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This Is Going To Cause A Huge Weather Pattern Change…

  • Published on May 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    In this video we talk about the tropics, severe weather, and a heat wave.
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    Please refer to your local National Weather Service office to get the most reliable and up to date weather information as possible.

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  • Johnny Hupf
    Johnny Hupf 3 months ago +106

    As a trucker, your continent wide forecasts are one of the best tools I can use for route planning.

    • Jeremy Baze
      Jeremy Baze 3 months ago +7

      Totally second that one as driver myself

    • Dvach
      Dvach 3 months ago +3

      same. As a truck driver, the information is very valuable.

    • Joseph Bernard
      Joseph Bernard 3 months ago +1

      Same! Getting back into OTR, I need continental forecasts more than ever

  • Keegan Borntrager
    Keegan Borntrager 3 months ago +176

    Thanks to the Ryan Hall y'all squad for being so informative! 😊

  • Darryl Smith
    Darryl Smith 3 months ago +252

    The Great Lakes region needs rain! It’s getting too dry here

    • MKCraftsandFamily
      MKCraftsandFamily 3 months ago +10

      Yes definitely!!

    • cj james
      cj james 3 months ago +1


    • Jeremy Baze
      Jeremy Baze 3 months ago +6


    • joshua splitt
      joshua splitt 3 months ago +9

      Trade You! Who knew Amarillo TX was on a chain of lakes. Anyone have an ark for sale?

    • Jeremiah
      Jeremiah 3 months ago +4

      There's always a dry time after spring here in East Tennessee

  • Saddles_N_Sauvignon
    Saddles_N_Sauvignon 3 months ago +28

    As a rancher in Texas with tons of different types of animals I THANK YOU Ryan Hall and the Yall squad for always keeping us informed and prepared! 😁👏🏽

  • Matthew Wolfe
    Matthew Wolfe 3 months ago +58

    Hoping for a pattern change. I know in most parts of Michigan, it's getting pretty brown and crunchy. Don't usually see it so dry so early.

  • The Mrs.
    The Mrs. 3 months ago +80

    We’ve got drought conditions and serious heat here in northern Michigan. No rain in two weeks, and none in the two week forecast. This is so hard on the farmers and homesteaders. 😢

    • OTB Nacho
      OTB Nacho 3 months ago +3

      High 80s is not serious heat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • The Mrs.
      The Mrs. 3 months ago +21

      @OTB Nacho For May in Northern Michigan it is!!

    • Sean Kingwell
      Sean Kingwell 3 months ago +15

      @OTB Nacho It is when there is already drought during night frost weather. Grow up

    • The Man
      The Man 3 months ago +1

      UT is experiencing weather similar to SoCal right now with increased rain...everyone's lawns are looking stupendous. It's the most mild spring and summer we've seen in years.

    • Lynn C
      Lynn C 3 months ago +1

      Agreed. So dry here, unusual.

  • Sadistic Serpent
    Sadistic Serpent 3 months ago +111

    I just bought a huge drum fan for my cows because I’ve been trying to prepare them for this El Niño you’ve been keeping us updated on. Thank you Ryan! I won’t let my babies bear the brunt of this heat 🖤💙

    • Kim A
      Kim A 3 months ago +23

      I love people who take care of their pets and prioritize them the way you clearly do. Your comment that you bought your cows a fan speaks volumes of your care for them. 😊

    • Sadistic Serpent
      Sadistic Serpent 3 months ago +2

      @Kim A 💙💙

    • SaraJuana
      SaraJuana 3 months ago +7

      Lol I first read that as you bought a huge drum set for your cows.... People are always playing instruments for their cows and stuff so I figured well maybe your cows are big drum solo fans 😂

    • Katy Bell
      Katy Bell 3 months ago +2

      ​@Kim A Pets?

    • Morgan Schiller
      Morgan Schiller 3 months ago +3

      Sure. Cows can be pets. I’d love to have a female cow as a pet. Super fresh dairy source

  • Sarah Fairchild
    Sarah Fairchild 3 months ago +76

    Yesterday as dark clouds began to roll in my thought was "I don't remember Ryan mentioning this?" And then remembered I had missed a video or so and had the realization you have become a integral part of taking my storm anxiety down tremendously since I reside in torando ally. Thank you so much for all you do and help us stay aware and prepared!!!

    • Tanya Joy
      Tanya Joy 3 months ago +6

      I keep trying to post you a reply about Andy's channel, because I have storm anxiety too. He's got a channel now and sometimes goes live when Ryan can't. Much love. (My other comments were deleted for some reason or other 🤷🏻‍♀️)

    • King Masterlord
      King Masterlord 3 months ago

      either the tornado kills you or it doesn't you're not going to beat it in a fist fight what is there to worry about?

    • Sarah Fairchild
      Sarah Fairchild 3 months ago +1

      @King Masterlord the after math lol

  • Wildfire
    Wildfire 3 months ago +50

    Best weather info anywhere. I always feel prepared because of your informative forecasts. You are the best! Thank you for everything you do to keep us informed.

  • joseph Van Wie
    joseph Van Wie 3 months ago +46

    To beat the heat, keep shades closed on the sun facing side of the house. Also, put a fan in the upstairs window and face it blowing OUT. Don't cook anything with a lot of moisture, like pasta. A dehumidifier helps immensely!

    • Cole
      Cole 3 months ago +11

      And don't bake in an oven!

    • Daren
      Daren 3 months ago +10

      Use a Crockpot! Much better in both winter & summer! 🤗🇩🇪🇨🇭🇺🇲💙

    • The Urban Third Homestead
      The Urban Third Homestead 3 months ago

      What heat? It's freezing here in Colorado.

    • Ivy Snow Filly Videos
      Ivy Snow Filly Videos 3 months ago

      Or turn on AC

  • Francheska Sparks
    Francheska Sparks 3 months ago +43

    Thank you for keeping us safe man! Respect to you and your team!! 💯❤️

      JESUS LOVES HIS PEOPLE! 3 months ago +3

      "It is of the LORD'S mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not.
      They are new every morning: great is Thy faithfulness."
      Lamentations 3:22-23!

  • Ivan Schrum
    Ivan Schrum 3 months ago +18

    Thanks for all you do. My little town has no tornado sirens in Oklahoma go figure. Your live streams keep me up to date and alive.

  • 🍂Daxx Kuczenski🍂
    🍂Daxx Kuczenski🍂 3 months ago +75

    Thanks to you and your squad for the updated forecast, stay safe!

    • Peter
      Peter 3 months ago +2

      I wish we'd get some heat around Denver area! It's been so cold and rainy(weird to say that one) for the past 3 weeks.

  • Kat
    Kat 3 months ago +24

    It's weird for us in Ontario, last week we had frost advisories overnight so this is a giant swing. Also most of Canada is under extreme fire risk, which is weird because I thought it was a wet spring and the amount of spiders I'm seeing indicates it was too.

    • Kristal
      Kristal 3 months ago +1

      Yeah it's so dry it's making me super uneasy. Montreal and the entire province of Quebec is under high fire risk (we got 1 wildfire right now north in Chiboigamou) and it makes me super nervous if this continues by June 24th. We're under a fireworks ban, but with St Jean (quebec holiday) and Canada day a week later, I bet someone WILL ignore this, and we would have a fire break out.

    • Krystal
      Krystal 3 months ago +1

      I live in southern Maine and we’ve actually been experiencing hazy sky’s and poor air quality from the fires in Nova Scotia this week. Hoping for some rain for us all!

  • Veronica Goebel
    Veronica Goebel 3 months ago +12

    Hoping for that pattern change ! Here in central Illinois it has been extremely dry. Kinda scary!

  • Sarah Anderson
    Sarah Anderson 3 months ago +7

    In recent months I been paying close attention to what is happening in the States because it all eventually reaches the Atlantic regions I love watching these informative forecasts and to see what's happening for you guys too who are taking a un presidented beating this year...thanks Ryan keep doing you we need you for sure!!!

  • Dawson the Fortnite YouTuber

    Hey Ryan thanks for coverage for the Tropics and the weather ❤🌪

  • Clear Creek Farm
    Clear Creek Farm 3 months ago +27

    Really wish we’d get some rain here in Michigan! Not even an inch of rain in May, and June isn’t looking very promising either. It’s so dry!

    • Elizabeth Williams
      Elizabeth Williams 3 months ago +4

      Agree! Just moved to Michigan a couple months ago, here recently we haven’t had any rain.

    • JoyfulMountainFaith
      JoyfulMountainFaith 3 months ago +4

      Totally agree! It's so dry and hot and our last frost date was just 2 weeks ago but overnight still dropped in the 40s and then all of a sudden massive heat wave. We definitely need some rain. Lived in Michigan my whole life and don't remember it being like this so early. Also moved a little north from the Detroit metro area and it's a little hotter here than down there. Thought it would be other way around lol.

    • Nicholas TV
      Nicholas TV 3 months ago

      ​@JoyfulMountainFaith hey what's up
      I'm Jay from NC

    • Jacqui Komschlies
      Jacqui Komschlies 3 months ago +3

      Dry in Wisconsin, too

    • Nicholas TV
      Nicholas TV 3 months ago

      @Jacqui Komschlies that's cool
      I'm Jay from NC

  • Naomi Daum
    Naomi Daum 3 months ago +3

    Thanks, Ryan! We usually get some wild, quick spin-up storms in June and July here in Indiana. Those are the storms that make us real nervous because they're unpredictable and intensify very quickly. Lots of lightning, too.

  • Virus_RL
    Virus_RL 3 months ago +13

    I’ve watched every single video of Ryan’s this year. I started watching last year, but finally started watching in January. Don’t stop informing people Ryan!

  • Jillian
    Jillian  3 months ago +38

    Thank You Ryan Hall Y’all for Keeping Us All Informed and Keeping Us Safe much Appreciated !! Share & Hit the Like Button 👍🏻. Every Day is a Preparedness Day

  • Bean
    Bean 3 months ago +32

    Thank you for keeping us updated, Ryan!!! Much appreciated!

  • ChesterSnap
    ChesterSnap 3 months ago +14

    I'm in Michigan and I'm laughing at how much it seems like the storms are avoiding the state. I would really like for the temperatures to cool off some, though

    • joe smith
      joe smith 3 months ago +3

      In Michigan as well. Temperatures are finally going to start coming down tomorrow, but still no rain in the foreseeable future…..

    • Nikolas Grace
      Nikolas Grace 3 months ago

      i have that situatiom where i live, i got a river flow around my county so everytime i see thunderstorms or any kind of weather come my way, it just parts around us.
      to bad i actually like thunderstorms :(

    • xcarsounds
      xcarsounds 3 months ago

      Bro fr it seems like a joke how much the storms are avoiding us, sometimes i’ll see one far to the west of me and it’ll just go straight past us

  • Teresa Goodwin
    Teresa Goodwin 3 months ago +2

    Thanks Ryan for another great video and sharing your wealth of knowledge with us weather fanatics/nerds, (all because of YOU AND THE WHOLE Y'ALL SQUAD TEAM)😂 WE LOVE YOU ALL!! Y'all are AWESOME and THE BEST WHEN IT'S FORECASTING OR NOWCASTING!!! I never thought I would watch weather live for 12 hours or ever how long Clip-Share will keep you running live streaming!!! Not only do you all keep us weather aware and prepared and SAFE but you educate us and throw in some much needed humor too. Plus Y'all help after the storms have passed and y'all do it 1st class and from y'all's hearts💞 I'm so happy to be a part of such an amazing family of people who have chosen The Y'all Squad Team as their primary source of weather!!! Y'all are far better than any weather person including the weather channel people when it comes to being accurate!!! Keep up the great work 👍 💞🤗💞🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • mohunter68
    mohunter68 3 months ago +16

    We will be praying for rain here in the Midwest by June, and July.

    • Kayte E
      Kayte E 3 months ago +1


    • joe smith
      joe smith 3 months ago +4

      Michigan here, and I don’t even remember the last time we’ve had rain.

    • It's all perfectly normal
      It's all perfectly normal 3 months ago +1

      ​@joesmith-em2cd agreed, we're already praying. Grass was brown & crunchy on May 31. 90 degree temps all week. The fields look barren.

  • matt miller
    matt miller 3 months ago +20

    I'm praying for rain up here in Michigan like a neolithic farmer.

    • Kayte E
      Kayte E 3 months ago +7


    • Karen Smith
      Karen Smith 3 months ago +5

      Modern day 'Raindance' is to get out the lawn mower. Leave your car out with the windows open. If you don't have air-conditioning, open all the windows in the house. Set up for a picnic.
      Good luck.

    • nadogrl
      nadogrl 3 months ago +2

      @Karen Smith - And the foolproof one: Wash your car.😊

    • mjmmusser
      mjmmusser 3 months ago +1

      @nadogrl I really need to. My truck has about a ton of pollen on it.

    • mjmmusser
      mjmmusser 3 months ago

      Or just complain enough. It's been raining for a little over an hour here. Yaaay!

  • Janice Phillips
    Janice Phillips 3 months ago +5

    I REALLY wish some of these "independent" weather dudes would start talking about the weather mod that's right in our faces.

  • Jenifer Banda
    Jenifer Banda 3 months ago +8

    Thank you for breaking the weather down to where its easy to understand for those of us without a degree in meteorology. I was expecting an above average summer here in SC but so far we have been below average as far as temperatures go. Will be interested to see how long it lasts....

  • Scruffles Mcgoogles
    Scruffles Mcgoogles 3 months ago +28

    I’m a landscaper in north central Maryland. I can tell you this has been the driest spring I’ve dealt with in a very long time. Please send some rain this way.

    • SwayBack
      SwayBack 3 months ago +5

      Central Kentucky landscaper/farmer here… it’s bad man. I’ve never seen such a dry April, may hasn’t been better but we did 2 good rains… immediately followed by at least 2 days of high heat and ESPECIALLY very high wind with very low humidity so that water was basically blown away just as quick as it came.
      Folks don’t realize how much a couple of dry windy days will dry things up.
      We’ve already had several burn bans which is not a thing here in spring, occasionally in fall.
      The plants are suffering big time!
      Good luck digging and planting a tree… any new planting needs some water to establish but in these conditions it’s hard to provide enough water to make much difference.
      If this keeps up very long there will be hell to pay, but until folks have to actually pay with their pocketbooks, no one will care, by then the best option we’ll have is to pay more to get less, the more grim options are endless… but large scale crop failures lead to some really rough circumstances…

    • Daren
      Daren 3 months ago +2

      A Hurricane might actually help us ! I remember 1972 Hurricane Agnes came up the Chesapeake Bay and slammed into Pennsylvania! Maryland got some rain from that Hurricane! Even the Appalachian mountains of Western MARYLAND! 🤔🌲🌄🌲💧💧🌧️☔💧☔🌧️🌀🌀🌀🌀

    • SwayBack
      SwayBack 3 months ago +2

      @Daren for sure!
      We get droughts here regularly, often times they’re very localized, you can watch the radar and the rain will just peter out as it approaches. Once we reach a certain point of drought the only thing that stands a chance at breaking the drought is a big hurricane that commands the entire Eastern US weather as it heads north. Those are undeniable! No splitting of the front, just clouds and several days of generous soaking rain that covers a huge area.

    • Mary Smith
      Mary Smith 3 months ago +3

      I’m in Washington County and we’re extra crispy, too.

    • tmklunk
      tmklunk 3 months ago +1

      Do you really think he can do that?

  • Ella Gold
    Ella Gold 3 months ago +1

    Ryan. You and your team have made watching weather life changing ! Who knew weather forecast could be so exciting and ACCURATE!
    I live in OKC and weather is a BIG THING here. Your coverage has put every other weather news cast to shame. Your the rockstar of all forecasters! All of the other forecasters only wish they could be like you! Thank you ! OKLAHOMA LOVES YOU! I’m grateful for you and the Ryan hall ya’ll team!

  • Susan Lee
    Susan Lee 3 months ago +2

    Thank you for keeping us informed ! The flooding here in Amarillo and the Panhandle is getting bad.

  • Nina Rines
    Nina Rines 3 months ago +9

    Thank you so much for the information..it keeps us aware and safe❤

  • Shuken Flash
    Shuken Flash 3 months ago +6

    Feeling this heat surge big time. It's hotter in Davenport, IA this morning than Phoenix and Death Valley. And it's a lot more humid here than either of those.

  • Aiden Rader
    Aiden Rader 3 months ago +2

    Thank you Ryan for everything you do its amazing 💙💗

  • Kimberly A
    Kimberly A 3 months ago +12

    Thanks Ryan! You're my only source for weather. Thank you for all you do. 😃

  • o
    o 3 months ago +2

    Thank you for taking time out of your life to help us know about the weather changes

    • nadogrl
      nadogrl 3 months ago

      This IS his life! He probably makes serious cash from his channels.

  • Kim Norton
    Kim Norton 3 months ago +4

    So thankful for your content! I’m ready for another LIVE! 😎👍

  • mohunter68
    mohunter68 3 months ago +7

    Thanks Ryan, you are a solid rock in a sea of storms!

  • Lee Blaske
    Lee Blaske 3 months ago +2

    Thanks for all the info. I can't believe how HOT it is so early in the season. Really sorry to see what's happening with people down south. Just read that home insurance in Florida is up 33% this year alone, because of all the storms.

  • Charlayne Elizabeth Denney

    Thanks Ryan. My friends in Amarillo (where I grew up) are beginning to plot a blueprint for an ark, they're really getting abnormally soaked this year. I just want the swirly boogers to not swirl to SE Texas (Houston area). Harvey was enough swirly for me for about a decade. Again, thanks for keeping us informed.

    • El
      El 3 months ago

      Are you being serious about the ark ?

  • Kim A
    Kim A 3 months ago +4

    Ryan seems very SMART & TRUSTWORTHY, that’s what keeps me coming back to his channel for my weather updates 🌪️⛈️

  • HOPE
    HOPE 3 months ago

    If only we were organized enough in this country to make good use of what stormchasers do by following behind with something akin to the National Guard. Sending drones up after a tornado would really be helpful to "first responders". Y'all have a blessed day and stay safe out there 🙏 ❤

  • PrestigeAce
    PrestigeAce 3 months ago +10

    I really hate summer temps. I wear jeans year round 365 days out of the year so it's going to be brutal here in Nashville TN. I'm not a fan of winter either but I'll take cold weather over hot weather
    Edit: Thanks for the update Ryan. hope you have a great day. And hope your crew has a great day as well!

  • Trudy
    Trudy 3 months ago +10

    TYVM Ryan Hall Y'all and Team!! 💖🙌
    We're blessed to be able to count on You!!
    Brightest Blessings to y'all! ☺️✌️❤️🦋🙏

  • kirara2516
    kirara2516 3 months ago +8

    As someone who lives in New Hampshire, I'm doing my best not to melt, and looking forward to Sunday when the cooler weather returns. I lived in Florida for 26 years. I'd rather leave those 90F tempts in the south where they belong.

    • Daren
      Daren 3 months ago +1

      XC skier here! I can't stand heat & humidity! The South can keep that weather! That is EXACTLY why I like living in the beautiful Appalachian mountains of Western MARYLAND! 🌲🌄🌲🇩🇪🇨🇭🇺🇲💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🥵🥵🥵🥵⛷️🏂⛷️🏂☃️❄️⛄🎿🎿🎿

  • Kathryn Pupos
    Kathryn Pupos 3 months ago +5

    I hope your forcast for Michigan around the 10th us good. Believe it or not our grass has quit growing because we haven't had any rain for a few weeks.

  • Lon1349
    Lon1349 3 months ago

    Thank you for the weather video updates!!
    Parts of NJ needs rain, central Jersey needs rain. My allergies are killing me. Cool temperature is fine but ugh need rain to get the pollen down.

  • Apteryx
    Apteryx 3 months ago +27

    Wow, only a day into hurricane season and we already have a possible depression

    • Racer X
      Racer X 3 months ago +5

      2 if you take the economy into account lol

  • Bruce Almighty
    Bruce Almighty 3 months ago

    We have had a wet May and starting June off the same way. Love the rain since we had been so dry, sure don't miss the dust!!
    Thank you Ryan for all of your updates.

  • Lee Mendoza
    Lee Mendoza 3 months ago +3

    Hey Ryan Lubbock here, thanks for keeping us posted! Hopefully it doesn’t get too bad, appreciate all of your important updates

  • mary
    mary 3 months ago +4

    Thank you Ryan! Be safe in the heat!!!

  • Celina Nelson
    Celina Nelson 3 months ago +9

    Thank you for all your updates!

  • Sheila Smith
    Sheila Smith 3 months ago +16

    Hello Ryan Hall And y'all team Thank You guys for the update!

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey 3 months ago +4

    We love the way you inform us with honesty and integrity and no hype.❤

  • KittytheFLCatMom
    KittytheFLCatMom 3 months ago +1

    That tropical mess in the Gulf only spent about 10 minutes in the orange before it moved to red 😮 As a Floridian, I'm watching it very closely. Thanks for your updates, Ryan! 🙏🙏

  • Tony Dowd
    Tony Dowd 3 months ago

    I'm visiting my daughter here in Clearwater, and what she told me is that they're happy for the extra moisture right now as it's been really dry. But, definitely don't want to overdue it

  • Aryeh Rosenthal
    Aryeh Rosenthal 3 months ago

    Thanks Ryan for the latest weather update. Enjoy your day. Keep cool

  • Weatherbyrd
    Weatherbyrd 3 months ago

    New subscriber. I like your channel as a good weather summary and outlook! Thanks for your work!

  • Jordan Merchant
    Jordan Merchant 3 months ago

    Here in Arizona, El Nino usually means an excellent monsoon season is coming. We definitely need it. As for heating, our temperatures are pretty mild comparatively speaking. A few years ago, mid/late june we were at 115° in Tucson. This year, 101°ish is projected.

  • April Sparkman
    April Sparkman 3 months ago +5

    Y'all are VERY much appreciated! Thank you!!

  • Alia Renée
    Alia Renée 3 months ago

    I’m in PA and we need some rain! I was pulling into my daughters elementary school this morning and I thought I saw a fire in the front yard but it was the guys weed whacking and the dust from the dry dirt was blowing up 10 feet in the air it’s so dry. Thanks for the update Ryan ❤certainly not looking forward to a 20 degree temperature swing this weekend! 😅

  • Anjalena
    Anjalena 3 months ago +2

    As a Mainer, I approve this forecast with the exception of today's horrific heat.
    Heat, heat, Go away
    Come again, rain... Yes right f'n now and don't forget to bring your clouds with ya! Heat sucks and I apparently melt like Frosty the snowman in it. 🥵

  • Mark Frazier
    Mark Frazier 3 months ago

    Hey Ryan! Love your videos. I am noticing almost constant East containing winds here in South Central Wisconsin. Can you explain how that works based on "normal" wind directions in our hemisphere. I would expect them to be West dominant.

  • Jonathan Langlois
    Jonathan Langlois 3 months ago

    I'm in Canada, in the north east. From your map, tomorrow is actually going to be cooler for us. We really could use some rain. The ground is abnormally dry this early in the summer. We already got all of the ingredients for a very active fire season.

  • 2wolfs bjd
    2wolfs bjd 3 months ago +2

    Thank you Ryan i was worrying just how long we were going to have this heat wave in Tennessee.

  • Nick McConnell
    Nick McConnell 3 months ago +14

    Hi Ryan... think you may be missing presenting the crop damage these weather swings are causing. Maybe farmers watching your report would appreciate info on what these swings might do?
    Wonder how long... if not already.... before climate change brings worldwide simultaneous crop failures?

    • Makabet Designs
      Makabet Designs 3 months ago +4

      If he did a weekly or monthly farm report, that would be kinda cool.

    • Sean Kingwell
      Sean Kingwell 3 months ago

      Here in Southern Ontario I haven't seen any spiders at all! Just lots of white flies and aphids!! Crops are going to get decimated. It doesn't matter that it gets cold at night to cause mold on plant leaves, there is no rain!!!! We are literally getting dessert weather patterns!!!!! Extreme heat during the day really cold at night and NO RAIN!!!!! God help us!!!!

  • jqk369
    jqk369 3 months ago +2

    Watching from Chicago, seriously hoping for some rain in the close future while also hoping to avoid the severe storms.

  • John Hart
    John Hart 3 months ago +1

    Better than any tv weather, you rock!

  • Tiffanique Yarde
    Tiffanique Yarde 3 months ago

    This is amazing to watch. You have so much information. Watching from Barbados and even though you aren't looking into the Caribbean your maps are wide enough to get a glimpse of what could probably come my way..thank you

  • Console Queen
    Console Queen 3 months ago

    Okay, I LOVE how many color options there are for the bracelets!! Very cool :D

  • SarahBelle
    SarahBelle 3 months ago +3

    Thanks Ryan! I do have to say that I'm sick of the omega block.. I'm ready for some good storms in Ohio!

  • Dakin Lee
    Dakin Lee 3 months ago

    Hey Ryan! I live in Oklahoma pretty much central and you’re Chanel has been very accurate I’ve stopped watching the news (Cept severe conditions) but I’m so glad to have found this you’re forecasts over here haven’t been wrong it’s the central part and the western parts of the states that are receiving the most thanks a bunch see you in the next video

  • MadisonCountysirensandweather

    Ryan you are inspiring and also a life saver to everyone we love you ❤

  • Ibuprofen
    Ibuprofen 3 months ago +11

    It's so warm in Michigan that I'm starting to lose weight from the love handles sizzling

  • Teresa
    Teresa 3 months ago

    You are a blessing Ryan and best weather guy, Thank you ! Woop

  • Natalie B.
    Natalie B. 3 months ago

    I am curious if the weather patterns are a consequence to what is moving about in Russia, China as factory production has increased/decreased. Would this cause the usual smug levels in those eastern regions to trek across Canada and here?

  • Michelle
    Michelle 3 months ago

    Thank you Ryan hall ya' all and crew praying for the peeps 🙏💖👆

  • Krystal
    Krystal 3 months ago

    Maine resident here 🙋‍♀️ the temperature whiplash this spring has been intense!
    Truly living by the “if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes” saying.

  • Sunset Sky
    Sunset Sky 3 months ago

    From PA, now I'm glad I haven't been able to plant out my tomatoe & pepper starts. I'm bringing them indoors during the heat surg forecasted. Thanks for your weather updates, Ryan!

  • Chris paradise
    Chris paradise 3 months ago +1

    That Panhandle has been absolutely hammered with nice storms. As a Canadian up just north of the Dakotas I wanna thank you for the heat up here! Nice change from long winters!

  • Sprinkled Donuts
    Sprinkled Donuts 3 months ago +5

    Could you PLEASE include Alaska??? No one seems to ever cover or even show up here… we have had some really Weird Weather lately.

  • William Stuart Mitchell

    Please cover more of drought conditions in the NE and elsewhere. In PA we had almost no rain last fall when we usually get 5+ days, we had only one snowstorm last winter and it was less than 6 inches, we had no big all day rains this spring and now we are entering into the dry season when we depend on thunderstorms for precipitation. PA has a big farming community during the summer so I’m seeking information. I’m hoping this is an anomaly and praying that this is not due to climate change.

  • Catboy12232000
    Catboy12232000 3 months ago

    So done with the thunderstorms everyday here in nevada, so depressing not being able to do anything, hopefully the pattern breaks before i do

  • Cactus
    Cactus 3 months ago

    Great info love y'alls work...the whole team

  • Frederick Heard
    Frederick Heard 3 months ago

    The flooding in the Texas panhandle is wild right now. I hope they get a break soon.

  • Lauri Burnett
    Lauri Burnett 3 months ago

    I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. For the past several years, it seems snow storms in winter and rain and thunderstorms in spring and summer are avoiding our area. I've seen several storms on radar, headed our way, only to split and go around us. Any idea why that is??

  • x9x9x9x9x9
    x9x9x9x9x9 3 months ago +1

    I hope this block mives along soon. Tulsa is already looking like we will have an awful summer. Last year was one of the worst because of how long we went without rain and how many days in a row we had above 100 degree highs. Im just begging the universe to not be a repeat.

  • DinoDan
    DinoDan 3 months ago

    Great stuff! Not sure if you have this video, but it would be great if you could explain the different models and their benefits and weaknesses?

  • Karron Farias
    Karron Farias 3 months ago +4

    Would love to see a little rain in BG Kentucky

  • Professor Goat
    Professor Goat 3 months ago +5

    actually not unheard of to see td, ts and c1's during june-july. it is uncommon for a storm to start up in the north of the gulf, rather than the southwest.

  • dani asmr 🌻
    dani asmr 🌻 3 months ago +3

    thanks Ryan!
    where I live in northeast ohio it's been so dry and hot, no rain for a week and a half😨

  • Leslie
    Leslie 3 months ago

    TN has been hot since April! Thank you for informing us for this season! My family is coming to Florida, but your thanking us for not going there anymore! And as I said, thank you!

  • Chase3260
    Chase3260 3 months ago

    Thanks for the update! Really wishing that storm wall would shift East a bit and let El Dorado, KS get some storms!

  • Karen James
    Karen James 3 months ago

    Appreciate all the updates!

  • Robin H.
    Robin H. 3 months ago +5

    I'm in Tallahassee Fl. It sure looks and feels like its cooking up a tropical system.

  • AmberC Manga
    AmberC Manga 3 months ago

    Thank you! We desperately need rain in North Georgia so hoping for some soon