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Flopping the NUTS ♠️ Best of The Big Game ♠️ PokerStars

  • Published on Sep 17, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • "Outplayed, 100% owned" - Watch Daniel Negreanu, Tony G, Phil Hellmuth and Phil Laak in some of the best flopping the nuts moments of the Big Game season 1 and 2.
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Comments • 711

  • MrSparkula
    MrSparkula Year ago +1887

    There aren’t many players that can make you feel sorry for Phil. Tony is one of those players.

    • Sinned neibud
      Sinned neibud 19 days ago

      TheDzudas. From what I’ve seen tony g is both a bad winner and bad loser. He gets mad at the dealer and just whines “I haven’t hit anything all day”. Well why are you all in then tony?

    • beanieb2009
      beanieb2009 2 months ago

      Tony G is the perfect counterbalance to Helmuth.

    • oncetherewasawayyy
      oncetherewasawayyy 2 months ago

      I know it's his schtick, and granted he is good at it, but he is so annoying, part of Tony's schtick is arrogance, he reminds me of the worst of misogynistic men, not that I've seen him act like that, but def a distant cousin if not. 🤮

    • ChanCeNecK
      ChanCeNecK 3 months ago

      I love Tony.

    • Hunter Illsley
      Hunter Illsley 4 months ago

      It's all a bit

  • Rob Mc
    Rob Mc Year ago +1201

    This was the 1st time I actually enjoyed Tony G talking trash. I laughed out loud when they ran it 3 times.

    • Dub4Lif3
      Dub4Lif3 5 months ago

      absolutely love Tony G, the way hes says thing to where he being super nice, and an absolute dick at the same time. "lets run it 3 times, I want to you to stay in the game, and be able to continue playing" lol so nice he wants hellmuth to win, so he can play more.... while saying lets run it 3 times, cuz youre fucked, and will be lucky to even win 1 at the same time! LOVE IT

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy 7 months ago

      but Phil is just unlucky, and thats not a joke, he truly is the most unlucky poker player I've ever seen and at a certain point not complaining is like letting life win, and I know a thing or two about a lifetime of bad luck

    • Sixjays
      Sixjays Year ago +1

      Tony g is a legend

    • Jimbob Montgomery
      Jimbob Montgomery Year ago


    • barn cat
      barn cat Year ago +1


  • Yoram Youtube
    Yoram Youtube 7 months ago +138

    "The statistics are you are 100% owned by Tony G"
    One of my favorite lines!

    • Dan Lyons
      Dan Lyons 4 months ago +5

      If I had unlimited amounts of money. I'd be a fish/cannon at one of these tables. Just so I could have a front row seat to Tony talking shit.

  • coulton elliott
    coulton elliott 2 years ago +778

    Tony G and Phil Hellmuth are the villains every one loves to hate.

    • Sword Against Chaos
      Sword Against Chaos 8 months ago +2

      Yeah, but I like Phil.

    • Michael Pflug
      Michael Pflug 8 months ago

      While Phil throws tantrums undoubtably I feel he is so passionate about being considered the greatest tourney player that when he gets donked out which almost always he gets it in good it just rips his soul out.

    • stratasphere5 5
      stratasphere5 5 10 months ago +3

      those 2 are interesting to watch play poker. we need more people like that on stage. and less strategic bozos.

    • Ken in West Point, NY
      Ken in West Point, NY Year ago


    • TheDzudas
      TheDzudas Year ago +32

      @Kasper thats is because
      Phill is good Winner and bad looser
      Tony G is bad Winner and good looser

  • Blackwell
    Blackwell Year ago +98

    I love how it just switches to daniel backstage laughing his ass off

  • chiopix2
    chiopix2 2 years ago +208

    Sitting at the table with Tony G and Helmuth is simultaneously the best and worst experience.

    • aeromedical67
      aeromedical67 Year ago +3

      Let’s put it this way. You may not like it, but it’ll definitely be interesting.

  • Nadav Gross
    Nadav Gross Year ago +441

    I love how Doyle called Daniel’s exact hand. The guy probably saw more live hands played than the rest of that table combined...

    • Vivek Vishwanath
      Vivek Vishwanath 2 months ago

      @drdrayfromla99 how the hell is he supposed to call his hand before the flop?

    • Charles Wagener
      Charles Wagener 7 months ago +1

      @Carlos Lugo Doyle said it twice first at 13:09 right after the flop was dealt to the table before anyone could act, and then again after Daniel asked. Brunson was way way out of line saying it after the flop, and I'm pretty sure Doyle knew he messed up.

    • Benjamin
      Benjamin 10 months ago

      True, I’m Doyle’s eyes.

    • Ned Cassley
      Ned Cassley Year ago +3

      @Charlie Lowe maybe lying at the poker table is an ingrained habit.

    • Charlie Lowe
      Charlie Lowe Year ago +2

      why did that one guy say he had the queen of hearts though

  • Phobos
    Phobos Year ago +147

    Watching two of hellmuths outs come up on run 1 of 3 actually made recoil in pain

    • Lorcster
      Lorcster 2 months ago +1

      @Jose Otero A royal flush requires 10, J, Q, K, A of the same suit. Those cards were different suits

    • John Smith
      John Smith 4 months ago

      I always run it once, takes the guessing out of it. If I lose, oh well but no guessing on how many times I should have ran it to lose the least amount.

    • Richard Gorcea
      Richard Gorcea 9 months ago +5

      @DeogFellowellow Tony G only had a straight. Even though it was a “royal” straight it’s still just a straight since all the cards need to be the same suit for it to be considered a Royal Flush. Full house > straight therefore Phil won that run

    • Jose Otero
      Jose Otero 9 months ago +1

      @DeogFellowellow Im new to poker, why did Tony G lose first turn if he had a Royal Flush and Phil had a Full house?

    • DeogFellowellow
      DeogFellowellow 9 months ago +2

      Yeah bro that was tough

  • Dragon St3alth
    Dragon St3alth Year ago +311

    I love that comment
    "I had the queen of hearts"

  • Mike Oxbig
    Mike Oxbig 10 months ago +13

    That last hand was brutal! Basically flopped him dead, then hits a straight flush on the river! 🤣

  • John Willis
    John Willis Year ago +12

    I don't think I have EVER seen ANYONE who left Phil speechless! I kind of like it!!!
    I feel bad for Jennifer being stuck in the middle of those two though!!!

  • Andres Diaz
    Andres Diaz Year ago +26

    We need to bring back this show

  • Damion
    Damion 6 months ago +6

    Hello, I’m a fan at home, and yes Phil, I can confirm that we do appreciate what we see. Thanks Tony.

  • karlmoles65
    karlmoles65 Year ago +108

    Tilly always flops the nuts. And she starts every hand with a great pair.

    • jessie taylor
      jessie taylor 9 months ago +1

      Yep. A great fuckin pair

    • AtlasZero13
      AtlasZero13 Year ago +5

      How does Phil laak even land something like that. Ridiculous

    • ohiorushbaby
      ohiorushbaby Year ago +9

      Every time I see Tilly playing poker, I always look for the "great pair" she has. :D

    • James Teegardner
      James Teegardner Year ago +6

      She's got the funniest voice too. I still laugh at her performance in Liar Liar.

  • Sarathkrishna Subramanian

    It's kind of impressive how often Doyle makes others make his bet.

    • Madd Brad
      Madd Brad Year ago +1

      @JP S Very nice one JP!

    • JP S
      JP S Year ago +3

      some would say he wrote the book on it

    • Nick Thompson
      Nick Thompson Year ago +11

      I could swear I’ve seen him fold every hand in existence except for this one

  • Blake Hammer
    Blake Hammer Year ago +7

    2:00 nothing more to say. Great commentary moment

  • B Palms
    B Palms Year ago +12

    Hellmuth’s “Ace Jack” needle on Laak went over everyone’s head

  • Hoody
    Hoody 2 years ago +40

    We need Tony G back, man is too funny

    • Enkel Bega
      Enkel Bega 10 months ago

      He’s busy scamming the Lithuanian people out of their money

    • Hoody
      Hoody 2 years ago

      Dennis Hyman I questioned if you play poker because you called Tony’s table banter and search for information harassment

    • Dennis Hyman
      Dennis Hyman 2 years ago

      @Hoody yes, I play poker.
      And if you read my previous comment, you'll see the word "if".

    • Hoody
      Hoody 2 years ago +1

      Dennis Hyman lmaaoooooo, first off it was a cash game and secondly if you think that’s harassment I don’t know what to tell you.. have you ever played poker?

    • Dennis Hyman
      Dennis Hyman 2 years ago +1

      @Hoody no, he's not. It's borderline harassment, and if it was a big tournament, would garner a warning and penalty.

  • Pat Watkins
    Pat Watkins Year ago +2

    Not very many times I root for Phil but against Tony G, I'm yelling for an Ace on the river!!!!

  • Shawn Willey
    Shawn Willey 2 years ago +78

    Tony G talks the best shit ever I swear.

  • Sound Hound
    Sound Hound 5 months ago

    The time when Tony G and Phil Hellmuth stood toe to toe. Tony wound up a punch, looked to the left, and punched Phil in the mouth. Then laughed. And Phil held his jaw.

  • Liam Neville Violist
    Liam Neville Violist Year ago +18

    5:44 is an alright/perfectly acceptable call by Negreanu. He knows it's a bluff catcher at this stage, knows how wild Williams can be (could've been KJ off-suit the way he played), and doesn't stick in a raise with a semi-strong hand. Often he just pays to see what he's up against.
    I've saved a ton of $$$ just from playing in Negreanu's style. Saved even more by trying to play like Doyle Brunson, and won huge pots playing like Dwan.
    What a game this is, and thank Christ we have the internet as a brilliant resource!!! :)
    I don't play much anymore, but when I do it's just for fun! Good luck to all you poker players out there!

    • Archangeldracul
      Archangeldracul 10 months ago +2

      @Liam Neville Violist oh. I thought the whole video was about flopping a straight, since that's what all the other clips were. Hence the "nuts", they called it a nut flush, so I thought I was just missing something. I was mistaken with what the phrase meant. Thanks for the explanation

    • Liam Neville Violist
      Liam Neville Violist 10 months ago

      And just to add on to that: Williams was holding the A of spades and the 4 of spades. He was holding the highest spade plus a random spade, so all he needed to flop a flush were any three spades on the flop. So for example a flop of 5 8 Q (as long as they were spades) would've been fine too.

    • Liam Neville Violist
      Liam Neville Violist 10 months ago

      @Archangeldracul Those cards don't make a straight, but you'll notice they're all the same suit (spades) so the hand of J Q A 2 4 if all spades makes a flush (which is better than a straight).

    • Archangeldracul
      Archangeldracul 10 months ago

      I'm actually confused on this game. How do J Q A 2 4 make a straight?

  • ya boi
    ya boi Year ago +18

    Love Dario's little "show bluff you're my idol"

  • Mike Fort
    Mike Fort 2 years ago +67

    94 people thought "flopping the nuts" meant something else entirely.

    • Lagacy
      Lagacy Year ago +11

      @Stego your balls dude

    • Stego
      Stego 2 years ago

      @Mingi i know but what would flopping the nuts mean outside of poker?

    • Mingi
      Mingi 2 years ago +1

      @Stego exactly he’s talking about the dislikes

    • Stego
      Stego 2 years ago

      What else would it mean

  • YAYarea 510
    YAYarea 510 10 months ago

    man I just had a rough session ..flop the nuts 3 times and lost each one of them to runner runner full house...shit was unbelievable

  • Rhys Haych
    Rhys Haych 2 years ago +226

    Has anyone else been binge watching this show in lockdown?

    • RoyFokerPoker
      RoyFokerPoker Year ago +1

      Lmao lockdown. No one was "locked down" gtfo

    • bankrollbill
      bankrollbill 2 years ago

      Rhys Haych me

    • Darius Khan
      Darius Khan 2 years ago

      Yep. Tony G looked so young at the start. What has poker done to him?!

    • supreme gravy
      supreme gravy 2 years ago +2

      i watched a video how to play poker in red dead redemption 2 leading me down this path watching this😂😂

    • J Klaas
      J Klaas 2 years ago +1

      Lockdown ended in April lol. The fuck do you live? America 😂

  • C0nfu23D - Ch4otic streaming

    1. Williams HAD to raise because he was holding the nuts
    2. Negreanau was so shocked that he completely ignored that the guy next to him also had a flush

  • Dessienewshoes
    Dessienewshoes Year ago +8

    Tony G is excellent here. Pure entertainment

  • Storm
    Storm Year ago +1

    Tony is usually the belligerent drunk at the bar...but I loved him here ball busting Phil.

  • RoughRaiders13
    RoughRaiders13 2 years ago +15

    Imagine what would go through someone's head that knows nothing about hold em if you said "flopping the nuts" 🤣🤣🤣

    • John Benesh
      John Benesh Year ago +1

      I know very little about poker but I find it interesting...care too fill me in?

  • Bit2Brain
    Bit2Brain Year ago

    Tony G beating Phil H in hands is always super high entertainment value.

  • Jex2112
    Jex2112 11 months ago +3

    “Ohh, how close was that?!” Tony G is the master of getting under Hellmuth’s skin..

  • Will Page
    Will Page 2 years ago +1

    16:10 You know you are playing with the king when he calmly double checks he has the absolute stones before committing his stack. I just don't imagine I ever do that as I wouldn't misread a suited hand, but it doesn't hurt to double check right? What a legend.

    • Will Page
      Will Page 4 months ago

      @John Smith I don't remember doing it, in all honesty, but I am confident that with suited cards high cards, I wouldn't.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 4 months ago

      theres no reason not to check to make sure when its your entire stack and theres nobody else left in the hand. Everyone is capable of making a mistake and to say you've never misread a hand before I would have a hard time believing that.

  • Dagg Rackles
    Dagg Rackles Year ago +6

    Just luv watching Phil get his ass handed to him, let alone his reaction(s) 😝

  • Lachie Robertson
    Lachie Robertson 2 years ago +11

    Wow Tony G called the ace of spades next card perfectly

  • Boston Nate
    Boston Nate 11 months ago +1

    Even when Daniel loses he ends up a winner

  • Jochem Snellen
    Jochem Snellen 2 years ago +4

    Please bring this series back!

  • Christine Murray
    Christine Murray 2 months ago +1

    Totally expected Negreanu to fold that at 5:20, he's that good

  • Benjamincitow
    Benjamincitow 2 years ago

    the gods of poker at a table

  • Tony Martin
    Tony Martin 2 years ago +12

    Oh Phil, us fans at home DEFINITELY love what we see from Tony G

    • Lipi Popy
      Lipi Popy 2 years ago +1

      "I have a flush draw AND a straight at the moment" :DD

    • Danell Baptiste
      Danell Baptiste 2 years ago +1

      Tony Martin yes lol

  • Joedy
    Joedy Year ago +3

    Tony G is making me feel like i can beat Hellmuth

  • Timber Mill citizen
    Timber Mill citizen Year ago +12

    I would love to see Phil and tony g having a drink together as colleagues to see the banter

  • Downie Mcgee
    Downie Mcgee 4 months ago +1

    "gotta pay the Tony G tax" god i love this man

  • jeff
    jeff 23 days ago +1

    I know I enjoy Tony’s punishments way more then I should. 🥴🤣

  • Hushpuckena
    Hushpuckena Year ago +3

    Negreanu v Williams reminds me of Billy Kopp flopping a small flush deep in the Main Event some years back and getting broke when he ran into QJs.

  • PokerJunkie83
    PokerJunkie83 2 years ago +16

    If Phil Laak bleached his hair and got rid of his glasses he would be Elki’s twin 😂😂😂

  • david stock
    david stock Year ago

    Danny can win hands with queen-duce off suit, and-or duce/7 off suit. Sences he has within timing, also self disipline to know when to lay it down. Doesnt rely within personal reaction tells, he knows much more then he exhibits. Some might say that this hand was a mistake danny made, calling through river card, then losing the hand. Its actually an investment danny made within notion, worthyness danny knows to take the loss intentionally at times. Pay, lose some to learn oppositions playing habits. Return within when it really counts large braclette tournaments, and-or even just high limit cash games, danny is the one that usually is standing alone.

  • Augusta Born
    Augusta Born 4 months ago

    "That's being over qualified phil" that's funny as hell

  • Dub4Lif3
    Dub4Lif3 5 months ago +1

    "look at it this way, youre just paying a tony g tax" hahha love tony g

  • Rexel
    Rexel 8 months ago +1

    2:41 Daniel sitting on the couch eating fruit out of a plastic bag and laughing at Tony shitting on Phil is a whole vibe

  • MAK Kal
    MAK Kal Year ago +1

    To this day, I’m not sure Phill is a pro.. He gets good cards and he smiles..

  • Steel City Steve
    Steel City Steve Year ago +4

    Part of me knows Phil is an amazing player whose made millions in the game. The other part of me cringes as he just flat out tells people his hand strength constantly by talking out his thoughts before bets.

    • Neon Thunderbird
      Neon Thunderbird 10 months ago +2

      He is both. A great player AND a guy who gives his hand away. If he tightened that up and stopped talking, he'd be even better than he already is. Then there's that whole bad loser thing, but that's a different story.

    • Steel City Steve
      Steel City Steve Year ago

      Ivy, Negreanu, Dwan, and obviously Tony G all own him everytime I see them together.

  • Douglas Pinsak
    Douglas Pinsak 11 months ago +4

    8:02 "The ace is coming the first card...the ace of spades". That was literally the next card that came up at 9:09 lol.

  • Brandon Watson
    Brandon Watson 2 years ago +8

    Gotta love watching every hand when Tilly flops top pair.

  • JoMomma239
    JoMomma239 11 months ago +1

    Phil gets one and everyone leaves 😂😂😂

  • Ronan Mcconnon
    Ronan Mcconnon 2 years ago +5

    the way ferdinand sipped his coffee 18:30 you could tell he had the best hand and knew he was staying around.

  • Handsome Longshanks
    Handsome Longshanks 10 months ago

    8:08 "I wanna keep you in the game"
    That's not usually the goal of poker, but I get it.

  • Craig Rockwell
    Craig Rockwell 2 years ago +3

    Every top 5 pokerstars video, regardless of the subject, should include the loose cannon KK vs Phils trip 9s.....NEVER can see that too many times. For the expression on Phils face alone.......not to mention Daniels' gleefulness!

  • Terrantulla
    Terrantulla 2 years ago +506

    "I have a flush draw AND a straight at the moment" :DD

    • IceWarrior101
      IceWarrior101 2 years ago +1

      @Wolf bad winner is definitely worse. I think most of these pros have been on both sides of things for sure. It does add a little more entertainment from time to time though

    • Wolf
      Wolf 2 years ago

      @IceWarrior101 ahh ok. i can handle a bad winner better than a sore loser, thats for sure. sorry for assuming too much

    • IceWarrior101
      IceWarrior101 2 years ago

      @Wolf lmao... 3 comments all over the place with you assuming things when all I mentioned was the way you put it was wrong. You're only referring to bad losers in your response but your original comment when you say the other way around is worse, you're claiming a good winner is worse than a bad winner... not exactly true there.. There's more to your comment then just the losing part...

    • Wolf
      Wolf 2 years ago

      @IceWarrior101 the question i ask myself with bad losers is: are they dependant on the money that they just invested?

    • Wolf
      Wolf 2 years ago

      @IceWarrior101 and if you are telling me that Tony g has no manners or whatever, than i think people should just stop playing with Tony (they would stop playing with him if they would have serious issues with his "style"). He is a personality, not a poker-maths robot. and yes, a bad winner is ten million times better than a bad loser. "i think so.."

  • chook
    chook 8 months ago

    I love Tony G. great for the game

  • J Johnson
    J Johnson 2 months ago

    Damn, really missing the Tony G days.

  • dinoman - Jesus is Lord

    At 4:55
    Negreanu: That ace could not have helped you.
    Williams: You’re right, the ace didn’t help me; I glop the nuts straight.
    Negreanu: pay heem........ pay that man hees maneey.

  • flyawaytodie
    flyawaytodie Year ago +1

    Man I really miss watching as Texas Dolly makes a ridiculously accurate read. The guy *IS* Texas Hold 'Em.

  • Theo Johnson
    Theo Johnson 11 months ago +1

    Tony got him to run it 3 times then talked shit to him the whole time legendary.

  • Ashwin Deshapande
    Ashwin Deshapande 6 months ago

    Best quote by a commentator award goes to "The meaning less river... ooh a straight flush"

  • Rob G
    Rob G 7 months ago

    11:00 imagine if Phil hits the king of hearts then the queen of hearts hits giving Tony the Royal... that would be the baddest of beats😂

  • æra
    æra 9 months ago +4

    These commentators are on another level.

  • Howard Murphy
    Howard Murphy Year ago +4

    16:20 he thought he had the nuts 🤣🤣 poor guy

  • LegacyFTW
    LegacyFTW 10 months ago

    A rare slip from Daniel, he'd have been better off keeping quiet instead of saying "Liar" - even if the other players couldn't be sure if he was just reading the statement, silence is golden.

  • jeff
    jeff 23 days ago

    It hurts my heart watching Danial draw dead. I’m screaming FOLD FOLD.

  • Firpo
    Firpo Year ago +24

    When tony bets fast he got it 97% of the time …

  • Benedetissimo
    Benedetissimo Year ago

    You couldn't tell Phil has a coach, could you?

  • Fernando Lozada
    Fernando Lozada 2 years ago +137

    Tony G owns Phil it’s hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • Turk Turner
    Turk Turner Year ago +2

    I freaking love it! You can always say ass but they will always bleep out the hole... LMAO 🤣

  • Spencer Hayes
    Spencer Hayes Year ago +1

    goddamn the third hand's flop is absolutely brutal for phil

  • tgbedini
    tgbedini 11 months ago +1

    I play some poker. I'm fairly well acquainted with the jargon. But the phrase "flopping the nuts" still makes me wince a little.

  • Stefan
    Stefan Year ago +11

    Tony is the perfect counterpart for the most hateable person in poker :D

  • Joe Brentwood
    Joe Brentwood Year ago +1

    What I wouldn’t give to sit at the table with these guys

    • Scott Hix
      Scott Hix 5 months ago

      How about all your money

  • Christopher Nunez
    Christopher Nunez Year ago +4

    I wanted to be impressed with the QJ read but then I realized who said it and then had to sit there humble AND impressed. What an experienced GOD.

  • Anon ymous
    Anon ymous 2 years ago

    That call on the final hand holy shit

  • Pablo
    Pablo Year ago +7

    - What's the best possible hand you could have there?
    - Queen-Jack Hearts
    - Yea, that's what i got
    - I had the queen of hearts
    - Liar

  • Life Flow
    Life Flow Year ago +6

    14:07 “I had the Queen of Hearts”💀

  • ya boi
    ya boi 2 years ago +79

    Lex lol. “You see how I do it? I come in and lose 100k that’s how I do it.”

    • Zoso
      Zoso Year ago

      What a donk

  • Captian Winter
    Captian Winter 2 months ago

    you see how tony manipulate phil in going 3 roundss haha Loved it
    PS: those were the best game rounds

  • tdbb42
    tdbb42 6 months ago

    I realize that Helmuth is not the man for the job, but you would think that at some point someone would have waited for Tony G in the parking lot and taught him that when it comes to talking, sometimes less is more!

  • James Jumps
    James Jumps 9 months ago

    18:35 the commentator did him dirty on that one 😆

  • Geo
    Geo Year ago

    You'd think this channel knew what flopping the nuts meant.

  • nfvgravity
    nfvgravity Year ago +2

    Doyle felt bad about that flush over straight. that king was messed up.

  • Nomoreidsleft
    Nomoreidsleft 2 years ago

    Bobby the Bus. That was the best hand. Straight flush. It's like it was set up.

  • David Christopher

    loool I haven't seen Helmuth win a single pot

  • Victor S
    Victor S 2 years ago +11

    Negreanu looked like he was flopped in the nuts in the thumbnail lol

  • JiNXX9500
    JiNXX9500 Year ago

    haha poor Phil. even when he wins he loses.

  • warr malaski
    warr malaski Year ago +1

    The fealing of flopping 10, 9 7 diamonds with J,8, diamonds in the hole. Was awesome. Getting the entire table to all in on it. legendry awsome.

  • Justin The Great Ponte

    The problem with Tony G is when he needles Phil he never shuts the hell up he just keeps needling

  • Alx B
    Alx B 2 years ago

    I know Phil can be a bit much to handle especially when he cries about everything but this time tony g might live up more than the nuts credit him for and I feel a little sympathy for the mann m.

  • Yie Boss
    Yie Boss 2 years ago

    Phils calm here want to see more blow ups

  • SMG2fanatic
    SMG2fanatic 2 years ago +5

    16:12 good sportsmanship, the old guy looks like “ah shit why’d you do that youngin, sorry for ya”

    • Zed
      Zed Year ago +2

      Doyle's a legend

  • Sidelined Angel
    Sidelined Angel Year ago

    That last call was just a bad call. With that flop, there was very little that pair of 9s was going to stand up against.

  • Francesco Iadicicco
    Francesco Iadicicco 2 years ago

    wow... what are the odds to hit straight on the flop + straight flush on the river? :O

  • EquestriaGuy
    EquestriaGuy Month ago

    it's rare to see a youtube clip of Negreanu getting wrecked like he did in the 2nd clip.