What if We Nuke a City?

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019 veröffentlicht
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    As you may have noticed, we like to blow stuff up on this channel. So when the International Red Cross approached us to collaborate on a video about nuclear weapons, we were more than excited.
    Until we did the research. It turned out we were a bit oblivious off the real impact of nuclear weapons in the real world, on a real city. And especially, how helpless even the most developed nations on earth would be if an attack occurred today.
    So hopefully this video demonstrates how extremely non fun a real world nuclear attack would be, without being too gruesome. This collaboration was a blast (no pun intended) and we want to say a huge thank you to the International Red Cross!
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    As you may have noticed, we like to blow stuff up on this channel. So when the International Red Cross approached us to collaborate on a video about nuclear weapons, we were more than excited. Until we did the research. It turned out we were a bit oblivious off the real impact of nuclear weapons in the real world, on a real city. And especially, how helpless even the most developed nations on earth would be if an attack occurred today.
    This collaboration was a blast (no pun intended) and we want to say a huge thank you to the International Red Cross! Please check out www.notonukes.org to learn more about nuclear weapons and what you can do to stop them.

    • Aaron Christensen
      Aaron Christensen 3 days ago

      We just going to ignore the fact that nuclear weapons are the only thing that kept world war 3 from starting between the US and USSR in the 1950's? Or that they are the only thing to this day that allows the baltic republics to sleep at night knowing that russia wont steam roll them? That without them casualties in Pakistan and india would be 10's or hundreds of thousands higher? What the border war between china and russia in 1969 that never escalated becuase nukes kept them in check? Mutually assured destruction works. Nukes may well end humanity if they are ever used but so far they are a blessing. Because no matter how crazy the world leader, they dont want the world to end. That means that they dont dare go to war. Not as long as we have nukes. I'm ok with that.

    • GDRLouie
      GDRLouie 16 days ago


    • Jeppe Wammen Baggesgaard
      Jeppe Wammen Baggesgaard 22 days ago

      Vice made a video called "How to Buy Nukes on the Black Market". were Shane Smith goes to Bulgaria (a super
      capitalist country in south east europ) and talks to a guys selling them.
      mutual assured destruction is stopping goverments from dropping nuclear bombs on each others. what is stopping a school shooter from getting a really big weapon in Bulgaria?
      i have a hard time seeing how signing this, is making anything safer. Nice vidio tho :)

    • J M
      J M Month ago +1

      You censor out what I say. I speak the truth.
      We fry out wasp nests because wasps sting our children in our schools.
      Japanese weren’t wasps.
      But wasps didn’t butcher over 30 million innocent women children babies. Japanese soldiers did.
      And they came from THAT nest in Hiroshima.
      Hiroshima was the headquarters of Japanese Southern Army. They implanted their military base amidst a city.
      The Japanese used their own civilians as human shields and cannon fodder.
      In August 1945, the Japanese still brutally enslaved almost all of Asia. We can’t let the enemy kill millions more people.
      Fry the nest and win the war.
      As simple as that.
      Japanese soldiers said killing my family was like killing insects.
      Americans returned the favor with equal disinterest when they incinerated their nests.

    • Meop79
      Meop79 Month ago

      You missed the real ultimate consequences... that city was surrounded by three nuclear power plants and each of them and all of their spent fuel pools are now in full meltdown sending up enormous clouds of radiation throughout the entire world...

  • Vance Biondo
    Vance Biondo 18 hours ago

    Nuke a city,? Stupid people

  • Mary Kapodistria
    Mary Kapodistria 18 hours ago

    Where are the birds in this video?

  • Kouki Hamoudi
    Kouki Hamoudi 19 hours ago

    This sacred me more then any horror movie 😱

  • miro Xx
    miro Xx 19 hours ago

    Maybe we need nuclear weapons to protect us from asteroids, have you ever thought about this problem?

  • GuyJustCool
    GuyJustCool 19 hours ago

    First of all, thank you! Perfect video. Nukes are not about big, but about who actually they kill. Ending millions of stories, leaving them untold(not taking offsprings=trillions in generations).
    Second. There is a question. Existential risk, or risk of bloody World War III? Not so sure. Bloody existence is good but, is to better then riskier clear future?

  • Josef Stalin
    Josef Stalin 20 hours ago +1

    Bariş ozcan 2.0

  • abdulrahman taha
    abdulrahman taha 20 hours ago

    And i thought that our fridge would safe me as in this movie 😂

  • Jahanzaib Ahmed
    Jahanzaib Ahmed 20 hours ago

    alright heres the game plan folks. if u for some reason, get caught amidst these circumstances, get aluminium foil as fast as possible. it will probably be still intact in shops or supermarkets. wrap it around yourself and flee the city.

  • Unkown Gamer YT
    Unkown Gamer YT 20 hours ago +1

    Me: Everyone would just die if they we're in the city, that's all

  • ぱふぱふ
    ぱふぱふ 21 hour ago


  • ぱふぱふ
    ぱふぱふ 21 hour ago


  • Ac Ze
    Ac Ze 22 hours ago

    Now I feel bad playing First Strike and bombing random cities to oblivion.

  • Rizal Pahlevi
    Rizal Pahlevi 22 hours ago

    i think u made several mistake..
    -first, yes the rain fallout is danger because it contain radioactive, but first danger is not that.. its the flash, with that energy flash contain other non visible light with radioactive, that radioactive is deadly enough make people at far distance and didnt get the explosion, vomit blood and die within seconds without knowing why... and their body become flashlight(but not visible with naked eye), shining with deathly radioactive.. so if u survive the blast but shower in the light, it mean u are death already..
    -second, each nuclear bomb created have specification.. from what it made? is it just from uranium? or with hydrogen and become thermonuclear weapon? and how much the fuel? from what high it ll explode? many thing is matter will decide the form and area explosion..
    you forgot to mention the area you are talking about is not right.. some smaller.. some way bigger to more than hundred km of *DIAMETER* area..
    -third, the fallout? wont just fall to the city, the cloud ll carry radioactive to thousand and thousand of km away from the explosion.. so your city isnt the target of nuke? well just wait for the rain..
    -last, that city isnt save for several years.. even to 20 yrs after bomb depend on the type of the bomb..

  • Myrm Ants
    Myrm Ants 23 hours ago

    Despite the horrifying details of this nuclear explosion; the worst thing will be - I won't be able to use my mobile phone! :-O

  • Myrm Ants
    Myrm Ants 23 hours ago

    What size/yield was the bomb that you used in this video?

  • David Remirez
    David Remirez Day ago

    How many Kilotons?

  • Worldwide Entertainment

    Physco = 'P' is silent
    Knife = 'K' is silent
    Metamorphose = 'P' is silent
    Fight = 'G' is silent
    Nuclear Weapons = 'United Nations' is silent

  • 戦艦長門
    戦艦長門 Day ago

    Fun? Nuclear is fun????
    If you talk in front of "HIBAKUSYA" you will punched by them.

  • Cooe14
    Cooe14 Day ago

    This video's writer lives in a delusional land of make believe. Voluntarily removing all nuclear weapons from the Earth & expecting nobody to ever make more? Don't make me laugh. That cat is out of the bag for good, and pretending we can put it back in just does more harm than good. Nuclear weapons aren't going anywhere. We need to figure out how to live in that world, not desperately hope for a nuke free world that will never fucking exist.

  • 99g
    99g Day ago

    It sounds exactly like the book - Hiroshima by Dr. Michihiko Hachiya... if anyone hasn’t read it .. they should try it. I am a radiation biologist and this video exactly dictates the horror of radiation exposure on human kind...The most horrific and truthful part of this video is what they said.. no nation is equipped with radiation emergency... Its quite hard to deal with and its effects are seen in years to come.. But than again, who can explain this to the idiots sitting with power..

  • Abdul samet Çelik

    Nükleer silahları doğru kullanabilirsek uzaydan veya yer altından gelecek tehditlere karşı kendimizi savunabiliriz

  • Lil S
    Lil S Day ago

    Oh my Hawking... the perspective/angles and fluidity of movement is just beautiful 🧪🧠❤

  • Егор Одинцов

    Как говорил мой дед если ты видишь ядерный взрыв , ты в зоне его поражение.

  • Bruno López
    Bruno López Day ago

    We only have to build an obsidian base around the city and we are safe

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson Day ago

    This is why I live in the country

  • manicinapanic
    manicinapanic Day ago

    So whos going to make sure eveyone has goten rid of all their nuclear weapons and whos going to make sure no one ever makes one ever again?

  • Mira bashir
    Mira bashir Day ago +1

    6:18 the time when raider groups appear, i hope theres always a personal buncer ready to enter or enough charisma inside you to lead some dudes for food water and all the other things which start gettin important right at this moment. If not theres atleast more prey for the strongest

  • HaloToday
    HaloToday Day ago

    a world free of nuclear weapons is of course ideal but it would be incredibly naive of us to think that every nation would follow through with their promise of getting rid of every single nuke. Nuclear weapons is a pandora's box. That's the sad truth.

  • Nate Kammerer
    Nate Kammerer Day ago

    Good job not bringing religion into a science channel

  • Midori Akamatsu
    Midori Akamatsu Day ago +1

    I don’t like nuclear bombs

  • 아쿠아맨Aquaman

    Educational Vedio

    DOVNOX Day ago +1

    Hey youtube show me nucleer videos ?

  • Mario Espinoza
    Mario Espinoza Day ago

    This shit is actually scary and crazy to think about

  • Anthony Sanchez
    Anthony Sanchez Day ago

    We need nuclear weapons it’s called M.A.D Mutually Assured Destruction the reason why we haven’t had another World war is because every country knows that the next world war will be the end of the world,even though Nukes are the most destructive and immoral weapon ever created they make a great deterrent,just think about how many lives would have been lost if we didn’t have Nuclear weapons.

  • Expired_Milk
    Expired_Milk Day ago

    I believe america has already answered this question in the year 1945

  • Magic mushroom
    Magic mushroom Day ago

    We humans are selfish people even if we don’t like to admit it, there is little threat to those who threaten nuke war because they know when it’s coming and they have bunkers to protect them, they will survive...

  • Julian Lai
    Julian Lai Day ago

    North Korea totally agrees with you!

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Day ago

    7:54 eliminating the world’s nuclear weapons would be great, but do you actually think countries like Iran, North Korea, Russia, etc would actually keep that promise? 😂 exactly. And THATS why the rest of the world still needs nuclear weapons.

  • The Toking King
    The Toking King Day ago

    He forgot to mention super mutants

  • Edan Anthony Brown

    The most depressing video I've seen. How can there be so much hate amongst one specie of being???

  • Xalantor
    Xalantor Day ago +1

    While everything you've said about nuclear weapons is true, trying persuade anyone to let go of them or expecting them to disappear is blind optimism at best. Right now we are living in the most peaceful time humanity has ever seen in no small part to the idea of mutually assured destruction. While it is possible that someone somewhere will go crazy and start nuking others without regards to even their own lives, those chances are minuscule at best. The likelihood that such a person will just be disposed of by all of those other people around them who actually want to live is orders of magnitudes greater.

    Not sure where it comes from, but there is a great saying or quote: "Technology once discovered cannot be undiscovered."

    Therefore instead of trying to ignore reality, keeping them in the light where everyone can see who is doing what with those bombs is the best compromise. There is still the goal of reducing the atomic arsenal, which is both more feasible and has a greater chance of being accomplished.

  • Surfer Rosa
    Surfer Rosa Day ago

    Okay, I'll move downtown then

  • Nishy
    Nishy Day ago

    Feel sorry for Hiroshima :(

  • andre charles
    andre charles Day ago

    "What are your thoughts about NK"
    Civilian:All I have are negative thoughts

  • Connor Shady-VanKampen

    People: What would happen if we nuked a city?
    Kurzgesagt: everyone fucking dies... then things get sadd...

  • sammie Canana
    sammie Canana Day ago

    Good luck
    I bet the nuclear powers are not part of the club
    India and Pakistan?
    Good luck
    N Korea China
    USA Russia
    These non nuke countries be better off trying to stop crazy people from escalated BS

  • sammie Canana
    sammie Canana Day ago

    What if we
    Nuke six cities in a row close to each other

  • David Mankarios
    David Mankarios Day ago

    Who else looked outside their windows just to check?

  • Kirk
    Kirk Day ago

    "What If We Dropped A Third One?"

    • coffy
      coffy 21 hour ago


      l i t e r a l l y

  • Devil of Wrath
    Devil of Wrath Day ago

    They’re dead, and anyone around them are dead too.

  • Bubble Nugget
    Bubble Nugget Day ago

    Well you get a war

  • Joshua Chambers
    Joshua Chambers Day ago


  • Dude Man
    Dude Man Day ago +1

    hey i cant agree with this. all these nukes we have on earf right now might be the only thing that is stopping an unkown alien civilization to invade us. We should learn to not use them or talk about them(the nukes) in context with humans or earf. Sure enough there might me some appliances where it can be usefull to use nukes in space, be it to defend vs alien invaders OOOOR even blast rich on mineral astroids or something of that sort into small shards so it's easier to harvest from?

  • Alexander M.
    Alexander M. Day ago

    All You have to do is hide in a fridge like intiana jones😂🙃

  • Flornmonk
    Flornmonk Day ago

    So how many megatons is the bomb?

  • Omario Omario
    Omario Omario Day ago

    Everyone: how did you know this would happen?
    Kurzgesagt: we tried it.

  • Gia Wartel
    Gia Wartel Day ago

    a country: I'll nUKe u iF u donT dO diS
    another country: n0t iF I nUke u firSt
    a country: *fires nuke*
    another country: *fires nuke*

  • Abhi San
    Abhi San Day ago

    Explain this to Pakistani PM Imran khan😅