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  • Published on Jul 21, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Watch @MMG ATTEMPT TO WIN $25K IN A FIELD GOAL CHALLENGE! ALL OR NOTHING! Tune in on Thursday, July 22nd @ 3pm EST!
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  • Mikey King
    Mikey King 9 months ago +398

    “ I can promise you I’m never ever pulling out” - mmg 2021

  • Kenny wood Wood
    Kenny wood Wood 9 months ago +485

    “That’s how i felt about all my girlfriends “......”I hope that mic is not hot “🤣🤣

  • TV with John Gramer
    TV with John Gramer 9 months ago +49

    Mmg: “imma keep my head down”
    Mmg: *pulls his head up even quicker*

  • Calvin Andrews
    Calvin Andrews 9 months ago +190

    Kenny must have hit a growth spurt if he is the same height as papa. Since when is everybody 6’5😂

  • Jon Cardile
    Jon Cardile 9 months ago +29

    This was me in basketball as a little kid😂 “suddenly he gets 4 free throws seemingly tying the game”

    • Carter Nelson
      Carter Nelson 9 months ago +3

      I would miss a lap up to win the game and then decide I got fouled by the imaginary other team and then miss a free throw so I’d get a rebound and give my self more fouls until I won. I was a special kid 🤣

  • Kenny wood Wood
    Kenny wood Wood 9 months ago +412


  • Kevin Walker
    Kevin Walker 9 months ago +59

    “I am never ever ever ever ever pulling out” - PAPA Meagz.

  • Kannon Fanger
    Kannon Fanger 9 months ago +380

    Bruh Kenny and MMG gotta do a 2k rebuild

  • Sholtzi
    Sholtzi 9 months ago +9

    “I’m officially pulling out”

    MARK MARK 9 months ago +75

    They spammed Bella through out the stream 😂😂 I swear we are a top 10 fan base on Clip-Share

  • Ankle
    Ankle 9 months ago +130

    “i can promise you im never ever ever pulling out” 😭 you know he did that on purpose

    • Ankle
      Ankle 9 months ago

      @Santiago Iniguez where is it

    • Santiago Iniguez
      Santiago Iniguez 9 months ago

      @Ankle no they didn’t

    • Ankle
      Ankle 9 months ago


    • Yung Toph
      Yung Toph 9 months ago

      @Aaron Clapp 0:50

    • Aaron Clapp
      Aaron Clapp 9 months ago

      what's that time stamp?

  • Deestroying
    Deestroying 9 months ago +536


    • Rickey H
      Rickey H 8 months ago

      Bro y u didn’t compete ma boy

    • brad wray
      brad wray 9 months ago


    • Eduardo Tijerina
      Eduardo Tijerina 9 months ago

      Come on guys get deestroying on here!!

    • Zakka
      Zakka 9 months ago

      @Elijah Long nah

    • Braden Kendall
      Braden Kendall 9 months ago +1

      Yo dee last episode u needed some grip boosts

  • The Young Athlete
    The Young Athlete 9 months ago +22

    My guy still walked away with that 15k though. Congratulations to mmg for doing his thang and I can't wait to see deestroying on the field. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Conner Perrotte
    Conner Perrotte 9 months ago +2

    This was an absolute banger by HOH, such a great idea and video. Then you add Papa Meags to the mix and it’s like x-games mode. We need a re-try by MMG and we need to see Deestroying try it. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Bstine0219
    Bstine0219 9 months ago

    I love seeing these guys succeed after I’ve been watching them for years

  • AM 1773
    AM 1773 9 months ago +9

    House of Highlights needs to do something where Kenny can when some money like an nba trivia thing

  • Eli Hojchman
    Eli Hojchman 9 months ago

    let's get it, love u MMG and HOH, make more vids with MMG plz

  • rzwinds V2
    rzwinds V2 9 months ago +1

    the amount of chances mmg got reminds of hooping on the driveway and miss 5 game winners hooping by myself but just adding extra time😭

  • Collin Kuecker
    Collin Kuecker 9 months ago +70

    "I'm never ever ever pulling out".
    "I respect that"

  • Devonte Lee
    Devonte Lee 9 months ago +214

    Dam I can't believe I missed the live

  • Darrell Crossen
    Darrell Crossen 9 months ago +42

    Lol they gave him mad tries lol

  • Jack Reed
    Jack Reed 9 months ago

    This man is a legend of the third leg 🦵

  • TnTAltman
    TnTAltman 9 months ago +1

    Lets be honest. We all know what Papa meant when he said he’s never pulling out

  • Dean Harnett
    Dean Harnett 9 months ago +14

    "I can promise you i'm never ever ever pulling out" -Papa Meags

  • Houston Czech
    Houston Czech 9 months ago

    MMG and KD should collaborate more tbh. MMG has that manic energy that KD perfectly evens out without turning it mono tone. I need Kenny on a 2k wheel spin ASAP! Or even have MMG come on TTW for a quick guest host (perfect person to help them if they ever branch out for some football talk in the off season).

  • Joshua Sturtevant
    Joshua Sturtevant 9 months ago +1

    17:47 that’s gotta be some of the most BM shit to say on live😂 papa is actually the goat👏🏻 his personality was made to be broadcasted in front of a camera

  • Michael DeLaCruz
    Michael DeLaCruz 9 months ago +1

    Bro they gotta run this thing back🔥🔥

  • Phantom
    Phantom 9 months ago

    Can you imagine if Blair Walsh watches this or MMG in general 😂😂😂

    JUB JUB 9 months ago

    bruh these dudes should have a collab channel or series on HoH

  • Bdogg
    Bdogg 9 months ago

    We need a Kenny and a papa colab! Idk what they’d do but it would be dope

  • Steal 4F
    Steal 4F 9 months ago

    So inspirational man look at MMG

  • Landen
    Landen 9 months ago

    Such a good stream

  • Christian Simon
    Christian Simon 9 months ago +1

    Dude takes longer than Giannis shooting a free throw to kick 😂

  • Wavy Yoboy BraBro
    Wavy Yoboy BraBro 9 months ago +1

    When dee does this he's winning at least that 55 yards probably the 60 though they need to make the yards longer for dee

  • Bolt Prod
    Bolt Prod 9 months ago +1

    A custom ball would be 🔥

  • Brady Stephenson
    Brady Stephenson 9 months ago

    We need another one!!!

  • Nick Staley
    Nick Staley 9 months ago

    Good JOB MMG

  • Bradley Burgess
    Bradley Burgess 9 months ago

    We proud of you papa

  • Coby Kerr
    Coby Kerr 9 months ago +84

    Didn’t expect to see Kenny beachum that’s a lot collab

  • Zac and EJ
    Zac and EJ 9 months ago

    I would love that signed ball omgggg

  • Yaboihaverstick Xx
    Yaboihaverstick Xx 9 months ago

    I didn’t realize kenny was also 6’5😭

  • Joe Dols
    Joe Dols 9 months ago +2

    All this Vikings smack talk is hilarious from a Lions fan

  • MidNight DarkChocolate
    MidNight DarkChocolate 9 months ago

    I love the boi MMG🔥

  • The Actual Shadow
    The Actual Shadow 9 months ago +3

    Great vid papa good job

  • Isaac Hodges
    Isaac Hodges 9 months ago +1

    I really really want that signed ball

  • The 90's Time Machine
    The 90's Time Machine 9 months ago +2

    Holy shit he actually did great

  • WPsteelersfan
    WPsteelersfan 9 months ago +1

    My 2 favorite youtubers together

  • Caprii-sun
    Caprii-sun 9 months ago +1

    let’s go papa x hoh goin crazy

  • dcs
    dcs 9 months ago


  • Aaron Velander
    Aaron Velander 9 months ago

    17:30 “I’m an honorary member of society” that means you ain’t really part of it they just recognize you as part of it. Pretty sure he mean honorable member of society 😂😂

  • Bryce Bean
    Bryce Bean 9 months ago +2

    mmg looking yolked 😳💪

  • scott shar
    scott shar 9 months ago +1


  • Brayden Shea
    Brayden Shea 9 months ago +2

    This is content much love

  • JL21
    JL21 9 months ago +44

    "This is for you Bella"

  • Dillon Rodgers
    Dillon Rodgers 9 months ago

    Bella bought to come back after that 😂😂

  • Charles Clifford
    Charles Clifford 9 months ago

    Gonna use a life line with one life left and claps cheeks to clutch win last minute as always!

  • Connor Eads
    Connor Eads 9 months ago

    How you gon miss a kick dedicated to the boys

  • A D R
    A D R 9 months ago +8

    Am I trippin or did he say “ this is for you Bella”

  • Aiden Hoeger
    Aiden Hoeger 9 months ago

    2 of my favorite youtubers in one video!

  • Seanyshots
    Seanyshots 9 months ago

    Papa coming from a Vikings fan it wasn't to get in the playoffs I'm pretty sure it was a wild card game

  • I Do Sports
    I Do Sports 9 months ago +1

    You will have 3 tries... Wait 4....
    5 tries...
    6 tries

  • Hudson Garza
    Hudson Garza 9 months ago

    I subbed and liked be looking for that ball 😏😂

  • Hudson Garza
    Hudson Garza 9 months ago

    I subbed and liked be looking for that ball 😏😂

  • Walker Millican
    Walker Millican 9 months ago

    Papa you got handed that 25, you got three extra lives

  • Jaden Blake
    Jaden Blake 9 months ago

    almost teared up when he mentioned Blair walsh

  • MFR Playz
    MFR Playz 9 months ago +1

    I subbed and liked the vid and papa meags is my favorite Clip-Sharer so maybe I could get the ball 🤞

  • parker evans
    parker evans 9 months ago

    I’m late but I got to support mmg and house of highlights

  • Brady Stephenson
    Brady Stephenson 9 months ago

    Let’s get Kenny in these challenges 👀

  • Michael Sauer
    Michael Sauer 9 months ago +4

    You should do this with destroying next time

  • SimpErin
    SimpErin 9 months ago

    “I guarantee you I’m never ever going to pull out…”

  • Orey
    Orey 9 months ago

    Let me get that ball my man

  • Aiden Hoeger
    Aiden Hoeger 9 months ago

    Bro i cant believe i missed this live i was at work😭

  • Tony Holmes
    Tony Holmes 9 months ago

    Yo a signed ball by mmg would be a dream

  • Sooner.prod_on_tiktok
    Sooner.prod_on_tiktok 9 months ago +1

    Papa meags got that dumptruck on him

  • Josiah Moore
    Josiah Moore 9 months ago

    I’m looking for that signed ball, please I’ve been watching him since madden 18

  • Torinado Brekke
    Torinado Brekke 9 months ago

    Letzz go mmg

  • Sam Diomede
    Sam Diomede 8 months ago

    Can a rookie kick maybe a 35 comp against him

  • John Forbes
    John Forbes 9 months ago


  • Dashiell Worthen
    Dashiell Worthen 9 months ago

    I really want a papa meags signed football

    JGTHEGOD 9 months ago

    Smart move

  • Evan Parish
    Evan Parish 9 months ago

    Let’s go big dawg

  • Fraser Buchan
    Fraser Buchan 9 months ago

    2 of the best people on Clip-Share

  • Shpace
    Shpace 9 months ago +1

    Mmg has to win

  • Cole Schimmoller
    Cole Schimmoller 9 months ago

    Next is the rebuilding challenge. Kenny has to do a rebuild and if he doesn’t meet 6/9 requirements then he doesn’t get the money

  • Sam Diomede
    Sam Diomede 8 months ago

    His head was quick after to move after the kick

  • Elite-Raider_17
    Elite-Raider_17 9 months ago

    “You know I never pull out”

  • Evan Vogt
    Evan Vogt 9 months ago

    I’m saying he pulls out at 55

  • Oz Graca
    Oz Graca 9 months ago +1


  • GS7
    GS7 9 months ago

    This was dope

  • Cameron Kay
    Cameron Kay 9 months ago

    How about signed cleats that won 15k

  • Evan Stonerook
    Evan Stonerook 2 months ago

    Was kinda rigged lol so many extra chances but still fire

  • Taylah Coleman
    Taylah Coleman 9 months ago

    JONATHAN THURSTON will EASILYYY beat y’all! 😂😂 this is nothing for him🤷🏾‍♀️

  • zac warmkessel
    zac warmkessel 9 months ago +1

    Anyone who knows mmg knows the im never pulling out was a double meaning

    • brokeboiii
      brokeboiii 9 months ago

      don't call him papa for nothing

  • Graham Hubster
    Graham Hubster 9 months ago

    Imma need that ball

  • Dominic Davis
    Dominic Davis 9 months ago +1

    💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 oh ya papa

  • Pumps 2k
    Pumps 2k 9 months ago

    Kenny is the best host bruh

  • Bryce Francisco
    Bryce Francisco 9 months ago +3

    15:33 “this is for you Bella”

  • Culater3423
    Culater3423 9 months ago

    Hey yo mmg is da goat

  • Savannah Patton
    Savannah Patton 9 months ago

    Go mmg

  • Savannah Patton
    Savannah Patton 9 months ago

    Go mmg