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OUR $1,000,000 EUROPEAN ADVENTURE | The Night Shift

  • Published on Jul 25, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode, we begin a TWO PART european adventure that visits multiple countries and tests the fortitude of our human spirits, plus i take a pretty nasty tumble, logan and i overcome the past indiscretions affecting the internet's most glorious (and volatile) friendship, and we finally find the coveted lazy river i have been searching so long for.
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    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Mike Majlak Vlogs
    Mike Majlak Vlogs  Year ago +425

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    • Bob Ten
      Bob Ten Year ago

      These guys are underated and make similiar videos

    • Teleportdinero the chosen one🇮🇹
      Teleportdinero the chosen one🇮🇹 Year ago

      Mikes main goal in life is to prove himself that he can get bitches

    • Daniel Švec
      Daniel Švec Year ago

      Come to Slovakian Castle

    • kÿhXX
      kÿhXX Year ago

      @Rob Hentz yeah i had a feeling^ reviews r bad when it comes to customer service^

    • Fire_eye
      Fire_eye Year ago

      You should go to Qatar

  • Hamza Younus
    Hamza Younus Year ago +1852

    Logan went to England now he cant stop saying " FAM "

    • Hamzah Khan
      Hamzah Khan 11 months ago

      Yeah fam

    • SoulFly
      SoulFly Year ago

      @faez ahmed no its not lmao. its american hip hop

    • Edgar S
      Edgar S Year ago

      @kenzie Leigh it’s ok bro

    • kenzie Leigh
      kenzie Leigh Year ago

      @Edgar S i mean it really doesn’t but judging by your name and profile pic you never had any real education, only that American propaganda they teach you

    • Edgar S
      Edgar S Year ago

      @kenzie Leigh now the US owns Europe crazy how that works ain’t it?

  • Rios
    Rios Year ago +914

    The only way logang will actually get logang content

  • M B
    M B Year ago +400

    You know that’s a real friendship when Logan said “mike does that look familiar?”

    • M B
      M B Year ago

      @Anthony Morales lmfaoooo I’m serious. Substance abuse and overcoming(especially to that point) is a very serious issue

    • Anthony Morales
      Anthony Morales Year ago

      Is this a sarcastic comment or are you serious lmao

    • Hudson M
      Hudson M Year ago

      I would make addict jokes at mike if I saw him irl and we aren’t friends

    • ZEZ
      ZEZ Year ago +2

      glad u pointed that out bro 😭💀

    • K Alexander
      K Alexander Year ago +7

      I died when he said that ☠️🤣☠️

  • LazarBeam
    LazarBeam Year ago +2802

    currently stuck in a lockdown so living through the night shift travel videos rn

  • Veshremy Stories
    Veshremy Stories Year ago +3119

    logan really started using british slang since being here

    • Bob Ten
      Bob Ten Year ago

      These guys are underated and make similiar videos

    • You Big Dosser
      You Big Dosser Year ago

      @Jared America couldn’t even beat handicapped rice farmers in Vietnam so it’s actually you who doesn’t want to start this.

    • Jared
      Jared Year ago +1

      @You Big Dosser My man... you are talking about hundreds of years ago, I know you dont wanna start comparing modern shit please haha don't make me do this because I am starting to like english youtube thx to JJ and the sidemen

    • You Big Dosser
      You Big Dosser Year ago +2

      @Taha Khalid they use it because they copied England by using the English language, well actually I’ll cut a bit of slack they didn’t exactly have a choice they got conquered with ease and were forced to

    • You Big Dosser
      You Big Dosser Year ago +1

      @Hudson M I actually live in California you absolute mong, incredible! a yank talking about brain size when the whole world jokes about how stupid America is

  • Wowowow
    Wowowow Year ago +55

    Logan and Mike went from best friends, to enemies, to frenemies, and now they’re that pair of friends who like each other, but express it mainly through mockery.

    • Dota still the best
      Dota still the best Year ago +1

      What happened that they were enemies?

    • Snostorm
      Snostorm Year ago

      @BobHopeIsGod nah they look kinda cool now

    • BobHopeIsGod
      BobHopeIsGod Year ago +2

      they dont like each other its pretty obvious

  • Owais Raja
    Owais Raja Year ago +1413

    I’m from the UK so hearing Logan say ‘fam’ sounds like he’s saying ‘faaim’

    • Forex Trading
      Forex Trading Year ago


    • You Big Dosser
      You Big Dosser Year ago

      @Hudson M you are calling people uneducated when you can’t even tell the difference between England and the UK 😂

    • Hudson M
      Hudson M Year ago +1

      @Emmanuel Benavides bro y’all really uneducated on slang in the UK , that’s been slang in America since the 90s boy

    • zoepalm
      zoepalm Year ago

      @You Big Dosser youre the one being stupid asl, fam is a lingo for family, NY people been using it since WAAAY back. London took it from there

    • zoepalm
      zoepalm Year ago

      You do know that we use 'fam' in North America right?

  • Gunnar Godbold
    Gunnar Godbold 3 months ago +1

    Mike dawg you’re videos honestly do mean so much to me, when i come home from school wether it was good or bad and i watch your videos and they always make me laugh then i go to work and come home and watch you videos again without you dawg my days would probably be harder honestly so thank you for doing what you do mike.

  • T R
    T R Year ago +204

    How does anyone cram a $1m trip into 11 mins. I need more footage, Mike!

    • DT
      DT Year ago

      @T R 20k max round trip on a large pj, 5 for a standard (from la to lv)

    • T R
      T R Year ago

      @christian I’m also referring to a round trip flight, maybe I should have added that.

    • T R
      T R Year ago

      @christian Maybe the size of the jet varies in price but to carry as many people and the high end jet they were on, it’s easily $50K.

    • christian
      christian Year ago

      @T R LA to Vegas isn’t 50k

    • T R
      T R Year ago

      Ohhh, I didn’t see him mention to Miami. I thought he was referring to the trip they took.

  • Maddog357
    Maddog357 Year ago +207

    These travel vlogs need to be a little longer

    • Venture
      Venture Year ago +1

      A lot longer.

    • Very Hot
      Very Hot Year ago


  • RoyZ Studio
    RoyZ Studio Year ago +688

    I don’t think there’s a single moment in this video where Logan’s not in the clouds

    • D Life
      D Life Year ago

      "Prick me, prick me"

    • Mike
      Mike Year ago +1

      he's a legend

    • Clem
      Clem Year ago +2

      @xominty stop being disrespectful

    • Balen
      Balen Year ago +5

      @xominty shut up

  • Isaac
    Isaac Year ago +1168

    Logan Paul been saying fam a lot since that ksi podcast lmao

    • Forex Trading
      Forex Trading Year ago


    • Eths_Games
      Eths_Games Year ago +1

      Nah fam

    • Bob Ten
      Bob Ten Year ago

      These guys are underated and make similiar videos

    • plush rocket
      plush rocket Year ago

      He’s always said fam

      JVE MEISTER Year ago

      @xominty shush

  • Carter V
    Carter V Year ago +7

    One of the best episodes in a while good seeing you boys in action

  • Justin Koehn
    Justin Koehn Year ago +25

    Real night shift fans are disappointed the lazy river part wasn't longer. We've been waiting years for it

  • telo
    telo Year ago +339

    Spanish dude: It's a little house to wait for wild animals so you can shoot them.
    Mike: So if you see enemy combatants, TikTok stars, whatever, you f*cking crack 'em dude💀💀

    • Freak Art
      Freak Art Year ago +3

      He dont like tiktok Cuz he is old and he only talent or content its "Logan paul" Or "the GIFT THAT LOGAN PAUL GAVE HIM FOR HIS 80YO BIRTHDAY"

  • Right Hand Plug
    Right Hand Plug Year ago +2

    BEST episode of the night shift in a long time! Good shit Mike keep the momentum going

  • Josh Bell
    Josh Bell Year ago +1

    Mike and Logan bringing us the best content we love it boys from England keep it coming 😍

  • DIVE
    DIVE Year ago +512

    “I don’t like being sick so I just get high” - Logan Paul July 26, 2021

  • Afonso Bernardes
    Afonso Bernardes Year ago

    this was one of the funniest videos in a while! Loved it keep it up!

  • William Wade
    William Wade 10 months ago

    "Mike this look familiar?" - love the banter you boys have.

  • christy Roberts
    christy Roberts Year ago

    Loved watching. All good things to come to an end. Sending love from upstate NY 💖

  • Gabriella B
    Gabriella B Year ago

    Awesome vlog! Can’t wait for pt. 2 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Steve C
    Steve C Year ago +62

    “He wants to be Danny Duncan so bad.” Probably my favorite thing Mikes ever said.

    • Cityboy Danny
      Cityboy Danny Year ago

      @Jeff Zheng why you watching his vids if you gonna hate

    • Devin Todd
      Devin Todd Year ago

      @Jeff Zheng ya danny duncan is old and hangs out with like teenagers

    • Jeff Zheng
      Jeff Zheng Year ago

      and he wants to be a 20 year old youngster so bad

  • James Watt
    James Watt Year ago +1

    Man how I wished his videos where longer his content is fire. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ilan Rotberg
    Ilan Rotberg Year ago +14

    As a Mexican, Mike trying to say "huevos rancheros" is just pure pain 6:08

  • Jackson Hoad
    Jackson Hoad Year ago +2

    These boys are fkn hilarious. You’s need to come to Australia I would be the best tour guide

  • Brooke Bixler
    Brooke Bixler Year ago +5

    *Can’t wait to see Part 2 and 3!* *#thenightshift*

  • None
    None Year ago

    What an awesome trip I’m so jealous!

  • Maria Espinoza
    Maria Espinoza Year ago +5

    David laughing at 2:12 is life LOLLL

  • Ahmed Shegaa Aldeen
    Ahmed Shegaa Aldeen Year ago +2

    I fuckin Love the vlogs where logan appears in them he is just so funny

  • Vanessa Gonzalez
    Vanessa Gonzalez Year ago

    Love this u guys are really living the dream

  • gmo
    gmo Year ago

    Mike I honestly respect your sober streak so much ever since i’ve been trying to get sober. It’s tough and i’ve tried multiple times and backslid. But lately i’ve made progress and thinking this might be it. You’re and inspiration Mike thank you

  • lukeglavan
    lukeglavan Year ago +9

    I have been waiting for this colab forever soo cool to see them when there is no beef

  • Devon Chrisner
    Devon Chrisner Year ago +3

    Great episode lowkey can’t wait for the next.

  • Ed Carlson
    Ed Carlson Year ago

    Hope you guys had a good trip!!! I signed up for current pick me!! Love you man! Make sure to get the mop when Logan sells the house !

  • Vedant Gaur
    Vedant Gaur Year ago +466

    Logan got a habit of saying fammm...good lord KSI

    • jjj
      jjj Year ago +1

      @Julian Siebert LMAO YOUR JOKING. ITS FROM NEW YORK, it was a hip hop term. Next you brits will try to claim hip hop and drill music because you are obsessed with us because your culture is sh*t.

    • Vedant Gaur
      Vedant Gaur Year ago

      @Merkle 🧢

    • Merkle
      Merkle Year ago

      I make entertaining videos like Mike I 100% bet you will laugh. If not u can tell me

    • Julian Siebert
      Julian Siebert Year ago

      @jjj it’s London slang, NY and Toronto copier, do your research first

    • Vedant Gaur
      Vedant Gaur Year ago +2

      @jjj nahhhh fam was created in India 💀

  • Josh Moxey Unlimited

    I'm so here for high Logan being too distracted by Mike's nose shadow to acknowledge that they have a welcome party at a castle waiting for them lmao

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones Year ago +1

    2:11 that was low of logan, mike I'm proud of you, I know how hard it is and you are a strong man to stay clean .... love you bro

  • E E
    E E Year ago +1

    We definitely need 3 episodes Mike and we need them today tomorrow and yesterday

  • Ethan Forbes
    Ethan Forbes Year ago

    This was one of the best night shift episodes !

  • John O'Connor
    John O'Connor Year ago +1

    this is my favorite mike video. love to see it sir

  • Kieran.42
    Kieran.42 Year ago +12

    This seems like it’s going to be fun

  • Lesha Johanneck
    Lesha Johanneck Year ago

    Omg this is like the old days this shit was funny af!! This vlog is under viewed. ♡

  • StateView Capital
    StateView Capital Year ago +17

    Mike changed my life thank you sir! East coast represent

  • standonmytoes285
    standonmytoes285 Year ago

    There’s never been one video I’ve watched I didn’t give you guys a like before it even starts playing lol Time to clock in bro bro. Much respect you’ll always get my like on all channels

  • King Cam / Cam The Man

    Logan might’ve had the biggest drop off and the biggest comeback in celebrity history…

  • Axel
    Axel Year ago

    Mike I'm so happy you finally achieved the lazy river lmao hahaha

  • Aiden Codina
    Aiden Codina Year ago

    Hey bro I’m going through mental illness I have anxiety and bro your a light in a dark place man spread your positivity you won me as a fan I hope all your dreams in life come true keep working brother

  • Marvin Paredes
    Marvin Paredes Year ago

    1:12 was the single best moment of the vlog

  • K
    K Year ago +137

    “I don’t like be being sick, so i just get high”
    Preach my bro preach

    • Bob Ten
      Bob Ten Year ago

      These guys are underated and they make similiar videos

      JVE MEISTER Year ago +5

      such a G, Jake could never

  • Daniel Davidson
    Daniel Davidson Year ago

    Been waiting for this! Let’s goo 💪🏽

  • ViTalRex
    ViTalRex Year ago +2

    This is the real definition of
    "WE MADE IT"

  • VividDragoon839
    VividDragoon839 Year ago

    One of they most entertaining vlogs bro nice work

  • CH
    CH Year ago

    This video just made my life. I missed this duo

  • Jordan B
    Jordan B Year ago

    Solid video as always. Need more of these asap

  • manish jha
    manish jha Year ago

    You guys are pure entertainer

  • Spencer Richmond
    Spencer Richmond Year ago +29

    If you left mike in a room with himself for more than 30 mins he will probably start talking to himself

    • beaner
      beaner Year ago +4

      he probably interrupts himself when he talk to himself

  • Tony Trujillo
    Tony Trujillo Year ago

    Mike is the best youtuber, the only book author that i finished and loved his book! Keep doing your thingy thang and all that. Also maybe write another book your life now and how your living the life you never thought you would live!!! We love you mike no 🧢

  • Nadia
    Nadia Year ago +135

    The definition of the stereotypical American tourists in Europe. Cheers!

    • joshentertainment 2
      joshentertainment 2 Year ago

      The youthful youtubers are so energetic

    • Nadia
      Nadia Year ago

      @Damyan Sandoval Who’s foreign? Did I tell a lie?

    • Nadia
      Nadia Year ago

      @Double S they can do whatever they want. Was just an observation.

    • Nadia
      Nadia Year ago

      @Bessel nah

    • Yonatan Getachew
      Yonatan Getachew Year ago +1

      Ikr, americans

  • Nikki Richards
    Nikki Richards Year ago +29

    The ppl that payed for them to go on this trip is like wtf are these foolish children doing... at least ya guys are always yourselves no matter where or what

  • Josh Bell
    Josh Bell Year ago

    Big Mike you don’t understand the difference you make the realest out there you and Logan bringing these vids make us all happy as fuck

  • Dpoole
    Dpoole Year ago

    Been waiting for another nightshift vlog! 💪🏻

  • yu shaaa
    yu shaaa Year ago

    So glad mike and logan the ultimate duooo...🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • RastaRican
    RastaRican Year ago

    Love to see it! The boys !

  • ATP_123
    ATP_123 Year ago

    Mike is so funny. Love the vids

  • Kevin White
    Kevin White Year ago

    Glad to see things are looking up between you and Logan

    JVE MEISTER Year ago +3

    shout out to Mike providing goated content when yt is dryyy rn

  • John Stickney
    John Stickney Year ago


  • JDL
    JDL Year ago

    Wow, that looks like fun trip Mike!

  • Batman
    Batman Year ago

    This vlog was hilarious

  • Ryan Kinsey
    Ryan Kinsey Year ago +47

    "I don't like being sick, so I get high."
    I felt that

    • Bob Ten
      Bob Ten Year ago

      These guys are underated and they make similiar videos

  • Mr. Bombastic
    Mr. Bombastic Year ago +2

    "Hey Mike does this seem familiar?" Had me rolling 🤣

  • Boruto Sàn
    Boruto Sàn Year ago +714

    David just casuall german with an shirt from his best friend‘s ex

    • Odyseusz Koskiniotis
      Odyseusz Koskiniotis Year ago

      My best girls ex friend - he just went full MGK lll

    • Better
      Better Year ago +3

      Mike is also disappointing with his new promos

  • TrishHamilton
    TrishHamilton Year ago

    The fall!!! Ahaha I wish you had something in your hands to throw at the same time 🤣

  • Vikash Bodoi.5B
    Vikash Bodoi.5B Year ago

    This Guy Makes some of the best content ever ,like on the same level of logan bk in the days where he used to break plates with evan 👌😎

  • NBA OldBoy
    NBA OldBoy Year ago +11

    “Weed isn’t a drug” “it is everywhere in Europe”
    Me: Laughs in Dutch*

    • YU WEI
      YU WEI Year ago

      Netherlands the best

  • Jet Kyle
    Jet Kyle Year ago +5

    Mike i stg i was just binge watching the night shift and now theres a new episode lets go!

  • zekeisntcrazy
    zekeisntcrazy Year ago +2

    Awww that woman is so sweet for helping him up, we all need a kind woman like that.

  • Antoni 42
    Antoni 42 Year ago

    I really love hearing about blue chew and the current card every video😍

  • Nick Dunn
    Nick Dunn Year ago

    Mike I know you love reviewing places like in n out and such but you need to try Culver's butter burger in the Midwest! Hands down best fast food burger out there! Also you gotta get the cheese curds!

  • Robert and Rudy
    Robert and Rudy Year ago


    • Very Hot
      Very Hot Year ago


  • Gabby Portis
    Gabby Portis Year ago

    Mike is so funny I can’t 😭😭

  • Moises Belisario
    Moises Belisario Year ago

    I really loves these blogs

  • Alfonso Sámano
    Alfonso Sámano 11 months ago


  • Onkers
    Onkers Year ago +7


    • Very Hot
      Very Hot Year ago


  • Ramon and Dev
    Ramon and Dev Year ago +2

    when logan said “ i dont like being sick, so i just get high “ i felt that

  • Em
    Em Year ago +3

    The nose shadow 😂😂😂
    I couldn’t breathe, had to pause
    Comedy as always lol

  • xChazzerZ
    xChazzerZ Year ago

    Hey man, what’s going on with Logan man. I can tell he ain’t feelin good. I hope he feels better, I’m also struggling with a depressive episode myself and at least to me he seems how I act when I don’t want people to worry. I’m sure he’ll be okay, but help him Mike. Drugs and alcohol aren’t gonna help, only gonna make him feel worse. You know what it’s like to have a substance dependency, even if whatever Logan’s doing probably isn’t worse, try to help him Mike.

  • fintan boyle
    fintan boyle Year ago

    Mikes sponsor sections have to be the only adds I willingly watch 🤣

  • Mystic Saiyan
    Mystic Saiyan Year ago +5

    Logan: "hey Mike does this look familiar" 😳🤣 2:10

  • xX_kill_yourself_Xx

    One thing I’ve learned in life is someone who is a genuine cool person, never calls themselves a “cool person”

  • Jessica Rose
    Jessica Rose Year ago

    Hey mike, I could totally FEEL that face you made when Logan said “when i feel sick, I just get high” LOL...as a recovering heroin addict myself...I prob said that a million times...along with “I no longer get high, I just get well”. (I know that’s not what Logan was talking about but the look you gave the camera 😂)

  • ben
    ben Year ago

    This is one of your best vlogs imo

  • WillisIsAwesome
    WillisIsAwesome Year ago

    Cant wait for part 2.

  • Swype.media -
    Swype.media - Year ago +1

    They were so high for all of this and it’s epic 🤣

  • Ultimate GameBox
    Ultimate GameBox Year ago

    Mike: "We might even see you out there"
    Me from a small village in Slovakia: "Yeah, very likely."

  • Jacob Green
    Jacob Green Year ago +32

    This was mike’s and the nights shift’s worse vlog with the most potential I’ve ever seen him put out. Miami, PJ’s, biggest propert is am if Europe, and Madrid but all he post was his nose, Logan imitating Mike banging heroin, and then swimming. Part 2 better be heavy fye.

    • Alex Noorbakhsh
      Alex Noorbakhsh Year ago

      He wasn’t imitating him doing heroin, he was getting a shot and made a joke. Kind of a fu*ked joke. But just a joke nonetheless. Lol

      C0ACHMAYNE Year ago +3

      True it was bad, from the looks of it they were drunk the whole time so GG

  • Ammar Izzuddin Redza Rizal

    I can't believe that I am so affected by logan stopping making videos bro.Wish he would continue making vidoes and shit and just be himself but yeah just like he said every good thing must come to an end.

  • Gregory Campbell
    Gregory Campbell Year ago +1

    Nurse tryna Get It! Lol
    That's what Mike needs. A motherly girlfriend.