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Wolfe Glick reacts to Wolfe Glick winning Regionals

  • Published on Feb 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • I won the Orlando Regional Championships with Scream Tail! This is my breakdown of the final match
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  • JayVGC
    JayVGC Month ago +1272

    Now all we need is Wolfe Glick reacting to Wolfe Glick reacting to Wolfe Glick winning regionals

    • MoeTuckTuck
      MoeTuckTuck 29 days ago

      Do you want the universe to fold in on itself???

    • Jotaro Kujo
      Jotaro Kujo Month ago

      @Scott King live reaction?

    • Jotaro Kujo
      Jotaro Kujo Month ago

      It's probably been long enough to justify Wolfe Glick reacts to Wolfe Glick reacting to Wolfe Glick winning the world championship.

    • CyndaKill-SH
      CyndaKill-SH Month ago

      Wolfe Glick reacts to Wolfe Glick reacting to Wolfe Glick winning Regionals, starring Wolfe Glick from Wolfe Glick's channel WolfeyVGC

    • Scott King
      Scott King Month ago

      Wo-chien reacts to Wolfe Glick is what the people need

  • Selder
    Selder Month ago +611

    9:30 just peak Wolfe, pausing to be bewildered by a play he made a day or two ago in a match he won 😂

    • Louiepikmin3
      Louiepikmin3 4 days ago

      That's the world champ difference right there

    • esosique5
      esosique5 Month ago +1

      Wolfe: Why did I do that?
      Me: He just like me FR

    • MattyIce
      MattyIce Month ago +4

      BonusWolfe doesn't have the World Champ Difference yet, not YET. Wolfe Glick is still slightly more superhuman.

    • RandomPersonnumber1
      RandomPersonnumber1 Month ago +9

      I love how he says "I can't go into palaifin" right before he does go into palafin.

    • Oscar Vidal
      Oscar Vidal Month ago +13

      Opponent can't predict you if you can't even predict yourself. Truly peak world champ difference.

  • TheRogueReviews
    TheRogueReviews Month ago +563

    I had the pleasure of meeting you in Orlando. Not only did you win the biggest regional of all time, but did it while taking selfies with fans seemingly every round. Gotta be the World Champ difference! Congrats

    • Sand fanboy
      Sand fanboy Month ago

      @Kreatona bonus wolfe was at the event?

    • xsaberkid
      xsaberkid Month ago +1

      World champ difference for sure

    • yegfuf
      yegfuf Month ago +33

      @Kreatona yes

    • Kreatona
      Kreatona Month ago +44

      Did you meet WolfeyVGC or Bonus Wolfe?

  • MaiTelevision
    MaiTelevision Month ago +818

    Congrats Wolfe on operating on a super human level. The output and quality of the content has been unmatched AND you're still preforming on a high level competitively?! I'm in awe and you should be proud of what youve done!

    • mechashadow
      mechashadow Month ago +3

      @Johannes Gutenburg Funny how you skipped over organising and running his invitational successfully there. Something most streamers don’t do.

    • Gronkiy
      Gronkiy Month ago +5

      @Johannes Gutenburg these things take a long time to make, I get that it's his job but people underestimate how much work it takes

    • Johannes Gutenburg
      Johannes Gutenburg Month ago +9

      HOLY SHIT: local streamer is capable of STREAMING playing pokemon, UPLOADING streams of playing pokemon, while also... playing pokemon

  • MKUnited
    MKUnited Month ago +569

    Bonus Wolfe’s back is sore because of him carrying WolfeyVGC through this tourney

    • Stephan Lenting
      Stephan Lenting Month ago +25

      Back has been against the wall too many times

  • Sonicboom5058
    Sonicboom5058 Month ago +169

    The best bits of these videos are BonusWolfe getting stunlocked by some of WolfeGlick's big brain moves

  • Matthew Calo
    Matthew Calo Month ago +74

    Hoping that Wolfe decides to refer to this team style as "Perish Scream" moving forward.

  • EJinTheStream
    EJinTheStream Month ago +856

    Scream tail reacts to scream tail winning regionals

    • Finna Fish
      Finna Fish Month ago

      Scream tail reacts to scream tail piloting scream tail

    • minty eye
      minty eye Month ago +2

      Wolfe be like: 🤨

    • EnZoForgets
      EnZoForgets Month ago +1

      (He screamed)

    • Klinton
      Klinton Month ago +21

      Scream tail: "If you watch this video, you will die in three turns...I mean days."

    • LasagnaPig
      LasagnaPig Month ago


  • Davis B
    Davis B Month ago +283

    It's the most WCD thing ever to bring one of the hardest team archetypes to the hardest regional ever and win so decisively. Congrats Wolfe!

  • Orchid Braid
    Orchid Braid Month ago +73

    Wolfey has the anime protagonist role nailed down--from the wild, gravity-defying hair to winning the tournament with his big brain.

  • MrManager
    MrManager Month ago +52

    What I find super impressive about this video is that all these rants that take him 3-4 minutes to explain each turn, take seconds inside Wolfe’s head during the game. That’s some big brain power intel Celeron thinking there

    • Brendon
      Brendon Month ago

      Celeron is a super shit processor btw. Its below pentium, which is below i3.

  • Chris Holder
    Chris Holder Month ago +107

    Not even gonna lie I turned off the stream when that crit hit tail… but then I remembered the WCD and turned back on and of course Wolfe prevailed. Congratulations, I heard a lot of good things about you from people who met you In Orlando. Keep being You Wolfe

  • Dank16
    Dank16 Month ago +118

    Winning regionals has made him ascend in MS Paint proficiency

    • Ryan Gutierrez
      Ryan Gutierrez Month ago +5

      @Bubblehulk nah Im pretty sure it's for his aggro based Arcanine, it definitely needed as much space as it could for that damage output

    • Bubblehulk
      Bubblehulk Month ago +14

      I think he deleted MS paint proficiency to make room for Scream Tail.

  • Emma Ramirez
    Emma Ramirez Month ago +136

    I'd love to see a recap of all the 7 regionals you've won, your teams, and the meta and how your playstyle has evolved over time!

    • Artur Willow
      Artur Willow Month ago +7

      in all honesty if you search for it he's reviewed most of his major wins i believe

    • Artur Willow
      Artur Willow Month ago +12

      9 hour video lol

    • Novak2505
      Novak2505 Month ago +1

      This is an amazing idea

  • Maplesyrup
    Maplesyrup Month ago +49

    The Scream Tail tech was insane and the heal pluse on the Gothitelle too

  • Jadon Nichols
    Jadon Nichols Month ago +35

    I can’t even describe how stoked I was that Dondozo DIDNT win this tournament

  • Maria Στ.
    Maria Στ. Month ago +62

    that intro was on point 🤌 congratulations on your win, man ❤️

  • NB_OovanBoi
    NB_OovanBoi Month ago +30

    This is for all the haters that say ur washed. Good win, congrats, and i look forward to seeing more in the future

  • W0BA
    W0BA Month ago +20

    Honestly so huge that a big creator on this platform like Bonus Wolfe would shine a spotlight on young and hungry competitors like Wolfe Glick. Letting him post a video on the channel really makes me want to subscribe to this Wolfe Glick guy! Where can I do that???

  • Rithwik Sreenath P K
    Rithwik Sreenath P K Month ago +16

    BonusWolfe reacting to Wolfe Glick using a WolfeyVGC team is amazing!

  • AlexCroninVGC
    AlexCroninVGC Month ago +31

    Congrats man! It was a pleasure to meet you in Orlando thank you for all you’ve done for the community

  • Moxie Infernape
    Moxie Infernape Month ago +14

    Had fun meeting you in Orlando! I really appreciated your pop-off when Arcanine killed Gholdengo in game 3 because it shows that even after all your previous Regional Wins and your whole resume of accomplishments (including the WCD), you still care about this game and have that fire to win. Congrats on the Win, I'm happy for you!
    Also it was super fun to watch that Finals set (and the whole top cut bracket) live from the 2nd row. I highly recommend going to a Regional to anyone reading this if you can find the means to go (Orlando was my first one!).

  • JoHo
    JoHo Month ago

    Scream tail for me has always just been the “anti trick room mon” but I might try to build it around perish since this seems strong

  • 3DRyan
    3DRyan Month ago

    Congrats champ! Was over the moon to see you win this.

  • Dane Orschlovsky
    Dane Orschlovsky Month ago

    Breaking down your thought process in extreme detail is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to play competitively. Thank you for doing these self scouting/coaching sessions, the real World Champ difference is in the preparation for every possible scenario.

  • レイ
    レイ Month ago +1

    I was so thrilled by all of the matches on Day 2. On top of the final set I was also stunned by how you switched in Scream Tail on such low HP in your very first round on the day. Congrats for the win and thank you for such a valuable video sharing your thought process!

  • Kritzlof
    Kritzlof Month ago

    Very interesting to hear and congrats on the win! :)
    Love to see your peckish mons, haha. I think you once mentioned a Mimikyou that you used for several events that also had a mark? I love collecting ribbons and marks on mons that are special to me so it would be very fun to hear if you have other ones that you've used for a long time or on several events :)

  • Daniel Metrejean
    Daniel Metrejean Month ago

    i was there this weekend and it was a lot of fun getting to see you play! congrats on the win

  • Reed Jarvis
    Reed Jarvis Month ago

    I was worried in the last game it looked like he has a good advantage and then my mind was blown with the switches + terastal arcanine. Such an awesome play. Great match and congrats!

  • Joe 1075
    Joe 1075 Month ago

    Good plays this weekend. I know how risky it is to bring a team like that to a tournament, you played it very well.

  • PokeReplay
    PokeReplay Month ago

    The video we all wanted but didn't expect so soon :)

  • Selder
    Selder Month ago +4

    Not normally a fan of slow teams, I’m a 4 attacking moves on every mon kinda guy. This team has been fun to play though, it’s interesting to play the game with perish song as the win condition and just positioning around it and surviving until you win or they give up. I can execute the plan well now and at reading the opponent’s skill level and intent, but am not good at going off script and my knowledge is damage folks and speed tiers and what sets a Pokémon will be running are spotty. Watching this again now is good to understand your thought process more.
    Also playing randoms makes me agree that playing open team sheet would be way better

  • Sky Knight Eman
    Sky Knight Eman Month ago

    Wolfe trying to remember why he switched in Palafin was hilarious.

  • Lavie_Azure
    Lavie_Azure Month ago +29

    This "Wolfe Glick" person must be really good if BonusWolfe is reacting to his w

  • Kal White
    Kal White Month ago +6

    This king is working so hard right now and it's paying off big for sure. Congrats on the huge win!

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott Month ago

    If you guys didn’t watch it live you guys missed out it was beautiful

  • BardicLasher
    BardicLasher Month ago

    Gratz on the win! I was rooting for you the whole time and was worried you weren't gonna make the cut after that day one loss!

  • lethe.archive
    lethe.archive Month ago +7

    “i cant go into palafin here…. I GO INTO PALAFIN???”
    I snorted LOL

  • Alex Childs
    Alex Childs Month ago

    Congrats Wolfe! Love the breakdown vids and to see you in action

  • Baliath
    Baliath Month ago

    awesome play, awesome team choice. proud of you wolfe!

  • David Hand
    David Hand Month ago

    Congrats, Wolfe! So happy for you.

  • Nyarlath_Hunters
    Nyarlath_Hunters Month ago

    That intro always brings such a smile to my day

  • rufusdrumknott
    rufusdrumknott Month ago +9

    Loved hearing your insight into your plays. Would love to hear the same from Ashton too, since it was such an interesting and close match. There were some plays you made that I didn’t understand at the time but when I hear your explanation, I’m blown away by how galaxy brain you were being. Absolutely thought you were done for after the Scream Tail crit and the comeback was very wall against the back style. Congrats on a very well-deserved win, and really loving all the content we’ve been having from you!
    PS: Could you please make a video on the new format for Play Pokémon tourneys? I’ve never been to one so I don’t understand the difference too well. Would love to hear a pro players insight!

  • appledingdong
    appledingdong Month ago +4

    I've been a scream tail believer ever since I saw its stat spread, thanks for vindication

  • FGCbaronkorvo
    FGCbaronkorvo Month ago

    This is super insightful stuff! Much appreciated content. I'd also love to see a video on how you take notes during matches, as I feel like it's a skill the most players don't have any experience with (including myself) and it'd also be great to understand the value of it.

  • Lyde
    Lyde Month ago +6

    Such a nostalgia hit. What's next, Guardevoir Pachirisu winning worlds? lmao

  • kellsash
    kellsash Month ago

    Awesome! Congrats Wolfe, loving all of the content recently, your competitive success is definitely deserved!

  • This Is Chris
    This Is Chris Month ago +4

    Congratulations on your win! And please take care of your back- so many careers have been cut short by back issues, definitely not something to be taken lightly

  • borgus
    borgus Month ago +6

    thanks wolfe for reacting to a smaller creator like wolfe

  • Grogondorf
    Grogondorf Month ago

    Hope your back feels better soon Wolfey

  • Obi-Wan
    Obi-Wan Month ago

    Great job mate, especially given all the great Clip-Share content you've been pumping out aswell.

  • Cristianno Martins
    Cristianno Martins Month ago

    Hey Wolfe, great video: I might be wrong, but I think good as gold does not grant immunity to any field status moves (or status moves that are applied to all pkm in the field), as murkrow's haze works on goldengo; probably perish song also works. The problem with it not being trapped by shadow tag makes it hard to consistently perish trap while goldengo keeps its ghost typing, though.

  • Donkis
    Donkis Month ago +3

    I can relate to the feeling of "wait why the fuck did I do this" in 9:40

  • Dinat Nsni
    Dinat Nsni Month ago

    that intro was on point congratulations on your win, man

  • Nat
    Nat Month ago +1

    I remember he used perish trap in the 2015 regionals. I recognized the strat when he used gothitelle.

  • Kane Errol Guilleno
    Kane Errol Guilleno Month ago +5

    The fact that wolfe paused in game 1 to think as to why he switched in palafin made me think that maybe wolfe is playing out of his mind that time.He's in the zone

  • Bismarck
    Bismarck Month ago +4

    How are you even this consistent in tournaments. You're like the Magnus Carlsen of Pokémon.

  • Electric
    Electric Month ago

    That intro was art, glad you channeled all that energy into your win as well.

  • G-rift
    G-rift Month ago +4

    Tournament wolfey playing so high level normal wolfey can’t comprehend

  • Joe Nuts
    Joe Nuts Month ago +2

    Scream tail arena trap dugtrio is really fun. You can protect parish song, then dig trick room and your invulnerable for 3 turns, really fun.

  • Victor Villa
    Victor Villa Month ago

    Congrats Wolfe We need a scream tail reacting to this lol

  • SkyPainter
    SkyPainter Month ago +1

    Was waiting for a video like this after your win, extremely fun to watch and so happy for you that you got such a cool W in such a challenging tournament. All hail Scream Tail!!

  • NightHawk
    NightHawk Month ago

    Congrats on your win! I think you well deserved this regionals win.
    It is always a pleasure to watch Regionals but to see Wolfe win matches and take the 1st place home hits different. I don’t think i’ve ever been that hyped to watch pokemon as i was when watching your matches during the regionals!!
    Thanks for this insightful video and all the content you do.

  • Jace Hanes
    Jace Hanes Month ago +5

    Wolfes back hurts from carrying the entire Pokémon community

  • Jarod Stickley
    Jarod Stickley Month ago +3

    Congrats on your victory! Your analysis was really great to listen to and it's impressive how well both you and Ashton played

  • Kommy
    Kommy Month ago

    Crazy how different the colour of Wolfeys is on the big stage, he actually went super saiyan or something

  • Jamie Kean
    Jamie Kean Month ago +2

    i watched your last perish finals back in 2015.
    seeing the side by side clips of then and now reminds me watching like low budget season 1 of ru paul and then jumping to the high production recent seasons.

  • Da King
    Da King Month ago +2

    This is the type of content we love to see
    Congrats Wolfe

  • Kaden Sloan
    Kaden Sloan Month ago

    Loving your videos as always! The world champ difference is real. So sorry to hear about your back! Please reach out if you'd like an opinion on that.

  • Ptl Dom Official
    Ptl Dom Official Month ago +1

    Let’s be real we we’re all here for it when we saw Wolfe in the finals 😂😂😂

  • Mallowton Mouse
    Mallowton Mouse Month ago +1

    I love how cool your strategy is, and that you seemed so happy to be having fun with this strategy is probably, literally, the world champ difference.

  • Luigi Manzelli
    Luigi Manzelli Month ago

    Massive congrats on the win!
    now for my main is at 35:40 i'm not sure i understand the reasoning here because if at the time you assumed Dozo is faster than ScreamTail wouldn't that be even a stronger input to rage powder? Cause if he wave crashes before you perish song you just lose right?

  • TheRealYooric
    TheRealYooric Month ago +1

    Loving this content, your actual vgc battle content is the best =)

  • J T
    J T Month ago +2

    I’ve tried the perish trap team a fair bit on showdown, I had trouble though because there’s too many ghosts (flutter mane, gholdengo, and Annihilape), as well as volt switchers and uturners and flip turners. Glad to see it worked better for you, well done.

  • Brady P
    Brady P Month ago

    That has to be my favorite intro to a wideo so far. I've watched it 4 times and haven't even gotten a full minute in yet.

  • GameCarpenter
    GameCarpenter Month ago

    In the second round, considering the situation, would it have made sense to go for a... what, triple protect with the Palafin and hope to wait out the perish song? (Edit: at the end of that round when it's against dondozo)

  • Yaoi Distributor
    Yaoi Distributor Month ago +1

    It was really cool. i was able to see you perform live, and I was there on coincidence! Same building and all. Wish i coulda got your autograph, but there's always next time! Might try to compete myself it was really fun to watch. It got me wanting to be on stage.

  • Pokefan
    Pokefan Month ago

    I watched the entire match live and i am still watching this. It was very annoying to see chat because even while you were playing every 5 min someone said oh when wolfe glick is

  • Goonzilla
    Goonzilla Month ago

    Hey Wolfe,
    Been absolutely loving your content recently ( and always ).
    I had a question, what are you & everyone writing on your note pad during your competition matches?

  • Christopher Richardson

    I'm so glad I was able to see this live. Wolfe you are the reason I got back into playing pokemon after not playing since gen 3. Keep doing what you do. Never change and keep kicking but.

  • Jesse Dorval
    Jesse Dorval Month ago

    Wolfe I just wanted to say congratulations on the win I watched the whole tournament I called you winning from the beginning I'm glad you were using scream tail as well as a fellow scream tail user myself that made me very happy to see 😀 but again congrats on the win hope to see you out there playing some more

  • ItsAZues
    ItsAZues Month ago

    That Scream Tail probably took the most damage.

  • jp
    jp Month ago

    Congrats wolfe you're great not only at pokemon but content as well

  • Winda Gaming
    Winda Gaming Month ago +1

    I love this style of content so much, so happy to see it back. Almost like Chirstmas.

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago +2

    2 hours of wolfey content today is a good day

  • Φωτης Αναστόπουλος

    Make a breakdown of the regional team , we have been waiting for sooo long !!!

  • Tyson BeBop
    Tyson BeBop Month ago +6

    Congratulations Wolfe! You seem so busy and wanted to say thank you for all the content. Hope you are doing well.

  • Rachel Burton
    Rachel Burton Month ago +1

    I forgot about this intro and I'm so delighted to see it again. Congrats on regionals

  • Jimmie Nielsen
    Jimmie Nielsen Month ago +1

    I felt like he won after that crit on Scream Tail. Ashton played really well, and looked like he had options all the way through, where as if you look at the set vs emilio and james, they look frustated and with no other options than to wait for his mons to die. Congratz on the win, and a really entertaining final!

  • The DirtyBuddy
    The DirtyBuddy Month ago +2

    Hey man I was in the front row at the live event when you won. Both of you played super well and gave a really good finale to a great tournament.

  • Kenji Lagrange
    Kenji Lagrange Month ago

    Hope your back feels better. Back injuries are no joke

  • Brandon Galvez
    Brandon Galvez Month ago +1

    I was there playing. Didn’t do too well but was in decent position. It was fun watching it all unfold. Congrats!

  • Selder
    Selder Month ago

    It’s interesting because I was so worried you’d lost game 3 when watching live, but now watching you react to it it seems like it was in hand but just a bit messy

  • Al Gar
    Al Gar Month ago

    In depth vgc stuff does sound sweet
    Nice indeed, thanks for the vid

  • Mark Wolfram
    Mark Wolfram Month ago

    Congrats Wolfey! Hoping to meet you at Knoxville.

  • Willy Wonka
    Willy Wonka Month ago

    i dont know much about , only that you are probably the best in the history of vgc , but apart of that you look a good person so im glad u have success with pokemon stuff , keep going!

  • SerDerpish
    SerDerpish Month ago

    I just lost to this team last night on the ladder lol. Congrats on the win, Wolfe!🎉

  • Joseph Wright
    Joseph Wright Month ago +8

    The world champ difference lets you win 50% chances 51% of the time, that Gholdengo roll was always in your favor

  • Luca Bertani
    Luca Bertani Month ago

    I hadn't followed gen 8 tournaments as much as I did gen 7, but the few tines I'd see Ashton he'd have a standard looking team, just like this one in gen 9, but man I remember that in gen 7 especially the first 2 formats he'd bring the most outlandish mons and starts that I thought he as a madman lmao.

  • Christopher Kokotajlo

    Your “oh no” always makes me laugh. Even when it’s you messing up in MSPaint.