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RAREST EMOTE IS BACK! Fortnite Item Shop Update [December 6th, 2022] (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  • Published on Dec 5, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • decep
    decep Month ago +693

    Love how theyre bringing back rare emotes. Seems to be that it's no longer this endless cycle of gatekeeping emotes anymore. Glad they're actually changing the item shop to be somewhat interesting again.

  • Xx_mrman_xX
    Xx_mrman_xX Month ago +38

    I'm so angry that they took it out so early. Some people can't get online as soon as shop resets to buy stuff that we like. Hoping as hard as possible for it to return soon so people can have a fair chance to buy it.

    • Xx_mrman_xX
      Xx_mrman_xX Month ago

      @Awesome A I managed to get it through a discord bot, but that still doesn't justify the unfairness of them removing it so early. I don't understand why they didn't keep them in the shop, like if they were already there, you might as well leave them right?

    • Awesome A
      Awesome A Month ago +1

      Wow that sucks! Luckily I got it but still! Why tf are they taking things away so quickly?!

    • Niick
      Niick Month ago

      @nuuu nerd lmao

    • Quazarlol
      Quazarlol Month ago

      @nuuu emotes have no value

    • official ghost face
      official ghost face  Month ago

      @TTR bro trying 2 act cool while hes like 8 mean while i just turned 13 lmao get lost go cry to ur dad, oh he left then ur MomMMy

  • Nibulsheep
    Nibulsheep Month ago +38

    Whoever makes these shops deserves a raise for using more than the usual 20 items rotation

  • Chaden
    Chaden Month ago +8

    I bought this day one, I’m happy for two reasons:
    1: Epic is no longer gatekeeping emotes, so now my friends can get the emotes they want!
    2: I can play party royale without being emote battled if I do the dance.

    • Chaden
      Chaden Month ago +3

      @Simon Shura exactly, this emote is amazing but people will forget it in a few weeks.

    • Simon Shura
      Simon Shura Month ago +1

      Fax brother and next thing u know they will use Battlepass emotes only 😂

  • Supreme Seregios
    Supreme Seregios Month ago +2

    The emotes which require a victory royale are usually controversial because of their quality being ran down by their accessibility. If I could use the Victory Von Doom emote any time I wanted, then I would be happy.

  • Zaonus
    Zaonus Month ago +110

    As an old owner of rambunctious since 2018 I see no problem in this emote returning. It's about time honestly, I never used it personally because the music was terrible so please to all who buy it I'm happy for you

    • Kitty Cat
      Kitty Cat Month ago


    • aqee1
      aqee1 Month ago

      Yeah I bought it but refunded the emote as the music was eh and I needed the S4 battle pass

    • nuuu
      nuuu Month ago

      @F_MK ur account is 1 years old, stop the cap

    • F_MK
      F_MK Month ago

      @Shko Ali King I had it rare and I genuinely don't care its just an emote after all its just a game

    • AstroClxuds
      AstroClxuds Month ago +2

      It's annoying because I bought Recon Expert and Rambunctios og seeing them come back frustrates me

  • Starmanz
    Starmanz Month ago +7

    i use to own it 4 years ago, glad they brought it back, would love to see alot more people having this.

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy Month ago +10

    To be honest I'm happy that people can finally get this emote but at the same time since anyone can purchase the emote it will feel less special to me and will probably fall into the deep dark depths of my locker

  • LexTheChexMex
    LexTheChexMex Month ago +2

    With the new emote, it could possibly be a victory pose type cosmetic. Maybe I dunno. It is very dumb that you can only use it if you win

  • einfachmika_
    einfachmika_ Month ago +178

    Rambunctious is my second favorite emote. Bought it back in the days! Glad people can get it now again!

    • Ancient Memer
      Ancient Memer Month ago +1

      Vivacious 👀

    • FortiFacts
      FortiFacts Month ago +1

      @file,hype,exe Is not responding Yeah Epic is just being shady at this point

    • file,hype,exe Is not responding
      file,hype,exe Is not responding Month ago

      it's gone again the whole daily part is gone

    • FortiFacts
      FortiFacts Month ago +1

      @Loay I promise I’m not trying to promote my channel through commenting positive stuff, all I was doing was responding to what the person said. I mean unless you actually saw what I said, there wasn’t any reason for you to talk about my channel for what you commented

    • Jamescraft2008
      Jamescraft2008 Month ago

      I would like to shake your hand. This is how it should be haha

  • Fortzapz
    Fortzapz Month ago +9

    Itf I think you should make a video about tidy and rambunctious. Both rereleased and got removed after 1 hour which I find interesting. Only other time this happened was with out west because of the situation that happened last year with travis scott.

  • Artemis2027🖥️
    Artemis2027🖥️ Month ago +8

    I like how you can only use it when you win. To me it makes it a better emote in my opinion

  • Fade Revacts
    Fade Revacts Month ago +3

    They should bring out all the exclusive emotes aswell at this point like scenario

  • D K S
    D K S Month ago +30

    I had rambunctious since It was released, and i don't really care it came back, i'm glad people that like these rare emotes get the chance to buy them :)

    • CritalAffect
      CritalAffect Month ago

      @Anthony Perezzz i see, i still got it tho, it js popped up in my inv earlier b4 the shop reset so ig lucky me lol

    • Bitasaur
      Bitasaur Month ago


    • Anthony Perezzz
      Anthony Perezzz Month ago

      @CritalAffect copywrite issues🤷🏽‍♂️

    • CritalAffect
      CritalAffect Month ago

      @Anthony Perezzz y did it disappear 😭

    • Anthony Perezzz
      Anthony Perezzz Month ago +1

      It’s gone now😭

  • Gamelife
    Gamelife Month ago +4

    THANK YOU!!! I really want the rambunctious emote but I didn't know it was in the shop so I when I saw your vid I quickly got on and bought it!!! And now they removed it from the shop so I just wanted to thank you

  • mikel
    mikel Month ago +9

    it’s nice to see the emote back! i really like it but i won’t get it. it’s such a funny and funky emote

    • Kalle
      Kalle Month ago

      I had it og🤬

  • Lol_xdi
    Lol_xdi Month ago +2

    Guess this means blacklisted items can come back so rue plague doctor and others can and will return one day

  • Neon Lightheart
    Neon Lightheart Month ago +26

    It's very strange that 2 rare Emotes returned but have been removed an hour after the item shop reset.

  • Digi Drive Tamer King J

    Widows web came back in June during a vault shop

  • SomeAsian
    SomeAsian Month ago +8

    Now I can finally have Fresh and Rambunctious together to complete the Fresh Prince emotes set

  • Ralsei Dreemurr
    Ralsei Dreemurr Month ago +5

    It's been a good ride having Fresh, Tidy etc. But I'm glad everybody else gets the chance to buy them!

    • Simon Shura
      Simon Shura Month ago

      Tidy was clutch tho i almost overslept yesterday and missed my only chance

    • J4Q
      J4Q Month ago +3


  • Rooster Fireball
    Rooster Fireball Month ago +1

    I was going to buy the tidy emote last night, I missed out, and then I was going to buy rambunctious but it also might mean fresh comes back and if it does I’m getting it

    SUPER BROSS Month ago +2

    We need the ( get Griddy ) emote

  • Saul T. Nutz
    Saul T. Nutz Month ago +322

    Wow, seeing rambunctious was totally unexpected! Kind of crazy how we’ve had two very rare emotes return two days in a row. Maybe we’ll eventually see a return of the fresh emote?

    • Cloaked Ember
      Cloaked Ember Month ago

      @Isopod4756 i could care less about someone's comment count i aint a nerd lol

    • Isopod4756
      Isopod4756 Month ago

      @Cloaked Ember this man has over 1k comments on this channel

    • BlazingShadow GT
      BlazingShadow GT Month ago +1

      Epic might have won the Court still don't have the license for fresh so when ever they bring the emote back they can be sued so they won't

    • Andy Harris
      Andy Harris Month ago

      @ValDontChamp same, I’ve had fresh since the day it released

    • ValDontChamp
      ValDontChamp Month ago +1


  • gamebossje
    gamebossje Month ago +1

    Rambunctious, the rarest emote from my locker is back
    Awesome, hopefully others buy it because its amazing

  • zlazyvfx
    zlazyvfx Month ago +21

    I WANT THEM TO BRING BACK "VIVACIOUS" EMOTE TOO😭 i didnt had the chance to buy it when it got released😔

    • Gregory Saucedo
      Gregory Saucedo 29 days ago

      @thebeacker oh it came back

    • Fishツ
      Fishツ Month ago

      I have vivacious and I honestly wouldn't care if they brought it back... As long as they don't bring old exclusives to item shop I could careless, scenario for example... You literally needed a $1000 phone to get a skin and emote I'd be upset if they brought that out
      Edit: forgot to add I personally think they released tidy and rambunctious as a money grab and said it was a "mistake"

    • archie
      archie Month ago

      @thebeacker no they are not made rare. people bought them. i was talking more about exclusive skins or skins that got a rare edit style once they re-released. no need to sulk and cry over a dance move in a video game that hasnt released in a few years. worlds a bigger place.

    • thebeacker
      thebeacker Month ago

      @archie “anything that they already made rare”?
      Because emotes that we’ve not seen in 1500 days are not something they already made rare ? I mean I do have basically all the fare staff in this game and I don’t care at all too , it’s not the fact they’re doing it , that is completely normal and we all knew the would have done this a day but they’re doing it with absolutely no sense just to take advantage from this and earn money

    • thebeacker
      thebeacker Month ago

      @j s I own every fucking rare item in this game and even if they put some back in the shop I really don’t care but they’re showing us that they never cared anything about this , they’re not treating the game as they did 4 years ago , there was a community even for programmers or Donald mustard ; the fact is that they really don’t care anymore , they’re doing all the possible things to earn more money even if they clearly don’t need them

  • Nindroid47
    Nindroid47 Month ago +1

    Finally my emote is back it felt weird barely seeing it around

  • Odst soldier
    Odst soldier Month ago +4

    If I gotta win to use that flag emote ima just say this rn that emote will not be used a lot by me 😭 and I been playing since Chapter 1 season 5 💀

  • Jamie Martin
    Jamie Martin Month ago

    It’s that the two things I had that were rare was Tidy and Rambunctious 😂. It’s all cool though people who complain about rare cosmetics are just cringe and I’m glad everyone else gets to finally have them

  • Asian Dodo
    Asian Dodo Month ago +1

    finally I can reunite with my rare emote

  • audemarxo
    audemarxo Month ago +1

    The new emote is fire, you’re flexing the $3 you spent & the win, it’s cool. Not lame to me, just win

  • Stxcks
    Stxcks Month ago +2

    Out of the 3 fresh is the one I have lmfao I hope it comes back so the 3 rarest emotes come back to the shop back to back to back that would be amazing

  • Columbia0219
    Columbia0219 Month ago +1

    Epic will remove that emote buy it now before it’s gone in an hour 😢

  • ThePoppinGamer
    ThePoppinGamer Month ago +2

    I literally have been saving my vbucks for 2 months because I wanted the spider set for Halloween, it never came out, so last night I bought some Christmas items, and now today the spider set finally comes out....really 🤣

  • Speedy
    Speedy Month ago

    I don’t care about the emotes, even though I had tidy og, I just wanna see the special forces skin come back because I wanted it in seasons 1-3 but it never came back

  • Alteir
    Alteir Month ago

    I’m waiting for switch step. It’s my dream emote

  • Artham_A
    Artham_A Month ago +2

    I really hope they sort it out with snoop dogg and whoever created the fresh emote because I’ve always liked these 3 “rare” emotes

  • famithy
    famithy Month ago +1

    tbh they should bring out the rogue agent again

  • Deciduous_Reaper
    Deciduous_Reaper Month ago +6

    Glad people can enjoy the rarest emote and the rare emote i had 😊👍

  • Blinded
    Blinded Month ago

    I'm thinking this is a glitch of the shop making a "Vaulted over a year" page on accident and the only thing they can do is remove it asap, until they fix it. Expect something old tomorrow too.

  • ChaddyLF
    ChaddyLF Month ago +1

    If they do bring back fresh tomorrow, then the widows, pirouette would be the rarest, which would be really weird lol

    • Surviv4lKing
      Surviv4lKing Month ago

      No it would be hot marat

    • Kefrollak
      Kefrollak Month ago

      I got pirouette cuz my nephew randomly gifted me😂

  • AOD Lowkeyツ
    AOD Lowkeyツ Month ago +1

    one big step for collectors one dad step for people who owned this emote from day 1. My rarest emote lol

  • Manray
    Manray Month ago +3

    3:01 that jumpscare tho..

  • Chillin why
    Chillin why Month ago

    As long as they don’t bring back renegade raider I think we will manage

  • Bryan Reyes
    Bryan Reyes Month ago +1

    See I had rambunctious as my first emote not knowing it would be the rarest but I am happy people that actually like it or are collectors can now own it now will kiss the cup and the season shop stuff return? I Talk I think you got a discussion video incoming

  • Turbkey Samdwich
    Turbkey Samdwich Month ago +2

    I like it when they bring back old stuff to piss people off. I had the emote before it came back and when I saw it in the shop I laughed because I can just hear all the party royal kids crying to mommy. 😂

    • ItzSmurfYT
      ItzSmurfYT Month ago +2

      Dude I agree I have fresh and am hoping it returns tmw, sad though the party royal kids keep doing floss, like dude we dont care about floss lol

  • Ayzlxn
    Ayzlxn Month ago +1

    I’m so so so so so happy!! Rambunctious is my favourite emote and I’ve been waiting for literally 3 years for this to come back and I can’t even believe it!

  • Josue GTR
    Josue GTR Month ago +8

    All the players obsessed with rarity are frothing at the mouth towards tonight's shop, I can already feel it.

    • Deputy Martin
      Deputy Martin Month ago

      @Vincent Ellishonestly you got a good point there

    • Vincent Ellis
      Vincent Ellis Month ago

      Italk is one of them. His twitter posts disrespect epic AND fortnite fans. His creator code should be disabled.

    • Aize IV
      Aize IV Month ago +3

      It’s quite interesting to see that this hasn’t been out for 4 years
      A lot of players have never seen this emote in the shop since they began playing and it makes me realize how long I’ve been playing the game (March 2018)

  • Mr. Struggle
    Mr. Struggle Month ago

    I'm PRAYING the fresh emote is next

  • Angelo Zone
    Angelo Zone Month ago +1

    Definitely buying it before it disappears just like what Tidy

  • Mac
    Mac Month ago +2

    damn its good people can buy it but a part of me is sad, i had it og when i was 8 and it was my favorite

  • King_bob
    King_bob Month ago

    They removed the emote after they put in the emote by a mistake

  • YouAln_
    YouAln_ Month ago +5

    NOOOOO! My rare emote! 🤡

  • ItsGbat
    ItsGbat Month ago

    Fresh is coming back both the emotes return which means that it's coming back

  • Kenzieisheree
    Kenzieisheree Month ago +1

    I’m not like those “OG” owners. I am loving that Rambunctious is back, now others that wanted it can now get it:D woohoo

  • TheBlakester
    TheBlakester Month ago +1

    I hope they bring back fresh emote

  • Lorie Hokema
    Lorie Hokema Month ago +21

    I am SO glad rambunctious is back. I have been wanting it for the longest time. It is my favorite emote.

    • Boris
      Boris Month ago

      @B4lds same

    • Simon Shura
      Simon Shura Month ago

      Party Royale going crazy with it and with Tidy haha LOVE IT ♥️

    • Critical
      Critical Month ago

      @Boris i have it og but like I dont really care its a good emote

    • Critical
      Critical Month ago

      @Anything Lounge ikr

    • B4lds
      B4lds Month ago

      @Boris i had it og

  • Mikey
    Mikey Month ago +1

    I went from having the 4th rarest emote to the 2nd rarest emote in the game…😳

    • Mikey
      Mikey Month ago +1

      @magnatronlikker6000 Black Widow’s emote.

    • J4Q
      J4Q Month ago +2

      @magnatronlikker6000 fresh

    • magnatronlikker6000
      magnatronlikker6000 Month ago

      what emote

  • comficool
    comficool Month ago +3

    I'm SOOO glad rambunctious is back I've always wanted it

  • Darcy Stafford
    Darcy Stafford Month ago

    I’m not the type of person to care about rare emotes but back then when it was first released, not many people used it and now people will start using it a lot because it is rare

  • gothboi1
    gothboi1 Month ago +1

    Can we just talk about the fact that they removed rambunctious and the entire section it was in for a damn locker bundle

  • bncsprite1
    bncsprite1 Month ago +1

    Interesting thing occurred, I'm not sure if anyone noticed but the hippy skins & tidy were gone before the shop reset. I was checking this afternoon & they were gone.

    • Zae
      Zae Month ago +2

      They were removed after two hours

  • ITalkLife ♪
    ITalkLife ♪ Month ago

    Might as well bring back renegade raider these emotes are as rare as renegade raider so just go ahead and release renegade raider at this point

  • BoN3 Destroyer
    BoN3 Destroyer Month ago +2

    I have fresh and if they bring it back, you'll be seeing me in the next epic games lawsuit

  • Chrome
    Chrome Month ago

    NOW DO I WAIT FOR HOOTENANNY OR BUY THIS EMOTE? I could've bought it back in the day but was broke and I love the emote

  • KaBunZii
    KaBunZii Month ago +3

    Now everybody is going to buy the rambunctious emote at lightspeed after last night haha.

    • Simon Shura
      Simon Shura Month ago +1

      I mean u cant blane anyone doing this, nah
      At this point its actually necessary lol

    • Kevin Uchiha
      Kevin Uchiha Month ago +1


  • Swivel Chair
    Swivel Chair Month ago +1

    I used rambunctious a lot yesterday as I knew it cld return and I was right

  • SquidTJ
    SquidTJ Month ago +4

    Fresh is easily the best out of the "rare emote trio" so let's hope it comes out aswell

    • Larry Pascucci
      Larry Pascucci Month ago

      @Rane C Lol people like you shouldn’t even be allowed to play Fortnite due to your extreme level of toxicity nobody gives a fuck about rarity it’s pixels on a screen you need serious help moron.

    • J4Q
      J4Q Month ago +4

      @Rane C "grr i bought a store emote and you dont have it lol!!!!"

    • Rane C
      Rane C Month ago

      Uhh how about no bozo maybe you should have bought it when it came out

  • Maui
    Maui Month ago

    Love your videos

  • Mr. Sawyer
    Mr. Sawyer Month ago +2

    Hope they bring fresh back as well

  • dummy
    dummy  Month ago +2

    aint no way they finally brought rambunctious back...og owners probably crying rn

  • PABLO Peanut man9620
    PABLO Peanut man9620 Month ago +1

    I think fresh is next I had rambunctious from the old days but shocked but yeah 😢

  • TheLazerer
    TheLazerer Month ago

    Please dont remove it!

  • R.I.P Bernard
    R.I.P Bernard Month ago +9

    To be honest I wouldn't be surprised to see Fresh return after Rambunctious and Tidy returned temporarily. Tidy was updated in the files for its return but Rambunctious didn't and still returned temporarily so for those thinking Fresh can't return because it's not updated in the files then you are most likely wrong since Rambunctious returned without being updated. Now I won't be surprised if I see Vivacious and Hootenanny return now since they have been updated for a while. Pick it up hasn't been updated in the files but I believe it will return soon. Headbanger ( Travis Scott emote ) along with the Travis Scott bundle will most likely return maybe later this season since Travis Scott drama is over and to back this point up, Travis Scott recently done a collaboration with Nike even after the drama which makes me think Fortnite will return Travis Scott's bundle. Kratos I have no information on so we will just have to see with that.

  • Cloud
    Cloud Month ago

    i love how the daily part of the shop doesn't show for me

  • YouDrainMe
    YouDrainMe Month ago

    Rambunctious is def the dance Will Smith did in fresh prince , does that mean Mike lowery could be back ?

  • Kage3
    Kage3 Month ago +1

    If they do bring back every rare thing might as well bring back Renegade or the floss emote like I feel like its not fair to the OG people that have those rare emotes and epic just brings it out so those emotes dont feel special anymore I really dont get it but if fresh comes back out or tidy idk what ill do becuase that would just ruin the emotes

    • Hank Shavers
      Hank Shavers Month ago

      @Kage3 Its a terrible opinion

    • Kage3
      Kage3 Month ago

      @lil Perc30 Its not ik but you get what im trying to say

    • Kage3
      Kage3 Month ago

      @Hank Shavers Why so toxic am I not aloud to have an opinion??

    • lil Perc30
      lil Perc30 Month ago

      Floss is battle pass. Why would it come back lmfao

    • Hank Shavers
      Hank Shavers Month ago

      Ain't nothing special about item shop emotes, they were bound to come back, quit crying and accept it

  • SquigglyClean YT
    SquigglyClean YT Month ago

    Although I have enough Vbucks, I’m not going to buy rambunctious just for its value since it lost all its value today

  • StingRayGaming LIVE
    StingRayGaming LIVE Month ago +1

    I bought this emote on my first day of fortnite

  • Piepew
    Piepew Month ago +1

    Watch them remove it in an hour 😂
    Edit: so I was right…

  • Jdawgiscool05♐
    Jdawgiscool05♐ Month ago +1

    I thought there was something wrong with my game because the whole daily is gone

  • Jamescraft2008
    Jamescraft2008 Month ago

    I think Fortnite is just trying to rip the band-Aid off by bringing back the rarest emotes. I mean the longer they wait the worst backlash (jokingly or not) will be. I could care less personally because EMOTES And ya I have an meh rare emote. I don’t care if it comes back. That’s how I feel though

  • Anderchu2008
    Anderchu2008 Month ago

    Im seing good returns, i Hope the Reflex returns

  • Lol_xdi
    Lol_xdi Month ago

    Watch them start bringing out exclusives now (this is coming from someone who has some and don’t care about them)

  • Cooking with Samiya

    When is the new stater pack coming

  • JustaDxvil
    JustaDxvil Month ago +1

    Oof this means fresh will return rip my rare emote XD

  • SpicyMcPancakes
    SpicyMcPancakes Month ago +4

    I just saw some guy on tik tok live crying about this returning☠️

  • bloke
    bloke Month ago +2

    Sucks that they removed it man I really like that emote and didn't get the chance to buy it.

    • bloke
      bloke Month ago

      @YT it's been said on twitter that they did.

    • YT
      YT Month ago

      They didnt

  • Sirfayy
    Sirfayy Month ago +1

    Now that rambunctious is back in pretty bummed. I’m bummed because no one is gonna believe that you are OG if you owned that item in the past. But really Fortnite PLEASE STOP BRINGING RARE STUFF BACK PLEASE 🙏

  • cactus jack3502
    cactus jack3502 Month ago

    I wonder if they Meant to bring back them rare emotes cuz there not in the shop longer then a few hours 🤔

    • lil Perc30
      lil Perc30 Month ago

      They removed it cuz i talk was crying on Twitter. Blame him

  • The MasterGamer202
    The MasterGamer202 Month ago

    I'm so angry.... They add an emote in the shop and then remove😡😡😡

  • HeyLookItsFNaFb
    HeyLookItsFNaFb Month ago +24

    First Tidy, now Rambunctious.
    All we need is Fresh, and we got the holy trinity lmfao

    • 305 Leakz
      305 Leakz Month ago

      @Brittany Bilello they cant they dropped the case for fresh

    • The Witness
      The Witness Month ago

      @Surge 100 when did you start?

    • The Witness
      The Witness Month ago

      @Surge 100 well I've not really played in a few years but that's how it went back in 2018

    • Surge 100
      Surge 100 Month ago

      @The Witness dawg, no, s1 2 and 3 are all og who told you otherwise?

    • The Witness
      The Witness Month ago

      @Surge 100 ch1 isn't og, I started in ch1 S2 but you're only oh if I started in ch1 s1 I'm pretty sure

  • Secure The Bag
    Secure The Bag Month ago +2

    im so disappointed they released this again. now this emote, along with tidy, holds zero rarity.

    • Simon Shura
      Simon Shura Month ago

      Rarity in dances should never exist

  • Walter
    Walter Month ago +1

    You see, I wouldn’t have a problem with rambunctious coming back if they didn’t remove tidy last night….but since they did now it’s upsetting because that’s my emote…but whatever I’ll take the upper hand and not be a crybaby Fortnite og.😂

  • x
    x Month ago

    i think they need to stop with the good item shops 💀

  • Preston ig
    Preston ig Month ago

    I have fresh vivacious hootenanny and had tidy rare but I hope they come back

    JOSHOOWA Month ago

    I didn't even know it was rare emote 🤣🤣🤣

  • Iurxi
    Iurxi Month ago

    Dam man I thought I was og for having that emote but no it came back out smh

  • E.M. productions
    E.M. productions Month ago

    Fresh, Tidy and the roller traversal emote are left to return.

    • 305 Leakz
      305 Leakz Month ago

      U missed out tidy was in item shop yesterday 💀

    • Simon Shura
      Simon Shura Month ago

      Tidy returned yesterday, look it up and my condolences

  • AwwSumDUDE2004
    AwwSumDUDE2004 Month ago +1

    I have a feeling fresh will come back either tmr and sometime this chapter