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  • Евгений Онанченко

    2:40 дома на самоклейке .... да уж, "Пергресс", блять

  • Patrick
    Patrick Day ago

    5:48 for picture

  • Lj J
    Lj J 2 days ago +2

    Replace those steps you can see but what if the step gives in and you fall?

  • Leonid Orlov
    Leonid Orlov 9 days ago

    Это же сколько бабла надо вложить, чтобы постоить стенку и туды консольные ступеньки надёжные встроить???? Так с неё ещё и дети/старики упасть могут!


    Solo falta tener un hogar :)

  • velomak velomak
    velomak velomak 11 days ago +2

    Душевую установили прям на ламинат и скотчем к стенки) Прикольно я просто охерел от такой идеи! Наркоманское видео

  • Louislouissite
    Louislouissite 14 days ago +2

    Cette chêne Clip-Share fait du bon travaille .

  • Rocket Mike
    Rocket Mike 16 days ago +2

    У них душевая я так понял на двустороннием скотче держишься. Ну яяясно

  • Rodrigo Nunes
    Rodrigo Nunes 17 days ago

    Gostei da fonte em alumínio para lagos.

  • الاسمر الخزاعي

    I think the steps in min. 1 are not secure to step on , they move down when he step on them . or it is like that ?

  • Серджелио хуев

    Всегда рад слышать братишечку лови +

  • Nikel Anjelo
    Nikel Anjelo 22 days ago

    Да уж. Идеи может и хрошие, но со ступенями еще работать и работать))))) качаются , того и гляди рухнут!

  • Chance Bronson
    Chance Bronson 23 days ago

    CLICK BAIT. Wow innovative never saw a door lock before or bathroom tiles what a waste of time

  • Fix it All
    Fix it All 23 days ago

    What is AMAZING in simple door lock installation ? :-))))))))))))))))))))

  • XtremeInfo chamen
    XtremeInfo chamen 23 days ago

    J'aime beaucoup sa

  • Hhemenistan
    Hhemenistan 24 days ago

    Why there is no women in those clips??

  • brushrescue1701
    brushrescue1701 26 days ago

    Oh hell no ......those steps aren't made for fatties like me......

  • Jehima Modeste
    Jehima Modeste 26 days ago

    I love the first design those stairs are nice tho , just I wish it had a railing , I like it just keep thinking if kids come over, or if u have to babysit or something, kids wouldn't be allowed to come over or you would have to watch them very carefully

  • GN GD
    GN GD 29 days ago +1

    I like the SPAX looking good around the house, but maybe it is expensive.

  • Светлана Чернова

    На эти идеи надо деньги(((

  • John Sumner
    John Sumner 29 days ago

    Dick Cheney did one heck of a job installing that door lock!

  • Alberto Fernandez
    Alberto Fernandez Month ago +2

    And what is so amazing about installing a lock on a door?

  • Alberto Fernandez
    Alberto Fernandez Month ago +7

    I think he installed those lights to hide how much those steps move when you walk on them.

    • Ton Thamvisith
      Ton Thamvisith 7 days ago +1

      Ehehgsmsgsiggnmshsosygjhgehsostfhigroptfcougosgsgooytvcilshstsjskjhjsjshsfshwqbzdbzag zeustsjsisysisistetsjsksjshshdh ขอโทษลงมานอนสักตื่นนอน fookuttiuggiougkoodbzgwgboqxgyimnctrezxvbmm

  • Rafał Pytel
    Rafał Pytel Month ago

    rzeczywiście , zamek w drzwiach to nowoczesny i niesamowity pomysł

  • TOP Advanced HD
    TOP Advanced HD Month ago +1

    *so good! brilliant ideas for home. By the way, I also posted a video about folding houses. look and support like*

  • Slay Life
    Slay Life Month ago

    Херня а не идеи древние как го . но мамонта

  • R2 D2
    R2 D2 Month ago +1


  • Евгений Волчара

    Что в том как по рукожопски врезать замок в дверь улучшит мой дом? Крайне неаккуратная работа.. Дальше смотреть не стал, не вижу смысла

    • Fix it All
      Fix it All 23 days ago

      Я всё ждал что же там за супер идея при установке дверного замка а нифига, просто установка 🤣

  • GemGaming
    GemGaming Month ago +2

    God Bless!

    OPIC ROD Month ago

    Bastante malechones quienes aparecen en la mayoría de los productos, no tienen ni una idea de cómo cortar un tubo de plástico, barrenar una puerta perpendicular a la ella, si así son los que lo hacen no me sorprende que sea muy malos los productos que ofrecen.

  • Labinot Hasani
    Labinot Hasani Month ago +10

    Those steps in the first clip, terrible job done as for the Construction. Way to much movement.

  • Henry Neumann
    Henry Neumann Month ago +2

    К чему этот потрясающе неуместный набор рекламных роликов от производителей?..
    Для хайпа?..

  • Igor Ignatyev
    Igor Ignatyev Month ago +1

    Steps are BULLSHIT.

  • Igor Ignatyev
    Igor Ignatyev Month ago +4

    Каждая эта "потрясающая" идея стоит килобаксы. Действительно, просто потрясающее что можно купить за деньги. Потрясающе!

  • Fatima fatima
    Fatima fatima Month ago +1

    Je veux remercier les travailleurs tooooop

  • Zebizzz Entertainment
    Zebizzz Entertainment Month ago +5

    hyyyy that steps was moving may be they will broke if we jump

  • Relatively Presentable

    THATS how you install a shower door?!! It seems so much easier than I expected.

  • Matt Cheatwood
    Matt Cheatwood Month ago +1

    That flex on those steps though ... No thank you

  • Jessica Opal
    Jessica Opal Month ago +3

    Want to add value to your home?!
    *Get you one nem fancy deadbolt locks!!*

  • scott albert
    scott albert Month ago +1

    You build the GLASS shower enclosure before you even rough-in the plumbing? Don't think so - cart before the horse.

    • scott albert
      scott albert Month ago

      Yes, I know it's not functional. Most like likely a display in a showroom I used to install these. To make it LOOK functional, however, it still needs the proper shower hardware installed which has to be done before the glass is put up. Without the hardware some loathsome person might come along and think it's just a really tiny closet.

    • loathsome1
      loathsome1 Month ago

      Are you a real person? Dude's not building a functional shower, genius. He's doing a product demo for the enclosure he's installing.

  • Dizzle The
    Dizzle The Month ago +2

    good ideals. Places they put them are an issue tho. LOL Most will fail an fast imo

  • Justin Gould
    Justin Gould Month ago

    Guy installed a deadlock.
    Your a prick

  • Nodrog C
    Nodrog C Month ago

    @10:11 Really cool shower cubicle 🖒

  • Nodrog C
    Nodrog C Month ago

    @5:47 that is cool.Lit up at night would be real nice.Lovely feature for a pond.

  • Nodrog C
    Nodrog C Month ago +1

    @3:32 correct me if I am wrong but this is nothing new.It has been done like this for years.

  • Nodrog C
    Nodrog C Month ago

    @1:16 the folded paper is really cool.

  • Nodrog C
    Nodrog C Month ago +1

    First one could have been done with a couple of ceiling lights.

  • Ember Hydra
    Ember Hydra Month ago +3

    Woaw so amazing.
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  • E Abuhasbu
    E Abuhasbu Month ago

    Why the fuck is youtube keep recommending this vid and what the fuck is in your thumbnail

  • Robert Hatcher
    Robert Hatcher Month ago

    A shower on a hardwood floor?

  • Jam Tha Man
    Jam Tha Man Month ago

    Y was this one so shitty?

  • Juan Delacruz
    Juan Delacruz Month ago +2

    The 1st 2nd and last clip looks so fragile and unsafe. Definitely not gonna pay for any of those.

  • YOLOsoEnjoyLife
    YOLOsoEnjoyLife Month ago

    Oh my that's a tiny bathroom, could have been a bit bigger but I like it. Only thing I'm concerned about are those tiles.

  • bestamerica
    bestamerica Month ago +4

    desk sink table on the wall is a bad design = bad idea at 315 to 325...
    not really good

  • Lizzy Bee
    Lizzy Bee Month ago +1

    Personally I prefer the blades instead of the closed in showers. Much easier to keep clean. All those little crevices a lovely place for mold to grow.

  • Sebo Tuna
    Sebo Tuna Month ago

    who the fuck has stairs like that ffs
    fuck off

  • Niclas Wyatt
    Niclas Wyatt Month ago +3

    You should really pay more attention to what you give the products as a name...
    Bauhaus for an example is a German hardware store and not this foil that I think you wanted to show in this clip....

  • Jim Flask
    Jim Flask Month ago

    @0:17 How many people noticed he is using the wrong screws?

  • pforce9
    pforce9 Month ago

    I watched that guy laboriously fit a lockset into place because I thought at the end he was going to introduce a machine that would do all of that in one or two shots. and in the beginning, those stairs seemed to flex a little too easily with only one person walking on them.

  • XO Cam
    XO Cam Month ago +4

    Good luck carrying anything heavy up those steps, like... Furniture! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Kilowrocks
    Kilowrocks Month ago

    Those steps are super weak.. looked like that foo was going to fall right through them.

  • Yusli Adnan
    Yusli Adnan Month ago +3

    *_5:46_**_ here is thumbnail.._*

  • Cuban Jorge
    Cuban Jorge Month ago

    You could not pay me to walk on that staircase .. totally moronic to put “style” in front of safety .. really stupid idea.. I mean REALLY STUPID.

  • Larry Lund
    Larry Lund Month ago +5

    That outside deck cost more than my house. Tragically Hip.

  • D!NesH Hindustani
    D!NesH Hindustani Month ago

    these guys are professionals

  • FrApple Freak
    FrApple Freak Month ago

    1:03 trash

  • Paul Davidson
    Paul Davidson Month ago

    Don't trust those flexy stairs !

  • Peter McMillan
    Peter McMillan Month ago

    Why use brown and blue wires to connect 12/24V Led strips. Definitely against code and unsafe.

    • Koito rob
      Koito rob Month ago

      UK uses brown live, blue neutral and greean and yellow earth.Depends which code you work to :)

  • Larry Olson
    Larry Olson Month ago

    And whosoever name was not found written in the lambs book of life was cast into the lake of fire

  • TheGoliathTube
    TheGoliathTube Month ago

    The stairs treads flex like garbage.