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Courage went UNDERCOVER in Nick Eh 30's fashion show!

  • Published on Mar 19, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • 100 player Fortnite fashion show with @CouRageJD going undercover! (Chapter 4 Season 1)
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    • 0:00 Fashion Show Intro
    • 0:24 Round 1 - OG (Season 1)
    • 2:31 Round 2 - Knights (Season 2)
    • 5:48 PlayStation Sponsored Segment
    • 7:28 Round 3 - Space (Season 3)
    • 10:01 Round 4 - Superhero (Season 4)
    • 12:48 Round 5 - Graffiti (Season 5)
    • 15:04 Round 6 - Cube vs Winter (Season 6 & 7)
    • 17:37 Round 7 - Pirates (Season 8)
    • 21:58 [Top 10] Round 8 - Futuristic (Season 9)
    • 24:58 [Top 5] Round 9 - Black Hole Event (Season 10)
    • 28:47 [Finals] Round 10 - Halloween
    • 31:02 Courage's Final Performance
    • 33:24 Courage's Final Performance v2
    • 34:40 Winner
    • Undercover in Courage's Fashion Show ➔ • I went UNDERCOVER...
    • Undercover in SypherPK's Fashion Show ➔ • I went UNDERCOVER...
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  • Tomatohead
    Tomatohead 15 days ago +67

    Nick getting the multiverse of madness storyline at the end is hilarious! Especially with Courage’s reaction 💀

    • Jeoq
      Jeoq 3 days ago

      How was the emotes the storyline of mom tho..

    NRGTWINZ Month ago +627

    A moment of silence for all the people who were eliminated because Courage wouldn't say sorry...💀

  • Lukertvr
    Lukertvr 2 days ago +4

    Courages laughter got me rolling on the floor💀🤣12:54

  • Drifty
    Drifty Month ago +345

    Man these fashion shows are always so enjoyable

  • Mafisio
    Mafisio Month ago +39

    I love these fashion shows! Keep up the great work!

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 4 days ago +2

    21:04 Nick and courage fighting
    21:14Now courage is casually playing with his dog after that

  • Dustin Mcgarvey
    Dustin Mcgarvey Month ago +8

    love these videos keep up the good work!❤

  • CroakyTV
    CroakyTV 9 days ago +6

    Nick is the only guy person I know that makes sponsorship segments actually enjoyable as he actually shows it off while staying true to his content.

    • Lexi Gidley
      Lexi Gidley 6 days ago

      wi’m twjn

    • L Dal10
      L Dal10 7 days ago

      Kinda true but Harry Mack makes sponsorship segments into songs and i never skip em

    • Flo
      Flo 8 days ago

      Yeah he really is a cool guy person

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    Nick your content is so amazing and always makes my day! Keep doing what you do!

  • EeveeLover4444
    EeveeLover4444 11 days ago +6

    That ending was so good I almost died from laughter 😆 🤣 😆 🤣

  • Cricket_48
    Cricket_48 Month ago +16

    I really Love this Series, Nick and Courage Really are the best at fashion Shows!

  • Peter Tattel
    Peter Tattel Month ago +39

    I feel like I watched this fashion show multiple times 😂 is it just me?

    • RoSway
      RoSway 16 days ago


    • Brock Bowen
      Brock Bowen Month ago +3

      Courage posted his side few weeks ago

    • Genos
      Genos Month ago +7

      It’s a re-upload

    • Hannam
      Hannam Month ago +6

      The end was the same

    • ezmunny
      ezmunny Month ago +8

      I remember they had a fashion show with a similar ending and he was dying because Nick Eh 30 thought it was a ending 😂😂

  • GamePlayerEthan
    GamePlayerEthan Month ago +10

    Hey Nick! I’m currently sick and watching your videos makes me feel better! Keep up the good work and content. ♥️

  • Sawyer Nowicki
    Sawyer Nowicki Month ago +5

    these fashion shows are always so enjoyable 😊😁

  • Hamburger
    Hamburger Month ago +75

    The ending was funny as heck😂
    Ehmazing video as always

  • Dr30
    Dr30 Month ago +3

    They always make me smile keep doing your thing Nick

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    Been waiting for this! Love it nick! For the meme, the dream, the stream and the Eh team!

  • Lisa Sutcliffe
    Lisa Sutcliffe Month ago +3

    The fact that when Nick shot courage he was like,”Oh I get he’s like killing the enemy and says that a bout a thousand times

  • HansPaulification
    HansPaulification Month ago +2

    Courage's laugh at the end 😂😂

  • Meowsirs
    Meowsirs 2 days ago

    Courage just holding his adorable dog while nick is killing people.😂

    • Lukertvr
      Lukertvr 2 days ago

      Lol were really late

  • CasualGamer1324
    CasualGamer1324 Month ago +22

    Courage is always so funny when nick eh 30 roasts him 🤣 😂 😆

  • Ice_Headz4TZ
    Ice_Headz4TZ Month ago

    I love you vids they are some of the best i have ever seen you put so much time in to it great job

  • Ger Eric
    Ger Eric Month ago +15

    The ending was so freaking hilarious. Lmfao. I can't. 😭

    • Bela Günther
      Bela Günther Month ago


  • Arsenal forever 🤞🤞

    I love the fact that every time I am bored I can just go on twitch and watch nick eh 30

  • FrieYTFootball
    FrieYTFootball 22 days ago +1

    I’m sad because nicks not uploading but this is an amazing video ❤

    DYLAN FILMS Month ago +2

    I love when nick uploads ❤

    HD.ASTRIXX Month ago

    Ehmazing Job Nick! #23 on Trending for Gaming!? I see you, totally deserve it you put in so much work in these videos and I'm glad it was well noticed! EhTeam!

  • Jones Handberry
    Jones Handberry Month ago

    Man these fashion shows are really enjoyable


    Can we just point out how much effort Nick put into this video? This was recorded near the beginning of this season, and he's been editing it to PERFECTION for us to enjoy. It doesn't go unnoticed!

  • DakLocks
    DakLocks 24 days ago +4

    Love these collabs so funny keep it up❤

  • ShadunkedOn
    ShadunkedOn Month ago +2

    yaaay so glad to see another one! :D loving these fashion shows!

    • Dj jdjfk Ndjdjd
      Dj jdjfk Ndjdjd Month ago

      On season 1 it appears the default is not an og one difference I see is none of the girl og defaults have white sleeves their entire shirt was green

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  • Shut up bruv
    Shut up bruv Month ago +1

    Keep it up nick ,hope u get a skin u deserve it and stay pg

  • I love monkeys
    I love monkeys Month ago +28


  • Bigoldhi
    Bigoldhi Month ago +1

    I remember watching this live and nick was going insane😂

  • fortnite
    fortnite Month ago

    And thank you for being a great Clip-Sharer and being family friendly congrats you deserve an icon skin

  • YoZah
    YoZah Month ago +1

    Absolutely love this video! Great vid Nick!

  • B-O-N-D-Y
    B-O-N-D-Y 16 days ago

    Word is courage is still delaying the flight 😂 the vibes here is unmatched

  • Trisha Rooney
    Trisha Rooney Month ago +4

    Man nick I love your work keep it up

  • 1mPiggy
    1mPiggy Month ago +9

    when nick started shooting courage i was dying laughing 😂😂

  • That vegan teacher gaming YouTube

    Yes nick eh 30 finally posted I’ve been waiting for so long!! I’m so excited to watch this :)

  • Templar
    Templar 29 days ago +3

    At this point it ain’t even a fashion show, literally just courage and Nick screaming at each other

  • Dman Fresh
    Dman Fresh 15 days ago

    Dude I love your content I just wish I could play with you one time
    Your so funny and energetic

  • Maricela Villarreal

    Nick, I just want to say how a great Clip-Sharer you are you are my idol I have been watching you since you where streaming on Clip-Share I was excited for you to move to twitch. You also are a great Clip-Sharer because when there is a update in Fortnite you review it perfectly and when there is a new update I always watch you review it first. A other reason I love your channel is because you are family friendly and that is surprising for me because a lot a streamers that play Fortnite cuss and say bad things but you on the other hand you are family friendly and that is why you are the best Fortnite Clip-Sharer ever:)

  • Pog Jaffy
    Pog Jaffy Month ago +2

    Rip to those people who nick killed without even judging because courage didn't say sorry

  • ⭕️Free V-Bucks on My Profile

    Nick keep up the good work and positivity and every video you make makes laugh every time keep up the good work

  • Isaiah Rey
    Isaiah Rey Month ago

    these fashion shows are so creative and funny and i do in fact remember when you started on youtube

  • Will
    Will Month ago +1

    Another great video keep it up ❤

  • Eternaltus
    Eternaltus Month ago

    I love these fashion show videos with Nick

  • Sven Boleij
    Sven Boleij Month ago +4

    such a funny video, i love you and courage playing together

  • It’s yo boi zaii
    It’s yo boi zaii Month ago +1

    I had never laugh this hard watching the ending 😭😂😂😂

  • DaveNick20
    DaveNick20 Month ago

    This content was GOLDEN!!!!! Keep it up please and thank you!!!!

  • Patty Cake
    Patty Cake Month ago +2

    Nick!! Keep up the positivity my friend!!!

  • justin gutierrez
    justin gutierrez Month ago

    Finished the video with a huge laugh 😆 love to see it.

  • (м ι a)_ vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!

    Another fashion show that makes my day

  • mr havex
    mr havex Month ago +4

    I love your videos keep it up. Your my favorite youtuber and always will ❤️

  • ImKylianIt
    ImKylianIt Month ago

    I hope nick stays family friendly forever😪
    Can't imagine how he'd be like

  • CJ
    CJ Month ago +2

    Yo nick bro you have been such a huge inspiration on me I love your content bro keep up the awesome work ❤️

  • SpiderEskymo
    SpiderEskymo Month ago +1

    This was a lot of fun to watch!

  • Evan Copson
    Evan Copson Month ago

    Man can you do more of these vids please they are so good ❤❤❤❤

  • Niko 2064
    Niko 2064 Month ago +1

    I really wanna join one of these, they are so fun!😄

  • YoZah
    YoZah Month ago +4

    These videos of Nick doing Fashion shows are so entertaining

  • InutileXD
    InutileXD Month ago

    He just brings joy to my face :D

  • Ujefaa Sama
    Ujefaa Sama Month ago

    Hey nick love the vids, makes my day. ❤

  • Football_Nerd
    Football_Nerd Month ago

    We love when you upload nick keep up the work for the eh team

  • Beetle
    Beetle Month ago


  • Yoel Lopez
    Yoel Lopez Month ago +3

    Love your videos nick keep up the good work

  • Eduardo Avila
    Eduardo Avila Month ago +1

    I love you Nick keep it up ❤

  • AceMichigan1
    AceMichigan1 Month ago

    Thanks for posting EHMazing content Nick!

  • EliteDizz
    EliteDizz 29 days ago

    This ending was hilarious 😂😂😂😂 I’m crying

  • LiamEh15
    LiamEh15 Month ago

    For people saying it is a reupload Courage uploaded this video on his More Courage channel 3 months ago. Nick just uploaded it but not trimmed as much.

  • David Sarbu
    David Sarbu Month ago

    We want more of these. They are so fun

  • Pation
    Pation Month ago

    Nick Eh 30 fashion shows are always 🔥

  • OrdinaryBlenderr
    OrdinaryBlenderr 11 days ago

    WOW!! Nick did so good with the sponsor, that made me want to buy one and I play on PC. Ehmazing Nick

  • Nolan ツ
    Nolan ツ Month ago +1

    he is so fun to watch😂

  • X-Lanton
    X-Lanton Month ago +2

    Nick “ people always say creators get free passes NO IM NOT PLAYING BY THE RULES” graffiti round shoots courage “ oh yeah I see that he’s killing the enemy don’t shoot him” Nick let’s him live LIAR😂❤❤❤

  • Eevee Trainer Travis
    Eevee Trainer Travis Month ago +3

    I have watched all of your fashion shows. You are the best Fortnite Clip-Sharer is definitely. I like how family friendly you are so everyone can watch you. Thank You For Your Hard Work.😊

  • Orlando Gomes
    Orlando Gomes Month ago

    Thank you so much for posting this. This was a good vid to watch during my sickness :D

  • Jaydon Cheadle
    Jaydon Cheadle Month ago +2

    Keep being great Nick

  • Monica Aguayo
    Monica Aguayo Month ago

    That ending had me CRACKIN UPPPP!! Lmfaooooooo i love both of you guys ! 🤣🤣😩😩

  • youtubeguy745
    youtubeguy745 Month ago

    I remember watching you stream on youtube back when I was younger. Good times Nick!

  • flower
    flower Month ago

    that ending had me dying omg 🤣

  • Julius Bhuiyan
    Julius Bhuiyan Month ago +165

    They’re never gonna learn the definition of undercover 😂

    • HotwheelsHayden
      HotwheelsHayden Month ago

      @Trace you don’t post anything 😭

    • Arcade Andrew
      Arcade Andrew Month ago

      @Trace y’all dumb, he’s undercover because he dosent know witch skin he is among the 100 fortnite players, he could be the black knight skin and nick wouldn’t know, he knows he’s there tho

  • BaxterCG
    BaxterCG Month ago +1

    Loving the Content Nicko!

  • StormTornado
    StormTornado Month ago +2

    Courage is so god at these challenges

  • Philip Maki
    Philip Maki 25 days ago

    Hey nick. I love the vids. Keep up the good work. Also I enjoy the manners. Keep the videos going(please and thank you)😄😄

  • Synisterz
    Synisterz Month ago

    Nick you need to do a video of you reacting to the last part. Even as a short that would be hilarious! GG courage

  • Planet
    Planet Month ago

    They’re the best duo 😂

  • Aarush Srinivasan
    Aarush Srinivasan Month ago +3

    Nick never misses and his videos are always making my day ❣

  • F O Я T E X
    F O Я T E X Month ago +1

    watching videos with nick in them make them so much more enjoyable

  • Fear Mackenzie
    Fear Mackenzie Month ago

    Love the content nick eh 30! :D

    • Viko
      Viko Month ago

      I make entertaining vids just like TG. I bet 100% it'll make u laugh. If not you can come to tell me bro!

  • KingSwayyzFN
    KingSwayyzFN Month ago +2

    There so funny together and how they shout at eachother 😂

  • Hamza Hussain
    Hamza Hussain Month ago +1

    this was so funny keep up the good work Nick

  • Spaghet
    Spaghet Month ago +6

    Btw when Nick eliminated this guy on 16:23 for "not having a backbling" he actually had one but it was bugged in the ground (You can see it when he jumps) although he might have still been eliminated because of it I still wanted to point it out.
    Good vid Nick, keep up the good work :)

  • AwesomeeDan
    AwesomeeDan Month ago +1

    Appreciate the editing grind nick!! W video

  • its clutch
    its clutch 17 days ago

    Nick said he did what he didn’t mean too and won 😂

  • Curtis Bone
    Curtis Bone Month ago

    Watching courage avoid elimination like the treadmill.

  • Prabhjit singh
    Prabhjit singh Month ago

    The ending made me burst up 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aryan Kumar
    Aryan Kumar Month ago +7

    31:55 remember that time Nick made a story out of nothing while watching Courage do emotes and stuff 😂
    he said it was Marvel's reference
    EDIT: wait, it was this one itself lol

    • WLDeagle02
      WLDeagle02 29 days ago +3

      Bros a english teacher lol

  • FishySlime
    FishySlime Month ago +2

    Nick never fails to enjoy us with his Fashion Shows

    • luazzFN
      luazzFN Month ago

      but we already have seen this in couragJD channel

  • Tiago Onur Gereyro
    Tiago Onur Gereyro 29 days ago +1

    I love these fashion shows