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ICE BIKE The worlds first bike with wheels made of ICE

  • Published on Oct 29, 2014 veröffentlicht
  • What if a bike had ice for wheels? Well i decided to find out...with a little help from cryogenics, helicopters, ...and Dave of course.
    Watch the behind the scenes video:
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Comments • 3 566

  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  5 years ago +440

    Please Vote for My HOMEMADE HOVERBIKE Video to win a "webby award" I've never won anything like this so help me out haha vote.webbyawards.com/PublicVoting#/2017/film-video/branded-entertainment/viral-branded

    • TheGWR0-4-0
      TheGWR0-4-0 Year ago +1

      I think I’m a bit late . . .

    • Elijah Dage
      Elijah Dage 2 years ago +1

      He's done it, guys!

    • Nathan Ricketts
      Nathan Ricketts 2 years ago +1

      Bro u do some crazy shit 🤣🤣👊🏽

    • George
      George 3 years ago +1

      put motorcycle risk in the bmx

    • Gisela Ibarra
      Gisela Ibarra 4 years ago +1

      colinfurze soi alejo soi fan

  • Morpheus
    Morpheus 6 years ago +656

    This guy needs his own show. lol

  • Sewergator
    Sewergator 6 years ago +245

    This guy is completely insane.....but in the good way

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 6 years ago +919

    The first pedal bike you can drift, even if you don't want to

  • milk man
    milk man 5 years ago +285

    Rules of the ICE BIKE:
    1. Yell "ICE BIKE" every twenty seconds.
    2.Refer to rule 1.

  • Mikael B
    Mikael B 6 years ago +190

    This is probably one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Icy why people like you, and I'm one of them.

  • jesse panosh
    jesse panosh 6 years ago +441

    What a time to be alive

  • Nibble Trinnal
    Nibble Trinnal 3 years ago +24

    colin: my wheels keep melting
    everyone else: yeah cuz they're made of ice
    colin: theres only one solution
    everyone else: oh no

  • Mr.SilverCod
    Mr.SilverCod 6 years ago +86

    Ice wheels. The other face of hot wheels.

  • Jisoo Kim
    Jisoo Kim 5 years ago

    You should have used Pykrete (a mix from ice and sawdust), it's more shock resistant and it offers a little bit more grip than pure ice.

  • Bill
    Bill 4 years ago

    Just when you thought you've seen everything, colin comes back with the ice bike.

  • CD JM
    CD JM 7 months ago

    You're an absolute legend! Just discovered you on channel 5 stunt show, HOW TF have I not heard about you before!? You're literally exactly what I need in my life 😅 I want to work with and for you! Haha! Absolute champion

  • Kawaii Asuna
    Kawaii Asuna 6 years ago

    They are crazy...... and i LOVE IT! That my friends is AMAZING! How did they even come up with this?!? This has to be the next bike of the winter season. I mean , its ICE! WHO WOULDENT WANT TO RIDE A IVE BIKE?!? You Guys are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!! You are incredible , thank you for showing us ^3^

  • iPad Unknown
    iPad Unknown 6 years ago +1

    This guy gets crazier by the second. I love it!

  • Burning Puppet
    Burning Puppet 5 years ago

    I've got to admit that Colin is one of those who've lived their lives to the fullest.

    • Jon Raggett
      Jon Raggett 2 years ago +1

      Might not be that long though

  • Matteo P
    Matteo P 6 years ago +3

    I've never seen so much madness in one man: all my respect

  • John K
    John K 4 years ago

    You are absolutely full throttle, man! I love it

  • SteampunkTigerlily18
    SteampunkTigerlily18 6 years ago +56

    It makes me unspeakably happy knowing that people like this actually exist

    • Ray MAKES
      Ray MAKES 6 years ago +3

      yeah, total nut....and I love it!

  • MrStr8leg
    MrStr8leg 5 years ago

    I've never heard of you until I came across your AT-ACT build. You are completely daft sir...and brilliant! You've gained a new fan. 8^)

  • Lex Hoogendam
    Lex Hoogendam 6 years ago

    Love your vids and your creations. One thing tho. Always make sure to check the settings and select 'Progressive' (indicated by the letter P) and not 'Interlaced' (indicated by the letter I) when rendering your video's. Interlaced is for TV only (old tv's images where made up from horizontal lines as you probably know) hence the stripy effect in this video. Keep up the awesome video's!

  • MaxUniverse
    MaxUniverse 5 years ago

    this dude is the living example of the fine line between genius and crazy

  • Tuomas Laakkonen
    Tuomas Laakkonen 6 years ago

    Have you tried using pykrete (ice with wood shavings)? It is much stronger and resists melting much longer.

  • Javan Clarke
    Javan Clarke 6 years ago +5

    You know what would be cooler? (Pun intended)
    A bike made ENTIRELY of ice.

  • adam casserly
    adam casserly 6 years ago

    As a kid I've always thought of a bike made out of bouncy ball wheels, would that be possible not exactly to bounce just to see if it was possible

  • sci_pain3
    sci_pain3 2 years ago +15

    ‘on top of a frozen glacier’ that escalated quickly

  • johnny brandon
    johnny brandon 6 years ago +34

    put sawdust in the ice and the ice will be super strong and very hard to break

  • TrumpCorp.
    TrumpCorp. 8 years ago +7

    I cant understand how Colin didnt win the Nobel price for invention.

  • Bra Yan
    Bra Yan 5 years ago

    This man is a Legend! Never afraid to die. :D

  • Stephen Pugh
    Stephen Pugh 5 years ago

    love how you've just got your shirt and tie on when on the top of a freakin glacier. go furze you absolute legend

  • Chris Moon
    Chris Moon Year ago

    I just discovered your channel a few months ago, and I have to say, you're my new favorite channel! YEAH!!!!!

  • Jarid Gaming
    Jarid Gaming 4 years ago +13

    You should have mixed the ice with paper or cotton balls to make it stronger

  • Driahva
    Driahva 8 years ago +5

    10/10 would buy, much better than hoverboards that only work on metal surfaces.

  • Talos
    Talos Year ago +1

    Maybe try pykrete (a mixture of wood pulp and ice) next time so the wheels last longer.

  • BeckyIsSalty
    BeckyIsSalty 6 years ago +6

    This man is bugfuck insane and I love him.

  • Troy's Toolshed
    Troy's Toolshed 6 years ago

    You are mad, love it. Why haven't you been picked up by a TV station yet. Keep it coming mate

  • celticwolff
    celticwolff 6 years ago

    He should have also made wheels from pykrete. That would have been a good comparison. And he should have plenty of sawdust around the shop.

  • Jess S
    Jess S 6 years ago

    this guy would be a great friend of mine. He is a genuis hands some of the greatest inventions ive seen he has a great future ahead of him. 👍✊👌

  • Mantra
    Mantra 5 years ago

    This guy is crazy and I love it!

  • Blaze the Fox
    Blaze the Fox 3 years ago

    You make egg-celent inventions, man! How many ideas can form in his head per day? Any guesses, anyone?

  • Yin
    Yin 6 years ago

    I officially love dis guys' positivity and energy. I WOVE IT. If no ones crazy enough, he's the one to do it. I'm new... Has he ever been in any accident?

  • blackbluntdogg
    blackbluntdogg 6 years ago +767

    If I'm ever stuck in a mental institution, I would like this guy to be in there with me for entertainment..

    • Craig Cuthbert
      Craig Cuthbert 4 years ago

      Me two.

    • John Johnson
      John Johnson 5 years ago

      He'll probably be in there himself anyway some of the stuff he does

    • Neo
      Neo 6 years ago +11

      He can make full on bacon in ten seconds

    • DJVIIIMan
      DJVIIIMan 6 years ago +3

      I feel like it would get old pretty fast.

    • kitchenmaiden81
      kitchenmaiden81 6 years ago +4

      He visits there every other weekend to have some like minded company.

  • BiG_i
    BiG_i 5 years ago

    Ah love it bro! You were hanging out right on my favorite ski hill! Greetings from Canada!

  • Arjun Ajay
    Arjun Ajay 2 years ago

    This guy Is INSANE and I LOVE IT

  • SmokinJoe347
    SmokinJoe347 3 years ago

    Our Colin, a national treasure he is Hmmmm!

  • Tavish McEwen
    Tavish McEwen 5 years ago

    I love how you can tell based on the reverb that the clip with the phone in the ice wasn't taken on the glacier. xD

  • linux750
    linux750 7 years ago +3

    i lost it at the part when he used the ice chunks from his wheel to "freshen" his cola.
    and the frozen orange juice wheels were hilarious too!

  • Kirbyfire73
    Kirbyfire73 5 years ago +1

    Imagine this scenario: Your on that bike going down a steep hill and there's an intersection at the bottom of the hill. You going really fast down the hill thinking all's great with the world and then you see that the light has just turned red and you are about ten feet away from going into the intersection... What do you do? Keep in mind if you jump off you'll still keep rolling as fast as that bike was going.

  • Toofwess
    Toofwess 4 years ago +5

    Colin, you're the personification of "but y tho"
    Never change.

  • Ricardo Teixeira Corrêa

    O que você tem na cabeça Colin. But you're awesome!

  • Noah
    Noah 2 years ago +3

    I love how he one ups the video like u think “oh that’s sick”
    “Ok now he just took a helicopter to a snow mountain to ride the bike LOL

  • CFL
    CFL 7 years ago +6

    One of the silliest things you can do, got to admire the determination though.

  • Storm897
    Storm897 6 years ago

    Imagine if he made the wheels out of ice skate blades and went on in the ice rink

  • coverthail
    coverthail 6 years ago

    if you put wood shavings in the ice it might make it stronger and not melt as fast, I saw that on mythbusters. apparently this one guy wanted to make air craft carriers out of it.

  • JunkBucket
    JunkBucket 5 years ago

    You should make an ice-skate bike! Take that on an ice-rink. OOOh make it jet powered too!

  • Anıl Asma
    Anıl Asma 2 years ago

    All of his ideas are high ideas, but this guy actually makes them happen lol

  • Zach Brown
    Zach Brown 5 years ago

    i honestly think Colin Furze is legitimately insane, like asylum-level insane

  • Niccs
    Niccs 6 years ago

    awesome but i think its really more useful on icy road

  • Skibert89
    Skibert89 6 years ago

    This dude is way to smart, I'm actually jealous and I've never been jealous in my life lol.

  • Edragoninja
    Edragoninja 6 years ago

    Sounds fun to do literal icepick grinds

  • TKOR
    TKOR 8 years ago +448

    That was .. cool. Was that glacier in Canada?

    • Jacob montano
      Jacob montano 18 days ago

      This is the first Clip-Share video I have ever watched. And rip grant he was a big part in my childhood as well can’t believe this was 8 years ago.

    • Tyler Curry
      Tyler Curry 11 months ago

      Tkor I am a big fan

    • Brightax
      Brightax Year ago


    • Leo Zhen
      Leo Zhen 3 years ago

      defender of the couch grant is dead now😭

    • Leo Zhen
      Leo Zhen 3 years ago

      FatMonsterIsEatin grant is sadly dead now

  • joe mama
    joe mama 5 years ago

    I would make the wheel s out of pykrete or something similar, it is much more resistant and melts alot slower

  • Pattie Duck
    Pattie Duck 6 years ago

    You should've used dry ice so when it gets in water it bubbles.

  • Duskears
    Duskears 5 years ago

    Colin, you make punk rock look good. \m/

  • Rabin Siam
    Rabin Siam 2 years ago

    He goes to the extreme extent 😂
    🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Dominic Bonasse
    Dominic Bonasse 6 years ago +4

    That's a really ice idea. I think it's cool what you did

  • Queen Elsa of Arendelle

    Wish I could've helped this lad. I'd make his bike's wheels even better if I was there.

    REECE GTAV 6 years ago

    It actually does look pretty 'cool'

  • Gustav Juul
    Gustav Juul 6 years ago

    this guy is mental, and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • jonrms
    jonrms Year ago

    Awesome finally found your channel. You should get your teaching degree and be the craziest science teacher

  • James Balazs
    James Balazs 8 years ago +33

    I forgot you used to be some kind of BMX god back in the day...

    • RoboTekno
      RoboTekno 8 years ago +10

      Now he's an Ice Bike God.

    • Ragadabah
      Ragadabah 8 years ago +10

      Yeah, downhill icebiking would be death to any normal human.

    • Ric Rac
      Ric Rac 8 years ago +2


    • colinfurze
      colinfurze  8 years ago +65

      way back hehe

  • Lindsay Stewart
    Lindsay Stewart 2 years ago

    You need to make a mountain bike now with ice wheels

  • Austin Latte Man
    Austin Latte Man 6 years ago

    You are insane and I love it I. Definitely subscribing!!

  • Electric Geosaurus
    Electric Geosaurus 6 years ago

    can you make a upgraded version of the ice bile that can go up hills

  • Medium Picasso
    Medium Picasso 5 years ago

    I like how he just wears a suit and tie at the top of a ice mountain

  • Tom Dixon
    Tom Dixon 4 years ago

    Hey Collin u should have made the wheels out of sea salt ice or dry ice

  • BraveMatthew
    BraveMatthew 6 years ago +23

    its always half way through the video, where i start to question why does he do this, and how...

  • Max Millette
    Max Millette 6 years ago +1

    wouldn't it just be easier to ride an unmodified BMX on an ice rink?

  • HWL
    HWL 6 years ago +1

    rofl he really got a plane to an ice glacier, he really loves his ice bike xD

  • ChaotiX
    ChaotiX 6 years ago +458

    This guy has a very "Mad Scientist" appeal to him.

  • RagingChuckle 35
    RagingChuckle 35 6 years ago

    You should make the ice bike made of dry ice

  • Craig Cuthbert
    Craig Cuthbert 4 years ago

    colinfurze is the greatest to have ever lived.

  • D&S Creations
    D&S Creations 6 years ago +7

    That's a nice bike and it's an ice bike.

  • Crazy biys
    Crazy biys 5 years ago +1

    the ice bike looks like so GREAT and AMAZIIING YEAH!!

  • Big_Adam_2050
    Big_Adam_2050 8 years ago +293

    Hot dang, someone backed Colin with a budget.

    • 민오
      민오 5 years ago

      Big_Adam_2050 hot dang no not dog ok?

    • Leapimus Maximus
      Leapimus Maximus 8 years ago +14

      @colinfurze The world is doomed, I expect Stanford to be in ruins by the end of the month.

    • colinfurze
      colinfurze  8 years ago +306

      bless them fools hahaha

  • Therottencoconut
    Therottencoconut 6 years ago

    This is the first video I saw from your channel and I only found out you existed today but you have already rocketed into my fav youtuber (although I would like vids to come out quicker, I don't think they'd be as good though)

    • Mikael B
      Mikael B 6 years ago

      +Therottencoconut Colin's videos only come out on Thursday. I mean, Furzeday.

    • Therottencoconut
      Therottencoconut 6 years ago

      Just realised that I don't even know how fast vids are coming out, I just assumed that it was kinda slow seeming as I have already watched almost all ur vids 😝

  • Thijs van der Voort
    Thijs van der Voort 5 years ago

    How could you not love this guy???

  • Rafael Moran
    Rafael Moran 6 years ago

    this guy is all kinds of awesome

  • Mac Allen
    Mac Allen 2 years ago

    This is so mental I love it!

  • Ross Painting
    Ross Painting 7 years ago +4

    you are the craziest youtuber ever thumbs up bro keep doing what you are doing. i love it!

  • T Song
    T Song 2 years ago

    Instead of having your bike slip on ice, How about slipping on any surface? Brilliant!

  • Bryan C.
    Bryan C. 2 years ago

    Absolutely insane.

  • Reign Sealy
    Reign Sealy 5 years ago

    Even on top of a frozen mountain he still wears that tie and shirt XD

  • Classicaly Trumpet
    Classicaly Trumpet 3 years ago +1

    Banker: what’s your budget?
    Colinfurze: yes

  • STANN.co
    STANN.co 8 years ago +216

    ice bucket challenge. Hit a rich guy with that bike

    • Probsty OG
      Probsty OG 7 years ago


    • cybertree
      cybertree 8 years ago

      @colinfurze Amazing innovation, you deserve a nobel peace prize m8! Think of the applications! This could be a repairable wheel for astronauts, I think you've just accelerated nasa forward about 100 years fine sir. HAHAAA!

    • colinfurze
      colinfurze  8 years ago +155

      amazing comment

    OH YEAH YEAH 3 years ago +64

    *IDEAS:* “2050
    *CAMERA:* “1989

  • Matthew Birkmaier
    Matthew Birkmaier 5 years ago +1

    He was gone insane and it's AMAZING

  • TheBacon
    TheBacon 5 years ago

    Haha he turned 12 and hasn't aged since! I love it!

  • Jamen Ja
    Jamen Ja 6 years ago +171

    Remember kids, if something is boring... blow it up

    • shadow clones
      shadow clones 3 years ago


    • badrillex
      badrillex 5 years ago

      well this is what isis did

    • Jamen Ja
      Jamen Ja 5 years ago

      Well, you know what to do...

    • MustardCreams
      MustardCreams 5 years ago +3

      Jamen Ja what if your teacher is boring 🏫💣☠

    • Coaster Joe
      Coaster Joe 6 years ago +4

      Jamen Ja hey school is boring! But I'm not a terrorist! Confusing right!

  • kym
    kym 6 years ago +9

    How does one think to themselves..
    "Hmmm i think im gonna make the first bike with ice wheels! :D"

  • Samael D Rigel
    Samael D Rigel 2 years ago

    I wonder how many times has Collin fallen down and got hurt with that thing...🤔