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What IS Autism w/ Bill Burr (from “Take Your Shoes Off” podcast - ep

  • Published on Jan 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Wanna hear more about what tf #autism is? Check out episode #187 of #TakeYourShoesOffPodcast with #BillBurr and #RickGlassman here: • Bill Burr UNCENSO...
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  • Rick Glassman
    Rick Glassman  Month ago +3406

    For those of you asking, link to full episode in the description. This convo starts around @40:00.

    • Noah Wright
      Noah Wright Day ago

      What's the time u stole the clip from bc it's not @40:00

    • Daniel Alderman
      Daniel Alderman 2 days ago

      46:05 is where this clip starts.

    • Done
      Done 3 days ago

      Timestamp it next time. It's fucking annoying to search through minutes of video. Totally killed my interest. If you're posting a link then there's no excuse not to timestamp.

    • Mike
      Mike 5 days ago

      But how do you tell people with Autism from people who just want to Virtual signal to get the attention for autism? Because that is a thing believe it or not.

    • Rick
      Rick 7 days ago

      I just found out I'm autistic

  • Meme God
    Meme God Month ago +12988

    bill is the embodiment of a dad that doesn't understand things and wants to learn but is weirdly aggressive about it

    • Greg McLaren
      Greg McLaren 15 hours ago

      Perfect description

    • Millsy
      Millsy 2 days ago

      Yes. Its called BEING YOURSELF. 😊

    • Sam the Eagle Scout
      Sam the Eagle Scout 3 days ago

      It’s honestly refreshing. He wants to learn but he puts a comedic spin on it.

  • Sloan Dix
    Sloan Dix Month ago +2047

    My son is non-verbal, but that little dude is so happy all the time and gives the biggest hugs. Love that little man

    • Dylan Grenier
      Dylan Grenier Day ago


    • Matthew Decker
      Matthew Decker 2 days ago

      I shit my pants

    • Tee Stephenson
      Tee Stephenson 3 days ago

      My nephews the same . He’s being tested for autism but the professional that comes to our house says he may just have delayed development .

    • B H
      B H 4 days ago

      Wonder what we all ate or why the rise in kids being born like this..seriously gotta be a reason. Only about 4 kids in my high-school year were probs autistic. Now it's every 2nd child

  • budemawa
    budemawa Month ago +970

    I love how he understood how thats kinda just how Bill Burr talks and didn't get offended and just explained it lmao

    • koolaidmansam • 8 years ago
      koolaidmansam • 8 years ago 4 days ago +9

      @Hal Douglas he was some what aggressive about it. i could see how that could anger some.

    • Hal Douglas
      Hal Douglas 7 days ago +4

      well yeah, he's just talking?

    • itachee
      itachee 8 days ago +9

      There was nothing to be offended

    • Ben Harlow
      Ben Harlow 23 days ago +18

      That's how everyone should be

  • Nojatha
    Nojatha Month ago +14378

    Bill Burr is the most aggressively curious guy out there

      SCOTT MILLER 7 days ago

      His kid is a black ginger

    • SATIVA R
      SATIVA R 24 days ago

      I love how he understands

    • AutoMatt
      AutoMatt 27 days ago

      As an aggressively curious person I’m just here to say we really mean zero harm or offense, we just passionately wanna know wtf 😅

    • KingCrazyman2011
      KingCrazyman2011 28 days ago

      ​@Jamie Neace "No filter, it's just coming out with no gateway."

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson Month ago +661

    Let’s pause and appreciate that Bill Burr asked what autism is while exhibiting nearly every trait on the spectrum.

    • Sam Nicholas
      Sam Nicholas Day ago +1

      Bill is just from Boston that’s all

    • StellarLimpkin
      StellarLimpkin 3 days ago +1

      And me listening to him explaining thinking how I’m every one of them.

    • swagmaster39
      swagmaster39 6 days ago +6

      ​@RIDICULOGAN can be lol i do it all the time

  • Ben Rego
    Ben Rego 20 days ago +66

    With how big a fan Rick is of Bill, when he says “are you sitting down” and it crushes with Bill, we all could feel that smile from Rick and how much it meant

  • nice shirt
    nice shirt Month ago +70746

    “is that part of autism” is the most billy burr question ever

    • abraxas
      abraxas 30 minutes ago

      @Brandon Newby he started his comedy career as billy burr, you can hear it in very old videos

      SCOTT MILLER 7 days ago

      His kid is a black ginger

    • SSdragon666
      SSdragon666 20 days ago

      @nice shirt everyone

    • nice shirt
      nice shirt 29 days ago

      @Nicholas Leonard prove he is without using “faith”

    • Nicholas Leonard
      Nicholas Leonard 29 days ago

      @nice shirt prove his God isn’t real !

  • ath illy
    ath illy Month ago +85

    This is why everyone loves bill burr, he's willing to actually listen

    • BitchyBrunette
      BitchyBrunette Month ago +2

      I was gonna say the same thing, he’s not only curious but he’s down to learn and listen and not just spouting stupid thoughts. He’s genuinely wondering
      Love that

  • stevecohenfun
    stevecohenfun 23 days ago +18

    Making Bill Burr laugh with something like "Are you sitting down?" is a life goal

  • Bedevere
    Bedevere Month ago +11873

    "Are you sitting down?" Even Bill Burr was caught off guard.

    • Putin
      Putin 25 days ago

      ​@Ian McGregorwtf did he say? cant see the comment

    • Ian McGregor
      Ian McGregor 27 days ago +1

      @BoomSlang You win the internet today.

    • Jeff LeMaster
      Jeff LeMaster 28 days ago +1

      ​@BoomSlangBro, I just spit out my coffee.🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Scott
      Scott Month ago

      ​@Corey Robinson thats not how comedy works lol. if something is funny its funny. comedians are not harder to make laugh

    • HeyRoosty
      HeyRoosty Month ago +2

      ​@Ghostyrex Your parents divorce was definitely your fault.

  • Ritz
    Ritz 27 days ago +7

    People generally can’t accept that I’m autistic, because i come off as pretty socially skilled, warm and empathetic. The main way my autism affects me is hypersensitivity to all sensory inputs, which makes life like a bad trip for me most of the times. Noise gives me electrical like shocks through the body, light gives headaches and nausea, and social stimulation wears me out completely. It’s very debilitating for me but mainly a physical problem rather than a psychological. Autism isn’t just quirky, it can be really painful.

  • B l u 2 2
    B l u 2 2 23 days ago +9

    The more he went over the traits the more "oh sh why's that relatable" I got

  • RockSolitude
    RockSolitude Month ago +4443

    I love it when the clip just randomly ends mid sentence before they get to the point. Thank you, very good.

    • Riley William
      Riley William 2 days ago

      ​@DcuWcy Yes the colour spectrum has an order but that doesn't mean you can describe a colour by how green it is. Like is a tomato more or less green than a plum?

    • Lance Tyler
      Lance Tyler 28 days ago

      Hahaha these comments just make my day

    • Drabs
      Drabs Month ago +2

      @Ally Rose why do you care so much about what I care about? Mind your business

    • Ally Rose
      Ally Rose Month ago

      ​@Drabs why do you care so much that their explanation wasn't perfect? It's literally not a big deal

    • ttrmotocross
      ttrmotocross Month ago

      Gotta keep that short format, keep the people scrolling and addicted.

  • John Pratt
    John Pratt 28 days ago +20

    good to see bill actually talking with someone who knows more shit than him and letting them teach him shit

  • Realystic_Misstik
    Realystic_Misstik 4 days ago +4

    Dude made Bill Burr laugh, that's enough for me lol love it

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S Month ago +3496

    "I can explain it"
    He wasn't expecting to finally get an explanation

    • Chase
      Chase 25 days ago +1

      ​@Thomas Willard your room temp IQ is palpable

    • Amir V
      Amir V 28 days ago

      Well I fuckin was. Then it cut off

    • Thomas Willard
      Thomas Willard 29 days ago +1

      @Kahssie This is exactly it.
      I have mild sensitivities, I'm lucky, I can still enjoy loud music and the like. But high-pitched sounds like nails on chalkboards, brake squealers, and dohwhistles drive me to literal rage and can trigger a meltdown.
      This isn't even touching electrical sensitivities.

  • Omnificent Games
    Omnificent Games 3 days ago +1

    I love that Rick makes Bill Burr genuinely laugh. It's like the holy grail of a joke landing, when it lands right on Burr's unexpecting face.

  • Static Builds
    Static Builds 8 days ago +4

    As someone on the spectrum I never realised that other people might not understand what spectrum represents. If anyone is confused spectrum refers to the symptoms of autism as there are many traits and to be autistic you just need a few different traits. Two people can be autistic but have completely different and sometimes opposite traits

  • J G
    J G Month ago +2350

    I'm a rank 31 Autistic, class feature unlocked; Fidget Tick

    • metonoma
      metonoma 7 days ago +1

      level 600 information overlord, +35 weighted blanket, -7000 social withdrawal, +5 big dick energy

    • Purp 2
      Purp 2 21 day ago +1

      @Bodudus damn 😂

    • Kirsty Gunn
      Kirsty Gunn 29 days ago +2

      I once told someone that my kids were Autistic and they asked 'what level?' Like it was a video game, I just replied 'i dont know they haven't completed it all yet.'

    • Kimmy Head
      Kimmy Head 29 days ago

      This, and this thread, is hilarious.

  • Buji Molp
    Buji Molp Month ago +8

    I glad he was patient with him and actually explained it

  • RobertYanez03
    RobertYanez03 Month ago +75

    I used to work at Walmart as a department manager. There was a young boy sitting one of my shelves with his brother. I very kindly asked them not to sit on the shelve because I didn't want them to get hurt. They got up and left and I thought that was the end of it. 2 minutes later this Lady approaches me and asked if I said something to a little boy. I said "Yes ma'am I asked him to please not sit on the shelf due to the possibility of it collapsing and cause him injury perhaps even death."
    I was told that next time I need to go find the mother because he has autism and was in tears. The small boy was of dark skin, slightly darker than mine. The woman who approached me was a white woman who happened to not be in the area of the time. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Personally I would prefer to hurt his feelings than to see him get hurt in my store.

    • Martin Wobbly
      Martin Wobbly 23 days ago +2

      If your shelves are that fragile you need better engineered shelves. What garbage.

    • RobertYanez03
      RobertYanez03 25 days ago

      @Memento Mori and you as well

    • SomeRandomGuy369
      SomeRandomGuy369 25 days ago +1

      Lol. Those kind of parents are always the worst. They act like their kid should get away with anything. Had same experience with deaf kids playing with an electrical box outside. They opened it and were playing with the exposed switches a wires. Instead of thanking me she just yelled at me like i was the bad guy. For real... i couldnt believe these kids and like 5 of them playing around with an open power station outside. I didnt know they were deaf and I dont see how that matters.
      Oh and at the time i was 17...

    • Memento Mori
      Memento Mori 26 days ago +1

      @RobertYanez03 Again thank you for explaining! I'm sorry you thought of this as an interview, I was just trying to understand the situation. Have a nice day :)

  • Josi Brosi
    Josi Brosi Month ago +3891

    He fucking got him with that "Are you sitting down?" XD

    • zhubwat
      zhubwat Month ago

      @Samantha I forgive you, though I wasn't necessarily calling you out in particular with my comment. The joke itself is quite simple, I agree.

    • Samantha
      Samantha Month ago

      ​@zhubwat I only assumed it wasn't simple because the original commenter made it out to be the joke of the century. It definitely was a simple joke.

    • Andrew Tate
      Andrew Tate Month ago

      Im stealing this

    • Charlie LyricTarot
      Charlie LyricTarot Month ago

      @zhubwat 👍🏿

    • zhubwat
      zhubwat Month ago

      @Charlie LyricTarot You're right that it's sarcasm (because the question was rhetorical), but it's nothing more than that: a joke.
      Reading into it any more than that is taking it too far, when obviously Bill wasn't offended by it. Not only that, but it's just not right to assume the worst of these absolute strangers for no reason.
      And, honestly, calling it a "simple concept" is a bit much. The rest of these comments show that it's not as simple as you seem to think.

  • Get Litt With Bluu
    Get Litt With Bluu 5 days ago +7

    Its something about aggressive curiosity that just tickles me like "I'm totally fucking confused rn but educate me on what this shit is"

  • Chris Duffy
    Chris Duffy 15 days ago +9

    “Everybody can’t talk about it.” Bumps into the first person on the planet willing to explain it to him. Man, Bill is damned lucky

  • M
    M Month ago +2209

    I like that he is actually answering most people questions, that they wouldn’t normally ask.

    • allabout perspective
      allabout perspective Month ago

      @Rat kid explain normal!

    • Cait
      Cait Month ago

      @Rat kid They were they kind who followed up with that I was taking it too seriously and that it was a joke. And I was like "I fail to see what about autism is a joke" and they were so huffy. Like Yeah I'm socially awkward but it's just because I literally see every micro interaction and it's overstimulating. I know when you're making a joke of me 🤣 Used to take me a couple days but I'm pretty johnny on the spot noticing it now

    • Cait
      Cait Month ago +1

      Me confused people actually want an answer because when I generally give people answers like this they get mad at me lmao

    • Rat kid
      Rat kid Month ago

      @Peter L. Hawks(Violin) I find sometimes if a comment has been reported it disappears but shows up next to the likes as a comment so that could be what happened?

  • Horace spence
    Horace spence 7 days ago +3

    Bill burr sounding like a kid asking his slightly older friend about a slang term

  • Divine Diamond
    Divine Diamond 21 hour ago +2

    "Are you an 11?"
    Code geass fans losing their shit rn

  • Ed Cady-Ross
    Ed Cady-Ross Month ago +2440

    Rick is never going to forget making Bill Burr laugh twice in 45 seconds. Ever.

    • zhubwat
      zhubwat Month ago

      @Kittyfrog Hello, this is law speaking. Who's the crime?

    • Kittyfrog
      Kittyfrog Month ago

      @Kyle Hubbard they’re bleeding out! How could you?! I’m calling the law!

    • Menibor1
      Menibor1 Month ago +1

      @Kyle Hubbard ahhh you bastard you cut me so deep with those words please stop I don't know if my heart can take it anymore....

    • Kyle Hubbard
      Kyle Hubbard Month ago +3

      @Menibor1 Cry I would imagine like you did two hours ago.

    • Menibor1
      Menibor1 Month ago +2

      @Kyle Hubbard omg you hurt me so bad.... what will I do😫

  • As you can clearly see, I am Person

    Bro I always get these people saying, "You don't act autistic," and "You're just saying that to get attention!" I have autism, but I have a less severe form of autism. It does make social situations a pain, and I usually like to stay alone in my room doing the things that I like to do.

  • Jubiel Saucedo
    Jubiel Saucedo 3 days ago +1

    “It is…”
    Video ends.

  • Pope Cannabis
    Pope Cannabis Month ago +3168

    Mad respect for making Bill Burr genuinely laugh at that "sitting down" bit

    • Ah Pek YT
      Ah Pek YT Month ago

      ​@straightblazin7 boohoo

    • Pope Cannabis
      Pope Cannabis Month ago +3

      @straightblazin7 because you say so? the "are you sitting down" bit is funny to a lot of people actually.

    • Ty Mckinnon
      Ty Mckinnon Month ago

      Check out his episode on The Harland Highway. Harland gets a lot of genuine laughs outta Bill on that one. It’s good stuff

    • J_For Freedom
      J_For Freedom Month ago +1

      @straightblazin7 ahhh FOff!!! one of my kid is on that spectrum and that was hilarious.

  • Tony MonXana
    Tony MonXana 11 days ago +3

    I died at the “are you sitting down” part💀

  • Jessica Finney
    Jessica Finney 2 days ago +2

    The fact that this video is to explain autism to us neurotypicals BUT YOU CUT IT OFF AT “it is….”
    IT IS…WHAT?! What is it?! 😭

  • hangukhiphop
    hangukhiphop Month ago +3271

    "Talking with your hands"
    Italians annihilated

    • Josh Johnson
      Josh Johnson 6 days ago

      😂 that was funny

    • T0k4m4K
      T0k4m4K 8 days ago

      Rule of thumb: if you can't speak italian you're not italian.
      "muh my great granddad was swiss" hope no one in this comment section thinks this qualifies

    • Cayden Armentano
      Cayden Armentano 12 days ago

      I was bout to say bro now I’m autistic

    • xeno
      xeno 15 days ago

      Also Italian, I use my hands all the time 😂

    • Xav Nyseth
      Xav Nyseth 17 days ago

      “Talking with your hands”
      People who sign for def people 🤨 excuse me?

  • Yahir Avila
    Yahir Avila 18 days ago +1

    "Okay, Shit". He didn't expect that 😂😂

  • stickerz
    stickerz 3 days ago

    As an autistic, I think it’s hilarious that I talk EXACTLY like bill

  • FueldByIrony
    FueldByIrony Month ago +11712

    Dude said are you sitting down so fucking smoothly you’d think it was a genuine question lmao

    • Dinux Play
      Dinux Play Month ago

      ​@Z Knight wheeze with laughter? Nice over exaggeration but he was not laughing that much. It was literally just a chuckle. And by the time the other person started, he was already way done

    • Alien Storage
      Alien Storage Month ago

      ​@sultan788 "behind in growth in certain aspects" may be correct, however individual traits of Autism can also push one far ahead - as proven with certain analytical & mathematical capabilities.
      Truthfully, more research & study still has to be invested in this field.

    • xavier daniels
      xavier daniels Month ago


    • zhubwat
      zhubwat Month ago +1

      ​@Jesus Garcia It's a question like "is your seatbelt on?"
      It's asking if you're prepared for what's coming, but it's humorous because it's obvious that Bill IS sitting down, so the question is redundant.
      The guy is asking "are you ready to hear this answer," but he does so in a way that expects the answer "yes" (because he knows that Bill is sitting).
      So, the joke is that it's funny that he asked, because he didn't ask a question where Bill could say "no".

  • Ashley Brownson
    Ashley Brownson 13 days ago +1

    I think we need to explain those things to neurotypicals though. Like how not picking up on facial cues effects our lives. Will get you punched in the face or fired from a job and you won’t even know why…

  • YourHumbleStormtrooper

    Still can’t believe they let this guy on Star Wars 😂 we need more of him

  • Trash panda
    Trash panda Month ago +2540

    Everyone: Oh you're autistic? Wow, you're so amazing!

    • Ceramic Quill
      Ceramic Quill Month ago +1

      Never heard anyone consider autism amazing outside of the Rain Man and Savant Syndrome-type folks. We don't all have unique skills and crazy abilities, just tendencies and hyper-fixations we have to learn to navigate appropriately.

    • -My Harlequinn Sapphic Arch-
      -My Harlequinn Sapphic Arch- Month ago +1

      @Elias 15_0 we twnd to have amazing pattern recognizition skills, so we tend to be hyper aware or intuitive!! :D

    • NO CAPS
      NO CAPS Month ago +2

      @Elias 15_0 Yeah, me neither
      (Proceeds to bundle with my 15 Undertale plushies)
      I don’t know why tho

  • Get off my grass
    Get off my grass 10 days ago

    You know Bill Burr likes you when he laughs at your jokes.

  • BD_Lundi
    BD_Lundi Month ago +1

    Need more conversations like this, I love listening to a podcast and actually come out learning something ya know

  • DoubleM
    DoubleM Month ago +8154

    I like how he's brash but actually cares to learn

    • Tucker Cobern
      Tucker Cobern Month ago

      @Scarlet Rose I never asked for any explanation. I said it’s an affliction, which it is by definition, and I got some dude freaking the fuck out on me talking about how I need to grow and evolve.

    • Scarlet Rose
      Scarlet Rose Month ago +1

      ​@Tucker Cobern it gets frustrating when you have to explain the same stuff about your existence over and over again especially if that part of you has a hard time communicating with people.

    • Scarlet Rose
      Scarlet Rose Month ago

      ​@Devon Bowen it's usually easier to understand someone's experiwhen you talk directly to them. Most of the time, I agree it's best to try to find the answer on your own before asking someone to define their existence, but with autism it's really hard to find sources from autistic people themselves. Most Google searches will lead you to autism mommy blogs and "scientists discover thing autistic people have been saying for years". The Austin's sphere is saturated with the voices of nonautistic people.

  • Vexille The Pretzel
    Vexille The Pretzel 21 day ago

    Bill is like the way I am by myself. Only he is that way with other people.

  • American First
    American First 10 days ago

    I love seeing someone make bill laugh

  • Dexter Wooten
    Dexter Wooten Month ago +3507

    Popping Bill Burr on a joke and genuinely making him laugh is probably one of the best feelings in the world.

    • Pleasure
      Pleasure Month ago

      You’ve done it?

    • Mattshu
      Mattshu Month ago +1

      I replayed that wholesome part like 5 times

    • JorgEduardorR
      JorgEduardorR Month ago +14

      ​@OF CV Not picking up facial cues! You are on the spectrum bro! Congrats

    • N M
      N M Month ago +4

      The dirtier the better!

  • The trick is I rarely respond

    "I'M ON THE SPECTRUM!" meant a whole different thing for 80s computer users in the UK.

  • Zack Jordan
    Zack Jordan 14 days ago

    Dude had Bill laughing pretty good i don't see that too often.

  • Pavel Dostal
    Pavel Dostal Month ago +2650

    If I made bill burr laugh I'd put that on my resume

    • miguel
      miguel Month ago

      @novedekne home run nove!

    • novedekne
      novedekne Month ago +1

      @miguel wendys? More like Undies…

    • noln
      noln Month ago

      @miguel I would believe you when you say it's not working if you didn't keep responding yet here you are.

    • miguel
      miguel Month ago

      @noln i like how you trying to gaslight me.
      Its not working, sadly.
      Sorry bud.

  • 00JJ
    00JJ 7 days ago

    Bill is America's stereotypical Dad that DGAF.

    ARUCARDFTEPES 21 day ago

    I can see Bill cutting in one second after this short ends to say, "I thought you said you could explain it easily?"

  • Bilb Ono
    Bilb Ono Month ago +4491

    I love how he quickly and firmly answers "yeah" to bill bur asking if the time on the clock is part of Autism.

    • foreverNwonder
      foreverNwonder Month ago

      @allabout perspective true! Those rare days I forget & think I’m late (but am actually early/on time) are the literal best!

    • allabout perspective
      allabout perspective Month ago +1

      @foreverNwonder that’s because you don’t forget that you did put your clock ahead, if you’re messed up enough in your head you will forget and be in time (sometimes)

    • Y
      Y Month ago +1

      @foreverNwonder me and my partner set all of our clocks an hour forward for that reason!

    • sage green
      sage green Month ago

      ​@CleverGirlAAH yikes

    • Scarlet Rose
      Scarlet Rose Month ago

      ​@Doc Julien the line between being lazy and having a disorder of some kind is the why. Are you not doing things because you just don't want to get up, or is it because your overwhelmed, don't know where to start, or feel like there's no point in anything. If your being lazy not doing the thing is relaxing, if you have a disorder, not doing the thing is stressful.
      I think trying to find a line between disorder and lack of intelligence for the sake of judgment is mean and useless so I don't know where that line is sorry.
      Actually normalizing not making eye contact if it makes you uncomfortable is helpful to autistic people even if you aren't autistic yourself. People regardless of whether or not they are autistic should be allowed harmless nonconformity. You don't need an excuse to get away with not fitting in.

  • j
    j 29 days ago

    Love when Bill laughs at something he genuinely finds funny. It makes it funnier somehow.

  • Danyiel Says
    Danyiel Says 29 days ago +1

    I work with someone who is autistic and he's sensitive to sounds and he is narrow focused like he would look at something straight on

  • Toler
    Toler Month ago +2384

    Having Bill Burr laugh after YOU say something is a huge accomplishment.

    • Roxas Kinghearts
      Roxas Kinghearts Month ago +2

      @I Am The Teapot all i have to say to that my autism is nothing compaired to the millions of people who where born with physical brain deformities and i understand them better then the masses whos never had their body just randomly fail on them because the electric signals get so jumbled your brain will send the wrong signals out.
      but if your really sorry help fight Republicans bitherist push while they defund hospitals and medical treatment for people like us because clearly American stopped valuing human life 10 Republican states with 0 minimum marriage age and the states who human traffic thru these states like texas thru Mississippi

    • I Am The Teapot
      I Am The Teapot Month ago

      @Roxas Kinghearts That was really insensitive of me to say man, I'm sorry. I was just jabbing at you not thinking about the fact that I know nothing about who you are. I sncerely apologize.

    • ThePrinceOfSpace413
      ThePrinceOfSpace413 Month ago +1

      "are you sitting down?"

    • I Am The Teapot
      I Am The Teapot Month ago +1

      @Wade Wilson no he's saying he wouldn't laugh if it wasn't funny.

  • Free Palestine 🇵🇸
    Free Palestine 🇵🇸 17 days ago +2

    Bill just seems like a guy who wants to understand. Respect that.

    • DeathnoteBB
      DeathnoteBB 10 days ago

      @msbabc And just as many that spew filth and bigotry. I much prefer him asking a real person in front of him than risking seeing some A$ on Google

    • msbabc
      msbabc 12 days ago

      If he really wanted to learn there are very many books.

  • Ntandoyenkosi Shamase

    After listening to this entire video, I still don't know what autism is

  • Andrew ///
    Andrew /// Month ago +3212

    “Are you sitting down?”
    That got me.

      LNJBROOKS Month ago

      @Spotty I interpreted it completely different. I took it as ‘are you sitting down?’ Which he obviously is, so it’s a redundant question. Like in Australia we’d say ‘do bears shit in the woods?’. Meaning the answer is so obvious that it doesn’t need an answer.
      Crazy how we can find things funny in two seperate interpretations

  • The Other Dave
    The Other Dave Month ago

    Making Bill Burr laugh is a real badge of honor 😅

  • TrinityofthePhoenix
    TrinityofthePhoenix 27 days ago

    Bro you just described the whole internet.

  • Milly Rainbowskittlez
    Milly Rainbowskittlez Month ago +2482

    i love this interaction. He asks a genuine question out of frustration, and is given a serious answer, and he listens and tries to understand actively.
    Why cant more people be like this?

    • SSVP Gaming
      SSVP Gaming Month ago

      Bill is awesome. Asks questions so direct, but actually pays attention to the response

    • Valerie B
      Valerie B Month ago

      Are you sitting down? 😂

    • Fifty BMX
      Fifty BMX Month ago

      A " serious answer" ? Tf?

  • Severinsen
    Severinsen Month ago +2

    We are _all_ on "the spectrum."
    The difference comes from where we *actually lie on the spectrum,* and how much it impedes us in our daily life.
    That's why some people who "seem autistic" aren't, and vice versa.
    My psychiatrist explained this to me in detail while I was being assessed.

  • Retrynth
    Retrynth 13 days ago

    Hahaha I love Bill's reaction to the "Are you sitting down?"

  • Erwin Heinrich Stromer
    Erwin Heinrich Stromer Month ago +1771

    "Talking with your hands"
    *confused Italian and Argentine noises*

    • * Lotusblume *
      * Lotusblume * 28 days ago

      The bald guy interjected that comment. It’s not really a trait.

    • gunna’s intern
      gunna’s intern Month ago

      @Becquerel B latin americans and italians also talk using their hands too alongside talking with them

    • Emma Flores
      Emma Flores Month ago

      Yeah, the research was done only on young white boys so it's very skewed

    • Luciano Gug
      Luciano Gug Month ago

      Well i know understand my whole country actual situation

  • C Barker
    C Barker 5 days ago +1

    Spectrum is more like a spiderweb. There are many symptoms, the "spectrum" is just how much you have each of these symptoms.

  • Big Q Big Q
    Big Q Big Q 28 days ago +2

    “I can explain it very easily” Proceeds to give a long drawn out confusing explanation

  • E  K
    E K Month ago +1913

    its kinda nice seeing bill be the one reacting and just laughing

    • TheMightyLyon
      TheMightyLyon Month ago

      @Holygiant oh yeah for sure

    • Holygiant
      Holygiant Month ago +2

      ​@TheMightyLyon bill can be harsh but he is a good guy at heart I think

    • Jared Piper
      Jared Piper Month ago

      @JimboCruntz probably trying to change everyone’s view of him as “the hardest comedian guest to interview” he’s the best

    • TheMightyLyon
      TheMightyLyon Month ago +12

      ​@JimboCruntzto be fair if you listen or watch the podcasts he does with others he does tend to do this when topics hes not versed in come up, dude is always open to learning more about stuff

    • JimboCruntz
      JimboCruntz Month ago +13

      The fact he listened to it all too, this is a great interaction.

  • Jonathan Wolk
    Jonathan Wolk 27 days ago +1

    It not like there's an 11, I love this guy, thank you.

  • Tim Rodgers
    Tim Rodgers 27 days ago

    I like this guy. He straight up matched Bill Burr's energy like a champ. I've found a new podcast

  • Rj Ortiz
    Rj Ortiz Month ago +3169

    That was the most respectful " what the fuck is it ? " I've ever heard lol

    • Sourman6379
      Sourman6379 11 days ago

      @Patrick McGinnes they would’ve said if they intended him to be autistic like what 💀 it’s common sense stop trying to prove a point that had and has no standing

  • Canary Silvertail
    Canary Silvertail 11 days ago +5

    The best description for accurately explaining how an autistic brain works to a atypical person is this: "My brain is just wired differently to yours."
    It's not worse than yours or broken or faulty. It's just wired differently.

    • AutismSings
      AutismSings 5 days ago

      That's a horrible explanation because it literally means nothing and helps no-one.
      Not to mention oftentimes if someone is autistic enough that it impacts their life in any way besides being present on a social media bio, their brain is literally faulty and it causes great frustration all throughout their entire lives.

  • Trevor
    Trevor 2 days ago

    Never wanted to demo someone more than when that bruh said “I can explain it pretty easily“

  • Flip More
    Flip More Month ago +9021

    You can see how proud Rick is when he makes bill laugh with the are you sitting down

    • KSoft Games
      KSoft Games Month ago

      Not gonna lie: catching someone who is a professional comedian with the simplest dry joke in the book is quite the accomplishment. It's all in delivery.

    • Don't trick, I'm tricky.
      Don't trick, I'm tricky. Month ago

      @P! You laugh at your own comments. Disqualified.

    • P!
      P! Month ago

      @Don't trick, I'm tricky.uhh no lmfao

  • C. B. Alan
    C. B. Alan 29 days ago

    This is the second clip I've seen where he's made Burr laugh with the most used jokes in history. Kudos to him.

  • De'entre
    De'entre 25 days ago

    The straightforward, honest to God "Yeah" was absolutely hilarious 😂

  • Lucky Peanut
    Lucky Peanut Month ago +1316

    I'm not autistic, I just dumped all my skill points into one stat

    • ethen kelso
      ethen kelso Month ago +1

      @Obman's History Project one of the reasons most would ask is if there not “normal” is if a noticeable difference is apparent in day to day life that can give you trouble for instance I’ll give you an example of one of my issues and that was and kinda still is water and I don’t mean like in bathing that is perfectly fine I mean if it was rain outside then I could not go out for if I tried I wold shutdown and become unresponsive/paralyzed if a little water touched my clothes along with other things but usually and what the doctor wold look into is if there was trouble in infancy delay in baby milestone those those kind of things while one of the biggest symptoms you might herd of is the lack of verbal/ability to speak for a longer then normal period not all people with autism have it so it really comes down is this affecting my day to day life and if so how is it affecting my day to day because there are times where people can go there whole life without knowing they where any different with people righting them off as quirky in nature because it’s doesn’t affect them to a point where it hinders there day but because when the symptoms are most noticeable is the early stages of life it’s a lot harder to get diagnosed the older you get but then again that may have changed but that’s was how it was last time I checked

    • Trusty Rusty
      Trusty Rusty Month ago

      ​@eljacko166 this is too funny

    • StarmieSoliloquy
      StarmieSoliloquy Month ago

      @Shad Bird for sure, thanks for the recommendation lmao 🤣

    • Hyra Elle
      Hyra Elle Month ago

      I did the opposite. Let the auto-leveller do it, all 1's!

  • Future Spidey Boy
    Future Spidey Boy 3 days ago

    I myself am autistic and this is how I can explain. As he said we have multiple different traits and difficulties. I can split this into two ways high functioning which means their traits don't necessarily make life extremely difficult. These would be sensitivity to certain senses or difficulty with understanding body language, facial cues, or reading social cues and understanding what you should or shouldn't say in the moment, and obsessions with unordinary/not common things like me I'm really interested in phenomenons such as the Bermuda triangle or frogs falling from the sky. (these are what I have). On the other side you then have low functioning which makes it extremely difficult in daily life. This would be non-verbal, poor motor skills, or not being able to do much on your own. I personally don't know a lot about low functioning. So yeah autism isn't a 1-10 system of autism it's just people behaviors and functions bring different. The closest thing to a scale is low and high functioning which just means how much you can function on your own

  • chonesisbored
    chonesisbored 8 days ago

    After I watched this clip three times in a row and laughed out loud each time, I had to subscribe. Best thing I’ve seen in a while.

  • Ron Jones
    Ron Jones Month ago +2326

    Bill Burr is the kinda person to tell you to your face what he's thinking, no filter. But then have the respect to listen to your side of the conversation.

    • Jared Juetten
      Jared Juetten Month ago

      He's a true classical liberal.

    • Pieman1123
      Pieman1123 Month ago

      ​@Vinegro thas certainly some peoples default state but you're pretty naive if you think everyone is just naturally that charitable

    • Diana Pennepacker
      Diana Pennepacker Month ago

      Yeah he is a stand up guy. Love the honesty. Type of guy to tell tp go take a shower because you don't want someone else to smell ya rank ass, and then ask how your day is going. Probably will leave ya and say go brush your teeth too. Then pick you up the next day and start smelling the air before being like alright ya learned good.

    • SerenePhoenix
      SerenePhoenix Month ago

      I wish he would have started listening earlier so I could hear from of what the informed guy had to say

  • Boz
    Boz 14 days ago

    Bro was reading off the list and I’m sitting here nodding my head as he’s saying them off.

  • bleh 0117
    bleh 0117 11 days ago

    "What is going on- is that part of autism?"

  • Connor Spirasee
    Connor Spirasee Month ago +2803

    "Where in the living fuck does milk come from?" - Bill Burr

    • Arlocc
      Arlocc Month ago

      @P S G yeah why tf has it got no comments still? It’s over 2k atm

    • P S G
      P S G Month ago +8

      1.1k likes and no comme-

  • 219 ghoulish
    219 ghoulish Day ago

    God, bill talks just like my dad LMAO

  • Dayne
    Dayne 28 days ago

    And AFRID. That’s the one that really hit home for me. I’m not “a picky eater” because I want to be. AFRID has the wheel in my life.

  • Genesis the Kitty
    Genesis the Kitty Month ago +1629

    "What the FUCK is autism" is a hilarious question

    • Max Labrador
      Max Labrador Month ago

      @Kisha you can look it up it's not hard

    • Kisha
      Kisha Month ago +1

      @Max Labrador No, it isn't. If needing clarity makes you abelist, then we are all ableist since not a single human was born with that knowledge, and we all had to learn it in one form or another.
      Understanding what it truly means is how we end the ignorance around these subjects. Stop punishing people for asking questions.

    • HagonIsTheMan
      HagonIsTheMan Month ago

      @hostilendn "if you don't come away a better person then you never were a better person.", no shit.

    • hostilendn
      hostilendn Month ago

      As a parent of an autistic child. There is no easy explanation. But there are plenty of heartless people with cold and callous words to be said about it. For this reason alone i can only say that a person should volunteer their time for the disabled. If you don’t come away a better person then you never were.

    • HagonIsTheMan
      HagonIsTheMan Month ago

      @Xenitha I'm sorry but "Attention seeker!" is a garbage argument/insult regardless of who you use it on.

  • AceyCamui
    AceyCamui Month ago +1

    I found out I was on the spectrum at 32. it changed nothing.

  • madison
    madison 24 days ago

    making bill burr laugh has to be a lifetime achievement

  • Jakelol1980
    Jakelol1980 Month ago +1847

    Most autistic people i have meet and i work with autistic people have no problem explaining what there problems are. Its just ”normal” people that get offended.

    • Bodudus
      Bodudus Month ago

      When people ask about me and what I struggle with, I feel a wave of euphoria knowing that someone is trying to understand me and see me as a normal human... but if you make plans with me and change them on me last second and require me to change my plans for the day to fit yours, I lose my fucking shit (even if I didn't have anything personally planned for the day).

    • Jailbreak Moments
      Jailbreak Moments Month ago

      @Trøüt This would be true if the thing was said was actually offensive and if that said thing was not clearly satire. The problem is that people get offended if you misgender a butterfly these days. Being offended quite literally means nothing because people are offended at, and for, everyone and everything. When it comes to offensive humour the vast majority who are offended are not of the targeted group, the targeted group is too busy laughing.

    • Katie
      Katie Month ago


    • Trøüt
      Trøüt Month ago

      @Jailbreak Moments Then people shouldn't have the right to say highly offensive shit to people. Tbf the ones saying the rude shit are the problem at the end of the say and people are upset for a reason. This gaslighting thing people do where they say the most outlandish shit about someone and something they have no idea about and then gaslight the person for having a negative emotion to it. If you have every right to say whatever joke you want then they have e every right to express how offended they are and it'
      s something you should learn to deal with when you re creating the problem.

  • Vanessa Gutierrez
    Vanessa Gutierrez Month ago

    The way the guy said “yeah” after the clock question is perfect

  • Local.556@OEFTF11
    Local.556@OEFTF11 29 days ago

    "is that part of autism?" the instant "yea" reply had me rofl.

  • SplendidCoffee0
    SplendidCoffee0 Month ago +5493

    One of the few interviewers who can reign in The Raging Burr

  • Alicia Corvina
    Alicia Corvina 28 days ago +1

    Go to Shoes Off episode 187 and this convo happens at 49 minutes into the podcast. YW.

  • Evan Wells
    Evan Wells 19 days ago +1

    How i explain it is "I don't know, I just got stuff"

  • Jermaine Ellison
    Jermaine Ellison Month ago +1464

    Asking if someone is sitting down while they are currently sitting down is top tier comedy.

    • DeAnna C
      DeAnna C Month ago

      To whom?? Oh yeah, as a hopeful person, I hadn't considered that the average i.q. of the populace is a whopping 100!! It makes a little sense having this in mind.

    • Blazing
      Blazing Month ago

      Can someone explain the joke I don't understand lol

    • Top Tier Tech
      Top Tier Tech Month ago

      @Unknown Butknown yeah most people don’t find unfunny things to be funny

    • Unknown Butknown
      Unknown Butknown Month ago

      @Bogart ford damn that was hella funny 😂😂😂😂😂

  • KittyKat
    KittyKat Month ago +1

    My therapist explained that tourettes, ocd, adhd and autism are like 4 circles interacting with eachother. Thats why as someone with adhd i have some ticks, obsessiveness over thing being perfect and a hard time filtering out impressions. Most of my symptoms comes from adhd but i still have some from all the other 3

  • fajr strong
    fajr strong 25 days ago +1

    Yep! I have sensory disorder. I’m hyper focused and intensely analytical. And most times I don’t quite get real time social cues.

  • Tim Steffen
    Tim Steffen Month ago +2017

    I love bill. I guarantee he would openly say something like.....
    I'm ignorant man teach me some chit.

    • Noob Dog Gaming
      Noob Dog Gaming Month ago

      Too bad he didn’t say he’s ignorant instead he just acted like one.

    • Riley's Collection
      Riley's Collection Month ago +8

      @Tropiix bro I think he’s just saying to keep an open mind about things, no one is waiting for their sensei to show up lol

    • J K
      J K Month ago +9

      @Tropiix I’m sorry you feel that way.
      But it’s not old people waiting for some respect, it’s old people waiting for a younger person to show interest so they don’t waste their breath on the ignorant.
      I mean sure, they won’t help you if you’re disrespectful; but you don’t have to approach them like they’re a wise old sage or something.
      There’s nothing fantasy about it; it’s reality. Work a trade and you’ll find plenty of people like I described.

    • piss baby
      piss baby Month ago +9

      It's so good!!! We love someone who's interested in educating themselves. I'm both trans and autistic and these are my favorite people to encounter. They don't tend to walk on eggshells (I feel like an asshole when people get nervous about offending me) and I can be completely real with them. Folks that like to learn and aren't scared of not knowing are the best people.

  • Jon Shaffer
    Jon Shaffer 23 days ago

    So nice to hear someone tell bill to settle down

  • Moonster Girl
    Moonster Girl 6 days ago

    I love how straightforward they where. Like let's get to the point.