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Bailey & Asa’s First Time | Story Time

  • Published on Feb 1, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    IT'S HERE Y’ALL!! After weeks and weeks of requests, we finally figured out a way to post our FIRST TIME story time video! We were worried about some of the content being a little too much for Clip-Share’s algorithm, so we managed to film it in a PG rated way lol.
    Asa and I were recently married in October, and since then have been asked non stop about our wedding night. We decided to share some of the details today for y’all, and answer some of the top asked questions about that night!
    Comment down below any other questions you have for us!
    ❤️'s- Bailey
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  • Amy Minner
    Amy Minner Year ago +5621

    I love how Asa is as comfortable about sharing this as Bailey is. You not only speak to young women but to young men too. It is ok to wait until marriage and this is how you love each other and accept each other.

    • Bukky Adé
      Bukky Adé 3 months ago


    • #bAdDiE
      #bAdDiE 9 months ago +4

      Fr, Asa is a wonderful person and it’s great and very kind of him to be okay with speaking truthfully about this

    • vanessa Peralta
      vanessa Peralta 10 months ago


    • ashley hogan
      ashley hogan 11 months ago +2

      Not to mention they did one on periods.

    • Wilmarie Human
      Wilmarie Human 11 months ago

      @OPgaming p

  • Anjelica Tan
    Anjelica Tan Year ago +6543

    As a person who has been watching since prior to you guys getting your first kiss, I love how the content has matured as you’ve grown up. I am the same age as you guys so it’s really great to see the content maturing and getting more glimpses into your lives!

    • Deandra
      Deandra 11 months ago +1

      same🥺... I've been watching you guys since the 7th grade and now I'm in my first year of college. Been awesome watching you grow up while I was doing the same💖💗🎬

    • OPgaming
      OPgaming 11 months ago +1


    • rearea123
      rearea123 Year ago +2

      Yes same!

    • E Granz
      E Granz Year ago +4

      @fried rice LOL yes! I even stopped following them for a while because they were barely teenagers and I was in my 20s already and it felt weird😂

    • Ayanna Semper
      Ayanna Semper Year ago +3

      exactly! feeling the same way!

  • Sonia’s Way
    Sonia’s Way Year ago +5894

    I love how mature they’re about it and shared it with the world without feeling embarrassed. They’re really brave and I’m proud of them

  • shelly rae
    shelly rae Year ago +2633

    this is great for everyone, but especially young girls who see these unrealistic expectations and get nervous. listen, there’s someone out there who will listen to you and help you, and you will be able to do the same to them. thank you for posting this

    • OPgaming
      OPgaming 11 months ago +2

      ❤️Love by inside heart💖

  • Barleen Sarai
    Barleen Sarai Year ago +8804

    Yess Bailey is a literal queen! She is so confident and comfortable while sharing this!

    • OPgaming
      OPgaming 11 months ago +1


    • taylor grace✧
      taylor grace✧ 11 months ago +3

      @Eric Hill ohh lol i get it

    • Eric Hill
      Eric Hill 11 months ago +3

      @taylor grace✧ that is my name but I was on my dads phone

    • taylor grace✧
      taylor grace✧ 11 months ago +3

      @Eric Hill wdym lol who's aubrie

    • Autumn Sky
      Autumn Sky Year ago +3

      Yes 👏🏼 we love to see it!!

  • Blossom
    Blossom Year ago +3332

    You're helping literally SO many young women out there be more open and comfortable 🥺 thank you so much. Been watching you since the start of your channel and appreciate how much effort you put into being authentic and compassionate ❤️❤️❤️

  • Maddy Knapke
    Maddy Knapke Year ago +1763

    Bailey is a whole queen- she was so open and love their jokes 😭

  • Bailey Robinson
    Bailey Robinson Year ago +2167

    I love how asa has gotten so much more comfortable and confident on camera

    • OPgaming
      OPgaming 11 months ago +5

      ❤️by inside heart💖

  • sara Thomas
    sara Thomas Year ago +2262

    Okay I love this story for multiple reasons,
    1. The transparency of real life, being tired from the wedding etc.
    2. Sharing that having a “perfect” wedding night isn’t like the movies, it’s love, caring and safety

    • OPgaming
      OPgaming 11 months ago +3

      ❤️by inside heart💖

  • oh-
    oh- Year ago +5403

    I love how the content is getting more mature as their audience grows!

    • Kayla Miranda
      Kayla Miranda 10 months ago +2

      @Laura G I’m kind of the same except I’m 18 your probably thinking I’m still rlly young lol but honestly I feel the same I get scared I’m gonna alone forever bc I feel like no one has been interested in me I never had my first kiss or even held hands with someone when I feel like everyone around me has done it all but I tell myself there’s billons of people there has to be a person for everyone it’s sometimes hard to believe though and I’m also wanting to wait till marriage Im so happy that I didn’t do anything in high school but getting back to you if a guy doesn’t want to wait then that person isn’t for you I know that it’s cheesy and everyone says it so if that guy won’t wait there will be more I hope that it works out for you and him

    • Laura G
      Laura G 11 months ago +2

      @Brooklyn and Bailey Setting religion aside, this is something I would like to do with my future boyfriend but I feel too pressured by society and also feel like there's no way he'll wait that long. See, I'm actually really old and I've never had my first time before, I'm 25 (yes, I know, I feel embarrassed too). At this stage, he'll have experience and be expecting/needing it from me, but I feel I'll be clueless and just need more time than him because I've never had a boyfriend before and I'll want to have some time of us just dating, like a teenager would. It's really complicated when your significant other has experience and you don't, and when what both of us need is opposite. I'm getting to know this guy I kind of like (he likes me too) but I'm just scared about starting a relationship and after some time having to answer his questions knowing he's gonna be surprised and dissapointed. You guys are so lucky you found each other young and are on the same path with this issue

    • April Mendoza
      April Mendoza 11 months ago

      Yes I most definitely agreeee

    • OPgaming
      OPgaming 11 months ago


    • Brooklyn and Bailey
      Brooklyn and Bailey  Year ago +436

      Always has, always will❤️

  • Abbi Carter
    Abbi Carter Year ago +1341

    I love how confident you both are talking about this, its refreshing being able to see people be open and truthful about this stuff!

    • OPgaming
      OPgaming 11 months ago +1


    • Syd Bean
      Syd Bean Year ago +2

      Dang 437 likes and no comment let me fix that ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Christine Mason
    Christine Mason Year ago +2018

    I think its cool that you two waited till marriage. That's something you two decided and stuck with and I have alot of respect for that. It can be really tough in society today to feel pressured to do things just because but you both stayed firm in your beliefs and morals and I think that is something to be said.

    • OPgaming
      OPgaming 11 months ago


    • cinnomix
      cinnomix Year ago +12

      @n a i i'm not sure how old you are but i just want to encourage you! if you really want to wait until marriage you'll definitely find someone, it just might take longer. anyone who doesn't want to respect you and wait for you shouldn't have your heart anyway, so i hope you don't compromise that desire in order to find someone to date. unfortunately i see that happening a lot. i've seen a lot more young people open to the idea of waiting until marriage so don't give up hope!

    • n a i
      n a i Year ago +4

      i’d like to do this cause i just think it would make our relationship more special, but that’s not popular in my generation so i really doubt i’ll find someone

    • Christine Mason
      Christine Mason Year ago +8

      @Puck I’ve never been married and as far as if I have ever been sexually active or not has nothing to do with the context of my comment. Also I don’t know why my level of sexual activity and marital status means anything to you. That’s really weird. There’s plenty more in your life that you should be concerned with then my personal life.

    • Hchtxo
      Hchtxo Year ago +1

      well said!!!

  • tabs
    tabs Year ago +940

    Can we just appreciate how open asa is about this. I really respect him for supporting Bailey's career

    • OPgaming
      OPgaming 11 months ago

      @Shafi'ah S ❤️by inside heart💖

    • OPgaming
      OPgaming 11 months ago

      ❤️by inside heart💖

    • Shafi'ah S
      Shafi'ah S Year ago +25

      yes!! looking for this comment! asa has been so supportive all for bailey's youtube career and committed to be part of the content even if it involves their very private life. some guys would not want to share their privacy and asa is literally the man!!!!!!!!

  • gab masterson
    gab masterson Year ago +649

    huge props to y’all for growing up with your audience instead of pretending to still be super young & immature. after growing up along with you guys, it’s very comforting & fun to be able to see this side of y’all. you guys are growing into amazing people

  • Katherine Robison
    Katherine Robison Year ago +7520

    I'm so grateful so see you really showing that being a "good girl" doesn't mean being uncomfortable or scared of your own sexuality. Having "finished" before on your own really teaches your body how to get there with a partner!

    • Pamela Wald
      Pamela Wald 3 months ago

      ​@Katherine Robison

    • History Buffering
      History Buffering 4 months ago +2

      @Rachel Dee that is a more accurate analogy, I actually kind of agree with you now

    • Rachel Dee
      Rachel Dee 4 months ago +3

      @History Buffering Yeah that's actually a fair point. A more accurate analogy would be single competition figure skating vs skating on a hockey team or pairs competition or something like that. Just because both involve the fundamentals of skating (or touching the same body parts in sexual exploration), does not mean you're setting yourself up for a win to get used to one way of doing it and then to switch it up. We repeat it as if it's true logic, but I think it's pseudoscience. We should just be honest that we are sexual beings and we want to take care of our desires both on our own as well as with someone else.

    • History Buffering
      History Buffering 4 months ago +2

      @Rachel Dee it’s actually not analogous to the skiing/snowboarding example at all, as both skiing and snowboarding are individual activities.

    • Not my real name
      Not my real name 5 months ago

      @Rachel Dee Rachel you’re experience isn’t everyone’s

  • Ashley Palmer
    Ashley Palmer Year ago +788

    I love how comfortable this is to watch. Best role model couple ever!!!

  • Lizzy McQuillan
    Lizzy McQuillan Year ago +290

    This was honestly so nice to hear because I feel like the media makes it seem like your first time will be picture perfect when it’s not that way! Falling asleep, not knowing what to do, etc… so thank you for this!

  • Faith Gomez
    Faith Gomez Year ago +687

    I swear y’all are the most maturest Couple to ever talk about things like this!

  • Javeria Urooj
    Javeria Urooj Year ago +299

    In a place where I live. It's very hard to talk about such stuff. The way you've told your story just made me realize how comfortable it is if put into right words. Thanks Bailey and Aisa. I hope you live happily ever after

  • lindsey
    lindsey Year ago +390

    I’m almost 34 and still waiting for marriage. Trust me it gets harder when you wait this long. I’m body shy so I overthink a lot of things on what will happen on my wedding night. I will communicate with my future husband on my comfort level. Thank you for sharing your story because I’ve never known anyone else who waited for marriage.

    • gia loren
      gia loren 10 months ago

      28 and still waiting. you are not alone

    • Kimberly Gonzalez
      Kimberly Gonzalez Year ago +2

      That’s amazing, so happy for you. ❤️

    • •eléna•
      •eléna• Year ago +1

      @Abigail Kidimbu thats cool. I like a couple of her songs

    • Abigail Kidimbu
      Abigail Kidimbu Year ago

      @•eléna• a little bit

    • •eléna•
      •eléna• Year ago

      @Abigail Kidimbu you like Zolita? Saw her in your subs

  • HystericalHolly
    HystericalHolly Year ago +245

    As someone who is married I can attest to the being extremely extremely exhausted after the wedding. My husband and I got married out of state and we were both SO tired we didn’t even have a wedding night. We both choose to wait until marriage as well and we didn’t even seal the deal until quite a few days after our wedding was over after we were home. The wedding completely took it out of us. And the funny thing is I felt the same way as Bailey and Asa. Even though it was my wedding all I could think of was the deed later.. so when we were both exhausted in the hotel room after the wedding and my husband mentioned just relaxing and going to sleep I was pretty relived because I was so tired and pretty nervous. Now 5 years later and I have not one regret about waiting until after we traveled back home. Being in the comfort of our own house, our own bed and on our own time.

    • Pizza Ninja
      Pizza Ninja Year ago +11

      OMG same! I don’t think many people admit it, but in most cases, the couple is actually too exhausted to do anything after the wedding 🤣

  • Annie Bird
    Annie Bird Month ago +23

    It’s so encouraging to see other people who are highly regarded my society waiting till marriage because now it’s seen as crazy and wrong to wait a lot of the time so I greatly appreciate seeing someone else who is open about it on a public format

  • Erica Guimbarda
    Erica Guimbarda Year ago +127

    LIVING for this open and honest content lately. Y’all are whole queens (and kings) for this and I’m super happy to see you use your platform to share human experience that shouldn’t be so taboo.

  • rea hooper
    rea hooper Year ago +305

    Thank you for getting so candid with the world. Especially girls/people that are waiting. I know this is a very vulnerable topic, y’all are the 💣!

    • Liz Sama
      Liz Sama 11 months ago

      I waiting for my wedding night too and I was worry that people would judge

  • Emily
    Emily Year ago +165

    I love how Asa said ‘the best advice I can give is talk to your partner and take it slow’ WE STAN HIM ❤️

  • Winnie Ye
    Winnie Ye Year ago +144

    So much respect for you! The way you are so open about this is truely admiring

  • Amber Nicole
    Amber Nicole Year ago +88

    Loved this! I’m married now myself and my husband & I were both our firsts which is something special we’ll always have. I appreciate how y’all are so open about these kind of topics because they don’t need to be shamed to not be talked about and then you leave tons of women & men not knowing what to do and that’s when things can go wrong. We need to normalize these topics more!

  • Kerry Drinkuth
    Kerry Drinkuth Year ago +115

    I love how open and honest you guys are about this. It’s so important for other couples! You’re so mature for your age

  • DTC_Sarah
    DTC_Sarah Year ago +170

    Im glad that you'll feel comfortable with sharing this with us

  • KC Cheer
    KC Cheer Year ago +111

    I really appreciate you guys talking about this like it is a normal thing, because it really is normal and natural. Love y’all’s attitude about it, you guys are so real and are amazing role models 💕💕

  • Kameron King
    Kameron King Year ago +83

    I love how open and relatable you guys are! Although we didn’t wait till marriage, I had to laugh because I fell asleep in bed with a salad on my chest on our wedding night 😂 we woke up the next morning and were both like oops.

  • Isabella
    Isabella Year ago +77

    It’s actually crazy to have grown up with this channel and see the mature content change. Love the confidence!!!

  • Brooke Jewel
    Brooke Jewel Year ago +74

    I love how you guys finish each others sentences. It reminds me of my husband & I! We got married in 2020, I had just turned 21💘 I love seeing other young, happy, mature married couples 🥰 you guys are so cute!!

  • luvs2shop661
    luvs2shop661 Year ago +72

    Good for you for doing this in such a classy manor. I think a lot of young kids look up to you and I praise you for not only being so open and willing to share but also being so respectful and classy about it! Also I love that you waited for marriage! You are both amazing role models. Been watching since Cute Girls Hairstyles and I cant believe you guys are so grown up now 😩😩😩 Congratulations on your marriage and God Bless you both In your journey through adulthood ❤️

  • Vivian Swenson
    Vivian Swenson Year ago +41

    First of all, thank you for this open and honest video! It’s such a taboo topic that no one really talks about. I’m nowhere near to getting married but I know that when I do, that I should definitely talk to those around me who have experience in said department!

  • Hailey Ward
    Hailey Ward Year ago +3783

    I love how mature they are about is and how open they are and not embarrassed about talking about it.

  • Summer Peden
    Summer Peden Year ago +78

    I love how confident you both are talking about this, and how you are truthful you are sharing this. Much love from New Zealand

  • Sophie Sings
    Sophie Sings Year ago +38

    It’s so cool that you guys are comfortable sharing stuff like this on the internet. I’m so glad someone I trust online is willing to talk about this so I can be informed when it’s my time, without having an uncomfortable conversation with my mom lol. You guys are the best!

  • YahooWahoo1
    YahooWahoo1 Year ago +26

    Although my husband and I didn’t wait for each other, I can be honest and say our first time together was actually incredible. It set the bar and we haven’t fallen below that bar since. I love your honesty. If there is anyone reading these comments looking for advice, absolutely communicate, do not be embarrassed to express discomfort, take it slow, and have fun!!!!

  • Monica Jara
    Monica Jara Year ago +26

    The respect , communication and love you guys have for each other is beautiful to see

  • Lexy Pappageorge
    Lexy Pappageorge Year ago +2497

    i’m so glad to have this side of the “brooklyn and bailey” we saw growing up

  • Larry stylinson
    Larry stylinson Year ago +82

    I love that y’all are so confident while sharing this!! Y’all make me SO happy! 🥺🥺

    • OPgaming
      OPgaming 11 months ago +2

      ❤️Love by inside heart💖

    • Abilin
      Abilin 11 months ago +1

      @Brooklyn and Bailey I LOVE YOU GUYS🥺😭✨

    • Brooklyn and Bailey
      Brooklyn and Bailey  Year ago +14

      Thank you!

  • Evelyn
    Evelyn Year ago +43

    I love straightforward and open y'all are. It's really, really refreshing and appreciated!! Love y'all!

    • OPgaming
      OPgaming 11 months ago

      ❤️by inside heart💖

  • disillusioned chedar cheeese

    i love how y’all’s content has grown up with you guys. it’s rly great to normalize this type of mature communication

    • noah schnapp's secret gf 💫
      noah schnapp's secret gf 💫 9 months ago +2

      right? it's such a healthy and normal thing to talk about, but there's still stigma around it. love that they're normalizing this

  • Phyllis Copsey
    Phyllis Copsey Year ago +38

    Loving the more mature content. You girls are well over age now and your audience has grown with you so I see nothing wrong with talking about these things as you all grow! And as long as your comfortable! Thank you so much for sharing. Hope to see more mature content from you all!

  • Maggie J.
    Maggie J. Year ago +84

    I love that you are so open with these topics and “girl talk” stuff as well!! love u besties❤️

  • Bridget Gates
    Bridget Gates Year ago +17

    i love how comfortable they are with sharing this! thank you guys! you’re so inspirational 💜💜

  • Lily Blake
    Lily Blake Year ago +65

    Thank you for sharing your story with us! I am waiting till marriage, and y'all answered all of my questions! Also, I was cracking up at Asa the entire time! His facial expressions are so funny!

  • moni971000
    moni971000 Year ago +42

    I like how Asa not just supports but is also involved to this kind of video. I appreciate your honesty, and I am really grateful. 🥰(My family is not that opened about these topics) Love from Hungary

  • aubrey schramm
    aubrey schramm Year ago +27

    it’s so crazy to see them so grown up! i’m glad they’re so comfortable talking about this

  • Leonie Oechtering
    Leonie Oechtering Year ago +18

    I was having such a bad day and this was a great pick me up. Now I’m actually smiling :) thank you!

  • lina._gym
    lina._gym Year ago +52

    I love how open you are about this. So many people struggle with things like that. Thank you for sharing!♥️✨

    • OPgaming
      OPgaming 11 months ago

      ❤️by inside heart💖

  • Kenzie M
    Kenzie M 9 months ago +10

    SO HAPPY you decided to share this. it’s been “taboo” since y’all are so appropriate towards younger audiences. but growing up w you guys, it’s so important to be open! thank you sm for sharing even though you didn’t have to!

  • Denisa-Mihaela
    Denisa-Mihaela Year ago +48

    You two are just so sweet! I'm glad you are willing to be so open with us and I can't believe you grew so much. Your relationship is just so beautiful. I wish you a happy and long life together!
    Greetings from Germany ❤

  • Marvel and Tom Holland POVS

    i love how open y’all are on here. you managed to find a way to make this video good for all ages. love you guys!

  • Christina A
    Christina A Year ago +13

    I love how open and honest you are. You are helping so many girls/women feel more comfortable and confident.

  • Naomi Chandler
    Naomi Chandler Year ago +16

    I am so thankful there are people like you all on the internet who maturely and openly approach topics like this. It is so encouraging especially for young women that things like this aren't treated as taboo. Love you all and totally admire you.

    • Brooklyn and Bailey
      Brooklyn and Bailey  Year ago +6

      This comment has me teary eyed. Thanks for the thoughtful words❤️

  • Natalie Williams
    Natalie Williams Year ago +5

    thank you so much for sharing your story, and especially for sharing the part where you said that you should still be educated even if you are waiting. That is so so so important. I've heard so many couples who waited share their first time stories, and y'all's is only one I have seen online or heard in person that has not shamed other people for having a different path and that has been informative and set realistic expectations. Your story will help so many young men and women. I cannot thank you guys enough.

  • Jessica Harrington
    Jessica Harrington Year ago +40

    Your channel is like the big sister chats that we all need in life! I’m so happy that you are all willing to share so much about your life! I love all of your videos so much! and will continue to watch each week 💝🎀💖🌸💗🌺

  • MarshmelloDrag0n
    MarshmelloDrag0n Year ago +8

    Thanks for being open to sharing about this!! I identify as Demisexual, which is on the Asexual spectrum. It means that looking for a partner I really only have emotional attraction, so when it comes to the idea of sexual intimacy my brain is so scared of the idea. I never want to go to the internet about it so it was nice to hear about this topic from Clip-Sharers I’ve been watching for a while and that I’d be comfortable learning from. It helped me a bit and I appreciate it!!

  • Christine M
    Christine M 6 months ago +8

    First time for me hurt hurt and since I’m a really anxious person, I stayed away from it for years…and I think taking the time to get to know your own body and seeing what you like, by yourself, helps a lot! But once I got around to doing IT again, it was even better & it keeps getting better lol. Have fun, be with someone you can talk and laugh with, and be SAFE!!

  • Rebekah Lynn
    Rebekah Lynn Year ago +12

    You are such a QUEEN! Thank you for doing this for all of the girls who don’t have people to talk to and for proving that it can be talked about. You make an “awkward” conversation so much more “normal”! Literal queen. Thank you.
    And I LOVED the beating around the bush references 😂😂 Cracked me up

  • mrstez
    mrstez 11 months ago +10

    Oh my gosh! I love love love you guys! My youngest (he is 20) and his girlfriend have been together since they were 15 and they have also decided to save themselves until marriage. Again, as a mom this makes me happy to hear there are others that value their relationship as much!

  • sarah lee
    sarah lee Year ago +14

    it’s so cute to see you guys growing like this!!😩

  • Britt Jorgensen
    Britt Jorgensen Year ago +48

    I love Bailey and Asa’s relationship. They’re so open with each other and us! Tysm BandB❤️❤️

    • OPgaming
      OPgaming 11 months ago

      ❤️by inside heart💖

  • taylor grace✧
    taylor grace✧ Year ago +2043

    i'm so proud of y'all taking the time to share this with the world. it's a very personal and important subject but y'all were SO brave to explain it!! it's a very special personal thing for each couple and i loved hearing y'all's story!! love you guys SO much xx

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon 11 months ago +5

    I love how mature they’re about it and shared it with the world without feeling embarrassed. They’re really brave and I’m proud of them

    THE K4LQUEEN 11 months ago +5

    I love how y'all waited! Truly inspiring and This truly honors God...may He continue to bless y'all. And I love how opened and okay y'all are about sharing your experiences! I absolutely love you both. Keep being you!

  • Els
    Els Year ago +17

    love how open and honest you both are about this topic without making it feel awkward

  • Hannah R
    Hannah R Year ago +30

    Finally some one talks about this and is willing to educate others or help educate them, as some ones who’s waiting till marriage this helps a lot.

  • Bethany Biorkman
    Bethany Biorkman Year ago +935

    honestly relieved to have those who are will to be open about these kinds of things

  • JB C
    JB C Year ago +5

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