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Five memorable Natural 20s | Critical Role

  • Published on Oct 23, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Here are five of my favourite poetic Natural 20 moments from Critical Role. This is in no way a top five ranking.. that would be bloody impossible to pick.
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  • DabbingCrab
    DabbingCrab 2 years ago +4089

    I love the look on Matt's face when something is supposed to be near impossible and a nat 20 happens. Like he gets excited for it too haha

    • Evan Gregory
      Evan Gregory Month ago

      Almost like there's a reason a nat 20 skill check isn't an auto success. There shouldn't be a 5% chance of succeeding at anything possible.

    • SuperSaiyan Yichards
      SuperSaiyan Yichards 11 months ago +1

      Yeah man thats d&d lol

    • MagnificentlyMagicWizard
      MagnificentlyMagicWizard Year ago +4

      He is the definition of "DM with the players, not DM vs the players"

    • SteelPhoenix78
      SteelPhoenix78 Year ago +6

      I know! With that first one for Liam, Matt’s expression looked like a mixture of “Dude, that’s awesome!” and “God-f-king-damnit, Liam!!”

    • Myerz9
      Myerz9 Year ago +4

      Oh he lives for those moments. You can just see his brain going into overdrive trying to come up with some epic way to tell the story of how they succeeded.

  • Erik Miller
    Erik Miller 2 years ago +1986

    Grog’s two Nat 20s is arguably the greatest moment in VMs history. Grog, being such a dearly loved character...after making a poor decision as only he could (pulling that card from the DoMT)...having an entire episode dedicated to searching for him...getting the famous and satisfying HDYWTDT...and in front of a live audience. Incredible!

    • RoninXDarknight
      RoninXDarknight 9 months ago +9

      It's even more satisfying considering he made a grand total of two attacks in that entire one-shot.

    • First Last
      First Last Year ago +5

      @Kakyo01 ty

    • Kakyo01
      Kakyo01 Year ago +31

      @First Last "How Do You Want To Do This"

    • First Last
      First Last Year ago +8

      What does HDYWTDT stand for?

  • Desm 0708
    Desm 0708 2 years ago +3696

    Liam: I need a nat 20
    Taliesin: You’ll get one
    Liam: I rolled a nat 20
    Taliesin: ‘,:)

    • Theodore Hsu
      Theodore Hsu 19 days ago

      *cue segment of "Card Sharks" music for winning game and match, then the following theme"

    • Amith Abraham
      Amith Abraham 2 months ago +1

      Matt: 👁👄👁

    • SuperSaiyan Yichards
      SuperSaiyan Yichards 11 months ago +6

      The spirit of percy showing his colors

    • Russell Chee
      Russell Chee Year ago +22

      He played it real cool after as well. What a G.

    • leem
      leem 2 years ago +188

      he’s an ancient eldritch pyramid, he can manipulate some insignificant maths rocks

  • James
    James 2 years ago +2576

    Player: Natural 20
    DM: so what’s that total?
    (The most terrifying phrase that can be uttered)

    • Cheerio
      Cheerio 7 months ago

      @TheTriforcekeeper welp my dad (the dm) is lying to me apparently then lmao

    • TheTriforcekeeper
      TheTriforcekeeper 7 months ago +1

      ​@Cheerio RAW, nat 1s on ability checks aren't critical fails. It's literally only on attack rolls that nat 1s and nat 20s work that way. The keyword here being "RAW" (=rules as written)

    • Cheerio
      Cheerio 9 months ago

      @Jeremy Berringer i dont like that nat 1s on ability checks and attacks are critical fails but nat 20s are only critical successes on attacks

    • lengthyApple
      lengthyApple 10 months ago

      @Jeremy Berringer it’s a guaranteed success until it’s a roll where u need a small number

    • Jeremy Berringer
      Jeremy Berringer 10 months ago +3

      @Mr. Boyer sorry, but what does this comment even mean? Is it impossible to climb on a dragon with -2 strength. No. So I don’t know why you even brought that up. What I’m saying is, if a players asks something that you absolutely know wouldn’t work even if they got a natural 20, it’s a pretty dick move to give the player hope by making them roll when you were never going to give it to them anyway. It’s a waste of time.

  • Feugo
    Feugo 2 years ago +4484

    I hold that the double Nat 20 in The Search for Grog is far and away the greatest moment in CR History for me. It is the perfect storm:
    + 4(ish) hours of no Grog, so this is his first real moment in the One Shot
    + Two back-to-back Nat 20 Rolls
    + 152 damage in two hits (with the added bonus that Grog literally 86'ed the guy at the end)
    + following on from the previous, the HDYWTDT
    + Live crowd reactions
    Just... 😚👌 Perfect

    • Tcrumpen
      Tcrumpen Year ago

      @Robert Muts Matt allowed it, made sense thematically
      Rule of cool

    • TimStamper
      TimStamper Year ago +1

      I'm not even into dnd and I got buzzed off that

    • Mélusine Shade
      Mélusine Shade Year ago +1

      And Ashley's/Pike's hug is so adorable

    • bigdrew565
      bigdrew565 Year ago

      Well, campaign 2 is over for a while now. So, I'd have to say a close second would have to be Beauregard's double 20s during the boss fight.

    • Boxxy Lego Playmobil
      Boxxy Lego Playmobil Year ago

      its literally one of the peaks of fiction for me, and it was complete random chance and improvisation that ended with a satisfying, hype climax after hours of build-up and was a sick end to the adventures of vox machina. just an amazing moment.

  • AJeebes
    AJeebes 2 years ago +1978

    Travis doesn't crit often, but when he does, it's damn epic

    • DraconisAerius
      DraconisAerius Year ago +8

      @Sean SBK He's the kind of DnD player I'd like to be. He doesn't get disheartened by Nat 1's, he leans into them for the fun of the moment. I tend to take them too personally.

    • Sean SBK
      Sean SBK 2 years ago +2

      He even fails epicly.

    • DWargs
      DWargs 2 years ago +25

      @Dan Cook or the time when he initially got the Nat 20 constitution save with Craven Edge, but Travis realized that Grog was exhausted, so he actually had disadvantage, and ended up getting a Nat 1 instead.

    • Sean SBK
      Sean SBK 2 years ago +5

      Just like that time he got 3 natutal 1s in a row. Epic!

    • Dan Cook
      Dan Cook 2 years ago +54

      Yeah Travis has some uncanny ability to roll either a Nat 1 or a Nat 20 at the perfect time for the narrative, to make either a super epic moment or a hilarious prat fall. For instance the 3 Nat 1s in a row at the festival in Zadash

  • ggsjags
    ggsjags Year ago +565

    Funfact: They fought the last creature on a tower, that if screamed into the winds around it every plane would here it.
    So in the last combat Grog literally declared to every plane in existence, that you infact DO NOT fuck with Vox Machina.

    • Sam Case
      Sam Case 2 months ago +6

      *[Everyone will remember that.]*

    • Dinkeycat
      Dinkeycat 4 months ago +4


    • GenocideKhaos
      GenocideKhaos 9 months ago +13

      That's one way to send a clear message.

    • Garr_Inc
      Garr_Inc 11 months ago +28

      That's badass!

  • Mangociana
    Mangociana 2 years ago +1378

    The first two in this serve a valuable lesson: anytime you need to roll nothing under a natural 20, have marisha sitting beside you, bonus points if she sees/reacts to your natural 20 a half-second before you call it

    • DarkHorseAsh
      DarkHorseAsh Year ago +21

      And have Taliesin around to bless it

    • Tony Tyger
      Tony Tyger 2 years ago +85

      I came here to say this; Marisha 100% confirms the natural 20 a microsecond before anyone has a chance to react, and it 1 million % sells the roll to Matt (and the audience). :) Makes me smile like an idiot whenever the cast reacts like they do when another member of the cast excels at something, but never more so when a natural 20 changes the pace or tone of the evening and someone just *goes off* as a result (doubly so when it's Marisha). :chuckle:

  • Bloopert
    Bloopert 2 years ago +2544

    The 2 20s from Grog are making up for Fjords 3 1s.

    • Gunnar Kilborn
      Gunnar Kilborn 8 months ago

      @Jonathan I think you're mixing up the nat 20 from Percy and Grog's nat 20s because I believe the first hit was 60-something damage.

    • nik700
      nik700 Year ago

      Also Grog had double 1s when Lionel was introduced

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan 2 years ago +5

      @Scribbler Studios nah he did over 200 damage. Just his first attack did over 150 and the other was 86

    • Scribbler Studios
      Scribbler Studios 2 years ago +9

      152 my bad

    • Scribbler Studios
      Scribbler Studios 2 years ago +9

      So for those who didn't bother to calculate, Grog did 192 damage in two swings.

  • El Bruce
    El Bruce 2 years ago +561

    Grog's 2nd nat20 at a live event was when D&D turned into pro wrestling for a few minutes.

    • Joshua Broughm
      Joshua Broughm Month ago

      @Curtis Holsinger As a reminder, Big Show(Paul Wright in AEW) played a one-shot with Magenello & Willingham a few years ago.

    • Curtis Holsinger
      Curtis Holsinger Year ago +6

      Arguably Xavier Woods joining Acq Inc is when D&D and wrestling merged... if you haven't seen those sessions I highly recommend them, it turns out he is perfect for this sort of thing

    • Crying Jonny
      Crying Jonny Year ago +15

      Matt: ……….. How do you wanna do this? 😂😂

  • 20Beesinasuit
    20Beesinasuit 2 years ago +1699

    We need memorable nat 1's next!! This video is soooooo good!!

    • Matt Wood
      Matt Wood 7 months ago

      What are you talking about? We already have the Wil Wheaton Dice Curse video. That man has single-handedly used all the Nat 1s

    • Radu Caprescu
      Radu Caprescu Year ago

      Half of them would be from Wil W's guest episodes. The dude rolled so many nat 1s that there is a void in the universe where you physically can't roll a nat 1

    • Violet V
      Violet V Year ago

      Grog rolling double nat 1's when Chod was around

    • Krim04
      Krim04 2 years ago +5

      Wouldn't that just be a Wil Wheaton montage?

    • Skimblie
      Skimblie 2 years ago +1

      There is one now in case you missed it

  • NonSamaritan
    NonSamaritan 2 years ago +256

    Look closely at Matt's face. That is the face of simultaneous Surprise, Defeat, and Pride. As a DM, whenever your players roll a Nat20 at a critical moment, you can't help but smile at your own ruin.

    • This Is Chris
      This Is Chris 2 months ago

      @David Zachary No shit. Otherwise you could just roll, say Nat 20 and scoop it up and move it to a 20 every time. The whole point is for the DM to verify it. Matt STILL leans over and checks the die and he's been DMing for them for how long now?

    • Shadowy Fox
      Shadowy Fox 2 months ago

      @This Is Chris I've never heard that about "grabbing the die," and I've played with folks who go all the way back to 2E. That sounds like a house rule when you don't trust all your players.

    • Cassiopeia Clark
      Cassiopeia Clark Year ago +5

      "Huh, this is a new feeling... pride in someone else..."

    • This Is Chris
      This Is Chris Year ago +1

      Actually... I'm pretty sure that's the look of disappointment.
      You're never supposed to grab the die after it's been rolled. You leave it so the DM can be assured it's actually what they say it is.

  • David Landry
    David Landry 2 years ago +451

    I know it wasn't hype in the moment, but Keyleth's nat 20 after touching the orb was very important

    • TheBloodypimp
      TheBloodypimp Year ago +1

      @nuru666 to be fair.... she does have plane shift..... if she survived..... there was a chance she could come back.

    • Robert Thompson
      Robert Thompson 2 years ago +13

      Yeah, if she had rolled anything but a nat 20 for that, Keyleth would have been gone for good.

    • nuru666
      nuru666 2 years ago +17

      @Groovy Even if she had she would have been stuck in Thar Amphala. By the time they figured out what the whole situation was and gone after Vecnards the first time like they did they would have run into an undead Kiki.

    • Groovy
      Groovy 2 years ago +24

      No way she survives that. She did that right after they fought the Briarwoods. She would've been grated cheese.

    • bse523
      bse523 2 years ago +40

      Oh indeed. Imagine how different the campaign would've been had she not survived that.

  • Justin Carpenter
    Justin Carpenter 2 years ago +550

    These freak outs are the best part.
    My last campaign I had a player that kept detailed notes of each session, NPCs they talked/heard about, random lore, cool moments. Whenever someone rolled a nat 20 (even me as the DM) he wrote in big letters) if a fellow PC rolled one he'd hop around and get hyped. After we finished the campaign we sat back and went through his notes as a highlight of the many months of adventuring.
    also any time the players make the dm say "mother fker" you are heading into a good time.

    • Justin Carpenter
      Justin Carpenter 2 years ago +13

      @nuru666 I've been playing for about 6 years, dming for about 5. That group was by far my favorite and made me realize just how much fun this hobby could be. Everyone had a good spirit, even if i messed with them. They were all super into their characters and the story. They'd evolve their character based on the story, not powergaming. This same player was a fighter that had sort of found religion, he beheaded a guy that the rest of the group didn't want to. So the entire rest of the campaign they'd throw that in his face and the player spent 4 sessions communing with his god, trying to find a way to help the family of the person he beheaded and feeling terrible. He eventually took a rank in paladin to "atone for his actions".
      Really miss that group. Real life sucks :(

    • nuru666
      nuru666 2 years ago +3

      I wanna play in a group with someone like that

  • El Bruce
    El Bruce 2 years ago +308

    First one, Matt: "holy shit, you would have needed to roll a 20." (passes pre-written paper to Liam) Talk about prep...
    I love how Travis turned 2 nat 20's in a live show into a full-blown WWE match.

    • eternasapphiremoon81
      eternasapphiremoon81 5 months ago +1

      @Jacob That was Avantika's journal, where she wrote about her plan after securing the relics of Uko'toa. But because it had been written in Avantika's personal script and style, it was made only so she could read it at leisure with no one able to discern the meaning. Hence why Liam asked if HE could given time and the ability to understand the syntax of language and stuff...and due to the uniqueness of said language/code, it was set at a rather difficult DC to beat.

    • Jacob
      Jacob 11 months ago +1

      it was her spellbook, im assuming he makes item cards for any spell casters spell book for organization

    • mitchell miller
      mitchell miller Year ago +6

      probably had it ready in case they ether found the key to the cypher or somehow got it out of her

    • SCP Pinkamena
      SCP Pinkamena Year ago +9

      The thing about being a dm is you need to be prepared for EVERY single possibility

  • Zach
    Zach Year ago +48

    The best part about that last one where Grog get's the back-to-back 20's is...on the next special one-shot where they have to find Bob and escape, he rolls another Nat 20 on his first roll of the session...meaning Grog technically hit THREE 20's in a row.

    • Madelyn
      Madelyn 4 months ago +3

      AND the last roll in campaign 1 was a natural 20 from grog, which makes it *4* in a row

  • brittacus
    brittacus 2 years ago +382

    While this one was a lot less hype since it wasn't a climactic story moment, Ashly Burch in C2 rolling on a stealth check with disadvantage and getting 2 nat 20s...that was pretty dope.

    • WYT Fish
      WYT Fish 2 years ago +68

      in plate armor no less. imagine that, a silent clanking kitchen.

  • RaibDarkin
    RaibDarkin 2 years ago +520

    I don't know what it is a about Travis but every time he rolls 1's or 20's there's some cinematic shenanigans going down. Or at least some abrupt hilarity. It's like his superpower.

    • Slayer of Furries
      Slayer of Furries Year ago +3

      @Ken Dyer oh, I see. So it's a guilty until proven inocent situation

    • Mikael Barr Kongsteien
      Mikael Barr Kongsteien 2 years ago +19

      @Ken Dyer but what would they gain from faking nat 20’s? And do they then fake all the rolls? We don’t have any direct video of the dice as they are rolled either. And Travis’s triple nat 1’s earlier in campaign 2, did they fake those as well?
      See what I did here? If we need to see everything with our own eyes, then there is a lot of things we then need to question. I have never seen how many electrons is in a hydrogen atom, but I don’t need to, becouse I don’t live my life assuming everyone lies. And by taking a stance such as: "They are faking the rolls" then so many other questions arise that also need to be answered.

    • Ken Dyer
      Ken Dyer 2 years ago +1

      @Mikael Barr Kongsteien do we have direct video of the die as they are rolled? No? Then its absolutely possible.

    • Mikael Barr Kongsteien
      Mikael Barr Kongsteien 2 years ago +16

      @Ken Dyer Think about going through life believing things which are so, so wrong

    • Ken Dyer
      Ken Dyer 2 years ago +4

      It's called faking rolls for dramatic purposes.

  • GrimmBones
    GrimmBones Year ago +21

    The first one cracks me up SO MUCH because Matt looks so damn smug when he says "Go ahead and make an intelligence check.", while also crossing his arms, so his reaction to the Nat 20 is even funnier. I love it.

  • Iven Kohn
    Iven Kohn 2 years ago +245

    I also like where beau is getting tapped in her training but just gets pissed and throws 2 blind haymakers getting natural 20s on both

    • eternasapphiremoon81
      eternasapphiremoon81 Year ago +5

      @Iven Kohn Yeah, it was after the trial thing. Chapter 4. Matt had everyone leave the room except for Marisha for her personal session. Pretty interesting

    • Iven Kohn
      Iven Kohn 2 years ago +3

      @Ian Murphy 3 or 4 I believe, sorry I dont know exactly

    • Ian Murphy
      Ian Murphy 2 years ago +2

      What episode?

  • Travis Cummings
    Travis Cummings Year ago +33

    11:35 Ashley hugging Travis like he's a teddy bear will always be one of my favorite clips

  • Quadraxis
    Quadraxis Year ago +44

    Seriously, the kill shot in Kevdak was insane!
    That look on Matt's face at 6:55 is such pure glee. Those are the moments I love DM'ing for.

  • Eecheejo
    Eecheejo Year ago +63

    That 2nd nat 20 by Grog, and the audience reaction, is like the gamer equivalent of the world cup of D&D team winning the penultimate award.

  • BenJoe72
    BenJoe72 2 years ago +114

    Wow, I just now realised that both battles where Grog went "Vox Machina, fuck shit up!" ended with him actually fucking shit up with a nat20 killing blow!
    When he really wants others to succeed is when he shines the most. His power truly comes from his friends

  • Hylind
    Hylind Year ago +42

    If I had a nickel for every time Grog entered a fight late and immediately killed the boss in his first turn using a Nat 20, I'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice, right?

  • Aloha Doodlez
    Aloha Doodlez Year ago +31

    For me, the most memorable will always be Vex's nat 20 confession. I cry every time.

  • Sam Zuckerman
    Sam Zuckerman 2 years ago +228

    Honestly throughout critical role’s history the most hype I have ever been from a nat 20 will always be kevdak. Literally would have been the death of Grog if not for that hit being a nat 20. I remember running out of my room screaming into the living room of my very confused family, very very confused.

    • Theo Chatzimaris
      Theo Chatzimaris Year ago

      That was an insane fight and is to this day my favourite CR fight in either campaign.

    • DarkHorseAsh
      DarkHorseAsh Year ago

      That whole fight was so nutty

    • Tyler Daughtry
      Tyler Daughtry 2 years ago +6

      Not only that the whole thing might have been a tpk that fight went terribly

  • AdderTude
    AdderTude 2 years ago +21

    What's funny is how Matt is so incredulous at Travis' second Nat 20 that he actually stands up to go check.

    • Diablo Santo
      Diablo Santo 7 months ago +1

      He didn't believe him the first time, but he did the 2nd. He just needed to see a historical moment of rolling Nat 20 a second time. There's a reason he made the cameraman catch that one.

  • Jake Seale
    Jake Seale 2 years ago +35

    The crowd cheering on Grog as Matt said “how do you wanna do this?” Absolutely amazing!!

    G3MKN1GHT 2 years ago +486

    The avantika journal nat 20 will always be my favorite,that was the only way of shutting her down

    • Serathus
      Serathus Year ago

      @Jesus E Sanchez I know this is some necro, but to me it just sounds like you were complaining that he didn't fudge the DC to accommodate your result. Getting a 30 in Lockpicking isn't too hard with a high dex mod, bardic inspiration and a nat 20. You also had other things here and didn't manage to make it. It's very unfortunate, but you had a fair chance.

    • Violent Serenity 🌱
      Violent Serenity 🌱 Year ago

      I loved it too but because Liam had been having a crap day, rolling badly, and he got such a huge pick me up from that roll.

    • Flame
      Flame Year ago

      @AGEmail Exactly. Just don't mention the door or something

    • AGEmail
      AGEmail Year ago +5

      @Sama Hardy Whenever making someone roll, you must always account for a success. Otherwise, what's the point? If it's impossible, don't have them roll.

    • Jesus E Sanchez
      Jesus E Sanchez 2 years ago +12

      @Sama Hardy PREACH
      My friend had recently started DMing and this is one of the lessons that I hope he picks up on. At one point we were trying to unlock the entrance to where a lich was sealed (long story, not worth explaining), and the cleric used guidance, the bard gave an inspiration, and our rogue had expertise in thieves' tools
      All factored in, he got a 29 but my friend stuck too close to what the DM screen's suggested DCs were (He set it to the 30 "impossible" DC) and said that we failed and couldn't retry. He's really good for a first time DM, but that really reminded me that he is still a new Dungeon Master

  • bamcki
    bamcki 2 years ago +129

    I kid you not, no mater how many times I watch it, I get chills when Grog goes "FOR STRONGJAW!!!"

  • Jughead_93
    Jughead_93 Year ago +57

    "How do you wanna do this?" Has to be the best thing to hear in these moments

    • Bryon Youngblood
      Bryon Youngblood Year ago +1

      Especially after a hard battle, like the one with Kevdak and how much hype everybody had after Matt asked Travis how he wanted to describe Grog finishing Kevdak off. XD Especially when thinking of Taliesin going "YES!! YES!!!", Marisha with "It worked!", then Liam and his epic "Poetic justice!!" on top of it!

  • Jacob Fearn
    Jacob Fearn 2 years ago +68

    When grog killed Kevdak and Ashley said “fuck you” she sounded exactly like Ellie😂

  • Luke Bridgwater
    Luke Bridgwater 2 years ago +153

    0:45 Matt looks so smug thinking "He'd have to roll a nat 20 to get this, there's no way"

    • phoenixgoth
      phoenixgoth Year ago +8

      and then looking at Taliesin when he says "goddammit", he knows exactly who's to blame XD

  • Van
    Van Year ago +35

    I love that this video is full of so much greatness that Matt's physical acting of the dragon in his final moments is just glossed over. Like. The way his face changes at the moment of the disguise drop, the heavy chuckle, and then just *thunk*.

  • lngbrdninjamasta
    lngbrdninjamasta 2 years ago +121

    8:19 when the rest of the party is worried about whether grog has enough hp to survive.... And he just waves them all off with his hands; as if saying "shhhhhh". Following it up with an "I don't care" because he is totally engrossed in this moment and u can see he has resigned himself to whatever fate has in store ........ I remember when I saw this the first time, Travis caused me to cease jumping up and down, and hold my breath for what was coming next!
    so much for compiling theit has caused me to relive so much of the joyI got from watching this show/game/family/movement/most epic thing 🙏

    • Mikowmer
      Mikowmer 2 years ago +2

      Reminds me of a fight my party was in recently. Undead Dragon, gets knocked down real low, but is still dealing considerable damage. My Tabaxi Ranger is only on 15 health, but if the dragon doesn't go out this turn, then it won't just be me going down. Zephyr Strike plus Feline Agility means that the distance is closed instantly but still leaves me open to a reaction attack (not opportunity attack, unfortunately) that whittles me down to 5 health. While it wasn't a nat20, my attack still strikes true, but the dragon dying causes a magical explosion that hits me for my remaining 5 health, and I fall unconscious. Fortunately, we had a healer so I was quickly tended to without needing death saves.

  • Marcus Musings
    Marcus Musings 2 years ago +36

    The Kevdak moment was so sweet, but let's not forget, if it wasn't for how well Taleisin did earlier, would've been a whole different situation

    • oiman
      oiman Year ago +1

      Again with the godling, Percy and his action surges...

  • Red
    Red 2 years ago +93

    Tbh i love the twiggy moment but it makes me sad cuz canonically none of the characters saw it, and sure she got the dragon tooth, but still.

  • Ralph Gann
    Ralph Gann Month ago +1

    Sometimes we forget just how impactful Caleb's nat 20 was and how much it changed the game

  • Mitchell C.
    Mitchell C. 2 years ago +92

    Grog VS Kevdak, absolutely chilling every time.

    • Logic Mage
      Logic Mage 2 years ago +2

      For! STRONGJAAAW!!!

    • Ben Conley
      Ben Conley 2 years ago +2

      This show's been going on for years, but imo they still haven't had a fight better than The Kill Box.

  • Atela Lafford
    Atela Lafford 2 years ago +75

    amazing vid! i can't agree more that the nat20s for grog was the most cinematic bullshit i've ever seen done by this improv show. how poetic the dice can be to this day is so unbelievable lmao tbh

  • Birdman PB
    Birdman PB Year ago +13

    The "How do you wanna do this?" Is the greatest phrase of all. Translate to "How badass do you want this kill scene to be?"

  • Kay Griffin
    Kay Griffin Year ago +7

    That smile on Matt's face at 11:25 he knows what gonna happen next! That's right, everyone losing their minds!

  • TheTNTRaider
    TheTNTRaider Year ago +16

    The more I play D&D and watch Critical Role, the more I’ve come to realize that if you set a DC that requires a Natural 20 to succeed, the player is gonna succeed.

  • I’m Clueless
    I’m Clueless 2 years ago +51

    “How do you wanna do it?” The greatest statement in any RPG 😂

  • Purplevictorywolf
    Purplevictorywolf 2 years ago +36

    You can just tell Mat gives up when he says “How do you want to do this?”

  • darkrose light
    darkrose light 2 years ago +50

    Oh man Grogs double 20....There is nothing better.

    • A Rancourt
      A Rancourt 2 years ago +2

      I can name one. Grog getting 2 natural 1's and then Lionel getting 2 natural 20's. The character interactions were great

  • Big Perc
    Big Perc Year ago +7

    That actually make me so happy when they jump up and cheer for each other.

  • Frosty
    Frosty 2 years ago +14

    You can see the life of matt leave his eyes everytime he hears "nat 20"

  • LednacekZ
    LednacekZ Year ago +11

    Liam: I am going to do this crazy deciphering with a nat 20
    Matt: hands it to him on a paper, already prepared.

    • eternasapphiremoon81
      eternasapphiremoon81 5 months ago

      Actually, I think that paper was for a necklace they scored earlier, since deciphering the journal as going to take all night, and Liam/Caleb wanted to Identify the necklace first before delving into the journal.

  • Robert Thompson
    Robert Thompson 2 years ago +15

    Percy's maintaining hex after being fire bombed is probably my second favorite one from C1, pokeball Grog is easily my favorite simply from Matt's reaction alone. Haven't started C2 yet so I don't have a favorite yet.

  • Todd Elmsworth
    Todd Elmsworth Month ago +3

    6:57 this moment is now immortalized in animated form… it was FUCKING GLORIOUS!!! It was EXACTLY as it was described, HOLY FUCK!
    Edit: almost exactly. The metal music was SO HYPE!

  • Just A Jinx 1812
    Just A Jinx 1812 28 days ago

    I'll never get over the fact that Matt was that incredulous at Grog's luck. 2 Nat 20s in a row: "NO NO NO NO NO"

  • Hollister_87
    Hollister_87 2 years ago +9

    Damn, I really need to finish campaign 1 so I can watch that one shot! I love how animated they get during live shows.

  • Lucky Stiff
    Lucky Stiff Month ago

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  • Terry messer
    Terry messer Year ago +24

    The violence in Ashley’s fuck you during the Kevdak fight is still one of my favorite things

  • HonestBenny
    HonestBenny 2 years ago +12

    I remember I had simillar feeling dealing 139 damge to Strahd in one turn and killing him after looong campaign. Epic feeling :)

  • Russell Chee
    Russell Chee Year ago +3

    I’ve likened these natural 20 moments to when your favourite sports team does something spectacular in the most clutch/last min moments. It’s an incredible feeling.

  • Roman Agne
    Roman Agne Year ago +1

    Sometimes, I forget how hype DnD can actually be

  • Paddlesaw Tactic
    Paddlesaw Tactic 2 years ago +18

    Pokégrog will always be the most badass HDYWTDT to me.

  • Flamerod98
    Flamerod98 Year ago +2

    This video has my two favorite moments in CR history. Both of them are from Best Boy Grog. The best live moment and the most Hype moment has to be the double Nat 20s in the search for Grog. But even that awesomeness is topped by the final blow of the Kevdak fight. The Kevdak fight was like 5.5 hours long and it ended it the most poetic way I could possibly think of. It feels scripted but its not, the dice helped tell an amazing story that I will never forget. These moments will always help cement Grog as one of my favorite characters in CR history.

    • Sean Mallon
      Sean Mallon 7 months ago

      The whole ONE SHOT will live on forever in the annals of CR lore and myth forever. Am I right?

  • Gaige Schaal
    Gaige Schaal 3 months ago

    I'll never forget the divine intervention role to save a certain character's soul

  • drobinson0813
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    Travis is such a perfect hype man for his fellow players and he celebrates the best.

  • Forlorn Despair
    Forlorn Despair 2 years ago +8

    Seeing this made the memorable 2 nat 20 by Lionel followed by 2 nat 1 by grog (ep 100). That was *chefs kiss* perfection. And also made me realized i miss grog and pike dynamic.

    • Daniel Stephens
      Daniel Stephens Year ago

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  • BabserellaWT
    BabserellaWT 11 months ago +1

    The last clip in particular brings me so much joy. I’ve done theater. There’s something about the rush of a hyped audience that just…electrifies you, gets all that adrenaline and endorphin pumping and gives you a rush you can’t possibly describe.
    It also speaks as to just how mesmerizing CR is - that at its heart, it’s just a group of people engaged in group oral storytelling, sometimes with little miniatures. And yet there’s a sold-out crowd of fans as crazed as those watching a rock concert or a sporting event. They can SEE and FEEL the story alongside the actors. They get just as swept up in it as if it were played out in full, with life size monsters and dungeons.
    What CR’s done is so “lightning in a bottle”. They’ve tapped into this niche that hadn’t really been explored in mass media before. And it’s made them superstars.

  • Ashe
    Ashe 9 months ago

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  • Bryon Youngblood
    Bryon Youngblood Year ago +1

    One Natural 20 moment I love has been when Laura rolled it when all of Vox Machina were trying to revive Percy in Episode 69, after Vex makes her confession and tells Percy her heart is his, landing it on a persuasion roll, surprising everyone, as Travis gestures to Matt to come and see with Matt going "I trust you." while Laura is super psyched at getting her natural 20.

  • Mike
    Mike Year ago +13

    Even that camera man was hype but he needed to stay still to get the shot lmao this is what makes D&D so fucking awesome!

  • Mamamew TheRani
    Mamamew TheRani 2 years ago +27

    Travis always seems to get the first roll nat20 when he is fresh into a game. He got literally the first roll of campaign 2 as a nat20. He got some of his first rolls back as Grog in TSFG oneshot. I feel like he did it once or twice more in campaign 2... did he get any when he was temporarily a no-class?

    • bigdrew565
      bigdrew565 Year ago +3

      He rolled amazingly well in the remorhaz fight. Especially when you consider that he was making strength checks with pretty low strength. No 20s, but he managed to grapple and restrain a huge creature long enough for Beau and Cad to get out of certain doom.

  • ウルフ
    ウルフ 2 years ago +17

    "Just give it a minute..." They had no idea what was coming 😆

  • Post U Later
    Post U Later 10 months ago +2

    I Don't Think Anything Will Ever Top Travis' Double Nat20s At The Live Show.

  • Andron
    Andron Year ago +5

    2:33 look at Taliesin blessing the dice with his eldritch powers with a quick kiss.

  • MachoMandalf
    MachoMandalf 2 years ago +28

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  • HackdotX
    HackdotX 2 years ago +3

    Twiggy was the best one. The whole sequence leading up to it is so great

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  • Comforting Person
    Comforting Person Year ago +2

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  • Alex AKA A. Charles Ross
    Alex AKA A. Charles Ross 8 months ago +3

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  • Willeh
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  • Ebony Voigt
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    I ENTIRELY agree with the first clip (Caleb deciphering Avantika's book) because it changed the tide of pretty much EVERYTHING that happened afterward. There would have been no meaningful evidence for Beau to present the Plank King, AAAH EVERYTHING COULD HAVE GONE SO WRONG IF IT WEREN'T FOR THAT FATEFUL DICE ROLL

  • starpunchsoup
    starpunchsoup Month ago

    all of these rolls are very important and poetic, but remembering that we’re getting to see the kill box animated in a few weeks…goodness gracious

  • Kevin Meeker
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  • Robert Gandy
    Robert Gandy Year ago +2

    The moment I was thinking about and will never forget was season 1 when grog came out rolled a nat 20 killed his uncle and vex rolled a nat 20 for intimidation that fight and that moment was just crazy in critical role history never be forgotten

  • Zadaar Rakheil
    Zadaar Rakheil 5 months ago

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  • Tiara Benvenutti
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  • Matthew
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  • carlotta4th
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    *Critical Rolls*

  • PeTTs0n88
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  • Fatalmyth
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    I think grog headbutting the giant into submission in early campaign one during the search in the underdark deserves atleast an honorable mention

  • theo6062
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    Look at matt in the last one when he's saying "How do you wanna do this ?"
    He leans back a bit, knowing it's gonna explose as he says that xD

  • Peyton, Talented but Lazy

    The sheer happiness when they defeat a big monster and Matt says those magic words: "How do you wanna do this?"

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    its not at all what happened but its such a hilarious concept.

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