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We Moved Back To LA…

  • Published on Jan 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 1 905

  • TayZonday
    TayZonday Month ago +338

    Congratulations! 🎊🎉🎈🍾

    • KMC
      KMC Month ago

      Tay are you the one who did the Kenneka Jenkins investigation??? The name rings a bell 🛎

    • Mhxthir Mohammad
      Mhxthir Mohammad Month ago +5

      omg I haven’t watched you in years

    • Simone Palanker
      Simone Palanker Month ago +2

      we love tay z

    • Gabriel's Logic
      Gabriel's Logic Month ago +4

      Omg the video i watched before this was yours 😅

  • Bonnie Rose
    Bonnie Rose Month ago +188

    "I think I am just happier now! And I think it doesn't matter where I am, I am just happy ... I am genuinely happy!" - This, as a forever follower of Shane and years of watching Ryland and seeing the ups and downs that everyone has in their lives .... I AM SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH AND TO HEAR THIS!!!!

  • Staci Bird
    Staci Bird Month ago +145

    I just started crying because of how happy I am for Shane with his new married daddy life. Just remembering him coming out as bisexual and times where he was maybe in a dark place or struggling in his love life… cut to now. So much positivity. It gives me hope. I love you guys so much. Thank you so much for the content, it makes me feel like your extended family. I’m such a huge fan and supporter and can’t wait to see y’all’s new adventures. ❤❤❤

  • Julia Williams
    Julia Williams Month ago +26

    I’ve grown up with Shane, the good and the bad…and I genuinely have always felt so connected and understood watching and caring so deeply not only for Shane, the friends, the partners, the pets, and every milestone. I’m so happy for him, and how much he has worked and deserved this. I love you ryland for loving Shane ❤

  • carissa Carissas
    carissa Carissas Month ago +19

    Shane has a whole new aura about him. I’m loving him being happy. It’s a good look on him. I hope he’s learning to love himself. ❤

  • Grace Wilson
    Grace Wilson Month ago +41

    hearing shane say “i’m genuinely happy and it doesn’t matter where I am” is so amazing to hear after so many years of hearing him say otherwise love you both so much so happy for your marriage and the baby news it’s all so fabulous I’ve been watching you both for almost a decade so this moment means everything to me

  • laurawithnou
    laurawithnou Month ago +654

    Shane feeling comfortable enough to show his chest hair in videos is growth goals! Also he's dancing more and more in videos which he used to do a lot back in the Shisa days. This is honestly the happiest I've ever seen Shane and love that for him. Long overdue. Ryland is 100% his person and vice versa. Now building a family and i just can't wait to see what's to come.

    • Yamialex224
      Yamialex224 Month ago

      ​@Sebastain Mikkelsonwell he is in his 30s I stopped caring what people though and I'll be 32 this year

    • alexandra gale
      alexandra gale Month ago +7

      @Allisonit’s a positive comment don’t make it negative

    • laurawithnou
      laurawithnou Month ago +6

      @Allison u must be the fun one at parties ✌️

    • Sebastain Mikkelson
      Sebastain Mikkelson Month ago +5

      He might be at an age where he’s starting to realize he is who he is, and we love him for it

    • Charity Mcfarland
      Charity Mcfarland Month ago +1


  • Dana
    Dana Month ago +23

    Being with Shane since the beginning, it’s so nice to hear him say he is truly, genuinely happy. Love you both so much ❤

    • Tele.gram👉@BigdawsTv_1
      Tele.gram👉@BigdawsTv_1 Month ago

      👆👆👆👆You have been selected among my shortlisted winners Dm to claim your pride🎁🎁..

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose Month ago +72

    Omg when shane said, It doesn’t matter where I am, I’m just happy” I’ve been waiting years to hear those words come from shane! 🥺🥺🥺

  • patricia
    patricia Month ago +20

    It’s been years since I saw Shane be this bubbling and happy, I’m happy for him

  • Tori Pravlik
    Tori Pravlik Month ago +14

    seeing shane comfortably eating on camera 🥹 & *seeming* not to cringe at ryland chewing and groaning at every bite is everything 🫶🏻

  • Tara1016
    Tara1016 Month ago +1857

    I prayed for Shane to say he is genuinely happy for years 😭❤ So beyond thankful he is getting to build the happy family he's always dreamed about with Ryland 💖💖💖

    • Frank Castle
      Frank Castle Month ago

      @Moon Beam mark dice has great video and a guy named the quaterling.

    • David
      David Month ago

      Can you pray that trans black women live passed 40? You seem to have some divine connection so let’s put it to something useful

    • Jerry Westin
      Jerry Westin Month ago

      @Camila Bonfadini me too! I am 62 😆

  • angelina pillo
    angelina pillo Month ago +1

    i’m honestly glad to see shane happy again. after all that 💩 that happened no longer than 2 years ago. people change they really do, and i didn’t believe it till i changed completely from these past couple months.

    • Tele.gram👉@BigdawsTv_1
      Tele.gram👉@BigdawsTv_1 Month ago

      👆👆👆👆You have been selected among my shortlisted winners Dm to claim your pride🎁🎁.

  • Amber Motley
    Amber Motley Day ago

    I hope to be as happy as they are one day. So excited to see how far both of them have come. 😭❤

  • Amy M Anderson
    Amy M Anderson Month ago +7

    You both are a match made in heaven, the love is so genuine and I can feel it through the screen, Shane looks so happy but Ryland is radiating love! I never see him being this happy around anyone else but Shane. I wish both a lifetime of happiness ❤️🥂

  • Maya Tanner
    Maya Tanner Month ago +9

    I remember way back in Shane’s daily vlogs, celebrating Teresa’s birthday and hearing everyone sing happy birthday to her again was so heart warming. Made me cry a little, how time flies 🌹❤️

  • Sharky The Silly Puppet

    Hearing Shane say he's happy makes me so happy, I've watched him for years and I've seen him go through so much and to see him so genuinely happy and saying he is happy just warms my heart ❤

    • Tele.gram👉@BigdawsTv_1
      Tele.gram👉@BigdawsTv_1 Month ago

      👆👆👆👆You have been selected among my shortlisted winners Dm to claim your pride🎁🎁..

  • Amie Ferrell
    Amie Ferrell Month ago +371

    I'm only 11 minutes in and cannot express how happy I am to see Shane GENUINELY happy and comfortable in his own skin!!

    • Frank Castle
      Frank Castle Month ago

      @Amie Ferrell 5 seconds out of my day.

    • 1C5
      1C5 Month ago


    • Amie Ferrell
      Amie Ferrell Month ago

      @Frank Castle if it’s crap, why are you here taking time out of your day commenting on it?

  • Bee
    Bee 6 days ago

    so happy for you and shane you seem so genuinely happy and enjoying life

  • kiley courson
    kiley courson Month ago +6

    I’m so happy that Shane has a better mindset and is genuinely happy with himself and his career and that is so amazing and fresh for this year

  • Open Door Decor
    Open Door Decor 7 days ago +1

    Not both Shane and Morgan being over all happier 😍 Colorado did a lot for y’all ❤❤❤❤

  • Ashley Soderberg
    Ashley Soderberg Month ago +3

    Seeing how you two are with the dogs makes me so happy that you guys are excited to be dads 🤗 you two will be the most amazing dads. Shane has shown so much growth and so has ryland

  • L S
    L S Month ago +414

    “We were fighting and now we’re eating and everything is ok” I felt that in a spiritual level 🤣

    • 1C5
      1C5 Month ago +3


  • doobiecfoogle
    doobiecfoogle Month ago +14

    Ryland, I’ve been married 30 yrs & still can’t get hubs to listen to what is actually coming out of my mouth most days.😹🐶 You’ll figure it out, together! Best of luck on your decisions in life! Love from Maine!!

    • park j kookie
      park j kookie Month ago +4

      It's called selective hearing. Men are notorious for having that. Lol 😆

  • KimberlinLuv
    KimberlinLuv Month ago +2

    Seeing Shane so happy is making my heart so full 🥺♥

  • AmandasFam♡
    AmandasFam♡ 2 days ago

    I am so happy for your guys new chapter in life ❤ i am loving the dance that shane was doing in the back ground. Just in his own world♡♡ happy looks good on you both 👬

  • Lisa Jean Shinobu
    Lisa Jean Shinobu Month ago +2

    I’m so glad you are feeling better Shane. I’m sorry the world seemed to forget or hurt you. That breaks my heart ❤️ I haven’t been on social media as much anymore, but I still thought of all your funny parodies and characters from your channel. Still makes me smile to this day. No one canceled you, this world is full of evil people and you my dear are definitely not one of them. Keep smiling 😊 you give people hope ❤

  • Greyson Lee
    Greyson Lee Month ago +8

    Rare to see Shane's mom anymore

  • mansa1991
    mansa1991 Month ago +230

    Shane bringing so much chaos energy, only to walk over real close to Ryland and saying "youre yelling" got me xD

  • Ashley Preston
    Ashley Preston Month ago +3

    Loving Shane’s energy in this vlog ❤

  • Anitamarie Estrada
    Anitamarie Estrada Month ago +2

    Shane being so happy and comfortable gives me so much hope for myself ❤❤ loved this vlog made me laugh so hard

  • Shannon Rickard
    Shannon Rickard Month ago +4

    Ryland being so excited about ordering room service for exactly 2 seconds before he realized it was his card was hysterical 🤣

    • Tele.gram👉@BigdawsTv_1
      Tele.gram👉@BigdawsTv_1 Month ago

      👆👆👆👆You have been selected among my shortlisted winners Dm to claim your pride🎁🎁.

  • Tara Cole
    Tara Cole Month ago

    I think I’ve been watching since 2010 and this is by far the happiest I’ve seen Shane! It makes me so happy! I love everyone in his life so much for showing Shane how deserving of live and happiness he is!!!

    • Tele.gram👉@BigdawsTv_1
      Tele.gram👉@BigdawsTv_1 Month ago

      👆👆👆👆You have been selected among my shortlisted winners Dm to claim your pride🎁🎁.

  • VampQueen
    VampQueen Month ago +1

    Love you Shane! I love to see you laughing and being so happy ❤

  • adaliz rodriguez
    adaliz rodriguez Month ago +173

    Shane’s mom is just so sweet. Happy birthday 🎉

    • 1C5
      1C5 Month ago


  • Sarah Gray
    Sarah Gray Month ago +2

    I am sure that it was difficult to come back to LA during the crazy storms, but hopefully now that the weather has gotten better, Shane and you are enjoying your time in LA more. 💞 Thank you for brightening my Sundays with your vlog posts. 💗 And golden retrievers love going swimming! When our golden retriever was a little puppy, she jumped in the water with waves bigger than her and had the time of her life. 🥰

  • Christine Mason
    Christine Mason Month ago +2

    Momma Theresa is forever my favorite Clip-Share mom. She must be protected at all costs and she is just precious. That cake was perfect for her! It’s literally her as a cake.

  • kitkat 636
    kitkat 636 Month ago

    Shane is so adorable I love how happy you two are and I can't wait to see your twins or whatever you end up doing I'm so happy for you both and I can't wait to see what the future holds for your family you all are amazing and adorable ❤️

  • JWL
    JWL Month ago +1

    I love watching shane and ryland! They are perfect for eachother! So happy for you both on everything you've accomplished!

  • Here's Chica
    Here's Chica Month ago

    Shane being a happy bunny is the best! Ryland being the best papa bunny is also the best thing too!
    Hope they can still be happy bunnies together for a longer period of time because they are the best
    coupe of Clip-Share!

  • Tara1016
    Tara1016 Month ago +123

    Riley's first swim is so cute Uno is such a good big brother showing her how it's done ❤🌊🐕🐶❤

  • Andie Contreras
    Andie Contreras Month ago +1

    Shane looks so so happy!! I’m so glad he’s genuinely happy after all this years ❤ congrats on the wedding enjoy the honeymoon and the chest hair 🫶🏻🧚🏻‍♀️

  • Chasity Sours
    Chasity Sours Month ago +1

    I have to honestly say that one of my favorite things about you two. Is your love for your family!! So refreshing to see you guys always being around and including your family in everything and that's what really matters and if anyone that questions you guys and how truly overall a very family oriented homes and any child will be Lucky

  • Becky P
    Becky P Month ago +2

    I love these Vlogs! They just keep getting better and better!
    The commentary between the both of you is hilarious ♥️😂 I love to see how comfortable you guys are with each other and how well you guys go together♥️love you guys

  • Star Tower Readings
    Star Tower Readings Month ago +1

    y’all’s happiness is contagious. thank you for sharing with us ❤️❤️

  • Ginger 78
    Ginger 78 Month ago +1

    I’m having such a bad few days mentally but Shane can always make me laugh out loud x

  • Tara1016
    Tara1016 Month ago +144

    Anyone else super emotional over the fact Ryland uploaded his and Shane's Wedding vlog on Mama Teresa's birthday 😭❤ Talk about best birthday ever!!!

    • Gracie Dye
      Gracie Dye Month ago +6

      @hectorsalamanca we can say the same for you, you have replied to 3 people that I’ve seen 😂😂

    • hectorsalamanca
      hectorsalamanca Month ago +4

      Wow ur obsessed. All over the comments.... yikes😬😬 I'm scared for Shane and Ryland

    • The Deathly Halløws ⚯͛
  • Alpha Mindset
    Alpha Mindset Month ago +3

    Shane's mom is the purest soul 🥰🥺 happy birthday Teresa!!!

  • Darth Iskunniss
    Darth Iskunniss Month ago

    I love seeing Shane back to his old self and him just being him. I love this so much, never change Shane, you don't know how many people love you so much. Your personality is so damn infectious and something I always look forward to. I love you two together because your personalities are so different and I always stop whatever I am watching when I see that there is a new upload, just to see what two of my favorite youtubers are doing in their life together

  • Tiffany Sheehan
    Tiffany Sheehan Month ago +31

    I’m was the girl who delivered the macaronis and took your room service order hahah!! I hope you enjoyed your stay I had to get you guys something for a surprise!!! ❤(don’t tell my boss👀)

  • tinavarela1
    tinavarela1 Month ago +8

    The way Shane right away was checking on Riley in the pool, such a good FATHA!!! 😭😭😭🐾🐾🐾♥️♥️♥️

  • bailey rabon
    bailey rabon Month ago

    I absolutely love how Shane has been stepping into finding his style! I have been watching him since 2009 and he seems to have really started finding his true self recently and it’s so amazing to watch!

    • Tele.gram👉@BigdawsTv_1
      Tele.gram👉@BigdawsTv_1 Month ago

      👆👆👆👆You have been selected among my shortlisted winners Dm to claim your pride🎁🎁..

  • StarWars McKinnon-Herrera

    Who else was teary-eyed watching this?? Seeing how far Shane and Ryland come is the best feeling in the world. Seeing Shane feel more comfortable showing his chest hair and dancing again is like seeing your best friend finally happy again! Congrats to you and Shane and hope you have many happy years together

  • jennifer leonard
    jennifer leonard Month ago +2

    You can tell how much shane is more happy and relaxed when Rylan is eating a cookie next to him and he's not going nuts ❤️ love you both

  • Andrea Pulsifer
    Andrea Pulsifer Month ago

    Oh my goodness Shane's humor is amazing 🥰 such a great quality in a person to make people laugh. 💖 happy honey moon! 💜💜💜

  • Tianna Lecander
    Tianna Lecander Month ago +2

    Happy birthday mama Dawson glad to see you in videos again. Can't wait for a baby update, can't wait to see you guys as parents.

  • I_KPOP_Fan
    I_KPOP_Fan Month ago +1

    Shane, that you are genuinely happy makes me so so…proud and excited for you. I suffer with depression and anxiety and have for years, and to see you happy and thriving and excited about your life is really the best thing. It gives me hope and makes me happy. Also, don’t worry about that bit of chest hair. My dad’s whole body was like that. WHOLE body. I was his caregiver the last several years of his life until he passed last year after early onset Alzheimer’s took him at 59. I saw way too much of his furry ass body. 😂

  • Reginald Lanier
    Reginald Lanier Month ago

    Words cannot express how happy I am for Shane. He's grown so much, and I'm so happy to see how far he's come. I hope all his dreams continue to come true.

  • Tara1016
    Tara1016 Month ago +215

    I love how Mama Vicki is like I'm no fool I'm not going in that pool 😂

    • Yamialex224
      Yamialex224 Month ago +1

      She was like you can drop my son not me

  • Genevieve
    Genevieve Month ago

    I love you guys so much and am so happy for you both. Cannot wait to see what 2023 has in store for you and for the mermaids of rylantis to be on the journey with you ❤

  • Markie Mustard
    Markie Mustard Month ago +8

    I know Shane was kidding but he genuinely looked hot posing on the chair with his bling cup 🤣🤣

  • Alexandra Geraughty

    I've been going through a hard time for awhile, but watching your newer content vlogs make me feel hope for the future. I am really impressed by how much your editing has improved and I wish you and Shane nothing but blessings for your future. Thank you for creating and putting a smile on my face!

  • Meagan J. Riley
    Meagan J. Riley Month ago +2

    Shane’s mom is the absolute best!! She is the sweetest thing on earth xoxo

  • Joanna
    Joanna Month ago


  • Kelsi Glover
    Kelsi Glover Month ago +113

    Momma’s smile is so beautiful & contagious! My heart smiled the whole episode but it smiled *EXTRA* when she was admiring her cake 🥺♥️

  • Kari Abner
    Kari Abner Month ago

    I love you both seriously so much! These vlogs bring me so much joy, just seeing how happy you both are. Stay golden. 💛

  • Elena Hernandez
    Elena Hernandez Month ago +1

    I’m so happy for y’all, especially Shane. I know Shane has struggled in the past with depression/work anxiety but I can tell now he feels a bit more free, like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders.
    I think we can all tell now that Shane is VERY happy , and it shows through his jokes and his love towards Ryland and life.
    Ryland is truly the perfect match for Shane.
    Congratulations to the both of you 🥂🤍

  • Audrey Madden
    Audrey Madden Month ago +2

    Sooooo happy to see Shane finally happy! It warms my soul. Been watching him for so long and this is the first time I’ve ever seen this side of him and I LOVE it. And yes, Queen voice is for sure RuPaul. 🥰🤩

  • ikeaschnitzel
    ikeaschnitzel Month ago

    I'm so happy for you guys! You are glooowing and deserve all the happiness

  • Laurna
    Laurna Month ago +4

    "We're fighting but now we're eating and we're all good. It's like my childhood! 😂"
    Congratulations you two! Thanks for sharing your journey with us ❤️

  • LasLocasHistorias
    LasLocasHistorias Month ago +86

    Shane nudging Ryland into the pool is my new favourite moment🤣🤣🤣

  • Jessica Vazquez
    Jessica Vazquez Month ago +2

    Being able to see shane say he's genuinely happy in his life🥺❤️

  • Thetorcheli
    Thetorcheli 27 days ago


  • Logan Perreault
    Logan Perreault Month ago

    Seeing the genuine love you both have for each other makes my heart melt ❤️🫶🏼 I wish you nothing but happiness! Also when Shane turned around in the bowser outfit I died 🤣❤️

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa Month ago +1

    I love you both so much! It’s amazing to see you guys so happy, growing, living life & becoming dads! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE BABY! ✨

  • Danielle Staat
    Danielle Staat Month ago

    You two are fabulous and it makes me happy to see you happy! Literal laugh out loud moments

  • robn92
    robn92 Month ago

    I have to say laughter is so important in a marriage. 31 years here and we’ve laughed daily about something. Very happy for you guys. Trust me keep the laughter ❤❤❤❤❤

  • JT&Reed
    JT&Reed Month ago +33

    Can’t wait to watch these two becomes dads! Having a child is the greatest joy and I think they are just going to love every moment of it!

  • Candace Page
    Candace Page Month ago +1

    So happy to see how happy you both are💝

  • Amie
    Amie Month ago

    THE HAPPIEST VLOG IN A WHILE .. why did I not stop smiling. I had just bad anxiety this morning and now watching this like you guys brightened my mood and I was so into this vlog I felt a lot better! Thankyou :) loved everything about this vlog! Can’t wait to follow more on your journey xoxoxox

  • RedRayven 22
    RedRayven 22 Month ago +2

    Awww omg when Shane was like is she okay about Ryley jumping in then cheering her on to the edge of the pool... Omggg yall are going to be AMAZING dads! 💗

  • Rebecca O leary
    Rebecca O leary Month ago

    It Is so amazing to see both of you so happy X🎉

  • Sonya Sisneros
    Sonya Sisneros Month ago

    I know I don’t know you guys personally but I’m so proud of you both! I’m so happy for you guys, it makes me smile seeing you both so excited to be parents ❤😊

  • Wendy A
    Wendy A Month ago +51

    CONGRATS RYLAND AND SHANE! I cant wait to see the upcoming adventures you both create togther as newleyweds

  • Brooke Kleinholz
    Brooke Kleinholz Month ago +5

    Shane is on another level in this and I’m here for it. Love you guys

  • k
    k Month ago

    Y’all never fail to make me laugh!! Love you both!😭💛

  • TheDisneyGeek
    TheDisneyGeek Month ago

    Congratulations ❤🎉 can’t wait to see the next journey for the both of you!!

  • _ Kass
    _ Kass Month ago

    I’m so happy that Shane is happy and not feeling down on himself. I’ve love Shane from the beginning and his life with Rylan and I’m just glad you two are happy where ever that may be ❤

  • Shelly Turner
    Shelly Turner Month ago +2

    I love them together. Their personalities fit so well together.
    I'm so happy they FINALLY got married 🤩.
    I'm so excited to see them become parents! 🥰🥰

  • Tara Scher
    Tara Scher Month ago +36

    Showing a healthy relationship while being entertaining. You both have saved a lot of people and have had such an impact on so many different people. Thank you both for always being yourselves and being so humble and giving. Love you guys

    • b
      b Month ago

      @SweetQueen🍭 I hope youre right :)

    • SweetQueen🍭
      SweetQueen🍭 Month ago +5

      @b he never put him down, it’s called banter. You can tell they’re genuinely happy with each other😊

    • b
      b Month ago +3

      im sorry but I feel like Shane puts Ryland down so much. in a joking way but still. I couldn't put up with that. Hopefully its just for the camera and not that bad all day everyday.I hope they are truly happy.

  • Kat
    Kat Month ago +2

    Going through a breakup and heartbroken. This made me smile and laugh so much. Thank you for vlogging. Congratulations to my favs ❤❤❤❤

  • Rose Aguirre
    Rose Aguirre Month ago +1

    I love that your coming back to colorado…I’m just happy things are really going good for you both..Shane I am praying that your stay in California is peaceful❤

  • Maria Putman
    Maria Putman Month ago

    Seeing you happy Shane is making me so happy!!!! I love your personality!!!! Forever grateful for you two☺️

    BET_LEB Month ago


  • Amy Lynne Z
    Amy Lynne Z Month ago

    Oh my God I’m so proud of you guys. You’re living my dream.

  • Austin houtz
    Austin houtz Month ago +22

    It's too short!! I want to watch you guys all day!! ❤️❤️ Ryland you're so cute and Shane, You were never canceled actually. Everyone loves you and loves that you're back. Congratulations!! So happy for you both!

  • Amber lynn
    Amber lynn Month ago +1

    Congratulations!❤️🥰 I'm so happy for you guys!

  • Akella Henry
    Akella Henry Month ago

    Just the video we needed to end off a beautiful Sunday !! Ahhhhh love you guys

  • 🌻CountryGypsy🌾
    🌻CountryGypsy🌾 Month ago +1

    Shane and Ryland really have a great relationship. Married life suits Shane. He’s looking extra sexy! Ryland is just blooooooming!!!☺️

  • Danielle
    Danielle Month ago

    Love seeing Shane genuinely happy, feel like a proud mother 🥹😭🤍