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Putin's 'Big Revenge' in Ukraine begins after tank 'provocation' | Zelensky begs for more arms

  • Published on Jan 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • "Russian President Vladimir Putin's big revenge in Ukraine has begun," says Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as he pleads for more arms. Zelensky claims that "every day either Russia brings in more of their regular troops or we see an increase in the number of Wagnerites." The Ukrainian President claims that his troops are giving the strongest fight to the Russian wave of attacks, but the situation is difficult in the east. The Russian army has gone all out to push Ukrainians from Donetsk before the tanks announced by the U.S. and Germany arrive. Watch this report for more.
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  • Bob Pietraszewski
    Bob Pietraszewski Month ago +97

    I'm not a smart man, but I think once you started sending tanks an aircraft you're pretty much part of the war

    • R K
      R K Month ago

      Yes brother 👍

    • Andrew Buckley
      Andrew Buckley Month ago

      I get the feeling they may already be there and Russia is in for another shock. Watch this space...

    • hardball416
      hardball416 Month ago +1

      There's no stopping this war know too later for all the talking.... 🥀

  • Madness Incorporated
    Madness Incorporated 2 months ago +366

    Funny thing is Zelenskyy thinking he is fighting the war but in reality west is fighting under Zelensky’s Disguise

    • Jonas jörgensen
      Jonas jörgensen Month ago

      no hes fighting it but is supported by west, not so big difference, its like russia is supported by north korea and iran, but keep crying, it was russia who started the invasion.

    • felix Ogutu
      felix Ogutu Month ago


  • S E
    S E Month ago +45

    it's so nice to see two partners in crime walking together & discussing their crimes against their people.

  • Joshua Paul
    Joshua Paul 2 months ago +282

    In reality the front is about to collapse. Ukraine already lost most trained and motivated soldiers along with almost all hardware it had before the war plus hundreds of tanks and IFVs it got from Eastern Europe. Zelenskyy strategy is reduced to rounding up civilians often at gunpoint and throwing them into a meat grinder in a futile attempt to stabilize the front. It's now abundantly clear that Zelenskyy lied about a real Ukrainian mobilization potential. Even these drastic measures clearly cannot save him. Ukraine got dozens of polish MiG 29s as "spare parts", dozens of SU 25s from other countries in Eastern Europe, dozens of choppers. Almost everything was lost. It's just a waste of money. The war is lost by Ukraine. This tank delivery announcement is just a transparent attempt to deflect accusations in an inevitable future blame game.

    • Andy Glastonbury
      Andy Glastonbury Month ago

      @shantanu Shinde and so are Ukraine.

    • Andy Glastonbury
      Andy Glastonbury Month ago

      @chas lancer Hardly crushing it. They had to withdrawal from Kherson, Lyman and Kviv, and after 4 months of pounding Bakhmut, they still haven’t taken it. The only thing they are crushing at the moment are the families of mobilized thrown into the meat grinder.

    • Andy Glastonbury
      Andy Glastonbury Month ago

      @Russiasvechenaya Good luck with that 😂🤣. Never in a 1000 years will that happen.

    • Russiasvechenaya
      Russiasvechenaya Month ago

      @Andy Glastonbury Russia is going for the whole of Ukraine not just the Donbas

  • tnrk2011
    tnrk2011 Month ago +20

    I have been thinking for so long if there is a madman/psycho in the Oval Office. and that turned out to be a reality for sometime.

  • somraj Subba
    somraj Subba 2 months ago +87

    He has brought doom to his country . Rejected peace deals.

    • Jonas jörgensen
      Jonas jörgensen Month ago +2

      or defend your right to be an own country, its as simple as that, Putler out of ukraine

    • S V
      S V Month ago +1

      @MisterMoonMan 👍🙂

    • MisterMoonMan
      MisterMoonMan Month ago +2

      @S V I'm glad you are not cause it'd be a waste of time

    • S V
      S V Month ago +2

      @MisterMoonMan Your reply to my comment is pretty 1 dimensional.
      I don't even feel like arguing with you..

    • MisterMoonMan
      MisterMoonMan Month ago +1

      @S V You're washed dude

  • James Vengren
    James Vengren Month ago +20

    There better be accountability’s for our equipment and money they have wasted

    • Clem Alford
      Clem Alford Month ago

      @Eugene Kaptur warmonger.

    • Clem Alford
      Clem Alford Month ago

      Yes indeed. I was never asked if I wanted to go to war with Russia just to make a few in the Miltary Indistrial Complex richer.

  • Ratnapala Dissanayaka
    Ratnapala Dissanayaka 2 months ago +421

    Zelenski admitted his army is getting destroyed. But he has no choice. Puppet is just following the orders from Washington

    • Ratnapala Dissanayaka
      Ratnapala Dissanayaka Month ago

      @sund fornuft You don't have to ask me. you can see it yourselves. By the way I'm not Indian. I live in a western country though. Even with one word I want to promote peace negotiations unlike B Jhonson, NATO chief and many other westerners

    • sund fornuft
      sund fornuft Month ago

      so what are the order, Mr. Indian😂

    • willy mueller
      willy mueller Month ago

      @me5774 Du Thats correct !

  • Mike Leichtweis
    Mike Leichtweis 2 months ago +215

    What people fail to realize is that Russia has actually been nice the way they're going about things.....but I think things are changing and Russia is much more motivated.....

    • Mike Leichtweis
      Mike Leichtweis Month ago +1

      @Andrew Buckley ukraine has roughly 200,000 dead ....Russia has roughly 30,000 dead.....I think knowledgeable people understand who's losing....You might want to educate yourself

    • Stephen Hill
      Stephen Hill Month ago

      @Jonas jörgensen so kosova should return to serbia then and nato bombing serbia was wrong too

  • SH
    SH 2 months ago +122

    Very sad that no western country had impressed upon peace so far. World is suffering because of this unwanted war

    • Josa
      Josa Month ago

      Doitnow No.Hungary do not support Russia.They are members of EU.Maybe they are against the war and not support Ukraine with weapons.

  • abhiseka mohapatra
    abhiseka mohapatra Month ago +6

    West from back and Russia from front... Zelensky is like... Victim card to fill his bank.... And it's people are true sufferers

  • ARGO
    ARGO 2 months ago +123

    Thats not revenge comedian, thats the might of Russia.

  • Achilles Sua
    Achilles Sua Month ago +6

    That is what zelenzky as a puppet wants

  • Sahas creative space
    Sahas creative space 2 months ago +129

    Zelensky should step down and reach for peace with Russia for the benefit of his people..this situation got beyond control...don't extend this war, loose people, infra, economy etc..Ukraine has a great debt now to all nations that gave weapons, tanks ... Ukraine will become like another Syria or Afghanistan...people are suffering...don't take side ..just start talking with Russia..don't prolong war

    • Eugene Kaptur
      Eugene Kaptur Month ago +1

      The day the LAST Russian soldier or mercenary leaves the Ukraine, to include the Donbas and the Crimea will be the day that the Ukrainian soldiers will STOP fighting!

    • Tiger Woody
      Tiger Woody Month ago +1

      Reach for peace against an invading nation? Putin should pull out now. It isn't like Ukraine can pull out of Ukraine.

    • Oleg Rad
      Oleg Rad Month ago

      Ukraine could become a second Vietnam or Korea if this continues.

  • homayoun Shirazi
    homayoun Shirazi Month ago +1

    Long live Russian Federation.
    Love & Respect from Iran.

  • Eddie Ng
    Eddie Ng 2 months ago +65

    The politicians wanted this war...go ask the citizens

    • Lammergier
      Lammergier Month ago

      @theslayer5000 only an insane people chose for war, everyone know when war is happen there is only two option exist, one is fight another one is flight.
      The mad man that wants the war is not Ukrainian but their government because this is an avoidable war, that is the nature of any war everything happens when no conclusion on discussion before it.
      We should know the Soviet Union has created the RED Line along its border, that is Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Khazastan down to Afghanistan. Just to monitor any expansion of power near to Moscow. Any power that tries to step in this red line is a signal of war to Russian and it's doctrine where on side of Russia, western doctrines is wrong
      At the end of this war should be either totally destroyed or back to table of discussion. Where Ukraine will be expected to lose half of its region.

    • theslayer5000
      theslayer5000 Month ago

      @Lammergier last time I checked Ukrainian civilians chose to fight not forced to fight. This war is a democracy vs an autocratic dictatorship. during the USSRs control of ukraine guess what happened 60 million Ukrainians died because of stalins choice to brutality starve Ukrainians to keep industrializing. the Ukrainian government isn't going to respect a country that killed its own people. read Ukraine's history on Wikipedia if you don't believe me.

    • Lammergier
      Lammergier Month ago

      @Ken Klue they're forced to fight, in reality they fight because their government was failed to respect Russia as former Soviet Union Leader. At the same time fail to fight the greed to join EU and the West. Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine is the border between two different doctrines. Expansion of power in this region is a provocation on either side.

  • Bunty Khan
    Bunty Khan 2 months ago +11

    The Sound makes goosebumps …

  • Da big_Guy
    Da big_Guy Month ago

    Love for Mother Russia 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺

  • Syed Ameenuddin
    Syed Ameenuddin Month ago +6

    Well sh** really hit the fan for America on this one lol🤣

  • Harald Larsson
    Harald Larsson Month ago

    Go on Russia we stand with you and wish you all luck.

  • Denise Pleines
    Denise Pleines Month ago +6

    Well looks like we poked the bear one too many times. He warned us. I don't think he'll go nuclear though. I think cyber attacks or an EMP BURST which would be a major strike in and of itself

    • P Oucxs
      P Oucxs Month ago +1

      that would make zero impact on the situation on the battlefield. even if they go nuclear (which would make no sense withing Ukraine, since they want to ocupy Ukraine) then the west will double down on sending even more supplies.

  • Lann Woo
    Lann Woo Month ago +15

    Is zelensky Asking for more body bags. And be the last of the Ukrainian

  • sanabam max
    sanabam max Month ago +25

    Next Zelensky might ask for rockets and space station. US and EU or NATO might also consider buying the Chinese Space Station and give it to Zelensky if he demands it.

    • gary w
      gary w Month ago

      Good idea. It's about to be abandoned, but it could make wonderful platform from which to find the 10 remaining Russian tanks that have not already been blown up.

    • hannahr77
      hannahr77 Month ago

      hmm let's say that he wants the moon the EU Nato and USA will give it to him

  • Lim Chopstick
    Lim Chopstick Month ago +2

    Good reporting no twist and turn

  • NUMB
    NUMB Month ago +31

    in short Zelensky never care for his country and countrymen he care about his fame and money in this war🥺

    • NUMB
      NUMB Month ago

      @Ari Kotiranta too late it already happened Ukraine is in Ruined he think it is like a movie that after the movie it will be alright and the audience will clap😁

    • Ari Kotiranta
      Ari Kotiranta Month ago

      Not true.

  • Soma Sekhar
    Soma Sekhar Month ago +14

    Putin : Let's finish this war in Troy style one on one
    Zelinskiy : You know Judo but i know only Ludo 🥴

  • Ben Bo
    Ben Bo Month ago +39

    Elensky is not the only one begging for arms. Germany is in South America begging for arms for Ukraine but South American leaders told the German leader to take a hike.

    • jimmy jazz
      jimmy jazz Month ago +1

      Exactly 😂🤣😁😂🤣😁😂🤣😁😂🤣😁

  • peter WA
    peter WA Month ago

    Congratulations 🎈 Putin from the USA

  • Helena Trela
    Helena Trela Month ago +1

    elensky is the greatest comedian!!

  • Vikas Chouhan
    Vikas Chouhan 2 months ago +13

    russia to ukraine :surrender.
    ukraine: i will surrender when this place will become hell.

    THE HUNGER GAMES 8 Month ago +7


  • Warren Jones
    Warren Jones 2 months ago +37

    We'll soon see how the new tanks go against drones.
    Should be interesting

    • sund fornuft
      sund fornuft Month ago +1

      because Ukraine has not destroyed 3200+ russian soda cans😂😂

    • Max Kazzora
      Max Kazzora Month ago

      @Ben 👍👍😂

    • Ben
      Ben Month ago

      Yep, million dollar tank for 30k drone, Russia will do that all day long

    • Max Kazzora
      Max Kazzora 2 months ago +3


  • FicaGTI
    FicaGTI Month ago

    "Notably, Germany and the U.S. announced tanks after imense pressure from Kyiv." Only pressure here is from U.S. to Germany to deliver tanks.

  • Harry Leimgruber
    Harry Leimgruber Month ago

    it's nice to know for Zelinski that his family is safe and sound in a 8 $ Villa in Israel....!!

  • Evelyn Acido
    Evelyn Acido 11 days ago

    He brought this upon his own people and country,no guts to say no.

  • Chris Mickey
    Chris Mickey Month ago +3

    Not revenge . Nessessety.

  • danny janssens
    danny janssens Month ago +10

    I can't believe that Russia has no more troops or ammunition 😂😂

  • Peter Azlac
    Peter Azlac 2 months ago +26

    The new tanks from the West are not a problem since they are too heavy for Ukraine's road bridges and will need to be transported by rail which Russia has already degraded by destroying much of its power supplies. When on the rail they will have to pass through several bottleneck junctions where they can be hit by missiles. Should they reach the Dnieper there are only five bridges they can cross at Zaporhzia and Dnpro which Russia can destroy and they will need heavier pontoons than Ukraine has. It seem clear that the offensives towards Zaporhyzi and Dnpro are to bring these bridges within range of Russian artillery though they can control them by missiles and air power. We are seeing a repeat of Von Manstein's failures at Stalingrad and Korsun where Russian artillery and Rockets defeat superior Tiger tanks that were also too heavy for the bridges then and they have not changed now. The need for light MBTs that can cross rivers and bridges is one of the reasons Russian tanks do not exceed 45 tonnes where the Leopard, Challenger and Abrams are upwards of 60 tonnes. This will becomes a real issue in snow and ice and especially when the mud season starts.

    • P Oucxs
      P Oucxs Month ago

      @LeadLeftLeon You do know that all the anti air equipment currently there does not need a walloutlet in order to function?

    • gary w
      gary w Month ago +1

      You do know, I assume, that the Dnieper River is located well within Ukraine, don't you? Russia is east of there. Might want to buy a map. I mean, Russians are not in Russia. Kind of obvious who is in the wrong, here.

    • hannahr77
      hannahr77 Month ago

      don't the tanks have to be shipped by the sea I mean you can't drive from USA and EU to Ukr

    • LeadLeftLeon
      LeadLeftLeon Month ago

      Suddenly Russia’s constant missile attacks on Ukraine’s power makes a whole lotta sense. Ukraine’s supply lines will be screwed once they’re out of spare parts from all the repairs. Not to Russia asserts its air power when Ukraine’s anti air is suppressed once the power is cut

  • Ronjin Skaarin
    Ronjin Skaarin Month ago +1

    Always pleading!

  • DannyDeVito
    DannyDeVito Month ago +5

    Zelensy would be given free citizenship in Pak for his skills in begging.

    • Alex Forrest
      Alex Forrest Month ago

      That was awfully flippant bad little toerag.

  • Israel88
    Israel88 Month ago +5

    Better run Zelensky. .

  • Vince Gowdy
    Vince Gowdy Month ago +3

    Ukraine must win no matter what.

  • Trivo Tucic
    Trivo Tucic Month ago +1


  • doggies400
    doggies400 Month ago +3

    Zelenskyy is sending his troops in to die. You don’t see him volunteering to fight himself. He doesn’t want to die. He says they’ll never surrender cause he’s not on the front line. What a coward.

    • P Oucxs
      P Oucxs Month ago

      He litteraly stayed in Ukraine while he was offered to be airlifted out of the country.

  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez Month ago +2

    I thought it's Winter in Ukraine? I see video files from last year....

  • Mick
    Mick  Month ago +1

    If Zelenskyy thinks this is bad what does he think will happen if they actually get the tanks or long range missiles or fighter jets????
    I can't imagine things are going to get any easier for Ukraine while they seek greater war and reject peace negotiations!

  • CooCooKaChoo
    CooCooKaChoo 2 months ago +4

    You mean since Baerbock admitted NATO is at war with Russia

  • Hale’na The Republican Princess of Wales.

    Putin March 2024🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🎺

  • Kevin Wa
    Kevin Wa Month ago +1

    I am unable to understand how NATO has the authority to intervene in a conflict between two non-NATO combatants. Clearly this is purely a way to try and fulfil its long term stated ambition of weakening Germany and destroying Russia, divide it up, and plunder its mineral resources. Unfortunately the weaken Germany part appears to have been successful, but their attempt to destroy Russia has been a dismal failure and in fact, has backfired badly on them.

  • Devils Destiny
    Devils Destiny 2 months ago +231

    Massive Respect to Russia, nothing but Admiration. Not all of us from the UK are against you, only the Completely Stupid ones.

    • Umar Gee
      Umar Gee Month ago

      Lol..🤣 dude! cheers🍻!!

    • james bob
      james bob Month ago

      @Craig Whiting hahah from merthy tydfill

  • Tillon Chow
    Tillon Chow Month ago +1

    The event of the arrival of tanks is being too much dramatized. Leopard some 24 & A1m2 some 12 nos...will it have so much effect ?? No I don't think so...A1m1/2 saw their worst in Gulf War 2, so does Merkeva, also Leopard in Syria. What had happened to the himars? Russina found their weak spot. Opponents will somehow always try to outsmart u..

  • Paul Fenris
    Paul Fenris Month ago +11

    Russia 🇷🇺 Strong ! 💪
    Much good wishes and Victory to it's Army ! ✌️

  • Joseph stone
    Joseph stone Month ago

    Go Russia, get it done

  • David Chung
    David Chung 2 months ago +7

    Putin is killing the air....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Shaheed
    Shaheed 2 months ago +24

    Zelensky is the hero of this era who dearly pushes his nation into fire.

    • gary w
      gary w Month ago

      Zelensky is dodging 1000 Russian missiles, and the genius Shaheed decides to blame the guy ducking the incoming rounds. I mean, when one sides against justice, there is no shame.

    • hannahr77
      hannahr77 Month ago +2

      zelensky is the clown of this era 1's a comedian always a comedian

  • jan edvinsson
    jan edvinsson Month ago +1

    Now it's a provocation from Ukraine to defend themselves. The Russian arrogance has no limits.

  • Regidor Delarosa
    Regidor Delarosa Month ago

    Right on Comrade President! Kickass.

  • Sea Wind
    Sea Wind Month ago +4

    Yesterday I watched a speech by Vladimir Zhirinovsky (a Russian politician), he was invited to the Ukrainian studio (2008!!! a year ago), he tried to convince Ukrainians there - it is not necessary to oppress ethnic Russians in Ukraine, it is not necessary to propagandize the Nazis and it is not necessary to place NATO missiles at the borders of Russia! And there will always be peace between our fraternal peoples. They laughed at him.
    Google it, many will be surprised....

    • theslayer5000
      theslayer5000 Month ago

      @Sea Wind and also zelensky is Jewish I don't think he'd ever take a picture with a nazi

    • theslayer5000
      theslayer5000 Month ago

      @Sea Wind wow, that information is definitely not Russian propaganda

    • theslayer5000
      theslayer5000 Month ago

      yes because what he was saying was bullshit

    • petya Velikova
      petya Velikova Month ago +2

      I have watched it years ago, what a prophetic speech, and they did laught at him...but they are not laughing now...RIP Zhirik.

  • Victor Schepers
    Victor Schepers Month ago +1

    Long range ... you know what to hit first!!!!!!

  • Simon Yaovi
    Simon Yaovi 2 months ago +25

    Ooh, how far can we continue like this? The world should come together to stop this useless war!

    • jimmy jazz
      jimmy jazz Month ago +1

      @Craig Whiting true 10000000000% true

    • Craig Whiting
      Craig Whiting Month ago +3

      Its the wests fault it still going

    • Sun Shine
      Sun Shine Month ago +3

      As long as Britain is there no peace

  • Ravi Kurup
    Ravi Kurup Month ago +2

    My money is on Putin. Zelensky must be on drugs if he thinks he has a chance to win. 🤣

  • Raghab Panda
    Raghab Panda Month ago +3

    Finally Joker admits, that hurts 🤣🤣🤣

  • Petr Růžička
    Petr Růžička Month ago

    🇨🇿100 tanks T-72 🇺🇦 🦾

  • Maria C Blanco
    Maria C Blanco Month ago +5

    WAO my good is so beautiful to see the Russian Army fighting

  • JoJo random edits
    JoJo random edits Month ago +1

    War is not game.

  • MitzySonce
    MitzySonce 2 months ago +103

    Go Russia!👏👏👏🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • Joe Alcamo
    Joe Alcamo Month ago +5

    Every country knows it is suicidal to continue sending more weapons and monies to Zelensky!

  • ピッピ
    ピッピ Month ago

    President Zelenky would need to compromise and have a negotiation with President Putin. We are so sick and tired of watching brothers just killing each other. I think the West had gone way too much intervened

  • yangmi mkhalek
    yangmi mkhalek Month ago

    Arm conflict cannot bring peace.

  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba 2 months ago +212

    Glory to Russia 🇷🇺
    With love ❤️ from India 🇮🇳

  • Krommidakis
    Krommidakis Month ago +1


  • Pritam Nayak
    Pritam Nayak 2 months ago +17

    Now Ukraine is understanding the meaning of having nuclear weapons...

  • RJ P
    RJ P 2 months ago +127

    Glory to Russia 🙂

    • Ari Kotiranta
      Ari Kotiranta Month ago


    • jimmy jazz
      jimmy jazz Month ago +1

      @gary w dream on

    • gary w
      gary w Month ago +1

      You should volunteer, RJ. Nothing like the propaganized to do the work. Get in uniform. Help fill in one of those ditches with another Russian body. Glory to the sovereign nation of Ukraine, a place that is not Russia, believe it or not.

    • john dave
      john dave 2 months ago +5


    • washitawambassador
      washitawambassador 2 months ago +4


  • Movita Young
    Movita Young 2 months ago +77

    He is like a mistress always want more of everything ! No matter the situation so uncaring and blackhearted !!!! Victory to Russia !!!!!👩💪💪💪💪❤❤❤❤

    • INDIA
      INDIA Month ago

      @Lars-Göran Andersson Ukraine can play all their cards but when Putin makes his move they start crying and talks about war crimes and civilians death's 🤦

    • Lars-Göran Andersson
      Lars-Göran Andersson Month ago

      It is a russian failure. The situation in occupied areas are more worse than ever. And today two high officers in Rossyaguards died by a car bomb in Crimea on the way between Sevastopol...Simferopol. Happy tourists this year in Crimea ...342 days and counting...

    • Kim Harris
      Kim Harris 2 months ago +1

      There is no victory to either side only death and suffering.
      Peace to all.

  • Mathews George
    Mathews George Month ago

    Next Zelensky would be requesting for F16 and followed by Nuclear war heads.

  • Nameless
    Nameless Month ago +4

    If the people of Ukraine don't want to give up and surrender then may the blessing of God be with you all. The longer you withstand the attacks, the chances of you overcoming this war increases.

  • Harry Leimgruber
    Harry Leimgruber Month ago

    when do we ever see Zelinski himself somewhere near the front line....???

    ABHISHEK RANJAN 2 months ago +8

    What happened to all the tanks and Aurplanes which Ukraine had before the war started and those which were supplied by NATO. Oh wait they have all been destroyed.

  • doppler apples
    doppler apples Month ago +1

    Zelensky asks more then a spoiled entitled adult kid does lol

  • Gurbaj Bhangu
    Gurbaj Bhangu Month ago +4

    Fighting for freedom in their own country is not provocation. Ukrainians are defending their land and not attacking russia.

    • Duarte Simões
      Duarte Simões Month ago

      At last, someone with honor here! Congratulations. 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Ch W
    Ch W Month ago

    Go Russia, Putin 🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🏅🤩

  • Edrine Joseph
    Edrine Joseph Month ago

    This war started because of Zelensky’s stupid idiotic reasons. He puts his own citizens in a big trouble for his own ego and for his own greediness. Nothing else !
    This supposedly not a war at all in the first place. Could have had been solved long ago amicably ! Ukrainian be wise and exposed him to Russian’s ? Chapter closed !

  • Peter Brydon
    Peter Brydon Month ago +1

    Hindustan times writes another caption for another news video with a Russian lean.

  • crazy horse
    crazy horse Month ago +3

    "After immense pressure from Kiev" LOL

  • Petrus Hailombe
    Petrus Hailombe Month ago +2

    He must now demand for 15× F16 Jet bombers and 3 × Submarines to fight from the sea and 20 nuke war heads in case of emergency.

  • Nuckin Futz
    Nuckin Futz Month ago +5

    Russia keeps marching into the meat grinder. The blood of your soldiers makes the grass grow greener for Ukrainian crops. 👍

    • Tazra Games
      Tazra Games Month ago +4

      Its Russian crops now. Update yourself 😂

  • Michael Franklin
    Michael Franklin Month ago +1

    You think, Zelensky. Tell that to your people.

  • Kim Harris
    Kim Harris 2 months ago +10

    This War is regrettablly escalating even further.
    N. A. T. O. counties and Russia need to face the truth that the only long term solution is immediate diplomacy negotiations . Otherwise the consequences to humanity will be irreversible.

      GENETIC BEAST Month ago

      @Lars-Göran Andersson ukraine is not a country it's a state created by Russia with Ukrainians I'm from Ontario I'm an ontarian ! Understand living in Canada 🙄😐

      GENETIC BEAST Month ago +1

      There is no country called Ukraine in the history of Europe & Kyiv is a Russian build city like Lwow polish and stanaslowski

      GENETIC BEAST Month ago

      @Lars-Göran Andersson and Ukraine sovereignty was based on not arming itself! Minsk agreements breached, And it did with NATOs help ... sovereignty canceled ! Dude

  • Mark Donnelly
    Mark Donnelly Month ago

    This war was started by people a long way from Ukraine . 10 million people have left Ukraine and 300k soldiers have died. Its madness and the people responsible are drinking coffee and going home to their families every night.

  • How r u?
    How r u? 2 months ago +9

    Z stands for Zelensky . Beware of it Mr.Zelensky

    • How r u?
      How r u? 2 months ago

      @100m Views haha 😂I really appreciate your support.

      100m Views 2 months ago +1

      How creative😃😃😃

  • belfasta
    belfasta 2 months ago +128

    Best wishes from united kingdom victory to the Z men glory to Russia

    • hannahr77
      hannahr77 Month ago

      @Pat B yes seems like this kaspertube was all over the place

    • radio9
      radio9 2 months ago

      @Pat B Never heard of Emil Cosman's channel, so thanks!

    • Pat B
      Pat B 2 months ago +1

      @c ignore that ukro troll lol. He has another account here kaspertube, he used to spam Emil Cosman's channel almost daily until he got tired of being humiliated and called, now he's here running his mouth lol

    • c
      c 2 months ago +2

      @radio9 I’m from Ireland I know where the annex capital is. I’m saying don’t say Irish man because whenever we call them Irish there’s some salty brit coming to call them Brits but not now

    • radio9
      radio9 2 months ago +1

      @c Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK..

  • Javaid Zaidi
    Javaid Zaidi Month ago +4

    The arrival of tanks from the West will not change the outcome of the war. The most that will be accomplished will be prolonging Ukraine's agony. Zelensky is a hopeless leader.

    • P Oucxs
      P Oucxs Month ago

      Hahaha, this "special operation" was supposed to take 3 weeks.. + western tanks do not light up like their russian counterparts.

    • reticulan5
      reticulan5 Month ago +1

      Really the mighty Russia can't beat Ukraine in a whole year. What chance if Nato forces come in.

  • Peter Pifagorass
    Peter Pifagorass Month ago

    There's no sense in "revenge" for invaders

  • Jan T. Carlsson
    Jan T. Carlsson Month ago +2

    This isn't a "revenge" by Russia. This is war. If Zelensky had any experience of politically & militarily issues, perhaps he would understand that. 🇸🇪♥️🇷🇺👍🆗

  • doggies400
    doggies400 Month ago +2

    What did Ukraine expect. They pushed Russia too far and now they are going to pay the price. They had no chance of ever winning against Russia.

  • Kirpal Singh
    Kirpal Singh 2 months ago +6

    USSR played a major role in defeating Nazi German Empire............All other countries taken credit..............Dont underestimate power of Russian bear

    • P Oucxs
      P Oucxs Month ago

      That was a long time ago, Russian demography has been steadily shrinking which is part of the reason that this happened now. In 10 years time they would not have the people to fight a war like this, a world war 1 style trenchwarfare war.

  • Uday Shanker
    Uday Shanker 2 months ago +25

    Love from India 🇮🇳
    To Russia 🇷🇺

  • Shamsul Chong
    Shamsul Chong 2 months ago +27

    If this goes on for another year, ukraine will be 100% flattened by Russia.

  • mohinder kumar
    mohinder kumar 2 months ago +2

    1:00 weeping czar. in tears. war tears apart.

  • Yourains
    Yourains Month ago +8

    One of the greatest fools the world has ever witnessed...!!! Zelensky

    • S V
      S V Month ago +2

      Why you say that?