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Mongol Invasions of Hungary and Poland DOCUMENTARY

  • Published on Feb 9, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • History of the Mongols Podcast - www.kingsandgenerals.net/podcast/ apple.co/2QTuMNG bit.ly/2QDF7y0 spoti.fi/2UBmyuO
    Our animated historical documentary series on the Mongol Invasions continues with a video on the 2nd and 3rd invasion of Poland, 2nd invasion of Hungary, Berke-Hulagu War and the exploits of Nogai khan, who played a crucial role in the history of Eastern and Southern Europe
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    The script for this video was developed by Jack Wilson - The Jackmeister. Check out his channel dedicated to the history of the Mongols: clip-share.net/channel/UCQEY... . This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( clip-share.net/channel/UCU0-... & clip-share.net/channel/UC79s... )
    Script and sources: www.academia.edu/44212997/The...
    Machinimas were made on Total War: Attila engine by MalayArcher ( clip-share.net/user/Mathemed... )
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  • Kings and Generals
    Kings and Generals  2 years ago +190

    Here are the links to our podcast! History of the Mongols Podcast -

  • H. M.
    H. M. 2 years ago +1

    Fun Fact: My hometown was burned by the mongols, and to this day it has never had the same population. It only became a city again in 1920.

  • Wenbin G
    Wenbin G 2 years ago +1

    The Mongols had a century of complete dominance before they were nerfed into the ground for breaking the game meta.

  • Rj Simpson
    Rj Simpson 2 years ago +1

    “Its easy to take over the world on horse back,but it is hard to get off the horse and rule it”

  • Ahad
    Ahad 7 hours ago

    Imagine if the ottomans and the golden horde existed in the europe at the same

  • Galactus Devourer of Worlds

    Gah, your videos are just so freaking good. Words fail me but your excellence seems to somehow get better and better and I have trouble telling everyone just how good your content is. You guys absoutely rule. Best history channel on Clip-Share. Hands down!

  • Phil R Historical Miniatures.

    A pleasure to watch as usual, lovely animations and explanations, and a pleasure to play, we have fought in miniatures a few Bela IV's battles, Mongol and Hungarian armies are truly superb, even in 15mm!

  • Hao Li
    Hao Li 2 years ago +448

    The Mongols were so busy inner fighting, but when they got some leisure time, they invaded Europe

  • Mikko Penttilä
    Mikko Penttilä 2 years ago +485

    While there were several factors leading to the Mongol campaigns becoming less successful, the fact that Europeans had learned to fight the Mongols should not be underestimated.

  • suprcrzy
    suprcrzy 2 years ago +143

    I would rather watch content like this 100 times over, rather than the crap YT tries to recommend to me on a daily basis! Well done!

  • Wen Lu
    Wen Lu  +3

    The original plan of Batu Khan and Subutai was exactly "keep conquering until see the Ocean", so if Ogedai Khan didn't die at that time, Batu and Subutai wouldn't stop invasion. In fact, when the Ogedai' death arrived the western expedition army, Batu had already prepared for battle of the siege of Vienna(to catch Bela IV).

  • Darth Vaduuur
    Darth Vaduuur 2 years ago +24

    Dude you guys can not imagine how happy I am to hear you guys have podcast. I have been looking for a decent one for ages!!

  • Siegfried Eisenkraut
    Siegfried Eisenkraut 2 years ago +5

    Fun but little known fact, that city that Batu founded and named Sarai would eventually be renamed Volgograd which played an integral part in one of the biggest wars we've known.

  • Napoléon I Bonaparte
    Napoléon I Bonaparte 2 years ago +41

    It’s fascinating that the Mongols nearly conquered the entire known world, but the medieval Europeans may not have known the extent or know where and what Asia is without maps (until Polo came about...)

  • FEHA
    FEHA 2 years ago +5

    Historical accurate town names of that time, finally, thank you and well done! Quality video as always.

  • Stanley Smith
    Stanley Smith 2 years ago +493

    Ladislav lV (Hungarian: lV Kun László) was the most interesting member of the Árpád dynasty. He was half Cuman ( Hungarian: Kun) therefore he was much more lax and easy going than his predecessors, he loved (Cuman) women and wine, but apparently never touched his wife Isabella from the Kingdom of Naples. Once he was imprisoned by the nobility to have sex with Isabella, but he still refused, saying she's too frigid and lacks passion. 😅 He was excommunicated several times by the pope because of his lifestyle and friendship with the Cumans. He prompted Simon Kézai to write the history of the Hungarian people (Gesta Hungarorum) where the Huns are being shown as the ancestors of the Hungarians. Both Kézai and the king believed that the Hungarians, Huns and Cumans are basically the same people (Cumans, contrary to other minorities, quickly adopted the Hungarian language and are speaking Hungarian to this day). Ladislav saw his Cuman brethren as 'true Hungarians' their lifestyle as, pure as that of the old Hungarians in Árpád's days. According to Kézai, Árpád, And therefore Ladislav himself is the direct descendent of Attila, the capital Buda is named after Attila's brother Bleda (still Buda in Hungarian literature), Attila's wife Ildikó was Hungarian according to Kézai (while in reality she was a Gepid, but the name Ildikó as well as Attila are still very popular among Hungarians). Although seen as an intelligent, but good-for-nothing drunkard, Ladislav won most of his battles. He defeat Premysl Otakar who was considered to be a military genius at the time and seperated Austria from Bohemia and granting it to a minor swiss nobleman called Rudolf von Habsburg. 😏 He drove back the Mongols and was pitted against the Cumans by the church, defeated them in the battle of Hód lake, but was quick to velcome them back once things have settled. At the end of his reign he had his royal guard composed of only Mongols and Cumans. (he banished the Hungarian nobility and clergy from his court...long story) In the end it was his beloved Cumans who murdered him while he was having sex with his Cuman concubine Édua. (Édua's brother later took revange on the assassins ).

  • Baalhamon
    Baalhamon 2 years ago +36

    Many would always group the Mongols as a single entity where they have a single political structure. But every time we learn how complex and fascinating Mongol history is thanks to you.

  • Bob Burger
    Bob Burger 2 years ago +225

    When I visit my family in Poland I always go hiking in the carpathian mountains, it's cool knowing there where a bunch of mongols wandering around in the same area

  • Normacly
    Normacly 2 years ago +281

    The Hungarians learned from their mistakes in the first invasions.

  • Ozymandias was right

    Dan Carlin's Wrath of the Khans is a great overview of the Mongols rise to power. It's what brought me here for a more visual overview.