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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 8 - THE MEGA BASE!

  • Published on Apr 21, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Hermitcraft 9: Episode 8 - IT'S A ROCK! Grian has started his main hermitcraft base and it's not just a boulder!
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  • BrightScarecrow
    BrightScarecrow 7 months ago +18319

    Enjoyed seeing the custom subtitles on this vid! The auto generated ones don’t always get things right and are not nearly as charming. Also nice to see the other hermits subtitles being color coded like how Scar’s were yellow. Not to mention the very fitting subtitle of [FUNKY MUSIC] during the mining session that for some reason made me laugh. Thank you Grian :D

  • Brett Geller
    Brett Geller 7 months ago +2159

    I can’t be the only one who literally died of laughter when Grian said that Scar was a Spanish elf

    • Therealbluecrewmate
      Therealbluecrewmate 2 months ago

      @G Goble Ireally don't know honestly LOL

    • Rose
      Rose 4 months ago

      Yes. Omfg

    • Complicated
      Complicated 4 months ago

      It was hilarious!

    • Dio- chu
      Dio- chu 4 months ago +1

      10:03 Timestamping this bc (as someone who speaks Spanish) this took me out 😂

    • Masta Blasta
      Masta Blasta 5 months ago +3

      Siñor Scar the Spanish Elf

  • Joseph Helms
    Joseph Helms 7 months ago +864

    Scar: "What am I?"
    Grain: "An elf?"
    Scar: "Yeah, but an elf of what variety?"
    Grain: "...Spanish?"
    Scar: " *A TREE ELF!* "
    The matador jokes continue.

  • eren yeager
    eren yeager 4 months ago +109

    Grian ep 4: "I want to use more color in my builds"
    Also Grian : builds a literal gray rock

  • Eiman B
    Eiman B 7 months ago +509

    12:09 is why Grian is one of if not my favourite youtubers ever. He literally had the living daylights scared out of him and yet no refelx profanity. This man is a legend.

    • 56independent
      56independent 4 months ago +2

      You can hear an oh shhh like he's trying not to swear lol.

    • Payton Hein
      Payton Hein 4 months ago +10

      There you can hear a slight “shh” before he stopped himself. Probs to him for catching himself though!

    • Stilest 101
      Stilest 101 4 months ago +5

      I'm 99.9% sure he was close there XDDD

    • Jade Rush
      Jade Rush 5 months ago +21

      To be honest, I swear a lot but when I like hit my toe or get scared I get really PG for some reason lol

    • Cheerio
      Cheerio 5 months ago +19

      @COOLSKELETON95 pastalover17 pretty sure he still does, have you seen jimmy's uno video + the few times he has to make a quick save in mcc

  • 🍄Tay🌈
    🍄Tay🌈 7 months ago +97

    The fact that this is all built in survival is amazing. I can't even do this stuff in creative

  • CGI Andy
    CGI Andy 7 months ago +95

    4:38 It reminds me of the portal to the upside down in Stranger things (I think specifically in season 2). Very excited to see where this leads :)

    • kiiralicious
      kiiralicious 4 months ago +1

      To me it feels more like the Dr. Who Rift

    • Clariphone .
      Clariphone . 4 months ago +1

      Grian is like a mix of hopper and Dustin holy..

    • ZachAttack Ninja
      ZachAttack Ninja 4 months ago +1

      Also there is a Mumbo in the Rift. 😆

    • Decrepit Elmo
      Decrepit Elmo 6 months ago +3

      I wonder if that's actually what he was going for

    • jazzy_beezys
      jazzy_beezys 6 months ago +5

      Omg I was thinking of that to and he said build a lab or something like in season 3

  • Kyla Carter
    Kyla Carter 4 months ago +5

    i love how if we hear random music it means grain is about to go into a time laps and grain never dissapoints us he cheers all of our days up

  • Zeffzee
    Zeffzee 7 months ago +21

    Can we maybe see a return of poultry man. I know he was one of grians ‘friends’ so maybe he could come through the rift?

  • GothBoy UK
    GothBoy UK 7 months ago +1679

    I can't imagine Hermitcraft without proximity chat now. It really enhances the experience. 🖤

    • Brian Kennedy
      Brian Kennedy 6 months ago +1


    • Jana Renger
      Jana Renger 7 months ago +4

      Ikr! It so weird to think that they didn't have it for the majority of season 7

    • Abhishek
      Abhishek 7 months ago +3


    • BlazeKing
      BlazeKing 7 months ago +6

      @electra310 AHHHHHHH :d

    • electra310
      electra310 7 months ago +30

      HAWKEYE! :D

  • KittyQueen Tengu
    KittyQueen Tengu 7 months ago +3

    I love how they’re just doing the hermitville tallest house thing again

  • Navneet Nair
    Navneet Nair 7 months ago +3

    You know, the Rift reminds me of the Rift from Gravity Falls. It was a rift in dimensions that caused all sorts of monsters to enter the Earth and populate the forests near Gravity Falls

  • MoonLust
    MoonLust 7 months ago +5

    It would have been so funny if you left the Gregg’s where they were and then when the Hermits didn’t find their egg just find it literally in the middle of the season also the egg pun was really cute 🥰

  • Guts
    Guts 3 days ago

    I actually thought that rock base was supposed to be a humpback whale in the thumbnail. 🐋

  • Sun Lynn Hatchett
    Sun Lynn Hatchett 7 months ago +2266

    Grian then: *"It's not just a boulder, It's a rock!"*
    Grian now: *"It's not just a mountain, It's a rock!"*

    • Moody
      Moody 7 months ago

      @Landsquid950 it's not just Dwyane, it's Dwyane the rock

    • Matthew McLean
      Matthew McLean 7 months ago

      Grian season 7 be like: mansion Grain season 8 be like: Digon ally grian season nine be like: big bolder

    • Rudrodeep Chatterjee
      Rudrodeep Chatterjee 7 months ago

      @Don't read profile photo I gotcha

    • thegreatbeavers
      thegreatbeavers 7 months ago +1

      Meanwhile Dwayne The Rock Johnson: " Yes it's a beautiful rock! "
      Also Grian: " WHAT THE- ... HOW DID YOU GET HERE!? "
      The Rock: " The Rock smelled what you were cooking.. and I like it... I magically watch your Hermitcraft episodes even if there's a low chance I found out this game called Minecraft existed.." *moves the people's eyebrow*

    • Jayden Ezra Rock
      Jayden Ezra Rock 7 months ago +2


  • Cop111
    Cop111 7 months ago +4

    Can't wait to see where your base is gonna go, I'm really lovin it so far.

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty 7 months ago +3

    Grian did so much this episode!!! That huge mining session, the massive rock, this was a crazy episode! Bravissimo!

  • Davis Mann
    Davis Mann 7 months ago +2

    Grian, I have been here from the very beggining, and I just wanted to say that this entire channel has helped me in stressful times and I really enjoy these amazing, enjoyable videos. You keep making me laugh, Loyal Viewer

  • Mr.ZacS.
    Mr.ZacS. 7 months ago +1

    damn, not only the video itself is crazy in the most incredible way, the editing is golden as well, Your videos always put a smile on my face!

  • Meg Smith
    Meg Smith 7 months ago +939

    Scar attacking Grain and screaming “Hawkeye” was hilarious

    • The FallenSpartan73
      The FallenSpartan73 4 months ago

      Especially since Hawkeye is a pacifist. Marvel Hawkeye are Clint and Kate, not Hawkeye.

    • Whitney
      Whitney 5 months ago

      Who is this Grain character?

    • Elixer_Cow
      Elixer_Cow 7 months ago +5

      @INicholas The Gamer Hakai means destory,destruction or demolition in Japanese so it not only sounds like hakai but him saying hakai would have made sense

    • TheAmazingWizard
      TheAmazingWizard 7 months ago +1

      He did the same thing yesterday in mcc lol

    • Itz Gingy
      Itz Gingy 7 months ago +1

      @Derek Mendoza bruh the rock puns need to end 💀💀

  • InfinityShadow20
    InfinityShadow20  7 months ago +2

    "The rock is born"
    Can we just applaud Grian for the fact that he calls that Minecraft rock build, "The Rock"?

  • RealHunterVR
    RealHunterVR 7 months ago +5

    21:04 wow I had never seen that river boat before! It's really cool whoever made it

  • Kat Wright
    Kat Wright 7 months ago +1

    Dwain looks so cool you've done such an amazing job grain, love the textures and the shape is just spot on 😸👍

  • Darcie Le Boff
    Darcie Le Boff 7 months ago +2

    Take your time, Grian ^^
    Since I only remember to watch your videos every other weekend normally, it's easier to keep up with the updates actually, since I start to loose interest in Hermitcraft if I have more than 5 episodes I need to watch to be caught up

  • Adam
    Adam 7 months ago +1275

    The first time he has actually finished the back of a mega build in the same video it was made. Proud of you Grian!

    • mamabydesign
      mamabydesign 7 months ago


    • Benrex 777
      Benrex 777 7 months ago

      What is exactly the back of a stone?

    • Just One
      Just One 7 months ago

      The bottom…

    • CCABP
      CCABP 7 months ago +3

      @Don't read profile photo Ok I won’t 👌

    • CCABP
      CCABP 7 months ago

      @Sienna Animates hasn’t he done that with the observatory in season 8?

  • Edward Jackson
    Edward Jackson 7 months ago +3

    I've been watching your videos since season 6 and I really enjoyed seeing your work on these boulders as i find it quite tricky to make natural looking boulders.
    Speaking of boulders I think that if you are planning on building an area that surrounds your base, like lots of the other hermits do, then a really good look would be if you were to create something similar to Wistman's wood as it would create a graduent between the forrest and your amazing boulders.

  • MortBlox
    MortBlox 5 months ago

    dwayne looks so cool, great job grian! I can't imagine how many hours it took to get all those materials

  • Ella B
    Ella B 6 months ago +2

    Scar's "Hawkeye!" jumpscare actually actually made me gasp. Ended up waking my dog and now she won't come back 😭

  • MelodyGoPlay
    MelodyGoPlay 7 months ago +2

    I’m having flashbacks to the Sahara Street build off. This is going to be better.

  • Average Pando
    Average Pando 7 months ago +1398

    Grain has been living under a rock this season honestly

    • DodgeCorp
      DodgeCorp 2 months ago

      Patrick Star

    • AJ B
      AJ B 5 months ago

      hahha nice one

    • Expomarker
      Expomarker 6 months ago +2

      You stole my joke I made on episode one

    • Alex Myland
      Alex Myland 6 months ago +1

      hes a true hermit.

    • VPot
      VPot 6 months ago

      @ThatCheekVill grain

  • Wotseirname
    Wotseirname 4 months ago +2

    "Who knew that Pearlescent Moon was actually a pair of knees?"
    That got me laughing so hard-

  • LittleDino2022
    LittleDino2022 2 months ago

    I love watching Hermitcraft and the progress that we see in bases, gear, etc. I especially love watching your videos and how awesome your builds are. Keep up the great work Grian.
    (Gregg is a great name :D)

  • John McClain
    John McClain 7 months ago +1

    I really like the rock!
    I know you get so many comments all the time so it is impossible to read them all, but wanted to thank you for all the videos you’ve put out over so many years. It’s been awesome to spend time watching and listening to what you do. I am only one person but it’s been great to see everything you’ve done and you seem like a really great person.
    Hope life is really good, I appreciate all the work you’ve done over the years

  • tigerweet
    tigerweet 2 months ago

    I love how Grian’s voice dropped an octave when he got shot by Hawkeye! This man went fight or flight and went instant intimidation tactics lol

  • Double_Di_925
    Double_Di_925 7 months ago +927

    Watching Hermitcraft makes me wonder how many Diamonds are actually _in_ a Minecraft world

    • Masta Blasta
      Masta Blasta 2 months ago +1

      @Caroline and Family Not when I'm playing

    • Caroline and Family
      Caroline and Family 2 months ago +2

      At least 4.

    • Toast
      Toast 3 months ago

      I always thought there were like 10

    • Masta Blasta
      Masta Blasta 5 months ago +3

      What big diamond doesn't want you to know is that diamonds are not only common in real life but also in minecraft

    • AJ B
      AJ B 5 months ago +1

      one things for sure there are more diamonds in that world than stars in the galaxy

  • peachy crow
    peachy crow 6 months ago

    I wasn't expecting anything with the rock, but hey you've somewhat finished the back of the base!

  • Backyard Broomball
    Backyard Broomball 4 months ago +1

    The diamond towers to build height reminds me of the house tower competition to build height in season 6

  • Ben Soon
    Ben Soon 2 months ago

    imagine all this hard work grian is doing. like in the time lapse he took out an entire forrest. thanks for the amazing content grian!

  • akin fennwar
    akin fennwar 7 months ago +1

    Really like the Timelapse music this season Grian, keep it up!

  • A.S.B.
    A.S.B. 7 months ago +1

    it's really cool how you build like a 3d printer, keep up the good work Grian!

  • Quibligaming
    Quibligaming 7 months ago +1

    For the next series of 3rd life you should do series called "link life". Where when you spawn in you are randomly linked to another player(if they die you die). With similar or completely different rules to last life you could have a really interesting series:)

  • Alfie Whymark
    Alfie Whymark 6 months ago

    The sigh of relief I had when I realised he done the back of the rock 😂😂😂

  • TheReadingWerewolf
    TheReadingWerewolf 6 months ago

    That time-lapse was a trip.
    "Well, there's a rock"
    "Oh, a bunch of rocks...?"
    "OH. ROCK."

  • Zoma
    Zoma 7 months ago +1106

    Grian is like the only hermit that didn’t say “nooks and crannies” in relation to the egg hunt

  • Danny Weiss
    Danny Weiss 7 months ago +1

    Ur new base is rock, the silo is amazing grain. I think ur starting this season with a tuff foundation, and i moss thank u for these great episodes

  • EdenCee
    EdenCee 6 months ago

    Yes! When I first watch the video where you announced you're making a big rock/boulder and referred to it as "the rock' it just made so much sense to call it dwain! XD I really enjoy watching your content while I'm working! Your such an amazing Clip-Sharer!

  • Hakatacka gaming
    Hakatacka gaming 7 months ago

    ya'know when you walk through a forest and theres heeps of shrubs and leaves and greenery, u should make it like that and have huge trees growing out of the rocks.

  • amog
    amog 7 months ago +1

    The custom subtitles were great.
    As well as the diamond size jokes.

  • educatedtiger
    educatedtiger 7 months ago +869

    Mumbo: "I'm gonna be the richest Hermit!"
    Also Mumbo: *leaves on a break after only two episodes*
    Everyone else: *starts race to see who can build the tallest pillar of diamond ores in Mumbo's absence*

  • Miss Lindsey
    Miss Lindsey 7 months ago +1

    Hi, Grian! No clue if you've done anything with your Rift yet, but I suggest collecting some Sculk sheets/panels to put over the pink part of your Rift. I think it would make a really cool effect.
    Thank you for all your videos! :D

  • Henry Shaw
    Henry Shaw 7 months ago +1

    I love these videos been watching since season 6 but I think they go for a bit too long now😊

  • Boris Licina
    Boris Licina 7 months ago

    To be honest, the little rock in front of Dwaine looks a bit like a teapot with a green top when you are looking from your mountain.

  • G Goble
    G Goble 6 months ago

    15:15 - I started to get a bit confused around here😄
    I was like: "Wait, I thought it would be like 2 rocks, and much closer to the hill....🤔"

  • Zaxlfang
    Zaxlfang 7 months ago +822

    Grian mega bases
    season 6: Modern day Mordor.
    Season 7: Big mansion with no back.
    Season 8: Diagon ally but cooler.
    Season 9: "Say hello, to Dwayne."

  • Quilted15
    Quilted15 7 months ago

    If the light from the rift could pulsate that would look amazing!

  • chase wilkey
    chase wilkey 7 months ago

    It would be cool if you used your extra beacons to kind of ‘hold’ a creature from the rift in ‘stasis’
    On a completely unrelated note you could bring back tag

  • Jixx🇺🇦
    Jixx🇺🇦 7 months ago

    I feel like the huge rock is a broken off remnant of the moon or world from season 8, and the current server is a nearby planet.

  • Clearl
    Clearl 7 months ago

    the fact that this is only the 8th episode and there's already a mega base is crazy, compared to the other seasons

  • Tankhank
    Tankhank 7 months ago +472

    Grian’s bases each season:
    - futuristic tower
    - massive mansion
    - magical underground city and custom mountain
    - ✨𝓇𝑜𝒸𝓀✨

      QUBI-QUBED 7 months ago

      @Happy potato -◡- grain the rock Johnson

      QUBI-QUBED 7 months ago

      @Happy potato -◡- grain the rock Dwayne

      QUBI-QUBED 7 months ago

      @Happy potato -◡- grain the Dwayne Johnson

    • Happy potato  -◡-
      Happy potato -◡- 7 months ago +2

      @AGNAL it's about power

    • AGNAL
      AGNAL 7 months ago +3

      It's about drive

  • G Goble
    G Goble 6 months ago

    15:00 - I appreciate the re-do, I always enjoy your "Let's.......GO!!"😃

  • zombie213
    zombie213 7 months ago

    I’m curious how does Grian not have a pumpkin view while he looks? When ever someone else puts one on they get the pumpkin look effect?

  • SquidkidJ
    SquidkidJ 5 months ago

    You made me bust out laughing when you finished the time lapse, stared at the fo k, and just said, “This is Dwayne”

  • Neris
    Neris 7 months ago

    Well, clearly there's enough space for a mob farm.

  • Josef Danoy
    Josef Danoy 7 months ago +617

    Grian's Bases.
    Season 6: Giant Futuristic Blender
    Season 7: Biggest Mansion ( with unfinished back )
    Season 8: Alleyway
    Season 9: ROCK

    • ow ye men
      ow ye men 7 months ago

      @DeShaQuan nah he's evolving as forward as can be

    • JBot3k
      JBot3k 7 months ago

      at least he did the back of the ROCK lol

    • drwillfulneglect
      drwillfulneglect 7 months ago

      about right

    • iShellShocked
      iShellShocked 7 months ago

      It's Dwayne's "The rock Johnson"

    • Kyle_L G
      Kyle_L G 7 months ago

      Grians going back to time

  • AdmiralPeak
    AdmiralPeak 7 months ago +1

    So my friend has been carrying around a rock for months, and the rest of us treat it as some holy artefact. It was called Dwayne

  • Me
    Me 6 months ago

    I love how it’s like the opposite of a rock garden. Instead of a small thing imitating a big thing, it’s a big thing imitating a small thing!

  • Santhe Bjos
    Santhe Bjos 7 months ago +1

    The Rock Grian built: It's about drive!

  • Katie P
    Katie P 7 months ago

    Seeing those diamond piles brought back memory of the base war in season 6, where Grian, Scar, Islam, and Mumbp were building those bases as high and as interestingly as they could

  • Elizabeth Janczuk
    Elizabeth Janczuk 7 months ago +670

    “This is, what, showing off?? Flexing??”
    *Grians overflowing diamond block hourglass from last season intensifies *

    • Apri
      Apri 7 months ago +1

      *Grian's entire secret room and a chandelier made out of diamonds*

    • Elizabeth Janczuk
      Elizabeth Janczuk 7 months ago +3

      @Travis Hudson yea

    • Travis Hudson
      Travis Hudson 7 months ago +3

      At least this one can't be empty lol

    • River Moore
      River Moore 7 months ago +12

      scars making up for the "empty" one

  • Max Lecour
    Max Lecour Month ago

    Wow! This build was something I was NOT expecting!!!!! Super cool to see all the Hermits working together and I am so excited for this new season!!!!

  • james geronime
    james geronime 7 months ago

    Man has took living under a rock to a whole new level

  • David Norris
    David Norris 7 months ago +1

    The diamond pile is, in short: Grain Gain

  • Cole Blumberg
    Cole Blumberg 7 months ago +1

    “I think your diamond pile has a great personality”
    “Hey, 20 diamonds is enough I would say too much😂”
    “Sometimes you gotta have a small pile otherwise big piles wouldn’t exist😂”
    Just some lines that popped in my head I use a lot…🥲

  • Kevin Klenk
    Kevin Klenk 7 months ago +1549

    The diamond ore stack “competition” looks to be a great opportunity to flex, Grian. *If* you had the time, I would love to see Scar’s reaction of you mining off-camera to extend your modest tower, but extend it downward … all the way down to bedrock. Then you could say, “Alright Scar, let’s see who has more. I’ll wager you a favor.” (Or whatever prize you feel is worth while.). :o)

  • Jurrrr
    Jurrrr 7 months ago +1

    Always fun when Grian starts a new war

  • Lizzie Z
    Lizzie Z 7 months ago

    I knew it! In the first episode I was like “He should have named it Dwane!” Lol 😂

  • Rockstardom Shep
    Rockstardom Shep 7 months ago +1

    Green you’re one of my favorite Clip-Sharers and what it says right now for me it’s Friday April 27 and says it’s been five days since you made it I’m glad you’re being Out so yeah

  • Neil
    Neil 7 months ago +1

    watching this at 2x speed still makes it seem like he's speaking slowly sometimes

  • Jessica Mackay
    Jessica Mackay 7 months ago

    That rock is amazing, and it's huge!

  • buschangne
    buschangne 7 months ago +1

    Ok grian, i love your videos, and recently youve been making a lot of progress in a single hermitcraft vid, at the cost of delayed uploads. Im pretty sure a lot of us would prefer less-progress episodes but more frequently(im not talking about your breaks btw thats completley fine)

  • ItRainingRiceBOI
    ItRainingRiceBOI 2 months ago

    " It's time to make... a rock!" caught me by surprise

  • Annabeth
    Annabeth 7 months ago +1

    You can actualy encant everything you can put in an armor slot to use it a protection

  • Electroman 22
    Electroman 22 7 months ago +415

    "An elf of what variety" "Spanish?!!"
    This is my favourite Brian and Scar interaction yet, including everything from last life and 100 hours of hardcore.

  • G Goble
    G Goble 6 months ago

    15:52 - WOW❕When the creative juices flow, they flow fast it appears!!

  • Toast
    Toast 7 months ago

    These rock puns are rocking my day!

  • AJPayJ111
    AJPayJ111 7 months ago

    How does grian make rocks look so good… it’s a bloody rock HOW

  • *processing
    *processing  6 months ago

    honestly, i think he should make it look like it has been magnetized by the rift, and it is an old comet

  • The Mining Crafter
    The Mining Crafter 7 months ago +265

    I love how Grian’s just randomly obsessed with building big rocks this season.

    • Pug And Oof
      Pug And Oof 7 months ago

      Not big rock boulder

    • Doglitness
      Doglitness 7 months ago +1


    • Caca
      Caca 7 months ago +5

      I just realized why he named the rock dwane: dwane johnson lmao

  • other processer unit
    other processer unit 6 months ago

    I always watch till the end, just to hear the high pitched "Gooooood-Bye"

  • ً ً
    ً ً 7 months ago +1

    I agree, the rock is a nice rock. They are a rock but the rock is an amazing rock, its so rock it doesn't need a rock, doesn't even need a amazing just *rock*

  • iOwN_WOLF
    iOwN_WOLF 6 months ago

    Rhe rock is humongous from what i expected
    I thought it would be the size of the supporting rock

  • Atilla
    Atilla 5 months ago +1

    can we talk about the fact that last life's AHA-dventures still have a lasting effect on him? 6:59

  • Blue Bow Tie
    Blue Bow Tie 7 months ago +503

    Scar: “What am I?”
    Grian: “An elf…”
    Scar: “An elf of what variety?”
    Grian: “…. Spanish?”

    • Luz Elena Serrano
      Luz Elena Serrano 7 months ago

      @Sammie Right? ^^
      It's encouraging that he normalizes not knowing how to pronounce things or just straight up not being able to~

    • Elle
      Elle 7 months ago +2

      Ngl I thought he was gonna reply with "luscious"

    • Sammie
      Sammie 7 months ago +4

      @Luz Elena Serrano right I forgot about that 🥰. One of my favorite things about Scar is how he stumbleds over some words when trying to pronounce them. I think it cute, because at least he's he's trying. I tend to not even try to pronounce some words just because I know I'll totally butcher them lol.

    • Luz Elena Serrano
      Luz Elena Serrano 7 months ago +64

      I mean, of course. He is, indeed, a mattress store

  • DragonLady500
    DragonLady500 12 days ago

    Grian: Scar, I punched myself in the face!!!
    Me: almost dies laughing 😂

  • Yasser 444
    Yasser 444 7 months ago

    i am proud of you, you did the back at once!

  • Jerry Rucker
    Jerry Rucker 29 days ago

    The trees in the time-lapse disappeared as quickly as people's doors did a few seasons ago

  • Bradley Chadley
    Bradley Chadley 7 months ago +1

    How much do you wanna bet he'll never fix the floating rocks

  • Joey Winiecki
    Joey Winiecki 7 months ago +382

    Scar: “What type of elf am I?”
    Grian: “Spanish??”
    Wow just wow

    • Kiwi Flowers
      Kiwi Flowers 6 months ago +1

      @Master Pink this comment is so underrated!!!

    • Master Pink
      Master Pink 7 months ago +3

      No one expects the elvish inquisition

    • SquirrelOnABench
      SquirrelOnABench 7 months ago +1

      @DrownedWick mattress store

    • DrownedWick
      DrownedWick 7 months ago

      Why would Scar be spanish that is hilarious lool

    • Master Pink
      Master Pink 7 months ago +1

      Grian is not wrong

  • Angry Wizard
    Angry Wizard 15 days ago

    Pearl placing an armourstand just to hide an egg under is incredibly funny

  • Infinite Possibilities
    Infinite Possibilities 7 months ago

    before Grian talked about the rectangle I was very mad at him because it looked very bad. But he explained it and now I'm relieved.