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Feeding a City in Need

  • Published on Apr 4, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER! Thank you so much for watching this channel and allowing us to grow this charity! :)
    MERCH & DONATIONS - Coming Soon!
    Beast Philanthropy Video Disclaimer:
    This video was produced by Beast Philanthropy Productions, LLC, a North Carolina limited liability company. Any revenue generated for Beast Philanthropy Productions, LLC from this video will be donated to MrCharity, Inc. dba Beast Philanthropy, a North Carolina 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

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  • Narkar Bros
    Narkar Bros Year ago +28115

    Make sure you watch the Ads on this channel. You're directly helping the needy! We're all part of a great cause guys.

    • Brader_ Rock
      Brader_ Rock 2 months ago

      Im sorry, im using youtube vanced and no ads 🤦‍♂️

    • Schteep
      Schteep 3 months ago

      I got premium but the views pay out more for premium views so I'll watch it on both of my accounts ads on the second one

    • ToyStoryToday
      ToyStoryToday 3 months ago


    • Iggy
      Iggy 3 months ago

      I have Clip-Share premium

    • Julian The Kang
      Julian The Kang 3 months ago

      Me who has premium:
      Yeah ima pretend i didint see that

  • Loy Palomares
    Loy Palomares 6 months ago +29

    We live in a world where a Clip-Sharer is helping much much more than our politicians and so-called "world leaders". Hats off to Jimmy! Such awesome dedication to your cause!!!

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  • G Clan assistant
    G Clan assistant 11 months ago +95

    This is the person everyone needed, a millionaire that helps and doesn’t care how much money he gives away or donate

  • Penna
    Penna 3 months ago +17

    This man simply has done more than what most governments would do these days!

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      dm telegrâm@officaltechnick 7 days ago

      👆Thanks for watching and commenting telegram me right now you have been selected among the lucky winners for my giveaway🎁🎁

  • Hebby Cakes
    Hebby Cakes 11 months ago +2

    This was so touching, I teared up.

  • Announcerics V2
    Announcerics V2 Year ago +2684

    I appreciate the fact that he's actually packing the boxes instead of just watching

    • Announcerics V2
      Announcerics V2 6 months ago

      @Rising Angel yes but actually packing the boxes shows that he cares, and isn't just doing it for views and profit, sometimes small things can make a big difference

    • Rising Angel
      Rising Angel 6 months ago

      Either way if he didn’t he still doing good, lol.

    • Braydon Whiteaker
      Braydon Whiteaker 6 months ago

      Even if he wasn’t he is still funding the same hole thing but I’m glad he’s also helping pack though

    • TAHITI - The magical place
      TAHITI - The magical place 6 months ago

      I 💜your vids

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  • PhilanthropyChild
    PhilanthropyChild 2 months ago +1

    I love how he can do something so kind like this and turn it into a funny joke making the audience want to rewatch it over and over again like me! An example of a funny joke in just this video is him being bill, saying he needs a reminder to learn how to drive a truck because he doesnt know how to drive a truck, and saying there needs to be an explosion after the fist bump!

    CRIS VLOG 6 months ago +1

    I appreciate the fact your doing a deed to the people...I want to help in my country for poor people...

  • Trippy Drippy Prod
    Trippy Drippy Prod 10 months ago

    I really just thought mr. Beast was a normal Clip-Sharer a few years back but now I realize the hours this guy puts in to make the world a better place. Thank you Mr. Beast ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mr. Goatgaming
    Mr. Goatgaming 8 months ago +1

    This is such a great cause I have watch all the video and liked them because I know it will help these people because they need it! We love you Mr. Beast subscribe to all his channels especially this channel!!!!!!

  • howtoPRANKitup
    howtoPRANKitup Year ago +5602

    this guy is a legend congrats buddy.

    • Loturzel Restaurant
      Loturzel Restaurant 3 months ago

      @Syclla END Homelessness! Its Fact its possible, as some Nations did it! CHECK MY SOURCE: 'How Finland Ended Homelessness' by 'Second Thought'!
      Please, IF you care, check my sources, and IF my Source is convincing, bring this;
      per Email or Tweets to Mr.Beasts Attention!!

    • Maroc Ninja
      Maroc Ninja Year ago

      @Mini I’m good

    • telm namm
      telm namm Year ago

      Hey ur the dude that IDubbbz killed

    • i give out apks
      i give out apks Year ago

      @Syclla cool but idk who cares

    • Rick Astley
      Rick Astley Year ago


  • Wahoo Gaming
    Wahoo Gaming 9 months ago +1

    Love it! Keep it up Team Beast! :D

  • Rex Lint
    Rex Lint 7 months ago

    Jimmy aka Mr Beast you have a heart of Gold. Keep up the great work you're doing.

  • Xtreme420
    Xtreme420 11 months ago

    I make sure I watch to the very end keep up the great work and god bless jimmy and his massive team!!!

  • Mike Fufuffalo
    Mike Fufuffalo Month ago

    Great job, Mr. Beast! And all the people that help you do this. =)

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago +475

    I once heard a saying
    " Being rich is not about how much you have , but how much you give".
    I think this describes Jimmy.
    Thank you for doing this acts of kindness and helping others

    • Fernando Martinez
      Fernando Martinez 2 months ago

      He went on Joe Rogan and talked about buying some expensive shit and felt nasty doing it. It all got stolen and he felt way better without it so now he has a nicer house for Security Reasons but he has a regular old 15 year old car and keeps very little of the money he earns. His Net Worth is almost entirely his equipment.

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    • Rowan
      Rowan Year ago +1

      dhar man???

    • HassanMa
      HassanMa Year ago +1


    • Ian_Fate
      Ian_Fate Year ago

      Pretty sure it means having a great deal of money or assets

  • Cameron Holmes
    Cameron Holmes 6 months ago +6

    We gotta appreciate this man, he spent thousands of money on food,water,ect.

  • Scarxiett
    Scarxiett 11 months ago +1

    You're incredible, Jimmy!!!!

  • SEAN 111
    SEAN 111 5 months ago

    There was a time in my life when I had to use the food bank. I almost lost everything filed bankruptcy and started completely over. People like you are really taking care of people thank you another thumbs up

    • Loturzel Restaurant
      Loturzel Restaurant 3 months ago

      Mr.Beast-Siblings: 'Some More News' and 'Second Thought'... know them?

  • iamDope
    iamDope 10 months ago +1

    I love your ideas man, keep it up

  • Narkar Bros
    Narkar Bros Year ago +14636

    Mr.Beast keeps surpassing our expectations. Hats off Jimmy..! You're doing a very noble work 💛

  • Tiyasha silva
    Tiyasha silva 11 days ago

    You have a Golden Heart.. Only I can do is just watch his vids so I'm doing my job..❤

  • Magia dos Livrinhos
    Magia dos Livrinhos 3 months ago +2

    You don't even know how it's gonna work out, Jimmy, but it already did! You are amazing! Congrats from Brazil! ❤

  • Valu Vivao
    Valu Vivao 5 months ago

    Thanks you Jimmy for helping many people.

  • Shane. M
    Shane. M 8 months ago

    Mr. Beast, you need to start promoting this channel. You should have 10 times the subs you have. Keep up the good work Jimmy, the Beast Team and everyone else.

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    This is the man who once flipped bleach bottles, microwaved a microwave, and said Logan Paul 100,000 times for his content. Now, he's casually handing money out to random people, helping charities, etc. This is literally the greatest yet most unexpected transformation of his channel! Keep up the great work!

    • The Kreature
      The Kreature Year ago


    • ⊹.° tate
      ⊹.° tate Year ago


      ROEVOSS Year ago

      those videos were more entertaining to me but its cool to see him helping people that really need it

    • Lynn
      Lynn Year ago

      I am ur 3k like

    • SabeR
      SabeR Year ago

      your name so long

  • BasketBro
    BasketBro 11 months ago +5

    Please make more they are amazing and what a kind and generous man you are jimmy

  • Darrin Middleton
    Darrin Middleton 7 months ago

    I appreciate your good heart may god bless u and protect u, your family and friends

  • Pradnya Kadam
    Pradnya Kadam 8 months ago +1

    Not all heroes wear capes. ❤👌

  • CounterWise
    CounterWise 11 months ago

    This video makes me happy I rewatch it every so often this is good of Jimmy 👍

  • nikomed solano
    nikomed solano Year ago +656

    The fact that he dedicated a chanel to philanthropy is just proof that he is such an awesome guy who really cares about the community

    • HEART
      HEART Year ago


    • Edgar Gonzalez
      Edgar Gonzalez Year ago

      @The Flamboyant Flamethrower oh ok yea same they’re both not that amazing but for me I dislike Trump more

    • The Flamboyant Flamethrower
      The Flamboyant Flamethrower Year ago

      @Edgar Gonzalez You didn’t offend me I disliked Biden and Trump. I just had a problem with using politics as an argument.

    • Edgar Gonzalez
      Edgar Gonzalez Year ago

      @The Flamboyant Flamethrower Trump always says things like that so I’d assume that he’s a supporter, and also sorry if I offended you by anyway by saying that, just personally don’t really like Trump

    • The Flamboyant Flamethrower
      The Flamboyant Flamethrower Year ago

      @Edgar Gonzalez What does Donald Trump have to do with anything? Hjll is being dumb I can’t disagree with that, but don’t drag politics into it as some kind of argument.

  • Blakey Snake
    Blakey Snake 8 months ago

    Congrats Mr Beast your an amazing man giving things to the poor I want to be just like you

  • Trixia Catalan Dela Cruz

    Seeing the reaction of the people you help and supportis just so EPIC and very inspirational
    Salute to you Mrbeast and your whole team for having this channel just to help people

    • Loturzel Restaurant
      Loturzel Restaurant 3 months ago +1

      ...Mr Beast-Siblings (Dislaimer: Not in Style) 'Some More News' and 'Second Thought'... know them?

  • issy and emmy gameing
    issy and emmy gameing 7 months ago

    I love what you do and you make a big difference to every thing and not just you you and all your friends you make a big impact so could people reading this who don't know how mutch he does I hope you now know how mutch he does

  • Potternerd360
    Potternerd360 8 months ago

    I will be checking this channel often so I can watch and like each video, I want to contribute to helping these people

  • Mspan40
    Mspan40 Year ago +4853

    The only channel where I won't complain about ads

  • Kloudz
    Kloudz 4 months ago

    Thank you for being so nice too spend money on other’s lives and not only just yours

  • Payton Harrell
    Payton Harrell Month ago +1

    Anyone watch these over and over on a playlist while just chillen? Idk if it actually helps but feels nice to think so😂

  • Alfred Pesterkoff
    Alfred Pesterkoff 11 months ago +1

    Thank you Bill. Thank you Darren. You guys do amazing work. Thank you past and future viewers

  • Golden Sushi
    Golden Sushi 11 months ago

    keep up the awesome work jimmy!

  • FunnyBruh
    FunnyBruh Year ago +16737

    This man deserves a Nobel prize

  • X.Aromantic_angel.x
    X.Aromantic_angel.x 9 months ago

    This man is life saving he helps so many people and it always warms my heart💕💕💕💝💝💝💝

    • Loturzel Restaurant
      Loturzel Restaurant 3 months ago +1

      That Number is how low Unionization is.
      Mr:Beast could help the World insanely-much
      just by Shouting-out those that adress this Issue, like the legendary video 'The Past, Present and Future of Work' by "Some More News".

  • No Name Here
    No Name Here 6 months ago +1

    Bruh honestly he's just being so egotistical. "I have a lot of money" "my giant fridge" like dude. We get it. Your rich. Go feed some people for God sake...
    Jk this channel is awesome te cause is great but the quality in the videos here don't drop. It's freaking awesome and Jimmy is making a bigger difference than anyone on this platform. The smiles on those faces, and knowing that just by watching this I'm feeding people and helping people in need.

  • Reboot Artist
    Reboot Artist 3 months ago

    Keep doing what you do! ❤️

  • Kelly Rosado
    Kelly Rosado 10 months ago +2

    Keep it up Bill! 🤣💕 Thank you for what you're doing!

  • Ashley Dawson
    Ashley Dawson Year ago +2719

    The fact that he disguised himself as someone who isn't obviously himself, proves how humble he is.

    • Power Bolt
      Power Bolt 6 months ago

      @Adam G dude he literally said every penny this channel earns is going to helping people in need

    • Niko
      Niko 8 months ago

      @Pan©💜 Its just human debris that will tear any truly good person down, so they don't look like such an abomination that they are, they are narcissistic psychopaths, the kind you see on twitter. People should do more to both call these people out, and punish them because they work to make the world worse.

    • Pan©💜
      Pan©💜 8 months ago

      @Scarxiett crazy how this world works lol. Nobody is ever happy and enjoy a content where someone is literally helping out the community and trying to better the world. Instead of following his footsteps and helping out too. They hate that he videos and blogs about everything, to try to get more revenue to do even better for the people.

    • raddle
      raddle 9 months ago

      @Saad Nasir LMAO good joke

    • Scarxiett
      Scarxiett 11 months ago +3

      @Adam G Actually, he puts this content on Clip-Share to get more ad revenue to start a bigger movement and feed more people. I don't understand why people complain that there's no one out there with a lot of money who uses it for other people, then Mr. Beast comes along and people still complain. It's crazy.

  • Oda Nobunaga
    Oda Nobunaga 11 months ago

    Great job man, thats how its supposed to be done

  • Lieutenant Hobbies
    Lieutenant Hobbies 9 months ago

    He’s not The hero we deserve but the hero we need

  • Sandro Castilho
    Sandro Castilho 11 months ago

    Good job Mr. Beast , imagine if 1% of the Rich Americans decide to spent their extra money doing exactly what you been doing [ helping the people who needs ] this Country will be 100% free hungry.

  • Harley Vj-
    Harley Vj- 4 months ago

    Love the work u do Jimmy. Can't help but notice some of the cars in the food bank line were worth more then the house I live in.....like wtf? Sell that expensive ass car and your insurance won't be ungodly high and you'll have alot more money

  • El
    El Year ago +479

    The thing is, Mrbeast never got into any beef or drama and he’s also
    - Opened his own charity
    - Planted 20 Million trees
    - And Adopted every dog in a dog shelter
    And even more than that..
    So I would say he’s a pretty good guy
    Edit: Can everyone not come at me please and I was being sarcastic when I said that he is a pretty good guy I know he is a great guy

    • Fernando Martinez
      Fernando Martinez 2 months ago

      I hear he's usually frustrated and demanding off screen. I'd be shocked if he wasn't. This job must be destroying him mentally and he must have the stress levels of an 80 year old man.

    • El Gutierrez
      El Gutierrez Year ago

      I know I was just kidding

    • El
      El Year ago +1

      @BillyGoatI know I’m being sarcastic...

    • El
      El Year ago

      @RHFluffyFishFury I didn’t know that

    • El
      El Year ago

      @El Gutierrez I didn’t..

  • Emil James Esmaya
    Emil James Esmaya 3 months ago

    I hope some vlogger here in the Philippines watch you to inspire them to help their fellow Filipinos just like what you did in your country i love your videos Mr.Beast God Bless You All 💯🙌🏻

  • bobert mute
    bobert mute 5 months ago

    We need more people like this

  • Caio D. Andrade
    Caio D. Andrade 9 months ago

    Man, love you and your beautiful heart, good job!

  • Crypto
    Crypto 4 months ago

    Everything about this is very wholesome, other than the thumbnail showing him giving a grandma takis and Koolaid, along with other stuff.

  • Nikosfox
    Nikosfox Year ago +783

    He will be the first Clip-Sharer who is getting nominated by a peace nobel
    Remember me mrbeast when you do

  • Monstercookie48
    Monstercookie48 3 months ago

    We all should appreciate the crew that is helping

  • The Craft of Petra
    The Craft of Petra 10 months ago

    Jimmy should be on a TIME magazine cover! Like damn! He is humanity's hero.

  • Huy Tran
    Huy Tran 6 months ago

    You are doing and amazing job Jimmy! I think its nice! :P

  • 𝒮𝓌𝑒𝑒
    𝒮𝓌𝑒𝑒 10 months ago +1

    I hope this dude has the best life ever. He deserves the world :D

  • twinvincible
    twinvincible Year ago +1324

    MrBeast will definitely have interesting stories to tell his kids.

  • No Puedo Dormir
    No Puedo Dormir 6 months ago +1

    We really need a Mr Beast here in Colombia bro, children everysingle day DIE because of the corrupt government.
    Subs, like and comment.
    I get so happy watching this videos, makes me forget my shitty life and vry while others are being taking care of.

  • Brandonplays702
    Brandonplays702 4 months ago

    This inspired to help with community service or a food pantry one day. I’m definitely gonna do it

  • BallerinaPocket Archives

    We Must Save Our City's Of USA With The Help Of Beast Philanthropy 💪🏻

  • Miguel nuñez
    Miguel nuñez 8 months ago

    i would like someday to help you support people, jimmy keep it up 👍

  • peepoash
    peepoash Year ago +490

    the fact that he has done so much at only 22 is insane

    • JTEWR18
      JTEWR18 Year ago +1

      @HEART that song is trash

    • HEART
      HEART Year ago


    • Wilson Benavides
      Wilson Benavides Year ago

      Really shows if you want to do good you can

    • The Norbs
      The Norbs Year ago

      Imagine what he will do on the next 10 years

    • JTEWR18
      JTEWR18 Year ago

      He’s 22 wow that’s impressive imagine what he could do when he’s 30

  • ANftArtGallery
    ANftArtGallery 10 months ago

    Just amazing work guys!!!

  • LukasRainbow
    LukasRainbow 5 months ago +1

    If you say Jimmy doesn‘t save the world, something is really wrong with you

  • Kaden Duryea
    Kaden Duryea 10 months ago

    Videos like this feel bittersweet. Because its purely amazing how much is accomplished here. But i wish everyone out there was focused on more then entertainment on youtube. My parents and grandmother work tirelessly at a nonprofit called school connect that works with kids-but rarely get more than 10 views on a video. I just wish it was possible for everyone to overcome the want to just relax, and spend that couple minutes helping people who truly need it.

  • Heartfelt Soulful Songs of Yowzehfynah

    I wanna be like you. Helping people is my GREATEST DREAM

  • Farhan shafiq
    Farhan shafiq Year ago +596

    Dude this guy not only has a big amount of money, he has a bigger heart
    Edit: Woah! Ty for the likes

  • Monstercookie48
    Monstercookie48 3 months ago

    Jimmy deserves the best in this hole universe

  • emmett
    emmett 7 months ago +1

    Mr beast is such a good person

  • Nameless............
    Nameless............ 5 months ago +1

    Darren:I love pickles
    Chandler:we aint the same way

  • tday99music
    tday99music Day ago

    knowing what this channel does has got me watching ads and not skipping.Thanks for sharing

  • ZombiePlops
    ZombiePlops Year ago +118

    Props to the editor for counting all of the meals delivered.

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      thanks for watching,,
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    • Og Lopez
      Og Lopez Year ago


    • TheDunceFish
      TheDunceFish Year ago

      @Wahhab M sorry but the mrbeast community doesn’t like Fortnite that much so....you came to the wrong place

    • Yu
      Yu Year ago

      @Wahhab M no

    • Wahhab M
      Wahhab M Year ago

      I know this is kind of self promo but plz don’t send me any hate because of this comment. Trust me I’m not like the other self promoters that spam comments for subs. My dream since I was 7 yrs old has been to one day hopefully get 5k subs which may sound like a bit to some people but a lot to me. I am now almost 13 and am not even 1/5 there. I appreciate u taking 2 minutes out of ur time, reading my comment. It would mean the absolute world to me if u now quickly take 2 seconds to subscribe to me and help me achieve my dream. If u do consider subscribing to me, know that I will without a doubt sub back to u as soon as soon as I can. Dw I’m not a bot or like I said, an annoying self promoter like the others. Ty for paying attention, have a phenomenal day, god bless u, and stay safe!
      Let’s see how much subscribers I can gain from this comment!
      🟣CURRENT SUB COUNT: 416🟣
      🔵SUB GOAL: 5k🔵

  • The Law
    The Law 6 months ago

    I've been binge-watching all of these videos. I never knew this channel existed.

  • Monstercookie48
    Monstercookie48 3 months ago

    Jimmy has a heart of gold

  • Mary Grace Prado
    Mary Grace Prado 10 months ago

    I hope all vlogger are like you Mr. Beast.... Thank you ❤️ and God bless you more

  • Sensitive Satan
    Sensitive Satan 5 months ago

    I love it, wish I could be a fraction of good he is. commenting to help interaction.

  • YouTube
    YouTube Year ago +9572

    Such a wholesome video! The content everybody could use☺️

    • Ashvin Does Stuff
      Ashvin Does Stuff Month ago

      When a Clip-Sharer is so fricking good and has such entertaining content but literally helps thousands of people gives away millions of dollars, plants million of trees, and even cleans up trash

    • Alijah Villarreal
      Alijah Villarreal 2 months ago

      I reported youtube

    • 💚ItsLiakelgato😺
      💚ItsLiakelgato😺 3 months ago

      @Theo Martinsson Hi Youtubr

    • UpwardCrowd7
      UpwardCrowd7 4 months ago

      Hey youtube, wanna talk about the content you put on your ads?

    • Mansour Al Kurby
      Mansour Al Kurby 5 months ago +1

      It is a wholesome video. I wonder how much people He will help

  • Love Latham
    Love Latham 4 months ago

    Truly amazing 👏

  • A2 Start
    A2 Start 8 months ago +1

    Hey Mr.beast, I know you probably won’t see this, but It won’t hurt to try. There is this cool local restaurant near me, that sells Greek food. The owner of the store is a very welcoming and hardworking person. Every time I come in the store he is always working, and working with a good attitude. But with with everything going on, his store is not doing well, and I hate to say it but he will probably run out of business soon. But I know you and your team are great at helping people. So if you are willing to help that would be amazing. I don’t know this man personally but I do know that this would mean more than you could imagine if you could do something to help him.

  • Nick god 693
    Nick god 693 7 months ago

    I love you mr beast you are so kind and nice I pretty much seen all of your videos

  • BGGFootball
    BGGFootball 3 months ago

    This is the nicest thing anyone has done!

  • Tokaint
    Tokaint Year ago +1684

    This video was a vibe. More of these chill behind the scenes helping people videos too. If it helps the charity. Straightforward and super genuine.

  • Jaybee Valenzuela
    Jaybee Valenzuela Month ago

    This man deserved more views and like good job Mr beast

  • cb
    cb 5 months ago

    the work is intense for immense change!!!

  • Max Nov
    Max Nov 2 months ago

    this is the *TRUE* quality content i subscribed for

  • fourplayee
    fourplayee 6 months ago +1

    Great job Jimmy

  • Skrek
    Skrek Year ago +679

    Who disliked this? He didn’t do anything bad. He’s giving food to people who need it most.

    • ItsMGaming
      ItsMGaming Year ago

      @Lucymay 123 shush ur the one who disliked the video so look who's talking Karen

    • Lucymay 123
      Lucymay 123 Year ago


    • ItsMGaming
      ItsMGaming Year ago

      @Big Smoke as always 😁☺️

    • Everywhere
      Everywhere Year ago

      they probably think he’s overrated

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke Year ago

      @ItsMGaming just stating facts

  • Sofofofofofof
    Sofofofofofof 10 months ago

    MrBeast is always positive in his videos :)
    He always helps other people
    Respect for Jimmy

  • Jose Luis P. C. Rocha
    Jose Luis P. C. Rocha 4 months ago

    turning charity in entertaniment is so good idea

  • Jasmine D.Greene
    Jasmine D.Greene 7 months ago

    I've watched this video so many times. I've watched all of them multiple times honestly.

  • Firas
    Firas 6 months ago

    @TuqTon don't change please. You help charity very well

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  • Soumabh Das Gupta
    Soumabh Das Gupta 4 months ago

    You are great always God bless you 🙏♥️

  • IdkWhatToNameThis
    IdkWhatToNameThis 3 months ago

    This man is probably going to heaven with his friends after he passes away.

  • Jocelyn Dacumos
    Jocelyn Dacumos Month ago

    The world needs more guy like this guy..Hope you could visit my country soon Mr.Beast.We will welcome you with our warm hugs.😍😍
    Keep safe always!

  • NiftyAi
    NiftyAi 11 months ago

    Amazing work!!!