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MLB’s Biggest Cheaters Are in Big Trouble

  • Published on Oct 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Baseballs foreign substance crackdown is ending careers
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  • Noge314
    Noge314 2 years ago +1633

    My favorite thing about being a twins fan is that there is literally no way anyone is cheating because everyone is so bad.

    • trippingkangaroo
      trippingkangaroo 2 years ago +17


    • Lobuttomize
      Lobuttomize 2 years ago +41

      The Orioles are the worst in the league and there was still that clip

      MEL SCHWINGHAMER 2 years ago +14

      Same here only with the Royals

    • David Vossman
      David Vossman 2 years ago +13

      same here with rangers it’s worse if anyone in the organization is cheating cause wow we’re horrible

    • David Vossman
      David Vossman 2 years ago +2

      The reason I stopped watching baseball

  • Gábor Votisky
    Gábor Votisky 2 years ago +1727

    Pitcher: Cheats
    Gets called out
    Pitcher: But baseball is Hard!

    • J Radabaugh
      J Radabaugh 2 years ago +59

      **Geritt cole**

    • Serendipity
      Serendipity 2 years ago +33

      To be fair if you’ve ever tried throwing a real mlb ball it’s stupidly hard to grip compared to a normal or even minor league one

    • Gábor Votisky
      Gábor Votisky 2 years ago +142

      @Serendipity I know, I have thrown a gamewith an MLB ball before an it is difficult, but thats the point, if a pro sport was easy than everybody would be doing it

    • Serendipity
      Serendipity 2 years ago +25

      @Gábor Votisky that’s valid

    • MrPatman11
      MrPatman11 2 years ago +5

      @Serendipity that’s bs I happen to have a game ball that i got from a home run and it’s slightly different but not anything major if they have a hard time gripping then they got to change their approach

  • Gregor Meisen
    Gregor Meisen 2 years ago +965

    "I got hurt because I stopped cheating" has to be the stupidest grievance anybody could put forth.

    • Bobby Gets Banned
      Bobby Gets Banned Year ago +51

      Yup, along with the pitchers complaining they have to pitch totally different. Are we supposed to care that they have to pitch like humans again since the glue is banned!? Oh no, you have to grip the ball now, you poor professional pitcher??

    • Dihydrogen Monoxide
      Dihydrogen Monoxide Year ago +22

      That's actually the best grievance. Baseball could choose when they decided to start enforcing the rules and doing it midseason didn't give players time to adapt

    • -BlackTalon-
      -BlackTalon- Year ago +38

      @Dihydrogen Monoxide If they were not cheating to begin with, there would be no issue, and no reason to adapt...

    • Dihydrogen Monoxide
      Dihydrogen Monoxide Year ago +19

      @-BlackTalon- But that's not the players fault. Once MLB decides to not enforce the rules any player that _does_ follow the rules is putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage for no reason. Look how much Bauer improved when he started cheating and he was able to get a really good deal. If the MLB wants players to follow the rules they have to enforce them (which they're doing now)

  • Fitzn
    Fitzn Year ago +80

    I don't even watch baseball of any league, but these videos are so good that I've been binge watching a ton of content from this channel. Great stuff!

    • Windy
      Windy Year ago +3


    • Napalm
      Napalm 11 months ago +3

      I’ve only gotten into MLB since 2018 probably, but it’s extremely addicting once you get a little more under the surface of the game.

    • Maximillian
      Maximillian 3 months ago +1


  • Larry Pelrine
    Larry Pelrine 5 months ago +6

    I will say this for the foreign substance issue: Many pitchers came out and have begged MLB to allow them a substance to use to have some sort of control in colder months, like april and september and october. When you get pitchers who can routinely reach upper 90s, low 100s, you sure as hell don't want one of them uncorking a wild pitch and killing someone. Since the MLB made pitch clocks, the anit-shifting rule, and how many times a pitcher can throw over(all of which helps the offensive numbers), the pitchers need a help, especially with control.

  • Jonathan Palmieri
    Jonathan Palmieri Year ago +121

    To be fair Trevor Bauer created the best substance and said he was going to do so to make a mockery of how absurd the problem had gotten

    • Dotubum
      Dotubum 11 months ago +16

      Trevor Bauer exposed this issue. He is not a perpetrator by need, he does so as you stated to mock MLB. He even got a suspension because he exposed them, they got mad. His case that they reference was thrown out by a judge, yet the suspension stayed in place. MLB and Manfred are scandalous in everything they do.

    • MrEZballs
      MrEZballs 8 months ago +7

      Yeah his face shouldn't be up there next to "biggest cheaters". He highlights the issue on purpose and gets scapegoated. Weak

    • Nami
      Nami 6 months ago +1

      And then he beat his girlfriend bloody.

    • Ja2Prison
      Ja2Prison 5 months ago +3

      @Namiwhere’s the conviction?

    • yankees29
      yankees29 4 months ago +8

      @Namithats case was total bullshyt. The girl was into that kind of thing and it’s is referenced in the text message exchange they had.

  • Shhhhh ssssh
    Shhhhh ssssh 2 years ago +2132

    “It’s just so hard to grip the ball “🤣

  • kcgunesq
    kcgunesq 2 years ago +11

    i'd like to see the data on how much spin rate varied game to game or month to month for these pitchers prior to the change. I suspect that absent foreign substances, any pitcher's spin rate for a given pitch should vary relatively little growing or declining in terms of several seasons only. If experience, age or physical condition was the predominate factor, then spin rate changes should be predictable and roughly uniform across the league and over time.

  • Elijah Robinson
    Elijah Robinson Year ago +7

    Pete Rose banned for life for actions AFTER his playing career (and he NEVER bet against his own team), but chronic cheaters and their teams are left unpunished despite wilfully disgracing the game.

    • Phili the Gamer
      Phili the Gamer Year ago +1

      And the only player that suffers from a severe punishment for using Spider Tac while most pitchers were obviusly using it is Trevor Bauer, the new fallguy of MLB.

  • The Red Beard
    The Red Beard 2 years ago +76

    As a baseball guy, when Cole left the pirates and became a beast I knew something was up, just couldn’t believe that a guy that bad can become that good. He was awful with the pirates

    • Adam M
      Adam M Year ago +4

      He did have a 2.60 ERA and a 2.66 FIP in 2015. I think the biggest factor for him was Brent Strom.

    • Cantriple Plays
      Cantriple Plays Year ago +1

      The ball being different this year helps

    • iNZANE0ne
      iNZANE0ne 5 months ago +1

      I wish more people would cheat while on the Pirates instead of after they leave

  • J3rsey devil1228
    J3rsey devil1228 2 years ago +3

    Otahni could very well be due to more hitters getting to consistently see his pitches and the breaks. You have to remember yes, he's been here for 3*(short season really shouldn't count but oh well) years but he pitched sparingly his first year then got hurt. Last year I dont think he pitched more like then 4 times if he pitched at all. This year is the first true season where he's taking the ball every 5th day so naturally over time professional hitters are going to get more accustomed to the way his pitches break and his tendencies....
    Just my thoughts

  • taco2k3
    taco2k3 2 years ago +331

    I remember how umpires would often check Gaylord Perry and sometimes make him towel down on the pitching mound.
    Gaylord said he “never used a foreign substance, it was always American made.”

  • Il Exile lI
    Il Exile lI 2 years ago +501

    Those Ohtani stats are a bit misleading. He's had 4 starts since the crackdown, in three of them he pitched 6 or more innings while allowing 2 or fewer runs. The other one was his worst start of the year where he just didn't have it and got blown up for 7 runs in less than 1 inning. That is seriously inflating all his numbers. Outside of that one start, he's been just as good since the substance checks as he was before.

    • mountain chicken
      mountain chicken 2 years ago +88

      I watched that inning live, and I would say the calls for ohtani behind the plate were bogus. Straight down the middle, ump calls ball.

    • I_throw_ched
      I_throw_ched 2 years ago +81

      Exactly. One bad start and people are talking like he should only hit 😂

    • ceave
      ceave 2 years ago +51

      Six shutout innings his last start. Yeah, he's in big trouble, right?

    • Rob Poole
      Rob Poole 2 years ago +113

      I think this dude just doesn't like Ohtani. He's tried multiple times to implicate him, which is hilariously backfiring right now and made that sarcastic video mocking the positive fluff coverage of Ohtani. So what, the dude is likable at a time when baseball NEEDS those guys. The NBA just crowned a new king with a wholesome guy in Giannis and everyone with the exception of human turd Skip Bayless, was on board with it. He's humble, He's a nice guy and he's great for the league. So is Shohei. Don't be another Skip Bayless.

    • LoveMusic
      LoveMusic 2 years ago +15

      and ofcourse Ohtani's performance is much better early this season bec he''s healthy compared to the previous seasons when he's injured or just recovering from his injury.

  • Shwa
    Shwa Year ago +10

    Can you PLEASE do a follow-up stats video on this one! This is/should be the largest narrative in baseball, even larger than the corruption behind the lock-out. Please please please do a follow-up on this after one or 2 months of the current season. Ignore the noise you inevitably received from this. Journalism before pressured content! Thanks for the great video, your channel is awesome!

  • Felix C
    Felix C 2 years ago +525

    Didn’t Shohei pass the umpire checks?
    He seems like a pretty legit guy

    • Basik
      Basik 2 years ago +160

      It's clickbait

    • Nyx
      Nyx 2 years ago +178

      Shohei is legit - channel owner only analyzed 4 starts, and ONE of them was a significant statistical outlier. This is why creator said his "ERA increased by 3" and that his RPM had decreased by 100
      But realistically, if anyone pays attention, its pretty obvious that an ERA increase if 3 is.... rather crazy. It's just poor data analysis, and the video creator's decision to include him in multiple scenes and shots with other people who are much more likely to be cheating is a pretty sick form of clickbait/manipulation if you ask me

    • Matthew V
      Matthew V 2 years ago +34

      @Nyx hes the biggest player in the sport, he had a stat drop, he got mentioned. On top of that he is included once in the shortest segment if the video in the middle of the pack.

    • Tony
      Tony Year ago +4

      The stats were kinda sus

    • turtle19dad
      turtle19dad Year ago +7

      @Nyx yep and Shohei was still good after the checks.

  • RobinManer34
    RobinManer34 2 years ago +720

    I love that Cole is in his thirties but still says “for PETES sake”

    • Andrew Fralinger
      Andrew Fralinger 2 years ago +42

      Dude sounds like a 1920s Yankee, lol.

    • Roman Kotas
      Roman Kotas 2 years ago +37

      That is a very white man right there

    • Robby Christman
      Robby Christman 2 years ago


    • Francis
      Francis 2 years ago +11

      Because as soon as you turn 18 you have to swear like a sailor? Just stop.

    • Wayne Marvin
      Wayne Marvin 2 years ago +11

      What's he supposed to say, kid? Ya know, not everybody swears to be cool. Just you and your friends.

  • dukestuff
    dukestuff 2 years ago

    Finger blistering has been a problem for pitchers - which often times place them on the IL for several weeks. To some degree, there should be some foreign substance than can be used as a form of preventive health measures. Pitching under dry conditions especially seem to be the catalyst for the loss of grip. Jorge De La Rosa (Who used to pitch in Colorado) is one example of suffering with this injury multiple times.

  • Je Taime
    Je Taime 6 months ago

    Weirdly enough 2022 had a lower Runs/Game, a lower OPS, a lower Slugging, lower Batting Average, less walks, and less home runs compared to 2021 so I'm not sure the cheating did as much to the game as everyone thinks/thought, it really just seems the juiced balls left so pitching gained the upper hand again, so they changed rules for shifts and pitch clocks hoping for more offence (we will probably see juiced balls again in the future)

  • Nothing
    Nothing 2 years ago +2484

    Gerrit cole sounded like he was lagging out during his press conference

    • Y4123
      Y4123 2 years ago +48

      The guy with the shitty internet during a Discord call

    • WarlordofBritannia
      WarlordofBritannia 2 years ago +70

      I don’t like being compared to Gerrit Cole like that
      For example, I’ve never been and never will be paid 300 million for cheating

    • Chase Duncan
      Chase Duncan 2 years ago

      Well he wasn’t lol

    • Jordan
      Jordan 2 years ago +5

      Kermit Cole

    • scoldingwhisper
      scoldingwhisper 2 years ago +32

      if he didnt blink so much he could've ran with it and pretend he froze

  • Metalbass10000
    Metalbass10000 2 years ago +8

    What I found the most interesting was that the origins of the modern "sticky stuff" pitchers are using today,bstarted being used in the late 1980's, and was drastically improved upon in the early 1990's by the players who learned from the originators (though the use of tacky substances, or certain adhesives, by both hitters and pictures goes back to the earliest days of the sport, the development and proliferation of the array of highly effective modern foreign substances had its earliest roots in the 1970s and 80s, and had scientific study and application of chemistry and physics in the 1990s) . The pitchers in this "second generational" of the originators of the use of these extremely sticky foreign substances used for better control of pitches, all made at least two all-star games, almost 90% of these pitchers were known more for their exceptional control and movement of the ball on their pitches (even those whose fastball was consistently in the high nineties as they broke into Major League rotations and/or bull pens), and almost half have a bust in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. What I found surprising was that even though these foreign substances were highly effective for the pictures who use them, and players around the leaves were aware of them, for the most part, for many years, the impressive efficacy of these substances was only understood by the relatively small number of pitchers who were using them, and a few of their teammates (usually just the one or two pitchers who were taught how to make and use them). It remained like this until around 2007 to 2010, when a few more pitching coaches, bullpen coaches, and disgruntled pitchers who were moved at the trade deadline, decided that their beleaguered starting rotations, or over worked bull pen arms, could benefit from a little... "Performance enhancement," that's didn't involve an elevated risk of kidney failure, liver failure, heart disease, or significantly elevated risk of some of the most terrifying cancers, not to mention the testing programs for performance enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball was quite effective and thorough by this time, most players, and most organizations, did not see the reward to be worth the risks. This, however, was not appreciably all that different from the pine tar, or the rosin bag, substances which can be found almost anywhere in a modern baseball clubhouse. In seven of the next 10 World Series played, both teams had multiple pictures utilizing the modern sticky stuff, and the other three World Series were one by the team on which the better pitching through modern chemistry mantra head proliferated. In fact, in one of the most recent World Series played while watching the network TV broadcast you could actually hear the sound of the adhesive as the ball was released by the pictures hand, and I pointed out to the friends of mine who were watching the game with me that you could identify a changeup being thrown by the starting pitcher because that sound was louder, as there is more, far more, contact between the pictures hand and fingers and the surface of the baseball for a changeup grip then the grip for most any other pitch.

  • Mikey Mike
    Mikey Mike 2 years ago +17

    I'm so happy to see some of these players getting exposed as cheaters but some their antics in protest has really shown how entitled this generation of ball players have become.

    • The Mad Zookeeper
      The Mad Zookeeper 2 years ago +2

      it's just a continuation of how entitled the same generation is in general, and the one after is even worse.

  • J Dnnn
    J Dnnn 2 years ago +3

    I'm a Giants fan but I don't think Ohtani or Scherzer is cheating, they're just really good

  • Look_He_Is_Good
    Look_He_Is_Good 2 years ago +591

    Lmfao “it’s so hard to grip the ball.” Do you have toddler hands or what? That was the funniest excuse I have ever heard.

    • TheGoodChap
      TheGoodChap 2 years ago +34

      The funniest part is him trying to be dramatic about it to show the public and everyone else what a difficult and sensitive issue this is but comes across as being on the verge of tears which is probably a bit much lol

    • Serendipity
      Serendipity 2 years ago +8

      Mlb balls are different than regular baseballs

    • Look_He_Is_Good
      Look_He_Is_Good 2 years ago +11

      @Serendipity your right, they have better grip lol 😂 I have 1 MLB baseball that I got from going to games. Hideki Matsui threw the baseball in the stands after a 1,2,3 inning going back to the dug out. Will never forget that moment lol

    • Bmo
      Bmo 2 years ago +3

      For Pete's sake 😥

    • jarett millikan
      jarett millikan 2 years ago +12

      @Serendipity thank you. as a kid i loved the balls with thicker laces because the ball was easier to grip and you had more control.
      Whenever i got a ball at a big league game, the laces were almost non existent, it felt like holding a lacrosse ball.
      one way to get rid of sticky stuff is to make the laces on big league balls pop out more for a natural grip. otherwise you genuinely have no idea where its going.

  • Tyler McCann
    Tyler McCann 2 years ago +3

    They'll be fine. These guys are professionals and will make the adjustments. Hopefully the MLB better handles this in the off-season. But all we'll really see is a larger separation of the good and the great pitchers in the league going forward.

  • Ambrose Santinac
    Ambrose Santinac 2 years ago +469

    This guy is so underrated. The way he tells his stories and his voice are very unique

    • ChachyLopez
      ChachyLopez 2 years ago +4


    • ricothesaiyan
      ricothesaiyan 2 years ago +3


    • WarlordofBritannia
      WarlordofBritannia 2 years ago +3

      But it’s so generic white guy it’s unique!

    • Harry777
      Harry777 2 years ago +14

      He's good, but he intentionally makes everything sound really extravagant and dramatic, like a reporter for E! or some shit. He also says the same thing 50x in every video and half his videos are the same exact thing reworded

  • Dr. King Schultz
    Dr. King Schultz 2 years ago +3

    Could the reason that ohtanis spin-rate went down be that he sacrificed speed for control? He allowed way less walks in july than he did in previous month so far and the speed of his pitches also went down. I'm honest that I don't have much knowledge about what affects the spin-rate but I can imagine that this could be a reason.

  • Joel Willems
    Joel Willems 2 years ago +35

    Cole and Glasnow both admitted to cheating. One, "it's too hard to grip a baseball with my tiny hands" and the other "I had to change my grip because I can't cheat and then I got injured".

    • Great Days
      Great Days 2 years ago +2

      When you quit a substance directly after using it a long time (and, let's be honest, every pitcher on the league has done or does) you can't be the same, and your body can't be the same too. Cole worded it poorly but I see where he comes from - Glasnow's case is fair enough.

    • merlotpapi
      merlotpapi Year ago +2

      It's crazy because Pedro Martinez literally called out how unnatural Glasnow's delivery was. He was hyperextending his elbow every time he threw so obviously his arm would get fucked up.

    • Zack Newton
      Zack Newton 6 months ago

      @Great Days well then they shouldnt have done it in the first place

  • Lylelanley99
    Lylelanley99 Year ago +19

    "I, for one, welcome our new umpire overlords..."
    Seriously, though, I'm happy that they are cracking down on this. Every team has AT LEAST one or two pitchers cheating.

  • C-LOS 4250
    C-LOS 4250 2 years ago +7

    Can you do a video on Sean Manea’s no-hitter back in 2018. If you after every pitch he touched the left side of his jersey a lot like he had a substance hidden under it.

  • joshua nieves
    joshua nieves 2 years ago +56

    I’m soooo glad that the MLB is finally cracking down on this. We need more action in baseball, not more strikeouts

    • Pete Johnson
      Pete Johnson Year ago +1

      Because the NBA and NFL are such better products when they catered their games around "bigger scores mean more fans, right? ....RIGHT?! Where is everyone! Look at all the records being broken!" And the fanbases turned further and further away. Nobody likes the chucking 3s NBA. Nobody likes the pansyball protect the QB and WR NFL. Dont wish the same fate on baseball.
      We do need more action in baseball. In the form of a pitch clock like a shot clock to move the game along, but not to inflate numbers.

  • Zayd
    Zayd 2 years ago +239

    The hector Santiago issue isnt because the umpires thought he used a foreign substance, he just put rosin on his glove and you can’t put rosin anywhere but your hands. Glove, hat, belt, and everything else is banned.

    • Joe Young
      Joe Young 2 years ago +4

      I would like to ask has this helped any pitchers? Kikuchi has gained velocity and seems to be able to locate better.....

  • Jarrett Smith
    Jarrett Smith 2 years ago +95

    19:54 and 20:09 the dreaded “media offline”. Trust me I know the struggle, love the content my man keep it up

      XDIMENSIONAL Main Year ago +6

      Why does it happen?

    • Lance Anthony
      Lance Anthony Year ago +8

      Juice Or the source file for a clip or image was accidentally deleted

    • CheekyVFX
      CheekyVFX Year ago

      @XDIMENSIONAL Main saphire affect is uninstalled or outdated

    • Heith Heithinson
      Heith Heithinson Year ago +3

      I was wonder what the hell was going on

    • Newsense
      Newsense 11 months ago +1

      Its an Adobe premier thing. Usually happens most times when you save the project and then come back to it. Adobe sometimes changes its setting by itself too its fucking annoying as shit.

  • Emmett Jaworski
    Emmett Jaworski 2 years ago +2

    I once heard a Twins commentator say that Taylor Rogers had tried foreign substance once in spring training, and said he didn’t like it because he was trying to decrease spin rate.

  • Chairvengers
    Chairvengers 2 years ago +107

    I love Josh Donaldson, he make everything crazy and controversial and fun

    • Chance Graf
      Chance Graf Year ago +11

      The funniest part is that Donaldson and Cole are on the same team now

    • Boopster bilp
      Boopster bilp Year ago

      @Chance Graf lmao no 😭

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S 2 years ago +1

    For the pitchers complaining about the crackdown on foreign substances, all I hear is, “Waaah, how dare you say I can’t cheat anymore!” They were cheating, now they’re in trouble. They’re getting EXACTLY what they deserve. Those who don’t cheat have little reason to complain.
    Max Scherzer, on the other hand, is just being Max Scherzer, I think. NEVER get in his way when he is in the zone.

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller Year ago

    So, a couple years ago, I was pitching in my townball league. I was having big time control problems, so someone recommended putting tiger stick on my bat and quickly grabbing it with my fingers to avoid having the ball slip. I don't know if I had too much on my fingers, but all of a sudden, I was spiking my fastball at about 55 feet. It was awful. It made everything worse. There is a science to pitching with a sticky substance on your hand, it is not easy.

  • Tuxedo Rabbit
    Tuxedo Rabbit 2 years ago +26

    BDE, you've gotten really good at not repeating yourself throughout the video. Good work, dude. Your uploads are a must-watch right away.

  • bigpete12590
    bigpete12590 2 years ago +3

    Love the detail and research. Wish you got more recognition for your vids, keep up the great work!

  • turtle19dad
    turtle19dad Year ago +2

    Good video. As a Padres fan I noticed how Darvish would go 7 innings. After the checks, he was lucky to go 5 innings.

  • Logan
    Logan 2 years ago +6

    Im not an Astros fan (in fact im a Rangers fan) but I do think it would be funny if all the teams who complained about them cheating got caught using substances.

    • who is hec
      who is hec 8 months ago

      Chill bro…..cheating individually and cheating as a team is a whole different thing…..nothing will compare to the astros…..whole dugout whistling during the game and banging trashcans don’t compare to an ace using a foreign substance…..let’s not get carried away here

  • you're lying doooode
    you're lying doooode 2 years ago +37

    I can't believe that guy was tearing up saying, "it just so hard to grip the ball". Lmfaoooo if my little 8yr old nephew can grip the ball and throw it, I'm pretty sure a full grown man that's been playing the game his whole life can too..

    • kyle stark
      kyle stark 2 years ago +4

      That’s not a good comparison but I get your point lol

  • Sirisaac Newton
    Sirisaac Newton 2 years ago +15

    Ozzie Guillen comes off looking like a vindictive cheating apologist fool. Essentially calling for pitchers to put at physical risk of serious injury anyone who dares to call out cheating by saying pitchers should hit a man who did call it out?? How pathetic is that. And then when Ozzie is called out for his inferior stats in an era where this cheating wasn't anywhere near as widespread, meaning it was easier to hit without the manipulation of cheating, he flashes his World Series rings as if that meant he was a superior player.
    Ozzie Guillen is a joke.

  • CYMotorsport
    CYMotorsport 2 years ago +121

    I’d be curious to see a statistical approach. Quick maths check, Cole’s fastball spin in the month of July (used 2019 when he was peaking) to account for weather and implementation of checks is down -6.8% 2021 vs 2019. Breaking balls spin rate is down -2.4%. He’s threw 2.9% more pitches and one fewer hit. Hitters could be adjusting to the new movement. What would be interesting to see is what it this meets statistical significance. Depending on whether you break this down by pitch type, it’s borderline. Will also be good once we get more data of course.

    • Jed
      Jed 2 years ago +1

      Oh hi Cranky Yankee

    • NoahSG
      NoahSG 2 years ago +2

      @José Hunter's EW&F Remixes Woah Woah Woah thats a lot of words

    • Jake Sullivan
      Jake Sullivan 2 years ago

      Aye, Cranky love your stuff

    • chance2413
      chance2413 Year ago +1

      @José Hunter's EW&F Remixes And yet they're obviously affected by losing their glue. Don't need a degree in science and math to know that

    • AFrozen10-0
      AFrozen10-0 Year ago

      Why did I have a feeling you’d be here. You always seem to have an eye for interesting and educational videos. I love it.

  • Justin Conforti
    Justin Conforti 2 years ago

    Gerrit Cole had one bad outing after the ban then he shutout the astros and went 6 innings with 13ks against the Red Sox in his next two starts so I think pitchers are adapting back to no tack usage

  • Harrison Winfield
    Harrison Winfield 3 months ago

    Arnoldo’s Chapman was also getting older and couldn’t throw as fast anymore so I don’t think the only reason he got worse was foreign substances it was also age

  • Colin Seaton
    Colin Seaton 2 years ago +4

    Yo for real; Great video man. Can tell you did your research. Also thankful none of my Atlanta Braves pitchers are getting called out for this crap or at least aren't the high profile pitchers in the limelight for the wrong reasons. At least so far.

  • AFrozen10-0
    AFrozen10-0 Year ago +2

    The system seems pretty good all things considered. F1 has a similar system of random weight checks for any car coming into the pits during a practice or qualifying session.

    • Windy
      Windy Year ago

      and the drivers don’t like that too much either haha. no competitor likes checks but they’re definitely necessary.

  • M.Wade
    M.Wade 2 years ago

    It makes you ask (in terms of Chapman); was he ever as dangerous as perceived? I know it’s crazy to ask but we kinda have to.

  • Jaxon Mullins
    Jaxon Mullins 2 years ago +1336

    Bauer’s career is now changing for a different reason“COUGH”“COUGH”

    • David Reyna
      David Reyna 2 years ago +135

      The Bauer situation is so disappointing and alarming

    • MCM B
      MCM B 2 years ago +86

      @David Reyna yeah, but I read an article about it and while it seems like he definitely did something pretty bad, it’s doesn’t seem like he deserves to go to prison. Everything in the article was pretty disgusting(meaning I won’t repeat anything here) but it seemed like the girl was very willing and consensual during their encounters. Of course more information will come out though

    • David Reyna
      David Reyna 2 years ago +130

      @MCM B It's not a manner of whether the woman consented or no but whether or not the agreed upon actions were done while she was conscious or unconscious. If she was conscious AND consenting for the agreed upon acts I agree that he shouldn't go to prison. If however, this woman was not awake AND/or did not consent to the actions during agreed upon sexual intercourse he deserves to go to prison and face the consequences.
      It's also telling that this woman only wants Bauer to receive proper care and therapy for his actions.

    • WarlordofBritannia
      WarlordofBritannia 2 years ago +4

      @David Reyna
      Yet not all that surprising, sadly

    • GorillaWolff
      GorillaWolff 2 years ago +8

      @David Reyna how do we know that she was asleep?

  • Behemoth666
    Behemoth666 2 years ago +2

    How can nobody just love Josh Donaldson he’s a straight savage

  • Joshua Wilson
    Joshua Wilson 11 months ago

    I look at it like this, spider tack and pine tar should be treated like equipment. If you can use silicon batting gloves,lizard skin grips, and pine tar which can improve their swing then you should be able to use foreign substances in the same regard.

  • Taylor Adams
    Taylor Adams 2 years ago +97

    Lol Cole nearly crying about how he apparently has difficulty holding solid objects

    • Jeremy Mchenry
      Jeremy Mchenry 11 months ago

      When you throw that object nearly 100 mph, yeah, it's hard to hold onto it. Especially when you're trying to hit a specific location. And not only that, the lack of grip is dangerous for hitters. Hitters want the pitchers to be able to control their pitches.

    • Zack Newton
      Zack Newton 6 months ago +1

      @Jeremy Mchenry its true but thats not an excuse. Just bc its hard doesnt mean it cant be done. These guys are in the MLB bc they can get it done. If they suddenly arent capable of pitching fast pitches then they should just quit pitching altogether.

    • Jeremy Mchenry
      Jeremy Mchenry 6 months ago

      @Zack Newton ehhhh you say that, but you've never thrown 100 mph. I threw low 90s, and believe me, I wanted as much grip as possible to control my pitches. So yeah.... it is an excuse when the MLB is trying more and more to make it that much harder to hold onto the ball. Back when I last played ball in 07, foreign substance was as strict as it is today. You could get away with a little more. And it's simply a control thing. Without the grip, throwing a baseball at your max velo is extremely difficult.

  • Mets 🔛🔝
    Mets 🔛🔝 Year ago

    As a Mets fan I can say that Diaz has been wild for a while.

  • Will Atwood
    Will Atwood Year ago

    I believe these pitchers should be able to use substances to help them get better grip, thus better spin on their pitches. I mean, it would make the game have better pitching battles and it would help make batters better!

  • wind568
    wind568 2 years ago +262

    Makes you think how many kids got screwed out of scholarships by other kids who knew about this stuff

    • Big chungus cult member
      Big chungus cult member 2 years ago +6

      What lol… if that’s your problem in this situation I don’t even know what to say to you lol. The supplier said this is super recent and only now getting to the college level. Sounds like you weren’t paying attention. Sorry you didn’t get recruited buddy.

    • stephen strohm
      stephen strohm 2 years ago +38

      @Big chungus cult member other sticky substances too

    • TAAB11
      TAAB11 2 years ago +55

      @Big chungus cult member Why are you taking his comment so personally?

    • Zraknul
      Zraknul 2 years ago +47

      @TAAB11 because he cheats every chance he gets in life and finds it a personal attack to be against it.

    • leodesgarçons
      leodesgarçons 2 years ago +23

      @Big chungus cult member we get it, u use spider tack

  • monochameleon gaming
    monochameleon gaming 2 years ago +2

    Caveat to this comment: I think that the MLB tilts everything toward the batter as a catch-all to fix problems in the game. The whole thing with banning defensive shifts, for instance - they don't actually stop you scoring, they just mean you have to hit more intelligently rather than just swing harder. But apparently that's too rough on the batters so let's get rid of them! Anyway, with that said, and about this crackdown: I keep hearing "The rule has changed", but it hasn't really, they've just started enforcing it properly. Any kind of doctoring of the baseball has been banned for decades. For all the "it lets me get a better grip!" thing, there are two important notes: A., yeah, it does, and that makes you a better pitcher, therefore, the foreign substance is responsible for your success and you are therefore cheating, B., aside from giving you a better grip, it effects the trajectory of the baseball and provides an unfair advantage to the pitcher. It is partly the MLB's fault for turning such a blind eye before, pretending that the rule only exists if an opponent complains (it was always actually in the hands of the umpire, the opponent never had to say a word), which has resulted in it becoming so widespread and needing to be fixed. But it's mostly the pitcher's fault for deciding to cheat and then having the gall to complain when they can no longer get away with it.

  • McFearson
    McFearson 2 years ago +1

    MLB: has rules banning pitchers using foreign substances
    Pitchers: use foreign substances anyway
    MLB: starts to work harder to enforce the rules better
    Pitchers: "ThAt'S nOT fAiR!"

  • Ryan Dooley
    Ryan Dooley Year ago +1

    I do think Santiago was cheating but I don’t think the sticky stuff was in his belt, he most likely kept touching it to keep and a comfortable position which would make sense why he did it while walking off the field

  • Arya and Melody
    Arya and Melody 2 years ago

    I enjoy a good pitching duel, but the foreign substances made that all to common. I do hope MLB adjusts the balls to help the pitchers out just a little. Work with them to see what's comfortable so players like Glasgow aren't able to say "I got hurt cause I can't cheat anymore." Just don't change the balls so much we don't have offense again.

  • Brayden Mackie
    Brayden Mackie Year ago

    I support it, being good with no substances is what separates great athletes from good athletes. That being said, I still think MLB should have a no holds barred portion of the season, where rules basically don’t exist. Sticky stuff, aluminum bats, steroids, you name it. I wanna see break measured in feet and balls leaving the field doing 120+.

  • Drew Ritz
    Drew Ritz 2 years ago +300

    In all fairness to Cole's answer, have you seen other interviews with him? He answers every question like that

    • Henry H
      Henry H 2 years ago +46

      “fOr pEtEs sAkE”

    • Anthony Įødīçę
      Anthony Įødīçę 2 years ago +36

      He is seriously dim

    • NESecretWeapon
      NESecretWeapon 2 years ago +27

      Ummm, he usually answers the question at least. This was a child who was unable to come up with a sensible lie that he just said "I don't know. Pitching is hard ...". Not shit, that's why you're getting paid millions to do it ...

    • Peter Bristol
      Peter Bristol 2 years ago

      Should have said it was flaxseed oil

    • Kyl3000
      Kyl3000 2 years ago +4

      Spent only a few months with Greinke, but picked up his on his superior interview method.

  • Jon D'Amore
    Jon D'Amore 2 years ago +1

    Funny I was able to grip the ball all through high school and college without a foreign substance. I wasn't throwing 95, but 92 wasn't bad. Granted, I could never control that thing.

  • Devi8 Nation
    Devi8 Nation Year ago

    I remember forgetting my receiver gloves one Time. I felt like I was catching the ball with bricks.
    I can only imagine what a change like that would do at a higher level.

  • The B
    The B 2 years ago +2

    Cole raised his ERA from 2.74 to 3.11 in his last start. It was like 2.30 when the ban went into place he's been getting killed.

  • SeaaTee
    SeaaTee 2 years ago

    to be fair ohtani has had only one bad start and that was against the yankees, other than that he has been amazing the entire year pitching, so that is what inflated those stats

  • Louis Cesar
    Louis Cesar Year ago +1

    U make great videos I haven't watched baseball in at least 12 years but I watch 6 of ur videos . U should make some on other sports also I'll subscribe for sure

  • Walter
    Walter 2 years ago +1676

    This is pretty crazy but you can’t forget, baseball doesn’t exists

    • Gavin
      Gavin 2 years ago +28


    • Oat
      Oat 2 years ago +54

      I forgor

    • Sam Whelan
      Sam Whelan 2 years ago +5

      @Oat 💀

    • Icarus801
      Icarus801 2 years ago +13

      True dat. Who cares about a typo, you knew exactly what he was talking about.

    • Creepy Dingus
      Creepy Dingus 2 years ago +6

      Btw can you explain where that comes from? The title of the channel.

  • RayCannonBaseball
    RayCannonBaseball 2 years ago +1

    Something alot of people dont think about, they check the pitcher but not the catcher. He could just as well hide and apply .sticky stuff on the ball as the league dosent check them. Even though the umpires right behind them, they could still however apply some to there shin guards or on there face guard ..etc, just a thought.

  • AzariahWolf
    AzariahWolf 5 months ago

    I actually wouldn't mind if they allowed more substances to aid grip. It isn't a physical advantage, and it makes for way more interesting pitch movement.

  • o0O-JD-O0o
    o0O-JD-O0o Year ago +1

    As far as I'm concerned I think it would only help to be a more exciting game if batters are actually hitting the ball more versus not hitting the ball because the pitchers are so wickedly good at spin rate

    • thefisherman007
      thefisherman007 Year ago

      Yea true till you realize the mlb has to juice the ball to help the batters cheat for more HRs

  • Adam Kammin
    Adam Kammin 2 years ago

    Giolito has thrown just as many gems post-crackdown as he threw before the crackdown. Even with sticky stuff, he was struggling. Hes been inconsistent and his ERA has been back and forth between the low 4s and the high 3s all year, but his lowest ERA for the season came in late July (3.67). Do better research

  • The Berminater
    The Berminater 2 years ago

    I don't follow sports let alone baseball but I still injoy your video's which means you must be doing something right

  • trumpetperson11
    trumpetperson11 2 years ago +593

    New Title: Pitchers start crying because they have to play by the rules.

    • Past Analysis
      Past Analysis 2 years ago +30

      Iceman 19 yea.. they didn’t… your point?

    • It was not me I promise
      It was not me I promise 2 years ago +10

      Iceman 19 fr they just tryna shift blame to a past thing in which they did lose things.

    • KingBlack
      KingBlack 2 years ago +4

      Except scherzer and romo who r just stripping on the field

    • 5 q
      5 q 2 years ago +1

      The thing is the league is allowing the batters to not play by the rules every year

    • McTaint69
      McTaint69 2 years ago +2

      @Past Analysis your new big book word to learn for the day is “Sarcasm”.

  • RockerBob
    RockerBob 2 years ago

    One thing we know is that MLB has made changes when hitters struggle and make changes when pitchers struggle. I expect next year the rule change will be in favor of hitters.

  • junior D.
    junior D. 2 years ago

    There was no altercation between Max Scherzer and Joe Girardi. Joe Girardi was trying to pick a fight with one of the Nats coaches. That coach happened to be with Girardi when he was coaching the Yankees as part of the coaching staff.

  • Grimace
    Grimace 2 years ago +5

    Love watching these spin rates going down! Makes for more exciting games!

  • PrayRestricted
    PrayRestricted 2 years ago

    Imagine if you could put eye drops in that would allow you to perceive the balls rotation and trajectory easier making it easier to get hits off. So then every pitcher would immediately be giving up more runs. Tell me how cheated every pitcher would feel if they were forced to play against that every game. Pretty much was the case but just the roles reversed.

  • Andrew Gustafson
    Andrew Gustafson 2 years ago +1

    Ozzie Guillén most definitely has TWO World Series rings, not three, and no one seems to have noticed this at the time or since.

  • El Chancho
    El Chancho 2 years ago +5

    My favorite part about this lockdown is how some batters who looked like they were about to retire after this year are doing better now

  • GM
    GM Year ago +1

    22:30, here we are a year later and Chapman still can’t throw strikes.

  • Obey Swayz Hunter Greenfield

    Hurts to see Garrett Richards on here knowing him personally and that he’s one of the few good guys in baseball that’s a pitcher and I was excited to see him possibly bounce back with my Red Sox but everything said about him I can’t disagree with. I feel like the control for pitchers is only going to get worse which means the safety for hitters will only be more in danger and I’m hoping they take action like they did with the home plate buster posey thing when something just as bad happens to a hitter facing a pitcher with high velocity like Cole or Chapman or even Othani

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 2 years ago +6

    Josh Donaldson has every right, and I think he just may have became my favorite player

  • Callum Lambkin
    Callum Lambkin 2 years ago +5

    Can I just say I love Josh Donaldson? After having watched a vid about his life and upbringing I really like him, and that Giolito thing is hilarious. Gets called out for not saying it to his face, so he goes and says it to his face. That's some boss shit

  • taiwanthebest
    taiwanthebest 2 years ago +10

    Ohtani's stats is a bit misleading. Hes basically had one bad inning since the check. And 3 extra ER was given up because his reliver gave up double that cleared the base. He had 8k in 6innings plus no ER in his last outting.

  • JMS1134
    JMS1134 Year ago

    I love watching Max Scherzer play and do all the other crazy he does.

  • Tugg Speadman
    Tugg Speadman Year ago

    I wonder if the Yankees can legally void Gerrit Cole contract because they paided him all that money while he was using a foreign substance it would be pretty interesting to see that play out

  • Kamonic
    Kamonic Year ago

    The MLB created this monster themselves by pushing offense and endless run scoring as the only objective. They backed pitchers in to a corner and now are surprised that they are getting around their rules. On the other hand, cheating is cheating and nobody would have been hurt and no one would be suffering a drop in performance if they had followed the rules in the first place. All of them running back like they're mainlining the stuff is embarrassing. Making sure people are following the rules should've been the priority from the start. When it's an afterthought it makes it less effective.

  • TomsReviews
    TomsReviews 2 years ago

    Most big time pitchers as well as great football quarterbacks have huge hands. These are the guys that will continue to be good without cheating.

  • Dave Elliott
    Dave Elliott 2 years ago +1

    The only thing Ozzie Guillen knows about hitting is that he couldn't do it

  • Schrodingers Hat
    Schrodingers Hat 2 years ago +5

    the mental/psychological impact + added pressure/less confidence + having to re-work all of your grips will constitute at least a portion of this depending on the player; although it is likely 50-75% because of the grip enhancements

  • Jonas Mason
    Jonas Mason Year ago

    The audacity to say it's not fair that we can't cheat anymore! Ludicrous

  • nicls
    nicls 2 years ago

    Since the Indians changed their name everyone was talking about the opening scene in the movie “Major League” being a Guardian statue in Cleveland. While everyone was talking about that, I was thinking about the scene where Harris was explaining to Vaughn how he loads up a baseball to get “a couple more inches on his curveball” he said he used crisco, vagisil, and jalapeño juice which he then rubbed on his nose to get his nose running. He called it a snot ball. It’s just funny how fans have made their own rules about what’s okay cheating and what’s not. Even tho baseball players have been doing all this stuff since the beginning. Lately seems like everyone has turned into a steroids apologist.

  • DontLetRhombus902

    Could there be 1 regulated substance that helps players get a grip on the ball? Like using chalk in Hillary’s, powerlifting, or climbing? Any sport you use your hands heavily there’s usually some kind of chalk or powder to decrease sweat i don’t see why baseball players must play raw when you can arguably get very sweaty in a baseball game mid summer.

  • fagan411
    fagan411 2 years ago

    I was expecting bigger drops in spin rate tbh considering so many pitchers had increased it by hundreds in the lead up.

  • Joshua V
    Joshua V 2 years ago +4

    "Wow, these great pitchers can't play well without cheating! How unfair!"
    Yeah? Well, if you need to cheat, you're no a great pitcher.

  • Sneersh
    Sneersh 2 years ago +62

    "Stared him down and tipped his hat after each one" no he was just applying more spider tack LOL

  • Fernando Casanova Aizpún

    I'm such a big fan of yours dude. I just bought a Cannadip and I don't even dip. Your content is amazing.

  • corn dog
    corn dog 2 years ago

    I think it’s bizarre you think shohei had a part in the cheating, his performance has not altered a bit since the ban.

  • Is it over yet?
    Is it over yet? 2 years ago +1

    I didn’t even know wheelchair rugby was a thing. That’s pretty badass

  • Beck 17
    Beck 17 Year ago

    As a cards fan I thought for a few years leading up to 2011 that he was strangely good.