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Aegon’s Conquest: how did Daenerys' ancestors take Westeros?

  • Published on Jan 15, 2017 veröffentlicht
  • How did Aegon Targaryen conquer Westeros three hundred years before Game of Thrones? Will Daenerys take the Throne?
    This video contains spoilers for Game of Thrones up to Season 6 and Book 5.
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  • Remy Blas
    Remy Blas 5 years ago +3626

    Too bad you didn't mention the letter the Martells sent to Aegon after Rhaenys died. The letter he held so tight his hands bleed. The letter nobody knows what it said but that made Aegon abandon his plans to conquer Dorne.

    • Rachel Baldi
      Rachel Baldi 6 days ago

      @Dan Peterson this is what happens when all ur fans are super mega nerds

    • OcarinaSapph1r3 -24
      OcarinaSapph1r3 -24 Month ago +1

      @What Seek Ye
      I heard a theory that in the letter, the Dornish threatened to give all their wealth to the Faceless men, in order to kill Aegon's sons - & possibly in response to this threat, he backed down- because there was nothing more to be done at the time; they'd lost Rhaenys- they'd given rein to their 'wroth' & the Dornish _still_ weren't cowed.
      The Kingsguard were created due to Visenya's paranoia that their young dynasty could be snuffed out, should something happen to Aegon- & she modeled it on the NightsWatch, in order to make them devoted to a single purpose- that of protecting the King.

    • Ken M.
      Ken M. Month ago

      @Kevin Escobar You get the same reply I had to give someone a month ago - I barely even remember making that comment and can't muster up a decent answer so I'll just go with the default 'no ur wrong im right lmao'

    • Kevin Escobar
      Kevin Escobar Month ago

      @Ken M. you obviously don’t know much about dorne

    • Joas Benjamin
      Joas Benjamin Month ago

      @Christian leontsinis king not prince

  • Guilherme Aranha
    Guilherme Aranha 3 years ago +3965

    Nice vid, bro...
    Shame Daenerys did EXACTLY what you said she shouldn't do!

    • mihaitha
      mihaitha 24 days ago

      Yea, well, she "kinda forgot about the iron fleet".

    • Danny Pye
      Danny Pye Month ago

      in the show the books are yet to be finished

    • rationalmuscle
      rationalmuscle Month ago

      whamen power

    • Sharad Shukla
      Sharad Shukla Month ago

      maybe D n D just was his post and then just copied his idea?

    • R Nickerson
      R Nickerson Year ago +15

      The show died with Tywin. The books will be better.

  • Cold Order
    Cold Order 3 years ago +3787

    The Conquest pretty much shows how OP the Dragons are and how difficult to kill.
    Meanwhile in the show they're getting killed by glorified crossbows.

    • MaxxVII
      MaxxVII 13 days ago

      Insane how Westeros's technology hasn't evolve in 200 years.
      What is this? The dark ages of christianity?

      ALPHA GAMER 18 days ago

      @Neolexious Neolexian the Valyrians are still around

    • Steve Jones
      Steve Jones 22 days ago

      @Reuben A through the eye with a scorpion bolt as that is a dragons only weak point..

    • Devon Tuck
      Devon Tuck 23 days ago

      @Alex Zetsu LOL that was an amazing quote from him

    • Alex Zetsu
      Alex Zetsu 23 days ago +1

      @Devon Tuck "Nope. It's all in my head. So if I die, you all are s*** out of luck" and he wonders why his fans are concerned about his health.

  • Alice the Mad
    Alice the Mad 3 months ago +1250

    I love that Visenya basically just parked right in Sharra’s yard, took her son out for a fun day, and they had a civil chat probably over tea. Shockingly wholesome… I mean aside from the fact that Visenya definitely kidnapped her son and played nice with him to terrify Sharra into submission.

    • Imcoleyourenot
      Imcoleyourenot 23 days ago

      @Codex D.E.N.N.I.S

    • Demz Visuals
      Demz Visuals 26 days ago

      @Codex - underrated comment 😂😂😂

    • M R
      M R 28 days ago

      @Codex extremely very underrated comment

    • SelphieTheNutter
      SelphieTheNutter 29 days ago +2

      Depending on the type of person Sharra was she probably had a rush if mixed thoughts. From What do you intend to do with my son, Are you for real, is this a trick,. She probably thought about how everyone who fought died and everyone who knelt survived and continued to rule. This probably calmed her fears and made her believe Visenya was sincere.

    • A R
      A R Month ago +1

      ok this explanation makes sense ^ lol I was confused. I was thinking oh that’s nice..?? maybe? I haven’t read the books. if I was a mother I would definitely be freaking out and agree to her terms to protect my kid seeing that

  • T.B O.E
    T.B O.E 3 years ago +5469

    Basically the Targaryen’s with their dragons were playing on easy mode

    • carlos rivas
      carlos rivas 17 days ago

      Tyrion riding the other dragon.

    • carlos rivas
      carlos rivas 17 days ago

      Jon snow or Samwell should have known something about the blood magic that allows them to ride dragons, it would have been nice to see him ride a dragon.

    • Vidhan Saini
      Vidhan Saini 18 days ago

      Until they met people of dorne

    • Rosh Penin
      Rosh Penin 21 day ago

      Getting the Power Armor on the first mission in Fallout 4...

    • Hypatia Kovalevskaya Sklodowska
      Hypatia Kovalevskaya Sklodowska 22 days ago

      Cause sacrifices of loved ones for magic are easy?

  • Joe
    Joe 5 years ago +2736

    The amount of detail in these stories are amazing, I'd put my money on a GoT spinoff for sure

  • Lorenzo Fernandes
    Lorenzo Fernandes 3 years ago +5478

    "Daenerys kinda forgot about the iron fleet"

    • Kronos camron
      Kronos camron Month ago

      Yea... happens when you smoke that dothraki shit.

    • LessCommonKnowledge
      LessCommonKnowledge Month ago

      **unbridled rage and British insults flies from the mouth of a long man**

    • Diclonius Maximus
      Diclonius Maximus Month ago


    • Avant-Tom
      Avant-Tom Month ago

      @Bryan Manuel most soldiers were conscripted peasants and the one weapon many of them could afford was a sharp stick very good for stabbing.

    • Finq09
      Finq09 Month ago +1

      I kinda forgot about that line. Now I am mad again. Thank you for that.

  • Lost
    Lost 2 years ago +1607

    Tyrells: *serves* *the* *Gardeners* *for* *generations* *to* *get* *The* *Reach*
    Bronn: *does* *nothing,* *still* *gets* *The* *Reach*
    Tyrells: 👁👄👁

    • books from Windblown
      books from Windblown 23 days ago

      @The life of Andrew there are no of them. Because the show kinda wiped out like no big deal like stannis. Show has no logic and Tyrion character development is a waste of time, when he should been a villain

    • The life of Andrew
      The life of Andrew 23 days ago

      I wonder how the Florents reacted knowing how much they’ve been fucking whining about how the rightful owners of high garden

    • Moh Khan11
      Moh Khan11 Month ago

      The show is so bad its hilarious. There are so many reach houses available

    • Geo
      Geo Month ago +1

      I think it would have been more realistic for someone like house Hightower to take it.

    • books from Windblown
      books from Windblown 2 months ago +3

      There is no logic

  • Tomatoe
    Tomatoe 3 years ago +4724

    "Her most important assets are her dragons"
    Yeah, about that..

    • Brent
      Brent Month ago

      that and her cheekbones

    • Christopher Tracy
      Christopher Tracy 2 months ago

      The Dragon Queen Daenerys Targaryen should've attacked when she had 3 large Dragons all her unsullied and has her allies! Yara said King's Landing would fall in a day!

    • Jacob Rothschild
      Jacob Rothschild Year ago

      Wow what an interesting story. Deus ex dragon. Why not just give them nukes and be done it

    • Acer
      Acer 2 years ago

      Yes, she only had one left in the end and without that ...her ways would of eventually been her demise. But even the dragon seen that her obsession for power was evil...which made it accept Jon’s action of ending her reign

    • o m
      o m 2 years ago

      @omni gar what's ur problem he can criticize the ending because it was bad it's not like he just wanted a different ending it's not an opinion the last season was badly written

  • Raza Alee
    Raza Alee 3 years ago +1171

    "She might not wanna remind people, however, that her father was the notoriously cruel and crazy Mad King"
    Oh my poor child.

    • Shah Fahad Ahmed
      Shah Fahad Ahmed 2 years ago +2

      lmao :D

    • Owlman
      Owlman 3 years ago +68

      Technically, she didn't remind them of the Mad King. She just made it clear that she's actually worse than him. :)

  • Nate Skywalker
    Nate Skywalker 3 years ago +5290

    Aegon is rolling in his grave right now,
    Dany already lost 2 dragons and now she's planning on burning everyone.

    • Tasha 77
      Tasha 77 20 days ago

      Aegon doesn't have a grave. The Targaryens cremate their dead.

    • lane blaine
      lane blaine 29 days ago

      @João Pedro Figueiredo Pereira now you get a show my friend hahaha

    • Alejandro Maldonado
      Alejandro Maldonado Month ago

      @João Pedro Figueiredo Pereira Season 7 and 8 Dany would rank as one of the worst Targaryens by the amount of duck ups that happened. She shouldn't have lost a single dragon and should have conquered Westerns within a few months.

      CONTROVERSY QUEEN 😈🤡 Month ago

      @Flaw1k Deadshot ep 10 got leaked 😑

      CONTROVERSY QUEEN 😈🤡 Month ago

      @Flaw1k Deadshot RIP lucareys....vhagar eat him and his dragon 😐

  • FacepalmDaily
    FacepalmDaily 3 years ago +791

    The Targaryen origins in Valyria leading up to their escape before the destruction would make an epic prequel series. The rise of the Targaryens. Not mention we'd get a shitload more dragons.

    • Mistah_Mace
      Mistah_Mace Month ago +2

      @Adam. the show is amazing so far imo

    • Adam.
      Adam. 2 months ago +2

      @FacepalmDaily 2 eps and a 3rd in a few days. What did you think of it so far?

    • FacepalmDaily
      FacepalmDaily 3 months ago +5

      @Saatvik Kalra Certainly seems that way. I'm cautiously optimistic.

    • Saatvik Kalra
      Saatvik Kalra 3 months ago +4

      @FacepalmDaily close enough right? Shit tons of Targaryens, shit ton of dragons

    • FacepalmDaily
      FacepalmDaily 3 months ago +2

      @Saatvik Kalra Sorta. Still in Westeros, though.

  • Username unknown
    Username unknown 3 years ago +4419

    "From dragon back, Rhaenys saw them coming."
    Huh, how curious. You're saying she didn't just forget about the Durrandon army while in flight?

    • Campbell Scott
      Campbell Scott Month ago

      @HowlingWolf518 n. O

    • Cee Dee
      Cee Dee Month ago

      @Akshat Thakur "In 10 AC at Hellholt, an iron bolt from a scorpion went through Meraxes's eye, and the dragon and Rhaenys fell from the sky. In Meraxes's death throes, she destroyed the castle's highest tower and part of the curtain wall. It is not certain whether Rhaenys outlived Meraxes."
      Quoted from asoiaf wiki, you can't trick fans out of the lore you don't know about. Westeros had scorpions for centuries, Rhoynar especially would have told the Dornish about the Valyrians and their dragons during their migration.

    • Akshat Thakur
      Akshat Thakur Month ago

      @Cee Dee they didn't have scorpions they just had spears and it luckily hit his sisters dragon's eye

    • Thalmor Agent
      Thalmor Agent Month ago

      @Ricky Vebian
      Even if he had Scorpion Crossbows, according to the show, all it takes is one dragon to destroy dozens of them 🤷🏿

    • Jamie_ D0G
      Jamie_ D0G 2 months ago +1

      @codafett What doesn't make any sense is that she, from above failed to see the fleet hide behind a rock

  • Boss Umbra
    Boss Umbra 3 years ago +320

    Selmy said this about Daenerys with her fire.
    “She wants fire, and Dorne sent her mud. You could make a poultice out of mud to cool a fever. You could plant seeds in mud and grow a crop to feed your children. Mud would nourish you, where fire would only consume you, but fools and children and young girls would choose fire every time.”

    • Pucheta
      Pucheta 2 months ago +5

      @God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 Yeah but it probably is the safest place to land, since its hard to conquer and all

    • God Emperor of Mankind 3.0
      God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 6 months ago +9

      yeah but Quentyn still isn't that good of a King consort. Dorne is the weakest of the kingdoms with the least amount of men. even Jaime's a better choice even though Dany will never go for that.

  • ZippyDapper
    ZippyDapper 3 years ago +747

    i would love to see a movie or tv show about Aegon's Conquest.

    • A R
      A R Month ago

      @Hunter Horse Helmsley this as well Aegon’s conquest and taking over would be epic showing the throne being made at the end - finale material for that season

    • A R
      A R Month ago

      @Sai Govind that would be cool

    • Sai Govind
      Sai Govind Month ago +2

      And of old valyria

    • ece
      ece Month ago


    • MsSopla
      MsSopla 2 months ago +1

      Well... its "hot d" but you don't see it there

  • Odin666
    Odin666 3 years ago +166

    Man, it still blows my mind. How did GRRM come up with all this in depth history and lore for each family and each castle for literally every generation going back like 5000 years from the year Game of Thrones is set in... so crazy...

    • Lewis
      Lewis 12 days ago

      @Rayza S yes, the Lancaster's and the Yorks

    • Rayza S
      Rayza S 12 days ago

      @Lewis *English
      The war of the roses to be more exact

    • Horozu olan Adam
      Horozu olan Adam 21 day ago +2

      An important thing to remember is Grrm didn't knew all this when writing the first book. He knew where he wanted the story to go, he knew all important houses, he knew important plot points but not everything we now know. He learned these things while he was writing a chapter and imagined a tiny history detail that would suit the scene or foreshadow something. I think people often forget how little a worldbuilding is done before writing the story compared to how much there is in the final draft.

    • Sadhitra Biswas
      Sadhitra Biswas 28 days ago +1

      Nothing compared to Tolkien.

    • Lewis
      Lewis Month ago +3

      British history being a big influence as well

  • raphabl
    raphabl 3 years ago +1519

    Nah. She just burned the entire city to the ground

    • Nerd watch 101
      Nerd watch 101 Month ago

      Yea all she had to do was give an order once inside get all women and children out as well as allow soldiers escape so long as the put down there weapons then she only had to take out the royal chambers

    • Extra Victory
      Extra Victory 7 months ago

      @Min Ahm also there is prob never gonna be a book ending lol. Its been likr 13 years still no winds of winter let alone dream of spring lmfao. So yeah the show ending is all anyone is getting

    • Extra Victory
      Extra Victory 7 months ago +1

      @Min Ahm actually we know bran sits the throne at the end of the books it was confirmed GRRM told D&D that. So yeah Dany may or may not go crazy and die but she doesnt win the throne. She loses in the books too and Thats confirmed

    • Min Ahm
      Min Ahm Year ago +1

      it isn't canon obv! she is alive in books and grrm would never make major character do that! its obv just the show. even targaryen ancestors in fire and blood book, never burnt a whole CITY unprovoked

    • Vishal Singh Bharti
      Vishal Singh Bharti Year ago


  • honey38
    honey38 3 years ago +494

    History lesson is so much better with dragons 😂

    • SanLaren
      SanLaren 29 days ago

      @Voldemort "USA fought alcoholism with prohibition but what they should have used were the dragons"

    • Voldemort
      Voldemort Year ago +7

      they should just add some dragons to real history to make it bearable to listen to. As long as the point gets across accuracy doesnt matter lol

    • Kacpa2
      Kacpa2 3 years ago +6

      Actually its boring, cuz its one sided with one boring solution to everything

    • Aleksandra Stasevic
      Aleksandra Stasevic 3 years ago +2

      @Ahmed better in essos there are not ww

    • Ahmed
      Ahmed 3 years ago +10

      It would be so cool to live in Westeros.

  • KRM
    KRM 3 years ago +88

    I hope we get a trilogy of Aegon’s conquest.
    That would be awesome!

  • Ryan Borgeson
    Ryan Borgeson 3 years ago +887

    This is hilarious watching in May 2019 after Ep 4 Season 8 of the tv show. The dragons have so far only been a form of transport, and only been in a couple skirmishes in Westeros.

    • Dan Peterson
      Dan Peterson 3 years ago

      @porky5567 No, they were flying back to Dragonstone to recuperate. But if the show had better writers, Dany would never have been ambushed by ships at sea that could carry catapults. She would realistically see them and stay out of range. They would also fly at all times out of range of catapults after Drogon was hit by one in her first battle against the Lannisters. Unfortunately, D&D were simply too ignorant about medieval warfare to write an intelligent story after they ran out of Martin's books to adapt. Everything after Season 6 was ridiculous rubbish.

    • Dan Peterson
      Dan Peterson 3 years ago

      @porky5567 That's not true. She was actually taking Rhaegal to the safest possible place on Dragonstone to recover. There is simply no way she could have been ambushed by an enemy fleet which would have been impossible not to notice , nor could those scorpions even hit a flying dragon at those ranges on a rocking ship at sea. Martin even said that the only way a scorpion could hurt a dragon was if it were hit in the eye, and even this wouldn't have happened because if this were realistic the dragons would have been given armored eye protection just like valuable war houses would often have. D&D were simply too ignorant to understand this. Even Martin was too ignorant of real Medieval technology when he had one dragon killed by a scorpion bolt in the eye in the books, when it would have been common knowledge that eye shields could have been made just as they were to protect man and horses eyes from arrows.

    • Dan Peterson
      Dan Peterson 3 years ago

      @Mariose123 That's true, but unfortunately Martin firmly planted the seeds in their minds that Dany had to be the archvillain and not the hero of the story. Really a shame, because it will hurt the popularity of the whole book series as well, unless we wisely changes the current storyline while he still can. If D&D had any creativity of their own they could have made a Jon-Dany marriage and happy ending with the resurgence of the Targaryen dynasty and their dragons, and end up being more popular than Martin will be when he continues the 'Mad Dany' story line that he gave D&D, which they followed because they had no talent to do otherwise..

    • Dan Peterson
      Dan Peterson 3 years ago

      @King Swifty It was stupid writing that killed the dragons, not anything that they could have actually had with their medieval technology.

    • Dan Peterson
      Dan Peterson 3 years ago

      @porky5567 Not true. She was flying back to Dragonstone, and was ambushed. But it was stupid writing, because she could easily seen Euron's ships long before she got into the range of the scorpions. No scorpion ever made in real life was as powerful or accurate as those in the show. That whole scene shooting down the dragon was ridiculous.

  • Aiden Howatson
    Aiden Howatson 3 years ago +88

    If I had a nickel for every time a Tragaryen invaded Westeros from the East with 3 dragons I'd have two nickels... which isn't a lot but it's weird that happened twice

  • Shubham Banerjee
    Shubham Banerjee 3 years ago +1038

    Aegon: Hey I wanna be King.
    Other houses: Lol you don't even have a banner.
    Aegon: ok. I make banner now. Now me King?
    OH: Yay! You're the king.

    • M D
      M D Year ago +3

      Reminds me of the Eddie Izzard bit "do you have a flag???"

    • Processing Information
      Processing Information Year ago


    • Ricky Vebian
      Ricky Vebian 2 years ago +11

      aegon conquest in a nutshell

    • Squim
      Squim 2 years ago +42

      Shubham Banerjee Bill Wurtz: Entire History of Westeros (I Guess)

  • Matthew Robinson
    Matthew Robinson 5 years ago +2093

    Probably one of your best videos ever, both visually and informatively. Definitely worth the wait. Well done keep it up and thank you

    • Kuba Kijak
      Kuba Kijak 5 years ago +3

      Matthew Robinson what is this cancer

    • Br. Bill
      Br. Bill 5 years ago +6

      Good spellers have been bludgeoned mercilessly by the text written by those who don't care. It's the new normal.

    • Abhijeet Shrestha
      Abhijeet Shrestha 5 years ago +10

      I feel like the internet has just stopped caring at this point about "Definitely"

    • romahnae
      romahnae 5 years ago

      yeah, more like a history of game of thrones.

    • RedSectorX
      RedSectorX 5 years ago +8


  • A H
    A H 3 years ago +24

    15:12 it's actually staggering how little of this happened in the show. The writers really dropped the ball.

  • Noble
    Noble 3 years ago +297

    Not sure why but I feel bad for Rhaenys dying in Dorne. For some reason I like her character, even tho there isnt much written about her

    • 96Jazangel
      96Jazangel Day ago

      @Captain Future Out of the three she was the first dragon rider, And a highly skilled one who rode more than her siblings combined, she had prophetic abilities, was a skilled politician who actually cared about the civilians, and she made an army surrender purely at the sight of her dragon Meraxes. But by all means, all that matters is she was pretty.

    • Muhammad Eisa
      Muhammad Eisa 2 months ago +11

      @Nicholas Kenneth if that were true, people would like Visenya as well. But I think people like Rhaenys because she liked music and poetry and riding dragons and it characterizes her as a sweet and artistic person. Maybe that's why people feel sympathetic towards her fate.

    • Nicholas Kenneth
      Nicholas Kenneth 5 months ago +14

      I believe they call this "pretty privilege"

    • I speak only FACTS.
      I speak only FACTS. Year ago +26

      It's only because she's pretty lmao. Done told her to leave and she left. But then she came back wanting to burn them because they embarrassed her she deserves it

    • Alex Battaglia
      Alex Battaglia Year ago +8

      boo hoo she invaded their lands and had burnt and killed thousands beforehand

  • Jonas
    Jonas 3 years ago +296

    Oh I get the name of Kings Landing now! It’s because that’s were Aegon first landed while conquering Westeros!

    • Andrew Devine
      Andrew Devine Month ago

      I'm sure it was spelled out in the books.

    • Katak
      Katak 2 months ago +1

      Big brains hey

    • Ash
      Ash 3 years ago +26

      @CuddlyTurtle that's probably what he sounded like too

    • CuddlyTurtle
      CuddlyTurtle 3 years ago +15

      ​@Sunny Ilya Got damn, that's an oof right there.

    • Sunny Ilya
      Sunny Ilya 3 years ago +118

      And Tommen!

    ALPHA GAMER 3 years ago +35

    if daenerys was really smart,she could defeat cersei in one week
    reach dragonstone
    unleash the dragons in the red keep and use tyrell and dornish armies to face the lannister army - cersei dead
    then meet jaime on the field of fire 2.0 with the three dragons and a quarter of the dothraki she actually took
    grey worm and the unsilled take the rock
    then three dragons plus yara iron fleet and dornish fleet against euron iron fleet - euron dead
    since cersei is already dead she doesnt pay the iron bank,so no golden company,they were useless anyway
    dany has all of westeros except the north and the iron islands,but the islands will remain indepedent
    since cersei is dead,the capture whight trip doesnt happen,so instead of being stupid and go beyond the wall anyway,dany agrees to help jon against the dead IF they somehow pass beyond the wall,Dany has the north as well,because they cant simply defeat dany and she is gonna help them against the dead
    she sits on throne and has all of westeros except the iron islands
    daenaerys targaryen first of her name,queen of the seven kingdoms,then to sement her position she marrys jon to sement her power over the north

    • ewere normwe
      ewere normwe 4 months ago +1

      that what actual earlier seasons dany would do .but for some reason shes not smart in season 7 .we need tyrion to do something u know

    • ride
      ride 2 years ago

      It was tyrion the dumbass

    • Alex Turlais
      Alex Turlais 2 years ago +1

      Dany just kind of forgot about the iron throne.

    • Guin Brew
      Guin Brew 2 years ago +7

      I knowwww it would be really smart to take kings landing first. Had they taken control of the iron throne, whether he meets jon before or after that, the final battle should be something that's been gathering up seasons ago which was the great war. I would have preferred season 7 to be Dany taking kings landing and gaining control of the kingdoms while the threat the of the night king would build up. Then season 8 would be the great war and what comes after

      ALPHA GAMER 2 years ago +6

      @Braian Batista it was a dumb choice

  • God Emperor of Mankind 3.0
    God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 6 months ago +31

    Aegon the Conqueror is one of my favorites because despite the way he took over, he was still a good and wise king afterwards. He made the Iron Throne not to show off but because he thought a king shouldn't rest easy.

  • Benson Fang
    Benson Fang Year ago +39

    17:50 by season 7 she also could have pushed the narrative that she was Robert’s second cousin on their fathers’ side. By season 7 she’s Robert’s closest living paternal relative.

  • Jonathan Fesmire, Steampunk Author

    Fire and Blood is such a great book. Really enjoyable. I recommend it highly.

  • Jeffrey Aguilar
    Jeffrey Aguilar 2 years ago +10

    The Targaryens did some good work in collecting good cards and had the best trap cards in the game then the Dornish had like 3 cards in their deck which just so happened to the only combination that could win the game.

  • marinus18
    marinus18 3 years ago +3

    I do think Daenerys will have it harder. Dragons were underestimated during Aegon's conquest and when the true threat he represented became clear he had already conquered half the continent.
    The westerosi are familiar with dragons. Trying to hide in castles or meeting them head one with armies is futile. However with specialized siege equipment or clever traps they can be killed. There is also the wild card of John Snow who could claim greater legitimacy than her. Not only is he male but as the child of the crown prince he has a greater claim than Deanerys who is the sibling of the crown prince.

  • Aamir Razak
    Aamir Razak 3 years ago +11

    Great video as always, I love the lore of House Targaryen and the series in general it’s incredible... Aegon sounded like a real boss tbh... I hope we learn more about the lords of dragonstone before his conquest also and what they were doing prior to his invasion of Westeros

  • Motivation World
    Motivation World 3 years ago +34

    This was posted back in 2017 and just seeing how the GoT show has ended, I am really speechless. A lot of the doubts which you talked about Danny came true, plus more. Not giving away Spoilers.

  • Coding in Flow
    Coding in Flow Month ago +18

    Thank you for this great summary. I watched all of GoT without ever really understanding this backstory.

  • Wayne Filkins
    Wayne Filkins 3 years ago +8

    I was just watching a video about her entire journey..and when watching it all at once, I realized something interesting. Every time she did anything, she started off failing, then she burned people and succeeded. Every time she won by burning people. It's like that was etched into her mind. It wasn't really her fault...just nothing would go her way until she did that. We didn't notice it back then, because it only happened about once or twice per season and usually the people pretty much deserved it. I think if people noticed this more, they would understand why she burned King's Landing. She could have stopped, but it would have been like Mareen...shit would have gone wrong again...so it's like she just said fuck it and skipped all the bullshit and burned people. She got a bit carried away though...I mean they made it look like she burned EVERYONE. All she really had to do was burn a straight line to the Red Keep, then burn it...then be done with it. That would be enough to make her a murderer, but it would have fit with the story more. There's no reason to burn EVERYONE...how do you rule a city of dead people? They made it so bad that she had to snap...and there's no point in having her have a psychotic break, because that makes everything else she did irrelevant. If they had had her burn some people, it would make sense because that's just her learning from all her other mistakes (trying to do things peacefully and eventually burning people to get results).

  • Apey B
    Apey B 3 years ago +5

    I watched probably a half dozen videos before I found yours, and I still had questions on all of these topics. You effectively summed up everything I wanted to know in one video! Thank you so much!

  • CosaNostra 42
    CosaNostra 42 3 years ago +8

    It's kinda funny how the Valeryans all grew up and lived around all this powerful magic, imune to dragonfire, keeping an active volcano habitable through the raw power of their magic, but yet premonitions they don't believe in. I'm sure there was a specific reason for that in which grr had in mind.

  • Mie R
    Mie R 3 years ago

    She's doing well so far. Not a lot of use of her Essos armies - instead using the armies of her allies to do the fighting. Also letting her enemies join her, giving them an option of bending the knee. The only place she's having difficulties is in the North but this was expected, this is where Aegon also had difficulties and like Torrhen Stark Jon is also getting shit for bending the knee, but with the dead coming I'm sure they'll get over it soon enough.

  • Jaffet Hervas
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    I really hope that they would consider making a show for this one. This is very interesting and the dragons alone can make people watch it!

  • marinus18
    marinus18 3 years ago

    It wasn't necessarily that. It was more that Aegon didn't destroy the power of the nobles. He somewhat lessened their autonomy but the lords got to keep most of their authority and powers. So that meant most were quick to bend the knee as they didn't have a lot to lose by doing so. I think if Aegon had said he would destroy the Starks as rulers of the North they would have fought.

  • Bat13B
    Bat13B Month ago

    Great video. Still shocked that no one but Dorne thought to create a big harpoon or some kind of fire resistant armor or some kind plant or substance dragons do not like or raising their own dragon or finding an animal whose physical qualities allow it to fight dragons. In my mind in a world where you can have giant flying creatures you’re not going to have just the one species…..

  • Sadhitra Biswas
    Sadhitra Biswas 28 days ago

    I believe GRRM took inspiration from Spain while writing about Dorne's Conquest. Spain was very difficult to conquer as Napoleon's experience there is a testimony to the fact.

  • Hawkar
    Hawkar 3 years ago +2

    I appreciate D&Ds attempt of making a great show out of a great story and I admit, seaons 1-7 were very good but even in these seasons there is space for improvements; that's a whole diff topic though. Season 8 however... this season ruined it alot, so rushed, so many things left with a loose end, just didnt feel right but deep down I really wish better writers are granted permission by George R.R Martin to make another show out of the books. A boy can only dream.

  • Alex Gellerman
    Alex Gellerman 3 years ago +5

    I've only read the first book so not sure if there is any mention of this, but question about Aegon's original conquest. How come he and his sisters with their dragons never went past the wall to conquer the whole continent?
    I always thought if they wanted power and to be in charge they would have taken over the whole continent and seen the walkers up there, not just south of the wall

    • Shoaz don
      Shoaz don 2 months ago

      The new show answers this question, it’s because he knew the white walkers were coming. And he knew where they we were, and this passed down from Targaryen to Tagareyn. That’s why they stayed tf away from their lol

    • Luiz Felipe VBF
      Luiz Felipe VBF 3 years ago +6

      I'm late but in Fire&Blood Queen Alysanne tries to go past the wall, but her dragon simply refused.
      She tries going past it again and again but Silverwing simply did not want to cross it.
      We, the reader, know there's some type of magic in the wall that prevents the dead and Coldhands from crossing it (even if it doesn't prevent a corpse from turning in the other side) so maybe it prevents any magical creature from crossing it.

  • Tom H
    Tom H 3 years ago +57

    In reference to Daenerys' dragons... "the story would be boring if she just easily won with them... right?"
    Oh you poor sweet innocent fool, this quote was the true foreshadowing

  • Makin Waves
    Makin Waves 3 years ago +2

    So if what the narrator said in a previous video explaining the secrets of the starks, then that raises a question, why is the iron thrown made of not just iron but of iron swords? The coronation here seems worthy of mention considering the iron sword and crown were used to keep the dead starks from becoming white walkers, and to suppress the urge of the white walkers.

  • Dogukan
    Dogukan 3 years ago +1

    You, sir, are a genius. A dragon fell as you predicted, both Baelish and Bolton got murdered, and one dragon has entered the control of the Night King. I'd like to see the use of Weirwood arrows in the upcoming season and the books, I bet that's something we will definitely see.

  • MoMoneyLessProblems
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    Would be killer to see some of the battles described in this video in a movie on the scale of LOTR battles. The Attach on Harrenhal. The Last Storm. And especially the Field of Fire. Like imagine being able to watch a giant battle with thousands of soldiers fighting in burning fields of wheat while dragons fly above just fucking everyone up. Would be so badass

  • Bumbling Bureaucrat
    Bumbling Bureaucrat 2 years ago

    I actually think that it would be cool if she did the exact same thing as Aegon and instead of retaking the old Empire, she takes over the new one. And by that, I mean she abandons Westeros and instead takes Essos.

  • George Dunham
    George Dunham 3 years ago

    Different circumstances.. the seven kingdoms all hates each other but now there are heaps of alliances. And Daenerys doesn’t seem like the person that likes risking her dragons too much, evident by the timid way she’s gone about entering Westeros

  • Captain Mike
    Captain Mike 3 years ago +1

    Varys tried to poison Dany with poppy of nightshade, but Targaryens are not killed by it, instead it drives them mad. He knew this because he did the same thing to the Mad King. Verys is the one who propagated the lie about Targaryens being crazy like the toss of a coin. He wants to control the Relm and when he loses control of the person on the throne he conspires to get rid of the person on the throne.

  • michael weitzel
    michael weitzel 2 months ago

    Very well done. I have not read the books and this was informative and easy to follow. Thank you!

  • Borsuq
    Borsuq 3 years ago +1

    Targeryens came with 5 dragons to Dragonstone, before the Doom of Valyria, out of which Balerion was the youngest (the 4 older ones died at some point). Vhagar amd Meraxes were hatched sometime within the next century. The way you said it suggested that those three came with Targeryens before the doom ^^;

    SAPPHIRO 22 days ago +1

    This video is great for when it dropped but now with the House of Dragon it really helps with the timeline and the houses and all the players.

  • UnLuCkY 13
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    Dorne is badass. Shame about it's depiction in the show.

    • OcarinaSapph1r3 -24
      OcarinaSapph1r3 -24 Month ago +1

      @Mark Bernard Vidad
      Trystane does have _some_ impact- he'd become King of Westeros had Arianne's plot been successful- thereby restoring Dornish influence in the Capitol; his father was disturbed by intelligence he heard that Cersei was going to kill Trystane, take Myrcella back- & blame the prince's death on Tyrion, using mercs disguised as Vale clansmen crying 'Halfman!' - he thinks she's crazy to even think about undermining the alliance Tyrion had so carefully orchestrated (something that won a small measure of his father's approval).
      I mean, yes- the Dornish are going to betray her too, but at least they have actual reasons- Cersei's plot smacks of short-sighted lunacy.

    • Cole Bresnehen
      Cole Bresnehen 2 months ago +2

      @marinus18 don’t people like Tywin do stuff like this? I’m not saying those moves by the Martells aren’t snakey but the rest of Westeros does some snakey shit as well. Even in the North you have houses like the Boltons

    • Kevin Lugardo
      Kevin Lugardo 8 months ago

      @Felipe Montealegre i can't stop laughing at your comment 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Post Punk 69
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    • Abcde Fghij
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      Imo this is one of the show GoT's biggest crimes

  • D. M. Collins
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    I've been binge-watching all your videos... this is one of the best and most informative of them all! Thank you!

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    This video is so good , thank you so much.
    I wonder how much time it took you to write the script for this , very well done and so easy to follow 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Made-line 🎭
    Made-line 🎭 2 years ago

    So *was* Aegon considered a "Lord" ("when *he* became the Lord of Dragonstone")? Had the Targaryens been using that title for a while before the Conquest? And was it for eventual conquest and assimilation? What's the deal?
    P.S. At about 10:25, when Brandon Snow is mentioned, In Deep Geek recently did an interesting video on all of Bran's visions, and one of them was of a man making three weirwood arrows beneath the Heart Tree of Winterfell, and IDG theorised that that man could very likely be Brandon Snow, who wanted to sneak behind enemy lines and kill the dragons, and that perhaps the magic of the weirwoods *could* have killed them. I just think it's really interesting, and he's probs onto something there.
    P.P.S. *Gods* I wish we had a series on the Conquest. Nothing against the Dance, the Conquest is just so intriguing.
    Edit: After I typed in that thing about Brandon Snow, you go on to talk about this! Nice. YOU'RE probs onto something 👏🏻

  • Nerd watch 101
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    Yes I’m on book 3 now and I’m praying it goes down so much different then the last season!!! Also tip for her!! Don’t fly in enemy Territory during a bright sunny clear sky day!! Only at night!!

  • Rafael Gimenez
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    But her dragons are way smaller than the conquest dragons, Balerion was over 100 years old, the others where its kids I believe and they where around 90. Really grown dragons, these dragons are babies in comparison. Perhaps Drogon post season 7 could measure up to their smallest. Also I dont think dany would go burning castles down, armies out on fields n fleets seem like fair game.

  • Rhys Lloyd-Jones
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    I never comment but honestly this was such a well made and structured video, thank you

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    Okay, so I know that this was a really bloody conquest, but the way that the veil surrendered was absolutely adorable.

  • Made-line 🎭
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    It's a good thing Brandon Snow didn't kill the dragons, as the descendents of those three dragons will likely be a major factor in winning against the AOTD. Nice work, Torrhen.

  • Vidkun The Treacherous
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    1. Declare war
    2. Use dragons
    3. Get loyalty
    4. Rule everything

  • Forran
    Forran 3 years ago +3

    This video just confirms that Daenerys would be better off marrying Jon Snow... In the show they're trying to find reasons for them not to marry, but they are not good enough. They say Dany is arrogant... Man! She married Hizdar (or whatshisname) for lesser reasons!

  • Dan Peterson
    Dan Peterson 3 years ago +4

    An excellent summary of the Aegon's conquest of Westeros, especially useful with its use of maps. It is unfortunate though that Martin's great fantasy saga cannot be taken very seriously, despite his great writing talent, due to his unfortunate ignorance of Medieval military technology, which is so critical in writing a story that takes place in a Medieval era setting and intended for an educated adult audience instead of ten year old, Dungeons and Dragons players whom I would think are the only people who could take Martin's childish "dragonslayer nonsense" seriously. The writer of this piece is quite correct in that dragons were the most important military asset to both Aegon and Daenerys to succeed in their conquests, yet neither of them, quite inexplicably used the defensive measures well known in their time to prevent their dragons from ever being seriously hurt in combat. If this book series (and the HBO television series as well), had been written by someone with an actual background in Medieval military technology, both Aegon and Daenerys would have used the common knowledge of their times to prevent their dragons from ever becoming casualties, which unfortunately both Martin, and the D&D television writing team were all blissfully ignorant of. For example, the simple concept of protecting a human or horse's eyes from being hit by an arrow (or scorpion bolt) would have been well known to anyone of this time, as visored helmets for humans , and metal slatted chamfrons for the most valuable horses would have been known and used for thousands of years in this world as surely as they were in are own world. Dragons in this world would have been so valuable that no expense would be spared to protect ANY vulnerable part of their bodies, (like their eyes in this case), from scorpion or arrow fire. It would be far more important to use the finest Valerian Steel, to protect a dragon's eyes than for a sword. And of course, D&Ds 'magical' scorpions in the HBO series could never have been as accurate or powerful as depicted, piercing the scales which Martin states were stronger than any steel. This is also why the slaughter of the dragons in the Dragon Pit by a mob of peasants was also utterly ridiculous. Why would the most valuable asset of the Targaryens even be left in a place where they could be captured or killed? Of course, they wouldn't be. The only place they would ever be kept in King's Landing would be the Red Keep itself, so the Targaryan leadership would ALWAYS have them near at hand for any emergency. Just that fact all of the dragons in the world but Dany's three is also utterly ridiculous, by Martin's own words. On the tiny island of Dragonstone there were two wild dragons living yet none at all in the entire rest of the world?. He also says that in the past, there were wild dragons in Westeros, as there bones were sometimes found. So even if all of the domesticated dragons of the Valarians (except those on Dragonstone) were killed in the volcanic cataclysm in their homeland, such formidable and successful predators as these dragons would still be alive all over the rest of the world. And with the Valerians going all over the world on their trading endeavor (to protect their ships) and exploration, there would undoubtedly be dozens, if not hundreds of domesticated Valerian dragons scattered in many lands and over seas at the moment of the "Doom". If Martin had given more thought to the dragons in his books, he would have realized there would have to also still be wild dragons all over the world (though he does concede that in the South there are huge Wyverns undoubtedly related to dragons, but cannot be tamed, and fortunately for the rest of the world, they seem to only thrive in hot tropical jungles). The story would still make sense if Martin acknowledged there were still populations of wild dragons around the world, because it was only those of Valerian blood that dragons would accept as riders so the eggs that Dany hatched would not even have to be long dead, petrified eggs magically brought to life, but instead, just fresh eggs of a wild dragon. The reality of the situation is that it would have been impossible for the more primitive humans of that world to have ever been able to wipe out all of the wild dragons that would certainly still be common around that whole world, when we consider just three domesticated dragons in the modern era of that world could kill tens of thousands of the best human warriors with with almost total impunity. So I suppose we cannot be too hard on D&D for turning the HBO version into such ridiculous rubbish when Martin too, had made his original written version similarly too implausible for adults to take seriously as well. But that being said, despite the faults of both the books and television, they were still entertaining.

  • Amaldev M
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    After 4 years You were right about Dany's diplomacy

  • userapsvra
    userapsvra 2 months ago

    Revisiting this for HOT D, always fun to remember how much detail there is in the worldbuilding, history and lore of ASOIAF!
    edit: just got to the end of the video where you mention SomethingLikeALawyer and BrydenBFish, guess I've got a blog to check out and more reading to do 👁👁

  • Diego Andrade
    Diego Andrade 2 years ago

    I gotta say she’d probably have a better time conquering the continent in the books than In the show. A more politically fractured state where more people would be likely to join her. That and if she lands at kings landing she could take out the faith and cersi and maybe even Varys while she’s at it.

  • BoomBler
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    15:44 who would've thought that after 5 years Alt Shift X would be right about a possibility to lose control over a dragon

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    Damn you good bro. I really wish they make this a prequel series keep up the good work man

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    watching this after season 8 ep 4 , the way he predicted everything xDD

    • Bluthammer
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      @homunculus7 Not killing people to sow terror. That part of the story is a paradox by design. The woman who removes chains, but uses terror. Get it

    • anonymous nation
      anonymous nation 3 years ago +7

      Also....it tells that dany has lowest of the chances to win the throne as she hasn't done so many things that aegon I did for conquest....things like straight attack, quick action etc....she just wasted too much time planning and then this bloody idiot jon snow came to distract her

    • homunculus7
      homunculus7 3 years ago +17

      she offered them mercy o they bent the knee and they didnt so she killed them and people are calling her stupid or crazy for that it pisses me off what else is she supposed to do?

    • Bluthammer
      Bluthammer 3 years ago +6

      well... this is something aint it. One dragon left alive and i would wager strongly that the last dragon will either be killed or will be John Snow's after Danny dies.

  • Z0MbieKAT138
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    I wanna see this take over as a show, it sounds like it would be an amazing watch

  • Anshul Singh
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    How ironic it is that we're kind of studying about a fictional story like it was a real history... Great job Sir RR Martin 👏

  • AC_Nerd
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    A show about Aegon the Conqueror is what I would love to see.

  • William
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    I would love to see HBO making short films, basically stand alone episodes on these awesone topics! I dont need an entire spinoff series, i just wanna watch the battle of the trident!

  • BB
    BB 3 years ago

    Dany's conquests so far were very similar to Aegon's Harranhal, Essos folk rebelled against their masters and joined her cause for freeing them when she burned their/her enemies. However, she burned Kings Landing for running to their tyrant instead of rebelling against Cersei and joining her cause as their liberator. She didn't have a complete foreign army at this point, she had North with her as well, I just don't understand why she was seen as the foreign invader in the show. Dany really wasnt mad. She had to display her power and show "mercy" wasn't her weakness as she said after they killed her 2 dragons and allies.
    D&D failed to show her(Targaryen) point of view properly by using obscure lines instead of explanations and reasons from her. The ending was so shameful..

  • Sam O'Neill
    Sam O'Neill Year ago +2

    No, Danny will just become even madder than the mad king by burning an entirety of a city she has already won, the “mad king” tried to burn it all down when he lost the city.

  • MF Pope
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    Aegon and his sisters are some of the most interesting characters. I mean we know little about them, but the little we do know about them doesn't mesh with what they did. So I would be interested to see more of them

    • Noone
      Noone Month ago

      Yeah, a lot of space for interpretation and creativity

  • El Na Turel
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    It would have been cool to see Bran control a dragon in season 8. The directors fumbled big time

  • Ace Clover
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    Thing about the North
    If they fought like Dorne, they could’ve remained independent.
    And similar to Dorne, the North is not good for long term conquests since it’s too cold
    Dragons cannot see in blizzards too so vision from sky is obstructed
    Guerilla tactics would’ve helped keep the North independent

  • Trent M
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    Cool video, love learning all the back story stuff, it makes watching the shows that much better.

    • Kelpo
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      Thanks man I appreciate it :)

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    "How did a guy with dragons take a country without dragons nor weaponry sufficient to defend against dragons?" is not a question that needs answering

  • Orsolya Pámer
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    Another difference between Aegon and Dany: Aegon had two sisters, who were able to control their own dragons. They could attack separately, in different places, etc. Dany can't do that, because she controls only Drogon, and the other follows him (well, at least until Jon's Targ side is revealed). So Dany can't make a strategy about her dragons, can not divide them: one goes with Yara and Theon, the other with the Sandsnakes, etc. It is a huge disadvantage.

    • Alejandro Maldonado
      Alejandro Maldonado 20 days ago

      Better to be with one group to protect than to sit on Dragonstone and do nothing all season. Actually Since the events of the show didn't happened simultaneously and apparently that dragons are so fast that she can reach and save Jon Snow in the far north in a record time, she could've participated in every battle in season 7 and make Cersei look like the fool she is. But, instead we have nonsense and stupidity with Daenarys taking too many Ls without doing anything about it

    • Mateo Peltier
      Mateo Peltier 27 days ago

      ​@Alexander Zack their death is only in the show

    • Alexander Zack
      Alexander Zack Month ago +6

      worry not, dany managed to circumvent that problem. she lost one against the night king and another against euron who did a 360 no scope from 5000 miles away with his scorpion. if euron had been close enough to shoot that like a normal person dany would´ve seen him, because she was paying close attention since she definately didn´t forget about the iron fleet she was reminded about a few minutes earlier

  • MadHouse
    MadHouse 3 years ago +5

    And yet SHE ALREADY LOSES 2 DRAGONS, conquer NO SHIT, get their allies MURDERED and in the edge of being defeat. All because Aegon HAD 2 BEATIFUL AND SMART SISTERS who fought with him, while Dany's had just a BALD IDIOT WHO CONSPIRES AGAINST HER and a RETARDED DWARF WHO SACRIFICES HALF OF HER FORCES BY STUPID PLANS.
    Yeah I hope we get in the future a prequel of AEGON THE CONQUEROR showing how beautiful and powerful can be conquer a whole realm with 3 Dragons a thousand men. Not the shit we have now.

    • Abdullah Chaudhry
      Abdullah Chaudhry 3 years ago +3

      Tyrion was so smart back then. Now he's stupid and annoying. Dany deserved much better. I mean she shouldn't even listen to him anymore, but D&D simply forgot that they're ruining the show

  • Jinpachi Bobochan
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    I like how the Vale was taken over. No bloodshed, just giving a little kid a ride on a dragon.
    If it were me, I would have requested the same. The dragons were simply too overpowered.

  • David Lev
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    You'd think after it happened a few times the Westerosi lords would realize that fighting Aegon would only end in them being set on fire

  • Mohammed Ali
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    anyone else feel sad at the end of the video when Alt Shift X states all the clever things that should have happened in daenerys's story arc and everything else that never happened in the show at all. no guerrilla tactics, no dragons getting nerfed except in incredibly unrealistic ways, no trying to apeal to the westerosi,

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  • Yukihyo
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    What if there there is a need for an external source of heat for dragons to grow so the dragons born and raised around valeria were monstrous because of it but subsequent generations could only grow with the heat of their progenitors.

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    How is one man able to create all these 'fake history' that looks so real? Genius!!!

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    Love geography and history so this is AWESOME, definitely like the weirwood arrow theory

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    Wow, such detail and very well presented. Congrats

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    16:08 "the story would be boring if she doesnt lose at least one" you have no idea how true this is in the show (season 7)

    • ewere normwe
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      i would like to think dany lost her dragon to save jorah not the jon snow the zombie kidnapper dumbass

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      @Hashim Hassan *Nothing

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      [Laughs in Greyjoy]

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      @Hashim Hassan You probably know more now (s8e5) BURN THEM ALL

    • Hashim Hassan
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      you guys know nothig (s8e4)

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    Westeros: "We have an army over 50,000."
    Targaryens: "We have dragons."
    *Six kingdoms have left the chat*
    Dorne: "We have a giant fucking crossbow."
    *Targaryens have left the chat*
    Dorne: (⌐■_■)

  • Travis Davidson
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    The way that Aegon converted his enemies in defeat into forces in his army sounds a lot like the night king...show only things, since the character is show only. But then also, Laudrengen’s comment is spot on so NVM

  • Tarn Coleman
    Tarn Coleman 3 years ago +1

    Congratulations on making this nonsense make some sense if that’s possible you nailed it they left so many open ends just like Star Wars and Lord of the rings GOT will be back wether they do a movie or a series who knows Danny might come back as lady stoneheart John will have to come back with Drogon and all will be well you should do a what if they make a movie video THANKS AGAIN from Toronto Canada 🇨🇦

  • RoseyKnows
    RoseyKnows Month ago

    After watching HOTD, all I can say is, Dany was soooo silly for not allowing others to touch or ride her dragons. I guess they weren't really trained to ride and all the knowledge was most likely lost.