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Faze Rug vs Brawadis $25,000 1v1! (CRAZY FINISH)

  • Published on May 17, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • FaZe Rug took on Brawadis in 2 out of 3 games with $25,000 on the line! Who do you want to pull up next? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 270

  • RageElixir
    RageElixir Year ago +107

    this was really fun to watch live ngl haha

  • Waseem Macci
    Waseem Macci Year ago +197

    rug's hitting the cleanest threes I've ever seen

    • IvianVlogs
      IvianVlogs 2 months ago

      @Ana the roof was to low

    • Its_Spider
      Its_Spider 8 months ago

      I know right

    • Trickshotdude123
      Trickshotdude123 9 months ago

      Curry is better

    • Themba Kganyago
      Themba Kganyago Year ago

      @Jacob Spectro are we really gonna compare Faze Rug to KOBE BRYANT, a five time NBA Champion, 2 time finals MVP, a league MVP, an 18 time All-Star, a 15 time All-NBA player, a 12 time All-defensive player???? Get serious

    • that’s my typa shorts
      that’s my typa shorts Year ago

      @Jacob Spectro your joking right? Seriously 😂

  • Abraham Arroyo
    Abraham Arroyo Year ago +67

    Rug kept hitting those beautiful deep shots.
    No matter what opponent he goes against,you can't get mad for losing to those shots.

    • that’s my typa shorts
      that’s my typa shorts Year ago +2

      Brandon could’ve easily guarded that, but pressing up on him. Not leaving him open every time

  • that’s my typa shorts

    As a hooper, getting dropped off by someone who barley hoops is probably one of the most mood dropping thing in basketball

    • Dbook
      Dbook 2 months ago +1

      Wdym rug plays everyday off camera he got his own court

    • StrawberrySHERbet96
      StrawberrySHERbet96 4 months ago

      Time to check urself. Maybe switch sports lol basketball u gotta really have it cause average joes be hooping just as much

    • RedScarr
      RedScarr 9 months ago

      Rug hoops just like not on camera he hoops sometimes on camera too

    • Osoto Gari
      Osoto Gari Year ago

      Bro I stg. I’m in my mid 20’s and my cardio is lacking nowadays. I 1v1’d a teenager at the park and I was up like 9-3 and he came back and won because I gassed out. But he was ass hahaha

  • Jazreel Kumar
    Jazreel Kumar Year ago +62

    Brian's shooting is insane, crazy shots man maigod♥

  • Bradley Skywalker

    I literally said to myself before the final shot.
    “Rug’s got this” “Rug has always been lucky, just like his Highrise suicide shot on MW2.” Then BANG he literally hits a deep 3 🏀🔥 🔥 🔥
    Crazy shot actually and kind of a coincidence but he usually has good luck lol looks like it hasn’t rubbed off him since his best trickshot days

  • Kadari Austin
    Kadari Austin Year ago +10

    I sat here eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch watching the entire video and wow, both amazing shooters, keep it going💯🙂

  • ProcessingOrder
    ProcessingOrder Year ago +1

    what's crazy, is that i was one of the winners who actually won the red HOH basketball. thank you House Of Highlights, I still have the note and everything.

  • Nathan Attridge
    Nathan Attridge Year ago +2

    Rug was outta bounds when scored the 4 point in game 3

    TSR_DANIEL Year ago +7

    Faze Rug with the deep three! Dude, Rug has range!!!

  • Matthew
    Matthew Year ago +31

    U can clearly tell in a 5v5 half court rug is the type of person to stand at the 3 point line just waiting for the ball and brawadis is the guy that just goes in

    • Tom Allen Barrientos
      Tom Allen Barrientos Year ago

      Yeah rug is the shooter and brawadis is like the playmaker/slasher

    • Rena Lin
      Rena Lin Year ago

      why is this so deadass true lmao

  • that’s my typa shorts

    When trying to end the game on a sick shot costs you the game.

  • Johnny Gonzalez
    Johnny Gonzalez Year ago +115

    Brawadis is more of a team player in my opinion

  • that’s my typa shorts

    “He’s pulling up from the red line, what should I do” maybe you can actually guard him and not leave him open from three almost every play

    • Andrey.
      Andrey. 11 months ago +2

      @Shashank R he's talking about Brandon's defense

    • Shashank R
      Shashank R Year ago

      Fr... rug's defense is so bad lol... Brandon could have taken advantage of that and played post on Rug. Instead, hes literally getting scored on for no reason!

  • PartheNaan
    PartheNaan Year ago +12

    New video title: FaZe Rug turns into Curry and makes every shot

    • S
      S 10 months ago


  • Jamie J
    Jamie J Year ago +22

    This game was so much better than Rug and Ross

  • that’s my typa shorts

    I would never let anyone expose me like that with a deep three like that to win the game. That’s so embarrassing

  • Alex Texta
    Alex Texta Year ago

    Love youuuu moreee keeep your grind

  • Noah Shehabi
    Noah Shehabi Year ago +4

    Bro rug shoots 50 meters away bro this guy is so good luv ur vids bro keep it up

  • Wicho
    Wicho Year ago +4

    Faze rug is big bro now lol 😂

  • Goon Gug
    Goon Gug Year ago

    Yoo rug hit those threes?? Felt like butter sliding to the other side of the pan! Thats how smooth it was

  • Johann Gonzales
    Johann Gonzales Year ago +2

    Rug with that threes for days. I would airball all of them even if im in a high division in basketball🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • joe
      joe Year ago


  • Lil SHORTtY
    Lil SHORTtY Year ago +1

    why isnt this video on +1M views? lmao
    awesome match! RugVAdin next

  • Mohammed Akhlaaq
    Mohammed Akhlaaq Year ago

    Rug is like midorima shintaro because he never missed a shot

  • DMK
    DMK Year ago

    Rug is crazy with the threes omg

  • Jorell Masha
    Jorell Masha Year ago +1

    there was also 1 shot he made out of bounds in game 1

  • Boy master
    Boy master Year ago +2

    Ngl if it actully counted when rug went out of bounce I think brawadis would've won but man this was a hell of a game

    • Ryan Malhotra
      Ryan Malhotra Year ago

      It kinda did count because rug didn’t get the point

  • Tafseer Rahman
    Tafseer Rahman Year ago +1

    Who is here after Rug & ADIN 1V1?👀

  • Vihar Kottakota
    Vihar Kottakota 7 months ago

    Mad respect to brawadis but Brian's threes tho

    HOOPS 4 LIFE Year ago +1

    Keep it up rug

  • duro🦥
    duro🦥 Year ago

    as much as rug kept on hitting em threes he stepped out so many times that he shoulve lost money bro.

  • SNAKE2000A Playz
    SNAKE2000A Playz 10 months ago

    Rug is my inspiration of hitting far shots rug ty bc i was doing one of these challenges but i was a tigh with my opponent but i did one of those smooth three and i won ty brother!

  • YaBoyJacq
    YaBoyJacq Year ago

    Rug is feeling it I’m in halftime

  • Shutey
    Shutey Year ago +1

    Why are people soooo salty in the comments like there brothers 🤦🏼‍♂️😂😂😂 let them have fun who cares who is better then who they didn’t upload it for that they did it for abit of fun they both played a hell of a good close game 💯🏀people are such salty haters now a days I find it so funny... rug played a better game today he was on fire from the 3 his shot was wetttt 🥶 who cares you win some you lose some I’m sure Brandon beat Brian before and Brian beat Brandon but at the end of the day there brothers having fun and that’s all you should care about 💯💯

    K-SLAPZ Year ago

    I know FaZe be ballin 💰 but I didn’t know he was a baller ⛹️‍♂️

  • natey
    natey Year ago +1

    brandon is wayyyyyy to soft, that’s why he got all heated against cash.

    • that’s my typa shorts
      that’s my typa shorts Year ago

      Exactly, he complained about how much cash fouled him bruh, it’s not the nba they are playing street ball lmao

  • Mostafa.ewasfx
    Mostafa.ewasfx Year ago

    Brandon definitely let rug win

  • Annie Nonesa
    Annie Nonesa 6 months ago

    Good job my boy

  • MåTåDøR
    MåTåDøR Year ago +1

    Sheeeeeeee rug is 🔥 hard shooter ❤

  • SincerelyMDG
    SincerelyMDG Year ago +146

    How does this Brawadis guy play every single day and still lose to everybody 💀💀💀💀

    • Akali OTP
      Akali OTP Month ago

      He’s better than rug, nowadays people just jack up 3s. Driving the basketball and mid range is what he’s best at. Rug can only shoot.

    • Joe Ellison
      Joe Ellison 2 months ago

      BrAwAdIs gUy

    • h w
      h w 4 months ago

      they both can't guard anybody, it's unreal. And they are both slow as molasses. Brawadis should be able to beat rug pretty easily, but he just cannot defend.

    • duro🦥
      duro🦥 Year ago

      Your litterally done dude, your done. Maybe you should actually be able to notice that its a 1v1 and not a godamn actual game bruh.

  • Caylo Prod.
    Caylo Prod. Year ago +1

    I feel like 25k will last rug about 1 week of giveaways....lol

  • Ascanius
    Ascanius Year ago

    When you learn to much maths your shots becomes like rug

  • BHN LJ Prod
    BHN LJ Prod 9 months ago

    I expected the opposite. Ngl rug is crazy

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro Year ago +2


  • Angela Ji
    Angela Ji 4 months ago +1

    who was holding the camera in the intro lol so shaky🤣

  • Huzaifa mustafa Family

    I love it

  • Bridget Gierer
    Bridget Gierer Year ago +1

    you smoke him you got that W yo

  • Jessica Cruz
    Jessica Cruz Year ago

    Wow, I cant even shoot from one inch away lol
    Edit: When in the freaking world did u start playing

    • that’s my typa shorts
      that’s my typa shorts Year ago

      He’s been playing for probably a couple of years, he just never played a lot during that time

  • Mike Ginty
    Mike Ginty Year ago

    Ice in his veins! #faze

  • Yehuda weiss
    Yehuda weiss Year ago +1

    Yo props to rug thooo

  • Krxzyk
    Krxzyk Year ago

    ngl that block was cool

  • Efoe Attisso
    Efoe Attisso Year ago

    OMG he’s on X game mode

  • Ulises Alvarado
    Ulises Alvarado Year ago

    Great Mach

  • Ban
    Ban Year ago

    Faze went out of bounds 3x

  • babanoor aminzadah
    babanoor aminzadah Year ago +1

    Sucks for brawadis lol, But how does he lose like that

    • Shane Gonzales
      Shane Gonzales Year ago

      @that’s my typa shorts Bro you on every comment 😭😭💯, you funny ash , brawadis fr so ass mans legit the definition of all bark no bite 💯

    • that’s my typa shorts
      that’s my typa shorts Year ago


  • Heather Clark
    Heather Clark Year ago

    faze is great at shooting

  • OnlyZeroClan ع
    OnlyZeroClan ع Year ago +5

    Faze rug is underrated in basketball but he proved that he's good.

    • Dee3z
      Dee3z Year ago

      @cbandzbinladen adin used to actually play lmao

    • cbandzbinladen
      cbandzbinladen Year ago

      He lost to adin 😐

    • that’s my typa shorts
      that’s my typa shorts Year ago

      @Dee3z I agree

    • Dee3z
      Dee3z Year ago

      @that’s my typa shorts all you have to do is play him tight outside. Which Brandon didn’t do. Rug is not gonna out run you to the paint.

    • OnlyZeroClan ع
      OnlyZeroClan ع Year ago

      @that’s my typa shorts fax

  • J8de blox
    J8de blox Year ago

    Bruh did u see the part where Faze rug easily goes 8-1

  • Adri_gamer
    Adri_gamer 8 months ago

    This bout to be lite

  • Lalo
    Lalo Year ago

    Brawadis taking them Ls lately

  • Heather Clark
    Heather Clark Year ago

    hes okay at shooting

  • Xarpuls
    Xarpuls Year ago

    did anyone else notice brandon's headband was upside down

  • Aaron Lopez
    Aaron Lopez Year ago

    I love your Clip-Share video this is my favorite video

  • Robby Mahnken
    Robby Mahnken Year ago

    well... we saw the adin game already rip

  • StrawberrySHERbet96
    StrawberrySHERbet96 4 months ago

    Wut? I didn’t know rugs can shoot like me? Lol

  • Endless Gaming
    Endless Gaming 9 months ago +1

    rug also stepped out at 5:55 like no one noticed

  • I_see_dem_pixels
    I_see_dem_pixels Year ago

    Hall of fame range extender?

  • Ryan Llamas
    Ryan Llamas Year ago

    What’s the ball in the thumbnail? Pls help

  • YaBoyJacq
    YaBoyJacq Year ago

    Rug from deep BANG!

  • Manny Willis
    Manny Willis 6 months ago

    Both playin’ in the kobe grinches rip

  • TS Forever
    TS Forever Year ago

    Lets go

  • The Real Goat
    The Real Goat Year ago +1

    I remember yall were talking about that 25k early

  • Gabriella Hadley
    Gabriella Hadley Year ago

    rug that kobe aim

  • ReaperSlash575
    ReaperSlash575 9 months ago

    Bruh on rugs 7th point in game 2 his foot stepped out

  • Giordano Garcia
    Giordano Garcia Year ago

    who’s here after he just lost 25k to adin?🤣🤣

  • Jerome Jones
    Jerome Jones Year ago +1

    Not gone lie 25k I’ll smoke both them guys no problem

  • Carloss O
    Carloss O Year ago +4

    Brawadis should just retire 😂

  • Bridget Gierer
    Bridget Gierer Year ago

    you are my favroite youtuber

  • Locker-Room Dwarf


  • ItzDaBoi
    ItzDaBoi Year ago +2

    How is faze rug Aka Bryan so good at three pointers

  • INeverWinAnything
    INeverWinAnything 9 months ago

    Why y'all title this like a video on the hub?? Lol

  • Muhammed Imran
    Muhammed Imran Year ago +2

    Who is here after Adin Ross won at rug ?

  • Ms Tracy
    Ms Tracy Year ago

    Faze Rug is nice 👍🏽 on the Court

  • 𝐒𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐲𝐠𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠ツ

    How much did the camera shake

  • Zz
    Zz 7 months ago

    5:56 rugs foot was out

  • Tony Pizza
    Tony Pizza Year ago

    Wait how did he win that was 8

  • xosparkin
    xosparkin 8 months ago

    faze rug is a legend

  • 2 Drippy
    2 Drippy Year ago +3

    Hands down faze rug is a wayyyy better shooter!💯💯

  • Richie Ayubo
    Richie Ayubo 7 months ago

    faze rug is a legend in basket ball

  • Shane Gonzales
    Shane Gonzales Year ago +1

    2:05 dawg got that middle school girl stamina

  • James Best
    James Best Year ago

    Yo, at this point, I really wish Lakers have signed you…

    • that’s my typa shorts
      that’s my typa shorts Year ago

      Y’all acting like rug is that good, he’s ok. He can shoot good but he lacks everything else, if you out a good defender on him he snot going nowhere

  • Car spotting in Michigan

    Dang bro

  • RedScarr
    RedScarr 9 months ago

    2022 rug would lose 22-0

  • Corey Gibbs
    Corey Gibbs 11 months ago

    All these non ballers getting paid all this money to ball is annoying lol

  • Eli Up Next
    Eli Up Next Year ago

    how rug beat brawadis and not adin

  • Knight
    Knight Year ago +2

    Who tf is the camera man

  • Aspect on 60FPS
    Aspect on 60FPS Year ago

    Brawadis could have drove to the hoop but he decided to shoot for some reason

    • that’s my typa shorts
      that’s my typa shorts Year ago

      Exactly! Rug not even a good defender too, he could’ve drove. But Brandon is just those type of players who shoot so much threes, and when he’s about to win a game he always tries to end it on a sick shot😂 but then he ends up selling the game because of that😂

  • Eltan Simer
    Eltan Simer Year ago

    Ok so why you never play like that against the dobra twins bradist

  • Michael Nappier
    Michael Nappier Year ago

    He's getting bated

  • Roy Casarez
    Roy Casarez Year ago

    is this a repost