blocks to enter or keep the door open while your gone

  • Jaelana Wilkerson
    Jaelana Wilkerson 2 years ago +12525

    Grian :The redstone is not that complicated
    The redstone: ⬆️↗️↖️➡️⤴️↩↙️⬅️🔃⤵️↔️🔃🔄

    • Mindy King
      Mindy King Year ago

      So true Nba jigglyjae

    • Evanster
      Evanster Year ago

      So true

    • Alex Branum
      Alex Branum Year ago

      @the smasher idk but I’m ten now

    • the smasher
      the smasher Year ago

      @Alex Branum if you're 9 years old, and you joined 8 years ago does that mean you joined youtube when you were 1 year old?

    • Mariyadas ponnayan
      Mariyadas ponnayan Year ago


  • BilgeOnTheRocks
    BilgeOnTheRocks Year ago +1

    Hi Grian. These are nice Ideas. I found an Idea with a boat for ceiling. It IS a little Bit difficult to place properly that it Looks Like normal Wood planks, but it would Work. So If you have a Secret rooms above your ordinary rooms, you can do that.
    Thanks for your Videos. Btw, I Like your Sense of Humor....

  • UwUfox-_-
    UwUfox-_- Year ago

    wow this helped me a lot. I use the snow one and the boat one: But I can do the boat one without redstone. :)

  • cL0udygrAc3
    cL0udygrAc3 Year ago +67

    Literally almost nobody is talking about Grian with a mustache-

  • Fallow Lili
    Fallow Lili 2 years ago +18

    Grian: just a little bit of redstone
    Me: ... That is not a little bit

  • Drooco
    Drooco 3 years ago +30

    Alternative title:
    *Secret bases i could’ve used in demise*

  • chris reilly
    chris reilly 9 months ago

    The classic remove 2 blocks of dirt, so good lol. I have a storage room under an island with all my expensive stuff like gold and diamonds. The entrance is just 2 dirt blocks that I switched for coarse dirt so it's not super obvious but easier to find the entrance

  • HowlOwl 嗥鸺
    HowlOwl 嗥鸺 10 months ago

    4:27 or, two pistons push up the stone Infront of the boat, meaning it conceals it much more simple!

  • Max Hussein
    Max Hussein Year ago

    Just a tip, with the lava pool entrance, you wont need an elytra if you make a stream of water down to swim in.

  • kix
    kix Year ago +1

    Playing in a realm where everyone loves to mess with people. This helps me. Thanks.

  • 愛
     2 years ago +682

    teacher: the test isn’t that hard.
    the test: *extreme redstone things*

    • Name •
      Name • 2 years ago

      A. Waliking Grian
      B. Walking mumbo
      C. female cow
      D. *17*

    • Nintendo Mansion
      Nintendo Mansion 2 years ago

      @NotSnow WHERE'S THE #T2M

    • Ramon Jurak
      Ramon Jurak 2 years ago

      I want to take that test.

    • RENE JAY
      RENE JAY 2 years ago +1

      Easy for me

    • Fuhad Quadri
      Fuhad Quadri 2 years ago

      True words have finally been spoken

  • Alice Lankford
    Alice Lankford Year ago

    I've experienced the bed glitch. It's very annoying when you dont add corners

  • The Heartless Hero 2077

    - Grien =
    Do you know how hard it is to hide a base without redstone?
    - Me =
    Hello painting my old friend....

    • Corrupt_W
      Corrupt_W 11 months ago +1

      There is also "Hello Walking my old friend" (walk a few 10s of thousands of blocks)

  • Shen Yang
    Shen Yang Year ago

    If you don’t want the composter to be fast you can remove the red stone and the pulse will be longer

  • Rowan Edmunds
    Rowan Edmunds 19 days ago

    A good trick with the lava base. if you make a suspicious stew with 2 mushrooms, a bowl and the purple ball flower it will give you a few seconds of fire resistance enough to go through without taking damage

  • Anthony Bury
    Anthony Bury 2 years ago +2650

    If you're like me, and find redstone... a little bit scary...
    *visible shaking*

    • Anthony Bury
      Anthony Bury Year ago

      @•V0!D• it was just that when he zoomed in the camera was shaking a little so it seemed like he was trembling at the mere though of doing red stone or something idk the comment just seemed funny at the time

    • kxnny
      kxnny Year ago +1

      I have to much red stone but I have a small secret room with red stone with wither skelo head and some diamond armor

    • •V0!D•
      •V0!D• Year ago

      I dont get it

    • DARKCAT_G4mez
      DARKCAT_G4mez Year ago

      Im sort of scared

    • Bloxinity
      Bloxinity Year ago

      Invisible shaking*

  • Benjamin Skerrett

    The bout one is very over complicated he could have just connected two pistons to smash the bout, and you would get the bout back instead of losing it forever.

  • Crescent Wolf
    Crescent Wolf 10 days ago +1

    I do not know if this works on Java, but Amethyst blocks have some strange properties when interracting with Sculk sensors, specifically when covered with either carpet or sculk veins, basically it does the opposite of what you expect it to, when walking on carpet covered amethyst blocks it makes a sound the player can hear but the sculk sensor does not, and walking on sculk vein covered amethyst blocks it does not make any noise but the sensor will detect it! Have fun telling Mumbo this strange fact Grian, i'm sure he's gonna love it, who knows, might be useful for making a secret base within a geode!

  • Sherbert Shortkake
    Sherbert Shortkake Year ago +1

    Anyone remember that tutorial building full of beds that always spawned you outside the building?

  • Inferno blade
    Inferno blade 7 months ago

    For the boat sandwich just use a minecart. The minecart will hide in the stone and you can make a 1 block wide hole, so you can get in. And the minecart can stay!!!

  • nicolas
    nicolas 3 years ago +7160

    Me: **watches hidden base tutorials**
    Also me: **has no friends to hide to**

  • Lemmon_ Gaming
    Lemmon_ Gaming Year ago

    4:21 don’t you think it would just be easier to just add a piston under it to drop in lava. Or you could have a piston that pushes it back out

  • Captain Rick
    Captain Rick Year ago

    So far, the best and simplest is that snow scaffold.

  • D4ydre4mS
    D4ydre4mS Year ago +1

    An easy way to hide the boat one is just making a harbor and placing a sign that sags reserved

  • Charlie Campbell
    Charlie Campbell Year ago

    For most of these you could just have a single piston that does it for you

  • Plasticbag121
    Plasticbag121 3 years ago +2271

    You know you are bad at redstone when Grian knows more about it than you do

  • Lemons
    Lemons Year ago +1

    I like how this video's thumbnail actually has no clickbait, everything is shown in the video.

  • Cadan
    Cadan Year ago +1

    For the boat base wouldn't it be easier to have pre-placed Lava so you only need a piston and don't need a dispenser

    • 8bitplaya
      8bitplaya Year ago

      no because you would be able to hear the lava from nearby

    JOTBC Year ago

    With the "Dirt Cage" in the corner make a water tower with soul sand at the bottom then disguise the water at the top

  • Johan
    Johan Year ago +1

    The first secret base is always my problem in minecraft. I always have to wake up outside in survival everytime my bed is near a wall.

  • Trench Dudes
    Trench Dudes 2 years ago +151

    8:18 is it just me or does Grian’s skin shake when he confessed he has red stone in the house?

    • Moon月!
      Moon月! 2 months ago

      I though i was the only one who noticed-

    • #Hashtag
      #Hashtag 4 months ago


    • cb
      cb 6 months ago

      Samee it's not just u

    • Katelyn Yunting
      Katelyn Yunting 6 months ago +2

      I think he just moved the screen in a certain way.

    • Justin Bombach
      Justin Bombach 8 months ago

      Oh wow I didn't notice that

  • RandomDucc 2000
    RandomDucc 2000 Year ago

    Just use an ender chest and a bed in the middle of the ground near no caves. (fill it up when done) You place ur items in enderchest, die, respawn where nobody looks and you’re in!

  • Pepper_Plus
    Pepper_Plus Year ago +1

    Nice but now I need a tutorial to remember where I put the secret base entrance

  • Wyvern
    Wyvern 6 months ago

    For my hidden bases I normally use a shulker box with no blocks under it and a block 2 blocks above the shulker. That way you can open the shulker and fall into your base

  • skyfox
    skyfox Year ago

    You could also use signs to hold up the lava and the water and still pass through

  • Zurab Inasaridze
    Zurab Inasaridze 3 years ago +360

    Grian: If you're like me and you find Redstone a little bit scary-
    Me: Scary? I'm *T E R R I F I E D*

    • Little-doggo
      Little-doggo 2 years ago

      I can make simple red stone stuff but I’m terrified of using it to make stuff profesionally

    • RatDire
      RatDire 2 years ago

      I make roller coasters and stuff and I use red stone a lot

    • MapleNG
      MapleNG 2 years ago +1

      Me: *uses button to open door*
      @Slytherin Forlife: HOW THE F *rick* DID YOU DO THAT?!

    • Alex Branum
      Alex Branum 2 years ago +1

      Here *gives soup*

    • WZR
      WZR 2 years ago

      A Computer

  • Bel Luna
    Bel Luna Year ago

    Looks like the composter is much easier then the others 😂

  • Ellie-Angel
    Ellie-Angel 4 months ago

    Grian in 2019: "Using beds or minecarts, you can accurately predict where you will end up while using them to glitch through walls!"
    Grian in 2022: tries to get into Mumbo's vault by smashing into it at full speed with an elytra or using chorus fruit to randomly teleport himself in

  • Coco the small brain puppy

    My favourite was defiantly the boat one, I just have one question. HOW DO I GET OUT OF MY BASE?

  • Amethyst BHB
    Amethyst BHB 5 months ago

    You could also use riptide tridents to get out of the lava base if you replace the slime blocks with more water

  • Lancer Fan Club
    Lancer Fan Club 3 years ago +32

    The “Snowed In” one also works with carpets if you’re willing to make a fake base

  • Lily Blade
    Lily Blade Year ago +8

    Imagine you’re chasing someone, they jump into a pool of lava, you stand there confused for a while, then they rocket out in full netherite.

  • Young Lindsay
    Young Lindsay 10 months ago +1

    I used the scafflding snqo on top trick and it was great! Thx grian ;)

  • DmonPnda
    DmonPnda 10 months ago

    With the amount of red stone used to get rid of the boat… Just make a piston door at that point 🧐

  • nick name
    nick name Year ago +1

    Mumbo: yeah that’s actually really simple
    Grian: im sorry, but you have to place 1,5 pieces of redstone dust

  • Christopher Samuel
    Christopher Samuel 3 years ago +25

    "people can steal other peoples mustaches if they want to" grain 2019

  • MintyAshira
    MintyAshira Year ago +2

    The Problem is What if a Player see your Name Tag through walls so Technically they will mine through that wall where you was
    *Base found*

    • MH
      MH 11 months ago


  • Moo Moo
    Moo Moo 11 months ago

    9:12 I'm an xbox360 console player and it works the same if you just use a normal block depending on how fancy/hidden you want it to be I dont think you even need the 2 extra redstone peices

  • -•Reptile Skin•-

    Him: If you find Redstone scary, this is the video for you.
    Me: If you are a beginner who wants an epic house, this video is *also* for you

  • Paul Witteman
    Paul Witteman Year ago +2

    Grian: hides dispenser to break boat. Me: some redstone a button and a sticky piston

  • Gh0stly
    Gh0stly 3 years ago +52

    Grian: “The redstone is not that bad.”
    Me, a redstone caveman: “Hm, that’s *ok?* Ish?”
    Grian: *Reveals that it’s twice as big as it looks*
    ( 4:19 )

    • İyki Gugu
      İyki Gugu 2 years ago

      @Harshit Negi clip-share.net/video/wvFKxWhZ1-U/video.html

    • Harshit Negi
      Harshit Negi 3 years ago +4