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Do You Need A Kemper Profiler? (With Tone Junkie TV)

  • Published on Sep 7, 2021 veröffentlicht

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  • Jeffrey Cleghorn
    Jeffrey Cleghorn Year ago +203

    I like that Josh is secure enough to embrace this new tech while being heavily invested in physical gear. It’s not a zero sum game. Digital can be great, analog can be great.

  • DrKevGuitar
    DrKevGuitar Year ago +10

    Josh nailed it when he said "what we think the guitar sounds like is WRONG if it's based on the bedroom". First 25 minutes of this should be required listening for everyone who wants to step on a stage! My goal was always to have the sound engineer thank me at the end of a gig. To get there I audition mic placements in front of the speaker both at home over a backing track of the song I was gonna play and during rehearsals, so I knew that on stage what I was sending to the desk was gonna work without too much corrective EQ at the board. What we like to hear at home in the room is too bassy and usually too much gain too!

  • Jason Thompson
    Jason Thompson Year ago +11

    I swear, the music coming from this channel as a whole is better than 80% of what anyone else is putting out these days. Bravo.

  • Jordan Seal

    This is a special episode. I don’t know what’s special about it, but something feels deeper, more like what the JHS crew talk about in their off-camera time. Mas, please.

  • macsarcule
    macsarcule Year ago +8

    Nick is spot on with his assessment of the aesthetic and how important it is to understand what we like vs. what we don’t like and for the reasons why. I can’t deny that Kemper had me feeling weird, like someone was going to say this is the replacement for amps. And it sounds so good, I was questioning why I got the amp I just bought. But then I thought about

  • tomcoryell

    I first saw this model being used by Skid Row. They were driving Marshall 4-12 cabs with them and they sounded phenomenal. Because of their stage setup, the audience never sees amps or cabs.

  • guitar1067 Sports: Classic NFL NBA

    One of your very best shows (that's saying a lot) on one of The vital topics. You all convincingly expressed the view that embracing what is great about both profilers and tube amps (or any gear) is the approach that most broadens our creative palette. If it sounds and feels good and works well, don't let tradition limit you. Case-in-point: as late as 1965 using electric guitars and tube amps got Dylan and Bloomfield booed.

  • sidadm
    sidadm Year ago +8

    Videos like this remind us every time how amazing the JHS channel is.

  • Chris Davies
    Chris Davies Year ago +1

    Not familiar with Tone Junkie but will definitely be checking out his work. This was a really great conversation. As someone who has been using modellers for a while now, for pretty much all the reasons spoken about here, I very much enjoyed this. Really fantastic to hear people who are so passionate about tone and gear still be able to explain the virtues of modern technology. It comes back to something I've been saying for so long, you don't have to choose between one or the other, there's value in it all.

  • _____Paul L. Ewing _____ STOMP BOX STEALS

    Kemper designed and built the amp 11 years ago. Every aspect of it was designed to be both updated and upgraded without the need for a v.2 . In short there is a ridiculous amount of memory not just for more models, but also to add better function, both in just what you can do, but what the unit would in the future be capable of doing to reproduce better and more expressive sound. In short you can update with downloads to make the very first units to be the same as one made today.

  • Kyle hart

    This video completely sold me on the Kemper, I bought a stage immediately after watching and have never been happier with a piece of gear. Just wanted to say a big thank you to HW, Josh, and all the JHS guys for all that you do.

  • Ryan Layton
    Ryan Layton Year ago +5

    This has been my favorite of all your live streams. Great conversation and really great playing.

    HTH AMPS Year ago +23

    Consistency is why I started using a Strymon Iridium for gigging. I plug in and get 'my tone' straight away with no messing round, no getting the amp 'in the zone', no crappy electronics in the venue that cause your tube amp to hum and sound gutless - you get the idea. Plus, I don't have to break my back with an amp.

  • TribalScience

    Hanging out, relaxed, talking about music gear, taking breaks to jam... I want my life to look like this some day.

  • slickcross
    slickcross Year ago

    Just got the Kemper Stage. There is definitely a learning curve especially if you're coming from a traditional amp / pedalboard setup. The Kemper is a powerful tool if you know how to use it.

  • IrLosin
    IrLosin Year ago

    I love people like Josh who don't just go: this is a thing, this is how you dial it and this is how it sounds, but they tell you the history. Josh is the George Motz of pedals.

  • House of Shred
    House of Shred Year ago +49


  • Silky Soy
    Silky Soy Year ago +8


  • rlgviz
    rlgviz Year ago +6

    I've used a Kemper for years, as a complement to my tube amp collection. I like operating in "edge of breakup" space with my amps, and control dirt via my fingers and the guitar volume knob, with drive pedals for an extra boost. The Kemper not only does the touch sensitivity flawlessly, but really gets the touch sensitivity of

  • AAI6718
    AAI6718 Year ago +2

    I don't play in a band, but it seems to be a nice way to get various tube amp tones without buying all the different amps and cabinets.