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OnePlus 10T Impressions: Somebody That You Used to Know

  • Published on Aug 2, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • OnePlus 10T is looking more generic than ever. And that's by design.
    OnePlus 10 Pro: clip-share.net/video/7IaYSxDp88s/video.html
    On fast charging: clip-share.net/video/UpqaQR4ikig/video.html
    Check out the OnePlus 10 T at geni.us/V4i3tH
    Buy the OnePlus 10 Pro at geni.us/DBPOB4Q
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    Phone provided by OnePlus for video.
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Comments • 5 740

  • Naveen
    Naveen 4 months ago +4815

    I keep hoping that OnePlus will redeem themselves but it looks like they've changed completely.

    • Don Richardson
      Don Richardson 5 days ago

      What's wrong with them? They still make good phones for a good price. I don't know why so many reviewers are hating on them.

    • SonataFrom93
      SonataFrom93 23 days ago

      OnePlus 10t is actually a nice phone

    • V. B
      V. B 2 months ago

      @Doug Wolfe mostly software

    • V. B
      V. B 2 months ago

      @rayman great I would say 10% better

    • Happy Maguire
      Happy Maguire 2 months ago

      @Shivam 2mp laughing in a corner

  • melvin storbes
    melvin storbes 3 months ago +492

    The OnePlus 10T is the phone ever. It sure makes calls and sure charges. There’s a battery and screen. A phone that truly phoned.

    • AsadKhan
      AsadKhan 15 hours ago

      The speaker on the phone is super speakery too

    • Tharif Dzulfiqar
      Tharif Dzulfiqar 2 months ago +9

      I love when the phone start saying its plussin time

    • gorgborg
      gorgborg 2 months ago +18

      Truly precedented

    • Ken Alba
      Ken Alba 3 months ago +61

      One of the phones of all time

    • Whion
      Whion 3 months ago +48

      It has a screen that you perceive with your eyes.

  • dement0r123
    dement0r123 3 months ago +213

    I have been with OnePlus since the OnePlusOne and honestly it was great up until the 7T Pro McLaren edition and that's when it all ended in my eyes. Every phone after that just doesn't feel as good or should I say as unique to what made OnePlus what they were. I never expected them to last forever as nothing lasts forever and am happy with the set of phones they made up until that point and I will keep my 7T Pro McLaren edition until it breaks. I hope for a comeback story from them I don't think it will happen but if a "the reports of my death were greatly exaggerated" happen to OnePlus I will definitely come back as a customer.

    • Treadingyourvoid
      Treadingyourvoid 18 hours ago

      I am currently using a one plus 7 pro, Bought it the year it was released.
      Still in love with it! Its the perfect package.
      Excellent display, Great camera, Fast charging, more than enough storage and ram speed.
      What convinced me to buy it initially was the front pop up camera!

    • 서우진
      서우진 28 days ago

      @Twisted Elegance yeah, and that is also the reason why Samsung is unbeatable for them. Samsung has it all for all price ranges and at the high end, is nigh unbeatable.

    • Bryan C L X T
      Bryan C L X T Month ago +1

      Watching on my 7T Pro McLaren. I'll buy the 10t n keep my McLaren it will be elite till 2075

    • Veeresh Vats
      Veeresh Vats Month ago +1

      @SwagGod 22 hey, i am also same user of oneplus 7t. And i am also thinking about upgrading because less battery backup major issue.

    • theinnercravings
      theinnercravings 2 months ago

      Still Using 1+5T Happily Satisfied 6 Years

  • PaulFromPayroll
    PaulFromPayroll 3 months ago +4

    My first OnePlus phone was the 9 which is what I am writing this on currently.
    I switched from a Samsung s20+, and I definitely noticed a performance improvement and the operating system on the 9 works well for me. I have all the features I need in a phone and it was free with my phone carrier. I'm finding it hard to dislike this phone, and I think upgrading to a 10T would just disappoint me since I'll actually be losing wireless charging AND the awesome little alert slider! The 10 pro may be a good phone, but I think if I get that phone then I'll never get another OnePlus phone again, since the rest after that will just gradually get even more generic.
    I'll probably just stick to the 9 for now since it just seems to work absolutely fine.

    ADITYA AGGARWAL 16 hours ago

    perfect example of 3 steps forward and 5 steps backwards

  • Apfel Mus
    Apfel Mus 4 months ago +2704

    Damn the alert slider was literally one of the biggest reasons for me to stick with OnePlus after my 7T Pro…it’s hands down one of the best features ever - really wish there were more Android Phones with it (was hoping the Nothing Phone would have it)

    • Metamon
      Metamon 2 months ago

      @foreignapes Not sure how you manage to accidentally do that, it requires some force to move the slider.

    • foreignapes
      foreignapes 2 months ago

      I would prefer not to have the alert slider. It often switches to silent mode without me noticing so I miss calls. It is easy enough to use the software if I want to silence calls

    • Metamon
      Metamon 2 months ago

      @H3w4 of course you can, but the switch makes it much easier - you don't have to unlock the phone or take it out, like if you are in a meeting or something.

    • Adam R
      Adam R 3 months ago

      The one plus nord 2T has it

    • Bobby C
      Bobby C 3 months ago

      The alert slider is great, but there's a problem with it. OnePlus didn't think to include a software override, so on my old 6T with a broken slider, I can only set it to ring or vibrate, not silent.

  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee 3 months ago +32

    I moved to the S22 this year from a OP5 and slider was the first thing I missed. Also, I will never care about wireless charging, but I'd really like to have the super fast wired charging speed. (I almost kept the OP9 Pro I tired out, just because of the charging speed.)

    • 서우진
      서우진 28 days ago +1

      And yet, the S22 is infinitely better than any other flagship this year. Samsung arguably has the most complete experience out of any brand out there. Oneplus wad supposed to be a rising cheaper competitor to Samsung, but instead, it fell off rock bottom.

  • maxview99
    maxview99 12 days ago +2

    I was considering this as an upgrade to the 7 pro but no alert slider is a deal breaker. It's extremely useful for me at work.

  • helicopter234
    helicopter234 3 months ago +52

    Last OnePlus phone I´ve purchased was the OP 7Pro, I´m still using it as my daily, can´t imagine buying another phone atm. Had the 3T before, both amazing devices.
    OP really went downhill after the 7 series imo.

    • Aamir Gadit
      Aamir Gadit 2 months ago

      Went from 3 to 7 3 years ago. Got a good deal on a trade in for the 7 and got the 10T today.
      Tbh I have given up on the specs and having the latest greatest technology. Now I just want something that will last. Without breaking the bank.

    • Mike Wolos
      Mike Wolos 2 months ago

      @Nelly Bolt any higher capacity batteries for the 7 pro available, there was a person on reddit boasting a 4500mah but couldnt find a place to buy it unfortunately...

    • Aistis
      Aistis 2 months ago

      From 5T to 7pro 2y ago
      Next phone OP 9 pro or iphone 14

    • Joshua skehan12345
      Joshua skehan12345 3 months ago +1

      Same here, I've had the 7T pro since release, just got a xioami Redmi note 10 pro this week though as my battery is starting to die, sad to see OnePlus going downhill but hey, good memories with the 7T pro

    • helicopter234
      helicopter234 3 months ago +1

      @Nelly Bolt Mine´s battery is actually not that bad yet, guess because I haven´t used warp charge that frequently. I recently replaced the back cover, thats the main step for battery replacement.
      It was not that hard to do so replacing the battery is quite simple :)

  • Missaka Iddamalgoda
    Missaka Iddamalgoda 3 months ago +12

    The alert slider and oxygen os were the only reasons I bought the 6T in May 2019. Still going strong with no trouble at all and don't intend to upgrade this year either. When buying it I didn't expect that the Alert Slider would be much of a use for me. But how wrong I am. I use it multiple times a day now. So useful that I don't even need to see the phone to just silent it or mute it.

  • TechDove
    TechDove 4 months ago +1238

    ONEPLUS in 2016: never settle
    ONEPLUS in 2022: settled

    • Micah Schuck
      Micah Schuck Month ago

      Settle down and find out.

      YINGYANG7 Month ago


      YINGYANG7 Month ago


    • Rar Rar
      Rar Rar 2 months ago

      they definitely never settle for low prices.

    • Dislike Button
      Dislike Button 2 months ago

      @auraglow03 no the 8 was when they started to go downhill. The 7 series was their last good phone

  • Mando_Dablord
    Mando_Dablord Month ago +3

    Despite everything being said about Oneplus, I'm still looking to upgrade to the 10T from a LG K51. So I'm just above the bare minimum now, with the only concerns going in is that I keep hearing of downgrading OxygenOS to ColorOS and the alert switch. Which hopefully if the 11T comes and it has a switch, I'll already be in their system for a trade in. Until then or if it doesn't have it, I'll just cover it with software.

  • I C
    I C 6 days ago

    I got the 5T back in 2017 and it still works like it has since I bought it! The only thing that is starting to be an issue is the audio jack input. It's a bit worn down so the earphone jack pops out very easily. Other than that, no performance issues no cracks in the screen (after multiple hard falls even!)

  • Gude Mik
    Gude Mik 19 hours ago

    4 years of updates? So up to android 16?

  • MinatoAce
    MinatoAce 3 months ago +67

    They're losing most of the signature components at this point. Starting with the headphone jack few years back, then the Oxygen OS, now even the alert slider...from never settling to settling a lot sadly.

    • Ananyo
      Ananyo 3 months ago +2

      They've been settling literally since their first phone. It was never more than a marketing term. But yeah, OnePlus have lost their identity as a brand for sure.

    • Jens Schreiner
      Jens Schreiner 3 months ago +3

      Agree they should change the motto to "Sad settling is now our business".

      TOPSPOT 3 months ago +4

      Well said.

  • its me
    its me 4 months ago +1340

    I remember when I used to say that I'll always stick with OnePlus because of the software and the alert slider and the amazing price, now I have a pixel...

    • Mihai Laurentiu
      Mihai Laurentiu 2 months ago

      And as in my case for Pixel 6 Pro ,it takes ages to recharge the battery!OnePlus is like a Ferrari comparing with Pixel "bike" speed of charging!

    • Gaming by DK
      Gaming by DK 3 months ago

      Are you one of the member of our 1k family ?

    • Dmcinc 2002
      Dmcinc 2002 3 months ago

      Probably what will happen for me as well, OnePlus is really losing it's identity😥😥

    • spinozasdreams
      spinozasdreams 3 months ago +1

      Pixel 6 pro was awful experience, runs hot, signal problems, couldnt run games high frame rate. My OnePlus 8t apart from camera was better.

    • LaiNfo2012
      LaiNfo2012 3 months ago

      @Yerriff why so dissatisfied? I'm also thinking about doing the same

  • V6ix
    V6ix 3 months ago +4

    Im still using 8T amazing phone, and even more amazing with recently pushed android 12 update..feels like brand new phone, totally not worth upgrading for nothing else. Super fast & responsive....this is the first phone which doesnt need yearly replacement for me.

  • 007 จ้า
    007 จ้า 3 hours ago

    So MANY of the episodes are bangers

  • Prof. B.K. Manglam
    Prof. B.K. Manglam 3 months ago +11

    I was a oneplus 7t owner till may '21.... but since then I've been using s21 ultra.....I must say that 7t was one of the best phones from oneplus.... very balanced..... The transition to s21 ultra is quite good no doubt but it's not like that I don't miss the old oneplus. In India especially...Samsung is literally the APPLE of androids... no other option in the high end.. and the s21 ultra portraits....🫂

    • Kyle Casey
      Kyle Casey 3 months ago

      I hated the 7T down the road. I kept having random data cutoffs when using the phone for data use. It interrupted my work and had to sell it

  • Pushy
    Pushy 3 months ago +11

    I was actually liking the phone a lot until you mentioned there was no alert slider. I love flat screens, I love chrome rails, I love the way the camera looks and the way the back looks. I actually thought the color science from hasselbrad was worse than the original 1+ I had at the time (7t) and think that 1080p is perfect for that size (better battery life) as the 1440p at that screen size is virtually unnoticeable except for when you do a frame-by-frame, side-by-side with a 1440p phone.
    But the phone having no alert slider...that's a dealbreaker for me. The alert slider is the kind of functionality that I use multiple times a day when I go from waking up to studying to having lunch to working, etc.

  • Ian Sun
    Ian Sun 4 months ago +1506

    “Don’t be a fan of the company, be a fan of the individual product.” This line hits hard for me because I think I’ve always judged a product by its company (eg. apple, and even movies like Marvel), and this advice is really helpful for me to fix that bad habit.

    • Cytran Musiqua
      Cytran Musiqua Month ago

      This applies to literally everything. Example, I've had every PlayStation since PS2. I absolutely love PlayStation products (consoles and games), but I hate Sony. This is why console wars, or any kind of war (Samsung x Apple, Microsoft x Apple, Boeing x Airbus, to name a few) is just utterly stupid.

    • Gaming by DK
      Gaming by DK 3 months ago

      Are you one of the member of our 1k family ?

    • gelandy Vilian
      gelandy Vilian 3 months ago

      You may lied by the company’s promote by the actual product you hand can’t lie you

    • Adam Waldo
      Adam Waldo 3 months ago

      I think it’s worth also understanding there’s difference between Marvel and “Disney Marvel”

    • Alex Hernandez
      Alex Hernandez 3 months ago

      Yes I learned this and truly appreciate each device individually now. Sure I treasure my device a lot more but also makes hard to let the phone go once I fall for it. Still rocking my op7 pro love it.

  • Ananyo
    Ananyo 3 months ago +34

    This right after the Zenfone 9 video puts into perspective how far OnePlus have strayed from their user-focused roots. The 7T was the last OnePlus phone I considered buying, and now it seems like the Zenfone 9 would be a great upgrade from my old OnePlus 5T- at least better than any current OnePlus phone.

    • Ananyo
      Ananyo 3 months ago +4

      @Logan Barney It's great you still have a 6T. We all ought to keep our phones for longer. My 5T has served me really well for almost five years now, which is about as long as I want to keep a phone. Even the battery's held up surprisingly well. This is the kind of performance that creates brand loyalty- unfortunately the OnePlus brand of the 5T era doesn't exist any more.

    • Logan Barney
      Logan Barney 3 months ago +2

      I'm still rocking a 6T and it's showing its age. Zenphone 9 is the first compelling phone I've seen to replace it. Even the 1+ 10 Pro feels like it falls flat, especially this 10T.

  • HyperGadgets
    HyperGadgets 3 months ago +10

    I was recently at the NYC event helping them out with product demos... I can tell you a couple things that I had insight into.
    They still have the partnership with Hassleblad but haven't used it on this phone (I think they want to reserve it for the Pro models only).
    Also, the alert slider, they did say there wasn't space for that with the batteries and charging tech, but they have already worked on it and have probably found a way to have both for the next generation.
    I don't know if there's any other reason as it isn't the first time a feature was removed and came back; it generates media attention I guess but I can only speculate whether or not this is the case.

  • Mohd Ahmad
    Mohd Ahmad 3 months ago +2

    OnePlus was at its peak with the 3T for the time that it came , it was the phone to beat all flagships phones specially in terms of performance for like 1/3rd of the price. after 3T they made better phones but it couldnt beat its own level of crazy that it was.

  • Disguise Power
    Disguise Power 2 months ago +3

    I like this one , i have the OP8T right now and I never use the alert slide 😉 the Zenfone 9 is way to small for me ,i like big phones so yeah the 10 T might be the one ☺️

    • Lembas
      Lembas Month ago

      @youtube user That would be an excellent decision. The 10t is a beast at a decent pricepoint.

    • youtube user
      youtube user 2 months ago

      I'm literally the same as you. I have OP8 and honestly if the camera on this actually works better than the camera on OP8 I might just look into getting one of these instead of a Pixel 7/7Pro/7a

  • Rishi Gupta
    Rishi Gupta 4 months ago +570

    "We removed the Alert Slider for adding a bit battery"
    10 pro: 5000 mAh
    10T: 4800 mAh

    • smooth sayer
      smooth sayer 3 months ago


    • Tinminator
      Tinminator 3 months ago

      @azazaz Yes, I am wrong about everything but you don't even go into the main points I was making, just overexplain specific systems that are not needed for this particular conversation. Are you technically correct about some? Yes. Does that matter in this conversation? No. Thermodynamics still applies for this example and is also what you used in your initial comment to explain it simply for this very simple example. If we assume that a battery charging is like a generator generating energy with the supplied electricity being the work that is powering the generator and the amount of charge getting in the battery is like the electricity the generator converts then there is no problem. (I don't know what background you have but in general application these simplifications are used all the time).
      Main points were: 1. If heat wasn't a problem, why do they limit the charging speed while the phone is in use? (Hint: overheating is the reason they do that, so it is a trick question).
      2. Your mid range phone obviously does not have vastly superior technology to a phone from the same manufacturer that costs more, is using the same technology and came out after yours.
      Also I want to touch on your plastic Vs metal/glass point because you are straight up wrong on this one. Your statements are technically correct but your conclusion is not. Glass conducting heat better makes for better cooling for the internals, because the heat can be dispersed quicker to glass and from there to the outside of the phone but makes the glass itself hotter to the touch as it takes on the heat from the internals much faster. There is a small effect of the heat being spread a bit more evenly, like you stated, but it is fairly minor when we are talking about surface temperature. The speed of the conduction is what impacts the heat the most. I am not sure if you were banking on me being an idiot here and not knowing anything on how materials respond to heat.

    • azazaz
      azazaz 3 months ago

      @Tinminator You get everything wrong, yet you just can't stop arguing. I'll explain it one last time.
      First. The process of charging is essentially chemistry. Chemical reactions (moving ions between electrodes) take time to occur, which limits the charging speed. This is the main restrictive factor and the manufacturers are constantly improving tech to make it quicker. Heat has nothing to do with that. Heat comes when you pump too much current, which the battery cannot absorb, which is why with 100+ W chargers you need to carefully manage the current at any given time, which should make charging more efficient and eliminate the problem of overheating. If you pump all 100W when the battery is at 90%, most of the energy will convert into heat, since there are already not that many ions to move and thus absorb the current. If you pump too little, the charging process will be too slow, so it's about creating a tech that will pump just enough to charge fast, but not too much to generate heat. 100% efficiency is unreachable, but they managed to improve it significantly over the last years. Besides, if it was only about heat, we could just take a battery from my 2015 phone, put it into liquid nitrogen and charge with a 100W modern charger, but it simply woudn't work, because the battery cannot absorb that power.
      Second. As plastic conducts heat worse than aluminium, my new plastic phone should feel hotter under the same circumstances than my older aluminum phone. That's because plastic doesn't spread heat over the entire surface of the case as quickly, as aluminum does, so the place of the contact of the case and the battery should get significantly hotter. But it doesn't. The fact that they can easily go with a plastic case for a 150W charging battery shows that heat is not a problem, and the efficiency of the charging process improved a lot during the last years.
      Third. Thermodynamics is a general theory that discribes processes in complex macro scale systems. It cannot be applied to chemistry and electricity, which is what's going on inside a battery. We can talk about the law of conversation of energy, but it's a more general theory. The first law of thermodynamics can be considered a specific case of it, but again, it has nothing to do with electricity, which is a matter of electrodynamics. Don't think you are the smartest guy in the world, one day it will make you fail really hard.

    • Tinminator
      Tinminator 3 months ago

      @azazaz Also saying that it has nothing to do with thermodynamics when you explained it through the laws of thermodynamics is pretty hilarious.

    • Tinminator
      Tinminator 3 months ago

      @azazazOk, so the phone wouldn't overheat and they just limit the charging speed for kicks and giggles during use. Also your plastic back phone definitely doesn't feel less hot because plastic doesn't conduct heat very well. It is definitely because it has superior technology to a much more expensive phone made by the exact same company in the exact same year.
      You exactly explained why I am right. You just don't seem to understand however that electricity is the same as heat, just in different forms. It is both energy and they are converted during the charging process. The charging process will never reach a certain efficiency, so faster charging always=more heat if efficiency can't make significant improvements anymore, where we have already arrived. To stop the phone from surpassing the safe temperature for the internals it needs cooling with this chipset and charging speed.

  • Elliott
    Elliott 3 months ago +2

    I used to love OnePlus. Used to recommend them to tons of people. I feel they've lost their way in the last two or three generations. The 7 was the last great 1+ model imo. I talked my mom into getting the 9pro and it just had so many software issues that were never addressed. Calls constantly dropped or volume was muted with no way to fix it mid call. Even had to warranty one for overheating. It was right on that boarder of too hot to hold, and overheat protection shouldve turned it off a dozen or two degrees ago, but didn't. Bit of a shame if you ask me.

  • TechFabTech
    TechFabTech 3 months ago +2

    Still have One Plus 3, using as spare phone and still works fine. The best phone ever made by OnePlus and I m a fan of that product. 😀

  • meraak1
    meraak1 2 months ago +3

    never cared about OnePlus and this is definitely their most attractive phone to me so far, I don't see how this direction they're going in is really bad at all

    • Don Richardson
      Don Richardson 5 days ago

      I agree. They still make solid phones for a good price. I don't understand this hate.

  • Chase Cook
    Chase Cook 3 months ago

    I will say that the 10 Pro has been an excellent phone so far and the alert slider is great. I think OnePlus straying from its originality has blinded it's consumers a bit.. Not to mention the "bend test" for these phones. While it's clearly not structurally comparable to other phones, I don't think it can be compared to reality as if it were apples to apples. The phone sits in my back pocket and I'm actively getting up and down during work and (so far) it's fine.
    For $800 I've gotten a phone that will receive software support for 3 years. Better battery than any other flagship and an absurd charging speed. Excellent screen. Great performance, cooling & haptics. OxygenOS is mild compared to Samsung and honestly rather nice. Cameras that are only slightly worse than comparable flagships. If you aren't taking pictures professionally this should not be a deal breaker.
    The Zenphone 9 is looking great for someone who prefers a compact performer. But right now there really isn't anything better on the market. The Pixels are unacceptably buggy with poor battery life. Poor battery life on S22's as well.

  • Piyush Mohapatra
    Piyush Mohapatra 4 months ago +782

    I agree, not having the "alert slider" is a deal breaker here. One of the top 5 reasons for choosing OnePlus phones over its competitors was the cool slider

    • mcgeebag1
      mcgeebag1 3 days ago

      I've just upgraded from the OnePlus 5 to 10t. If you keep a phone as lone as me you will find that components start failing. I had the alert slider replaced 3 times in my one plus 5 (it would randomly toggle between ring and vibrate). I think I'm the only person happy about the lack of alert slider!

    • R3dPl4X
      R3dPl4X 7 days ago

      ​@agutierr1 The 2mpx macro is waste of space not this. The alert slider is like one of the best features of this phone

    • Mukesh Awasthi
      Mukesh Awasthi 15 days ago

      nokia 1100 le le bhikari😆

    • AsadKhan
      AsadKhan 24 days ago

      Not really a reason someone would consider buying a certain smartphone but yeah the lack of alert slider is just wierd and a big red flag

    • fengstar1
      fengstar1 26 days ago

      I have a 7t. Was about to buy this phone but guess I'll hold out a bit longer for the next gen that will hopefully have the slider. Ugh.

  • CW
    CW 3 months ago +1

    Been a OnePlus customer for years. Loved what it did, mainly the OS. I just can't get with the changes. I think the Pixel will be my next phone.

  • beefgoat
    beefgoat 3 months ago +3

    I loved my OnePlus 5T. At the time, it was pretty good. It survived my trip to Thailand and got some great photos. It survived quite a few falls, too. That was the only OnePlus phone I've ever owned. So, yeah.

  • Ziggy
    Ziggy 3 months ago +9

    Loved the OnePLus 5T (and owned one). Having a hard time understanding why anyone would care about the 10T when there are so many better options. I moved on to Pixel 6 Pro, but will probably switch to Apple for my next upgrade, which only happens every 5 years.

    • Alpha Redd
      Alpha Redd 3 months ago

      Yep. Went from the 5T to iPhone 13 Pro Max... Ain't looked back.

  • Uncle Anaesthesia
    Uncle Anaesthesia 3 months ago

    I love my 8T. Can't say I'm going to stick with OnePlus in the long term.

  • RiceCube Tech
    RiceCube Tech 4 months ago +767

    Removing the alert slider is a huge kick to the nuts. Was genuinely one of their best features.

    • Z N
      Z N 3 months ago +3

      @Lmao Ded I'm using 8Pro.. i dont think i would upgrade to 10 or even 11 if the slider is not there.. very convenient and useful slider

    • Lmao Ded
      Lmao Ded 4 months ago +2

      @Stebetto3 i use it everyday before my classes, it's pretty usefull for me and you can also use thrid party apps to customize it like quick launching a app etc

    • Lmao Ded
      Lmao Ded 4 months ago +3

      @Z N first they removed it from the 10R and now the 10T, i don't like where this is going

    • RiceCube Tech
      RiceCube Tech 4 months ago +4

      @Stebetto3 for you. I used it everyday for class and for sleep. I use the iPhone 13 pro max now so fortunately I have a kind of slider. The oneplus implementation was better since it had three position instead of 2

    • Bencze
      Bencze 4 months ago +1

      i only use the slider since i found it, always hated how the software setting for these are in slightly different places in different android customizations. a pity.

  • Issam Dakka
    Issam Dakka 2 months ago +5

    It's literally a great deal given the pricetag. The alert slider missing is really a non-issue and not something that defines OnePlus for me personally. So I really don't get all the hate. It's a beast of a phone. The bias shown here and in the comments is really just nitpicking at this point. This phone goes back to oneplus's roots, meaning: powerful, nice phone that can compete with other flagships, but for a significantly lower price. Just my two cents.

  • Full light 144
    Full light 144 2 months ago +2

    I finally had to do an upgrade because of the burn-in on my 7 Pro. However I made the choice to go with the 10 Pro instead of the 10t last week because of the alert slider delete.. I do want to say I have not been disappointed with the 10 Pro. It does seem to be a great phone I just wish they would put Oxygen back the way it was...

  • Abe Killian
    Abe Killian 3 months ago

    Really helpful video - cheers. I have a OnePlus 5T, a great phone, and would love to upgrade to another OnePlus, but the successors seem lacking. Maybe one day they will come back. Thanks again.

  • wardope
    wardope Month ago +1

    I got the Op6T and bought it the day it was released and it has served me exceptionally well. the charges time is super fast the battery life after 4 years is still at least one day on regular use. my kids dropped the phone endlessly many times and the front screen is still intact. I'm looking to buy a new phone now, and I'm fairly sure it will be a new OnePlus!

    • Soumyaa
      Soumyaa Month ago

      omg the same happened with me. used my one plus 6 for 4.5 years and now i am looking for a new phone. did you buy any yet?

  • MrUnknown
    MrUnknown 4 months ago +3810

    As techAltar said - "Enthusiasts brands will betray you!"

    • Tom Bendar
      Tom Bendar 2 months ago

      I think it depends on the space, EVGA for example has been doing pretty well for years, they just happen to be in a space where Enthusiasts make up a significant chunk of their customer base.

    • Gaming by DK
      Gaming by DK 3 months ago

      Are you one of the member of our 1k family ?

    • P W
      P W 3 months ago

      Truth . Subaru blackberry owner here.

    • name
      name 3 months ago +1

      FYI, the china variant for the 12GB+256GB variant is USD563+ (3799yuan) and the 16GB+512GB variant is USD637 (4299yuan) just so anyone who is planning to pre-order them to take note of the price because they already inflate the price for global launch to as much as USD200++ for some countries.

    • Bobby C
      Bobby C 3 months ago

      I wouldn't mind if they hadn't forcibly updated my OnePlus 8 to Color OS. I'm using my old 6T for the time being until I can find a free day to downgrade it because it's a truly awful experience. Like I might rather have iOS on it.

  • wroot
    wroot 3 months ago

    Yes, this is why while using original Pixel XL and loving it i am looking at other phones other than Pixels for my next one. Too much movement from original ideas and design changes in brands.

  • Pocket Pliers
    Pocket Pliers 3 months ago +2

    I'm using a 7T now with an wireless charging adapter on the back. The alert slider is about the only thing I like about it. I guess I'll be going back to Samsung when it's time.

  • Shaun Pugh
    Shaun Pugh 3 months ago

    OnePlus used to be very good and I was impressed by the 5 and 6T that I had, but both of them had the same issue - no regular updates after the phone was 12 months old, and security updates were months behind Google's release schedule. OnePlus seemed very keen to sell their new phones, but pretty much forgot about anything more than a year old. At the same time the prices have gone up a lot (OnePlus used to be good value) and they have become just another android phone. I can't think of a single reason to buy one. It seems to me if you want updates on Android for a few years you need to just buy a Google phone. On the other hand if I buy even the cheapest iPhone I get updates on the day of release for at least 5 years. Android is good, but the lack of security updates for older phones is just not acceptable, and OnePlus really don't seem to care about their customers other than the initial sale.

  • Suga Daddy
    Suga Daddy 2 months ago +1

    The OnePlus 7 Pro was the best phone I've owned, I only recently traded it in for a Samsung. I would love to go back to OnePlus again someday if they can make another 7Pro 2.0

  • Farhan Tanvir
    Farhan Tanvir 3 months ago

    I have used oneplus 7 pro for 3 years now. I absolutely loved it. Best phone I have used. But the battery drains a lot these days. The camera's declining. I want to upgrade to a new phone, but don't know which one's a good fit. Any suggestions on the "oneplus 7 pro" of 2022?

  • Alex
    Alex 3 months ago +3

    I'm still happy with the 7pro, it's honestly sad that they are giving up the alert slider, but maybe in the 11 series they would re add it just for the backlash received

    • Tan Nguyen
      Tan Nguyen 2 months ago

      Yes, I Love the fullscreen without any dot. It Stills running strong.

  • Rich E
    Rich E 2 months ago +1

    I still have as my daily the 6T with the 8g ram and 256 memory and its still going strong.... Honestly I would like a new phone but this one is flawless and going strong so there really is no reason to update yet.
    But your video was definitely some good info. 👍🏼

  • Villiage_idiot
    Villiage_idiot 3 months ago

    Wow...am I glad I watched this. I was seriously thinking about a 10t. I don't buy phones simply because they are new. I buy phones that I think give me a great value and the $650 price (with another $100 in trade in for my current phone) really had me considering. But the alert slider being dropped is a deal breaker. This phone is too dumbed-down for even an idiot like me.

  • Boston Prince
    Boston Prince 4 months ago +268

    This dude just threw in the fact that as a professional athlete him and his team won a world championship and you crazies are talking about the alert slider. Mad respect Marques 🥳

    • Peter
      Peter 2 months ago

      @Royboy No need to be rude bud

    • long dang
      long dang 3 months ago

      Who the fuck cares

    • Royboy
      Royboy 4 months ago +4

      were here for tech. if u wanna watch ultimate lamesbie go do that.

    • lalala lalala
      lalala lalala 4 months ago

      Simp brigade🚂

    • Hamza Aman
      Hamza Aman 4 months ago +13

      @Cartoon Slug Clearly not the case

  • Ram Balram
    Ram Balram 19 days ago +1

    I have been using Oneplus since 2016. My first 1+ was a 1+ 5 version. I am so much in awe with that device even today...!! Recently upgraded to 1+ 10t but not happy with the bulky size and weight 204 gram....!! It's too big and heavy to carry on pocket. I might return it and opt for something more lighter and sleeker. Not everyone is fond of bulky mobile phone. A mobile phone is a mobile phone first of all. Games, High Performance etc comes later. It has to be a mobile phone first. Mobile phone maker can create a separate category of mobile phone which is also a gaming device. I am very much comfortable with weight, size and its aluminium case of OnePlus 5, dimension 154.2 x 74.1 x 7.3 mm, weight 153 gram. I guess by not making High Performance, they can also keep the price competitive. I am actually, looking for new OnePlus 5 avataar...soon !!🙂🙂🙂

  • Joshua Munoz
    Joshua Munoz 3 months ago

    I used to love the OnePlus and had almost all of the models. The problems started to arise from the OnePlus 9pro and the 10 pro. Very unstable and too many issues. I think I maybe walking away from the brand and going to pixel. Sad, but this is true from my experience

  • Chicken Lips
    Chicken Lips 3 months ago +1

    No alert slider? It's truly the end of OP. Rocking my OP9 Pro (which I actually consider to be a great phone)

  • TheTech Nerd D
    TheTech Nerd D 3 months ago +2

    Still rocking my OnePlus 7T , for me I have waited as long as I possibly can for a new better OnePlus phone sadly the 10T wasn't it either. Time for a new brand

  • UffDaDan
    UffDaDan 4 months ago +879

    Watching on a OnePlus 6T.. probably my last OnePlus phone. I milk out the battery health as much as I can but the outdated camera is going to be my biggest push to change (GCam included)

    • akshai venkatramani
      akshai venkatramani 3 months ago

      @Swagatam Kalita Find a charge port cleaning video. That will solve your issue.

    • Healthy Criticism
      Healthy Criticism 3 months ago

      @Joydip Chakraborty it was about the same. My battery wasn't lasting much so I replaced it twice actually and it ended up not making a difference. At least it's a new battery in there

    • Joydip Chakraborty
      Joydip Chakraborty 3 months ago

      @Healthy Criticism After battery replacement how is the battery backup? i am also using a op6 ,was thing of a battery replacement

    • Virajas Mane
      Virajas Mane 4 months ago

      OP6 owner here shifting to IPhone 13 soon

    • jonah
      jonah 4 months ago

      @Swagatam Kalita probably time to upgrade if you bought it when it first came out you got a good use out of that phone

  • Jack Aaron
    Jack Aaron 3 months ago +3

    “Don’t be a fan of a company, be a fan of a product”. 🔥🔥

  • Felreiz Meshinca
    Felreiz Meshinca 3 months ago +1

    With my current phone I actually got to 100% in 20 minutes of charging with only 18W.
    The down side is the battery drains quickly because that is just how it is with old batteries.

  • Joe Bailey
    Joe Bailey 3 months ago +1

    I was really into it until I heard there is no alert slider. That is the main reason I love OnePlus.
    How sad that it's gone!
    Deal breaker for me.

  • malek trabolsi
    malek trabolsi 3 months ago

    The alert slider is simply almost why I have OnePlus phones since 2015, I enter a room where where I shouldn't let my phone ring or it's rude to take out my phone in a meeting I just reach in my pocket slide it all the way up and I'm secured to not annoy anyone or a meeting or whatever, an absolute life saver, if OnePlus drops this in later flagship phones, I'm probably dropping the brand

  • Saboor Khan
    Saboor Khan 4 months ago +440

    The alert slider was one of the only reasons I was holding onto my 8t. Was hoping the 10t would have it so that I could upgrade but since it now has no defining features compared to other phones I'm probably going to go to some of the much better alternatives available in the market.

    • La Mustardo
      La Mustardo 3 months ago

      @Stan My car also can brake by itself. I mean just a little step to the left for my right foot.....or the when it starts to rain it switches on the windshield wipers ALOOONE.😂 Technical progress is there for making life easier.

    • La Mustardo
      La Mustardo 3 months ago

      @Stan Wtf. Such small things are part of life. It's no complaining it's a point of criticism, Which is btw. the key point of tech videos.

    • Stan
      Stan 3 months ago

      @Ma Uc Haha, calm down, every other phone company wants you as a fan.

    • Ma Uc
      Ma Uc 3 months ago

      @Stan relax stan one plus too wants you as a fan

    • Stan
      Stan 3 months ago

      @Ma Uc No, I'm Stan of a little bit of adaptability. Just because I don't agree with you, or others on this, doesn't mean I'm working for the company.
      It reminds me of people who tell others they're working for the CIA when they say anything about the US government that's not a full out "BURN THEM DOWN!!"
      People don't have the same opinions as you, get over it.

  • P_versus_P
    P_versus_P Month ago +1

    I actually moved away from oneplus because of the alert slider. Always moving accidentally. Or you have to clean it regularly to keep full range of motion. So glad they removed this

  • David Vodka
    David Vodka 2 months ago +2

    256 g with 16 Gig of ram and a Macro Camera with the awesome price is all I need! Comparable to $1200 phones with same if not lesser specs,. 😁 Keep up the good work OnePlus! 👍👌

  • Andrews Paul
    Andrews Paul 3 months ago

    Using One Plus 5 for more than 5 years. Other than changing the screen guard and cases I never faced any issue with the phone. Alert slider actually has a separate fanbase. They shouldn't have removed it.

  • DonutDude
    DonutDude Month ago

    I'm currently on my OnePlus 5 still, and looking into a new phone. I was leaning toward the Pixel 6, but because of the slow charging and the battery life, as well as hardware issues with the fingerprint reader, I started looking into the OnePlus 10T instead. The issue is that my phone mostly works fine. The battery is starting to go, and the camera sucks, but overall, it's mostly fine. For me this is really difficult because most of the phones out today are really expensive and are a slight upgrade, but also a downgrade in many ways. The alert slider is something I love, and I would be sad to see it go, but if I get a Pixel 6, I'm giving that up anyway. I was kind of hoping for my next phone to finally have wireless charging and a decent water rating. The OnePlus 5 has no IP rating, but has been really decent for dirt and water getting on it.
    Honestly, this thing is a beast. I kind of want to just keep using it until it dies at this point...

    • Lembas
      Lembas Month ago

      @DonutDude That's an old phone, you would definitely notice the upgrade in speed and performance. But is that worth $1000 CAD...

    • DonutDude
      DonutDude Month ago

      @Lembas that's my problem though. I'm spending $1000 for a better processer and better camera. Battery life on my phone is fine still. It's starting to show it's age, but 4 or 5 years in and it's still chugging along fine. I just can't believe that 5 years later and my $1000 (CAD) phone upgrade is barely much better than my existing phone. Makes me want to wait until this phone dies.

    • Lembas
      Lembas Month ago

      The 10t makes wireless and overnight charging irrelevant, as you get a full day's charge in 10-15 minutes. Battery life, processor, and ram are all worth the upgrade. Camera is decent. Excellent value phone.

  • LifeofEntropy
    LifeofEntropy 3 months ago +508

    I remember wanting the 7pro more than anything a few years ago. it was so revolutionary, better than any flagship at nearly half the price. oh how the mighty fall.

    • Allesys
      Allesys Month ago

      Still rocking my 7Pro my next would be a Pixel.

    • NorthWestClass PNW
      NorthWestClass PNW Month ago

      I still have the 7T and it still works great. Only thing I ever want to upgrade for is a better camera or screen. But I can't justify the price

    • Mexican Predator
      Mexican Predator Month ago

      @Haziq Rosli mine has a cracked screen and back but i still love this phone

    • Gabriel
      Gabriel 2 months ago

      I am using a 7t pro McLaren for 3 years and is working flawless.

    • Silvx
      Silvx 2 months ago

      Gave my 7 pro away, had an absolute blast with it and so the new owner loves it as well. Peak one plus definitely

  • Andrey K
    Andrey K 3 months ago +1

    Better software can be had from custom ROMs, but what really makes OnePlus special is their super fast charging tech along with the alert slider and an unlockable bootloader. Offering a smaller size like the Zenfone 8 and 9 would be really nice. It's the #1 reason I stay away from new phones, they're either too big or charge too slow because they're not OnePlus

  • Georgios
    Georgios 3 months ago

    Moving from 7 Pro to 8 Pro was a substantial upgrade, Waterproofing, 2K 120hz display, Camera natural colour profile and nightscape with ultra wide lens too, Ultra smooth 4K video capturing, fast wireless charging and reversible wireless charging, 5g. Unfortunately, no real innovation since then with both 9 and 10 Pro... All T models are literally not worth their price...

  • vxwk
    vxwk 3 months ago

    I'm still running the 7t Pro which is a great phone, the one with the motorized pop up selfie camera, but it looks like I'll be upgrading to a Pixel or Samsung

  • ragewolf12
    ragewolf12 3 months ago

    Still rocking 7 pro. Had it over 2 years and still working great

  • andrews
    andrews 4 months ago +238

    I was one of the early invitees for the OnePlus One. That phone was amazing and held it’s own for years against newer competitors. I had not been that thoroughly impressed with a phone again until the Pixel 6

    • S
      S 3 months ago

      @S 0 probably another phone

    • andrews
      andrews 3 months ago

      @GospelGuy never had an issue with mine. Including traveling Europe for a month with an international card. In the tight corridors and canls of Venice the cellular+GPS accuracy was pretty paramount in navigating

    • Sickler
      Sickler 3 months ago

      so you just like crap, okay lol

    • GospelGuy
      GospelGuy 3 months ago +1

      i saw users of pixel 6 complaining of connectivity issues. that put me off

    • andrews
      andrews 3 months ago +3

      @S 0 pixel 6 camera is unbelievable and battery life excellent. Only thing spotty was the inscreen finger print scanner. And It recently dropped in price, or the new 6a and out now and slightly cheaper. I’ll always take a google phone if given the choice, unfortunately my employer just gave me an iPhone 13 and it is a huge let down vs the Pixel

  • Joseph Capocci
    Joseph Capocci Month ago +1

    This phone is absolutely the fastest and smoothest phone I ever used. And only cost 650.00. This is the future. Takes good photos and made wireless charging and overnite charging obsolete.

  • XxKrAzY mAgExX
    XxKrAzY mAgExX 3 months ago

    the pop up on my one plus 7 pro still works even after sitting in the dresser for a year and a half. I would take less water resistance to have that sexy full screen on a phone alittle more highend. loved the design even next to my s21 ultra it looks more futuristic . Just not snappy anymore and the camera is poo.

  • Tony
    Tony Month ago

    Was going to get this to replace my 6T, love that phone but no alert slider so I'm not interested, most likely will buy the Pixel 7 (not pro) 😁

    • Lembas
      Lembas Month ago +1

      The lack of alert slider is nothing to cry over, seeing how easy it is to swipe from lock screen and mute.

  • Chevy 78
    Chevy 78 3 months ago

    I'm with OnePlus for 5 years i love this company. I'm with OnePlus 10 pro is amazing 🤩

  • organi10
    organi10 4 months ago +243

    Not having the alert slider is actually a big thing. Had the 3, 6, 7, 7 pro and I love the slider. I'm looking go upgrade this year and I'm still not decided what to take

    • Lee Squires
      Lee Squires 4 months ago

      @TrajanRomeo you say that about the customisation but what do you think of the upcoming iOS 16 Lock Screen customisations?

    • Random Supercell Let‘s Plays
      Random Supercell Let‘s Plays 4 months ago

      If you want a new Oneplus Phone I would take the Nord CE 2

    • TrajanRomeo
      TrajanRomeo 4 months ago +1

      Just get Iphone, superior to oneplus in every way. I made the switch and best decision ever. iOS and Iphones have made huge improvements in recent years and has unbeatable software, optimisation, raw power - best SoC in the world, best ram optimisation, efficiency thus best battery life, best video recording, overall extremely solid overall with very minor inconveniences like barely any visual customisation but I’m an adult, I don’t want rainbow puke. Also, iphones have alert slider! I went from 1+5T to Iphone 13 mini

    • Nikhil Mahajan
      Nikhil Mahajan 4 months ago +1

      Oneplus phones are no longer an upgrade.. They are a degrade.

    • eocaridin
      eocaridin 4 months ago

      I'm going w the zenfone 9. it's perfect for me!

  • Th0mas
    Th0mas 3 months ago

    I came from an S8 to the Op9 Pro and so far I am pretty happy with it but considering how One Plus is developing rn I think the next Phome will be from Samsung again...

  • OgerPinata
    OgerPinata 11 days ago

    The alert slider has always been a core reason to buy OnePlus.
    With that deal breaker alone this one is out of the question.

  • Shaun
    Shaun 3 months ago +1

    As much as I would miss the alerts slider I feel like the the bang-for-your-buck is back for this price. What disappoints me is that they didn't include wireless charging. Will probably skip out on picking this up because it is missing wireless charging - otherwise it would have been a buy for me.

  • Yalcin Kartal
    Yalcin Kartal 3 months ago

    I was a big oneplus fan before but now I use a realme GT2 Pro, I am very happy with it. Fast and good value phone. Oneplus is disqualified.

  • Anil Shrestha
    Anil Shrestha 3 months ago

    still using one of the best OnePlus Phone of all time (OnePlus 7 Pro), with no problems to date. But very sad to see a company like OnePlus losing its value.

  • olkkiman
    olkkiman 3 months ago

    I've had a oneplus phones for quite some time now and I've never used the alert slider so, only by accident, so kinda glad to see it go but I guess some people would have a use for it

  • James Reeve
    James Reeve 3 months ago

    Alert slider is literally my favorite feature of my last couple 1+ phones.

    • Lembas
      Lembas Month ago

      To each their own.

  • FiatLux
    FiatLux 3 months ago

    My hot take is that OnePlus has been generic since their first phone. They’ve always been a sort of Apple and Samsung clone. But it didn’t matter cause they were relatively affordable and had good specs and they were dev friendly. Now they’re charging more and locking the phones down even through they’re still putting out the same generic product.

  • AO
    AO 4 months ago +116

    I love the alert slider. It's such a small thing but I've changed between audible and vibrate mode without looking countless times. It's going to take a while to get used to that being gone

  • Kazi Khalid
    Kazi Khalid 3 months ago

    In my opinion OP 6T was last good phone OP made . It made me switch from IOS to android. I switched back to IOS when the IP11 pro came out.

  • Bonedatt
    Bonedatt 3 months ago +1

    4:28 I don't know if you want to go that far though. Apple is notorious for removing hardware features regardless of what you think. They removed the home button. Who would have thought?

  • Anis Tarek
    Anis Tarek 3 months ago

    I love the alert slider, I always use this on my Oneplus 6

  • D Low
    D Low 3 months ago +1

    Yeah the OnePlus 7 pro is my current daily driver and it's so sad to see them go in other directions. This phone is absolutely amazing!

  • Brian.x Moy
    Brian.x Moy 4 months ago +138

    The two favourite things with my Oneplus 7pro which no other androids had was, the hidden front camera and the alert slider. Both of these favourites are now gone so no reason to get another Oneplus. Generic is a good word to describe it.

    • Brian.x Moy
      Brian.x Moy 3 months ago

      @Matas Kart I have no plans to change mine either. I will also change the battery before changing the phone. I have it since May 2019 and the battery is still good. No significant screen burn or any other glitch either as yet.

    • Sam M
      Sam M 3 months ago +2

      I absolutely agree!...they could have kept going with the hidden camera feature. That's why I'm using the 7pro to date.

    • Kev kev
      Kev kev 3 months ago


    • andrewr
      andrewr 3 months ago +1

      @Matas Kart Ah yes, the status bar burn in. So it really is common! Burnt in on my phone and on my friend's 7 Pro too. I've dealt with burn ins before but I've never had the status bar burn in on any other of my amoled phones.

    • Jonas Giese
      Jonas Giese 4 months ago +2

      @lilly shield I ordered a new battery about 2 weeks ago and plan to use the 7 pro until a real alternative comes along 😉

  • DarudeSandworm
    DarudeSandworm 3 months ago +1

    I owned a 7T and it was great. Not been too convinced on any of their products since then.

  • Camden Mac Leod
    Camden Mac Leod 3 months ago

    I'm fine that there's no wireless charging here. I have the OnePlus 8T and the fact that I can charge it to full in 38 minutes (and now the 10T is like twice as fast) means I have no use for wireless charging anyway.

  • Fearbleeds
    Fearbleeds 3 months ago

    I'm on the 8t , this one looks like a nice upgrade

  • Mark
    Mark 3 months ago

    Currently using my first OnePlus phone, a 8T. I like the phone except the fact that 5G in my phone seems to be borked - there is no option for it anywhere in network settings. It gives me the option for 4G/3G/2G/Auto, but 5G has never been there. Lame.

  • SeanTheSnipa
    SeanTheSnipa 4 months ago +142

    Still rocking my prehistoric OnePlus 3T, but will likely finally upgrade to the Zenfone 9. It's sad to see the removal of the alert slider. It's such a simple feature, but I use it everyday.

    • Kyle Virtucio
      Kyle Virtucio 3 months ago

      Need your opinion guys. 10 pro or zenfone 9?

    • RAMR
      RAMR 3 months ago

      That's a nice upgrade

    • Lukijy10
      Lukijy10 4 months ago

      5T here... Still love it. Will Check Zenfone. Thx

    • Spicy Panda
      Spicy Panda 4 months ago +1

      Even i had a OnePlus 3t and absolutely loved it

    • Shivanshu Shreyas
      Shivanshu Shreyas 4 months ago +1

      And Zenfone 9 retained 3.5 mm jack while being the only compact Android flagship

  • Zaid Kidwai
    Zaid Kidwai 3 months ago

    The main thing keeping me from ever going to most android phones is the fact that they don’t have an alert slider of some sort on the side. May seem minor but to me it’s soooooo important

  • Razzie Paddam
    Razzie Paddam 3 months ago +1

    Damn and I was looking forward to buying this too. Anyone got any suggestions that are better than the OnePlus 10T?

  • k richards
    k richards 20 days ago +1

    Its silly to think that a brand wont grow and change,this phone is still awesome and smooth and great design

  • TechOut - News, Reviews, Gaming, and More!

    For $649 (Pre Order Price) for 16GB/256GB I can be ok with the few things they took away. It's got 125W charging so no wireless charging is fine. No Curved screen is great I don't really like the huge curve on the 10 Pro. I'd rather have the big under the hood spec bump with the few minor exterior and screen changes.

  • Nico Oberländer
    Nico Oberländer 4 months ago +54

    When I got the OnePlus 7 Pro I was so stunned by the fullscreen display and was sure that every phone I get from now on will be like this.
    One year later, that hope was already gone when they released the 8 Pro with a generic punchhole.

    • melvin storbes
      melvin storbes 3 months ago +1

      Flipping and pop up camera phones were so unique, but alas, outside the OnePlus 7 and Oppo Reno 10x Zoom (phones that I still consider peak smartphone design), not enough of them sold well enough for it to become mainstays outside the Asus ZenPhone Flip series, but even then it’s Asus, they’re known to go against the grain (mini phones, gaming phones, flip camera phones, dual screen laptops)

    • Christian Kansichi
      Christian Kansichi 3 months ago +2

      Their last great phone.

    • Jeremiah Low
      Jeremiah Low 4 months ago +7

      True, the OnePlus 7 pro's design is better than their newer stuff by far.

  • Shubham Choudhary
    Shubham Choudhary Month ago +2

    Tbh,few years ago,no one would have imagined iPhones getting rid of the home button. So OnePlus getting rid of the mute button isn't that big of a deal.