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The Life of Aragorn before The Lord of the Rings | Tolkien Explained

  • Published on Mar 5, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • What was Aragorn doing before The Lord of the Rings? After his father, Arathorn is killed, Aragorn is taken to Rivendell to be raised by Elrond. He grows into a great warrior and his experiences will mold him into the man who would reclaim the throne of Gondor and Arnor, and usher in the fourth age of Middle-earth!
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    Arwen and Aragorn the Youth by Samo
    Denethor Son of Ecthelion II by 1oshuart
    Strider by ckgoksoy
    At the Sign of the Prancing Pony - Ted Nasmith
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  • Bolin Volovan
    Bolin Volovan 2 years ago +3499

    Aragon's life before LOTR is worth a film on it's own.

    • Emma Phi
      Emma Phi 2 years ago +27


    • obobsaget
      obobsaget 2 years ago +15

      Was about to comment this

    • BlackSmokeDMax
      BlackSmokeDMax 2 years ago +29

      Just keep Peter Jackson away, "somehow" all of his movies' characters will be involved.

    • Kamds01
      Kamds01 2 years ago +69

      @BlackSmokeDMax im confused he did a good job on the movies why wouldn't you want him?

    • BlackSmokeDMax
      BlackSmokeDMax 2 years ago +58

      @Kamds01 great job on LOTR, I have VERY few complaints. The Hobbit trilogy OTOH was a train wreck, IMO. I mean not in a technical aspect. In that regard it was gorgeous, just not as faithful to the book.

  • Onodrim
    Onodrim 2 years ago +1641

    Aragorn remembering his mother's last words makes the Narsil scene so much better!

    • D. A. Music
      D. A. Music 2 years ago +69

      I’m very impressed by how well researched the movie is. I never knew that one.

    • Lucas Chataing
      Lucas Chataing 10 months ago +5

      And it is already one of the most thrilling scenes for me, especially thanks to the score of master Howard Shore when Aragorn draws the sword, NOW IT'S EVEN BETTER !!!

    • Jens Trudenau
      Jens Trudenau 6 months ago

      As a rather uninformed watcher I have seen those scenes as cringe. The next time I watch them it might have a very different effect.

    • Fallon Turner
      Fallon Turner Month ago

      Except that he got it from Elrond before the counsel where the Fellowship was formed, so in the movie it’s a bullshit scene

    • Racernator De
      Racernator De 21 day ago +1

      @Fallon Turner It makes sense in the context of the movie...they changed quite some stuff regarding Aragorn. So instead of just complaining, try to think why they made the sword scene differently

  • Josh Cullins
    Josh Cullins 2 years ago +1657

    Elronds conversation with Aragorn in ROTK before giving him the sword has so much more meaning now that I know he quoted Aragorns mother. Pretty cool

    • Absolute Vulnerability
      Absolute Vulnerability 2 years ago +24

      So cool!!

    • Memphistofales
      Memphistofales 2 years ago +61

      It's insane to think that Peter Jackson got this on film! It makes me wonder how much the producers researched the whole story instead of just shooting stuff.

    • tokenparade
      tokenparade Year ago +30

      @Memphistofales Phillipa Boyens and Fran Walsh knew their sh*t, my friend.

    • T1ll573r
      T1ll573r Year ago +16

      @Memphistofales Peter Jackson didn't just make these movies, he literally turned into a Hobbit during the whole procedure. I think that says it all :D

    • Kalbhach O Briain
      Kalbhach O Briain Year ago +17

      I love Tolkien, the books, film adaptations and extended lore, but whoah… my knowledge is truly surface level, I’m realising, as I watch more and more of these excellent videos. The significance of that “I keep none for myself” line is shatteringly emotive.

  • Alex Shadowfax
    Alex Shadowfax 2 years ago +3446

    Aragorn could be boring with most other writers since he's so noble and rightous all the time, but Tolkien turned him into one of the best men ever written,a man all men can aspire too. Have a good day

    • katins s
      katins s 2 years ago +163

      It's true, he is the true king archetype for men

    • Anna Marianne
      Anna Marianne 2 years ago +115

      It's harder to be good than to be bad.

    • Redefined Living
      Redefined Living 2 years ago +202

      @Anna Marianne i dont get it either. people seem to find fictional characters who show nuances of meanness or darkness in them as a more excellent writing. when being real, and noble is the hardest thing a human can aspire to. people just want their ego stroke lol

    • Anna Marianne
      Anna Marianne 2 years ago +123

      @Redefined Living Yep. Anyone can be selfish, foolish or a jerk. It doesn't take trying. I think people feel threathened (judged) by someone else's successfull striving for inner greatness, and want to tarnish it. We want to find something ugly in good people, and tell ourselves the bad people aren't that bad really. Gives us solace while we stay in our vices.

    • TheRatsintheWalls
      TheRatsintheWalls 2 years ago +88

      @Redefined Living
      It's not that people enjoy evil or flawed characters. It's that such characters are typically also more nuanced and interesting. Being pure noblebright tends to come with being written without nuances. Without nuances they're usually bad, boring characters. Aragorn is an excellent counter example, and the rarity of that is what sparked this conversation.

  • Johnny W
    Johnny W 2 years ago +461

    1. I’m so impressed by the insane level of detail that Tolkien threw into his lore. I knew it was a lot, but these videos are just blowing my mind. (No wonder he worried nobody could enjoy Lord of the Rings without having read the Silmarillion.) 2. I’m equally impressed at the knowledge of Jackson, Walsh and Boyens when they were writing the movies. Holy cow. All the references that are so spot on!

    • Kahekili Maui
      Kahekili Maui 2 years ago +8

      But the references were grotesquely altered, giving the mindset of one character,
      to another character altogether.
      Robbing them of their bravery,
      stripping others of their wisdom and still others of their dignity.
      Quite effectively turning them...
      no... Throwing them,
      on their heads,
      in direct reverse of Tolkien's written intentions.
      Having Steeped myself in Tolkien's written world for over 44 years, Jackson's reversals of character and line switching...
      it felt Outrageous and Blasphemous
      and that is,
      I am afraid,
      the very Best that I can say about Boyen's Walsh and Jackson's treatment of Tolkien's Beloved Children.
      They are but dim, wanting and Shadowy imposters to his world's actual inhabitants.
      As for the...LOOK,
      of Jackson's
      "Middle Earth"
      Save only for the roof of
      "The Golden Hall"
      "Middle Earth"
      is absolutely stunning and profound in its Beauty and perfection of Landscape, Architecture and Design!

    • Nancy Testani
      Nancy Testani Year ago +2

      I read lord of the rings at 17….wonderful books..but did not read simarrillian , the hobbit first. Fantastic.

    • Aurora Arcturus Ambassador
      Aurora Arcturus Ambassador Year ago

      What is Silmarillion?

    • GrieferOnCamera
      GrieferOnCamera Year ago +1

      @Aurora Arcturus Ambassador the other stories about Middle earth before LOTR and the Hobbit

    • Pashak de Scilly
      Pashak de Scilly Year ago +4

      @Aurora Arcturus Ambassador Silmarillion is a book published after Tolkein's death. It was not worked up into book form by Tolkein, and many argued for it to be left as it was. It was mostly written first, but you could call it the prequel, or a laying out of context for The Hobbit and LotR. There's lots of information in it which explains hidden references in LotR.

  • Frozen Bubbles
    Frozen Bubbles 2 years ago +2874

    Elrond: "She shall not be the bride of any man less than the king of both Gondor and Arnor."
    Aragorn: "Hold my beer."

    • Nerd of the Rings
      Nerd of the Rings  2 years ago +143


    • Marco La Magra
      Marco La Magra 2 years ago +169

      *40 years later*
      Aragorn: "Cheers ;)"

    • Laurence0227
      Laurence0227 2 years ago +125

      Elrond:”..... Mr. Anderson!” (put on sun glasses)

    • FreedomAndPeaceOnly
      FreedomAndPeaceOnly 2 years ago +77

      Elrond has arrogance left in him, huh?
      Being proud of one's own status as an immortal and of high previlige, he think only the highest Human position is good enough for his daughter, huh?
      But at least he had Aragon not ambushed and captured, interrogated and then started sniffing his head while saying
      *_" I can smell, how you age. And every time I smell it I fear to have been infected! Humanity... is an illness. And we Elves, are the cure. "_*

  • Kheana Robles
    Kheana Robles 2 years ago +4584

    Gandalf is literally friends with everyone

    • ChoedanKal
      ChoedanKal 2 years ago +1062

      Yea he had the weed

    • Jar of Farts
      Jar of Farts 2 years ago +270

      Sauron wants to know your location

    • Kath Estarion
      Kath Estarion 2 years ago +302

      He’s an evolved being, and came to Middle Earth to be a help and a guide. I really love him. Not only is he powerful, he has a great sense of humour.

    • Doctor Fate
      Doctor Fate 2 years ago +31

      Every time I see his name I keep wanting to say Ganondorf.

    • Callsign: Casual
      Callsign: Casual 2 years ago +53

      Friends with everyone except Denathor....one can wonder why😅

  • Mohammed Yousaf
    Mohammed Yousaf Year ago +131

    Could you imagine what the conversations were like between Aragorn and Gollum during that 900 mile walk😭😭😭

    • Alex Mayberry
      Alex Mayberry 6 months ago +25

      our only wish, to catch a fish, so juicyyyyyyyy SWEEETTTT

    • No Ideas
      No Ideas 2 months ago +13

      Be silent! I will get you a fish.

      BEARD3DBEANIEE 2 months ago +6

      @No Ideas but what about second Fish, elevensi, afternoon tea

    • LukeBailey182
      LukeBailey182 Month ago +11

      Aragorn: pull my finger.
      Gollum: Not this again precious.

    • MultiVitamiN
      MultiVitamiN 13 days ago

      loooots and looots of riddles precious....

  • Odie D
    Odie D 2 years ago +407

    I really appreciate how coherent you've presented the timelines and what the characters are doing. Although I've read and reread the books, Tolkien's world is so alive that it's still difficult to keep it all straight in ones head. Excellent work! Also at first I thought the voices was a bit silly but it is growing on me and I think it really adds to the presentation.

    • Nerd of the Rings
      Nerd of the Rings  2 years ago +21

      Thanks for watching! Glad you are enjoying the channel!

    • Blackadder75
      Blackadder75 2 years ago +17

      Tolkien was a perfectionist. He often rewrote whole chapters of the story because he discovered that the timeline of two complete different plot branches (say Frodo and Sam vs Gimli and Legolas didn't align up with the position of the moon! As in in scene A it was full moon and in scene B it was half moon, but he calculated that it should be the same day. Although probably nobody would notice, that simply would not do, and he would rewrite parts until it all fitted perfectly. This drove the publisher mad , the book was work in progress for at least 14 years (although that includes WW2)

    • El Duderino
      El Duderino 2 years ago +7

      @Blackadder75 fucking amazing man. People look at me like I’m crazy when I praise Tolkien, but the man was a god amongst men with his work.

    • Eric Johnson
      Eric Johnson Year ago

      Same, but I'm liking the voices less the more I hear them.

    • armygirl85 #FuckHitler
      armygirl85 #FuckHitler Year ago +1

      This is why I love how these books give us the full maps for us non middle earthers to follow along to lol

  • Charlie
    Charlie 2 years ago +158

    Always liked the wording between Aragorn and Arwen, It is really written well. Even in the movies it was acted greatly.

    • Nerd of the Rings
      Nerd of the Rings  2 years ago +5


    • Emma Phi
      Emma Phi 2 years ago +4

      The conversation in LOTR are a favourite, they are well written

    • El Duderino
      El Duderino 2 years ago +1

      @Emma Phi the acting, the setup for all the orca where as in the new hobbit movies everything is done really poorly with shit cgi

    • Josiah Zabel
      Josiah Zabel Year ago

      It's poetry...

  • Firebrand128
    Firebrand128 Year ago +46

    I love how Elrond's putting Aragorn through ridiculous trials before he can even think about marriage to Arwen while Galadriel gives him fancy clothes and has him spend some nights with Arwen.
    Elrond: Stop undermining me.
    Galadril: You're gatekeeping and you know it.

  • The French on the hill
    The French on the hill 2 years ago +590

    I think Aragorn will always be the coolest hero of all fictions/ novels.

    • Chuck
      Chuck 2 years ago +40

      Watched a pretty good video about how Aragorn is basically the picture perfect example of positive masculinity and I could not agree more

    • PathofCultivation
      PathofCultivation 2 years ago

      Feanor > Aragorn.

    • James Walsh
      James Walsh 2 years ago +2

      Sameise all the way!!

    • jsjwhw
      jsjwhw 2 years ago

      @James Walsh I wouldn't say he is "'cool"

    • gsr4medic
      gsr4medic 2 years ago +11

      In my opinion, the stories of Beren (hero) and Turin (cursed hero) are better. They face a greater foe in Melkor (Morgoth) and the evil creatures of Middle Earth are stronger because Melkor's strength and wrath made them. Sauron (maia) and his creatures, like the men of the line of Numenor, are diminished from the likes Glaurang (dragon), Gothmog (Balrog), Carcharoth (wolf), and Melkor (Ainur). That's not to say Sauron and his creatures were not daunting adversaries, just not as those that came before. That said Araragorn is a hero worthy of the greats in literature, belonging with likes of Odysseus, Hercules, and Beowulf.

  • Arthur Dane
    Arthur Dane 2 years ago +713

    Interesting that Denethor was jealous of Aragorn. Adds so much context to the bitterness we see in Return of the King.

    • Nerd of the Rings
      Nerd of the Rings  2 years ago +88

      It's one of my favorite pieces of background info that feed into LOTR. To be fair, Tolkien's world is full of things like this, but I love how directly it ties into such important characters in LOTR!

    • Arthur Dane
      Arthur Dane 2 years ago +25

      @Nerd of the Rings thank you for your work. I’ve been on a re-bing of all thing LOTR to help cope with Pandemic anxiety. And stuff like this really is wonderful to listen to!

    • Nerd of the Rings
      Nerd of the Rings  2 years ago +39

      I’m so glad my videos could play a small part in helping you cope with current events. It’s been a great escape for me as well, creating these videos. Middle-earth is a great place to visit when times get hectic!

    • Arthur Dane
      Arthur Dane 2 years ago +7

      @Nerd of the Rings Absolutely. I just wish the Amazon TV show is A) Good 2) coming soon.

    • Robert Erlandson
      Robert Erlandson 2 years ago +2

      Yes I just found out about that myself his own father favored Aragorn over him even though he never knew who Aragorn really was

  • Cerberus
    Cerberus 2 years ago +265

    I think the really interesting thing was when Arwen said "Then we are cousins from afar" to Aragorn. That, when I first read it fifty years ago, struck me as amazing, and very telling. He can expect to live for another 200 years and he's fallen in love with someone who is already 4,000 years old.

    • thekalaoakidd
      thekalaoakidd 2 years ago +31

      I think forty generations(??) separate Arwen and 'Strider' between the two family lines.

    • Cerberus
      Cerberus 2 years ago +52

      @thekalaoakidd Forty human generations, yes. Arwen would be the niece of Elros, Aragorn's ancestor. So when you look at it from the Elvish angle, as I'm assuming she did, it's not so remote. And for immortal beings like Elves we humans must come and go so quickly as to be almost irrelevant to them at times.

    • Andy KnightWarden
      Andy KnightWarden 2 years ago +30

      Iirc, they are first cousins *sixty-seven times removed.*

    • Good Putin
      Good Putin 2 years ago +28

      Elrond and Elros are identical twins. Elros lived up to 500 years old before he left the circles of the world. By the time of the War of the Rings during Aragorn's livelihood, Elrond was already 6500 years old.
      Arwen is roughly about 3000 plus years old by this time as well.
      Elros is Arwen's paternal uncle that is correct and Aragorn is a direct descendent of Isildur, last of the Lord of Andunie in Numenor. The Lords of Andunie are descended from Silmarien, first child and daughter of her father, a Numenorean King (I forgot his name) who in turn is a direct lineage of Elros Tar Minyatur himself.
      Hope that helps.

    • Cerberus
      Cerberus 2 years ago +9

      @Good Putin Yeah, that's more or less how I recall it. Once years ago I sat down and analyzed and correlated the dates and events and wrote out a handy chart of the ages of the main elvish characters. Long since lost it but I remember Arwen was just a bit over 3,000 but you're right, not 4,000. Still, that's a lot of birthday cakes over time.

  • Ascending Libra
    Ascending Libra Year ago +49

    They could probably make an entire series just about Aragorn and his life. He is popular enough for sure. He is pretty much the perfect archetype for which every man should strive for and he is a complete bad ass too. To bad we don't have great men like him leading our world now a days lol. The world would be a far better place.

  • drago
    drago 2 years ago +136

    The scene with Aragorn saying " I keep none to myself" 10:35 To Elrond talking about hope. You can almost interpret the delivery of Viggo Mortensen and see in Aragorns eyes as if he is thinking/repeating his mothers last words....
    The scene is more profound when you think of it that way.

    • Haster the king in yellow
      Haster the king in yellow Year ago +1

      The eleven word he utters then: estel meaning hope

    • tom worthington
      tom worthington 11 months ago +2

      This was what I thought too. I love how there's so many hints towards the history of the characters that you'd never find out without researching. A true masterpiece.

  • Maou Strife
    Maou Strife Year ago +12

    I know Beren and Luthien came first but honestly, Aragorn and Arwen hit me more in the feels. I think it's because I feel more familiar with Aragorn and know what a great character he is. Not to mention, I imagine Liv Tyler as Arwen when I picture her now, who is by far one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen.

  • yiasemi
    yiasemi 2 years ago +92

    The complete bad-assery, loneliness, struggle, heartbreak and romance of Aragorn have made more of us D&D Rangers over the years than even Drizzt. Epic stuff. Actually Faramir was always my prototype, even though as a Yorkshire lass I walked up Ingleborough to what I saw immediately as Weathertop as a young child in winter, father showing me the old fortification outlines of two millennia. Whan Faramir started trying to sing the lay of Beren and Luthien, stumbling in half-learned ignorance, fear and rain in the desolation of all that he held dear, I forgave all the slight deviations of the films. Magic for any fan.

    • Emma Phi
      Emma Phi 2 years ago +5

      I had to research Ingleborough, it's beautiful and makes a perfect weathertop. I live in Alsace, France, to me Alsace IS the Shire, the villages look like Bree :) I think it's interesting how everyone is projecting Middle Earth onto the lanscapes that surround us. Same goes for Peter Jackson who grew up imagining LOTR in New Zealand :)

    • yiasemi
      yiasemi 2 years ago +2

      @Emma Phi Indeed, France has some amazing scenery, I used to follow the Tour de France around when I was younger and the scenery was beautiful, but the Yorkshire Dales is my childhood and so remains special for me as the midlands did for JRR. I actually live in Hong Kong now in a small town by the sea but still visit the hills when I see my family, when we're not in Covid.

    • Dan Beech
      Dan Beech Month ago

      Between Malton and Pickering lie a couple of hobbit villages , the Marishes, and of course don't forget Wetwang in the Wolds.
      Wouldn't surprise me if Tolkien thought of Ingleborough when he envisaged weathertop

  • Elim 99
    Elim 99 2 years ago +2763

    imagine having to hear "it burns! it burns us!" for 900 miles.

    • Nerd of the Rings
      Nerd of the Rings  2 years ago +404

      Haha! I laughed out loud at this comment. So true. It's a miracle Aragorn didn't kill him.

    • Hello My Friend
      Hello My Friend 2 years ago +44

      Very witty comment. I commend you.

    • Shiggystardust
      Shiggystardust 2 years ago +25

      so was the movie not accurate when gandalf tells frodo gollum had been captured and tortured?

    • Elim 99
      Elim 99 2 years ago +67

      @Shiggystardust lol well he was. by sauron

    • L.A.
      L.A. 2 years ago +103

      worse than 'ARE WE THERE YET!' I'm sure Thranduil was so pleased to have that care package dropped off at his doorstep ! - aww MAN what are we going to do with this guy ?! Aragorn probably ran as fast as he could out of there! - later the wood Elves said OOopps we lost him.... HA ha

  • Dresso89
    Dresso89 2 years ago +324

    Man that quote from the dying mother and the reference to the film was brilliant.
    You got yourself a new loving subscriber.

    • Nerd of the Rings
      Nerd of the Rings  2 years ago +27

      This tidbit is one of my absolute favorites from the adaptations with deeper meaning (unknown to most). So cool. Thanks for subscribing!!

    • Voose
      Voose 2 years ago +5

      I cried like a baby at that part

  • UnBearified Bear
    UnBearified Bear 2 years ago +222

    The more I hear and read of TLOTR, the harder I find it to comprehend that this, _all_ of this, the books, the letters, the films, the symbology and symbolisms, the languages, religions, allegiances, characters, the histories, cultures and mythologies, the Radio shows, TV shows, animations, artwork, YT channels, discussion boards, AQA's..
    All of it - is the result of the work of *one man*
    ...and a lot of it not until his later years
    Don't ever feel like you can't
    Never think you've peaked - Never stop building
    You have *no idea* what time will tell

    • IndigoIndustrial
      IndigoIndustrial 2 years ago +5

      Be like Smaug.

    • Blackadder75
      Blackadder75 Year ago +7

      no tv and no youtube and no smartphone = lots of time to write

    • Derpitron
      Derpitron Year ago +1

      @Blackadder75 tolkien's head exploding after I show him "shitpost status 3" on youtube

  • Empress
    Empress 2 years ago +197

    LOL I really laughed out loud at the "sounds familiar" part... about Denethor being 2nd in his Father's eyes. I love how you adapted your voice to the characters...Amazing!!! Make more videos about LOTR and every LOTR Lore!!!!

    • Nerd of the Rings
      Nerd of the Rings  2 years ago +5

      Thanks so much! There’s plenty more on the channel - and on the way! Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss the new ones. 😁 I’m working on a big one for this weekend!

    • Empress
      Empress 2 years ago +2

      @Nerd of the Rings Yeeeeeeeey!!!! Youre now one of my favorite channels.

    • Arn de Gothia
      Arn de Gothia Year ago +4

      When you mentioned Denethor i instantly imagine tomatoes masacre 🤣

    • Ethan Wolfe
      Ethan Wolfe Year ago +1

      Can someone help meeeeeeeee i need to know what music is at the arwen and aragorns part

    • John Doe
      John Doe 5 months ago

      His voice to the characters are beyond cringe imo

  • Brandon Watson
    Brandon Watson 2 years ago +51

    Oh wow... I thought that quote in return of the King was powerful enough. But now that I know he is directly quoting his Mother in that moment, it will never be the same. Incredible stuff

    SOLUCIONES11 S.A.S Year ago +20

    The fact that Aragorn had no hunger on power and being a king…is what made him the true king of Gondor.

    • Dan Beech
      Dan Beech Month ago

      He's the ultimate politician, he's literally spent his entire life training to be king and 80 years of it knowing that he won't get laid unless he's king.....of COURSE he desired power and kingship.

  • König JägerWolf
    König JägerWolf 7 months ago +6

    Interesting that Denethor responded to the feeling of being lesser by abusing his son, but that son then responds to legitimate abusive treatment with honor and love.

    • Offworlder1
      Offworlder1 7 months ago +5

      History often repeats itself and Denethor learned nothing from his youth being unfavorite to treat both his sons well. It also shows how Boromir broke the cycle with Faramir by always helping each other and this is shown in TTT extended edition. Faramir loved and looked up to Boromir too which is why his death hurts him so much as they really did have a strong brotherly bond.

  • codafett
    codafett Year ago +5

    Aragorn is like the most special person to ever exist. Considering all the amazing things he did, what he's the heir too and who his ancestors are.

  • Mr100Rupees
    Mr100Rupees 3 years ago +40

    Awesome video mate , i love how much more i learn about Tolkien's works threw your videos . Keep up the grind and the channel is gonna be big eventually.

    • Nerd of the Rings
      Nerd of the Rings  3 years ago +3

      Thanks so much. I love hearing that people are enjoying the videos. Definitely helps with the grind in these early days of slower growth! Hopefully the channel catches on and grows as time goes by!
      Thanks again!!

  • A Qvist
    A Qvist 2 years ago +2447

    So Aragon was the true 40year old Virgin, giving nerds hope since 1954

    • Laurence0227
      Laurence0227 2 years ago +281

      but Dunedine fellows has 3 times longer life, so 40's roughly equal to 13 years old
      that's an edgy teenager lol

    • Lars Dirch Sørensen
      Lars Dirch Sørensen 2 years ago +110

      @Laurence0227 oh man. You just had to slash that one, and even on a friday before weekend. "Aragorn, you are our only hope".

    • Laurence0227
      Laurence0227 2 years ago +26

      S R well I am a couple month away from becoming a mage, and the Undómiel of my life hasn’t show up yet lol

    • John Foley
      John Foley 2 years ago +30

      Im sure he got some strange in bree.

  • Jsphoenix
    Jsphoenix Year ago +9

    One detail I love is that technically Aragorn isn't supposed to have a beard (I believe it's due to his elvish ancestory, possibly mentioned in unfinished tales, though I'm happy to be corrected) but the whole fandom while generally fascinated with accuracy just quietly ignores that 😂

    • Shadow
      Shadow 24 days ago

      Nature of Middle-earth

  • kaioken
    kaioken Year ago +13

    It's interesting to me that the ring is always referred to as "The Ring of Barahir" when Barahir was gifted the ring by Finrod Felagund. This was really important because it signified that the line of Barahir were elf friends but I guess the previous owner was lost to time eventually.

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe 6 days ago

      Finrod probably gave other rings to other people . But the one he gave to Barahir is important much later in history .

    • MoiraDalgleish
      MoiraDalgleish 4 days ago

      Finrod was not 'lost to time'. He was revered by Elves, Men and Dwarves as the fairest, most noble, most courageous of all the Noldor. Because of his deeds in Middle-Earth, he was 'allowed' to return to Valinor (where he was reunited with his father, Finarfin and his true love Amarie).

    • kaioken
      kaioken 4 days ago

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    I was immediately chastised for being a giant nerd and that this is just a story and doesn't really exist.... I must say, despite her consternation, I did not feel foolish and I chastised her back in equal measure.

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      Aragorn knows the Elves of Mirkwood, since he captured Gollum and took him to Thranduil's realm. However he is not close to Legolas until the Fellowship-indeed he has to criticize Legolas for his attitude in Lothlorien.
      Aragorn is closest to the Sons of Elrond.

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      @Good Putin No one - but it is usually only kings that number their names in this fashion. No one called him 'Aragorn II', every name will likely have been used by numerous ancestors - in fact it is quite normal for people to choose a name for their son or daughter taken from another relative,

    • Ben Frayle
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      @Good Putin I see what you mean, but just because the chart of his lineage has him as 'Aragorn II' that wasn't his 'name'.It is a numbering device for historians to avoid confusion, and was affixed there when they were being written down years later. Consider, did 'Aragorn I' 2319-2337) refer to himself or was he addressed as 'I'? None of the other chieftain without a same-named successor are listed as I. The I/II was just added by Tolkien for the same reason he put the lineages, footnotes and appendixes generally - to explain the background of the world.

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    Aragorn never knew his father who died when he was under 5 years old.
    Tolkien never knew his father who died when he was under 5 years old.
    Aragorn was taken by his mother to Rivendell to be fostered by Elrond who raised him as his own son.
    Tolkien was taken by his mother to be fostered by Fr. Francis Xavier Morgan who raised him as his own son.
    Aragorn is told by Elrond that he can only marry Arwen when he proves himself worthy and is the King of a united Arnor and Gondor.
    Tolkien is told by Fr. Morgan that he cannot marry Edith until he is grown and finished with his schooling.
    Is there any wonder why Tolkien patterned Beren and Luthien, and Aragorn and Arwen on him and Edith, even having the names on their gravestone?

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      Probably not the first as Thor himself had to wear gauntlets of strength, but if you are referring to the marvel version, no for the same reason that captain America couldn’t, he has doubts about himself (his ability to resist the ring) and if you mean jack’s sword from the Rick Riordan series, the sword is called jack

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      If you believe otherwise, tell me....
      How many elves actually fought at Helm's Deep, according to Tolkien...?

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