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Spraggy WINS $67,969 and a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! [PART 1]

  • Published on Sep 17, 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • Predwards 89
    Predwards 89 Year ago +90

    Spraggy is one of my favorite people to see lose because he is hilarious and say the funniest sh*t. But he is also one of my favorite players to see win too, because he is such a solid dude and is actually pretty sick.

    • Neel Beke
      Neel Beke Year ago +2

      He looks childish, and he''s too much of a pussy to share his tournament stats lol.

    • yoink
      yoink Year ago +6

      sorry to hear he is sick :(

    • vict0r1919
      vict0r1919 Year ago +5

      Agree 100%. There is very few people online I genuinely feel happy for when they succeed but Spraggy is one of them.

  • S P
    S P Year ago +11

    Parker is such a supportive friend! Love it!

  • Sean -Chesthole- Osman

    Came back from nothing a few times even. Such a rollercoaster. Amazing job.

  • Zim Zimma
    Zim Zimma Year ago +7

    Congrats Spraggy, so well deserved. I was so lost in the video I swear to God despite the title letting me know you won the tournament, the small run bad had my heart in my throat, after that runner runner loss to the J10 I was thinking, seriously is he going to get fucked like this again until I remembered you hadn't been and went hoorah. So happy for you mate, well done.

  • Jack Bloyce
    Jack Bloyce Year ago +7

    Congrats man! Was great to watch, just need a SCOOP title now

  • Dave Price
    Dave Price Year ago +5

    I like how the editor didn’t go wild on this one and gave it more of a serious vibe! Good shit spraggy

  • Evan Nguyen
    Evan Nguyen Year ago +2

    Omg spraggy I’m so happy for you man, finally my boy catching a break! One of my favorite poker streamers to watch! Love you bro!

  • Erick Alien
    Erick Alien Year ago +3

    I love these long videos where you show how you ended up at the final table. Let’s go Spraggy!

  • Brooks E
    Brooks E Year ago +3

    Everybody needs a hype man like Parker in their corner

  • Jeremy Stark
    Jeremy Stark Year ago +1

    Btw your reaction when u held on final hand was priceless!! Well done mate, from a fan in Florida US !

  • a d b
    a d b Year ago +2

    I like how much Spragg was enjoying the sweat in this one, was in a really good head space I think. Maybe also because it was turbo PKO and the run out was such a rollercoaster, I don't know. Really entertaining anyhow.
    (also got a real awkward Boris vibe about that outro, so enjoyed that too)

  • Elior van klaveren
    Elior van klaveren Year ago +1

    Is there anything better than seeing Spragg and Tonkaaa just chill and crush together? Absolutely the most fun duo to watch and listen too. Always a blast. Please make more content like this, thanks you, kiss.

  • Websifyy
    Websifyy Year ago +1

    Quality video Spraggy, love it mate!

  • Cory N
    Cory N Year ago +1

    Can't wait for part 2....the suspense is real 😆

  • WCRider
    WCRider Year ago +1

    GG Spraggy. Well deserved.

  • kristoffer nilsson
    kristoffer nilsson 4 days ago

    The Parker Call picture makes me giggle to much, love the stuff you guys do 😊!!

  • Michael Leighton's Karl Pilkington Animations

    Congrats Spraggy!!!!! Amazing news!

  • Eversick
    Eversick Year ago +1

    Thanks for the video Spraggy! You are awesome!

  • no more
    no more 3 months ago

    I literally used to believe that I was the only one who stressed in spots like that with the KK. Not happy you lost the hand but was refreshing to see I'm not the only one. Happens to you pros also.

  • B B
    B B Year ago +1

    nice run, you seem a lot more confident in your desicions

  • Boris Vasiliev
    Boris Vasiliev Year ago +1

    Spraggy winning the WCOOP is very reasonable!!

  • Gravity vs Cars
    Gravity vs Cars Year ago +1

    Sprag, tell that gentleman to start streaming again!! i fucking started to watch his videos from years ago…
    on another note, beautiful run brother!

  • S P
    S P Year ago +1

    great work spragg!

  • woodybg
    woodybg Year ago +1

    Great content! Congrats for the bink!

  • Superfly247
    Superfly247 Year ago

    Spraggy is awesome. The three euros are my favorite streamers. And he married Marle? Blessed.
    This was so fun to watch.

  • Marle Poker
    Marle Poker Year ago +1

    What a run!

  • Ron M
    Ron M Year ago +1

    I laughed so hard at 17:50 🤣🤣🤣

  • Huong Dinh
    Huong Dinh Year ago +1

    So so cool Spraggy Congads u so so deserve to win this Love it So so cool

  • EnjoyInfection
    EnjoyInfection Year ago

    Lets Fuckn GOOO Spraggy I'm very happy for you man continue the crushing :D

  • Chris Briggs
    Chris Briggs Year ago +9

    Come on bro, where’s Part 2?! Need to know if you won any more pots….

  • Саша Прокопенко

    spraggy - you my favourite english streamer) sweet greetings from cold Russia) you like a small poker god

  • Drover
    Drover Year ago +1

    Congrats on the win shagger. That 69s call was questionable for 800k though

  • Luka Djakonovic
    Luka Djakonovic Year ago +3

    Upload that part two and don't say a word! Well done champ!

  • DubSun33
    DubSun33 Year ago +1

    Enjoying this, I've been getting rivered so often recently I think I will adopt your nearing ft aggression

  • Scuzo
    Scuzo Year ago

    haha his face changing at 8:27 as that queen shows up, is just one of the funniest and most relatable things ive ever seen

  • Hans Ueckermann
    Hans Ueckermann Year ago +1

    He plays sick, sometimes sooo random

  • Jay
    Jay Year ago +16

    lol the guy folding a king was the most tilting thing

    • AH
      AH Year ago

      @Anon I'm a fish so not sure what bluffs he will have... Maybe j9 q9 j10? I'm not sure of he can really have axdd as what would that be a10dd ajdd? Also doubt he bluffs a10dd but once again my knowledge is lacking

    • Anon
      Anon Year ago +1

      Because spraggy is never bluffing in that spot or value getting worse

    • Jacob Villanueva
      Jacob Villanueva Year ago +2

      Folds and shows top pair twice….. HOW!?

  • Dyls F
    Dyls F Year ago +2

    Lol. I skipped until he said this is the final table. Then he says that theres going to be a part 2. 😂

  • Zachary Weatherford
    Zachary Weatherford Year ago +2

    Safe to say the Tonka pep talk was what got it done.

  • 707 Ridah
    707 Ridah Year ago +1

    Congrats my dude 💰 🤑 💸 💲 🪙 💶

  • Michael Enderby
    Michael Enderby Year ago +1

    What a run haha so sick

  • Flip Jeux Video Inc.

    Man I miss Parker streaming.

  • Way2fast4u82
    Way2fast4u82 Year ago +1

    Well done lad

  • Grant Cooper
    Grant Cooper Year ago +1

    that 25 call at 3:28 is pretty mind blowning, wtf is he doing :D

  • Jacob Villanueva
    Jacob Villanueva Year ago

    What a run! Get some!!

  • Jort kelder
    Jort kelder Year ago

    Congrats but its a lot more fun to not know that you will win

  • Chloe Dixon
    Chloe Dixon Year ago +1

    Quality love it!!!

  • Hyrinmaru
    Hyrinmaru Year ago

    Spraggy is my idol!

  • Dale Hawley
    Dale Hawley Year ago +2

    If someone walks into your room and hears the next 30 seconds, youre ganna have a hard time explaining..

  • Marcus Rakyat
    Marcus Rakyat Year ago

    1st time in your channel and will subscribe as very fun watching it.

  • johnMar
    johnMar Year ago +1

    Maaan, from 3BB all the way to wcoop champion.. Gratz.. Hugeee

  • steve bert
    steve bert Year ago +1

    What a sun run after getting sucked out on like 3 times in a row aha!

  • Eric
    Eric Year ago +1

    A Fintan finger-wag spotted. GG so far and looking forward to part deux. Longer content like this is appreciated.

  • TikTok Trends
    TikTok Trends Month ago +1

    What I find ridiculous is that those "professionals" play like amateurs. You make poker seem more like a luck game than anything else.
    The dude was going all in with 55 😆 risking 70% of his cheeps, what a "professional" yeah poker sucks.

  • Alan Graham
    Alan Graham Year ago

    Amazing delighted for you

  • Rory Jennings
    Rory Jennings Year ago +53

    G'on Spraggy, son!

    • CB
      CB Year ago

      Woah Rory watches Spragg??

  • Michael DeFilippo

    I don't go all in with A-5 but I also don't go all in with K-8 so I'm not sure which worked out better.

  • Susan C
    Susan C Year ago

    Nice video from your biggest fan.

  • Mr X
    Mr X Year ago

    KostaTolios owned spraggy's soul twice.

  • Alex Tira
    Alex Tira Year ago

    watching 5 mins and im bleeahh..wins pockets 5s against ace j than ace j wins against pocket 9s..is skill brother...skill...how many flips i won in my last 2 weeks he is doing it in 5 mins...but he is pokerstars pro..gg

  • James Bowen
    James Bowen Year ago

    What. A. Video. Epic stuff pal

  • FlibbertyGibbon
    FlibbertyGibbon Year ago +1

    Legeeeeeeend go on chief!!!

  • Porter Jeronimo
    Porter Jeronimo Year ago

    21:50 I love it!

  • Artur Górecki
    Artur Górecki Year ago

    Kinda rolllercoaster it was but u never los all of your chips . Well done Spraggmeister

  • You Blue That One
    You Blue That One 6 months ago

    At 24:00 I think that’s definitely just a call and then all in on the river

  • Iz Apellido
    Iz Apellido Year ago

    Do more highlight videos

  • QwertY Ending
    QwertY Ending Year ago +1

    Amazing Ben!!! ^^

  • Josh Watson
    Josh Watson Year ago +1

    The background Tonka commentary took this OTT!

  • Dennis Backhaus
    Dennis Backhaus Year ago +4

    He wins the pot

  • ryan graham
    ryan graham Year ago +1

    What a ride!

  • Andrew Neeme
    Andrew Neeme Year ago +17


  • Pavan Bellamkonda

    Good Game sir 👏

  • MrPuros
    MrPuros Year ago +1

    Nice run, gg

  • K_ RobboMUFC
    K_ RobboMUFC Year ago

    Whens part 2 out??

  • Bugs Bunny
    Bugs Bunny Month ago

    Nice run

  • splinte111
    splinte111 Year ago

    so much blue balling going on!

  • TwistedMetal32
    TwistedMetal32 Year ago +1

    Is the intro supposed to be a shoutout to the PS2 start up? I think of it every time I see spraggy intro n I love it

  • Dan Coll
    Dan Coll Year ago

    This chick is pretty good at poker!

  • pvtglarson1
    pvtglarson1 Year ago

    he stole the finger wag!

  • ClapForVezo
    ClapForVezo Year ago

    Your a bad person for making us wait this long for part 2….

  • splinte111
    splinte111 Year ago

    why doesn't he go all in with all his chips? he always leaves a little under one SB behind?

  • AWOL
    AWOL Year ago

    “World championship” ?? Ya ok. They hand these out like candy

  • SGC
    SGC Year ago +1

    wow that kostatolios guy must think you're the biggest nit off all time 😅😅 great run

  • Gouranga Das
    Gouranga Das Year ago


  • Galen and Nichole

    I'm happy for you and congrats but that thumbnail looks a bit over the top.

  • Price andrew
    Price andrew Year ago

    Hurry up and release part 2, bored of working

  • Ricky Stephenson
    Ricky Stephenson Year ago

    Get in there my son

  • Andrew Holdroyd
    Andrew Holdroyd Year ago +1

    Cheers Boris!

  • HyunSoo Lim
    HyunSoo Lim Year ago

    What software is this...and is this not allowed in us I’m assuming how did that 6/9 hand turn to a winning formula and how did it go from 27th to 30th outta 50 Qq that kk was sick then a runner next hand swings of poker ..the k8 hand has been dominating all hands lol won the pot cuz a8 vs jacks the reaction

  • Richard Kramer
    Richard Kramer Year ago

    You won the pot xD

  • Clive P
    Clive P Year ago +1

    Ffs spraggy get number 2 out already been waiting days man

  • #Nr1 Strength Stacking Tank

    KostaTolios is the real pro here

  • jack benimble
    jack benimble 8 months ago +1


  • James Rad
    James Rad Year ago

    Boris Johnson style address to the people at the end... xD

  • 哈哈是我啦
    哈哈是我啦 Year ago +1

    25:45 he know play with teampro just fold

  • Todd Murphy
    Todd Murphy Year ago

    K8 was the right call. It just sucked he had KT then it sucked for him.

  • Steve Ellis
    Steve Ellis Year ago

    Part 1 wtffffff😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Johnny
    Johnny Year ago

    Man you lost a lot of respect of me for those AQs KJ AJs hands. Thought you were better

  • Cam Dickson
    Cam Dickson Year ago

    ive just noticed that the end clip, u look so much like boris johnson LMAO

  • cha noone
    cha noone 8 months ago

    Rewatching this