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EASY ways to Protect your Minecraft House

  • Published on Dec 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Mag
    Mag 3 years ago +1029

    Grian: *builds a bloody complicated house *
    Also Grian: *So we have a fairly simple house here*

    • DaffierNine
      DaffierNine 15 days ago

      As he waid in the video, the houses are irrelevant.

    • Bill Carter
      Bill Carter Month ago

      Yes, very simple (tries very hard to fit in, but doesn't get it)

    • King of the Bricks Kid
      King of the Bricks Kid 3 months ago

      Thats literally the most simple house in the video

    • Hope Papernacky
      Hope Papernacky 4 months ago +1

      @charlie liu
      Ayoooo Mazerunner

    • Dr. Random
      Dr. Random 4 months ago

      @Its_ Micheala yeah ok Grian’s 2nd channel

  • tired. _gremlin
    tired. _gremlin 2 years ago +1017

    Can we appreciate that he actually made different houses just to show us ways to protect it-

  • imalwayscooking
    imalwayscooking Year ago +378

    t i m e s t a m p s
    1. A magma forcefield - 0:51
    2. A pufferfish forcefield - 4:04
    3. A special door - 6:36
    4. A lava house - 8:02
    5. A water house - 9:50
    6. A arrow forcefield - 11:17
    7. Dancing Geralds - 13:04
    8. Water-magma moat - 15:06
    Hope this helps!

    • Bill Carter
      Bill Carter Month ago

      0:51 - Grian: "....et's get into it. Now, the first one I want to show you is a wall."

    • Ben
      Ben 5 months ago +1

      @Trevor Compton bro what😭

    • Blizzard_Potato
      Blizzard_Potato 10 months ago +3

      Didn’t help
      ⬆️ how to start a comment section argument lol

    • EnderChickenGamer
      EnderChickenGamer 10 months ago +1

      thank you

    • Snazzy K
      Snazzy K 10 months ago

      Very helpful! Thank you!!

  • TDS Gods
    TDS Gods Year ago +18

    An ender pearl stasis chamber attached to a daylight sensor would work well for the lava house btw. :)

  • Fourty seven𓅱
    Fourty seven𓅱 Year ago +331

    Grian: the Redstone looks less simple than it is.
    Mumbo jumbo: no.

  • osheridan
    osheridan Year ago +95

    Moral of the story: *Trapdoors are fricking OP*

  • Mario The Devil
    Mario The Devil Year ago +152

    legend has foretold that all the Geralds still reside in those houses, plotting to defeat the zombies, and searching for the Geralds that ran away...

  • Bobcat28 :
    Bobcat28 : Year ago +128

    Sometimes I wish there was actually a reason to protect my house from mobs

    • SammyGecko_
      SammyGecko_ 8 months ago +1

      Our house my partner was in the process of building wasn’t properly lit, so the zombie villager I had just saved and transformed was dead

    • Anastasia Castellanos
      Anastasia Castellanos 10 months ago +1

      I have a reason for you: you want to
      Who cares if you don’t need to? You want to do it, so do it

    • Bedrock
      Bedrock 11 months ago +1

      They're just annoying

    • The Unikitty Gamergirl
      The Unikitty Gamergirl Year ago

      Same lol

    • SavageJarJar
      SavageJarJar Year ago +1

      @1Umbreon 4Life Creepers are easily able to defend yourself from.

  • Jonas Kopstad
    Jonas Kopstad Year ago +299

    Grian: *Lil bit complicated defenses*
    Me, an intellectual: *Uses a fence*

    • vandana wells
      vandana wells Year ago +1

      Yeah that's what I'm saying. You can use fences and then just put a fence gate so u can enter yourself but mobs can't.

    • Reyen Illuminati
      Reyen Illuminati Year ago +2

      Me, an even more intelligent intellectual: iron door with button

    • Nathoghazi
      Nathoghazi Year ago

      Endermen/(cave) Spiders/any flying mob: Am I a joke to you?

    • Spamton G Spamton
      Spamton G Spamton Year ago +4

      @UI Shaggy oh yeah because new players have access to magma blocks and lava as soon as they generate the world, what is this: a speedrun?

    • TheRealWaffles
      TheRealWaffles Year ago +1

      @xXx LjordSire xXx *triggered

  • April Strevens
    April Strevens 4 years ago +3465

    “We don’t have to use very complicated red stone”
    *Mumbo left the game*

  • Gav
    Gav 2 years ago +18

    “We don’t have to use complicated redstone”
    *mumbo has left the chat*

  • s0nai
    s0nai Year ago +315

    Grian: Hello my name is Grian-
    Subtitles: Hello my name is Green

  • Kohút
    Kohút 2 years ago +133

    This Video: *Exists
    Me, someone who only plays hardcore: *Happy noises*

  • Zane Aguilar
    Zane Aguilar Year ago +1

    Thanks for posting, Grian. I'll definitely be trying out the magma block trapdoors and the pufferfish trapdoors. :)

  • Carlton Luu
    Carlton Luu 3 years ago +208

    Grian: We have a little redstone mechanism here
    Mumbo Jumbo: No

  • Thewaterspirit57
    Thewaterspirit57 Year ago +1

    Torches always help out, but....I feel like it’s hard to get every spot properly without wasting too many torches XP
    It’s either optifine or another mod, but one allowed you to press F7, and see a grid of all the non lit blocks, which would also show that torches light up about 4 or 5 blocks away in a diagonal sort of square. Minecraft should have that in the game, so we can properly light up things

  • Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

    I use the last one a lot myself but I put a opened trapdoor on the outer edge to trick them into falling in and a rail with hoppercart under the magma block to drop it all into a chest so my defence earns me resources too.
    didnt know about the trapdoor over the magma block though, cant wait to play around with that mechanic now.
    great vid thanks for the ideas

  • Safeword
    Safeword Year ago +175

    Me in my single player world:
    _”not safe enough.”_

    • Lucy Ding
      Lucy Ding 5 months ago

      Mobs: allow me to introduce ourselfs

    • SavageJarJar
      SavageJarJar Year ago

      @Aritra Ghosh You should have used slabs.

    • Aritra Ghosh
      Aritra Ghosh Year ago

      @SavageJarJar my hardcore mode house has so much spawn proofing that all my floors now have buttons. It looks gross but it's a small price to pay for living safe

    • SavageJarJar
      SavageJarJar Year ago +3

      hardcore moment

    • Ruthwik ⟭⟬
      Ruthwik ⟭⟬ Year ago +4


  • Pablini
    Pablini Year ago +32

    When grian says the redstone is simple: it is simple
    When mumbo says it: X2/5+

  • robot
    robot 3 years ago +3121

    Grian: EASY ways to Protect your Minecraft House
    Iron Door: Am I a joke to you?

    • Nat Aud
      Nat Aud 10 months ago

      Well u can break iron doors.

    • maple tree
      maple tree 10 months ago

      Iron golems:
      Am i a joke to you

    • -ze pop gurly-
      -ze pop gurly- Year ago

      @Anonymous User but what if you used your last one on the front side of the door and you don’t have a crafting table and your house is made of obsidian-

    • Anonymous User
      Anonymous User Year ago

      @-ze pop gurly- button/lever

    • TIOMUA
      TIOMUA Year ago

      @xXNoob SlayerXx :>

  • ImFabi
    ImFabi 2 years ago +2

    The most affective defence is a door , some walls and a roof

  • Dr Bladerz
    Dr Bladerz 2 years ago +1

    15:41 they dont cross because there are magma blocks at the bottom of the water. The water or downdraft doesnt make a difference to them. If a waterfall had soul sand at the bottom, it creates an updraft in the waterfall. The updraft and downdraft might have different directions, but they have the same purpose, for quick transport in water (just in opposite directions) and being able to breathe underwater. And zombies like water because it stops them from burning. Its due to the magma blocks
    I know i used some complicated terms, please conment if you want to know the definitions

  • This account is inactive

    The first one with the trap door magma thing works the same way a mob grinder does
    Cos mobs think of trapdoors (open or closed) as full
    Blocks so they think they can walk straigh over the magma
    Also this works on console too

  • Mushromboe Invading
    Mushromboe Invading Year ago +1

    Imagine if in a future update, they make blocks destructible by mobs and raids. Each block can have different durability depending on what it is.

  • Definitely not Jim
    Definitely not Jim 3 years ago +2306

    Grian: talks about how you dont need redstone
    Mumbo: violently shakes

  • A M
    A M Year ago

    I just surround my base with stone walls. To enter, you have to go through a tunnel. Of course a mob can break the door itself, that's why there is a tunnel. The tunnel is made of stone so creeper can't blow it up. Also the tunnel has only one ladder to get out of the tunnel (some mobs, can climb ladders but not if there is no ladder next to the ground). And of course when you exit the tunnel, there is a door. There are pressure plates inside the house so the door will close behind you. Yes, I know this is overkill but I've seen no mob that has breached this (not to mention lighting around my base)

  • Gay
    Gay 2 years ago +7

    Grian:*shows us ways to defend our house*
    Me: Could you put magma blocks in a square around your house with trapdoors and put your house on floating slabs?
    Edit: With the gate

  • Gaming Boy
    Gaming Boy Year ago +5

    Me= watches house protecting tutorial
    Also me= who plays in single world

  • The guy who asked

    Best way in my opinion: underground house and an iron trap door (glass roof so you can exit safely (if necessary)) or just place a bunch of torches outside a 4 block jump of lava

  • Concept
    Concept 3 years ago +440

    Grian: *makes a bunch of traps to keep mobs and sometimes players out of buildings*
    Enderman: Show time.

    • Rachael Musonda
      Rachael Musonda Year ago

      Nice one for me

    • Harry Studios
      Harry Studios Year ago


    • Tatsuyaa
      Tatsuyaa 3 years ago

      @Abeke Ok sry

    • Abeke
      Abeke 3 years ago

      @Tatsuyaa you're the one who didn't get my joke anyway

    • Abeke
      Abeke 3 years ago

      @Tatsuyaa stfu normie r/woooosh is dead

  • Dead House Mouse
    Dead House Mouse Year ago

    My favorite Grian moments are the ones where he’s doing something kind of horrific but is either completely oblivious to what he’s doing or doesn’t know that it’s horrific

  • Eclyptumspyro_98
    Eclyptumspyro_98 Year ago

    8:50 you could put a end pearl stasis chamber hooked up to the daylight Clemson too so it teleports you back and puts the lava down at night

  • Battlefield4life48

    The lava design is good but hear me out. Just make a piston system all on one level that moves stone out the way for lava to flow through. Theoretically all you need is a layer of pistons, stone above it, and the permanent lava blocks in a protected pool behind the moving stone

  • Beetless
    Beetless Year ago

    I like the pufferfish one lots but I would use a iron trapdoor being powered to keep it closed so players can’t open them

  • LuLu
    LuLu Year ago

    16:44 you could add a lever and connect redstone to all of the trapdoors on both sides then it's faster

  • Darian Leyer
    Darian Leyer Year ago

    A regular, sufficiently wide water moat is also good defense against any Magma Cubes that make it to The Overworld.

  • Dami Dash!
    Dami Dash! 2 years ago

    You and Mumbo are my favorite Minecraft Clip-Sharers! Thanks for making such funny and helpful videos! I enjoy watching them all!

  • Rebecca Vanburen
    Rebecca Vanburen 2 years ago

    With 1.6 could you potentially use the new trap doors to hide the lava dispensers? 👀

  • Arturo Romo
    Arturo Romo 3 years ago +2959

    Legends say Gerald is still running to this day

  • NH GamerX
    NH GamerX Year ago

    Hey grian your building is awesome. Make tutorials about starter houses! 😀

  • Kay H
    Kay H Year ago

    9:47 add an ender pear stacis chaimber and a chunk loader to keep ya self defended more and so ya dont lock youreself out

  • lvlygl
    lvlygl Year ago +1

    “We don’t often have to use complicated redstone.”
    Mumbo: *and I took that personally.*

  • The SunkenBee
    The SunkenBee 2 years ago +1

    Well....the pufferfish one is tough.
    I'm gonna go with the magma blocks. Easy to get them.
    Thanks for the tips....
    Creepers won't blow my house now.

  • geosmh
    geosmh 3 years ago +187

    “We don’t have to use some very complicated redstone”
    *Mumbo is quaking*

  • Wolf Runner
    Wolf Runner Year ago +1

    Love this vid keep up the amazing work grian

  • Starry Skies
    Starry Skies 4 months ago

    I’m playing a last life data pack with some friends, and some of these look mighty useful 👀

  • Jaguaiser's World

    Grian: We don't always have to use complicated redstone
    Mumbo: Yes we do

  • Caramello’s Channel
    Caramello’s Channel 2 years ago


  • Moha
    Moha 3 years ago +449

    Best defense: *Placing torches all around the area of your house to prevent monsters from spawning.*

  • Frederico Moraes Sarmento

    You forgot the carpet hole method. If you make a 4 block deep hole and fill it with carpet, the pathfinding recognizes that as a hole, therfore, keeping mobs from moving over it. It also allows you to place those annoying Geralds on the same place if you push them on top of one of those "holes"

  • Lauren
    Lauren 10 months ago

    You could use the stone slab one to keep the bad Geralds in eternal dance prison, great for mob farms

  • no more posting i got a job

    Fence + lighting inside the fence border = BEST THING TO KEEP MOBS AWAY.

  • Rufino Luces
    Rufino Luces 2 years ago

    Ok so the first trap works on bedrock .
    The water bubble trap doesnt work on Bedrock.But they just go instantly in water and drowns..Other Mobs do not die in the Magma.
    Air replace below slab traps.
    I dont think it works on Bedrock.
    The pufferfish trap Doesnt poison any mobs.such mobs will get damaged some dont.

  • Indox5461
    Indox5461 2 years ago +853

    Three ways to protect your house:
    1. Go to “Singleplayer”
    2. Turn on “Peaceful mode”
    3. Turn on “ Creative mode”

    • Bill Carter
      Bill Carter Month ago

      Yes, very throughseeing and innovative, yes.

    • zaakirah
      zaakirah 4 months ago

      You not wrong

    • Hey
      Hey 6 months ago

      @David Lawrence I think sometimes zombies can destroy doors I think

    • Bedrock
      Bedrock 11 months ago


    • Venom
      Venom 2 years ago

      Termed as "The Full Noob Setup"

  • Amelia Burd
    Amelia Burd 2 years ago +2

    moral of the story: spruce trapdoors are great

  • Black Snow
    Black Snow 2 years ago

    For the lava one just build a little pillar with a ladder and a little path way to the house then a ladder down.

  • DaFishKing
    DaFishKing Year ago +2

    "if youre not at home by night, then youre probably gonna get locked away from your home"
    summarizes my parents everytime i go out with friends

  • miroke
    miroke 8 months ago

    the best defence is lighting up the place xd
    you can use jack o'lanterns and green carpets or moss carpets now (i love them). it's cheap and blends in the grass pretty good

  • Andy Dawn
    Andy Dawn 3 years ago +159

    “Without complicated redstone “
    Throwing shade at Mumbo I see

  • tikřup pawlovský
    tikřup pawlovský Year ago +1

    Is good to combine water defence + puffer fish? Like when the water end there can be puffer fish traps

  • …
     2 years ago +4

    “Little bit of a fence gate”
    Fence gate item: *TRIGGERED*

  • Diego Iván
    Diego Iván Year ago

    Grian: You don't need redstone to protect your house!
    Also Grian: *uses redstone*

  • Autumn Fox
    Autumn Fox Year ago +1

    Has anyone ever asked themselves why Grian is so good at Minecraft? Because I have!

  • ZabookaHD
    ZabookaHD 2 years ago

    Grian: “We don’t often have to use complicated redstone...”
    Mumbo Jumbo: Am I a joke to you?

  • Arden Balzer
    Arden Balzer Year ago

    I checked, and if you put a trapdoor over a magma block it’ll work on pocket edition too.
    PE stands for pocket edition, if anyone doesn’t know that.

  • Boredfish104
    Boredfish104 2 years ago

    The fact that this guy spended more time building the houses and decoration than explaining how to protect ur house

  • Diana Maracine
    Diana Maracine 2 years ago +4

    Grian: this is a simple house
    Me: I don't want to find out what a advanced house is!(

  • selvaraj abira
    selvaraj abira 3 years ago +284

    Grian: "you dont need redstone"
    Also Grian *builds slime launcher and door blocker*

    • UncommonLeaf
      UncommonLeaf 2 years ago +1

      He said you don't have to use complicated redstone

    • •NB•
      •NB• 2 years ago

      He also made a lava dispenser

    • •NB•
      •NB• 2 years ago


    • Thomas Le
      Thomas Le 2 years ago

      He used redstone lol

  • Rat God
    Rat God Year ago

    I have an idea with the gates. Make a maze! Because its just a big carpet, you cant tell witch way you can go.

  • ghozst
    ghozst 2 years ago +2

    if you put hoppers between magma blocks then you can get their loot

  • TungstenChicken
    TungstenChicken Year ago +1

    You can make the house without obserwers you only need one Komperator and 3 redstone.

  • Void Gaming
    Void Gaming 2 years ago

    Never thought i world ever see grian saying anything redstone related was simple

  • RaduTek
    RaduTek 2 years ago

    The trapdoor zombie trick works on Bedrock too!

  • bdog lvl1
    bdog lvl1 2 years ago

    I love the ideas but if your worried about spiders or skeletons combine all the defenses to not only take care of long range but short ranged with lava and water long ranged with arrows and ground by puffer fish and magma blocks blocking arrows by the wall and you have a fully calloberated defense base

  • wbk oh yay
    wbk oh yay 2 years ago +28

    “Simple ways to protect your house.”

  • Arlo P2
    Arlo P2 2 years ago

    The one with the water and magma will also defend you from endermen

  • Kolama Studios
    Kolama Studios 3 years ago +187

    Zombie: Goes for gerald
    Grian: says “Oh I think he’s going for Gerald!”
    Videos cuts to grian holding a sword.

    • Sageify
      Sageify 2 years ago


    • Itz Miku
      Itz Miku 2 years ago

      Why is he saving Gerald. Gerald is weird

    • K 75
      K 75 2 years ago +1

      Bone-less Toe
      Your user disturbs me

    • Allie
      Allie 2 years ago +1

      And? He was saving gerald

    • amrit d
      amrit d 2 years ago

      X_X ^^ :) :

  • Buster
    Buster 2 years ago

    I know it's an old video but if you just want a simple defense, simply dig 2 blocks down everywhere around your base and mobs can't get to you. Except spiders, just get lava if you get bullied by them

  • Preston_108
    Preston_108 2 years ago

    That one water one would be better with a 2 block ravine deep enough to kill by fall damage

  • • Alcosmic •
    • Alcosmic • Year ago +26

    Grian: I’m not too good at red stone
    Also Grian:Does complicated red stone Ah this is easy

  • Vipervvp
    Vipervvp Year ago

    Just so you know, the magma blocks work in other modes than java.

  • noluv haydon
    noluv haydon 3 years ago +133

    Zombie: I don’t walk over anything
    Trapdoors: hold my beer

  • zazacK stickman
    zazacK stickman Year ago

    Best way to protect your house: place dirt instead of door

  • Coaster fan 🎢
    Coaster fan 🎢 Year ago

    The best way to keep mobs out is to play on peaceful mode

  • Km M
    Km M Year ago

    Gonna use this to make a mob farm, without needing to build a giant structure over the ocean

  • shri a.p varma
    shri a.p varma Year ago

    How to protect your house without any redstone- select one of these designs which don't have redstone and spawn a lot of iron golems

    PONDA 3 years ago +1857

    “This is a really effective way”
    *zombie walks past*
    “It works most of the time”

    • Nichii
      Nichii 2 years ago

      SomeDudeOnClip-Share that’s different. We corrected him...

    • MilesWRLD
      MilesWRLD 2 years ago

      @Nichii it is effective, so you look pretty dumb rn. (I know he edited it)

    • CivicallyNotDan
      CivicallyNotDan 2 years ago

      Sorry I didnt reply yet I didnt see it

    • CivicallyNotDan
      CivicallyNotDan 2 years ago


    • CivicallyNotDan
      CivicallyNotDan 2 years ago

      I am aidancrafting

  • Lizz
    Lizz Year ago

    "a very simple house"
    Processes to show an amazingly beautiful house that I couldn't build in my dreams....

  • The Buff Chicken
    The Buff Chicken 2 years ago

    For the puffafish one you can just jump over the trap doors

  • Splat’s Center
    Splat’s Center 2 years ago

    The water one would probably be better with a daylight sensor than the lava.

  • Queen of Katoz
    Queen of Katoz Year ago +1

    Can we just love how Gerald multiples, and dances for us?

  • the true Snom Vish
    the true Snom Vish 3 years ago +367

    Grian: we don’t have to use red stone
    Mumbo: *cries in redstonian*

  • rowny
    rowny Year ago

    if it has red stone its to complicated for me
    but i have a way without using red stone put rails around your base idk why but it works

  • soggymoth
    soggymoth 2 years ago

    For the one with the trapdoors and Magma blocks, wouldn’t YOU take damage too?

  • Jagabandhu Mitra
    Jagabandhu Mitra 2 years ago +1

    Won't we get damage if we step on trap door on top of magma block?

  • Adam Haubert
    Adam Haubert 2 years ago +6

    Grian: *Showing method to keep house safe*
    My brain: Oooooo, car.

    • Adam Haubert
      Adam Haubert Year ago

      @Nick Tienter breathe it in, it’s stay 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Nick Tienter
      Nick Tienter Year ago +1

      Jesus that pfp

  • ꧁Dreamy꧂ Lavinia

    This works with rails too,idk if its on java or bedrock editicion

  • SuchDarkness
    SuchDarkness Year ago

    11:00 he could have also made it so the trapdoors open spilling out the water

  • Kawaiilips4
    Kawaiilips4 Year ago +46

    So, I'm watching this in 2021, after the Cave and Cliffs update 1. I'm not sure if this still works, but can you make another video like this? Because there are Drip stones now too

    • P C
      P C 6 months ago

      @smhwolf 2022!!!!

    • Ashraf Tarig
      Ashraf Tarig 6 months ago

      @smhwolf I see
      It is a challenge
      Challenge accepted

    • smhwolf
      smhwolf 7 months ago +1

      Not the only one

    • Ashraf Tarig
      Ashraf Tarig 9 months ago +1

      @Amogus Bakasus not alone

    • Amogus Bakasus
      Amogus Bakasus 9 months ago +1

      im watching in 2022

  • Clever
    Clever 2 years ago +3

    Grian: let's do this hardcore.
    Me: Let me turn on peacefully mode.