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Making useless items useful in Minecraft

  • Published on Feb 7, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • It’ll be fiiiiine
    It’ll be fiiiiine 2 months ago +5877

    Still more useful than my fine arts degree

    • Fryguy Gaming
      Fryguy Gaming 8 days ago

      You’ll find a use for it

    • TGKishere
      TGKishere 13 days ago


    • Ashes Prevail
      Ashes Prevail 29 days ago

      Am I the only person that finds this sentiment? Frustrating? Isn't the whole point of a fine arts degree to think about the meaning and the abstract of life. Like I realized that this comment is a joke, but the fact that it said so often obviously means there's some truth to it.. just seems so counterproductive

    • wollpigz
      wollpigz Month ago

      @drgood 25 likes at a comment about 25 likes 😨

    • Glitch
      Glitch Month ago

      @drgood25 likes

  • SpicySauce
    SpicySauce 2 months ago +188

    I've always imagined that the reason you cannot retrieve a saddle from a strider is because the nether is so hot, that the saddle melts and fuses into the striders skin.

    • Archusrtm
      Archusrtm Month ago +6

      @Mark Wilson thats not irony?

    • Mark Wilson
      Mark Wilson Month ago +3

      How ironic seeing as you call yourself "SpicySauce"

    • Professor Block
      Professor Block  Month ago +12

      You can kill striders for saddles and the exact same same problem is about pigs, when you put a saddle on one you can't take it off and it just walks away.

    • ArchNiki
      ArchNiki Month ago +19

      Sad nobody wrote about riding the pig with a carrot in the minecart

  • Zentriq
    Zentriq 2 months ago +89

    I love chest boats in early exploration. I often spend a lot of time in a new world just finding the place I want to live and I tend to pick up a lot of stuff while I'm doing that. Before the chestboat, I'd have to leave a chest of stuff somewhere and go back for it later. Mind you, I'm not a packrat, I'm just picky about where I want to live lol

    • Blue Berry
      Blue Berry 13 days ago

      I do the exact same thing, looking for inspiring natural terrain and picking up building blocks in the biomes along the way

  • Snowcat Art
    Snowcat Art 2 months ago +850

    The fletching table that gives 1/4 of the amount of arrows you'd get from a normal crafting recipe feels like such a Zedaph thing to build and I love it!

    • Chris Dawson
      Chris Dawson 11 days ago

      @TheProchyCZ 💩

    • TheProchyCZ
      TheProchyCZ 11 days ago

      @Chris Dawson it was like 57 times funnier than your boring emoji comments haha

    • Chris Dawson
      Chris Dawson 12 days ago

      @TGKishere not funny

    • TGKishere
      TGKishere 13 days ago +1

      @Chris Dawson 0:17

    • Chris Dawson
      Chris Dawson Month ago

      @ZacEditz 🤠👌💯

  • Fuzzy Alba
    Fuzzy Alba 2 months ago +593

    There is a use for chest boats! In Bedrock, you can put leads on them (you might also be able to in Java, but I don’t know) & pull multiple around. On land you have to go really slow so as to not break the leads, but on water the chest boats travel at the same speed as the boat dragging them so you can take lots of inventory with you on overseas journeys.

    • Fuzzy Alba
      Fuzzy Alba 11 days ago

      @SON DA GUN Shulker boxes in chest boats!

    • SON DA GUN
      SON DA GUN 11 days ago +1

      Shulker boxes

    • James Frost
      James Frost Month ago

      Still absolutely useless

    • Devil JhoMama
      Devil JhoMama Month ago

      @Compton Legacy dumb dumb, the person is saying that this is better worded then what they were gonna say.

    • Compton Legacy
      Compton Legacy Month ago

      @ChemicalBoo get over yourself lmao

  • Dman
    Dman 2 months ago +4871

    Mumbo forgetting how to craft an arrow because he's always relied on skeleton farms is like a multi-billionaire not knowing the price of the average loaf of bread

    • Dmitri
      Dmitri 17 days ago

      Tbh, I forgor how to craft arrows for a sec, too

    • Catstone games
      Catstone games Month ago

      ayo me tho

    • Foresten Rory
      Foresten Rory Month ago

      hmm.... that's definitely never happened before /s

    • IceMetalPunk
      IceMetalPunk 2 months ago

      Don't be ridiculous. Everyone of every class knows that a loaf of bread only costs about $100. Maybe $90 if you find a sale. Stop oppressing the rich.

    • Big bird
      Big bird 2 months ago

      @a person who may or may not exist when did he say that lmao

  • Rōbling
    Rōbling 2 months ago +20

    I use chest boats all the time in early game! Pre elytra and shulker boxes, it is a good way of travelling decent distances (doesn't make you hungry to row a boat) and effectively doubles your inventory. As someone that takes the early game pretty slow, they are awesome.

    • Nether Master
      Nether Master 12 days ago

      I usually use a mule with a chest and just put them in a boat when I need to go in water, but they are sometimes hard to find so the chest boat is a good substitute imo

    • @official_Destro32
      @official_Destro32 2 months ago

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  • Moocka
    Moocka 2 months ago +113

    The chest boat is useful on SMPs. When being chased down by other players, a chest boat is a 1 player boat, so nobody else can get into it, meaning it's easier to escape.

    • Doragon Sureia
      Doragon Sureia Month ago +2

      @Deltacarygirl I've never witnessed that.

    • Deltacarygirl
      Deltacarygirl Month ago

      Yeah, if you want to go on a boat trip and know that a drowned won’t hop in behind you it’s good

    • A.C
      A.C 2 months ago +9

      And mobs as well especially drowns

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  • Guus Klaas
    Guus Klaas 2 months ago +18

    This is such a zedaphy style mumbo video, and I love it. Can't wait to see more of this, perhaps even on Hermitcraft with Zedaph together!

    • Snowowlmv3
      Snowowlmv3 Month ago +2

      I would love to see that!

    • @official_Destro32
      @official_Destro32 2 months ago

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  • michelle auch
    michelle auch 2 months ago +5

    Loved the "giant" mob farm. Hilariously useful!

  • YeeterDeleter01
    YeeterDeleter01 2 months ago +371

    This guy is pretty cool. It seems like he would fit really well in Hermitcraft

    • YeeterDeleter01
      YeeterDeleter01 2 months ago +3

      This is insane, 100% the most attention I've ever gotten on a comment before. 350 likes! I'm not just editing the comment because everyone knows that's annoying lol. Seriously, thanks!

    • Kaja De waele
      Kaja De waele 2 months ago

      @Jammy Lii 8,5M subs "small channel" and he has been on hermitcraft since season 1

    • Jammy Lii
      Jammy Lii 2 months ago +2

      Yeah maybe, he might be a bit a small channel to join.

    • Alex Coman
      Alex Coman 2 months ago +1

      @Clash of Memes so what? After like seven years he’s tired of making hermitcraft videos every day and wants to do something else with his life. U gotta remember he’s an actual person too not just around for ur entertainment.

    • Goatgang
      Goatgang 2 months ago

      @Alex Hobbs it’s called irony, friend

  • JerseyD
    JerseyD 2 months ago +5

    You have natural talent for videos, this kind of video put out by anyone else might get ten views….. don’t something big, a new solo series or a modded series (vault hunters is amazing) and really give us something to look forward to and follow, you are a natural - please give us more content we get invested in mate

  • KrookedLip TV
    KrookedLip TV 2 months ago +3

    What I've been using the chest boat for is my mining machine. I made a docking station that will empty out a chest boat in about 6 seconds. Two different mining machines one at layer 19 the other one layer negative 56 and my sorting/shulker packing system at negative 20. I just extend my ice path as I get further along. I fill up two chest boots Tie a lead to one and take them both to the docking station

  • Humourless Jester
    Humourless Jester 2 months ago +2

    I mostly play mid-game minecraft (having everything except what's in the end dimension) and I've been having fun with chest boats. I would often travel to a cardinal direction I've never been to yet and because of the bigger and longer rivers it's now possible to travel so far without leaving your boat.

  • The Emerald Weirdo
    The Emerald Weirdo 2 months ago +1

    I've used a chestboat while crossing oceans, because that way I can loot more ruins/shipwrecks/buried treasures before I have to go home and empty out my inventory. The fact that you think their intended purpose is useless says a lot about your playstyle: Mainly, that you've gotten WAY too used to having Shulker Boxes ASAP due to the other Hermits taking out the Ender Dragon during the first few episodes of each season. You need to do a singleplayer survival series sometime, so you can see how hard us regular folk have it.

    REDZE 2 months ago +759

    Mumbo's way of thinking will forever be an interesting phenomenon. Enough said.

    • Garganzuul
      Garganzuul 2 months ago +1

      Truly a source of mystery. The things he must have seen.

    • Human Being
      Human Being 2 months ago +1

      Making a Strider Garage was very helpful for future reference.

    • Tupac and Me
      Tupac and Me 2 months ago +5

      The inner machinations of his mind are an enigma

    • Zombieone971
      Zombieone971 2 months ago +2

      His brain must be given to science, we will progress a lot

    • Jeff
      Jeff 2 months ago +5

      It’s a mystery

  • Saki Kazue
    Saki Kazue 2 months ago +2

    Chest boats are useful if you for some reason lack a bunch of iron (vanilla skyblock for example) to afford a lot of hoppers. You can feed up to 12 chests with a single hopper by just stacking them and placing a few fences to keep em seperated and in place.

  • Robert Starnes
    Robert Starnes Month ago +1

    The chest boat is a great early game way to trap single entities. No iron required. No capturing a zombie villager for curing only to have a creeper jump in the boat with them.

  • Syhmac
    Syhmac 2 months ago +1

    Yes, I had a situation when I had to transport a bunch of items down the river in early game, so of course no elytras, shulkers etc. I have used boats with chests and it worked perfectly.

  • Louai
    Louai 2 months ago

    the chest boat actually came in handy when i started a realm with my friends and we wanted to move from one location to another but i had too many stuff to carry and we didn’t have any ended chests or shulker boxes yet. it works as an extra storage space for transportation but i can’t imagine using it in late game

    • @official_Destro32
      @official_Destro32 2 months ago

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  • KVL Gamer
    KVL Gamer 2 months ago +1

    Actually when I'm traveling on my early gameplay in survival I usually use the chest boats to store the loot I got from temple,village and outpost

  • singlespeed
    singlespeed 2 months ago +1

    I love chest boats for initial exploration of a new world. I no longer have to skip all the sunken ships, etc. due to inventory limits. Also, in Skyblock when I can't afford a lot of hoppers i can run a single hopper into 4 chest boats and even stack them to have one hopper going into 12 chest boats. Ilmango taught me that.

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  • newclearNRG
    newclearNRG 2 months ago +3

    Chest boats are definitely useful before you get shulkers and ender chests. Pigs can be used to pull a friend while flying(a bit janky) as demonstrated by ianxofour. You don’t even need a contraption to make a parking space for striders, you can just dig a few blocks and the flowing lava will keep them in place.

    • @official_Destro32
      @official_Destro32 2 months ago

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  • RedIsntHome
    RedIsntHome 2 months ago +3

    "And now I have...a *GIANT* mob farm"
    Aha!I see what you did there...

    • Dert Eater
      Dert Eater 7 days ago

      I see you never left the "ahaa" thing from last life behind

  • Samurai Pipotchi
    Samurai Pipotchi 2 months ago +262

    That Strider one might actually be worth building
    Also, chest boats are sometimes useful for clearing underwater ruins

    • DerJator
      DerJator 2 months ago +1

      You can also catch a strider using flowing lava and half slabs around it, works flawlessly and also looks more sleek

    • Shenny Boi
      Shenny Boi 2 months ago +5

      @Samurai PipotchiAnd nobody wants a chilly sad strider :(

    • Samurai Pipotchi
      Samurai Pipotchi 2 months ago +26

      @Infernal Yeah, but then they get all chilly and sad

    • Infernal
      Infernal 2 months ago +4

      did he realize striders can go on land?

  • ryles
    ryles 2 months ago

    i use a chest boat all the time early game, its great for stashing loot while you're still looking for a place to settle down

  • patykaarp legos
    patykaarp legos 2 months ago +1

    I used the chestboat a lot. Had a garage where I would park it and it would unload my shulkers in it. It was essentially my enderchest but on a boat. It was a fun challenge run, where I had to use the chest boat for any exploring via water, and couldn't break it.

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  • Lie Detecter
    Lie Detecter 2 months ago

    Mumbo already showed a use for a Pig Saddle in the first version of this video. Second Boat with chest is very useful early game especially in 1.20 when you want to go after a Jungle Biome.

  • Raruro Rook
    Raruro Rook 2 months ago

    The strider garage was actually pretty impressive for me. Imagine we didn't have elytra in the game, that would have been actually really useful.

    • On Tele-gram👉@Mumbo_01
      On Tele-gram👉@Mumbo_01 2 months ago

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  • Tyler Novak
    Tyler Novak 2 months ago +371

    That chest boat thing is EXTREMELY useful. I'd love to see examples of that being used in farms somehow.

    • Cesar V
      Cesar V 2 months ago

      The only time I'd ever use those is if I keep finding garbage either in the sea or after mining in islands

    • Andrew Curren
      Andrew Curren 2 months ago

      I use them a lot in early game.

    • Frowner & Co.
      Frowner & Co. 2 months ago

      @TBD you can put them on a lead.

    • Matthew Vlady
      Matthew Vlady 2 months ago


    • Ian
      Ian 2 months ago +1

      @TBD If we're talking ALL uses, manhunt potential is really useful as well as everything mentioned before, it prevents someone getting in behind you

  • Benji-Menji
    Benji-Menji 2 months ago +1

    Imagine a base that is themed around what people thought the future was gonna be in the 80s filled with revolutionary contraptions that seem awesome but in reality aren't the future.

  • talestmr
    talestmr 2 months ago +1

    I used a chestboat to move my items to a new base. It wasnt so far away and it would probably be faster to just to that by hand but i still used it. Also i had just started the world so it was just five double chests

    • @official_Destro32
      @official_Destro32 2 months ago

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  • Ben Morgan
    Ben Morgan 2 months ago

    i’ve used the chestboat to transport my stuff when moving bases, before i went to the end. so theyre like the phase between regular chests and shulker boxes

    • @official_Destro32
      @official_Destro32 2 months ago

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  • Ilian Middeldorp
    Ilian Middeldorp 2 months ago

    I've used a chest boat to store a pillager in my hardcore world. Definetly intentional, and in my opinion a pretty solid use for the chest boat.

  • Andor Mák
    Andor Mák 2 months ago +340

    Chest boats might be useful while building a farm in the ocean. If you're just starting your world, it basically doubles the space where you can store the materials

    • Andor Mák
      Andor Mák 2 months ago

      @Acorn I do

    • Retronyx ♬
      Retronyx ♬ 2 months ago


    • Acorn
      Acorn 2 months ago

      @chicken_person who builds stuff underwater so big that a boat/s would be more comfortable than a stationary chest/s in early game?

    • chicken_person
      chicken_person 2 months ago +1

      @Acorn But then you have to run back to where the chests are much more frequently, instead of using the chest boat as portable storage. And I'm not even much of a builder. I can see it being incredibly useful for building something in the ocean where you have one central storage for the build, and then use the chest boat to extend inventory space so you don't need to go back and forth as frequently.

    • Younes Layachi
      Younes Layachi 2 months ago +7

      As long as you travel on water, yes.
      I feel like chest boat should have been added in 1.13

  • Clary Sage Quartz
    Clary Sage Quartz Month ago

    Well, if we are talking about pink useless mobs, I actually find them helpful in the start of a survival game. Almost in a peace, love, and plants way….not really, but they are the one mob I can reliably use for food right away without worrying that I am going to need them for my farms later. 😂

  • Shaun Kruger
    Shaun Kruger 2 months ago

    I was so excited to use a chest boat when building a raid farm before going to the end. I was able to collect all my resources and do the entire build in one trip with a full chest boat and a full inventory. The only thing I needed a second trip for was the villager.
    I even built a canal to the bottom of my mountain top base that would drain my chest boats and drop the items into a water stream that went to my storage system. It was a great way to unload resources after exploring.

    • @official_Destro32
      @official_Destro32 2 months ago

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  • SpaceFalcon
    SpaceFalcon 2 months ago

    The chest boat has been a time saver for me, i had the dream to convert a ocean monument into a actually ocean mansion with a viewing area to look out in the endless ocean, but the problem was that it was too far away and my only elytra was broken and i didn't want to in the end and get a shaulker box, so i waited for the chest boat to be added and then BOOM!!! I was back in business, i could transfer thousands of block by puting a few chickens on a lead in a chest boat, it was so efficient and effective

  • Ninten Joe
    Ninten Joe 2 months ago

    Boats with chests are incredibly useful earlygame! It’s a mobile storage option! A very slow… single chest… that can’t go up any form of incline… but it’s great for exploring and storing that extra few slots worth of ocean temple or sunken ship loot.

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  • DSUR
    DSUR 2 months ago +441

    Technically glowsquids do glow. It’s just the “glow in the dark” kind of glow where the light it emits isn’t enough to illuminate its surroundings, only enough to make it visible without a light source.

    • Nileppez
      Nileppez Month ago

      @CelestialTree... Just saw that the comment wasn't to you so I'll just apologize for the apology and say that I'm sorry, in general, for being negative. 😁

    • Nileppez
      Nileppez Month ago

      @CelestialTreeI thought your question was referring to another comment I made in regards to "Mumbo" as a filmmaker. My bad. As for the comment I did make to you... I apologize. I was in a bad mood. 😎

    • CelestialTree
      CelestialTree Month ago

      @Nileppez "Take an English class" is referring to Mumbo's film career???

    • Nileppez
      Nileppez Month ago

      @CelestialTree The first part is self-explanatory and the second is referring to IRL "Mumbo's" film making career.

    • CelestialTree
      CelestialTree Month ago

      @Nileppez what does this comment even mean?

  • Brayden Schmidt
    Brayden Schmidt 2 months ago +1

    2:29, it’s been 4 years since they added the fletching table and it still doesn’t have a GUI yet, they promised both that and the smithing table in 1.15: didn’t happen, then in 1.16, the smithing table was used to upgrade from diamond to netherite, 1.19 is out and 1.20 was announced 2 months ago

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  • Ben Richetti
    Ben Richetti Month ago

    My wife and I did a lot of exploring using chest boats. Even when there’s no river or ocean, dropping and bucketing up a water source is an awesome way to boat around

  • Thinker-12
    Thinker-12 Month ago

    I used a chest boat for it's intended purpose when building a stacking raid farm. That it was then useful for making the raid captain bank only doubled its utility

  • StrikeFoul
    StrikeFoul Month ago

    This was very useful in a useless way that makes it even more useful. Great work Mojo Jojo.

  • Dragonmaster150
    Dragonmaster150 2 months ago +124

    I have, in fact, used the chest boat for its intended purpose. When you don't have shulkers or an enderchest, (Or even if you have an ender chest but no shulkers), the chest boat is a godsend when doing any sort of exploration over water. I think that speaks more to the issues with Minecraft's inventory system than it does to the usefulness of the chest boat though.

  • Haz Quetzvilla
    Haz Quetzvilla 2 months ago

    I actually use the chest boat all the time early on in my survival worlds. I like to explore and find all the rare goodies I can so I can make farms out of them. Like cactus, for whatever reason it's always on the other side of the universe for me.

    • @official_Destro32
      @official_Destro32 2 months ago

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  • Emma Grace
    Emma Grace 2 months ago +1

    Ive used chest boats in early game to go on ocean treasure hunts, its very lucrative and the chest boat makes it so you can get more loot. it is the best way to get early resources if you don’t like mining or even if you di you can get easy diamonds from it

    • On Tele-gram👉@Mumbo_01
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  • GJ McKeown
    GJ McKeown 2 months ago

    I'm no redstone genius, but do you think if you added an extra space in front of the garage for the strider to walk on so that it's in front of/out of the way of the observer before you get off, then when you get back on the strider it would reset the observer and you wouldn't have it left open when you leave?

  • Gabriel Emerson
    Gabriel Emerson 2 months ago +58

    I think, of all the possible boats there have been in the game's history (without mods/addons), the chest boat is by far the best and most useful. Being able to store more stuff than only fits in your inventory when you explore across open waters is amazing. Think of all the loot you won't be leaving behind due to a lack of inventory space. I have also seen redstone builds that incorporate the hitbox of chest boats along with hoppers, so as to reduce the amount of iron you need for hoppers, which I think you covered pretty well. I'm sure someone (you, of course, being so brilliant at redstone builds) could also come up with some sort of compact storage system utilizing chest boats in which they pop up similarly to armor stand switchers.

  • Random encounters fan
    Random encounters fan 2 months ago +103

    I’ve haven’t used a chest boat yet, but trying to move stuff before you get shulker boxes is a pain. Chest boats seem like a game changer for trying to move stuff early on.

    • Austin Estep
      Austin Estep 2 months ago +4

      I’ve used both and the chest boat is so much less hassle, it doesn’t walk off without a lead

    • Aylin Mutlu
      Aylin Mutlu 2 months ago +5

      @Happy Hippounless it’s over the water :/

    • Happy Hippo
      Happy Hippo 2 months ago +2

      Llamas or a mule would work just as well if not even better though

  • Always Bolt the Bird
    Always Bolt the Bird 2 months ago

    I’ve been using the chest boat for the first exploration of a new world like before I get shulkers. The first time you go out you want to get as many things not near you and the chest boat helps

  • The Purple Squirrels Gamer

    The chest boat was really useful for my cousin and I when we had to move our stuff across a lake… since it was early game there was no way to use shulkers

  • Ecco Crockett
    Ecco Crockett Month ago

    The chest boat is amazing! I used it as someone who has never owned a shulker box to move house. Much better than making like 5 trips

  • ray
    ray 2 months ago

    the first 2 werent actually making the things useful, instead anything could get replaced with them. the other ones are awesome!

  • Kathryn Green
    Kathryn Green 2 months ago

    My sibling loves just exploring minecraft endlessly, and almost never makes a true base.
    Their favourite method of travel is the boat.
    With the chest boat, now they have twice the inventory space.
    It is their favourite thing Mojang has added ever, except perhaps the ocean update.

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  • SpeedyHedgehog
    SpeedyHedgehog 2 months ago

    8:54. ive seen people use chest boats to prevent two mobs from entering 1 boat. I have an smp server with my friends where we each pick an island to build a civilization on (sorta like empires in a way). chest boats are the main way to trade. we pack a bunch of shulkers into the chest boat, and we travel between each others islands like that. its actually better than storing those shulkers in echest so u have more room in the echest

  • Gabriel Emerson
    Gabriel Emerson 2 months ago

    I don't think glow squids are useless. They are mobs to be farmed for glow ink sacs (useful for signs and glowing item frames) if not interesting "pets" to have in ponds, likely in a cave base.

  • Julie Moore
    Julie Moore 2 months ago

    I use the chest boat to hold valuable items I just turn it side ways on a three by three then push blocks onto it using pistons make sure your chest boat is angled right so you can not see the boat but the hit box is out so make that in the corner of your house and it works

  • Wortigon2000
    Wortigon2000 2 months ago +109

    Chest boats are useful in 2 situations.
    1: as a container bigger than 1 block, that's also an entity so you can push it.
    2: in really early game, it's a nice bonus for your inventory while exploring.

  • KaiCrafted
    KaiCrafted 2 months ago

    I swear the GlowSquids (best mob in the game, btw) glow in-game. I've identified them from a distance based on the visible glow. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here

  • Awesomoose
    Awesomoose 2 months ago

    Cool strider garage but I have come up with a simpler design called the fence and lead, it keeps the strider in a general area around where you left it, unlike the garage keeping it completely immobile, but is a lot cheaper

    • On Tele-gram👉@Mumbo_01
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  • CatchPhase
    CatchPhase 2 months ago

    My friends and I have a slightly modded server, just with REI and some basic block and biome additions. The feature mod is Create, which adds multiblock structures for mining, processing blocks, generating power, etc. We actually did use chest boats to transport sand from the desert which was across the ocean when we needed a bunch of glass. So we had 4 inventories worth of sand, in 2 boats. They're like an early game shulker box, an extra inventory that you can travel with (assuming flat ground or open waters). They actually are quite useful!

  • Feyre
    Feyre 2 months ago

    Srsly. I love the chest boat. I recently started a new hardcoreworld and it's an amazing early game Item. I mean: You can travel over huge oceans to collect enough iron to instant build an ironfarm without mining once :D

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  • TopDigger
    TopDigger 2 months ago +1302

    "Let's chuck something stupid in the system"
    *Proceeds to chuck one of the most useful redstone items in the game into the system.*

    • Space Age Quice
      Space Age Quice Month ago

      He should have thrown in a potato

    • PikaJade
      PikaJade 2 months ago

      i'm just wondering why he didn't use a baked potato

    • Naokarma
      Naokarma 2 months ago +2

      @firelight409 (Misunderstood, originally, due to mixed notifications) Spam is more accurate, given how misinformation is more for like flat earthers and such, but that works, too.

    • Lexist Cipher
      Lexist Cipher 2 months ago

      Should have thrown a fletching table

    • Eljah Kauffmann
      Eljah Kauffmann 2 months ago +1

      @Jack Wrath says the man who is literally subbed to lankybox and that vegan teacher. Dislike this man

  • DJ Moon
    DJ Moon Month ago +6

    I've actually used a chest boat for it's intended purpose, I was gathering vast amounts of Kelp. After I would break a lot of Kelp, I'd swim up and get in the chest boat, ride around on the water collecting the Kelp because it seems to also increase the area you can collect items. I'd then put the Kelp in the chest and use a bubble elevator to get up to my floating island. :)

  • Builder 101
    Builder 101 2 months ago

    I love how the first few problems are before Mumbo starts doing any redstone

    • @official_Destro32
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  • jack Marq
    jack Marq 2 months ago

    I use chest-boats quite frequently, I travel a lot in my minecraft worlds because I have the incredible luck of nothing ever being nearby and having to travel thousands of blocks to find wood(no this is not an exaggerating it has happened) so I have used chest boats to carry as much food possible as well as resources to craft armor, tools, or a quick shelter

  • Trevor Dunville
    Trevor Dunville 2 months ago

    for me, chest boats contain backup items, just in case.

  • TheLeftFootedSultan
    TheLeftFootedSultan 2 months ago +768

    Chest boats are super useful in the earlygame, in my experience. Starting the game and almost instantly sailing away in search of villages, shipwrecks, and buried treasure is significantly less annoying than it used to be. As soon as you get set up a long-term base to store your loot, they get significantly less useful, and once you get shulkers, unfortunately, they’re basically obsolete.

    • YeeterDeleter01
      YeeterDeleter01 2 months ago +1

      They're kinda just shulkers on a budget.

    • Conrad Chitty
      Conrad Chitty 2 months ago

      @TBD I didn't have nether I was early game and also I had to to do 10 0r so trips

    • TBD
      TBD 2 months ago

      @Conrad Chitty thousand blocks isn't far and in nether that would be 125 blocks

    • TBD
      TBD 2 months ago

      Yes they are useful only for a day or two from the start

    • Liam Bracy
      Liam Bracy 2 months ago +2

      Its really helpful with flying machines. You can't move chests but you can move chest boats. Makes for a great moving storage.

  • LegendWeaver25
    LegendWeaver25 2 months ago

    I’ve actually brought a chest boat with me as an early game version of portable item storage when spawn had a multitude of rivers and icy areas

  • Wilson .A.
    Wilson .A. 2 months ago

    Please do a video worth watching❤️
    We've been waiting for you to come back for a very long time, we understand you have lost the spark to minecraft, but these mini videos that are useless are pretty much useless, take more time if you want but give us that huge mumbo jumbo impact. Like a soldier stamping his feet on the ground, stiff and firm. Shocking his surroundings. We miss you.

  • Exquivical
    Exquivical Month ago

    Chest boats could be useful to make sure no one get in your boat when you dont want them to

  • Torin Kieselbach
    Torin Kieselbach Month ago

    I disagree with the fletching table, Why? Because, if you have villagers you can give them jobs. I think everyone knows that. Then, you can give them te job of a fletcher. you then plant trees and a lot of them. after the trees grow, chop them turn them into sticks and then sell those sticks to the fletcher. It's a really easy way to get emeralds.

  • Will Brummer
    Will Brummer 2 months ago +156

    I use chest boats in early world Minecraft games a bit. Mainly use it in redstone. Usefully in many types of contraptions but mainly for increased items dumping speed. Got 4x speed depending on how many hoppers it's on. By the way found out droppers are a really interesting tool for redstone because of the item transfer mechanic that sends items through multiple droppers at once allowing to make cool machines like working slot machines and arcade mini games.

    • Ryan Tosh
      Ryan Tosh 2 months ago +3

      I used it once when I got killed by a trident drown early game. I keot getting killed when I'd go back to get my stuff, so I brought a chest boat which was a convenient way to collect stuff and nit lose it when I died.

    • MinecraftROOM
      MinecraftROOM 2 months ago +1

  • Jason Licht
    Jason Licht 2 months ago

    Mumbo having a laugh at chest boats...
    Yes I have used them, a lot in fact, and they are the best thing ever! Especially early game before shulker boxes for exploring, I mean a single chest boat literally doubles your early game inventory space which is great for collecting the necessities and adventuring loots... also I have seen quote a few in the redstone community taking advantage of Chest Boats for quadrupling item movement. So they are actually useful, very useful in fact...

    • On Tele-gram👉@Mumbo_01
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  • Arachnidz
    Arachnidz 2 months ago

    My dad and I went on an exploration run and ran out of space super early. Thankfully I had a spare boat and some wood (we took a boat to get there) and voila way more space for things

  • FireBackflip
    FireBackflip 2 months ago +1

    Glow squid just had it as decoration and if you are allowed to use it for deccoration then all of these things are usefull for decoration. If decoration does not count (as how it works in my books), glowsquid is still useless, fletching table has a use in that its usefull for trading so its not useless, giants and stridors you did a great job at making them usefull, chest boat is usefull early game when you dont have a base/storage system, pig can be used to go though a 1x1 corridor

  • Bee_Ina_Boat
    Bee_Ina_Boat 2 months ago +1

    2:42 the genuine confusion in this mans voice when he asked "how do you craft an arrow"

  • Yoda 16358
    Yoda 16358 2 months ago +75

    8:52 For chest boats (and striders for that matter), I don't think they're going to be very useful for any late-game players, but for early game they can be nice. Pre-elytra and shulker box, chest boats could be useful if someone wants to start a build project in the ocean and needs to transport a bunch of items to the spot. Striders can be useful for someone with limited potions (and though ugly, you can just use blocks to trap it so you don't lose the saddle)

    • TheBrain2K
      TheBrain2K 2 months ago +7

      Not just for ocean building projects.
      "Early" game (well, more like mid game for me, since I don't usually focus much on getting to the end and nether), I often find myself using a (chest) boat to travel the long distances to remote map features/biomes (for example to mine some ice).
      Even if the route by water is a bit longer and the boat is a bit slower, it's just a LOT easier to travel by boat instead of horse because you don't have to pay constant attention to things like holes in the ground.

  • evoeightyci
    evoeightyci Month ago

    Ah the glow squid. I've got beautiful long and deep underwater caves under my base. I've added a couple of conduits so I can swim around at my leisure. I've got more glow squids than I'll ever come close to using but there is something so relaxing about swimming all around and through the caves hunting glow squid. When you leave the radius of the conduit just about the only things you can see are the glow squid and Magma Blocks. Peace out.

  • Kiprod
    Kiprod 2 months ago

    Yes I managed to use the chest boat for it's intended use and i did with 5 other friends when we sailed away to find a new home, we needed a way to take our stuff with us but we were in the early game so we used chest boats, they are very useful

  • Olim Pather
    Olim Pather 2 months ago

    Mumbo: A great professional redstone engineer
    Also mumbo: How do you craft a arrow?

  • Vorthod Wiler
    Vorthod Wiler 2 months ago +4

    9:19 messenger pigeon successfully created. I hope the player you're contacting is...that way-ish

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  • It's all about gaming and youtubing

    I haven't used chest boat. YET. for not knowing it was able to do so. It's great to see you doing youtube videos again :) would be great to see you back on hermitcraft builds again in future

    • @official_Destro32
      @official_Destro32 2 months ago

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  • nika andriadze
    nika andriadze Month ago

    No matter how many features one adds to it, ''Glow''squid will never become even 1% as useful as the sheer artistic genius that could have been Iceologer if not for... Yeah.
    Also: *9:53* As an OG viewer of your channel... Mumbo, you have already made saddled pigs useful in one of your older videos. They have surprisingly great pathfinding and can be used to navigate through mazes that would be near-impossible to solve for a regular player. I don't know how much of a technical use this is for them, but I think it's pretty neat and can have its own niche functions.

  • D Mittleman
    D Mittleman 2 months ago

    8:42 - Who on Earth is going to use a chest boat?
    Flashbacks to Rendog rowing along the dirt with a chest full of items to sell.
    …Yeah, that sounds about right?

    • @official_Destro32
      @official_Destro32 2 months ago

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  • CraftedInsanity
    CraftedInsanity 2 months ago

    The Hermits: *Travels between dimensions, co-operatively builds a single hermit base stuffed full of farms, and has to go to war to get back home.*
    Mumbo: "lol giant go burr."

  • Jayen Pal
    Jayen Pal 2 months ago +118

    I am so glad we have Mumbo back. Keep up the incredible work, man.

  • Oyshee
    Oyshee 2 months ago

    "It doesn't work, excellent!" Never change, Mumbo

  • Zero
    Zero 2 months ago

    I have used the chest boat for it’s intended purpose since when I start a world I usually have to travel across the ocean and I use it to carry a lot of my stuff

  • Aeroblitzgamer
    Aeroblitzgamer Month ago

    8:44 My friends and I have used chest boats to help move stuff from one base to another across an ocean.

  • Big Gay Inc.
    Big Gay Inc. 2 months ago +108

    I love how he called the chest boats useless and then stated one of the most popular uses for chest boats, besides their intended purpose... certified spoon moment lol

    • Jarrod Hunter
      Jarrod Hunter 2 months ago +1

      Wir sind beide keine Fremden der Liebe
      Du kennst die Regeln und das tue ich auch
      Volle Hingabe ist, woran ich denke
      Du würdest das von keinem anderen Kerl bekommen
      Ich will dir nur sagen, wie ich mich fühle
      Muss es dich verstehen lassen
      Werde dich niemals aufgeben
      Werde dich niemals im Stich lassen
      Werde nie herum laufen und dich verlassen
      Werde dich nie zum Weinen bringen
      Werde nie "Auf Wiedersehen" sagen
      Werde niemals Lügen und dich verletzen
      Wir kennen uns schon so lang
      Dein Herz schmerzt dir, aber du bist zu schüchtern es zuzugeben
      Tief drinnen wissen wir beide was los ist
      Wir kennen das Spiel und wir werden es spielen
      Und wenn du mich fragst, wie ich mich fühle
      Sag mir nicht, dass du zu blind bist um es zu sehen
      (Gebe dich auf, gebe dich auf)
      Werde dich niemals aufgeben, Werde dich niemals aufgeben
      (Dich aufgeben)
      Werde dich niemals aufgeben, Werde dich niemals aufgeben
      (Dich aufgeben)
      Wir kennen uns schon so lang
      Dein Herz schmerzt dir, aber du bist zu schüchtern es zuzugeben
      Tief drinnen wissen wir beide was los ist
      Wir kennen das Spiel und wir werden es spielen
      Ich will dir einfach nur sagen, was ich fühle
      Muss es dich verstehen lassen

    • Ornessar Hithfaeron
      Ornessar Hithfaeron 2 months ago


    • snakeman830
      snakeman830 2 months ago +1

      I do have to say, though, I don't think I've seen anyone using one as a boat, though.

    • Big Gay Inc.
      Big Gay Inc. 2 months ago +1

      @RichConnerGMN ty ❤

    • RichConnerGMN
      RichConnerGMN 2 months ago +3

      nice pfp

  • Obievil
    Obievil 2 months ago

    Chestboat: yes. I have on day one on launch on a new server it was handy to take all of the bits and bobs that I gathered with me
    Plus they are good for redstone you can make the boat split items into three hoppers evenly.

  • Linus McCloskey
    Linus McCloskey 2 months ago

    As a mostly nomadic MC player (been trying to reach the world border for awhile), boat chests are a godsend.

  • Feris Buler
    Feris Buler Month ago

    I have a realm with my brother where we started everything in the middle of the ocean and we have multiple chest boast, very useful for us

  • Wolfden3756
    Wolfden3756 2 months ago

    With mods, you can make giants that have an ai, specifically immersive portals, pehkui, and immersive portals survival adaptation

  • jun1mo
    jun1mo 2 months ago +221

    Still better than Minecraft’s inventory management 💀

    • Naokarma
      Naokarma Month ago

      @bruh bruh I see, and I'll say fair enough. At this point, it comes down to personal preference on inventory size, rather than any objective scale, so I'll leave that side of things alone. Glad we could reach an understanding.

    • bruh bruh
      bruh bruh Month ago

      Eventually, what would end up happening is that players would have to sort even more items when they return home from a mining trip or some other sort of exploration. More items in the inventory means your items you have to put in chests when you return to your base. The current, smaller inventory means players have to be careful about what items they’re willing to keep and which items they aren’t. If they don’t have to make that choice, then when they return home they’d have even more clutter to deal with. The more you expand the size of the inventory, the more of a problem this will be.

    • Naokarma
      Naokarma 2 months ago

      @bruh bruh I follow on the logic of it being just a bandaid solution, but I'm not really sure what you mean about it causing more problems than it solves. Do you mean the larger inventory in general, or more from a "just keep making it bigger" possible direction, or something else I'm not thinking of?

    • bruh bruh
      bruh bruh 2 months ago +1

      Ohh, I see what you mean. Yeah organizing can be a little tedious at times, but I personally never had too many problems with it. Some extra options for organizing certain items would be cool, like if shulker boxes could automatically refill stacks of blocks as you use them up or something like that. I just disagree completely with adding more slots to the inventory, since that would be more of a band-aid than an actual solution, and it would eventually cause more problems than it solves

    • Naokarma
      Naokarma 2 months ago

      @bruh bruh I'm starting to think we're talking about different things, then, because I mostly agree with what you're saying there. My problem lies with just how much work you have to do with organizing, and how little the game does to help with the constantly-growing variety of blocks, without much to do with making that easier to deal with (plus mega-builds and how much material you need there).
      To compare with other sandbox games for a second: With games like Terraria and (from what I've been told) Stardew Valley, there's a dedicated button to quick-stack to nearby chests for items in your inventory. You simply need to be in range for the items to swap over. Going to each chest one-by-one isn't difficult, it's just boring after a while. Organization and inventory management is still important to do on your side, but you don't have to build an item sorter or manually go down the line just to put away some cobblestone, etc. Not only this, but if you're making a build with a large variety of blocks while in survival, the amount of space to work with is rarely more than enough on a large scale. There are plenty of builds that require several shulker boxes of just the base block (e.g. white concrete). With small-scale builds, a larger inventory isn't needed, but mega-bases become more errand running than building in survival pretty quick.

  • Donglator
    Donglator Month ago

    I like to explore the ocean for map purposes and the chest boat helps to collect all the treasure I find while exploring

  • Rasa Khabbazi
    Rasa Khabbazi 2 months ago

    I traveled in ocean using chest boat to find the desert and filled it's chest with sand and brought it to my base when i didn't had shulker box
    so chest bot definitely has a use for it

  • Carlos Pallete
    Carlos Pallete 2 months ago +1

    lmao the Strider is something I am genuinely interested in using but then the pig, that got me, well done SIR!

    • On Tele-gram👉@Mumbo_01
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