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Can A Squier Play As Well As A £4k Fender Custom Shop?

  • Published on Nov 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Adam Tucker
    Adam Tucker 2 months ago +2

    With the exception of 1 x Hofner bass, all my guitars and my bass are Squier. Over the last 6 years, i've sold my US Strat & US Tele as they just didn't feel right. These new Squiers, with a good set up and a few improvements (locking tuners & nut) are beautiful instruments. I'm a bedroom guitarist so i don't need to upgrade the electronics, they sound fine for my use.

  • Lysander Lives Here
    Lysander Lives Here 2 months ago +3

    Simon is one of very, very few people who I would trust to set up or work on any of my guitars.

  • punkywozza
    punkywozza 2 months ago +1

    First thing I have always done when buying a new guitar regardless of the brand is rip the strings of, Check the frets. Level crown and polish if needed. I set the height of the action to the gauge of strings. On a stratocaster style I like 10-46 and on Telecaster style I go for a 9-42, I'll adjust the pick up height and then intonate the guitar and I'm off. Always take a little time with a new guitar doing the basics and you'll realise it's worth it.

  • Simon Meader
    Simon Meader 2 months ago +9

    Bonners are my local store; they always do a check over and set up when you buy a guitar from them and its great to see Simon in his tech cave doing his usual excellent thing :)

  • Marco Hermans
    Marco Hermans 2 months ago +2

    Very honest video!! In the early days it mattered to me what name was on the headstock. Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, made in USA....it must have been good because you pay a lot of money for them right? Wrong! In 30 years of playing I teached myself how to set up a guitar properly because I didn't have the money to go to a Luthier and I wanted to know more of the instrument then just play it. Now I have all the tools to set up instruments for myself , friends and pro-players. It became a hobby inside a hobby and it is no rocket science, with a little patience everbody can learn this. The last decade I noticed that the QC on Made in USA guitars is terrible . Hight frets, poorly cut nuts, bad laquer jobs, etc, you name it. Now I own 25 guitars from different brands and the Asian ones play as good as my Suhr Classic ( best USA guitar I own ), Fender/Gibson custom shop ones after a good setup at a fraction of the cost of a USA guitar. The Asian ones need a little bit more TLC and maybe an electronics upgrade like pots, input jacks, better tuners but that's not a super expensive upgrade. My personal opinion is that made in USA guitars are way overpriced.

  • Richard Poole
    Richard Poole 2 months ago +9

    Us & our customers are very lucky to have Simon, it's amazing what can be done.
    Cheers Paul & James, trust you're both well.

  • Christopherguzzi
    Christopherguzzi 2 months ago +2

    No problem. Except for the tremolo, my $200 Affinity Strat plays incredibly well. It's my favorite day to day guitar. And I actually really like the pickups. No setup when new in my case. Just put on new strings and lubed the key areas and it's fantastic.

  • ukmanthailand
    ukmanthailand 2 months ago +2

    It surprises me that it needed so much work. I’ve got 2 CV Strats, a CVC Tele and a Deluxe Strat and they were all pretty much perfect from the factory. I usually have to adjust relief and intonation on new guitars but the frets are normally fine. EDIT: Oh and the nut slots - they normally need a little work whether it’s a £300 guitar or a £1,000 guitar.

  • Alexander Borger
    Alexander Borger 2 months ago +1

    Very interesting video! This is kind of what I have thought for a while, although I haven't played any custom shop priced guitar. I had come to the conclusion that a well setup cheap guitar can play as great as any other guitar. It's the details/last percents that differs.

  • John Mcguigan
    John Mcguigan 2 months ago +1

    Good setup makes a huge difference. I have a Player series Tele and an American made Roadhouse Strat (over 30 years old now) and I can honestly say the Tele plays just as well as the Strat. The Tele was setup in Music Street guitar shop in Huntingdon, so thanks to the guys there. Great service. Support your local stores people or they’ll be gone. Second thing is to not be afraid to make slight adjustments yourself. As the seasons change you may need to make a tiny truss rod tweak (very tiny - 1/6 th of a turn maybe) to cure a bit of buzz, but simple to do.

  • TheRealRoadhog
    TheRealRoadhog 2 months ago +2

    Late to the party but had to come and comment. I've been doing exactly what you just did to guitars for years. I am 64, had to go to a library and read a book to learn how to do what you're Luthier just did back when I was 15. I personally feel that the prices of Fender Custom shop, Suhr, Ernie Ball and PRS, to mention a few, are way too high. If the guitar feels right in your hands and is a good fit to your body and sounds decent when you try it, that's all that matters. Many argue these less expensive guitars aren't worth the TLC and some upgrades they may require because of resell value, but I beg to differ. With a minimal investment in the tools to do so, I maintain, setup, and upgrade my guitars as well as bring life in to what some felt was a lost cause. Great post, keep them coming.

  • David Malone
    David Malone 2 months ago +4

    The fret dress and nut slots need an experienced eye and make a huge difference. Everything else can easily be done at home and is well worth learning. Great vid!

    • Colin Sibthorpe
      Colin Sibthorpe 2 months ago

      Excellent video guys, Simon is a master & skilful Luthier . It shows what you can achieve if you have the knowledge.

  • Scott Williams
    Scott Williams 2 months ago

    I upgraded my CV 70’s Jag. Custom ‘65 vintage pickups, 920D custom harness with 1meg pots, shimmed the neck back 1°, Fender mustang bridge, AVRI Fender tremolo, added a Fender mute, Gotoh vintage split top locking tuners, shielded the cavities. Full fret job and setup. All work done by a pro luthier. It is literally my favorite guitar now. Luthier had a custom shop Jag in the shop and he compared mine with the CS and he said mine was a better playing and sounding guitar. Even with all the upgrades and labor it cost me less than a custom shop build.

  • Greg Ouellette
    Greg Ouellette 2 months ago +3

    I actually like the Epiphone over Gibson. Both in build quality and tone. But, I have a $200 Firefly that is amazing. I could never tell the difference between cheap and expensive guitars. Sometimes cheap guitars feel cheap, but same goes for expensive guitars. I get crap about putting expensive tuners on cheap guitars. I think they are worth the investment for playability.

  • Optimus 330
    Optimus 330 2 months ago +1

    I rolled the edges and cleaned up the frets on a bullet Squire and it played fine, I bought a 2018 player series, rolled the edges, dressed the frets, cut the nut a little better, lubed up the saddles, nut, and string tree and it’s fantastic! I do hardtail them though, I don’t fully block them, I run the claw all the way down and run 5 springs, all I have left to do is put vintage string in tuning machines and I’d put it up against any higher end strat out there, as far as the feel and the pickup stagger. It’s alot easier if you don’t use the trem, wich I don’t, but even if you do it’s still an easy mod, if you are comfortable doing it, if you pay someone it’s still very cheap.

  • Ian Scovell
    Ian Scovell 2 months ago +2

    Interesting video - I wanted to add that I had a little bit of a poor customer experience at Bonners when I went there earlier in the year - they seemed to open up a little after I’d spent some money, which is a shame as I’d consider myself a ‘high-end’ buyer

  • Steve Steve
    Steve Steve 2 months ago +3

    This is true. I recently bought a black rosewood board hardtail squire bullet stratocaster as something to customize and learn wiring and set ups ect. It played great out of the box and it's lighter than all the other strats I have. I now have it with a single P90 volume pot and single tone pot and custom tortoiseshell scratch plate, all hardware changed for gold higher quality items. It's a great well set up guitar and is as good as any other strat I have and still comes in cheaper than the Squire in your film.

  • TheMasonator777
    TheMasonator777 2 months ago

    Answer: Yes.
    A lot of the fit and finish work that effects playability can be done, by an experienced tech, even on a completed guitar.

  • Yes
    Yes 2 months ago

    I was a fresh, brand-new beginner when I bought my Squier Strat. It was not perfect. Intonation was nowhere near correct, action needed adjusting at both the saddles and the truss rod, frets were gritty, it had pretty bad fret sprout, etc. It was uncomfortable and difficult to play, so what'd I do? I went online and learned how to correct it all, and now I know how to do so whenever I get a new guitar that needs attention. So, while my first Squier was a pain out of the box, I know how to do a setup and work on my guitar *because* it was a pain out of the box. And with a little work, these Squiers are great value for money. I chose to keep my Squier 50s Classic Vibe Strat over my Fender 50s Vintera Strat because the Squier was just a better guitar all around (after a setup & all that).

  • Jason Heaton
    Jason Heaton 2 months ago +1

    Squier has been the best bang for the buck on the market for a few decades now. Currently own a 2014 HH Affinity Jazzmaster and a VM HB Jaguar bass.
    Both are amazing players!

  • MeTuLHeD
    MeTuLHeD 2 months ago +1

    This video is a perfect illustration of how critical it is to do business with a pro shop. Great stuff!

  • 1thess523
    1thess523 2 months ago +1

    I bought a Squier vintage modified PJ base and I thought I was going to have to change the pickups but I watched the video of a guy with the same base who he was thinking of changing the pickups until he adjusted the height and then that base came alive, so I went ahead and tried it and sure enough I've stuck with the stock pickups because they sound really good

  • Frænkiboii
    Frænkiboii 2 months ago +1

    I've got a strat in almost every price range. A MiM, a prof. II (aka the standard strat) and a custom shop. I had a bone nut custom made for the MiM by a luthier and did the setup myself based on the setup of the custom shop and what I've learned from multiple luthiers here on youtube. Now, the MiM is my best playing guitar. The custom shop just has more vibe and mojo to it.

  • Jack Schijven
    Jack Schijven 2 months ago +3

    Great video.
    Will it stay that well?
    Same question for an expensive guitar.
    One should apply regular maintenance how often? What are maintenance costs?

    • Jack Schijven
      Jack Schijven 2 months ago +1

      @Cool Rene Thanks for replying. Good answer.

    • Cool Rene
      Cool Rene 2 months ago

      One should learn to setup a guitar for maintenance and unless you play it like crazy and damage the frets, it will stay that well, yes.

  • Rafał Stachura
    Rafał Stachura 2 months ago +14

    Great video! Pro setup can really transform a cheap guitar. Then it’s the owner’s responsibility to maintain the playability by periodic, basic maintenance and small adjustments. That said, I would not compare Custom Shop to Squier. Each guitar despite its origins is a unique instrument. Generalizations like „only CS is good enough” or „Squier CV is the best there is” are a bit useless. Take care of what you have, and make sure you make it the best playing instrument it can be.

  • Eddie Jr
    Eddie Jr 2 months ago +6

    Thank you for making this video…I’ve been saying this for years…as long as the wood is good and the neck isn’t twisted, you can make these things play like butter…great stuff gents!!!!

  • Armchair Rock n Roll Warrior

    I have a 2020 China Affinity Tele black! It’s actually 2 mm thicker than my fender Tele Performer. And it weighs exactly the same as the Performer Tele 7.1 to 7.2 Ibs. I picked up a new Affinity Tele at the store today and it felt a 1/4 inch thinner! And the neck was thinner!

  • Steven Garrity
    Steven Garrity 2 months ago

    I'd love to get my (relatively inexpensive) guitar set up by a pro. I've always been hesitant to trust someone I find locally to do it though (I live in a small town, options are limited). I don't feel I have the knowledge to tell a tech exactly what I'm looking for, so I'd need some level of expertise to suggest a good basic setup.

    • Tony A
      Tony A 2 months ago

      A good luthier will intuitively know what a good setup is for any given guitar. Really the only thing to decide is what guage of strings you prefer.

    • The Studio Rats
      The Studio Rats  2 months ago

      A tech will help you with decisions, although even asking for a setup should get you the results you want.

  • Paul Cowart
    Paul Cowart Month ago

    Funny seeing this because my favorite is a pawn shop Squier that already had a bone nut installed I put a proper bridge w full tone block and replaced input jack... selector switch...pots Love the ceramic pups unless the previous owner did a swap But it's my go to and I have vintage and CS Strats I guess I got lucky Love the neck It's pink though LoL but still love it and could easily be my only guitar So selling my custom shop 4K guitar

  • Paul Orr
    Paul Orr 2 months ago

    I just ordered my second Squire Classic Vibe 50’s strat. I have two Fender Custom Shop strats and the necks on the Squires are just great. I have a set of custom shop 69 strat pickups in need of a guitar and thought what the heck. They are great guitars. The finishes are awesome.

  • Ransom Baggins
    Ransom Baggins 2 months ago +2

    If only I could find someone I could trust like Simon. :)

  • Headkick Ko
    Headkick Ko 2 months ago

    I know if I played a CS strat and Guthrie a Squire with only 3 strings, he would still sound a million times better than me.

  • relicsun
    relicsun 2 months ago

    It’s not the squire, it’s the amp that sounds great.

  • Matthew Edwards
    Matthew Edwards 2 months ago +1

    I will bookmark Bonners guitars. Thanks for this great video

  • Todd Steele
    Todd Steele 2 months ago +2

    Paul, buy the Squire. Now that it’s set up. 👍🏼

    I SHOOTS 2 months ago

    Great video, learnt a lot there!

  • teknical100
    teknical100 2 months ago

    That looked like a great guitar in the pic lol.

  • Murray Guitar Pickups
    Murray Guitar Pickups 2 months ago +1

    Would you guys be interested in a pickup upgrade/demo for the squier? I make '54, '59, '64 or custom strat pickups. I'd be happy to sell you a set for cost price if you mention me on the channel.

    • The Studio Rats
      The Studio Rats  2 months ago

      Hi Murray, yes we would although the guitar was owned by a shop called Bonners music we don’t actually own that guitar.

  • Jamie Briggs
    Jamie Briggs 2 months ago +5

    I've been trying to tell you Paul! 😄
    I really like this video, because more people need to know that you don't need to be rich or work your fingers to the bone to save up enough to get a playable guitar.
    It's just a perpetual shame that the people cheap guitars like that are aimed at - mostly beginners - don't know how to do any of that, and may not know what a setup is or who to take it to to have one done.
    But for a pretty low price, you can get a cheap guitar, get a setup done, and swap out for better pickups even if it's warranted, for a fraction of the high end prices.
    Obviously if you want a hand made work of art, that's a different situation, and anyone who wants that should absolutely get it (I'd love to have a couple, and maybe some day I will lol)! I just wish there wasn't such a huge push for guitar players to spend more and more to get a guitar that sounds good, when you can make almost any guitar sound good.

    • Jamie Briggs
      Jamie Briggs 2 months ago

      Also, a good guitar guy like Simon is worth their weight in gold!

  • Mean Mr. Mustard
    Mean Mr. Mustard 2 months ago

    ..Sound and wood? Check out Jim Lill's vid about a strat, and just playing the hardware without the wood. Real eye opener.

  • Rich Firyn
    Rich Firyn 2 months ago

    I went looking for that Strat to buy it but it was already gone.

  • kostas marinakis
    kostas marinakis 2 months ago

    Of course it does, if it's been setuped properly! Then there is no difference

  • Simon Piggott
    Simon Piggott 2 months ago +1

    Nice video! It was really fun having you chaps for the day, but it hasn't stop raining since you left, so you need to come back with the sunshine! 🤣

    • Apeshoot
      Apeshoot 2 months ago +1

      @Simon Piggott It's crazy what a difference that adjustment made. I had them about 3/64ths lower.

    • Apeshoot
      Apeshoot 2 months ago +1

      @Simon Piggott Thanks, Simon.

    • Simon Piggott
      Simon Piggott 2 months ago +1

      @Apeshoot yes all pick ups were 3/32nd to top of poles on Top e and and 4/32nd on bottom E fretted 21st and under string. Using rabone steel rule.

    • Apeshoot
      Apeshoot 2 months ago

      Do you recall what your pickup height settings were on that guitar? My 2000 Squier Special Edition Strat ceramic pickups sure would like to know... 😉

  • Will Foster
    Will Foster 2 months ago

    anyone know the riff he is playing post-setup?

  • David Major
    David Major 2 months ago

    There are 1000's of Squier lovers out here...some take them on tour...Just ask Jack Pearson and Mike Rutherford

  • WolvesAndGuitars
    WolvesAndGuitars 2 months ago

    I Just slapped some Lollar imperials in a $99 usd Bullet Mustang and its killer!!!!!!!!! sike it was horrible until I made the following changes. Moved the bridge back to 25.5 scale replaced saddles(cutting strings) chucked the old neck in fire pit, added a MusikCraft roasted strat neck with Sprezel tuners, replaced all wiring and pots and jack. NOW its amazing but cost me 650 in addons . so for 750 total would I buy it.! heck no but it was fun to build and all parts were spare stuff I had around for years.

  • TheMasonator777
    TheMasonator777 2 months ago

    Action adjustments are one area where Imperial/SAE measurements shine. 64ths of an inch are the way to go. A millimetre is too big of an increment.

    • Simon Piggott
      Simon Piggott 2 months ago

      @TheMasonator777 oh yeah cool, I have one of those! Yeah I have to know imperial, if someone stateside says Landau likes his 5/64 to 7/64 at last fret, I need to know how to match it, this video was generally for our UK customers and most people here under 50 wouldn't know a 64th from a hole in the ground. 🤣🕳️

    • TheMasonator777
      TheMasonator777 2 months ago +1

      @Simon Piggott BTW I’m in Canada… we use metric too. I just prefer not to for setups or building. I get imperial/SAE rulers from Stew-Mac or Lee Valley.

    • TheMasonator777
      TheMasonator777 2 months ago

      @Simon Piggott Ok, ya got me.

    • Simon Piggott
      Simon Piggott 2 months ago +1

      I also use imperial

    • Simon Piggott
      Simon Piggott 2 months ago +1

      @TheMasonator777 the 100th was a joke, I'm not splitting an atom. in UK our rulers do have 0.5mm though. We get by.

  • Jurij Strogonov
    Jurij Strogonov 2 months ago

    This video is very interesting. Good job.

  • Mark Deavult
    Mark Deavult 2 months ago

    What's a "Squire"? Never heard of it.
    Dude, it's literally written on the headstock. It's a similar guitar to those played by David Gilmore, Jimmy Hendricks, and Erik Claptone.

  • Andrew Becker
    Andrew Becker 2 months ago

    You can polish a turd and have a shiny turd. Or, buy something decent and hop it up a bit. Most people aren't into battling a guitar endlessly trying to keep it playable. If your gonna spend time and money on a guitar you plan on keeping, start with something in the $500-600 range at least.

  • netzer442
    netzer442 2 months ago +1

    Great video guys!

  • Milanł
    Milanł 2 months ago

    My 2022 squier affinity telecaster china plays darn good pretty surprise really super crips and responsive

  • Mike Bauer
    Mike Bauer 2 months ago

    The second that sqiure is in my hands I can tell the difference

  • Matt Allen
    Matt Allen 2 months ago

    Nice video bro!

  • JulianFernandez
    JulianFernandez 2 months ago

    sounds great

  • Ken Thompson
    Ken Thompson 2 months ago +1


  • Christo Guichard
    Christo Guichard 2 months ago

    Of course....
    Ive been doing that for over 30 years.

  • Sublyme
    Sublyme 2 months ago

    I think Simon's about to get a lot more busy.

  • Music Production Videos

    Did I miss the costs of total set up & fret work?

    • Music Production Videos
      Music Production Videos 2 months ago +1

      @The Studio Rats never seen that amount of fret work done as part of store set up… for free. That’s a very good deal if true.

    • The Studio Rats
      The Studio Rats  2 months ago +2

      It was a new guitar, it’s set up for free by Bonners.

  • neilmacmusic
    neilmacmusic 2 months ago

    Squier! and yes it can

  • Chris McNeil
    Chris McNeil 2 months ago

    The real question is, "Can a guitar tech spell better than a 4th grader when the word is printed right on the headstock?"

    • Simon Piggott
      Simon Piggott Month ago

      The tech is just talking and working, the tech didn't spell anything. The tech knows how to spell Squier? The tech probably noticed the spelling error quicker than you. The tech doesn't have access to editing the video. Lol😂😂

    • Chris McNeil
      Chris McNeil 2 months ago


    • The Studio Rats
      The Studio Rats  2 months ago

      Sorry you lost me on that one.

  • P.o.B pedals
    P.o.B pedals 2 months ago

    Please let me know if you are willing to sell that, I am in need of a good stratocaster for the studio but don't have funds for a expensive guitar..

  • Aberdeenshire Guitar Teacher

    Haven’t watched tho video but I’d say No , but it can get pretty close if the frets are levelled/crowned/polished and nut slots cut to sub 0.5mm over the first fret . A bone or Tusq nut would be better but even a plastic my one can play ok if you rub some pencil in the slots once filed lower. Add neck relief via truss Rod if you want it
    Some cheap guitars have decent necks on them that feel good.
    A good setup and a good set of pickups can significantly change how goods guitar sounds and plays , it’s quite surprising

    • Aberdeenshire Guitar Teacher
      Aberdeenshire Guitar Teacher 2 months ago

      @Ransom Baggins was on the bus with the kids (one a 3 year old) at the time 🙂
      I’m sure it’s excellent . I love these type of vids. Sam Deeks of reloved guitars is excellent. I’ve just been buying and making my own tools to do these kind of setups . Last attempt was a major fail tho with fret levelling 😵‍💫

    • Ransom Baggins
      Ransom Baggins 2 months ago +1

      You should watch the video. 🤷🏻‍♂

  • Ronquest Maine
    Ronquest Maine 2 months ago

    So, what did you think of that LANEY LA STUDIO 3? If your guitar is not properly setup, your fighting it.

    • Ronquest Maine
      Ronquest Maine 2 months ago

      @The Studio Rats Agreed!

    • The Studio Rats
      The Studio Rats  2 months ago +1

      @Ronquest Maine go and get a rev d20

    • Ronquest Maine
      Ronquest Maine 2 months ago

      @The Studio Rats That's what I figured. It is interesting for a virtual plug-in Amp, but they are $1150 over here.

    • The Studio Rats
      The Studio Rats  2 months ago

      To be honest, It’s ok, although it came to life with pedals in front of it.

  • thewalrus1968
    thewalrus1968 2 months ago

    tonewood ??? seems to have been debunked but im still not sure

  • ChrisM Hobbies
    ChrisM Hobbies 2 months ago

    No, but maybe a Squier can.

  • Nizo Dizo
    Nizo Dizo 2 months ago

    What is a Millimeter?
    I measure in 64's.

    • Ian metcalf
      Ian metcalf 2 months ago

      5/64ths is 2mm for measurement purposes

  • Fin.D
    Fin.D 2 months ago

    It’s the player, not the guitar

  • lewisbeeman
    lewisbeeman 2 months ago

    The reality is most people are headstock snobs whether they know it or not.

  • Gabriele Striuli
    Gabriele Striuli 2 months ago

    A cheap guitar is a cheap guitar.pickup, bridge and frets are horrible...a setup don t change triste parts.

  • TheOracle
    TheOracle 23 days ago

    What guitar shop is this

  • Lyin'King
    Lyin'King 2 months ago +1

    Where are the wine glasses? Can you find them for me?

    • The Studio Rats
      The Studio Rats  2 months ago +1

      Good man!

    • Lyin'King
      Lyin'King 2 months ago +1

      @The Studio Rats I'm kidding I was drunk when I wrote that initial comment

    • The Studio Rats
      The Studio Rats  2 months ago +1

      @Lyin'King ahh I see.

    • Lyin'King
      Lyin'King 2 months ago +1

      @The Studio Rats the venue in which the video was filmed looked like a wine glass

    • The Studio Rats
      The Studio Rats  2 months ago +1

      You might need to explain that one.

  • Richard Lewis
    Richard Lewis 2 months ago

    SQUIER dammit

  • Chris
    Chris 2 months ago

    *Squier. c'mon guys

  • Robsthedon
    Robsthedon 2 months ago