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Four Way All In Poker Hand ♠️ Most Viewed Poker Videos ♠️ PokerStars Global

  • Published on Dec 16, 2015 veröffentlicht
  • An amazing hand from the European Poker Tour Season 12 in Prague. four players are all-in and three get eliminated in this sick cooler.
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Comments • 801

  • PokerStars
    PokerStars  2 years ago +30

    WOW! 4 times All In! What do you think about the outcome?

    • Matty Cheeze
      Matty Cheeze Year ago +1

      Reminds me of Party Poker! 🎉 🎊

    • Peter Schindler
      Peter Schindler 2 years ago +2

      "Cleaned up" the whole side of that table...

  • Gordok Destroyer of Worlds
    Gordok Destroyer of Worlds 3 years ago +1099

    the best hand actually won for once

    • S. Shephard
      S. Shephard 2 months ago

      @Aficionado Avacado lmao these guys don’t understand jokes i guess

    • ste Cramer
      ste Cramer Year ago

      Your comment is at the top it ruined the video 😂😂😂

    • Blake Cannon
      Blake Cannon Year ago

      Douche bag

    • Noah McDaniel
      Noah McDaniel Year ago

      The best hand wins the majority of the time

    • Mingi
      Mingi 2 years ago

      Aficionado Avacado yeah no shit if 9 8 came on the board then 98 would win

  • Lisa Harris
    Lisa Harris Year ago +11

    The craziest thing about the hand was that everyone had a chance to win it on the river! Noone was eliminated!

  • nfc14g
    nfc14g 2 years ago +7

    Love full action hands like this. As soon as he saw the all in and took it you know he was strong. Kk in a 4way though, id almost fold it, would love to see the stats on winning vs all competitors pre flop. Not sure the value is there

  • lakmanone
    lakmanone 3 years ago +4

    What a feeling for the player who is with KK‘s. Huge pot+payjump after beating three players.

  • Derrick Dorsey
    Derrick Dorsey 2 years ago +1

    I had pocket kings 3 times today and I lost all 3 times. One was all in against 9-4 and he ended up catching 2 pair on the turn and river 😂

  • Doc M
    Doc M 2 years ago +2

    Waking up with KK in a 4 way all in 😜

  • Asdfghjkl Lkjhgfdsa
    Asdfghjkl Lkjhgfdsa 4 years ago

    The tension before the last card came down

  • Filipe Fernandes
    Filipe Fernandes 6 years ago +2271

    8-9 suited, lets do this: LEEROY JENKINS!

    • abermen
      abermen Year ago

      all in UTG with JJ is a much much worse play, considering the chip stacks.

    • P Jay
      P Jay Year ago

      its a smart move, given most likely many A and Ks are dead with 3 all ins before you!

    • Max
      Max 2 years ago

      Well he had 165k when the bb is at 60k, I am wondering how he didn't shov it earlier :D

    • Rahul Thukaram
      Rahul Thukaram 2 years ago +1

      that was a hail marry hand😂😂

    • Dale Harris
      Dale Harris 2 years ago +3

      At least he had chicken

  • stasyszy
    stasyszy 6 years ago +1

    the guy with queen made his decision to go for the win, being ahead of most ranges in how the hand played out. He still got the higher paid place in busting out, but going for the risk to be the biggest stack is worth it. I think his logic for not folding but shoving was fine, just so happens he ran into kings instead of 10s

  • Никита Вилков

    Вот это и называют чистым фартом..... Просто повезло его Королям

  • PuppetMasterDefi
    PuppetMasterDefi 2 years ago +6

    My favorite part the 10 second chip strokes at the Beginning

  • Eric Camera
    Eric Camera 6 years ago

    Oh my god.. I love the commentators. way better than here in the states. :D

  • Dmitri Tchoulanov
    Dmitri Tchoulanov 2 years ago +1

    It's the sickest hand that I've ever seen !!!

  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker 6 years ago

    Those were the good old days.

  • Sean McClung
    Sean McClung 7 years ago

    i've stacked aces kings and queens in one hand at a 2 5 cash game. I always thought that was really sick.

  • Yo The guy
    Yo The guy 6 years ago

    A-2-3-4-5- would have been even more epic

  • Hidden Clone
    Hidden Clone 6 years ago

    That was awesome !

  • Shiro Tan
    Shiro Tan 5 years ago

    We already know KK wins, triple bust out gave it away.

  • soju69jinro
    soju69jinro 6 years ago

    i remember my first triple knockout 2 months ago... sweet baby jesus, trip queens,,,

  • Ploppy Ploppy
    Ploppy Ploppy 4 years ago +1

    Don't expect K to hold at PokerStars in that situation.

  • Ultra loyal servant 2 feline overloads, Catman.

    I was in 3 way all in with QQ against KK & AA. Queen on flop had me Tripple up and eliminate 2 players. This was our 1st hand of tournament!!! (Not recorded unfortunately )

  • tzvikiii2
    tzvikiii2 7 years ago

    whoever calls a 4way all in for their tournament life... please lets set up a game

  • It’syaboy 1
    It’syaboy 1 6 years ago +2

    Qq should've been an easy fold. Chip leader flat calls, 2 all ins. I would expect he had aa kk or aksuited at the least.

  • lakmanone
    lakmanone 4 years ago

    Happy moment for the remaining players.

  • psychiatry is eugenics

    So much skill in that hand

  • T Nelson
    T Nelson 3 years ago +234

    Going all in with queens imo is not the right move. 3 all ins in front of you would make me feel like someone has Kings or Aces.

    • Todd
      Todd Year ago

      It depends on if you’re trying to climb the ladder or win the tournament. If you are trying to win the tournament, he made the right move. Queens is the only questionable hand here: AA and KK are obvious shoves and AK and JJ are easy folds.

    • pgrutube
      pgrutube Year ago

      @Danijel Naporic I think the issue here is that the All In with QQ isn't getting the financial odds to shove. Calling would be ok but not shoving as the others are already All In or Pot committed. QQ is best to stay out of that pot with what happened in front of him. Live to fight with better odds and less financial risk.

    • Chris Orndorff
      Chris Orndorff 2 years ago

      @Dale Kerr do you know how to read comments. I wasn't the one that said there were 3 all-ins ahead of him. That was T Nelson.

    • The Tourminator
      The Tourminator 2 years ago

      Or at the very least, that QQ would not hold against 3 other hands. I'll snap with AA or KK with 3 shoves in front of me, but would have a hard time calling with QQ and would almost snapfold JJ or 10, 10. I've folded QQ and JJ in live tournaments at the final table when 3 others shoved in front of me....only regretted it once when I queen flopped out.

    • Cass Thompson
      Cass Thompson 2 years ago

      @Danijel Naporic you are definitely a losing player

  • gk10002000
    gk10002000 7 years ago

    years ago some big tourney on the WPT there was a raise, a re-raise and the guy with QQ folded. He would have been up against AK, and AA. It was final table about 7 left. Big jump in the money. A fine retreat and he made an extra 300K by not playing as a guy got knocked out

  • blafuckyou
    blafuckyou 4 years ago

    I wonder if I would have called with QQ, but looking at the stacksizes of the first 2 all ins Amirov might have called with AJ,AQ,AK as well so it's kind of a good decision generally right?

  • n w
    n w 6 years ago

    I folded KK after 3 all ins from ( 99, then JJ then QQ),AK behind me also, put one of them on ACES or able to draw out and we both cashed. results QQ > JJ > TT

  • Cruises and Casinos
    Cruises and Casinos 7 years ago +439

    On PokerStars the flop would have been JQK rainbow, 2 on the turn for full rainbow and the magic 10 on the river.

    • Eye Gee
      Eye Gee 2 years ago

      That’s not a horrible board for KK. The 89s only had 165k. So he would’ve still busted 2 players and chipped up big.
      On PokerStars in this spot KK comes last.
      So the board would’ve JQ2310

    • Jana Urpaq
      Jana Urpaq 2 years ago

      True true

    • MrDarkavenue
      MrDarkavenue 3 years ago +1

      I was cheering for 8-9 anyway

    • Señor AHOLE
      Señor AHOLE 3 years ago


    • 爱我中华
      爱我中华 3 years ago

      river star

  • K Papi
    K Papi 7 years ago +1

    Triple kill! Amirov is Legendary

  • Bitover rate
    Bitover rate 6 years ago +1

    so if everyone gets eliminated at the same time how do you figure who finishes 5th 4th and 3rd?

    • Born Fantasmalistic
      Born Fantasmalistic 6 years ago

      its according to the stack of each eliminated player - the one with the smallest stack resp.finishes 1st of them

  • Zak Zanotti
    Zak Zanotti 2 years ago +18

    Why’s he stroking his chips like that at the start lol is he alright

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor Year ago

    My least favorite starting hand is pocket Jacks. I always play them as a bluff if I don't hit on the flop. It is one of my worst starting hands to win with for me. They might as well be a pair of 2's.

  • isac ahman
    isac ahman 7 years ago

    So sick!!!

  • validnamelol
    validnamelol 3 years ago

    i would feel so bad not getting that last spade x.x

  • constantly waiting
    constantly waiting 4 years ago +1960

    If you remove the word poker from the title, it turns into the title of a really intense porno

    • ptschafer
      ptschafer Year ago

      Most expensive porno ever

    • paul jones
      paul jones 2 years ago

      hahahaha..piss funny

    • mikooaxdcdz
      mikooaxdcdz 2 years ago


    • TheMinarus
      TheMinarus 2 years ago

      Just for the sake of clarification:
      "Four Way, All In, Hand-Triple Bust-Out Bonanza at EPT Prague | Stars"

    • Marcopolo Deoliveira
      Marcopolo Deoliveira 2 years ago


  • Paypal Services
    Paypal Services 2 years ago

    This was so sick. To explain for the donkeys who dream to play in this. Player 1 was low stack with 985,000, JJ is good enough to push all in. Player 2 only had 2 and a half blinds, so he needs to call. Player 3 with KK is like ok, all in. Player 4 with QQ is thinking, well, both are low stacks, even AQ, A10, AJ, can call. JJ can call. 10's can call. 9's can call. I have QQ, so reshoves all in trying to push player 3 out. But player 3 had the second best hand from nuts. GG boys this was sick. If you don't understand this, don't play poker and throw your PC out the window.

  • king jay
    king jay 2 years ago +1

    Can you show the hands before all ins?

  • AomIsHot22
    AomIsHot22 2 years ago

    How long have you been playing poker for? I think I'm ok at poker but you know always trying to improve etc

  • Taka
    Taka 7 years ago +150

    I'm not saying QQ has to be a GUARANTEE fold every single time here, but I think he should have taken more time to consider the ranges of other players first. I don't know if the footage was cut or not but looks like it wasn't, and he almost snap shoved after looking at his hand. Like Amirov has to be pretty strong here, I think he's only calling with AK (maybe even shoves AK over top sometimes) JJ+ and then maaaaaybe AQs KQs if he is a fairly loose player.

    • Supreme Leader Army
      Supreme Leader Army 3 years ago

      Are u stoopid?

    • Daniel Henderson
      Daniel Henderson 3 years ago +2

      I agree. I've seen the best players correctly fold QQ preflop before. Sad to see this imo. And who even are these guys? A bunch of internet nuts?

    • hanniel ng
      hanniel ng 3 years ago +1

      Im just speechless when qq shoved. In this situation, the biggest stack had no fold equity. Calling the 1m can at least stayed in the tourney

    • Sparfuchs _
      Sparfuchs _ 4 years ago +1

      Why is call and Check down bad

      BARRLEM 6 years ago +3

      +takahirosanndesu : You're right bro.
      I don't want to risk my "big" stack at this moment of the tournament against two all-ins + a call from the chip leader, even with sexy queens.
      Verrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy hard fold, but fold.

  • Avi Kumar
    Avi Kumar 3 years ago

    Dealer must be happy. She didnt had to calculate side pots

  • Duggan Burch
    Duggan Burch 5 years ago

    "And rub $50 on his nipples" Joe Stapleton never change please

  • lolipedofin
    lolipedofin 7 years ago

    It was pretty sick for the KK as well.... At that point, even the loosest player would feel pretty disgusted with KK at that spot.... I don't know whether I can call that in his spot, especially if I am at risk.

  • jeff brochu
    jeff brochu 2 years ago +1

    Did I miss something or are there only 3 players all-in?

  • DrasticK RebEL
    DrasticK RebEL 3 years ago +17

    Best hand holds up. Unlike online lol

  • buzzflies
    buzzflies 4 years ago

    Freaking awesome...

  • Semra Sencer
    Semra Sencer 4 years ago

    Azeri kardeşime gittiyse helali hoş olsun, yürü be!

  • Justine Luiz Pedriña
    Justine Luiz Pedriña 7 years ago

    This is sick!

    RAVEN 6 years ago

    So who of those 3 gets into the higher pay bump? Or let me rephrase my question, how do they decide the order of the players eliminated?

    • Nino
      Nino 6 years ago

      Cristian De La Pena it's absolutely determined by stack sizes. They will count it if there's doubt.

    • Cristian De La Pena
      Cristian De La Pena 6 years ago

      the rank of the cards, otherwise is someone writing down the stacks ??? no obviously

    • 1ep
      1ep 6 years ago +1

      usually the smallest stack fet the lower place.

  • tryNtryAGAIN
    tryNtryAGAIN 3 years ago

    Amateur stuff by amateurs lol
    That guy was chip leader to calling off his chips with a 9 high ...good job kid way to go

  • TheGnarwhals
    TheGnarwhals 6 years ago +40

    "Rub 50 dollars on his nipples" Poker Commentators need to commentate other sports, they're hilarious

    • BossmAn9223 -
      BossmAn9223 - 4 years ago

      Bing blang blaow.. its a song

    • Zach Ross
      Zach Ross 5 years ago

      It's a reference to a legendary 2+2 post

  • 1tabascosauce
    1tabascosauce 7 years ago +30

    "All of Prague is holding its breath." Lmao

  • Jolimi
    Jolimi 2 years ago +1

    No way my kings would have held there lmao

  • Brannan Burdette
    Brannan Burdette 2 years ago +2

    I’d of definitely folded jacks and queens in that situation and I got no clue what an 8,9 suited was doing in there. 😂

    • Brannan Burdette
      Brannan Burdette 2 years ago

      @Dale Kerr honestly the guy should of shoved way before he got down to less than 3 BB’s and got stuck with a cruddy 89 suited being forced into an all in hand hoping to get lucky for zero reason considering he’d of had to do it again and again for the next few hands he played. I’m guessing the guy lost a big pot right before this because any decent player would of shoved long before only having 3bbs left

    • Brannan Burdette
      Brannan Burdette 2 years ago

      @Dale Kerr if that’s the last 7 people of the tournament then you should want to stay in as long as possible no matter your blinds. I actually remember this vid and I skipped forward to watch the action. I see what y’all are saying but pros even fold jacks and queens in this situation in early tournaments. They don’t put their tournament life at risk that easily early in tourneys.

    • James
      James 2 years ago

      You’re wrong

  • Luke Holsinger
    Luke Holsinger 2 years ago

    how do they determine who gets what buyout when three people are eliminated in one hand? does the person with the highest chips prior the the hand get the best buy out?

  • DarK Insect
    DarK Insect 5 years ago +1


  • Death Dealer
    Death Dealer 7 years ago

    Wow .... The best hand won. That is awesome when that happens. Not to often. LOL

    • Dennis Reynolds
      Dennis Reynolds 7 years ago

      @Death Dealer Not really a grammar Nazi, but something so simple sure is messed up an awful lot in this country.

    • Dennis Reynolds
      Dennis Reynolds 7 years ago

      +Death Dealer Kind of like people using the proper forms of certain words. That is also awesome when it happens. Not TOO often though. LOL

  • timecrusade
    timecrusade 7 years ago

    all in before the flop with any hand is super risky imo

  • Chinese Memer
    Chinese Memer 2 years ago

    So what happens to prizes when 3 people get eliminated at same time?

  • PartyDeniz
    PartyDeniz 4 years ago

    Actually i was hoping for one spade ♠ more on the river

  • Fabio Garcia AS
    Fabio Garcia AS 7 years ago


  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst 3 years ago +4

    He got nearly 3 BBs and ppl blame him for shove 8/9s?! Guys cmon.

  • Cheeseguyguyguy
    Cheeseguyguyguy 6 years ago

    Strange push with QQ, he could have just played a stop and go.

  • Heavyweight Dosser 23 years ago

    I was really pulling for 8 9 Diamons

  • Kanan Farzali
    Kanan Farzali 6 years ago

    He had to fold QQ when his stack is quite flexible.

  • Snaden Rascoln
    Snaden Rascoln 6 years ago

    lIkin Amirov is the one of the best poker players from Azerbaijan.He is playing on the live tournaments and also online on the Pokerstars.His nickname is "lIkinopoulos" on the Pokerstars.

  • truepokerdealer
    truepokerdealer 2 years ago

    I just made a 3 hour video that teaches dealers how to do the most difficult side pots 😂😂😂 - This stuff isn't easy to deal.

  • Cristian
    Cristian Year ago +12

    Now try this online. The 9 8 guy would make a straight flush

  • mio
    mio 7 years ago +4

    IF UTG +1 just folded, and let the other 2 get knocked out. He would have had a significant pay bump.

    • Iennda
      Iennda 6 years ago +1

      +Lou14UK Wait, what? UTG+1 had 98d, the pair of Jacks was UTG and was the initial shove.

    • DiRtY1KiLLeR
      DiRtY1KiLLeR 7 years ago +3

      Yeah, because he can read their minds and knows that they are going to shove and get knocked out *facepalm*.

    • Concerned Citizen
      Concerned Citizen 7 years ago +1

      JJ is awful if someone shoves....

    • mio
      mio 7 years ago

      +Lou14UK my bad, utg +1

  • Burt Bacharach
    Burt Bacharach 7 years ago

    pair vs pair isn't really considered a "sick cooler"

  • Avi Kumar
    Avi Kumar 3 years ago

    Ironic that the video begins by saying, "not the last of this guy we are going to see tonight"

  • Shoot1ngStar
    Shoot1ngStar 5 years ago

    I would've had aces on that spot preflop and 89 suited would've made straight flush, on the flop.

  • dukyd122
    dukyd122 3 years ago +13

    4-way all in. None of them had an ace :D

  • Baccarat / Roulette Winning Grind Casino 101

    Perfect !! Liked !

  • Browne Hawk
    Browne Hawk 5 years ago

    Not sure if I call going all in with 98 suited a cooler.

  • Alex Krstulovic
    Alex Krstulovic 5 years ago

    Respect dealer, respect.

  • PatrickB
    PatrickB 6 years ago

    Would like to see the K of spades lol

  • Money Mac
    Money Mac 5 years ago

    Easy fold with the QQ...and in hindsight any ace would have knocked everyone out

  • chase
    chase 2 years ago

    meanwhile my kings can't even hold against one guy with 72o

  • 313drepeso313
    313drepeso313 5 years ago

    If I would've shoved with Ks and it was a 4 way all in pot, someone would've had AK and flopped the A on me lol... Been running so bad lately smh.

  • Kris Sørensen
    Kris Sørensen 5 years ago

    As a dealer... when turning the river... thinking to herself: "PLEASE, blank blank blank!"

  • bryant woodard
    bryant woodard 2 years ago

    The guys who folded were big winners too.

  • Cameron Michael
    Cameron Michael 2 years ago +1

    KIngs were only 38% favorite after the flop.

  • Ross
    Ross 7 years ago +10

    thats just nuts cammy, just nuts!

  • Joshua Frick
    Joshua Frick 2 years ago

    Dude played QQ like it was a cash game. He deserved to bust honestly.

  • Richard Rizza
    Richard Rizza 5 years ago

    please tell me he wins it all after this.

  • Ford Burkett
    Ford Burkett 2 years ago

    4 way all in and nobody has an Ace ? And the Ace hits on flop ? That's the sickest thing about this for me.

  • Sam
    Sam 7 years ago +607

    why would you say in title that its triple bust out? Ruins the tension.

    • Jeremy Dyar
      Jeremy Dyar 2 years ago

      Yeah i stopped reading after 4 way all in so I didn't spoil it. Its the same thing when people put the pot size in a large pot hand video.

    • J K
      J K 2 years ago

      @Sam EXACTLY!

    • Paul Westhorpe
      Paul Westhorpe 3 years ago +3

      @Nicholas Graham Dude, do you even Poker?

    • Hysteria
      Hysteria 3 years ago +6

      @Nicholas Graham my man, you haven't been a player for too long right?

    • Define The Terms
      Define The Terms 4 years ago +34

      @Nicholas Graham only 3 of them can bust out as Amirov has them all covered. So there's no way he can bust out. So if the title says 3 people bust out then it gives away that the one who has them covered, Amirov, wins.

    JANOM 6 years ago

    At 4:18, can someone tell me why QQ is 43% and KK is 38%?

    • Jhez Serban
      Jhez Serban 5 years ago

      StudyBreaksWithJake flush draw..

  • Jonathan Rossignol
    Jonathan Rossignol 7 years ago +5

    Going, going, GONE!

  • DaftJok3r
    DaftJok3r 2 years ago

    Two minutes in and we're talking about rubbing 50 bucks on some nipples? Fuck yeah, I'm all in on this conversation

  • Janerhy Sybil Caralos
    Janerhy Sybil Caralos 3 years ago


  • Golden Ratio
    Golden Ratio 3 years ago

    He shoulda just called with QQ. Would be able to bow to the A

  • Shift
    Shift 6 years ago

    So can anyone explain to me what happens with the 3 guys getting eliminated at the same time, how do they do the prices, who is gonna end in 13, 12 and 11?

    • Shift
      Shift 6 years ago


    • Born Fantasmalistic
      Born Fantasmalistic 6 years ago +1

      +Sijs94 the one with the smallest stack of the three finishes 13th etc

  • Oscar Nunez
    Oscar Nunez 7 years ago

    No wonder why he's chip leader!

  • Mr A
    Mr A 4 years ago

    damn the amount of stacks tho

  • asimioso
    asimioso 6 years ago

    I feel like playing again now. With your suggestive videos of already rich whiteboys busting out of high rollers non-chalantly.

  • Marko Milkov
    Marko Milkov 5 years ago

    Didn't realize the blinds the first time