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Minecraft BUT We're Trapped in 16 Chunks!

  • Published on Apr 30, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Today @ldshadowlady and I are trapped in 16 chunks of minecraft to see how much we can achieve! Leave a like and subscribe if you're new :)
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  • LDShadowLady
    LDShadowLady Year ago +6012

    i watched this and i want to know what is actually wrong with me

    • John Quinn
      John Quinn Year ago +45


    • TJMC
      TJMC Year ago +138

      Joel hasn’t heated his own wife
      Should we be concerned

    • MeowShroom!
      MeowShroom! Year ago +35

      Oh now you realise lmao

    • Septimus_20
      Septimus_20 Year ago +160

      Yes, you're more funny and talented than is usually humanely possible. You should get that checked out 🤔 seems dangerous

  • Sian Black
    Sian Black Year ago +6788

    it’s been about a minute and lizzie’s already resorted to slaughter. love it.

    • silly goose
      silly goose Year ago +7

      don't be surprised yes it is

    • silly goose
      silly goose Year ago +5

      don't be surprised also I’m suprised

    • ㅤㅤㅤ
      ㅤㅤㅤ Year ago +21

      @silly goose don't respond to the bots, it just gives them interaction and encourages them.

    • daniel wesley
      daniel wesley Year ago +16

      Lizzie: Kills pig
      “ That was more brutal than I intended”
      What Lizzie was intending:

    • GemGirl2009
      GemGirl2009 Year ago +9

      The Lizzie behind the slaughter

  • BlueShades
    BlueShades Year ago +3122

    Explanation for the ridiculous mob spawns:
    Since they couldn’t spawn in the surface because of the torches and they could only spawn in the 16 chunks, they all just spawned in the same area

    • gaybitch24
      gaybitch24 Year ago +33

      i would like this... except you watch dsmp...

    • Merel de Visser
      Merel de Visser Year ago +74

      @gaybitch24 ???

    • gaybitch24
      gaybitch24 Year ago +4

      @Merel de Visser their pfp explains!

    • BlueShades
      BlueShades Year ago +50

      @gaybitch24 I wanted a profile picture with not only dream smp skins, but also og skins and more people. There just wasn’t any so I settled on this. Also I don’t really watch it anymore since I don’t have twitch. My user is “watcher of Minecraft Clip-Sharers” not “dream smp viewer”

    • BlueShades
      BlueShades Year ago +54

      Would you like a list of all the Minecraft Clip-Sharers that I am subscribed to?
      All things MCC, Boosfer, Captain Blast’Em, ChosenArchitect, Craftee, DanTDM, David Dustin, Dream, Fundy, GE3T3E, GeminyTay, GeorgeNotFound, Jack Manifold, Jagster, JeromeASF, Joey Graceffa, Joshemve, Karl Jacobs, Keir and Dev, Legundo, LDShadowLady, magicsings, MCC Highlights, Mr. Beast Gaming, Niki Nihachu, OwengeJuiceTV, Philza, Ranboo, RyanNotabrian, SeePeeKay, Shalz, Shubble, Slimecicle, Slmccl, Smallishbeans, Sneegsnag, Solidarity, Speshel, StephBlox, SurvivingRyan, Technoblade, theomonty, Toadstar0, Tommyinnit, TrixyBlox, Tubbo, Wilber Soot, and Wisp

  • pengwinftw
    pengwinftw Year ago +2664

    Joel: we need to save the animals, because they are limited
    Meanwhile Lizzie: *casually punching a pig to death*

    • Investment Idea
      Investment Idea Year ago +6

      Finally it's here

    • Ruby Denham
      Ruby Denham Year ago +2


    • Jason Frederick
      Jason Frederick Year ago +5

      Also Joel: "I'm murdering these cows"

    • Tai { JELLY}
      Tai { JELLY} 6 months ago +1

      @Ruby Denham 😂😂😂😂

    • Supersoaps🧼
      Supersoaps🧼 2 months ago +3

      I love how Joel liked this but he didn’t like Lizzies comment

  • ChesapeakeEevee
    ChesapeakeEevee Year ago +3942

    I love this and I hope it becomes a series bc I would love to watch the two of you just running around a 16 chunk world lol

  • Lincoln Gordanier
    Lincoln Gordanier Year ago +494

    Your content with Lizzie feels like a conversation, it's like you've forgotten that the world or challenge had a purpose and you're just hanging out with her. It's so sweet

  • HarrahFilms
    HarrahFilms Year ago +1948

    Be honest: If Lizzie released a cover album, we would all listen to it nonstop.

  • Emily_Nova
    Emily_Nova Year ago +1033

    Lizzie: Survives an onslaught of 30 + mobs like a queen
    Also Lizzie: Dies almost every episode of After Life

    • The Irish mushroom 🍄
      The Irish mushroom 🍄 Year ago +11

      There are theories why she is dying every episode just look it up on Clip-Share

    • The Irish mushroom 🍄
      The Irish mushroom 🍄 Year ago +1


    • Dheary Zikri Muhammad_036
      Dheary Zikri Muhammad_036 Year ago +19

      Well she probably dies a lot in afterlife because...
      It's modded
      And she's not used to afterlife mods and the origins stats

    • ningzhou
      ningzhou Year ago +1

      @Dheary Zikri Muhammad_036 yeah…

    • Rachael Cho
      Rachael Cho Year ago +2

      @Diana Otárola mybe not because wouldnt she want to be the last standing?

  • Chandler!
    Chandler! Year ago +1212

    absolutely love your guys’ dynamic! thank you for the wonderful content!

    • Oz
      Oz Year ago +21

      I love how Joel is the house-husband while Lizzie is busy fighting all the mobs.
      - Joel and Lizzie destroying the patriarchy since 1990.

  • Obrik
    Obrik Year ago +463

    Now everyone can be true fans of LDShadowLady. Song covers in this video:
    11:49 Everybody~ (Monsters?)
    12:10 No Point to Glow Squids
    15:49 Can you throw some coal down?
    17:40 In the Strip Mine, ft. Joel
    18:45 We Don't Need No Diamond Pickaxe (Another Stone in the Wall) ft. Joel
    19:40 I'm Going Down

    • Lieke Breijer
      Lieke Breijer Year ago +7


    • Septimus_20
      Septimus_20 Year ago +5

      Haha! Yes!

    • sofiakaori
      sofiakaori Year ago +5

      YES TY

    • Serj Tankian
      Serj Tankian Year ago +6

      it would be another stone in the wall pt2 because they were singing a part from another brick in the wall pt2 not pt1

    • nephthys🐈‍⬛️
      nephthys🐈‍⬛️ 11 months ago +4

      I think the no point to the glow squids part was from empires ep8 lolol

  • goopdoop
    goopdoop Year ago +493

    I love that Lizzie was the one going into the caves while Joel built the house, completely changes the husband and wife dynamic lmao

    • Lucky Tomato
      Lucky Tomato Year ago +10

      Joel went into the caves first though

    • goopdoop
      goopdoop Year ago +7

      @Lucky Tomato that is true!

    • Crunchy Mz
      Crunchy Mz Year ago +19

      This is 2022 not 1922, right? 😕

    • Tejaskarthick Thangaperumal
      Tejaskarthick Thangaperumal Year ago +6

      @Crunchy Mz You missed a fun comment ("This is 2022 CE right or did I time travel to 2022 BCE") cuz none were going into caves in 1922

    • neroxyx
      neroxyx Year ago +3

      @Crunchy Mz cavemen existed from 7 million yrs ago to 2.5 million years ago,the first televisions already exist in the 1920s

  • Angela Smith
    Angela Smith Year ago +458

    Lizzie: "can we eat glowsquid?"
    Joel: "no"
    Lizzie: "right, cuse theres no point to the glowsquid"
    rewind back to empires smp lol

  • Jenny
    Jenny Year ago +199

    I definitely think it'd be cool if they continued this, I wanna see how far they can get

  • Rikaeus
    Rikaeus Year ago +118

    If you were actually curious, the reason why all the mobs are spawning down there has to do with the fact that mobs cant spawn outside the border, so it instead concentrates all the spawns into those 16 chunks

    • Obrik
      Obrik Year ago +4

      Oh O.O right, Like the "place slabs all around so endermen spawn in the right place"

    • Stephanie Parker
      Stephanie Parker 9 months ago

      wow mr smarty pants all up in here! well done

  • Mining with Maddy
    Mining with Maddy Year ago +779

    It’s always so fun when you and Lizzie collab and have fun together. You too are just so cute together! Love from Finland! 🇫🇮❤️
    Edit: Toivotan kaikille suomalaisille ystävilleni hyvää päivää. Tulin ja näin kuinka monta tykkäystä ja kommenttia sain.

    • Clare McCulloch
      Clare McCulloch Year ago +7

      Happiest country on earth, Finland

    • Leevi Tikkanen
      Leevi Tikkanen Year ago +4

      Minunkin puolesta❤️

    • mochi
      mochi Year ago +5

      I hope the war doesn’t become worse! If it does please stay well and healthy

    • VenitHiems
      VenitHiems Year ago +4

      Uu hi neighbor, hello from Denmark

  • Fayin Kay
    Fayin Kay Year ago +12

    Please make this a series, I really love the vibes here and just listening to you guys playing around is pretty calming.

  • Belly Bear
    Belly Bear Year ago +207

    This seems like so much fun! I'm going to do it with my friends now :)

    • nobody
      nobody Year ago +3

      I would if I had an account😢

    • Investment Idea
      Investment Idea Year ago +2

      Finally it's here

    • Antonio Joaquin
      Antonio Joaquin Year ago +2

      @nobody make one it aint hard, trust me it went smooth.

    • nobody
      nobody Year ago +1

      @Antonio Joaquin I've tried before but It was not on my email I must try again sometime

  • Melissa Pederson
    Melissa Pederson Year ago +39

    I feel like this needs to be a series! I could watch at least 12 more of these.

  • ItzProbablyJam
    ItzProbablyJam Year ago +113

    When you quarantine away from Lizzie in real life, you quarantine with her in Minecraft. Perfect. Hope you feel much better soon Joel!

    • Gay Person
      Gay Person Year ago +6

      why would he be in quarantine

    • ItzProbablyJam
      ItzProbablyJam Year ago +8

      @Gay Person he said on stream yesterday that he’s trying to not pass anything on (not covid but still)

  • Turtle 🐢 🐰
    Turtle 🐢 🐰 Year ago +92

    I miss these sorts of videos with just you and Lizzie! You are so cute 🥰

  • That bi butterfly
    That bi butterfly 11 months ago +8

    I would love to see this become a series. I would love to waste- I mean carefully spend my time watching them run around like chickens in a 16 block coop

  • RandomPieceOfTrash
    RandomPieceOfTrash 10 months ago +3

    I usually watch the dream smp, so this is a very nice change of energy for me. you and Lizzie are now my new comfort streamers

  • eliilustrates
    eliilustrates Year ago +87

    I love when Lizzie and Joel collab! You guys are so cute ☺️ ❤️

  • Sam Jupiter VXI
    Sam Jupiter VXI Year ago +10

    This was an absolute joy to watch! I missed your collabs together :)

  • Dan
    Dan Year ago +114

    Loving every upload Joel! Amazing content every video.

    • Jesus loves you
      Jesus loves you 11 months ago

      Jesus Christ died for your sins please repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand 🧊🧃🥄🍵🧉🍾🍯🍵🥄🍺🍽🍾🥛

  • CorgiLover
    CorgiLover Year ago +4

    I find it hilarious yet adorable that Lizzie and Joel and communicating through a discord call , when they are literally meters away from each other

    • Tester Wulf :3
      Tester Wulf :3 3 months ago

      I do this with my boyfriend too lol, instead of yelling between rooms it's easier to talk on a call

  • zarahh
    zarahh Year ago +10

    joel: trying to survive for his dear life
    lizzie: a horrifying realization to her is that there’s no spruce.
    i love lizzie.

  • ItzBrystalPlayz
    ItzBrystalPlayz 5 months ago

    Love how Lizzie and Joel just singing their way through the caves. Love you two you make an adorable couple

  • Faerie Hearthwitch
    Faerie Hearthwitch Year ago +5

    This is hilarious! I love when you play MC together. You have so much fun and always have such creative ideas! This could be a fun series!

  • MintyCheddar
    MintyCheddar Year ago +2

    Feeling grumpy because May is not getting off to a good start. Lizzie and Joel present a hilarious comedy episode: All is right with the world! More of this? Yes, please!

  • SimplyHeaven
    SimplyHeaven Year ago +7

    Glad you guys are posting videos like this again! I really enjoyed them!

  • DrawingDummy95
    DrawingDummy95 Year ago +1

    big goals, after life, and now 16 chunks how many series can joel play at once? joel really is a legend

  • Meelo Kriisa
    Meelo Kriisa Year ago +2

    you should make this a series where you move on to the next chunk every episode:)

  • Potatoflake616
    Potatoflake616 Year ago +5

    Ahh this is so great! I would love this to be a series! “The 16 chunk world”

  • Rutile Twins
    Rutile Twins Year ago +5

    I would love a part 2! This is so entertaining 😍

  • Dana Love
    Dana Love Year ago +18

    Took me longer then I willing to admit to realized Joel included both his and Lizzie point of view and I was so confused

  • Taylia
    Taylia Year ago +9

    I would love to see this as a series

  • kayleeonaann
    kayleeonaann Year ago +2

    It’s so funny how we get to watch them get progressively more insane😂 love you guys❤️❤️

  • Luke Blue
    Luke Blue Year ago +2

    Would love to see this as a series!

  • Vera Dahl Jespersen
    Vera Dahl Jespersen Year ago +15

    Hi Lizzy and Joel.
    It’s been about a year since I started watching you two, and honestly it’s been the best year. I always get so happy when you guys post, and it just makes my day. I love you guys and you have honestly just made my life 10000% better. Keep up the amazinggggg work. Love you❤️

    • Carrotz
      Carrotz Year ago +2

      Awww this made me remember the time i discovered them 💕all i did after school was to just watch their old series 💓such wonderful memories if only i can bring it back or go back to where happiness truly existed to me 💖

  • Alia_and_Gotin
    Alia_and_Gotin Year ago +1

    This is the first time I've watched a video of the two of you playing together. Great lot of fun! Thank you both!

  • Sir Spamsalot
    Sir Spamsalot Year ago +2

    You guys should make more videos together y’all have a very wholesome vibe and chaotic energy and I’m all there for it

  • Harif Sanchez
    Harif Sanchez Year ago +6

    I love watching Joel and Lizzie interact together. Simply my favorite couple.

  • Nick P
    Nick P Year ago

    Really enjoyed this one folks. Hope to see more on this series and also to see some twists on this

  • TrousleInk
    TrousleInk 3 months ago

    you guys should do something like this again, i absolutely adore this video

  • Emma Porter
    Emma Porter Month ago

    I think we need to agree that if someone is on their own world, and they get caught in a death loop, it isn’t cheating to switch to peaceful for a minute to recover your stuff. (The item loss is my biggest problem with the game.)

  •  ‌
     Year ago +7

    Can we all agree beans never disappoints us?

  • I Should Be Doing Revision…

    I love these kind of vids, you two are Hilarious! Keep up the good work, you always change everyone’s day for the better when you upload. Stay amazing!! ♥️

  • Sookheea Faizaan
    Sookheea Faizaan Year ago +4

    Ah after so long we get to see Lizzie and Joel collab again
    Always fun to watch those

  • nathersss
    nathersss Year ago +4

    Please continue this series, Joel amd Lizzie. I’m curious how are you gonna thrive. 🙏🏽❤️

  • pink papita
    pink papita Year ago +3

    Mobs spawn in a 124 sphere around you but since there's only 16 chunks all the spawning is concentrated. That's why there were boatloads of mobs everywhere, especially in the caves.

  • Polar
    Polar Month ago

    this is one of those videos you can watch over and over again ❤

  • ema crowe
    ema crowe Year ago +3

    love it when joel and lizzie make videos together! it makes the video x10 funnier xD

  • Lucas Nogueira
    Lucas Nogueira Year ago +7

    Joe: This is my chunk
    Lizzie: Bigger than I thought it would be

  • isabella hernandez
    isabella hernandez Year ago +20

    Hi Joel!! i love these videos with you and Lizzie. Keep up the good work :')

  • xavier ashton
    xavier ashton Month ago

    You guys have a nice house, especially the interior.

  • ShadowTheAnxious
    ShadowTheAnxious Year ago +5

    Absolutely hilarious and adorable! Now I wanna try this with my wife!

  • NaelisSimmer
    NaelisSimmer Year ago +4

    I would so watch a series of this! Loved it!

    • Jesus loves you
      Jesus loves you 11 months ago

      Jesus Christ died for your sins please repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand 🧊🧃🥄🍵🧉🍾🍯🍵🥄🍺🍽🍾🥛

  • DawnOfWonder868
    DawnOfWonder868 Year ago +1

    Word of advice if you do another episode of this: use a boat to go beyond the border if there’s something JUST out of reach. You can’t fully leave the border without dying, but it can help you with things around five blocks away

  • Ash
    Ash Year ago +13

    I love it when you guys make videos together it’s always so wholesome

  • pengwinftw
    pengwinftw Year ago +1

    I love how Joel won survival games killing dream and illumina, but still died to a 5 block tall jump.

  • Jay Nice
    Jay Nice 6 months ago +2

    i’d luvvvv if this concept was a series!!!!

  • Meowtain
    Meowtain Year ago +3

    Glad to hear Lizzie's texture pack being used 🤣

  • HoneyTeaBear67
    HoneyTeaBear67 Year ago

    Get better soon Joel! You and Lizzie always make me feel better so I hope both of your fans do the same!

  • Confused Ghost
    Confused Ghost Year ago +4

    This is amazing! I just face planted and went home from school and when I watched this it made me feel a lot more cheerful:)

  • Pip
    Pip Year ago +5

    I love the amount of singing that goes on when it's Lizzie and Joel

  • Olive Cheng
    Olive Cheng Year ago +5

    I love your videos Joel! Its always fun to see you do challanges

  • ImpAsTA🐢
    ImpAsTA🐢 Year ago

    I love when Joel and Lizzie do Minecraft challenges like this.

  • Virginia Lucero
    Virginia Lucero 4 months ago

    I love how Minecraft Clip-Sharers can make so many people happy and make so much great content in a game where you fight a dragon in a
    Different dimension great job Joel

  • Cakey Tea Time
    Cakey Tea Time Year ago +1

    This was a fun episode, thanks both :)

  • dolls4ava
    dolls4ava Year ago

    I love how they always match each others energy

  • Julia Verschuren
    Julia Verschuren Year ago +16

    To the person reading this, have a nice day😌

  • omri ivry
    omri ivry Year ago +1

    You and Lizzie are amazing! Couldn’t stop laughing. Great job and wonderful video! Can’t stop listening to the new ldshadowlady music album

  • Mike Rod
    Mike Rod Year ago +7

    You know I'm just a new follower, but I've gone back and watched a lot of your videos and the ones I love the best are the ones where ur wife lizzie is with you. Keep up the great work, and keep mixing in lizzie into your vids.

  • Tim Gilbert
    Tim Gilbert Year ago

    You two had me laughing the entire time!
    Great video : )

  • Lord Dino
    Lord Dino Year ago +7

    I would love a series of this!

  • My dumb birds
    My dumb birds Year ago

    14:23 probably my favourite part just because of Joel’s laugh.

  • KawaiiCat
    KawaiiCat  Year ago +3

    I love Lizzie’s empires reference “there was no point to the glow squid” ❤️

  • alexa wildman
    alexa wildman 4 months ago

    when lizzie ran and just closed herself in a hole and said "im fine"... i felt that.

  • Esme
    Esme Year ago +1

    This video was hilarious. You should turn this into a series!

  • Ghassan Radwan
    Ghassan Radwan Year ago +2

    Midway through the episode, Joel decided to become Scar.

  • Lane
    Lane 8 months ago +1

    One day, one day I want what Joel and Lizzy have.

  • Jakki Kaminske
    Jakki Kaminske Year ago

    I loved this, watching you two was hilarious!!

  • naj mohamed
    naj mohamed Year ago +11

    Joel: jumps in the samed cave like 10 times to get back his stuff
    Lizzie: goes in one time and finds diamonds
    Also lizzie: IM STILL ALI *dies*

  • Cheska Chanelle
    Cheska Chanelle Year ago +2

    hope you feel better joel! please rest well!❤

  • petal !
    petal ! Year ago +2

    I love these videos! Thanks for always making me smile

  • Madison Wuertz
    Madison Wuertz Year ago

    Gosh I ADORE this and hope another couple episodes get made, it’s super cute :3

  • Exitflagger
    Exitflagger Year ago

    I honestly love this. Please more.

  • Cookie Cobb
    Cookie Cobb Year ago +1

    this provided us with a lot of songs for the LDShadowLady cover album, we thank you wholeheartedly our king beans

  • Asa Becker
    Asa Becker Year ago +5

    I hope you feel better soon! Thanks for uploading even with being sick!!! 💜💜💜

  • robot princess
    robot princess Year ago

    well this was an unmitigated disaster. absolutely loved it!!

  • catluvscats
    catluvscats Year ago

    its so intresting when you make videos with lizzie! keep it up! :D

  • Sanoj71
    Sanoj71 Year ago +2

    Half of of this video is Lizzie making covers of songs and I love it

  • Itz Liv!
    Itz Liv! Year ago

    So happy to see these little challenges with you and Lizzie! Love ur vids so funny!

    • Jesus loves you
      Jesus loves you 11 months ago

      Jesus Christ died for your sins please repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand 🧊🧃🥄🍵🧉🍾🍯🍵🥄🍺🍽🍾🥛

  • Tara Vlad-Cluve
    Tara Vlad-Cluve Year ago

    I loveee this!! You should turn it into a series and maybe try to get those diamonds lol :)

  • molly
    molly Year ago +5

    I love joel and Lizzie's chemistry

  • okshane
    okshane Year ago

    i love this! i would watch a whole series for this

  • R vs M
    R vs M Year ago +1

    OKAY I dont see enough comments talking about this but can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Joel is sick and is still making videos!

  • Crazyhuman214 Bleh
    Crazyhuman214 Bleh 10 months ago

    another one of these slightly longer would be fun i loved this video 👍

  • Embryo Reigns
    Embryo Reigns Year ago +1

    Lizzie getting excited about bees is so amazing