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  • January 7th, 2020. Breaking news: about two dozen ballistic missiles hit United States facilities in Iraq. More specifically, the targets were military bases in Western Iraq where hundreds of American soldiers are deployed.
    This was the escalation of the latest tension between Iran and the United States that had erupted on January 3rd. On that day, the US army launched a deadly strike against a convoy that was leaving Baghdad Airport.
    Travelling in that convoy were two leading figures of Middle Eastern geopolitics. The first was Qasem Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force, a special operations group within the Islamic Revolutionary Guard.
    He was one of the most important leaders of the Iranian theocracy. Next to him there was Aby Mahdi al-Muhandis, chief of Kata’ib Hezbollah or Hezbollah Brigades, an Iraqi militia founded in 2003 in order to fight US troops deployed in the country.
    According to the Pentagon, this deadly strike was carried out according to orders given by Donald Trump himself, the President of the United States.
    Now the question is... who was Qasem Soleimani? What does his loss mean to Middle Eastern politics? Why did Trump decide to end his life? Why and how is Iran reacting to this? And the most important question of all... What could happen next?
    Are we about to witness a war between The United States and Iran? Let’s take a look.
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  • Navid Molavi
    Navid Molavi 19 hours ago

    Do not underestimate the Iranian people uprising inside Iran, that's the worst enemy of the Islamic Republic Regime in Iran. More than %90 of the Iranian are not supporting the regime even hate them. Now people of Iran are in a disasters situation not because of the sanctions but mostly because of the corruption in Iran and also because the government money is spending outside of Iran or on the military plans.

  • Parvin Zamany
    Parvin Zamany 11 days ago

    I am an Iranian woman living in the US, and I truly love the American people. Therefore I recommend the viewers instead of watching this guy's BS and lies to get your acts together before the Zionist Globalists make Zombies out of you. This guy is supported by the "1%" to fool the "99%". It is furious to see the enslavement of Americans by the Globalists. They even managed to fool Mr. Trump to assassinate General Soleimani for their own agenda. General Soleimani was the guy, who eradicated ISIS (created by the Americans, and the most dangerous terrorist group ever seen on this planet). Just look at the Corona virus agenda. Wake up America. Do not let these guys manipulate you for final enslavement. American people want peace and tranquility throughout the world, NOT WARS. #parvinzamany

  • The Last Son of Crypto

    What's going on with that shirt?

  • MrZZooh
    MrZZooh 16 days ago

    Trump's procrastinated and misguided response to the COVID-19 will ultimately cost him the election and a Democrat will go back to the nuclear deal provided Iran went back to the previous limits, in order to set the stage for a broader agreement. That's how this is going to end.

  • Ndingisano Nfazo
    Ndingisano Nfazo 17 days ago

    the funy thing is in 1982 us shot down an iranian civilian plane thinking its an iranian incoming cruise missile. this year iran shot down an american allie civilian plane thinking that its an american incoming american missile. i give up on these two countries cos they will never forgive one another

  • Dollar Change
    Dollar Change 20 days ago +1

    Some people in the comment section are cunts

    ARIXANDRE 23 days ago

    Trigger-nervous Iran then proceeds to shoot down Ukranian Airlines 752, instead of grounding all planes that night. So many lives lost and so little repercussion.

  • Mads V
    Mads V 23 days ago

    USA, USA ❤️

  • To Tube تو تیوب
    To Tube تو تیوب 25 days ago +1

    You cant read this nowhere but iran has three Army! first; the offical nation army, second; the revolutionary guard army, third; army mobilized by people "Basij".

  • James Mensah
    James Mensah 27 days ago

    Nonesense if this took place in Iran you can say all you can this is nothing to gloat about

  • manz
    manz 29 days ago

    Low class iran

  • John Maxwell
    John Maxwell Month ago

    Could a reasonable explanation for Trump's decision to kill Solemani come from a channel that begins programs with a cartoon of a missle flying out of Trump's mouth and exploding? No. It is no surprise that VisualPolitik attributes Trump's decision in part to his motivation to seek reelection. Solemani was a terrorist chief who was personally responsible for thousands of American deaths. That fact alone justified Trump's action. The leftists at VisualPolitik simply don't understand the moral imperative behind Trump's decision. That is because, like other leftists, they personally are not morally sound.

  • Dominic Tirl
    Dominic Tirl Month ago

    today is 27 Feb and Iran has not retaliated, the world has been acting like cowards before trump had him killed

  • David LaRondelle
    David LaRondelle Month ago

    Let's make that "living martyr" a dead martyr. Martyrdom in the Islamic world is like becoming a rock star. Why would we or Europe allow these people to populate our countries? The majority of Muslim civilians sympathize with 911 or other terror attacks. Over 50 million Muslims in Europe have led experts to say "EUROPE IS LOST" to Islam. For example, in England Muslims could easily launch a group of resident Muslim fighting age men LARGER than the national army. Couple that with the parallel society set up by Muslims, the "no go zones" and the de-facto practice of sharia law, and boom. If push comes to shove in England it would be a national bloodbath.

  • Mohammad Hosein Mollaei

    You fucking idiot

  • Chris Van Bekkum
    Chris Van Bekkum Month ago

    The s.s. ( Schutz staffle ) had the same function as the revolutionary guards . But no one seems to see it that way.

  • Cata kta
    Cata kta Month ago

    YES, in 1 year max..IRAN quit jcpoa and has 20k centrifuges that will produce in around 1 year enough Uranium 235 for 1 balistic missle..Trump will not let that happen, mark my words!

  • Roy Marable
    Roy Marable Month ago

    A world war with Iran???
    Iran is a tiny nation. Iran is alone in the world.
    China, Russia and rest of the world won’t come to Iran’s aid.
    Iran doesn’t have the ability to invade the USA.
    Any ?war? Will be completely on Iranian soil.
    In an armed conflict. The USA will destroy all of Iran’s air forces and anti aircraft defenses very quickly in only a few days. The war will end when Iran’s military is destroyed from the air. The war will end with the complete and total surrender of the Iranian government.
    We will go in and help rebuild Iran like we did in Japan. Then Iran like Japan will be a good nation that plays well with others.
    Iran is a very wealthy nation. They spend all of their money on the elites who live in luxury. They also send millions of dollars to finance terrorists around the world.
    The average Iranian lives in poverty.

  • Rubin Husi
    Rubin Husi Month ago

    When you mix the reality with some lies, you can create something magnetic to hear, bat far from truth. Maybe it is intentional maybe not.

  • Choi'Story
    Choi'Story Month ago

    It is shame that the focus was almost entirely on the two countries, the US and Iran. The tension is spilling over to Iraq and Lebanon. I believe the situation in these countries deserve better share. It could cause a serious humanitarian and international crises.

  • Mike Hood
    Mike Hood Month ago

    The bottom line
    The baby weapons
    were used in iraq
    Next if it escalates
    Subsonic nukes
    They can hit every body in 7 minutes
    Doesn't mater if missiles are not full
    Nukes so peace is
    The killing of that leader was on connection to libia
    And you know it was
    Assassination mission by navy seals
    But its not advisable to provoke a country with air superiority
    with subsonic nukes
    just need to rethink
    Our mission in mideast 😎😎😎

  • Minh Phan
    Minh Phan Month ago

    phony america

  • Minh Phan
    Minh Phan Month ago

    phony america

  • Minh Phan
    Minh Phan Month ago

    phony america

  • jacob kobald
    jacob kobald Month ago

    Soleimeni was on a peace mission to help calm tensions between Saudis Arabia and Iran,.....and honestly though soleimeni was a shit head the American deep state is the worser of two evils. What's it like being the establishments water barer?

  • Andrei Iuliu
    Andrei Iuliu Month ago

    What you think about this clip-share.net/video/qtHuVD1luQM/video.html

    • Andrei Iuliu
      Andrei Iuliu Month ago

      I would want to hear about your opinions on this matter. Thank you so much.

  • Darryl Anderson
    Darryl Anderson Month ago

    Are you on drugs america has more blood than any one in the world and you know it

  • Shuja Abass
    Shuja Abass Month ago

    What about 115 men .and you think no 1 killed.

  • Ali hiji iddi
    Ali hiji iddi Month ago


  • Harry Fire
    Harry Fire Month ago +1

    Iranian General soleimani was a brave front line Soldier protecting his country a true patriot but Americans are taught to hate socialism hate communism and you hate any kind of a theocracy and to hate thinking for themselves and to worship the stinking fetid swamp they call a government

  • kabzaify
    kabzaify Month ago +1

    Iran and Taliban, you talking shit mate

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    How dumb r u ,martyr only makes them stronger

  • Taj Ahmed
    Taj Ahmed Month ago

    Soleimani was playing a mediator role between Saudis and Iran when was traveling in a convoy in Baghdad. This was following Saudi oil installation crippling damage by Iranian missiles by the Yemeni Houtis that US defense shied couldn’t stop. In panic mode the Saudis had to make overtures to the Iranians to save their skin. The Zionists ordered Trump to do their dirty work taking down Soleimani who was a peace broker. Netanyahu wants these 2 Muslim countries to be at perpetual war to sap them of any desire to turn against Israel. Unfortunately the Zionist occupiers of Israel ( from Europe) choose force until the table turns. The resilient Persians despite all the sanctions are getting mightier with home grown innovations, technology and inventive ideology. They are unstoppable as being smart descendants of the proud Persian civilization. Time is Israel’s biggest enemy. They still have time to choose the peace option. Too bad your article is dishonest. Trump is Teflon Don and doesn’t need distractions. He is getting a 2nd term. His base is a cult and nothing will faze him.

  • mamaz
    mamaz Month ago

    I perefer vox channel better

  • IM-Arch
    IM-Arch Month ago

    Hard revenge is on the way..........

  • IM-Arch
    IM-Arch Month ago

    America is the creator of ISIS in the confession of Clinton . And Commander Suleimani was the enemy and killer of ISIS . Now judge for yourself who the terrorist is ?????????

  • IM-Arch
    IM-Arch Month ago

    Trump is a bastard terrorist. He is also a coward and a servant of Israel.

  • harry potter
    harry potter Month ago

    Ur majority of information comes from Zionist sources which are100percent lie Ur Zionist Israeli I think

  • The Overlander
    The Overlander Month ago

    Shit if the saudi army is almighty the us army is straight up godlike :v

  • Ramin Rashidi
    Ramin Rashidi Month ago

    U just said what u have heard from west media, u don't know the reality at all

  • amadeusb4
    amadeusb4 Month ago

    fnck off Simon!

  • amadeusb4
    amadeusb4 Month ago

    fnck off Simon!

  • Meldridge Reed Jr
    Meldridge Reed Jr Month ago

    Read Peter Zeihan.

  • mehboob mangera
    mehboob mangera Month ago

    freedom fighters cannot be called terrorist get the facts right

  • flyer7799
    flyer7799 Month ago +4

    General Soleimani was “assassinated” and NOT “killed”. There is a difference. Again you play tricks with word to fool your audience but you are the only fool here you clown! Payaso

    • Artsiom Pronin
      Artsiom Pronin Month ago

      he was terminated

    • ThreeDragonsTalk
      ThreeDragonsTalk Month ago +2

      ....Are you not good at English or something? Killed is a general term to describe anyone dying from anything caused by someone or something else. Anyone who is assasinated has been killed. I get that you mean he wasn't "JUST killed" and that assaination would be a more descriptive term in the scenario but you just said he was not killed, that's literally just not at all true. Simon was being unspecific but you're being factually completely inaccurate. Maybe you should be more careful of your own language when abrasively correcting others?

  • flyer7799
    flyer7799 Month ago

    Iran trained the Taliban? 😂. And you call yourself a “journalist”? Iran was the only country that did not recognize the Taliban government and was fighting them from day one when the Americans and their accomplices created the terror group.
    You are counting on the ignorance of your audience but almost everyone now has access to Google 😉. Your lies wall fall on deaf ears more and more as people are becoming more informed.

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall Month ago +3

    You left out the fact that the US was backing ISIS the whole time.

    • Ardi80
      Ardi80 Month ago

      Poor them, ISIS became traitors

  • Mohammad Reza
    Mohammad Reza Month ago

    kicked ass of 64 US troops according to your own stats(number is really larger). lets be honest we attacked you and you had no balls to reply. It was greatest humiliation for us in past 70 years.

  • wicked2740
    wicked2740 Month ago

    Iran 🇮🇷 doesn’t have the BALLS to go head to head with the USA 🇺🇸. Only someone crazier than Trump can go against Trump! China 🇨🇳 and Iran 🇮🇷 quickly realized that they weren’t negotiating with the Democrat’s. But with one Insane ass 🤪 President! That’s not afraid to kick some ass!!!

  • Tommy Lee
    Tommy Lee Month ago

    "The Second Reason" is just pure parroting and regurgitating Mainstream Media's UNFOUNDED talking points...PROPAGANDA filtered through their OBVIOUS Political Zealotry! No it would NOT be a "Godsend" for Trumps campaign...he has no real reason to come up with some ulterior means of getting elected again...that just pure MSM NONSENSE! "The Third Reason" you are yet again WRONG about it not working, yet again the MSM is full of shit about this point, and you should stop parroting and regurgitating the NONSENSE of the MSM! Iran has NO ABILITY to wage a sustainable war effort they can win...their so-called war with Iraq from 1980 to 1988 is proof of this! Iran is another Paper Tiger the likes of North Korea!
    AND IRAN does NOT "carry out asymmetrical attacks"...THEY CARRY OUT TERRORIST...plain and simple! So stop being "PC" and call what Iran does to defend its RADICAL IDEOLOGY...TERRORIST!
    Most of Iran's population is Persian and they are sick of what Islam has done to their culture and society!

  • Tommy Lee
    Tommy Lee Month ago

    The "Two Armies" of Iran are modeled after the "Two Armies" of the Nazis...the Wehrmacht and the Schutzstaffel(Better known as the "SS")!

  • The Ali Azam
    The Ali Azam Month ago

    Simon used to admire you for your videos but this video seemed to be a lot more BIASED towards Iran and its forces. For someone doing NEUTRAL job it is rather more necessary to not take sides at all. I was expecting a more neutral analysis from you.

  • Josh Frederick
    Josh Frederick Month ago

    This guy is so brain washed it’s sad

  • Muhammad Al Helal Rana

    Some virus like Coronavirus should attack the US.

  • Riptack Heigberns
    Riptack Heigberns Month ago

    people like you must really love the internet. Without is you woild be cleaning streats.

  • Kelly MD Science & Space World Health Organization

    “This would not have happened if President saddam Hussein was still in power. “ current us commander

  • David Stewart
    David Stewart Month ago

    Trump approved this action because he is trying as hard as he can to divert attention to him concerning impeachment. Trump is a moron but a cagey one and he will do anything he needs to do to remain in power. The ultra conservative wing of the Republican party which has control of the Senate is the only thing keeping this man in his office. The only reason he became President is because of the stupidity of the use of the Electoral College which allowed a person who lost the election by over 2 million votes to become our fearless leader. What a joke it would be if the consequences were not so grave.

  • Hamid Najafi
    Hamid Najafi Month ago +1

    Now you did not mention that US and Saudis invite Gen Solimani for de-escalation Meeting in Baghdad, They did not have the ball to face him in a battlefield, killed him while he was in civilian clothes

  • Galen Currah
    Galen Currah 2 months ago

    Iran has not been secretive about its ambition to become the major power in its entire region, seizing Mecca and reducing Israel to status of a Persian satrap. Before it can do so, the US must prove incapable or unwilling to defend any country in that region. The USA could come under a Leftist regime and internal conflict, endure a long-delayed loss of its reserve currency with consequent economic collapse, or be neutralized by a nuclear attack and invaded by China. In all events, the US population would never give up its sons and daughters to go die in a war to defend a region that most consider to be backward, barbaric even demonic. Under those circumstances, only a divine Messiah would be able to rescue little Israel.

  • Hamayoon Shah
    Hamayoon Shah 2 months ago

    America will in its personally ablazed fire

  • Mehrdad Zandipour
    Mehrdad Zandipour 2 months ago

    You have no idea what so ever.

  • Osman Osman
    Osman Osman 2 months ago

    Crazy politicians


    Soleimani was a terrorist General who met his 72 virgins on time

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 2 months ago

    Well I guess he’ll need a new title because “lIVING martyr “ Dosent really fit anymore . Rot In pieces salami

  • hamizg jey
    hamizg jey 2 months ago +1

    80 millions dollar to who kill Donald J thrump pig..

  • hamizg jey
    hamizg jey 2 months ago +1

    I wants to say truth, america is main king terrorist in the world.. Usa came to others land to control entire countries.. Just usa lebelled others peoples as terrorist, if some one say america is terrorist, their don't accept it.. America is hidden terrorist in the world, america selling weapon to ISIS and take a promised to kurdistan to free them, but america used kurdistan as a black ship to againts iraq, syria adn iran government, making chaos to middle east government.

  • Kolah Gher Mazeh
    Kolah Gher Mazeh 2 months ago

    This is isreal's fight not US. iseal and its proxy in the US, AIPAC, have worked hard for YEARS to create this situation between Iran and the US. What isreal really wants is to fight Iran until the last American soldier.

  • Corrine Tsang
    Corrine Tsang 2 months ago +1

    More missiles will hit US bases in Iraq

  • Daoistify
    Daoistify 2 months ago

    The head of the snake has been exterminated. When it grows a new one, we’ll be ready.

  • Aarif Hasan
    Aarif Hasan 2 months ago +1

    End of US is near..
    So is for its illegal son Israel..

  • Sam Din
    Sam Din 2 months ago

    Is the USA happy for the death of Iran quds commander? Big mistake for USA!!!

  • TNLG and science with Zony

    You know the way Iran performs asymmetric warface onto Iraq sounds just like the way the US and Russia performed proxy wars back in the Cold war

  • hunter Fenix67b
    hunter Fenix67b 2 months ago

    Im not saying that i am perfect but trying to wake up people this hate against iran in terms all is called arrogance

  • hunter Fenix67b
    hunter Fenix67b 2 months ago

    We believe everything we are being told by spreading hate to other and thinking that donald trump saves us and this is part of control system and part of this is that we are paying our taxes to israel and us administiration and uk what are being controlled by (ILLUMINATI)

  • Jafar Fathi
    Jafar Fathi 2 months ago

    my point of view, U.S take ahead a clever manner to kill Islamic regime, not by sword but by choke

  • Jim Tennison
    Jim Tennison 2 months ago

    It will be after the election in the fall watch and see if I'm not correct.

  • Jim Tennison
    Jim Tennison 2 months ago

    We're subtly gearing up to that region over the next 12 months.

  • Dewy from Knoxville 2
    Dewy from Knoxville 2 2 months ago +1

    On the other hand, Mr. TRUMP, helped Solimani quit smoking the other day!! Just saying.

  • Birger Madsen
    Birger Madsen 2 months ago +2

    Funny that Rouhani calls Iran, a free nation, as far as I know yoy can make domonstations in any free country, without getting shot

  • yasha pourjalil
    yasha pourjalil 2 months ago

    Revenge is coming
    Long live iran and iraq