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Tesla's Wireless Charger: Explained!

  • Published on May 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • It's expensive. But it's built like a tank.
  • Science & TechnologyScience & Technology

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  • Lou T
    Lou T 2 months ago +6468

    Even multibillion-dollar companies have a hard time trying to make a power plug that doesn't take up two spaces.

    • Zane Eckols
      Zane Eckols 2 months ago +140

      I'll give this one a pass because it looks cool

    • Carsten Bahnson
      Carsten Bahnson 2 months ago +157

      Apple is multi trillion, and even they can’t do it

    • yeetboi
      yeetboi 2 months ago +41

      Lmao u should see the Oppo ultra thin 50w charger.

    • Hive Mind
      Hive Mind 2 months ago +51

      @Carsten Bahnson Apple has chargers that only take one space.

  • Francis Nunziata
    Francis Nunziata 2 months ago +3920

    "Best build product in any category" I lost it! LOL

    • Mark S
      Mark S 2 months ago +97

      He just had to slide that in at the end! 🤣

    • gassius clay
      gassius clay 2 months ago +26

      @Mark S giggity

    • Josh2038
      Josh2038 2 months ago +5


    • Ratul Deoun
      Ratul Deoun 2 months ago +14

      I don't see no lies 😂

    • 2nd_place
      2nd_place 2 months ago +132

      And they didn’t even build it. It’s essentially white labeled hardware that they silkscreened their logo onto. They just partnered with a company that figured it out.

  • Kart16
    Kart16 2 months ago +334

    I thought the title was about wireless charging for Tesla cars! 😂

  • BeB6c2a
    BeB6c2a 2 months ago +535

    I see you Marques with that Tesla roast at the end 🔥 😂

    • Wei
      Wei 12 days ago

      That cpmapny deserves endless roast until they stop busting unions lol

  • Aidan North
    Aidan North 2 months ago +2171

    $300 is insane for a wireless charger

    • Illuminanonymous
      Illuminanonymous 2 months ago +120

      Y'all be paying nearly that much just for some damn wireless earbuds

    • Savion Crawford
      Savion Crawford 2 months ago +347

      ​@Illuminanonymous earbuds are a little itty bitty different than a damn charger

    • Seraphoftheend Yt14
      Seraphoftheend Yt14 2 months ago +31

      @Savion Crawford yeah I know a charger is worth more .

    • some kinda apeman
      some kinda apeman 2 months ago +34

      If this was BMW it would be $3000

  • Vincent Medina
    Vincent Medina 2 months ago +41

    Suprised to see that it was made here in the Philippines.

  • BifocalBat393
    BifocalBat393 2 months ago +3

    The Nomad Base station Pro also has this tech and is on sale in their outlet section

  • Austin Roosa
    Austin Roosa 2 months ago +1

    It's the best built thing tesla has ever made

  • First Last
    First Last 2 months ago +1

    My $20 wireless fast charger I got off amazon has yet to fail me the past year. I think ill stick with the cheaper stuff due to how fast everything keeps changing now anyways

  • bruce Zhang
    bruce Zhang 2 months ago +3

    The last sentence is key😂😂😂

  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy Month ago +1

    As someone in the wireless industry. I'll tell you, it's made out of aluminum because the tech is so inefficient it needs adequate heat sinking due to the losses of the overlapping coils.
    It's not because they wanted to make it quality feeling. That is just a result of the engineering bandaid.

  • Lokmen Haddad
    Lokmen Haddad 2 months ago +10

    Boom! Roasted.. 🤣

  • Chirag Arora
    Chirag Arora 2 months ago +8

    Loved the backhanded compliment.

  • Ben Wood
    Ben Wood 2 months ago

    Better build quality than the cars

  • G Four Gadget
    G Four Gadget 2 months ago +2

    Love the design, hate the price

  • Furore
    Furore 2 months ago +18

    Cool but it’s definitely not worth the $300

    • Supra Guy
      Supra Guy 5 days ago

      Right? Personally I also think marketing these as "wireless" chargers is a BS gimmick.
      Sure, you're not plugging a charger directly into the device but the charger itself still needs to be plugged in!
      But what really gets me is that unlike traditional chargers, you can't even really use your devices while they're charging on these things!

  • Strangely Ironic
    Strangely Ironic Month ago +1

    No way Tesla manufactured that; you can't see the gaps from a mile away. At least it gives credit to who actually made the tech unlike the revolutionary batteries they claimed to create that were just existing Panasonic cells lmao.

  • Harpreet Saroya
    Harpreet Saroya Month ago

    It’s also the best built tesla out there😂

  • Wilshirl Syrone Penaso
    Wilshirl Syrone Penaso 2 months ago +4

    Made in Philippines 😊

  • Jake B.
    Jake B. Month ago

    Now we know where all the quality control is directed

  • CrossRift
    CrossRift 2 months ago

    best built tesla product

  • FleetLynx
    FleetLynx 2 months ago +40

    this product already existed for a few years as the something called the Nomad Base Station Pro. It was $200 but was discontinued. I have one, works great.

  • Jürgen Delahaye
    Jürgen Delahaye 2 months ago

    Looks like it has better build quality than the cars

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 2 months ago +1

    Yeah this BETTER be the best built wireless charger you've felt - it's $300!!!

  • GMS03SBD
    GMS03SBD 2 months ago +10

    Love the last words 😂😂😂

  • tristan flodin
    tristan flodin 2 months ago

    What? They have the best built product in the electric car space

  • Adam Spencer
    Adam Spencer 2 months ago

    That is pretty slick but damn $300

  • the7vin19
    the7vin19 2 months ago +4

    Would love a full length review on this!

    • Ahsan Khan
      Ahsan Khan 2 months ago

      It's a freakin wireless charger,you put your phone on it,it starts charging. Here you go,the full review.

    • Awesomesauce
      Awesomesauce 2 months ago +2

      @Ahsan Khan There's still unanswered questions. What's the charging speed? Does it get slower when you put more devices on the pad? Does it get hot? I know he said that he could change up to three devices but didn't bother showing it actually happening.

    • randomnickify
      randomnickify Month ago +1

      ​@Awesomesauce 3 devices 15 Wats each, he literally said it, pay attention.

  • ukdondappa
    ukdondappa Month ago

    Hot take, wireless charging is way more constricting than wired chargers

  • Aidan Salasin-Deane
    Aidan Salasin-Deane 2 months ago

    If you want a well build wireless charger checkout the one from Peak Design. Fully machined aluminum and it’s a stand or folds flat.

  • Potato Wedges
    Potato Wedges 2 months ago +8

    made in the Philippines? Wow that's my home country!

    • underseacondounit
      underseacondounit Month ago

      Yes rich companies often get cheap and even slave labor from poor countries with bad working conditions.

    • Potato Wedges
      Potato Wedges Month ago

      @underseacondounit Nice to hear such a wonderful piece of useful information. I just love it when someone teaches me things i didn't know before.

    • Tangerine Tech
      Tangerine Tech Month ago

      ​@N+3ra¹hàän3r0 lol the Philippines is a pretty nice place I really doubt they have slave labor in the Philippines

  • Zank
    Zank Month ago

    Man if they marketed this right they could sell. I could see maybe a 3 year replacement program and easily acceible parts to buy for 10 years after launch. Yes it's 300 and that's ridiculous but if it's supported and can do 3 devices this could hold up in the long run if they put an once of effort in and good marketing

  • Mc Ellao
    Mc Ellao 2 months ago +2

    It was made in Philippines 😮

  • AdequateQuality
    AdequateQuality Month ago +4

    There's about 30 wireless coils in the charger so you're essentially spending $10/coil which makes sense for the price. On top of that, you have a premium feeling and looking product (I imagine so)

    • Prashnaveet Prasad
      Prashnaveet Prasad 3 days ago

      I mean can you make the exact replica in your backyard with limited source if you had time and mood? Or energy

    • AdequateQuality
      AdequateQuality 3 days ago

      @Prashnaveet Prasad The crucial aspect here isn’t the number of wireless chargers, but it has to do with Tesla’s sophisticated power management and convenience. With individual wireless chargers, you can gladly put a single device on top of the coil and do that for all other products but that’s tedious and doesn’t offer a compact 3-in-1 solution when you can instead place your device anywhere on the Tesla pad. That’s what’s different.

  • pabrodi
    pabrodi 2 months ago

    "$300 is insane for a wireless charger"
    -Apple releases a new $500 smart wireless charger
    "Screw it! Just take my money!"

  • dan raz
    dan raz 2 months ago

    Wow, that burn in the end! 😂

  • Cas van Dijk
    Cas van Dijk 2 months ago +12

    As you noted it has overlapping coils... Does it get hot when used for an extended period of time? Cause that's why AirPower was essentially cancelled...

    • Doom Guy
      Doom Guy Month ago +1

      Wireless Power engineer here. Yes, and it is a serious fire hazard.

    • randomnickify
      randomnickify Month ago

      AirPower was supposed to be much thinner. This thing is fat and angled on the stand most likely because of the cooling issues.

  • Saurabh Raj
    Saurabh Raj Month ago

    When would we stop calling these things wireless? These are just portless

  • Dungeons and Dragons
    Dungeons and Dragons 2 months ago

    It's Free Power company has an OEM agreement: they build it, and slap on aTesla sticker: I worked for a company that did this for IBM, since the company I worked for wasn't a household name... Company even programmed the OSD when powered up to read IBM and not the actual company that made the product.

  • Duuuval
    Duuuval 2 months ago +33

    We’re in a recession man, I’ll just use the chargers that came with my IPhone and Apple Watch 😂😂😂😂😂😂!!!!

  • Farhan Khan Pattan
    Farhan Khan Pattan 2 months ago +1

    I thought it would charge cars...

  • Tezorus
    Tezorus Month ago

    Tesla is really milking any stupid fan they can. And apparently it's working.

  • Stephen De La Rosa
    Stephen De La Rosa 2 months ago +6

    Pixel watch compatible? Please do a "state of wireless charging" video

  • breenen
    breenen 2 months ago

    Best tesla product quality

  • DvdS
    DvdS Month ago

    In order to not have to plug in a cable to charge, you need to plug a cable into the charger. We were working on this exact product back in 2011 at Philips: one charger mat for your bathroom devices (toothbrushes etc) and that never made it to market. I’m sure Tesla will make it a massive success 12 years later at a bargain price…. 🙈

  • Finance Guy Flies 612AB
    Finance Guy Flies 612AB 2 months ago +5

    That power plug company has great build quality. Tesla should hire them to make cars

  • Ceayon Prasadh k
    Ceayon Prasadh k 2 months ago

    Use the magnet sheet to show the magnets 😁

  • Sagar Karvande
    Sagar Karvande 2 months ago +1

    Nice to see it's made in the Philippines...

  • Cheapskate_board
    Cheapskate_board 2 months ago +350

    A wireless charger has better build quality than the company’s own cars 💀💀💀

    • Faber
      Faber Month ago +26

      Yeah, because Tesla didn't build it, the company they collaborated with did

    • Montan
      Montan Month ago +11

      ​@Fabertrue, it looks like the other company made all the work, and Tesla came in and just slapped its name on the front, pretty much how Elon has "founded" every company he has "founded" lmao

    • JustHuman
      JustHuman Month ago +2

      You do know it's more of a meme now than reality, as VW and Ford have been out saying they make cars better or as good as them now.

    • 75% COPPER
      75% COPPER Month ago +2

      As a process engineer for Tesla, I approve this message.

    • Falcon Echo
      Falcon Echo 16 days ago +1

      ​@Montan bro is salty

  • Renyar Hoj
    Renyar Hoj Month ago

    That burn at the end was soooo smooth! =D

  • Georgia Agw
    Georgia Agw Month ago

    $300 and it doesn’t charge the watch??? No thanks

  • Vikram Prashanth
    Vikram Prashanth 2 months ago +610

    "Best built product in any category" BURN! 😂

    • Jhov Jhov
      Jhov Jhov 2 months ago +3


    • Manan
      Manan 2 months ago +8

      Isn't Tesla one of the safest cars in the world. What's he talking about?

    • MidaMultiTool
      MidaMultiTool 2 months ago +41

      ​@Manan Lmao, you're funny man

    • HisFatness
      HisFatness 2 months ago +38

      @Manan It's one of the safest, but build quality is a coin toss.

    • Alex R
      Alex R 2 months ago +7

      Not even really a Tesla product....but a collaboration

  • Domz
    Domz 2 months ago

    Price aside . ....it does look nice

  • Mondli Ngwenya
    Mondli Ngwenya 2 months ago

    Wow that colour looks really good on him

  • Aile Striker
    Aile Striker 2 months ago +8

    Imagine the applications for this. A wireless charging coffee table is a great way to make friends

    • Ryan Coffee
      Ryan Coffee 2 months ago +3

      If that's $300 you would have to take out a 2nd mortgage to buy a coffee table verison

    • Simarjeet Singh
      Simarjeet Singh Month ago +2

      ​@Ryan Coffee 😂😂TRUE!

    • Nick
      Nick 24 days ago

      ​@Ryan Coffee 😂😂😂

  • Guck Foogle
    Guck Foogle Month ago

    I charge my phones on something like this and it cost me $10. This is not a new thing at all, if you are impressed by this product you shouldn't review stuff for a living.

  • Evan Gaudet
    Evan Gaudet 2 months ago

    Shots fired!

  • [insert Name Here]
    [insert Name Here] 2 months ago +4

    Best wireless charging is one that can be used but not seen; so the closest in my eye is the ones mounted under a desk or bedside table and work through it. Way cleaner aesthetic and more practical should you have indicators where to place your wireless charging campatible device. Still, I crave for a wireless OTA charging solution.

    • randomnickify
      randomnickify Month ago

      You do realize these things get hot? Desk mounted one seems like a fire hazard to me.

    • [insert Name Here]
      [insert Name Here] Month ago

      @randomnickify I'm familiar with how induction charging works, however, this is an established technology that exists which I am referring to and have been mo reported issues that I am aware of. I see no reason to worry besides have it in my mind that there's a risk, not a hazard.

  • J R
    J R 2 months ago

    Profit margins! Tesla lowkey printing money on their accessories.

  • Hallow Walker
    Hallow Walker Month ago

    Ah yes the down fall of tesla as we know it next they will be selling Bluetooth speakers

  • Quentin Anthony Anderson
    Quentin Anthony Anderson 2 months ago +4

    Tesla really tried to get influencers to hawk this expensive ish. I've seen like 5 videos for this today and this is at least the least "commercial-y" of them all.

    • Fonjah Fon
      Fonjah Fon 2 months ago +4

      I feel like that more of Clip-Share algorithm than Tesla doing

    • OG Zombie Blunt
      OG Zombie Blunt 2 months ago

      Omg tesla bad

  • kerven janvier
    kerven janvier 2 months ago

    Lol the back handed complement….. every time I want to buy a Tesla I look at the Honda CRV built quality and I just can’t do it. The technology is amazing but to pay that much money for subpar interior ain’t cutting it.

  • jinxai83
    jinxai83 2 months ago

    MKBHD ❤ Tesla

  • Doc Remington
    Doc Remington 2 months ago +4

    I’m not giving Elon even a penny of my money.

  • SuperZero!
    SuperZero! Month ago

    Interesting, because the one in our Model 3 does not work all that well on iPhone thirteens at least…
    However, that wireless charger seems too clunky for what is actually needs to be…

  • Jakob127
    Jakob127 2 months ago

    Ikea makes nice Chargers

  • Ronit Saraf
    Ronit Saraf 2 months ago +7

    Legends still stay happy with their 3 dollar one meter long charging cable

  • AMIR.A.9999
    AMIR.A.9999 2 months ago

    I don't really think that wireless chargers are worth it.

  • AlanTheBeast100
    AlanTheBeast100 Month ago

    Guaranteed to be a power waster.

  • Pseudo Prophet
    Pseudo Prophet 2 months ago +5

    Marques, " Tesla charger is not worth $300".
    Apple launches the same thing next year and Marques goes, " It's absolutely worth $500". 😂😂😂

    • FatBoy Runs
      FatBoy Runs 2 months ago +1

      I think you're watching a different Marques from the rest of us.

    • Gerald
      Gerald 2 months ago

      Average broke Android user 😂😂😂

  • Bite-Sized Shorts
    Bite-Sized Shorts Month ago

    I'm pretty sure it won't charge anything I own.

  • Jeff D.
    Jeff D. 2 months ago +1

    Why don’t they put the same technology in their cars!! My2022 MY charger is horrible. Doesn’t charge my iPhone with a case. No issues when I recently rented a Ford Edge.

  • Nyarlah
    Nyarlah 2 months ago +21

    That custom power plug is looking for conflict with any neighbour.

  • Paul Adrian Tanasa
    Paul Adrian Tanasa 2 months ago

    Just buy 3 wireless chargers for 20bucks each….

  • acorn oaktree
    acorn oaktree Month ago

    Isn’t Tesla a car company?!

  • oppinoy
    oppinoy 2 months ago +3

    I ordered mine on December 30, 2022; I’m still waiting for my email saying it’s shipped. I hope it’s worth the $322 that I paid for it, since they charged me in full and still haven’t shipped it.

  • Vhex
    Vhex 2 months ago

    Isn’t this freepower company previously called AIRA, featured in shark tank ? Anyway, just a bonus note 😊

  • Hungarian Horntail
    Hungarian Horntail 2 months ago +4

    300$ tho

    • Blue_09
      Blue_09 2 months ago +1

      i mean it’s pretty cool but like it’s expensive

  • Old Яomans
    Old Яomans 2 months ago

    should come with 1' plug extension for the brick.

  • Marley king
    Marley king Month ago

    Can't wait to see the future cyber ware at fashion week.

  • not gus
    not gus 2 months ago +4

    If only their cars were built this solid lmao

  • Phillip Stewart
    Phillip Stewart Month ago

    Xiaomi did one better than that air charge

  • Doan Trinh
    Doan Trinh Month ago

    It’s worth it if it works well. I’ve bought $100 wireless chargers and they’re pretty junkie.

  • Cylais
    Cylais 2 months ago +16

    I bought my second hand find x2 pro last year for 300. We consume way too much stuff as a society, and it keeps us prisoner of our own over consumerism. Excuse me for my rant.

  • lord shitpost
    lord shitpost Month ago

    Geometrical rather than "cybery" might be a better word choice 😅

  • akhil mohandas
    akhil mohandas 2 months ago

    That sticker on the airpod case is really cool

  • Aram Tapacian
    Aram Tapacian 2 months ago +4

    I hope that hackers will not attack your YT channel like they have done with Linus Tech Tips

  • stevegot keys
    stevegot keys Month ago

    These companies think their consumers will buy any garbage they've overpriced 😅fuck 300,I'm using a 10 dollar charger and am good 💀

  • jeweleratlarge
    jeweleratlarge Month ago

    Make a garage floor like that to charge your car

  • theWcraft
    theWcraft 2 months ago +14

    They be using the Cybertruck design for everything but itself lmao

  • Anthony Scott
    Anthony Scott Month ago

    Why is it you never see, or rarely see a phone in a case, charging on one of these chargers? Every model Y I’ve test driven or rented had a hard time charging my IPhone with the MagSafe silicone case on it! Never had an issue with the bare phone though.

  • Victor Momoh
    Victor Momoh 2 months ago +1

    Love the Tesla roast 😂

  • SWFL Aerial Guy
    SWFL Aerial Guy 2 months ago +5

    I paid $90 bucks for a Samsung wireless duo charger. It works great, but I've woken up more than once to a dead phone and watch because I nudged them just enough to stop the charge while I was asleep. So yes, I'd buy this.

  • Gerardo Sarabia
    Gerardo Sarabia Month ago

    Nah that's an Nvidia Shield

  • Wasim Bizra
    Wasim Bizra Month ago

    Best build product in any category yet not made by Tesla 😂

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 2 months ago +18

    There is no way I'd pay more that $50

    • Σvî£ ÐεαÐ
      Σvî£ ÐεαРMonth ago +1

      But youd pay 80$

    • Tangerine Tech
      Tangerine Tech Month ago +5

      You must have a lot of cheap garbage then

    • First Name Last Name
      First Name Last Name Month ago +1

      @Tangerine Tech I don't understand your comment. How does me not wanting to pay an exorbitant amount for a wireless charger make you think that everything I own is cheap? Also if I'm being honest it's not that hard to plug in a cable so I just don't see the point at all. Maybe an elderly person with Parkinson's would have trouble plugging in a charger.

  • Zetura
    Zetura 2 months ago +1

    Way to expensive, but for $150 I would buy it. Especially for that Cybertruck plug hahaha

  • kamoVR
    kamoVR Month ago

    For 300$ you can buy a oculus quest 2 or something

  • Sinthujan Kethes
    Sinthujan Kethes 2 months ago +10

    Waited 3+ years for the CyberTruck and we get this wireless charger that looks like it

  • KenshinBattousai374
    KenshinBattousai374 2 months ago

    That cable looks.....permanent. That's not good.