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Scarborough Fair Acoustic Guitar Cover in Logic Studio Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Standard

  • Published on Jan 30, 2011 veröffentlicht
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  • Alexander Safapay
    Alexander Safapay 11 years ago

    wow nice! do you happen to have any tabs??? :D Simply amazing!

  • asdisciple18
    asdisciple18 11 years ago

    This recording sounds wonderful! Can I ask what set-up you use? All I have is a AT2020 USB Mic and garageband for my imac. I'm trying to achieve this "studio" quality sound that you have!

  • Joe Vai
    Joe Vai  11 years ago

    Glad if you like it , thanks.
    You can absolutely reach this quality with your setup , it`s recorded in my room with an old AKG C4000 mic and cable directly to cheap soundcard without any preamp

  • Joe Vai
    Joe Vai  11 years ago

    Yes I did try the "Hummingbird" and some really good Martin and Taylor guitars at the local Store , but at that time I was looking for live Gigs Instrument so I decided to buy a "Songwriter"- great tone and awesome dynamics range with Fishman Aura Pro at the stage with setup as simple as can be.
    Just for my pleasure at home or in Studio I would prefer the Hummingbird or J-45 but for "Live" (local Gigs) a Songwriter was better choice for me.

  • Richmond Avenal
    Richmond Avenal 11 years ago

    my god! beaauuutiful sound!

  • Joe Vai
    Joe Vai  11 years ago

    thank you , sorry , don`t have any tabs but I´m sure you can find some tutorials on Clip-Share.

  • anatol1204
    anatol1204 11 years ago

    hi ..did you try hummingbird or doves before you buy this guitar and if yes what is your opinion?

  • anatol1204
    anatol1204 11 years ago

    thank you for answering..