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Kemper Rig Check - Trivium's Matt Heafy

  • Published on Jul 3, 2016 veröffentlicht
  • Trivium are one of the hardest working bands out there. We had the chance to meet them between their big summer festival shows at an "in between club gig" at Zeche Bochum. We talked to Matt Heafy about the Trivium based rigs and we are able to get some user questions answered.
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  • Mr Hamburgler
    Mr Hamburgler 6 years ago +87

    He's a genuinely nice dude

    • Dylan Benedict
      Dylan Benedict Year ago

      @Eric Matthias instablaster ;)

    • Eric Matthias
      Eric Matthias Year ago

      Sorry to be so off topic but does any of you know of a tool to get back into an instagram account..?
      I was stupid lost my password. I would love any assistance you can offer me

  • Myke Grundhöfer-Dudek
    Myke Grundhöfer-Dudek 4 years ago +3

    I agree. I use to be a purist and hated the amp simulators until I bought one of these. I'm not a great guitar player but this is so simple and easy to use. I got sick of hauling a ton of equipment and relying on the sound guy.

  • Ryan Bailey
    Ryan Bailey 5 years ago +25

    Kempers, weights, and bjj.... 3 reasons to check out Trivium right there

  • Jarkess
    Jarkess 5 years ago +1

    awesome band and this is the exact head I want for my amp

  • Christopher Hopkins
    Christopher Hopkins 5 years ago +23

    Mine is shipping now, after years of fighting it because I am an elitist tube head. It just sounds too good and is so simple it's a dumb choice to not use a Kemper at this point, small home studio or on the road it does it all.

    • Metal Gear
      Metal Gear 2 years ago

      Very happy with my profiler for studio monitors use, impressive. Still fighting to get that tone on a real amp (even bought the Kemper Kone for my 1x12). What’s your experience with real cabs for in the room feeling?

    • Alexander The Meh
      Alexander The Meh 3 years ago

      @David James curious to hear too.. I have a little over a year with my Kemper Powerhead. It's a monster.

    • mark olivares
      mark olivares 3 years ago

      I feel you man I was the same way till I recently purchased the powerhead.

    • RustyNotesTV
      RustyNotesTV 5 years ago +2

      Welcome to the family. You won't regret it!

  • Mattycakes
    Mattycakes 4 years ago +12

    Trivium doesn't have a private jet? Jesus people we keep dropping the ball.

    • Rabbit Den
      Rabbit Den 2 years ago +2

      I the 80s they would have a private jet. In an intervew Misha from Periphery said that albums and shows didn’t pay the bills, he earned money via Clip-Share, endorsements and selling merchandising.

    • Noel Mendez
      Noel Mendez 3 years ago +7

      Mattycakes they’re not on same level as Metallica or Iron Maiden. Unfortunately, this is about as far you go with a successful metal band these days. To make them a commercial success, they’d have to “sell out” and create poppy music to appease the generic crowd. I like them just the way they are now.

  • John Reid
    John Reid 5 years ago +1

    Not my kind of music, but a genuinely nice guy!

  • JohnnyNutman
    JohnnyNutman 6 years ago +41

    haha double refrigerator rig. that was great.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 5 years ago +3

    this guy is so chill

  • Christian Ortiz
    Christian Ortiz 5 years ago +5

    Matt and maynard should both meet up for some time on the mat

  • Jack Butler
    Jack Butler 5 years ago +2

    The Atomic Amplifire fits the bill I guess, 3 buttons, lead, rhythm & clean and you'r golden

    • Jack Butler
      Jack Butler 5 years ago +1

      Chae H with good IRs they all sound comparable. And it's not like Trivium is running models of clean boutique amps in their Kemper. They're only using the 5150 models ffs.

  • merb
    merb 5 years ago

    Matt is cool.

  • capoman1
    capoman1 5 years ago +2

    3:07 He says that there is a tubescreamer in there... So did the Kemper model the tube screamer as well? Or does he have it as a pedal?

    • VortechBand
      VortechBand 4 years ago +1

      Or, in case I misread. Yes, when you profile with the Kemper, you profile your entire rig including pedals, the cabinet, etc. If you had a chorus pedal active, you will have it "built-in" on your profile. You cannot "change" cabinets or effects after the fact. You will need to create a new profile, if you prefer to use a Mesa cab instead of Marshall, for example.

    • VortechBand
      VortechBand 4 years ago +1

      I believe he's talking about the profile he uses. Not that there is a separate TS built-in on the Kemper, or a physical pedal.

  • Gonzalo Chairez
    Gonzalo Chairez 6 years ago +2


  • D Robertson
    D Robertson 3 years ago +1

    Great info...thanks !

  • mesa Laney
    mesa Laney Year ago +1

    Im selling my mesa road king 2 and my 6505+ and getting a kemper!

  • Stray_Goose
    Stray_Goose 4 years ago +29

    "the less stuff between my fingers and the listeners ears, the better"
    Just put your fingers in my ears Matt, lets cut the bullshit.

  • Bryan Lettow
    Bryan Lettow 3 years ago +6

    I like how its about a sentence or two answer then back to the generic riff

  • Danang Bagus Untoro
    Danang Bagus Untoro 5 years ago

    last time he played in Indonesia was 2008 damn that's long ago

  • Jesse Tate
    Jesse Tate 4 years ago +2

    Do u have the power head version or no?

  • Gdude899
    Gdude899 5 years ago +1

    15 to 16 mins to keep his guitar skills up man u probably either got it or u do'n't

  • Francisco Berrios
    Francisco Berrios 3 years ago +3

    2:50 So basically FM3 haha

  • Weasel Lia
    Weasel Lia 5 years ago +13

    He says there's nothing else but I can clearly see a tuning pedal back there #MattHeafyIsAFraud #Sellout

    • ksb 1997
      ksb 1997 2 years ago

      For their guitar tech, dummy

    • Front Burner
      Front Burner 3 years ago +1

      Weasel Lia Thats for his roadie to use while changing strings.

  • JC thomas
    JC thomas 6 years ago +3

    Cool dude!

  • alienlovesecrets
    alienlovesecrets 3 years ago +1

    He requested it from Kemper in 2016 - Line6 delivered it in 2018. What a shame. Time for Kemper to blast the world with the new Kemper in a pedalboard format. Move!

  • Aaron Barrett
    Aaron Barrett 4 years ago +1

    He said his last name wrong

  • Andre P0WLY
    Andre P0WLY 6 years ago

    can anyone tell me what he says at 2:10 ? what rig/profiles

    • Andre P0WLY
      Andre P0WLY 6 years ago +2


    • Samuelhj
      Samuelhj 6 years ago +6

      I guess our main tone is a rig kind of from someone else, I believe it is a Colin Richardson setting of an Andy Sneap rig.

  • Jared Rodriguez
    Jared Rodriguez 3 years ago

    What wireless does he use

    • Louie j
      Louie j Year ago

      I’m pretty sure they’ve used the Shure Wireless for quite Sometime. I might be mistaken though

  • dimitris damoulakis
    dimitris damoulakis 5 years ago

    whats the name of Profile he uses?

    • Mic1904
      Mic1904 5 years ago +1

      I think it's a custom profile that they made with Colin Richardson. I don't think its commercially available.

  • Ahmed Al Sabbagh
    Ahmed Al Sabbagh 6 years ago +2

    Practice*, kemper.

  • Robin Rongy
    Robin Rongy 3 years ago

    what wireless system is that ?

  • Officialjeremyjamesmusic
    Officialjeremyjamesmusic 2 years ago +1

    Gracie barra bjj shirt.. nice

  • Mong Mong
    Mong Mong 6 years ago +8

    matt happy

  • polyphony89
    polyphony89 5 years ago +56

    dun dun dan dun dan dun dan du daanan da nann