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How German Anti-Aircraft Guns Destroy Russian Kamikaze Drones

  • Published on Nov 15, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • The Gepard
    Kiev has received 30 Gepard units from Berlin as well as 6,000 rounds of ammunition.
    The German Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun, or SPAAG, also known as Gepard, was created in the 1960s and has undergone numerous upgrades. It is capable of operating in all weather conditions. Its function is to defend troops, fighting units, and important installations against aerial assaults.
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  • Military Stage
    Military Stage  2 months ago

    Another video you might like talks about "Advantages of NLAW Weapons Make Enemies Worry" 👉 clip-share.net/video/MwoUvRAxxJ0/video.html

  • hisredrighthand
    hisredrighthand Month ago +6

    The Ukrainian crews have found that six shells are usually enough to down a Shahed-136 drone. The Gepard has apparently three different burst setting 2x3, 2x10 and 2x15 rounds. Since Germany was only able to deliver 59,000 FAPDS rounds (the frangible type that explodes into a cloud of shrapnell directly in front of the drone, based on the calculations of the fire guidance system) and 6,000 training rounds. After generic rounds from Norwegian producer Nammo didn't work with the system, new rounds will come from a new dedicated production line that was only recently set up by Rheinmetall to circumvent Swiss export restrictions - so these 59,000 rounds (~2,000 rounds per tank) will have to do until early summer, when 300,000 new rounds will be delivered from Rheinmetall (I read they'll come at a price of $1000 a piece, or $300 million for the whole batch). For that reason, Ukrainian crews try to send as few shells as possible when fighting these drones.
    So you're not likely to see any one of these firing a hail of shells into the night sky in Ukraine. Chances are you won't see one at all, since they're at this moment very valuable to Ukraine and their position is kept almost as secret as that of HIMARS. This video is a compilation of footage from Germany and the Netherlands, often from firing ranges, mixed with the few videos that have come out of Ukraine. If you watch this video by Radio Free Europe, they even blurred the surroundings, so as not to provide any assistance to the part of the audience that is unfriendly to Ukraine and has access to hypersonic missiles.

    • hisredrighthand
      hisredrighthand Month ago +2

      @JimmyTGoose That's what I read. I mean there is probably an element of supply/demand, plus the fact that they're building a production line for a rather complicated type of ammo that they will likely not sell to any other future clients. While I'd like to see them build a Gepard 2, Rheinmetall will likely use the success of the Gepards to drum up business for their Skynex system. Which is sad, because the Gepard just looks amazing.
      Apart from that aspect, it _is_ a fairly complicated round to produce, as evident by the failure of Norway's NAMMO to build working clones. The latest upgrade of the Gepard from the late 90s introduced basically a precursor to their AHEAD ammunition system. I.e. as the shell is fired on the locked in target and passes through the barrel in maybe 3-5 milliseconds, it's *precise* velocity has to be measured and the *exact* time it will take each shell to arrive slightly below and in front of the target has to be calculated and programmed into the fuze as the shell leaves the barrel - all to achieve the effect that it (gently) explodes/disintegrates into a cloud of tungsten shrapnel pieces which collide with the kinetic energy they have from the velocity of the shell right into the target.
      So apart from the fact that first measuring the exact velocity of each individual round, calculating _within_ milliseconds the pecise flight time _with millisecond precision_ before it will be at exactly the right spot to launch a tiny disintegration charge, the most complex part to me seems to be the task of building the shell such that this data can be transferred to the electronic fuze as it leaves the barrel with a velocity of 1440 m/s - or around 5000 km/h.
      Let's assume the last 22cm of the barrel contain the data-transfer mechanism, corresponding with the 35x228mm calibre. With a muzzle velocity of roughly 1440 m/s, that means the shell has to read several byte of information within about 1/10th of a milisecond while moving at the speed of a fighter jet. I have no idea what technology they use to transfer the information, but if the shell reads it wrong and detonates 2 milliseconds to late, it will already be above the target, at least in the case of a Shahed-136 drone. If the target is a helicopter it would hit the target without dispersing the shrapenel.
      Sorry for the essay, it's just an astoundingly ambitious idea and I find it surprising they managed to implement it in a reliable way.

    • JimmyTGoose
      JimmyTGoose Month ago

      $1000 per round ?!!! 😳😳

  • BenG
    BenG 2 months ago +3

    I like the final Gepard (also known as Cheetah)...very accurate and mercy'less for low nearby flying targets,knowing they are coming for a while...
    But the actual MANTIS System ,grounded or mounted,is the reference in that AA class.

  • Victory First
    Victory First 3 months ago +6

    I do believe that the Germans were able to get more ammunition for the Gepard from another supplier other than Switzerland. Supposedly the SWISS refused to send ammunition to Ukraine since it is against their laws.

    • John Slugger
      John Slugger 2 months ago +1

      @hisredrighthand Since Switzerland has a big problem with remaining neutral they signed an agreement with Germany which restricted Germany as to who would receive ammunition and who wouldn't. Russia was specifically mentioned along with many other old Eastern Bloc countries. In any case the that she does a great system but Norway was the only country with the infrastructure to make ammunition that would be used against Russians so that's how it had to happen. Germany was doing everything possible to get these units out quickly but they were continuously criticized for dragging their feet which is absolutely not true and unfair because they spent a small fortune for the tooling costs and the ammunition they purchased from Norway.

    • John Slugger
      John Slugger 2 months ago +4

      Since Switzerland has a big problem with remaining neutral they signed an agreement with Germany which restricted Germany as to who would receive ammunition and who wouldn't. Russia was specifically mentioned along with many other old Eastern Bloc countries. In any case the that she does a great system but Norway was the only country with the infrastructure to make ammunition that would be used against Russians so that's how it had to happen. Germany was doing everything possible to get these units out quickly but they were continuously criticized for dragging their feet which is absolutely not true and unfair because they spent a small fortune for the tooling costs and the ammunition they purchased from Norway.

    • hisredrighthand
      hisredrighthand 2 months ago +2

      @Yut Kijsamnong Swiss Oerlikon Contraves is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rheinmetall. But somehow since the plant is in Switzerland, the Swiss still have the last say at least in terms of re-export. (Though note the rounds they were arguing about were almost certainly purchased by Germany when Oerlikon was still an independent Swiss company. No idea though if that makes for any legal difference.)
      I have don't know either about the real procedure for this, but I assume they can't block a company moving it's own property between different plants, so for example from Switzerland to Germany. Otherwise, producing parts in different plants and doing final assembly elsewhere would be a constant bureaucratic nightmare. So I guess they just get to greenlight at the point of sale?

    • Yut Kijsamnong
      Yut Kijsamnong 2 months ago +2

      @hisredrighthand Why not use gun from Rheinmetall ?

    • hisredrighthand
      hisredrighthand 3 months ago +2

      We thought so, Norwegian NAMMO delivered generic Gepard shells. Unfortunately the system didn't recognize the shells and they were completely unuseable. Now Rheinmetall is building a new production line in Germany to solve the problem with Switzerland/Oerlikon Contraves, but the first re-supply of 600k rounds will not arrive before July.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 4 months ago +22

    They bought a Spanish ammo manufacture to boost up Gepard ammo production. And Germany doesn't use them anymore since 2010 or so.

    • Hmz1417 mslm
      Hmz1417 mslm 2 months ago

      @naseimwind1 mantis is Junk

    • Marko Steinberger
      Marko Steinberger 2 months ago

      @Diesunddas Scholz would rather negotiate with the drones ;)

    • hisredrighthand
      hisredrighthand 2 months ago

      @Random Guy I wouldn't exactly call a couple Stingers taped to a tankette a more modern version. The conflict in Ukraine has shown how essential autocannon-based SHORAD systems are. Currently German has none, except for 2 MANTIS batteries. In the coming years, it's basically a given that they will procure a couple Skynex batteries from Rheinmetall.

    • naseimwind1
      naseimwind1 3 months ago +1

      The Mantis system is used as successor

  • Gamber HD
    Gamber HD 2 months ago +10

    Der Gepard ist eine schöne Flugabwehr 🇩🇪🫡

    • hisredrighthand
      hisredrighthand 2 months ago

      And to think those idiots dissolved the German Air Defense Wing, and had over 100 of them cut into pieces and sold for scrap metall. Those monsters! Thankfully, at least someone at KMW was smart enough to buy up maybe half of them, I guess some were sold to Brasil, Qatar and other clients, and 50 were left when the war broke out. Though obviously in need of repairs, since they were only able to deliver 37 to Ukraine thus far.

  • Colonel Curtis
    Colonel Curtis 2 months ago +8

    "Gepard" is pronounced as "GhePARD" with a G as in "good", and with emphasis on the second syllable, not as "jepard" as in "Jeopardy".
    "Gepard" tranlates to cheetah in English

  • Henk Weurding
    Henk Weurding 2 months ago +2

    The Netherlands never used the Gepard. The Dutch developed their own with Holland Signal electronics and radar. The base is also a leopard 1. They were faced out a like a decade ago and we're sold to Jordan.

    • Mar
      Mar 2 months ago +3

      Wrong, it's a normal gepard, but the dutch wanted a different radar installed.

  • Андрей Колесник

    Gut gemacht!

  • YezaOutcast
    YezaOutcast 3 months ago

    maybe a modern system with the same armament would rock the park in todays conflicts. it might even be cheaper to use laser emitters to shoot down drones. the cost per shot are usually not as expensive as ammunitions.

    • hisredrighthand
      hisredrighthand 2 months ago

      Yeah, the two Skynex that Ukraine has ordered might in 1-2 years include the option of laser units. But for now, 6 Gepard rounds cost maybe €4,000 and take down a €20,000 drone. That's ok. Imagine using a missile-based system to take out swarms of €20,000 drones. An Iris-T SLM missile costs €580,000. Just by constantly sending these drones, even if 100% are shot down, Russia would manage to eat up all of Ukraine's ressources needed to keep fighting - for example Ukraine needs 6000 artillery rounds per day. At $300 per shell, that's $180,000 per day, just to feed the artillery they have. Add to that fuel, wages for 500,000 soldiers, wages for several 100,000 fire fighters, sappers, nurses, doctors, teachers and other public servants, constant repair costs for damaged and captured tanks, ATGMs, MANPADS, development costs, etc. Without a cheap solution to fight these drones, either all of Ukraine will become basically uninhabitable or ZSU won't be able to finance the rest of the war effort.

  • Amy Richard
    Amy Richard 2 months ago +3

    Why is there no video of Gepard actually shooting something down, even practice drones?

    • JimmyTGoose
      JimmyTGoose Month ago +1

      The locations of the Gepards are secret . Doubtless combat footage will emerge when the Russians are defeated .

    • Doug Dimmadome
      Doug Dimmadome Month ago +1

      Because nobody casually sits next to a mobile AA all day to capture 3 secs of action

    • Javier Venegas
      Javier Venegas Month ago +2

      because this video is just propaganda

  • D
    D Month ago

    If im correct the dutch sold all off them.

  • michel saucy
    michel saucy 19 days ago

    Les canons ne sont pas allemands mais de fabrication suisse !

  • Harry Wild
    Harry Wild 2 months ago +3

    Ukraine should ask German for their flak 88mm anti-aircraft gun!

  • JustMy Thought
    JustMy Thought 3 months ago

    I guess they are very effective, if the drone is stupid enough to fly over them. It has only a range of 5000 metres.

    • JustMy Thought
      JustMy Thought 3 months ago

      @Jartran72 Ok, that's good news then. Thank you.

    • Jartran72
      Jartran72 3 months ago

      The canon yes, the radar goes further and can be used together with other gepards, manpads, Iris-T or even future Patriot systems.

  • TodoRadegast
    TodoRadegast 4 months ago +15

    60000 not 6000 rounds

    • Jan Leschke
      Jan Leschke Month ago +1

      @123jogger123 Production has been going on for a while and today the contract with the federal government was signed, because previously the supply was the responsibility of the industry and was only financed. Replenishment has already been delivered. A few days ago 6000 shots together with 2 Gepard-SPAAG, 5 more are on the way. Ukraine still had around 30,000 rounds of ammunition.

    • 123jogger123
      123jogger123 Month ago +1

      @Jan Leschke Production in Germany has started today. Good to hear, that its much earlier then expected :-)

    • hisredrighthand
      hisredrighthand 2 months ago

      @Thomas Margis Yeah, while Ukrainian officials have reported multiple cruise missiles and dozens of Shahed-136 drones being shot down by Gepards, the one video on Clip-Share that claims to show this actually shows a KA-50 being hit by an AA missile, while a Gepard just happens to be in the picture.

    • Thomas Margis
      Thomas Margis 2 months ago

      @BenG a lot of these vids is computer game stuff...

    • BenG
      BenG 2 months ago +3

      There is a "short" On YT out of Ukraine.
      Gepard takes down a russian missile with a few rounds...60k is a lot....
      Also Vids taking down Shahed drones...few rounds..done...

  • Hedgehog Zone
    Hedgehog Zone 15 days ago +2

    Thank you germany for delievering this awesome beasts to ukraine.

    • hisredrighthand
      hisredrighthand 15 days ago

      Considering the price of a Skynex system with just a few mobile air artillery units, I wish they would start building new Gepards or at least a fleet of Skyranger35.

  • Canyon Shepherd
    Canyon Shepherd 2 months ago

    GSDDTF ammo.

  • Holz Socke
    Holz Socke 4 months ago +3

    drones 1972 like 2022??? really?

  • Richard Holmes
    Richard Holmes 3 months ago +3

    It's pronounced gepard

  • Totti
    Totti 2 months ago +3

    Not tschäpörd... Its just Gepard

    • Dennis Sørensen
      Dennis Sørensen Month ago

      who cares?

    • anders110
      anders110 2 months ago +2

      How would an englisman pronounce " Firenze " ? fire an ziii....english is stupid...liebe euch deutsche😃

  • falk spala
    falk spala 3 months ago +6

    ist eine günstige lösung um gerade die iranischen drohnen ab zu schiessen!

  • xwormwood
    xwormwood 2 months ago +9

    Gepard is no longer in service in Germany.

  • Propeller
    Propeller Month ago

    Wladimir Putin: "Bla bla bla special military operation bla bla bla...."
    Flakpanzer Gepard: "Ratatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatata !!!!!!!"

  • Bikeman Vtt
    Bikeman Vtt Month ago

    Huuuummmmm pour ni ker du ruskov !
    Super !
    Bien fait !
    Tant mieux !
    Du ruskov de M....!

  • TheTruth76
    TheTruth76 2 months ago

    And maybe it was staged to show the people back home their taxmoney is “well” spend.

  • Triage
    Triage 4 months ago +8

    The only nato member that is using the gepard is romania. At least do some research.

  • Алексей Цыганов

    Ни одного гепарда не замечено на украине но он как то успешно борется за всу! Походу только в ютубе

  • Canyon Shepherd
    Canyon Shepherd 2 months ago

    You summoned me?

  • Dirk
    Dirk 3 months ago +8

    IS NOT in use by Germany and The Nederlands. Amateur

    • Mathieu Melenhorst
      Mathieu Melenhorst 2 months ago

      @TheTruth76What equipment? According to who?

    • TheTruth76
      TheTruth76 2 months ago

      @Mathieu Melenhorst Holland Signaal who sold Iraq equipment in the late 80s which was under embargo, people forget

    • Mathieu Melenhorst
      Mathieu Melenhorst 2 months ago +2

      The Netherlands had their own radar made by Hollandse Signaalapparaten which is claimed to be more accurate. This vehicle is often called "Cheetah" but it's more commonly known as "PRTL".

    • hisredrighthand
      hisredrighthand 3 months ago +3

      Yeah, which many experts in Germany lament. Bundeswehr SHORAD capabilities have since shrunk to motorized tankettes armed with four Stinger missiles each. And two MANTIS systems.

    • Christian Treber
      Christian Treber 3 months ago +1

      ...any more, correct.

  • Tobias Doe
    Tobias Doe Month ago

    Whats the SAR value?

  • Simpson3k
    Simpson3k 3 months ago +3

    Isnt the english word cheetah the correct name for this anti-aircraft unit. In english there is no cat named gepard so why should the tank name be spoken in english as gepard instead of the correct name of the cat either? (smartass off)

    • MaCo1981
      MaCo1981 2 months ago +3

      Gepard = Cheetah is of course the right translation for the animals name from german to english. But if you take the designation of the tank as a personal name you can use the original german name which fits more by my personal opinion for the animal and the warmachine. This AA Tank is clearly not a "wonder weapon" such things are not existing in reality but is suitable to bolster the ukrainian air defence network and it proves that even an older design can be very useful again.

    • Henning S.
      Henning S. 2 months ago +6

      Because it is a name, not the real animal itself.
      If you last name is Smith, a German would still call you Smith and not Schmied or Schmidt...

  • Bob Tate
    Bob Tate 3 months ago

    If these are so good why Ukraine is in total dark, lights are OFF? Wonder weapon? 35 mm Orlekon guns with 4 km shooting range means you need one of these every 6-8km. 35mm gun will not take off average ground missile attack like US HIMARS or Russian MLRS.

    • The gerbil
      The gerbil 2 months ago +2

      Last time I checked lights where on - get a grip.

  • Jürgen Fiebig
    Jürgen Fiebig 2 months ago +3

    Warum wird die Munition für Gepard nicht in Deutschland gebaut, und dann noch in der Schweiz, das ist Schwachsinn.

    • 123jogger123
      123jogger123 Month ago +2

      Wird sie ja jetzt - damit gibt es dann genug hochwertige Munition, um den Luftraum zu überwachen :-)

    • Karin Hörburger
      Karin Hörburger Month ago

      Das stimmt.🙄

  • Noor Fazira304
    Noor Fazira304 16 days ago

    Ok the bes...

  • crazymen
    crazymen 2 months ago

    Gut das die mit der schlechten Munition aus Norwegen, noch nicht einmal eine Taube vom Himmel schießen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈

    • 123jogger123
      123jogger123 Month ago +1

      Na, dann gibt es gute Neuigkeiten: ab heute startet die Produktion in Deutschland :-)

  • wahrlich
    wahrlich 2 months ago +2

    Auf Kosten Deutsche Steuerzahler