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Hogwarts Legacy - Before You Buy

  • Published on Feb 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Hogwarts Legacy (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S) is an open world action RPG set within the world of Harry Potter. How is it? Let's talk.
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    Video by Jake Baldino
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  • FreeWater Family Network
    FreeWater Family Network 3 months ago +25090

    Funny how an IGN 10 min review feels like forever and a 14 min Gameranx doesn’t seem long enough

    • Tom Bosley
      Tom Bosley 3 months ago +857

      You know, I never really thought of that but you are absolutely right

    • Wait Balthy
      Wait Balthy 3 months ago +1097

      It's crazy how generic, emotionless, uninteresting and bland their reviews are. It blows my mind that they get so much exclusive access and so many views. It's like a gaming channel for non gamers, just hyper corporate fluff.
      Gamerranx, skillUP, ACG etc... are just miles better.

    • E l l i o t t
      E l l i o t t 3 months ago +274

      IGN didn’t even mention anything about the audio lol

    • William Walther
      William Walther 3 months ago +59

      Spittin straight facts

  • Da__Winner vv
    Da__Winner vv 3 months ago +1478

    Your house actually gives you an entirely different subset of side missions obviously some are shared but for example, huffelpuff has the only side mission where you go to Azkaban so there is definetly some variety based on your house and that adds some replay ability too which is cool

    • Amynity
      Amynity 3 months ago +11

      sounds really cool.

    • Gustavo
      Gustavo 3 months ago +60

      Very minor differences. So I don't think it is truly replayable. But I don't think anyone expected more.

    • Matthew Batton
      Matthew Batton 3 months ago +112

      As a Harry Potter nerd, I will be making four characters just to see the different common rooms. The developers went so far to incorporate the correct house ghost for Hufflepuff, the Fat Friar. He doesn't say anything but he is there and it makes me smile.

    • Charlie Quinn
      Charlie Quinn 3 months ago +30

      @Gustavo I think the very least is one replay - I’m doing a hufflepuff good character first, next playthrough I’m going to be a bastard Ravenclaw. Have had Plenty of prompts to take stuff for myself, looking forward to doing just that on my next playthrough!

    • Gustavo
      Gustavo 3 months ago +17

      @Charlie Quinn good for you, for me it is repetitive already, I can't imagine playing it again. Its not like there are builds like in souls game, which I played many times ove

  • Dont Avoid the Noid
    Dont Avoid the Noid 3 months ago +369

    I’ve never been a Harry Potter fan. But this game is great. I love the amount of exploration and puzzle solving. The combat is actually really good. It’s not very difficult and can be a little repetitive but the combat feats help mix things up a bit. Overall, a really great game that I think actually lived up to the hype. 8 or 9 out of 10 easily

    • Ginger Grigsby
      Ginger Grigsby 3 months ago +19

      Glad i read your comment. I was concerned i would not enjoy this as much due to my lack of HP nerdiness. Sounds like it wont be a problem!

    • Wolfsbane
      Wolfsbane 3 months ago +8

      @Ginger Grigsby You will like it! My boyfriend is not a Potter fan, and he's usually playing multiplayer games. He absolutely loves Hogwarts Legacy, he has more hours played than me right now! Being a HP nerd definitely enhances your experience because you will recognise some things and places in the game, of course. But you absolutely can go in blind; they do a very good job of explaining the basics so everyone can understand how the world works. It's super fun. Great puzzles. Exploring the castle is extremely fun - you'll find yourself spotting a new corridor and just wanting to run down and see what's at the end, what's behind this door etc. The castle itself is a masterpiece. You'll love the game I'm sure!

    • Tanner Swift
      Tanner Swift 3 months ago +3

      Surfing for similar comments! I'm not a HP fan at all... but i think this concept is awesome, and have heard nothing but good things. Might give it a shot.

    • S.Silverman
      S.Silverman 3 months ago +1

      @Wolfsbane Just the kind of comment I was hoping to see. Looks like this might be a Star Wars scenario for me, where I’m somewhat indifferent to the movies but I loved the KOTOR games and the associated lore.

  • SoMalicious
    SoMalicious 3 months ago +2396

    One of the nice touches I noticed was after leaving Herbology class, all my classmates walked the same path to the next class which was potions.

    • Ben Franklin
      Ben Franklin 3 months ago +23

      That's not really complicated to pull off though. Js

    • BraedenB3
      BraedenB3 3 months ago +406

      @Ben Franklin bruh hes just saying its good attention to detail

    • SalokinOolacile
      SalokinOolacile 3 months ago +117

      @Ben Franklin its not at all about it being hard to do lol

    • King of Spades
      King of Spades 3 months ago +49

      @Ben Franklin Its about the thought. Js

    • Ben Franklin
      Ben Franklin 3 months ago +9

      @BraedenB3 when you were in school. Did you regularly have the same classes as all of your classmates? 🧏

  • Kristian Thaler
    Kristian Thaler 3 months ago +160

    As a huge HP fan, I can say that exploring the castle is the most fun I have had in a game in years. There are a ton of secrets to discover from the books. The statue of the one-eyed witch was such a joy to find, as was the painting of Barnabus the Barmy, with a stretch of blank wall across from it. Just a ton of nods to the lore.

    • R1k0Ch3T
      R1k0Ch3T 2 months ago +3

      That was all I really wanted, and they gave us that and a lot more. As a gamer, yeah, there could be some major improvements that I expect to see in a sequel, but for a first AAA outing from this studio? With new content in this franchise? Absolutely stunning, honestly.
      Virtual Hogwarts totally rules.

  • 8-Bit Otter
    8-Bit Otter 3 months ago +252

    it would be really cool if they added a mechanic where if you broke any of the school rules you would have a chase/hide and seek sequence with the janitor, like how Filch was in the books

    • Heisenberg
      Heisenberg 3 months ago +5

      that gta shit is played out

    • 8-Bit Otter
      8-Bit Otter 3 months ago +12

      @Heisenberg they could design it as to promote using secret passages and spells to get by them

    • SaMePo
      SaMePo 3 months ago +1

      It sounds cool but trust me, it gets old. Like the other guy said “the gta sh*t is played out”

    • Kiwi ness
      Kiwi ness 3 months ago +6

      that would potentially be a cool side quest but definitely not a permanent mechanic because that would be completely tedious

    • gorginhanson
      gorginhanson 3 months ago +2

      *Me chortling and lightly jogging away after using 6 dozen classmates to create horcruxes*

  • Jacob Arrowood
    Jacob Arrowood 3 months ago +6573

    I just wanted to thank the entire gameranx crew for giving us such informative and helpful content. My #1 source for all gaming info that I look for.

    • gameranx
      gameranx  3 months ago +599


    • Sergio Lucas
      Sergio Lucas 3 months ago +19


    • Nemael
      Nemael 3 months ago +19

      The best without question

    • Robert rowe
      Robert rowe 3 months ago +19

      Stop doing these recycled posts. Every video, someone steals a post from someone else, but tweaks it because they know it will be pinned. It's sad.

    • babyKobe
      babyKobe 3 months ago +3

      @gameranx 🤝

  • Man from the Moon
    Man from the Moon 3 months ago +19

    I'm not HP fan but this game is my best gaming experience since Witcher 3. Exploring is amazing. Battle is intense. Even collecting stuff is great because there's always something to read of think to resolve. No easy and boring "pick ups". Only thing that feels underdeveloped is looting clothes. Since you are able to upgrade you own stuff finding new clothes is just sell stuff. Also transmog makes new items useless. But overall it's AMAZING, MAGIC and somehow cozy-feeling game.

  • ichishin13
    ichishin13 3 months ago +33

    40+ hours in... this game still throws things at me that surprises the shit outta me. The devs did an amazing job

  • Themagickid
    Themagickid 3 months ago +134

    This game never gets boring you can beat the main story and there’s still so much to do and you can play through as a different house and have completely different experiences this game is a 10 out of 10 in my book the only downfall is there’s no quidditch gob stones or wizards chess but that doesn’t mean it can’t be added for a dlc in the future and with how big this game is I would bet my money they’re going to add more to it

    • brownhawk415
      brownhawk415 3 months ago

      Does it has multi-player

    • Alex Gilbert
      Alex Gilbert 3 months ago +10

      @brownhawk415 not as of yet but with such great feedback I wouldn’t be surprised if they add it in the future

    • Tanner
      Tanner 3 months ago +2

      Very long run-on sentence

    • 𝔶𝔞𝔰𝔰𝔢𝔯
      𝔶𝔞𝔰𝔰𝔢𝔯 3 months ago +6

      Completely different experience? All the houses does has similar paths Except for one or two quests

    • laytonc1
      laytonc1 3 months ago +5

      @𝔶𝔞𝔰𝔰𝔢𝔯 Yeah thats a straight-up lie, I think there is one mission that's different.

  • Todd Melanson
    Todd Melanson 3 months ago +6

    I was never a diehard Harry Potter fanboy like I am with the Star Wars franchise, but when I saw more recent footage of this game in the past four months or so, I was just so impressed with the graphics and the sense that the devs seemed to have really captured the essence of the Potter-verse, I knew I wanted to play it.

  • mathew cutting
    mathew cutting 3 months ago +24

    I’m absolutely loving this game it’s absolutely stunning with visuals all the little puzzles and quests and stuff you can do make the game feel like an actual “Harry Potter” game I find myself just exploring Hogwarts for hours at a time and I don’t even have a quarter of the spells I need to view everything it offer’s. It’s definitely a fantastic game that’s worth checking out even at the $70 price tag

  • Ashok raj
    Ashok raj 3 months ago +2320

    The way they perfected the NPC pace while following them on quest is highly appreciable

    • GumbyArmz
      GumbyArmz 3 months ago +122

      Yes! You can go slow and soak up visuals or haul ass if you want and they stick with you

    • FireDramine7
      FireDramine7 3 months ago +20

      @I Hate TMNT Shredder's Revenge lmao are you ok, this is the second video I see you on

    • Jonathan Meeks
      Jonathan Meeks 3 months ago +6

      @FireDramine7 looks like a bot, or someone that just hates everything

    • FireDramine7
      FireDramine7 3 months ago +1

      @Jonathan Meeks probably

    • S3NZZI-
      S3NZZI- 3 months ago +2

      jajaja wtf the hater

  • Tunnfisk
    Tunnfisk 3 months ago +7

    In my opinion, something a vast majority of games fail is to first make a fun game. Then you make everything else. If the combat is bad, the game will suffer no matter what else is going on. Most games revolve around combat in one form or another, unless they are specifically puzzle/card/dating sims or whatever. That said, this combat looks great.

  • Roasted Pizza
    Roasted Pizza 3 months ago +19

    There is actually a difference depending on which house you pick. Each house has their own exclusive side quests you can do and some cutscenes slightly change.

    • Eddie Rodriguez
      Eddie Rodriguez 3 months ago +1

      very very slightly im on my second playthrough haven't noticed a difference yet except for the common room.

  • cynic5581
    cynic5581 3 months ago +54

    What an amazing game so far. I was just looking for something to play and although Hogwarts seemed a bit childish for me….wow simply wow. The visuals, the music (!), really brings me back to a more imaginative me, a much younger me. I’m only a couple hours in but the devs have done such a wonderful job.

    • Gadget-Walkmen
      Gadget-Walkmen 3 months ago +3

      NOTHING about Hogwarts was AT ALL “childish” in the slightest as the Harry Potter world gets progressively darker and sinister as the horror of Harry Potter is actually beautifully adult and breathtaking on how maturely dark the series gets! Especially when you see this more so in the movies which looks BEYOND incredible to see how progressfully darker the Wizarding World gets as the characters age up more and more to highlight the threat their facing and how serious the situation is becoming! Love how dark and serious the atmosphere of the world gets as the world of Harry Potter and eve Hogwarts is FAR from “bIt chIlDisH” AT ALL in ANY way at all!

    • Frid
      Frid Month ago +1

      yes i love the very childish and child friendly scene in the half blood prince where harry lacerated draco

  • Kendall Ward
    Kendall Ward 3 months ago +30

    I’ve finished the game. The story is surprisingly interesting and build great depth to the World. I had an absolute blast with this game and am looking forward to any DLCs or added content with more missions. I feel the is still so much more that can be done with this world. ❤🎉

    • Gadget-Walkmen
      Gadget-Walkmen 3 months ago +3

      Not seeing how the story is “surprisingly interesting” as the story was INCREDIBLE and an absolute fantastic addition to the Harry Potter franchise! The devs are true Harry Potter fans and did the best they could to make a PHENOMENAL and beautiful game here which it is! Both the game AND the story are incredibly fantastic as a whole! Love it all!

    • Bluejays
      Bluejays 3 months ago

      No dlc is planned

    • Gadget-Walkmen
      Gadget-Walkmen 3 months ago

      @Bluejays As far as we know. There still could be.

    • Acee The Chosen
      Acee The Chosen 2 months ago

      @Gadget-Walkmeneverybody has their own opinion buddy

    • Gadget-Walkmen
      Gadget-Walkmen 2 months ago

      @Acee The Chosen Just because someone has an “opinion” doesn’t mean they can’t be called out for it in anyway in a public setting. Saying “it’s my opinion” is NOT a “get out of jail” free card to say whatever you want without any kind of rebuttal, that should be obvious.

  • Greg Fulton
    Greg Fulton Month ago +9

    Just finally platinumed this. Truly was an experience. I hope we get dlc. I hope we just get more Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Andrew Matthews
    Andrew Matthews 3 months ago +1229

    I can't believe how well the developers did. This is basically the Harry Potter game I've wanted since I was 10, and that was a *long* time ago.

    • Trendybistro
      Trendybistro 3 months ago +17

      Well, they had 6 years.

    • goodjoejoe
      goodjoejoe 3 months ago +5

      Avalanche have always been solid.

    • ExecvtedTrvth
      ExecvtedTrvth 3 months ago +9

      Like 20 years ago 😂

    • Trendybistro
      Trendybistro 3 months ago +17

      @goodjoejoe they made awful disney games for most of their history, what are you talking about?

    • Noxious
      Noxious 3 months ago +29

      now we need a good pokemon game like this and life will be complete.

  • A Burton
    A Burton 3 months ago +39

    I have been a HP fan since I was a kid and only the first 3 books were even published. This game is what I have been wanting since. It hits all that I wanted (I don’t really care about quidditch). I was concerned about combat but find it enjoyable. There’s are numerous secrets and surprises all over. I have been playing for about 5 days straight and don’t regret using vacation for it.

    • AnastorRevived
      AnastorRevived 3 months ago +5

      I agree completely! I was actually dreading quidditch for this game, I could only think it would be a disappointing version of blitzball from FFX, and god was I dreading it. Thankfully the flight system is limited to travel and ring challenges. The game has really hit all of my gameplay wants, while still hitting the nostalgia points that I think fans were hoping for. I also appreciate the slightly more medieval, darker, tone they chose to utilize. Appropriate for an audience that has grown since the franchise began.

  • Moty
    Moty 3 months ago +15

    The combat system is one of the best I have ever played with. And btw you can bump into students and they will react. Sometimes you can talk with them a line just like this and still, they are moving, doing things and talking to other students. Even the portraits are reacting to your presence

  • Kristína Suváková
    Kristína Suváková 3 months ago +18

    As a die hard Harry Potter fan I love what developers did , it's not easy but it really feels like home +the names of characters ,the lore ,everything makes sense!

  • Pokemon Trainer
    Pokemon Trainer 3 months ago +10

    this game feels so nostalgic to me. It’s such an amazing journey and is one of the best games I’ve played in awhile. I teared up when playing it for the first time because Harry Potter is so dear to my heart.

  • Lakesha S
    Lakesha S 2 months ago +7

    I read a few of the books and fell off, but this game makes me want to restart and finish the series. This game looks beautiful and is now on my list to purchase. Thank you for your review.

  • K8nk
    K8nk 3 months ago +1317

    The atmosphere in this game is incredible. I spent about 2 hours running around the castle exploring and I was completely in awe

    • Xziuto
      Xziuto 3 months ago +7

      Ik its great

    • Sanktum Tomb
      Sanktum Tomb 3 months ago +47

      The castle is so big I still don't know my way around

    • Antebellum
      Antebellum 3 months ago +38

      I've spent 9hrs on this game and barely got any main quest progression. There's so much to do!

    • Random Dude
      Random Dude 3 months ago +5

      It’s just graphics. You can’t do anything

  • Adult Tim
    Adult Tim 3 months ago +11

    Bro I've never played something like this. I'm sure others have comparisons. But I personally haven't experienced an open world game specifically like this. It genuinely feels refreshing. I would like to be able interact with NPCs more but, I'm content nonetheless. I'm excited because this is just the beginning; updates and expansions are destined to come! Great start for the game.

  • Filip
    Filip 3 months ago +10

    Oh my lord! This game looks absolutely wonderful! Every inch seems hand-crafted. I'm going to spend most of my time walking (not running) around I think. The effects are cool and impactful, the lighting is incredible. Every chamber seems to be different. I hope the texture pop-ins and T-pose stuff is not on PC, or that it will be fixed through a patch at some point. I might have to buy 10 copies of this game. Don't even need them all, I just want to support good craftsmanship.

  • Aaron Utley
    Aaron Utley 3 months ago +4

    This is perfect. The first review that has opened with "charming". As someone who enjoyed the movies, but never read the books I LOVE this game. I find myself smiling at each new, fun discovery. It's the first game in a long time I've fought sleep to play. Just a wonderful game! As a PC player, I def noticed the glitches, but a week in and they've been mostly addressed. I really loved that Fig was clearly based on Hurt's Olivander, who was the best minor character in the whole series. Love, love, love this game!

  • Philly Cezaarr
    Philly Cezaarr 3 months ago +34

    I’m not even a HP fan, but I hope they build off this game and make more with advancements that you talked about like some more school stuff and interacting with other students. I hope we get more bc this game is really fun.

    • PixieCat
      PixieCat 3 months ago +2

      I'd rather they make non harry potter based games. Harry potter is cool and all but the author gets royalties with each purchase and we all know what she does with that excess income.
      At least until rowling stops actively participating in genocidal activity, I gotta swear off potter stuff.

    • PiëR
      PiëR 3 months ago +3

      Me too I would like a Hogwarts school-oriented game, the all 7 years

    • Ebb 🏳️‍🌈⃠
      Ebb 🏳️‍🌈⃠ 3 months ago +6

      @PixieCat do u even know what genocidal means?

  • Christopher B. Martinez
    Christopher B. Martinez 3 months ago +5

    I completely agree with this take/review. I thoroughly have been enjoying it! Also I did encounter a glitch a couple times where I got stuck between the planes of the environment. I could get back to normal because the way the saves lined up. So it would save me stuck between the world falling. Thought I was gonna have completed start over. I was able to hack it and time it right to get out of it finally and get it back.

  • Chewy81
    Chewy81 3 months ago +3

    This is an awesome game and it’s incredibly detailed, I’ve only seen 1 small glitch on your mentors head. It flickered for a few seconds and that’s it, I’m playing on my Series S Xbox. I hope at some point he devs do an update with the characters in the game and let you interact with them more. The combat is fun and yes like most of these style games combat does get repetitive, it’s still pretty good and fun. I’d rate this game an 8.5-9, you won’t be disappointed with it.

  • Mathieu Rodrigues
    Mathieu Rodrigues 3 months ago +2

    what makes it truly endearing is that it does no wrong. It might not get everything absolutely perfectly right but aside from the quidditch issue( which im 100000% sure is coming as a DLC), the game plays beautifully and my only complains are about things that I wish we got more of. Potion brewing minigames, a bit more involvement in classes, just a bit more impact out of some decisions. But aside from noticing it here and there, none of those things ever made me want to put the controller down. That's this game biggest thing, you just want to keep going

  • Wilco Hendriks
    Wilco Hendriks 3 months ago +21

    Really like the game, the first open world game in years where I don't get bored in a few hours. The world is amazing, graphics are great and runs decent on PC. If you liked the movies or the books this is a now brainer! Did not expect Avalanche to pull it off.

    • noobkid12
      noobkid12 2 months ago

      Elden ring ??

    • Wilco Hendriks
      Wilco Hendriks 2 months ago

      @noobkid12 Played about 20 hours of Elden Ring but it was not really for me.

  • Skinny Buddha
    Skinny Buddha 3 months ago +1

    Jake summed it up perfectly. I've read the books 3 or 4 times and seen the movies plenty. I had the same likes and dislikes about the game. Combat can kind of be wonky but you unlock different custom "loadouts" later on. Im really liking it.

  • Nathan Rohmann
    Nathan Rohmann 3 months ago +11

    I can easily say this is the most fun I've had in a game in a long time. Probably since playing LEGO LOTR. I keep finding myself randomly smiling ear to ear, and I haven't even gone to all the classes yet!

  • ZachlyS
    ZachlyS 3 months ago +774

    A game like this is a HUGE undertaking and I'm amazed that the devs made it work, especially in these times of "release it now, finish it later".

    • 1C5
      1C5 3 months ago +2


    • Piotr Radkowski
      Piotr Radkowski 3 months ago +12

      PC players are having some issues with the game, stuttering and lag seems to be a thing even on high spec builds. Runs fine on consoles but pc version seems to need work.

    • richard rivera
      richard rivera 3 months ago +1

      @Piotr Radkowski lol you aren’t wrong. At all….

    • notJackspedicy2
      notJackspedicy2 3 months ago +3

      @Piotr Radkowski at least it's not like that all across the board. A couple of patches should do the trick for PC, just like Callisto Protocol.

    • Something about something
      Something about something 3 months ago +8

      @Piotr Radkowskilol when aren’t pc versions having problems .. lo

  • Da__Winner vv
    Da__Winner vv 3 months ago +19

    I play on hard because I thought the combat would lead to some tough battles and honestly it can be pretty hard at times dying repeatedly and it definetly doesn’t leave room for much error which is awesome honestly

    • Eric Sheehan
      Eric Sheehan 3 months ago +1

      That's good to hear. Is hard difficulty the highest?

    • Derrious Hall
      Derrious Hall 3 months ago

      @Eric Sheehan it isn't hard at all, it's insane🤣🤣

    • David hasselt
      David hasselt 3 months ago

      @Eric Sheehan yes, and I find it hard enough. Fast paced combat. Amazung

    • PepperTheDoc
      PepperTheDoc 3 months ago

      Yeah, it didn’t feel like the enemies become sponges, just that you have a smaller margin for error.

    • Felipe Peters Berchielli
      Felipe Peters Berchielli 3 months ago

      @Derrious Hall not that hard save some combats like the last duel with 4 wizards

  • Black Hat
    Black Hat 3 months ago +4

    I really like some of the mods people have made for this so far. There are several shader mods so you can get the look just perfect for what you want it to be.

  • ArtistPoet
    ArtistPoet 3 months ago +8

    A few years back I'd probably be all over this as I was deep into Skyrim and following HP with my kids but now? I doubt I'll want to pay this much for an experience I'm pretty sure I won't immerse myself in. Great review and it answered all my questions. Thanks.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 3 months ago

    I personally get Witcher 3 vibes while out roaming around and during dialog. Obviously, wand battles differ from sword combat, but at the same time feels very familiar. Lots of group battles where you need to parry or dodge from multiple directions. Also, protego straight up feels and looks like Quen. I'm loving this game at every turn 😊

  • Heather Perkins
    Heather Perkins 3 months ago +2

    Even though this isn’t a game I will play myself, I’ve been following the development as it goes along. Seems like a successful game, and I love reading how much players are enjoying it. Thanks for another great video, Gemeranx!

    • Neyome_TECH
      Neyome_TECH 3 months ago

      If you seem to be into why wouldn't you play it?

    • Heather Perkins
      Heather Perkins 3 months ago

      @Neyome_TECH kinda not my thing, franchise-wise, and also it takes me FOREVER to get through the kinds of games I enjoy (open world action adventure RPG). I also tend to play older games. But like I said, I still enjoy news on all kinds of games, and love that we gamers have so many choices.

    • Neyome_TECH
      Neyome_TECH 3 months ago

      @Heather Perkins I feel that I liked playing skyrim and games like it but my adhd never let's me finish it and I get overwhelmed by choices so I usually just stop playing after awhile

    • FateZero
      FateZero 3 months ago

      @Neyome_TECH Skyrim and Witcher 3 are one of the most immersive games I played. It seems Hogwarts Legacy would make me feel that way again

    • Heather Perkins
      Heather Perkins 3 months ago

      @Neyome_TECH I’m into learning about new games, even if they don’t appeal to me. I just like learning about games and following new trends in gaming in general. I’m not a Potter fan, and this game isn’t my style.

  • jo
    jo 3 months ago +2604

    Thank you for some pros some cons and some honest personal opinion, and of course some straight up gameplay

  • Juliana r.r.
    Juliana r.r. 3 months ago +2

    Thought I was the only one that noticed some similar things to bully which I love. Thought the class missions were something different from regular side questions or main missions so I liked that rather than just having all the spells in hand you need to work for them

  • Idk lol
    Idk lol 3 months ago +3

    Been playing on series X for 16 hours now and can say that I haven't ran into any major bugs. Very minor things that are easy to look over in a game that is this good :)

  • Franklin McSweeney
    Franklin McSweeney 22 days ago +2

    Really pleased with it. My only annoyance is doors. I’m used to just being able to run into them…but the door won’t open if you approach too fast 🙄 and will sometimes require you to press a button, sometimes not. It will frequently open once you walk away.

    • CaliLion
      CaliLion 5 days ago

      Yes thats because your on old gen

  • Madds
    Madds 3 months ago +4

    One of the best games I’ve played in a while, combat reminds me somewhat of spiderman ps4 and exploring reminds me of guardians of the galaxy and last of us. Definitely a really fun game. About 16 hours in as a hufflepuff and I can’t wait to replay it as a different house

  • David Haas
    David Haas 3 months ago +1

    I used to really love this universe, and I used to know every little bit of lore, but it was always easy to get excited about the Harry Potter universe because I felt like I was the target audience. Then with fantastic beasts and cursed child I didn’t feel like the target audience anymore so I became interested in other franchises. This feels like it is targeting me and people like me as the audience again, but it might be too late. I’m not sure. If I somehow find myself with a current gen console I’ll probably buy the game, but I was planning on skipping this gen console since we are like 3 years into a console cycle that typically lasts 5 years and last gen still plays most new games.

  • Gary Wood
    Gary Wood 3 months ago +686

    So many other franchises need a game like this. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones. Those would all be incredible.

    • It's ME
      It's ME 3 months ago +79

      Star Wars has it, Jedi survivor is coming out and Jedi fallen order has been out for years

    • Cade Montalbano
      Cade Montalbano 3 months ago +59

      Lord of the rings.. 😍

    • puffdutch7774two0
      puffdutch7774two0 3 months ago +45

      @It's ME fallen order was disappointing af to me might play new one though

    • Broken Phoenix
      Broken Phoenix 3 months ago +1

      We don't need more open world games

    • Michael Hutchins
      Michael Hutchins 3 months ago +92

      @Broken Phoenix Disagree and Agree at the same time. We don't need more bloated open world games like how some of the AC games have become where the quests are fun but the other stuff is just the same thing over and over in every zone. Give us more open world games like Elder Scrolls, Elden Ring, Fallout, ect. Where there are actual quests all over the place.

  • Nostromo Alien2
    Nostromo Alien2 3 months ago +1

    This game has already spotted nicely into my top 5 games ever. I’m around 10 hours in and just want to keep exploring and collecting everything. Yes it’s a little glitchy and hopefully that can be patched. The amount of dlc they could put out too is massive

  • John Solo
    John Solo 3 months ago

    So I've been kind of enjoying this quite a bit, just wondering does it ever start to open up? I just got the broom and I'm wondering if it becomes more adventuring and exploring? It's kind of just been school with a mission here or there. Either way, so far; it's the best fable game since Fable 2.

  • Ellé Victor
    Ellé Victor 3 months ago

    The game looks so relaxing...love it...I love RPG games but never got the urge to stick to the more "realistically" graphic ones. Im actually looking forward to this.

  • Foyason Seegson
    Foyason Seegson 2 months ago +1

    The fighting system (including the fatality charge feature), the color palette, and the logic of cities and roads resemble so much of the Kingdom of Amalur: Re-Reckoning.

  • Daniel Gillrup
    Daniel Gillrup 3 months ago

    I’m only about 6 hours in and I am finding this game excellent. I think all the “gear” is far too common with too little impact besides adding some skins to your collection. Lots of busy work though. Combat is fine, but also too rare.

  • Termina 27
    Termina 27 3 months ago +1223

    I was hoping the House selection would’ve been more impactful to the experience. Would’ve added a good amount of replay value.

    • FancyKetchup96
      FancyKetchup96 3 months ago +231

      Yeah. Also finger's crossed for a mod or dlc that adds a school sim experience. Normally I'm not into that, but for Hogwarts that would be pretty cool.

    • MrMan Guy
      MrMan Guy 3 months ago +80

      @FancyKetchup96 nerd

    • Moohse
      Moohse 3 months ago +152

      @MrMan Guy how is that being a nerd? Wanting the game to be better?

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 3 months ago +73

      @Moohse i think he was referring to op wanting to experience *school* in-game. not saying i agree tho

  • KoolAids
    KoolAids 2 months ago +3

    Thank y'all for these before you buy videos they've helped plenty of times, much respect

  • Fapple
    Fapple 3 months ago

    I don’t think I’m the biggest fan of the fight mechanics, I find that after I cast my spells in a battle I’m always walking closer to the target after each one, so it makes it really difficult to have control over my positioning. Other than that the game so far is very solid. I’m only an hour in

  • Dominator9572
    Dominator9572 3 months ago

    I've been really enjoying this game. The broom flight is so smooth and natural, I just wish it was earlier in the game (12 story missions in). The transmog system adds everything that's identified to cosmetics you pick up, even if you sell or destroy them. But there are some things that are annoying. Like you can't pause cut scenes on the PS5 version. I have to purposely pause before talking to npc's or I have to go to the home menu on the console. I've had some crazy bugs. One time I waded in a stream and had some glitchy, jittery, slow moving squat/stand thing. Got out and the menu and touch pad button stopped working. I had to close the game and re-open to get them back. Another I got stuck in a fireplace in a house and had to fast travel out.

  • Leeds93
    Leeds93 3 months ago +10

    It would have been really cool if there was a proper day & night cycle and more of a school simulation. Things like a curfew and have to attend classes or get done for truancy/chased by prefects. Sort of like how Rockstar done it with the Bully game. More NPC interactions would of been cool too. Still looks great though!

    • Gustavo
      Gustavo 3 months ago +1

      Anybody who expected more than generic rpg are delusional. It is obvious they would focus on exploration and adventure than school simulator.

    • Leeds93
      Leeds93 3 months ago +1

      @Gustavo who said anything about expected ? I said it would have been cool. Granted the full on school simulation mechanics would have been tricky but a realistic night & day cycle? More interactions with NPCs and maybe a sleep to save system ?. I don’t think any of those things are unrealistic. Delusional if you think that’s unrealistic for a game of this calibre.

    • Gustavo
      Gustavo 3 months ago

      @Leeds93 of course I didn't mean those little things like day and night cycle m8. And I also didn't mean it that it can't be done, but realistically it was never gonna happen.

    • Zerospacedude
      Zerospacedude 3 months ago +1

      Sounds like Bully, I like that game a lot; but Legacy does it right too, both are different but both fun and work imo

  • Philip Sparks
    Philip Sparks 3 months ago +2292

    It does suck that the NPCs dont react all that much. I feel like that would bring a lot of life to the school. At least to spells you may do or even in specific interactions
    Edit: thank you for the likes! Ive played the game and the NPCs standing around the school will actually dodge out the way of an incoming spell. They may not look at you or be fully interactive, but at least this adds some immersion.

    • Dragon Smith
      Dragon Smith 3 months ago +237

      It's true to life, though. NPCs tend to be fixated with the Twitter. No time for the magic.

    • Will O' Wisp Gaming
      Will O' Wisp Gaming 3 months ago +97

      Would be nice if they can react. If we do bad things, there will be consequences like bully. But they kinda miss the potentials here

    • ༺ Glordium ༻
      ༺ Glordium ༻ 3 months ago +38

      yeah the npc's are disappointing

    • Lane Quick
      Lane Quick 3 months ago +52

      It was clear to me from the official gameplay videos. The NPCs have like zero facial expressions

    • Reverie Animates
      Reverie Animates 3 months ago +35

      “Hey, Friend. Mornin to ya” “Hello Boah”

  • Boat Anvils
    Boat Anvils 3 months ago +3

    Thank you for the honest and straight forward review without the nonsense.

  • Criller
    Criller 3 months ago +6

    Not sure if they fixed one of your concerns, but I noticed npcs reacting if you cast a "damaging" spell close to them. I was in the wrong cast tree and let out a bombarda next to a student which said "you should be more careful with that spell"

  • BryanRobson021
    BryanRobson021 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for this wonderful and thoughtful review. I've been interested in this game since I heard about it, but the news and reviews are all so political that it's hard to get an objective opinion on the actual game without someone's personal politics being involved. As a die hard Harry Potter fan, I'm planning on buying an Xbox Series S just so that I can play this game. This review definitely helped me solidify my choice. Thank you once again and keep up the great work.

  • D
    D 3 months ago +1

    My only complaint is that I feel alone in Hogwarts. The NPCs don't really have any unique personality or schedule, you can't talk to most of them. The classes are just one quicktime event and you are done. There are very few special events you randomly stumble upon, especially at night. Students seem to just appear and disappear and look lifeless. Outside of exploring and doing the quests there is very little to do. I wish they implemented a points system for the 4 different houses, where you can collect house points like in the older games.

  • Almaek Company
    Almaek Company  3 months ago +1

    I haven't noticed the visual glitches on PC. Other than that, I agree with everything here. Great game so far.
    Edit: For the record, I am a diehard HP fan and gamer. This game exceeded my expectations as far as lore and feeling like it could really be a story from the HP world.

  • Riich.
    Riich. 3 months ago +929

    Its amazing how they manage to make the hogwarts castle itself they also have a massive map that you can go anywhere you want outside the castle. Ive never been a huge Harry potter fan but damn playing this game put a smile on my face just walking around the castle admiring the attention to detail. Recommend this game to literally anyone.. its been a minute since we had a game like this

    • Smart Mouf
      Smart Mouf 3 months ago +33

      I hope this game wins GOTY. It's an absolute beauty. I would like to play it all day long, but I have to work. lol

    • Jeff Morris
      Jeff Morris 3 months ago +16

      @Smart Mouf you and me both! That’s my number one problem! Work! Just gonna be thinking of playing legacy all day

    • Pepe The first
      Pepe The first 3 months ago +35

      ComfyCat read dead game out in 2018 dude it’s clearly has been a minute

  • twitch6260
    twitch6260 3 months ago

    Older fan here, only watched the first 7 movies, but read the books every now and again, and I have to say this will definitely get me back into the series and the lore, I'm a sucker for an open world game and lots of lore, especially if I already know some of the lore.

    • SgCy
      SgCy 3 months ago

      Theres literally only 7 or 8 movies

  • Turns__
    Turns__ 3 months ago +37

    Been playing this game for about 15 hours now. The devs have smashed it. Just exploring. The classes, the combat it’s all just awesome.
    They’ve got an absolute gem of a game here and it’s been a very long time since I’ve actually enjoyed one this much.
    Gaming as a whole has been on a massive decline for me. It’s games like this that make me excited as a gamer. It reignites the passion of pumping hours into a game and loosing track of time. getting lost in a world that was clearly handled with tremendous care.
    BUY THIS GAME! You won’t regret it.

    • Florian K
      Florian K 3 months ago

      I don’t get it is the game out now? So many people are playing but it says the release date is 4th of April?

    • Danny
      Danny 3 months ago

      @Florian K depends what condole u got

    • Catalin Mihailescu
      Catalin Mihailescu 26 days ago

      33 years here, playing video games since I was 13. Unfortunately, in the last years, gaming has become a bug fest, boring, copy paste, disappointing, hype and then really meh, laziness, so on. Well, I tried this one, even if I never liked Harry Potter movies. I had low expectations, but I have to say, I'm impressed so far. I mean, it's not something new, but at least, I'm having fun with it. Like I said, kinda hard to enjoy a game these days

  • Greg Fulton
    Greg Fulton 3 months ago +6

    Game was primarily made by fans for fans. Those of us that have wanted this for years finally got what we wanted.
    You can FEEL the passion when you play and even non fans are enjoying thr game. It's a breath of fresh air

  • zach mcguire
    zach mcguire 3 months ago +20

    So after 3 hours it’s becoming one of my favorite games of all time it’s just so immersive and fun and the music is just amazing

  • Arcidus Flint
    Arcidus Flint 3 months ago

    I’ve less than a handful of glitches or bugs. The worst was when I got shoved under the map when I opened a really out of the way chest. But I was able to fly out with my broom. Loving this game so far. On pc btw.

  • Loui
    Loui 3 months ago +917

    I’ve read the books and watched the movies way to many times and I can confirm this game is crazy accurate you can tell the developers really payed attention. I haven’t finished the game yet but love it so far!

    • beverleyeliane
      beverleyeliane 3 months ago +15

      So happy to hear this! Can’t wait to play it soon.

    • Pac
      Pac 3 months ago +45

      It just came out, You shouldn’t finish the game yet.

    • xShinobiXx
      xShinobiXx 3 months ago

      @Pac 😭

    • Loui
      Loui 3 months ago +5

      @Pac I’m not trying to rush through the game. I’ve been having a really fun time with it and I want to savor that as long as I can.

  • Floyd made conor eat his words

    Not even a harry Potter fan, I think your underselling it. This game is a masterpiece

  • Bozhidar Dimov
    Bozhidar Dimov 2 months ago +6

    One of the best games I have ever played. Magnificent touch to details. It really shows how much time the devs have invested in this.

    • gameranx
      gameranx  2 months ago +1


    • Jenxao
      Jenxao 2 months ago +1

      If this is one of the best games you've ever played, you need to play better games. Try RDR2, GOW, TLOU, The Forest, Terraria to name a few

  • Jeremy King
    Jeremy King 3 months ago

    I'm loving the game so far, but I'm having an insane amount of seemingly random framedrops. Even if I drop all the settings to medium they still pop up for no reason, my CPU and GPU are hardly being worked according to HwINFO so I think it's just some driver issues or something. But aside from the occasional choppy framerate, the game is really fun and exciting to explore. And this is coming from someone who was not a Harry Potter fan at all - never watched the films or read the books. I can definitely see the appeal after playing.

  • Porter Shabazz
    Porter Shabazz 3 months ago

    This game was pretty good IMO back in the day. One of the few adventure game that doesn’t make me bored. so I can only imagine what this is like.

  • Johnny 94
    Johnny 94 3 months ago +5

    I would rate it a 7 or 8 max personally. The main problem of the game for me like most open world games is that it if feels too much grindy and bloated of fetch quests, meaningless collectibles and icons, gets repetitive and it's a lifeless world if you count out the astonishing art direction with boring side quests. However I should say that i find side quests to be more rewarding than other games because you unlock so many spells and it's not just an XP or gold rewards system. Overall decent open world game that's just slightly above the generic Ubisoft/open world formula that it's worth playing at least once especially if you are a Harry Potter fan. Chamber of secrets still remains for me the best Harry Potter game adaptation, I played it on PC back in 2002. That game was amazing and underated for it's time

  • lunaluvya
    lunaluvya 3 months ago +688

    I’m actually surprised at the amount of deep Wizarding World lore that they inserted into this game. There’s a lot of details that you really have to search for in the canon of other potter video games, books, and media that they have seamlessly added into this. You can def tell the dev team really took their time with things like that.

    • Jamel George
      Jamel George 3 months ago +10

      1000% it's like they had a staff of people combing all the expanded lore just to make sure everything ended up square

      KNIGHT NXK 3 months ago +1

      It looks fullfiling, but it feels empty.

    • lunaluvya
      lunaluvya 3 months ago +2

      @KNIGHT NXK I’ve only been in the castle so far and Hogsmeade. The walk to Hogsmeade had a lot to see. I def haven’t seen enough yet to know if it’s super barren out in the open world or not.

      KNIGHT NXK 3 months ago +1

      @lunaluvya I will be honest I havent played the game yet, but I played many MMORPGs and RPGs games and I can tell quite fast after seeing every aspect of the game. Game is fun to see and explore, memorable,
      I know i was also a big fan of LOTR and i bought every game that came out in the past I had my own fun with it despite knowing some where literal trash, but it's for the experience i guess. I have nothing against anyone, it's just that everyone is hyping too much and after a week it will be a dead game cos there will be nothing exciting to do. I hope they bring more things to do and maybe bring it online like GTA or RDR2

    • deadlyydude
      deadlyydude 3 months ago +2

      Yup. So many new additions to the lore, and they’re fleshing out things that were only mentioned briefly in the original canon.

  • mobious01
    mobious01 3 months ago +1

    interesting, clearly this is a great first game that i hope will have a sequel at some point adding interactions with npcs and stuff now that the "base" of the game already exist they can add on to it and make it even better

  • Sean Harris
    Sean Harris 3 months ago

    Gotta say so far been loving the game the graphical bugs aren’t a bother because it lets you see they made sure the story and mechanics were all working before the made the game pretty

  • Yuh it's me
    Yuh it's me 3 months ago +2

    I'm in my 20s so I grew up with Harry potter. I had a traumatic childhood and harry potter was huge for me and a gigantic part of my young life. This game is fantastic. Maybe for people who don't care about Harry potter it's ok for them. But if you're a Harry potter fan you will love the crap out of this game!

  • Mparton
    Mparton 3 months ago

    honestly the environment seems really well built and i think it's one of the best i've seen graphically for a fantasy game

  • The Enlightened Ones
    The Enlightened Ones 3 months ago

    I have never watched nor read any of the Harry Potter series however, I absolutely am enjoying this game. It screams the same energy that Elden Ring and I would recommend it!

  • Rory Barnett
    Rory Barnett 3 months ago +424

    I trust Jake Baldino so much when it comes to his before you buys. He’s just so genuine and honest when it comes to reviews

    • TheSkillet527
      TheSkillet527 3 months ago +8

      I too would give my life for Daddy Baldino

    • AcousticWolf
      AcousticWolf 3 months ago


    • Mangat
      Mangat 3 months ago +7

      I trust him more than my wife

    • oshikuru09
      oshikuru09 3 months ago +2

      Ngl, the last 3 games I've bought I've come to this channel first to make sure it's safe

    • airraverstaz
      airraverstaz 3 months ago +3

      He's also not incredibly biased in his reviews and gives credit where it's due. I appreciate that.

  • Jimmy Meridian
    Jimmy Meridian 3 months ago +4

    This game has sold well and plays pretty well.
    It has a lot of potential for an even better sequel, one which I hope follows the "Bully" game school structure a bit more.

    • Adam
      Adam Month ago

      Man I would love to have another game like Bully tbh...I know that's not what you mean exactly but I sequel to Bully or a spiritual successor to it would be incredible.

    • Jimmy Meridian
      Jimmy Meridian Month ago

      @Adam I'm pretty sure R* was working on it....but then they canceled it to work on GTA6

    • Adam
      Adam Month ago

      @Jimmy Meridian I heard those rumors too and yeah man it's so sad. It was a hell of a game.

  • Slim Charles
    Slim Charles 3 months ago

    Honestly, this video sold me on the idea of buying this game. I don’t know much about Harry Potter, saw first two movies and never read the books. But the gameplay here looked like a legit RPG. I’m all for that!

  • Jorge V
    Jorge V 3 months ago

    Looking forward to this game! Never really been the biggest fan of this series but this game might change how I look at this universe 😬

  • Dark Soulaire
    Dark Soulaire 3 months ago +1

    I just discovered the cosmetics (transmog) 10 minutes ago after missing then somehow. I thought I'd pop in and get to choose the couple i unlocked, and boy was i pleasantly surprised... You can choose anything you've gotten before. I was wearing 10 lvl lower stuff just because it looked 100x better, now i can have my perfect outfit and i love it. Wish that was standard in every game with outfits/armor.

  • egg
    egg 3 months ago

    I'm absolutely loving this game, I feel like I've finally found a game that scratches that itch left by Skyrim, even the scenery is similar, I've waited years for a game like this

  • Mathieu B
    Mathieu B 3 months ago +483

    I'm basically just really excited for a new open-world exploration game, and the Harry Potter universe allows the developers to get really creative with level design. Can't wait to play it

    • docmars
      docmars 3 months ago +5

      Me too. I've been wanting this exact game for a very long time, considering the past HP titles were glorified interactive set pieces.

    • Caolán James
      Caolán James 3 months ago +3

      @docmars hey don't diss half blood Prince man. Best ps3 game

    • John
      John 3 months ago +1

      Think of DBZ kakarot but Harry Potter

    • docmars
      docmars 3 months ago

      @Caolán James I admit, I never played that one, only watched gameplay footage a long time ago, so my memory of the past titles is vague. I just remember the sentiment overall.

    • Rias Gremory
      Rias Gremory 3 months ago

      Imagine being into Harry Potter in 2023.

  • unsilent_ninja
    unsilent_ninja 3 months ago +3

    Really hoping they do add quidditch as DLC. They show too much about it in the world for it to be completely omitted.

  • DraftsNCrafts
    DraftsNCrafts 3 months ago

    Whilst I completely agree that the music's amazing and treads between material both old and new... Damn, it's impossible not think about what Jeremy Soule would've done with this game's soundtrack if given the chance..!

  • KageKouin
    KageKouin 2 months ago

    I've been playing on PC, I don't have enough RAM to really turn this up, but with it on default low settings this game is lovely! I have only come across minor glitches like books bouncing on the floor and not spell like more like a stuttering. I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan but this seemed interesting so I pre-purchased it. (something I rarely do.) I've played about 15 hours now and I have to say that your Before you buy video really doesn't do this game justice (so far) even on the lowest settings on PC this game is fun, the lore is incredible (I feel like I really am in the world), the combat while a little repetitive is fun and fluid, maybe a tad clunky. Flying is fun but on keyboard and mouse REALLY clunky, I need to switch to a controller to do the racing time trials, and that is a little clunky. Honestly I would say the flying controls are the worst part of this game so far, and they're not that bad, except for racing. Currently I give this game 8/10.

  • 68corvette08
    68corvette08 2 months ago +1

    The only complaint I have with this game so far is that you have to complete Merlin Trials in order to unlock extra slots for clothing, hats, and glasses. And, you need to have mallowsweet to unlock those trials.

  • Jin
    Jin 3 months ago

    This is an amazing game, have not had this much fun and immersion since witcher 3.

  • mi7sen95
    mi7sen95 3 months ago +35

    For a studio who's last games were Cars and Disney Infinity, I'm really impressed with what they've pulled off. Looking forward to seeing it grow and improve on their future projects.

    • Prof. Rainestorm
      Prof. Rainestorm 3 months ago +6

      For the record. I worked at GameStop during the Disney infinity days and that stuff sold like crack.

  • Master Ace
    Master Ace 3 months ago +1

    I was very impressed with the combat, its just so much fast paced fun that also requires a bit of skill for good reaction times and combos

  • Varsity Dropout
    Varsity Dropout 3 months ago +1

    Super cool game! The beginning/tutorial felt super slow after playing Elden Ring for a few months. 😅 But excited to really get immersed into the world!

    • Manuel Andrade
      Manuel Andrade 3 months ago

      How is it compared to elden ring? Elden ring was my first RPG and it was amazing! Not that into Harry Potter but know some stuff. You think this is worth it?

  • Edward Harrison
    Edward Harrison 3 months ago +1

    Shame it doesn’t have those powerful fire spells, the most powerful spells are the unforgivable ones. Maybe one day they will update the bigger spells.
    I wonder if I can dress as Depps Grindelwald.

  • hdsie3883
    hdsie3883 3 months ago

    The map is huge and the combat system is sooo good

  • M-1XÆ-L K
    M-1XÆ-L K 2 months ago

    For PC players, one thing to note, is that depending on your setup the glitches that are mentioned in the video are far worse than on PS5. Tons of light artifacts messing up the lighting in certain areas with over saturated light. Mainly I found this to happen when at Hogwarts inside the castle. I hope they patch this soon as it is quite annoying.