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Steam Deck Teardown! - There's a secret inside the track pad...

  • Published on May 23, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Its time to take apart the brand new Steam Deck! Get a 4-week trial, free postage, and a digital scale at www.Stamps.com/jerryrig . Thanks to Stamps.com for sponsoring this video! The Steam Deck is a slightly more nerdy version of the Nintendo Switch. Built for computer games its like a little PC in your pocket. (if you have really big pockets). Today we are goign to disassemble the new Steam Deck from Valve so we can see how it works from the inside. Where the fan is located, how big is the steam deck battery? and how things might be replaced.
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  • Salem Techsperts
    Salem Techsperts 6 months ago +1772

    I can't overstate how much credit Valve deserves for making almost everything modular and selling genuine parts to consumers. I lobby for Right to Repair here in MA and on the federal level, and sometimes it feels like I'm yelling at clouds. Seeing a product like this gives me a little morale booster. Awesome video man.

      SCORPION FIRE 8 days ago

      Don't pat them on the back too hard.
      Steam Deck 2 -- All parts (possible) should simply snap together. Including the case.

    • Trigun Stanpid
      Trigun Stanpid 18 days ago

      I hope you will give change to win

    • Mr gemar
      Mr gemar Month ago


    • Ironman5567
      Ironman5567 Month ago

      @Potatopotatopotatopotatopotatopotato POTATOPOTATO it made it

    • SÔKSHA
      SÔKSHA Month ago

      MALADE LUI !!!

  • MugAMuggle
    MugAMuggle 6 months ago +1783

    I am stunned by the lack of soldered wires. Most things seem to plug in, which is just great for repairs.

    • Mugi Stonk
      Mugi Stonk 19 days ago

      Or upgrade

    • Cønnøisseur of Lølis
      Cønnøisseur of Lølis Month ago

      @Jasper technically, it’s not called a wire. It’s part of the pcb

    • DJ-Proto
      DJ-Proto 3 months ago

      The only thing they missed was making the Central Processing Core removable, if they did that, it would be even more repairable instead of having to resolder the finicky processor pins one by one.

    • MugAMuggle
      MugAMuggle 6 months ago

      @Brownie Sun super original and interesting. duly noted.

    • Brownie Sun
      Brownie Sun 6 months ago

      Not unlike a certain company *cough* apple *cough*

  • M1LAD
    M1LAD 6 months ago +247

    The trick with screws that go into plastic posts is to pop the screw in place and turn anticlockwise. You will feel the screw fall into it's original threads, that way you don't chew up the material inside the post. It will be as strong as before. Always use this method for plastic and wood.

      BISHOPWORKS 2 months ago

      I've been using this for years, it's a truly fantastic method you can use across any type of delicate fastener that a surprising amount of people don't actually know about!

    • Krzaku
      Krzaku 5 months ago

      Not as strong as before, those self taping into plastic screws get destroyed much much faster than with metal threads. What a poor cost cutting measure by valve...

    • Pope Facto
      Pope Facto 6 months ago +7

      This works for machine screws, too. Highly recommended when putting stainless steel screws into aluminum (such as in a bicycle).

    • muh1h1
      muh1h1 6 months ago +9

      @Two Seasons I can confirm it works, i'va also always been doing it like that.

    • Two Seasons
      Two Seasons 6 months ago +3

      Wow, that's a good tip. When I craft stuff and have to unscrew something, I'm always upset because the fastening would never be as strong the first time around. But if what you're saying is true, I try it out.

  • Flabbergash
    Flabbergash 6 months ago +206

    This is cracking. Valve deserve major credit for making it is repairable.

  • TechSpaceCowboy
    TechSpaceCowboy 6 months ago +65

    The SSD’s are indeed swappable for any who wonder. I did an upgrade on my 64gb up to 256 and saved a bit of money

    • Joelle
      Joelle 4 months ago

      oh man, i wish i knew this before i reserved mine

  • Shmynkell Bonkonstien
    Shmynkell Bonkonstien 6 months ago +164

    Yesterday I opened my deck to fix the sticky b button and I’m impressed how logically everything is laid out. The joysticks are going to be super easy to replace if you ever get stick drift.

    • Shmynkell Bonkonstien
      Shmynkell Bonkonstien 6 months ago

      @Ross's Gaming Channel it’s quite a few steps to get to the buttons and I’m very sorry I can’t explain it to you any better, but if you watch teardowns you’ll probably figure it out. At least it takes less than 2-5 weeks to fix!

    • Shmynkell Bonkonstien
      Shmynkell Bonkonstien 6 months ago +3

      @Ross's Gaming ChannelI basically took it apart and removed the buttons. Then I polished with fine sand paper in the cutouts in the case where the buttons go through. Sorry, I’m not super good at these things so can’t explain well. Just make sure to remove sd card and unplug the battery before going further. Watch ifixits and gamersnexus teardowns before you do anything. After doing this, I haven’t had any more sticky buttons (for me the x and b buttons were sticky, now nothing).

    • Ross's Gaming Channel
      Ross's Gaming Channel 6 months ago +2

      How did you fix it can I ask? Mine is starting to stick and I really don't wanna RMA it again lol

    • burrito kingdom
      burrito kingdom 6 months ago +4

      Alps is the only manufacturer that makes analog sticks for game consoles. I think they engineer it to eventually wear down.
      Another manufacturer has to be step up and start manufacturing analog sticks.

    • Ace D
      Ace D 6 months ago +3

      There's a couple places looking at making magnetic actuated sticks too that won't ever drift!

  • Lazarus Gaming
    Lazarus Gaming 6 months ago +22

    Steam deck is hands down the most impressive piece of tech I've ever wanted to buy

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 21 day ago

      Handheld pc in console form

    • Lazarus Gaming
      Lazarus Gaming 2 months ago

      @MCgravity Building I have received my unit since commenting 3 months ago

    • Lazarus Gaming
      Lazarus Gaming 2 months ago

      @MCgravity Building I have since received mine! I'm loving every second on it

    • MCgravity Building
      MCgravity Building 2 months ago

      And do you have it?

  • Mindi Monson
    Mindi Monson 5 months ago +3

    Valve is an incredible company and has made a really great piece of hardware. I'm sure you don't know this but that magic trackpad is sensed using a Cirque capacitive touch chip, a Utah based company just down the road from you!

  • Cody Stephens
    Cody Stephens 6 months ago +1567

    About self-tapping screws. I learned this from a friend who's an engineer. You want to counter-cloclwise turn the screw until it "clicks" and falls into place. From there, turn clockwise and it will fall into the pre-existing threading.

    • Sasa Kandic
      Sasa Kandic 27 days ago


    • Sybee
      Sybee 2 months ago

      I see people all calling this obvious, and it is, but there is much more danger with self tapping screws compared to normal ones. Turning any screw/bolt/nut left until it reseats is great practice.

    • Tyler Deleringo
      Tyler Deleringo 4 months ago +1

      I figured this out during the ps1 days at 10 years old lol

    • proxlamuz
      proxlamuz 4 months ago

      I never knew this. Thanks

    • Krzaku
      Krzaku 5 months ago +1

      I thought that was obvious though. And not only with self tapping screws but with regular ones too, where you can cross thread accidentally as well.

  • Jagdeep Bhatt
    Jagdeep Bhatt 6 months ago +27

    Love the way they made it easy repairable by putting separate boards for almost every important function.

  • PenguinYayOne
    PenguinYayOne 6 months ago +83

    9:59 No, the battery is not only 1000 mAh larger than the Swtich battery. The Switch battery 4310 mAh but at 3.7V, the Steam Deck battery is 5200mAh but at 7.7V. Which means the Steam Deck battery is 40 Wh while the Switch battery is only around 16 Wh. So the correct way to measure is that the Steam Deck battery is 24 Wh larger than the Switch battery, around 2.5X bigger.

    • Alientoast
      Alientoast 4 months ago

      @nxy ah yea i just thought it was a normal lipo cuz thats whats commonly used, but the HV ones are common in smart phones probably cuz its allows you to use more of that capacity until it reaches cutoff voltage, as for expenses its just slightly if not similarly priced to the normal ones cuz the battery chemistry is same

    • nxy
      nxy 4 months ago +1

      @Alientoast Its a LiPo HV type battery, but you were partly correct, LiIon and LiPo is 3.7V rated and 4.2 Maximum- LiPo HV is 3.8V rated and a Maximum of 4.35V per cell.
      In other words a more denser type of Lithium based battery. And no its not custom, nor that new, just not that common and most likely more expensive.

    • Johnny Lucas
      Johnny Lucas 4 months ago +1

      @Dutch Ducks Wh = Ah*V

    • Dutch Ducks
      Dutch Ducks 6 months ago

      Wh is wh.. does not matter the voltage

    • Alientoast
      Alientoast 6 months ago +2

      @PenguinYayOne hmm you are right appears they are using some custom batteries, generally the voltage is 3.7v per cell, here it is 3.8ish v, well the more the better

  • Thomas
    Thomas 6 months ago +238

    the mAh aren't useful to compare. The Switch uses a lower voltage battery, so the difference is much bigger.
    The actual energy stored is the Wh. The switch is 16 Wh, the Steam Deck 40.

    • Console
      Console 4 months ago +1

      @Skywolf750 Yeah... no. You don't understand what a Wh is.
      A 48Wh battery can deliver 48W for 1 hour, at which point it is depleted.
      If you wish to consider it in joules, multiply 3600 by 48. The battery contains 172800 Joules.
      It can deliver 96W for 30 minutes providing it is capable of handling the discharge current.
      It could also deliver 24W for 2 hours or 12W for 4 hours.
      You are mistaken in your understanding in what a Wh is and a Joule is indeed 1 Ws, meaning a Wh is 3600 Joules. Hence the calculation I gave you above.
      This is a scientific fact. Go read a book on the subject if you disagree.
      I feel you either don't know what a Wh actually is, or you are mistaking the fact that it is a unit of power over time. It can measure supply, it can measure capacity.
      But just to put your mind at rest and it's okay to be one of the 10,000 today who learned something new (xkcd reference). It is equally as correct to use it to describe a batteries capacity as it is to describe the amount of power you have consumed from the electricity grid in a fixed period of time.

    • Thomas
      Thomas 6 months ago +2

      @Skywolf750 dude. You really, really need to take some basic high school physics classes, or read up on wikipedia. How can you be so wrong

    • Nevir202
      Nevir202 6 months ago

      @novhack No idea why you've replied to me with this....

    • novhack
      novhack 6 months ago

      @Nevir202 The problem of bigger batteries is that they are not only more expensive but also much heavier. It's a handheld meant to be held in hands not a laptop which sits on a table. So every gram counts.

    • Nevir202
      Nevir202 6 months ago

      Wow, that's pretty impressive. That's 40% of the maximum allowed on an airplane! LOL

  • Sir Kamote
    Sir Kamote 6 months ago +9

    Valve upped their game bigtime with this, hopefully we get more in the future with new tech with the same repairability.

  • Venoxium
    Venoxium 6 months ago +15

    I'm really happy that Valve is taking the reparability approach.

  • Adrian Lusvep
    Adrian Lusvep 6 months ago +7

    The glued down battery is really the only majorly unfortunate aspect.
    However considering you might only want to replace it after it's truly dead it's not all bad, you won't feel too bad about forcing out the mostly dead battery. Still, I miss easily removable batteries being the standard.

  • Mr.octopus AK
    Mr.octopus AK Day ago

    My favourite game has always been Resident Evil especially the new ones ❤

  • EV-olution
    EV-olution 6 months ago +43

    That is an impressive bit of hardware that seems very easy to fix, very cool. FYI, the skin you show at the end is quite epic! I have never been a "skin your hardware" kind of guy, but I would definitely use that skin if I had a Steam Deck, it really is awesome. I also appreciate the amount of editing that goes into making your various videos.

  • SixSilverStones
    SixSilverStones 6 months ago +12

    Wow Valve really considered repairability when designing the Steam Deck, which is awesome

  • Pfiffikus
    Pfiffikus 6 months ago +2

    Interesting words from steam relating to the self tapping screws. Yes if you just trry to place the screw again then it could be bad.
    My opinion to that: Put the screw in place, slightly press it with the scrrewdriver and first turn backwards until you feel the screw popping in a little bit. Thats the point where the thread is going to be in the same exact spot as when it was installed the very first time from the manufacturer.
    If you do so, I think it will be the same strength and stiffness as before disasembling.
    In other words: Just think before you act...

  • zooper
    zooper 6 months ago +7

    I've repaired dozens of different school issue chromebooks and laptops, and I must say there is a striking resemblance between the steam deck and these computers in how they are connected with tons of ribbon cables and just the way they're assembled generally. These make for easy repairs, so well done Valve.

  • Zero
    Zero 6 months ago +18

    When you reinstall screws into plastic there's a technique: turn the screw backwards until you feel a little click then stop, that's the screw dropping into its original thread in the hole. Then when you screw it in you're not damaging the threads by cutting a new groove. As you thread the screw in, just turn it until it stops, do not "torque it" you'll just damage the threads.

  • Mr. Waffles
    Mr. Waffles 6 months ago +6

    I really love that Steam kept true to the nature of PCs and made it relatively easy to replace things inside

  • Dax Anderson
    Dax Anderson 6 months ago +3

    Absolutely amazing. Now I'm not mad at them for canceling the Steam Controller. I had originally thought the R&D for it got stolen and used towards the Valve Index touchpads, but it's great to see that the ultimate design was to stretch out the Steam Controller into a Steam Deck!

    • Aidan Magill
      Aidan Magill 2 months ago

      Didn't they stop making the Steam Controller for legal reasons?
      Which have been resolved. I'd expect a new one pretty soon.

  • OllAxe
    OllAxe 6 months ago +44

    9:59 Not only that, but at 7.7V it's got over twice the voltage of the Nintendo Switch's 3.7V battery, giving it effectively 2.5x the capacity (40.04 Wh vs 15.947 Wh). That is of course to power the much more powerful and power hungry SoC found in the Steam Deck. Despite its much greater battery capacity, the battery life of the Steam Deck is pretty similar to that of the Nintendo Switch.

    • kam m
      kam m 6 months ago

      @OllAxe which game is he playing at the end of the video ?

    • OllAxe
      OllAxe 6 months ago

      @Dutch Ducks Is watt hours not a more accurate measure of energy than ampere hours? I was under the impression that the latter is a measure of number of electrons rather than energy. If it does not work like that then please explain. I'm a software developer, not an electronics engineer 😅

    • Dutch Ducks
      Dutch Ducks 6 months ago

      Ya it does not work like that...

    • OllAxe
      OllAxe 6 months ago +7

      @Jaroslav Mrázek Yeah absolutely, I wasn't trying to turn it into a debate of which is better. They're very different products for very different demographics. I was just saying that the Steam Deck has a much larger battery than the mAh number would suggest, and that the reason for its having such a large battery over the Nintendo Switch is to compensate for its much more powerful hardware, not to achieve better battery life than the Switch.

    • Jaroslav Mrázek
      Jaroslav Mrázek 6 months ago +4

      Well of course, but since it is much more powerful and has a bigger screen than the og switch i believe its a good trade off.

  • stuff2watchnowmaybe
    stuff2watchnowmaybe 6 months ago +4

    Really hope other companies follow the accessibility of the steam deck. At least in terms of them allowing you to get into the console

  • uday L
    uday L 6 months ago +26

    Wow... This is the first time I've ever seen Jerry holding back from going 100% in tear down .

    • XDSDDLord
      XDSDDLord 6 months ago +5

      Very rarely is the teardown irreplaceable, lol. Also, other than the battery, fan, and audio boards, it's all mirrored.

  • Thinskin 45
    Thinskin 45 6 months ago +7

    Brilliant video as always Zack! My favourite game, since you asked, is SCS Software's Euro Truck Simulator 2. Despite truck driving being my real job, the game is incredibly relaxing and scenic, and it is also steam deck compatible. It also always goes down a lot in Steam sales!

  • hex1c
    hex1c 5 months ago +2

    Im stuck and in love with Cyberpunk 2077 at the moment. I was so hyped for its release and when i saw how broken it was i didnt touch it until about a week ago. Its 99% fixed i would say and i enjoy it very much! CDPRED should really get some good cred for sticking to it and delivering what was promised.

  • thedarkknight1971
    thedarkknight1971 6 months ago +6

    I love the addition of the 'Letting off it's own steam' pun. Re-introducing more puns into your durability tests & tear down videos would be fantastic fella! 👌👍
    And yeah, batteries DO NOT need to be 'Welded' to the housing, just enough to hold it is ALL that's required. When will companies learn!!! 😎🇬🇧

    • thedarkknight1971
      thedarkknight1971 4 months ago

      @JoshJLMG Productions Yeah, but even so, with modern glues, you do not need much to get a firm grip, and with the light weight of these batteries, you certainly don't need to have so much sticky stuff that a battery could burst into flames trying to replace it. It's just yet again manufacturers tactics attempting to make sure that these devices are serviced (or just replaced outright) by 'Official' service centres... 😒

    • JoshJLMG Productions
      JoshJLMG Productions 4 months ago +1

      My guess is Steam wanted to absolutely make sure nothing could damage the battery. So, they used an excessive amount of glue to keep it from detaching and bouncing around inside the frame.

  • Matthew Lewis
    Matthew Lewis 6 months ago +122

    The metal can appears to be a shield - especially because of the copper trace for its footprint with what looks like spring contacts. It’s job is to keep EMF in or out, depending on the application.

    • Voyajer
      Voyajer 6 months ago +6

      My first thought was an EMI shield as well, nice to see they stuck thermal pads on it too since air drags over it.

  • Pablo Freitas Machado
    Pablo Freitas Machado 6 months ago +3

    Aside from the glued down battery..... this seems awesome.
    prime time for modders and repairers. I for one.... LOVE IT

  • Restore Technique
    Restore Technique 6 months ago +8

    Very nice that the analog sticks are replaceable without soldering 👌

  • Mibris_
    Mibris_ 6 months ago +8

    There is something equally terrifying yet fascinating about these videos, just the imagination/fear that he keeps messing up really expensive devices, fighting against the unusual insight you gain from these type of video. It's also awesome how well he prepares for his videos, he knows where every screw is and recognizes all parts.

    MADRIV 6 months ago +4

    Playing on the only handheld that I ever bought. The psp 3000 while watching this video. The steam deck is just amazing

  • ThatTyGuy
    ThatTyGuy 4 months ago +1

    Thankful for Valve for showing that having consumer-friendly and open hardware are still viable in 2022 - setting a precedent that we can only hope other companies learn from

  • Collin Henderson
    Collin Henderson 6 months ago +7

    Love seeing that they marked almost every board in a way to let you know where it belongs.

  • Estuardo Zenteno
    Estuardo Zenteno 6 months ago +4

    That skin is the best teardown so far, impressive work.

  • Shane
    Shane 6 months ago +2

    Doubt we'll ever see these in South Africa but I'm very impressed with how clever and modular it's been built.

  • Alientoast
    Alientoast 6 months ago +14

    8:58 rubber may have infinite flex but the carbon bits on the rubber cause the contacts on the pcb to tarnish over a long period of time, and they need to be cleaned inorder to be functional again, but honestly that takes a decade or two to happen so no issue at all.

    • ziko
      ziko 6 months ago

      @Blahorga Slisk true

    • Blahorga Slisk
      Blahorga Slisk 6 months ago +2

      @ziko Rubber is a very loose definition. There are thousands of materials that gets lumped together under the name "rubber" and some of them aren't even remotely related to actual rubber. So definitely a question of the material used for the rubber dome layer. Some age quickly some slowly. Some are prone to break down when they get in contact with the fat from your skin, others doesn't care. So probably more a question of the materials used rather than a QC problem.

    • ziko
      ziko 6 months ago +1

      I've used game controllers where the A B X Y rubbers breaks over time but maybe That's a quality control thing

  • Lawrence Osborne Jr
    Lawrence Osborne Jr 6 months ago +2

    I never wanted to taste thermal pads until now. Watching you move them around was so satisfying

  • Teknobugi
    Teknobugi 6 months ago +1

    Pretty sweet design and kudos to Valve fot making the steamdeck easy to repair.

  • JaiRestore
    JaiRestore 6 months ago +1

    I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!💛

  • David Bronstein
    David Bronstein 6 months ago +4

    Huge shame about how hard the battery is to remove. Almost undoes all of the great design work making this thing so repairable.

    • JoshJLMG Productions
      JoshJLMG Productions 4 months ago

      I'd say the other aspects are still a plus. The joysticks, triggers, bumpers and fans are all very prone to failing (at least, in other devices).

    • Krzaku
      Krzaku 5 months ago

      Seeing as the battery could possibly the most swapped component, I'd argue the "almost" part of your sentence.

  • Dave R
    Dave R 6 months ago +2

    You are the best !! I love how you show how Durable and how to take apart almost all electronics. Best video for me thanks. GOD bless 🙏🙏🙏

  • gmoss101
    gmoss101 6 months ago +2

    Valve has the reputation of always being in line with gamers so they built the Steam Deck with the idea that PC gamers upgrade their systems themselves, Steam Deck owners probably would want to as well.

    • Free vbucks
      Free vbucks 6 months ago

      It isn't really viable in this case but hey, if your joysticks break you're sure as hell that they're easy to replace

  • novhack
    novhack 6 months ago +1

    What can happen when you open the device for the first time is that plastics can start squeaking. It happened to me. But it's nothing what a microscopic amount of vaseline on contact points between the plastics cannot solve. ;) Also those rubber buttons will eventually wear out. Not the rubber itself but there is a carbon pad on the bottom which will most likely start disintegrating within 20-30 years. It happens on old controllers quite often.

  • Savneet Singh rai rai
    Savneet Singh rai rai 6 months ago +1

    Seeing this i remember PSP i dismantle some years ago ... amazing to see tech reached at this level.....all parts are modular just like psp makes replacement of parts eazy

  • Paper Luigi
    Paper Luigi 6 months ago +1

    The steam deck seems surprisingly easy to take apart, at least compared to other devices I've taken apart

  • Steakkiller
    Steakkiller 6 months ago +6

    The SSD is a standard 2230 m.2 drive and available online. so with ifixit now selling replacement displays and especially the anti glare screen you could upgrade a cheaper Steam Deck to the top of the line 512gb version.

  • Neat t
    Neat t 6 months ago +1

    This is fantastic 👌 I expected it to be a hell of a lot more complicated. This looks easier to repair than a PlayStation controller.

  • G Four Gadget
    G Four Gadget 6 months ago +1

    Zack is like an X-ray doctor but instead of scanning to see the internals he physically teardown them 😂

  • liroso
    liroso 6 months ago +1

    Mesmerizing how your voice just grabs you and takes you along for the ride! Kudos to Steam for making their machine so repairable! Worth the wait.

  • DualDrive
    DualDrive 6 months ago +1

    Awesome love all your vids very interesting to see tech gets ripped apart and see what's inside :D

  • Jacy Mark
    Jacy Mark 6 months ago +1

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your content and have not once seen something that you have posted that wasn't interesting. Please keep up the excellent work and information that you share! I have a four year old daughter that is intrigued by how things work and I have been using some of your videos to help explain things.

  • Charlie Lehardy
    Charlie Lehardy 6 months ago +1

    I've been very impressed seeing everything about the Steam Deck so far. It's not really the best controls for my most played game, Civ V, but it'd still work. Skyrim however, that'd be pretty good for sure!

  • Joan Farrerons
    Joan Farrerons 6 months ago +1

    I'm very impressed the effort you put into yours videos.

  • oopsidaysy
    oopsidaysy 6 months ago +1

    Half-Life 2 is incredible on Steam Deck! They've updated the menu and bindings so it genuinely feels like it was made for it

  • Bejenaru Daniel
    Bejenaru Daniel 6 months ago +4

    To note for everyone worried about joystick drift. Valve has been working on this for a few years now and you can fix it via the valve software. Works on PC too by going into Big Picture mode.

    • Bejenaru Daniel
      Bejenaru Daniel 6 months ago +1

      @Nevir202 You can set a deadzone with the software and it ignores the drift.

    • PostAngular
      PostAngular 6 months ago +1

      @Nevir202 Stick drift is actually usually due to the potentiometers wearing out over time. So to fix it in software, you can set the deadzone to be larger or recalibrate it.

    • Nevir202
      Nevir202 6 months ago

      How can you fix a hardware issue with a software setting?
      I thought the drift was caused by the springs becoming too weak to hold the stick at zero. Are you saying it's sensor degredation causing it to lose its zero?

  • Abogs
    Abogs 6 months ago +1

    I've been a mobile gaming enthusiast all my life, words can't explain how excited I am about what mobile gaming now is. I mean I can't even tell the difference between handheld games, console and pc games anymore.

  • Doumisco
    Doumisco 6 months ago +27

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