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Meet Todd |JURY DUTY|

  • Published on May 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Mr.Shorts6000
    Mr.Shorts6000  2 months ago +753

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  • Relics of Time Studios
    Relics of Time Studios 3 months ago +302976

    He sounds like he's on the verge of tears

    • Feared Theory
      Feared Theory 3 months ago +6697

      he’s an actor genius

    • jspur22
      jspur22 3 months ago +1615

      ​@Feared Theorybro 💀

    • joshua morgan
      joshua morgan 3 months ago +1824

      You caught that too I see. Why would he wear that thing to court and why is he wearing it period?

    • jspur22
      jspur22 3 months ago +827

      @joshua morgan It is a fake show dude.

  • MrBlueSky
    MrBlueSky 2 months ago +17772

    The way he was speaking made me think he was legitimately disabled in some way, shape, or form and genuinely needed it.

  • Potat
    Potat 2 months ago +3282

    I wanna give that guy a hug so bad. He’s so nervous..

    • Shredder
      Shredder 22 days ago +102

      He is an actor...playing his part. He doesn't need a hug lol.

    • ReeseOutdoors
      ReeseOutdoors 15 days ago +18

      He's acting, he's not actually nervous😂😂😂

    • Ēlëcłr!cc
      Ēlëcłr!cc 8 days ago +8

      ​@Shredder don't tell them that, their delusion is amusing

    • Baln ΔΔΔ
      Baln ΔΔΔ 7 days ago +2

      No he just doing that starbucks barista voice

  • Tony Butler
    Tony Butler 3 months ago +42422

    Bro was more nervous than the defendant.

    • D₵ Frɛɛstÿłer
      D₵ Frɛɛstÿłer 2 months ago +93

      Nah fr tho 😂😭

    • Morgan
      Morgan 2 months ago +26


    • Ayla Tareen
      Ayla Tareen 2 months ago +18

      So true

    • Biggie
      Biggie 2 months ago +50

      ngl i was starting to get annoyed by the amount of uh’s and ah’s after every word

    • mgnstar999
      mgnstar999 2 months ago +15

      You do get that it's like a comedie 😂 sketch kinda show? He's an 🎬 actor they all are lmfao😅

  • Wheel Revolution
    Wheel Revolution 2 months ago +557

    getting out of jury duty 101

    • ReeseOutdoors
      ReeseOutdoors 15 days ago +1

      He's an actor, only the guy in the blue shirt is not an actor. Everyone else including the judge it's an actor. It's sort of like a real Truman show type thing lol

    • Bart Sanders
      Bart Sanders 6 days ago

      No, this is AP

  • Michael Del Rossi
    Michael Del Rossi 16 days ago +85

    It's an adaptive device for his lower back. It's attached to the lower muscles in his back to help him sit properly!

    • Homo-sapien Hank
      Homo-sapien Hank 3 days ago +5

      No it’s 2 crutches glued to his pants. It’s a skit lmaoooo

  • xXelitegpXx
    xXelitegpXx 3 months ago +13749

    "Are you standing up sir?"
    "No, I'm sort of in-between "

    • cutiepi3_patti
      cutiepi3_patti 2 months ago +8


    • QwertP
      QwertP 2 months ago +3


    • QwertP
      QwertP 2 months ago +7

      Poor dude nervous af, didn't know how to answer. I wouldn't have no idea how to answer either

    • Metal Jacket
      Metal Jacket 2 months ago +2

      Awkward comedy relief on TV show , probably should have placed himself on the back row so others on jury can see the proceeds., But it wouldn't been as awkward .

    • BrightAura777🩵
      BrightAura777🩵 2 months ago +2


  • Seth Talley
    Seth Talley 2 months ago +238

    “I caught a glimpse when he came in “😂😂😂

  • Joseph Osornio
    Joseph Osornio Month ago +76

    What a great way to get dismissed from jury duty!!!!!! Genius!!!!

  • Derek Fuqua
    Derek Fuqua 3 months ago +34565

    All he had to say was that "It's a medical thing."

    • Lucy Marshall
      Lucy Marshall 3 months ago +302


    • ReillyShoots
      ReillyShoots 3 months ago +392

      Good thing he was trying to make a funny video and not actually sit in them

    • Bilbo Floggins
      Bilbo Floggins 3 months ago +471

      He's so pro, he was able to max out the awkwardness even more so than the device is already awkward.

    • femf8tal
      femf8tal 3 months ago +22

      Keep it simple 😅

    • pieter du toit
      pieter du toit 3 months ago +5

      😅so true

  • Jacob Torres
    Jacob Torres 2 months ago +61

    Bro needed a hug, I get that nervous too sometimes when speaking to strangers

    • Shredder
      Shredder 22 days ago

      The entire joke went right over your head...wow

    • Jacob Torres
      Jacob Torres 22 days ago

      ​@Shredder I know it's a scene from a movie, I was just making a comparison so no need to assume things

    • Professor
      Professor 5 days ago

      @Jacob Torresit’s not a movie it’s a prank

  • Mary Rice
    Mary Rice 16 days ago +19

    You need to watch this show! I laughed all the way through. 😂 The chair pants killed me. 😂

    DREAMZ 3 months ago +13174


    • Wade Willson
      Wade Willson 3 months ago +185

      Dawg it's literally called acting

    • S Waardal
      S Waardal 3 months ago +23

      @Wade WillsonLMAO

    • Gione Nichols
      Gione Nichols 3 months ago +272

      This show is actually filmed with this guys true reactions. This show is a huge prank on this guy and he has no idea. It took weeks to film, and everyone did an amazing job!!!!

    • paolo thorpe
      paolo thorpe 3 months ago +3

      @frunckly235bruh its acting

  • Justa Bully Hater
    Justa Bully Hater 18 days ago +6

    I love that show. The real Juror is such a sweet man

  • Aj Tao
    Aj Tao Month ago +16

    Those are some cheeky support you got there man!

    • David Smart
      David Smart 23 days ago +1

      What the hell make the difference?the guy is handy cap .

  • Fee
    Fee 3 months ago +31652

    This actor does a great job of coming across on the verge of breaking down and being overcome with anxiety
    Edit: Shame this isn’t twitter or IG otherwise I could make some money plugging vibe-raters & clouds of sound links

    • Posey
      Posey 3 months ago +301

      I thought it was a courtroom with a lot of camera 😭

    • charlie too human
      charlie too human 3 months ago +367

      @Macy​Definitely watch the show, it’s hilarious. The only guy who isn’t an actor is the guy in the blue shirt smiling and facepalming the whole time. He thinks the whole case is real.

    • Tuff
      Tuff 3 months ago +15

      Great speculation Sherlock.

    • Fee
      Fee 3 months ago +21

      @Tuff it’s not speculation fookwad

    • Real Curious
      Real Curious 3 months ago +26


  • Random Argument
    Random Argument 7 days ago

    Bro felt more guilty and nervous than the worst criminals in court

  • R R
    R R 26 days ago +2

    This show was absolutely great!! I hope they can do a second one

  • Merle Martin
    Merle Martin 3 months ago +39128

    He came in with confidence and left in tears of embarrassment

    • Dont_click_this_profile
      Dont_click_this_profile 3 months ago +11

      ᴅᴏɴ’ᴛ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ

    • Astarte Valentine
      Astarte Valentine 3 months ago +20

      Yup 😢

    • Inky_ Boy
      Inky_ Boy 3 months ago +111

      He is an actor

    • Steven Rigney
      Steven Rigney 3 months ago +8

      LOVED Jury Duty!

    • Nancy H Newton
      Nancy H Newton 3 months ago +111

      Shameful how the people in this courtroom responsible for upholding the integrity of our laws are total losers at humane treatment of the citizens they work on behalf of. I am ashamed of them.

  • Erin Foster
    Erin Foster Month ago +7

    this show was SO GOOD and amazingly hilarious. the ending was incredibly wholesome and unexpected, i highly recommend

    • Jess Ashcraft
      Jess Ashcraft 12 days ago

      What’s the name is it

    • Miguel O.
      Miguel O. 9 days ago

      ​@Jess Ashcraft It's called Jury Duty

  • Shalita Ativie
    Shalita Ativie 24 days ago

    “I’m sorry I’m caught” 😂😂😂LMAO he’s a great comedian for not laughing. His friend couldn’t help himself 😆 I would have busted my guts in the courtroom…”Nikki have you seen this” lol😂 Nikki didn’t want to ask 😂

  • Mr. Mister Man
    Mr. Mister Man 3 months ago +30670

    What Nikki really said is she doesn't get paid enough to deal with that.

    • SixString
      SixString 3 months ago +123


    • Franco Rodrigo De Quentino
      Franco Rodrigo De Quentino 3 months ago +53

      Lmao 🤣 💀

    • Deveyous
      Deveyous 3 months ago +16

      Hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂

    • Brett B
      Brett B 3 months ago +97

      Nobody gets paid enough to do their job apparently. Could u imagine if a doctor did surgery on you and left a tool inside of you and says. Sorry I don't get paid enough to retrieve tools from your body. I'm just meant to staple your stomach. Buh bye 😂🤡🤹

    • justme
      justme 3 months ago +1


  • Keely Johnson
    Keely Johnson Month ago +8

    Yeah OCD would be a good description for a lot of judges and I kept telling them when they would tell me to get a lawyer I'm like take judicial notice and they just kept ignoring me like they couldn't understand the words I was using

  • Emma Timcke
    Emma Timcke 6 days ago +1

    He needs a hug..

    • Cartman
      Cartman 2 hours ago

      he's an actor...

  • Joe
    Joe 2 months ago +2507

    Hands down, the best and most convincing actor in the cast.

  • RG5Gamin
    RG5Gamin 23 days ago

    This is actually one of the best shows I’ve seen. Sad it’s basically now impossible to do again

  • Kittsuyo Kamekiri
    Kittsuyo Kamekiri 10 days ago

    People really love making sure everybody knows an actor is an actor 😂 its incredible! I swear!
    I genuinely just wanted to know why the hell the character was sitting on that

  • D Griffin
    D Griffin 3 months ago +5709

    I nominate him for Chairman.

    • R4Z0R84
      R4Z0R84 3 months ago +12

      Chairman of the board, if he made it himself 😂

    • Ericka Neville
      Ericka Neville 3 months ago +2


    • Robin Adduru
      Robin Adduru 3 months ago +1

      Definitely should be a chairman

    • A.F
      A.F 3 months ago +4

      I nominate your nomination!

    • Camille Sinclair
      Camille Sinclair 3 months ago +1


  • rampeezio
    rampeezio 26 days ago +2

    " I caught a glimpse when I walked in but I did- I wouldn't have - yeah. "

  • Olly Oxin
    Olly Oxin 9 days ago +1

    He's so nervous. I want to give him a hug lol

  • GenerousMitch
    GenerousMitch 3 months ago +17036

    Dude sounds like me trying to give any presentation ever.

    • chrissy93x
      chrissy93x 3 months ago +54

      lmfao so true

    • Rodney Vaught
      Rodney Vaught 3 months ago +10


    • Patrick Jarolim
      Patrick Jarolim 3 months ago +7

      Me too!

    • Jon
      Jon 3 months ago +46

      Why does that happen lol it’s the worst

    • Santanner2011
      Santanner2011 3 months ago +38

      Me in a panel job interview and I couldn't remember what html meant when I've known it for ever lol

  • Joey
    Joey 11 days ago +2

    Love him. Poor soul has such bad anxiety. I have too but its so easy to hide behind the screen and hope for this man to have a great happy life. I couldnt tell him in person sadly

    • Cartman
      Cartman 2 hours ago

      bud he's an actorr

  • Damian J
    Damian J 25 days ago

    You have to do whatever the judge wants. Because he is an absolute ruler.

  • Daria
    Daria 3 months ago +8049

    I wanted to hug him so bad, never seen someone radiate such "i need a hug" energy

    • Just a Member of Judah's Kingdom 👑
      Just a Member of Judah's Kingdom 👑 2 months ago +50

      ​@Sillythis ain't about you

    • Chris D
      Chris D 2 months ago +24

      At least according the other comments, he's an actor. I'm not sure why they're doing this, but I'm pretty sure those seat crutches were developed for disabled people. Maybe it's to check to see how ADA compliant the court is?

    • Megan Longshore
      Megan Longshore 2 months ago +47

      It’s a show where everybody but one guy is a paid actor, including the judge, officers, the jury ( besides one, who is the one being ‘pranked’ ), and basically the whole situation. ( James Mardsen is even included in the mix ) This guy is also an actor, of course, but he does give a very realistic performance !! I’d give him a hug too

  • Ratheon Hudson
    Ratheon Hudson 2 months ago

    "What's the problem with the chair?"
    "I'm sorry your honour"
    "Do you hold the chairs in this Court in contempt?"

  • RTK
    RTK 25 days ago

    When u pick up sum frm the supermarket and u get to the register after your mom specifically said no💀

  • Zach Haus
    Zach Haus 3 months ago +25552

    "I wanted to comply"
    God bless you son...

  • Snapeisbackagain
    Snapeisbackagain 9 days ago

    Him stuttering in fear reminds me when my teacher asks me to answer a simple math question ✋😭

  • Amanda Nixon
    Amanda Nixon 12 days ago

    That he was called out in court! 😮 it seems he gets it all the time tho.
    God/dess' BLESS him! ❤

  • NovalopEZ
    NovalopEZ 3 months ago +3053

    Nikki minds her own damn business, respect

    • Iwillstarton Monday
      Iwillstarton Monday 3 months ago

      Pop p

    • Sunny
      Sunny 3 months ago +3

      I know that’s right

    • Morgan
      Morgan 2 months ago +2


    • bobby jones
      bobby jones 2 months ago +3

      Nikki knows nerdy white boys are capable of shooting up a place. She wasn't tryna make him angry

  • Dr3adR0s3s
    Dr3adR0s3s 2 months ago

    Guys,he’s an actor. He’s not actually sad

  • Shawn mcfalls
    Shawn mcfalls 19 days ago

    He sounded like he was about to cry-

  • Big N
    Big N 3 months ago +8002

    He's probably the best actor for this show.

  • carlos garcia
    carlos garcia 2 months ago +4

    this is how you get out of jury duty for life

  • Gianluca Mele
    Gianluca Mele 2 months ago

    Spiderman villain unlocked:
    the Mantis

  • Steven Falconer
    Steven Falconer 3 months ago +2068

    This is top tier acting. Nobody else commented on it. Solid performance

    • Mr.PhewPhew
      Mr.PhewPhew 3 months ago +45

      It jury duty, only one person does not know they are all actors.

    • GerudoKing Commentary
      GerudoKing Commentary 3 months ago +15

      ​@Mr.PhewPhewI'm pretty sure op knows.

    • JessMess977
      JessMess977 3 months ago +3

      It's a good show

    • AmbitiousMelon
      AmbitiousMelon 3 months ago +4

      So many others have commented on it

    • Heidi Tappin
      Heidi Tappin 3 months ago +1

      Tell that has daylight happens daily that happens daily! Actors are funny😂

  • C. A.
    C. A. 27 days ago

    Crutches for your butt! 😂 That’s some really funny shit.

  • Theinternet
    Theinternet 9 days ago +2

    They are all actor’s except for one person so he thinks the court is real and it’s actually pretty funny to watch

  • some guy
    some guy 3 months ago +25923

    "Sorry your honor, my ass has a kickstand. "

  • iijogem
    iijogem 7 days ago

    Jury duty was a solid 10/10 show

  • Sam Hart
    Sam Hart 2 months ago

    They would have to kick me out of there for laughing to much i aint stopped chuckling 😂😂😂

  • James and my giant peach ☆
    James and my giant peach ☆ 2 months ago +2860

    He sounds like a young soldier trying to explain why they werent at morning PT

    • Farooq Kasana
      Farooq Kasana 2 months ago +5


    • Paul Stegall
      Paul Stegall Month ago +11

      Bruh I swear that took me back to basic listening to my battle buddies trying to respond to DS😂😂😂😂

    • flying squirrel
      flying squirrel Month ago +5

      Where's the specialist in 4th squad that shouts out "Dental/Sickcall!, PLT Sgt"?

  • Magikath
    Magikath 2 months ago

    when i tell y’all i legit sat down and watched the entirety of this show after seeing this clip 💀💀💀 it was so good bless ronald

    • Laura Garcia
      Laura Garcia Month ago

      What’s the name of the show, please?

  • Yashveer
    Yashveer 28 days ago

    "No there no problem with the chair I just have an attachment"💀💀💀

  • J. Peters
    J. Peters 3 months ago +3405

    Nikki is the embodiment of 'See something, say nothing' lol

  • Dorothy Pettijohn
    Dorothy Pettijohn 12 days ago

    How dare they presume and take away a disabled person's aid. He should file an IDEA court challenge.

  • Unanuma
    Unanuma 3 days ago

    They really pranked an official courtroom

  • Jaime A
    Jaime A 2 months ago

    There’s an ADA claim in their somewhere. The way they were just like “umm no, that’s not happening.”

  • hanky spanky
    hanky spanky 15 days ago

    Judge should’ve been like oh damn, sorry you’re disabled OK😂

  • James D
    James D 3 months ago +2023

    Nikki is the definition of "that ain't my job" 💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿

    • STGeorge
      STGeorge 3 months ago +8

      She's black so you like her.

    • Anon Boy
      Anon Boy 3 months ago +32

      @stgeorge5862 not everything is about race 💀

    • djalwaysslays🤡💅
      djalwaysslays🤡💅 3 months ago +4

      @STGeorge what ?

    • KYR0 !!
      KYR0 !! 3 months ago +5

      @⌘ KIVIOJA ⌘*you're

    • mattiCK
      mattiCK 3 months ago +3

      @⌘ KIVIOJA ⌘ he was calling you cringe

  • conchhead
    conchhead 12 days ago

    This is the best damn show in the world. Jury Duty! You have to watch to the end or you won’t get the show. I loved this, I’m glad I stuck with it to the end.

  • Patti Weaver
    Patti Weaver 2 months ago

    I feel so bad for this guy. Did the judge really have to single him out and embarrass him like that?

  • SighAlisha
    SighAlisha 3 months ago +5733

    Him being so close to tears and trying to explain himself while letting us know he would like to sit us really doing it for me😂

    • Lee Keels
      Lee Keels 3 months ago +27

      You do know it's a tv show, a comedy. It's not real.

    • Lady Spacesis
      Lady Spacesis 3 months ago +20

      ​@Lee Keelsthat's probably why they have the laughing emoji

    • Just Me
      Just Me 3 months ago +8

      I would like to sit, to comply 😂

    • drunk guy who fucs puss
      drunk guy who fucs puss 3 months ago +1

      Your almonds are activated huh?

  • John Tandy Crabtree

    So actually TRYING to do his civic duty and they decide to publicly humiliate him.

  • Moose MCGuirk
    Moose MCGuirk 3 months ago +6422

    He seems genuinely concerned that he doesn’t want to sit in a chair where other people have sat. He seems obsessive compulsive.

    • Nomad Walker
      Nomad Walker 3 months ago +116

      no, he is fine sitting on those chairs, just for this one episode he has those attachments, it is so he always have access to a chair to sit on

    • Hypnotic
      Hypnotic 3 months ago +62

      No hes just very into cybernetics and didn't realize he actually needed to sit down in a chair

    • ken hall
      ken hall 3 months ago +10

      @HypnoticI also used to cyber a lot

    • Strutz3E
      Strutz3E 3 months ago +13

      This is a Hulu show 🤣

    • Andy Lugo
      Andy Lugo 3 months ago +29

      I don’t think legally you are actually required to sit in the specific court chairs a judge wants you to 😂

  • BrokenRecord
    BrokenRecord 2 months ago

    "I can't have that in my courtroom."
    Why the f---- not?

  • shadow
    shadow Month ago

    If it's a medical device that judge can be sued for millions of dollars

  • Cringe Master
    Cringe Master 3 months ago +4585

    If anyone doesn’t know what’s going on, this show is called Jury duty and the guy that explained the chair at the beginning is the only person in this show that isn’t an actor. He was (as far as he knew) called for real jury duty and a bunch of wild things start happening like this, him having to cover for people, and people just being super weird.

    • Dani
      Dani 3 months ago +21

      Thank you!! I need to find this show. 😂

    • Justin Hart
      Justin Hart 3 months ago +48

      "Jury duty" on freevee

    • Hexted
      Hexted 3 months ago +10

      OH I heard about this show I didn’t realize it was that

    • Dani
      Dani 3 months ago +2

      @Justin Hart thanks!

    • Benjamin
      Benjamin 3 months ago +11

      The show is fricken hilarious.

  • Malory Sommers
    Malory Sommers 2 months ago

    Weirdest excuse to get out of jury duty😂

  • Dk B
    Dk B 2 months ago

    Could've sworn a man who looks like Jesus and John wick made a video about that chair

  • Talkball
    Talkball 3 months ago +2684

    “are you standing up sir?” “no i’m in between standing and sitting”

    • Amal Moallin
      Amal Moallin 3 months ago +12


    • Keirán Benn
      Keirán Benn 3 months ago +2

      He's "Stitting" !
      A common position adopted by people (usually male who are drink/drug impaired!) who have "followed thru" on an initially "damp" fart !!
      1st noted in younger kids who were being bullied or "beaten up" and, like several animal species (most notably the American Skunk) who use "foul odours" as a self-defense tool !!
      There are a variety of names given to this position, but variations on "The Shart Seat" are most common!

    • NickXenix
      NickXenix 3 months ago +2

      He's in the satrooms.

    • Copriletto del Napoli
      Copriletto del Napoli 3 months ago +1


    • Coolparapper
      Coolparapper 3 months ago


  • Sharon O'Fallon
    Sharon O'Fallon 2 months ago

    Ha Ha! He calls these “Chants” - combining chair with pants. One of the most hilarious scenes in the show! I am still laughing as I rewatch this! If you haven’t see Jury Duty, go see it!!!

  • Dmitri A
    Dmitri A 15 days ago

    This guy has never spoken to another human being

  • jill sodins
    jill sodins 2 months ago +7646

    This was one of the most original series I’ve watched. The juror- the only non actor- is a man who is the kindest most loyal person I’ve seen. Restored my faith in humanity. A must watch. Hilarious and real.

    • Budweisser
      Budweisser 2 months ago +28

      Ronald for President

    • GoalieGrizz89
      GoalieGrizz89 2 months ago +3

      So good😂

    • Sapling
      Sapling 2 months ago +3

      @Budweissernobody was talking about that

    • Alex Beyerl
      Alex Beyerl 2 months ago +19

      ​@Saplingthe real juror's name is Ron

    • DigiFolk
      DigiFolk 2 months ago +4

      reminds of joe schmo, he turned out pretty honourable as well

  • JD RS
    JD RS Month ago

    This dude almost looks like Shaggy. He just needs his voice, and a gigantic Great Dane.

  • Zane Blightcaller
    Zane Blightcaller 7 days ago

    It’s like saying you can’t bring crutches and no excuse.

  • GADDenmark
    GADDenmark 3 months ago +38587

    One time my teacher stopped class, to say how I interrupted class by looking out the window. - I asked her if it was more disruptive than her stopping class to state to everyone that I was looking out the window.
    I was kicked out of class.

    • kit kat
      kit kat 3 months ago +1944

      Once I almost got a write up for saying “I’m sorry” lol

    • Dixie Normus
      Dixie Normus 3 months ago +1095

      And then everyone clapped

    • Purple Prince
      Purple Prince 3 months ago +120


  • Prodigal Son
    Prodigal Son Month ago

    If that Judge is not bright enough to ask if it has to do with a medical condition, and ordering documentation, then he has no place being a Judge.

  • Nurgles Chosen
    Nurgles Chosen 11 days ago

    Jury Duty was a very nice prank lmao. The premise is that the dude with short hair from the start is the only guy who's not in on it and they make the whole trial sneakily more and more ridiculous. But after seeing some other trials this one was relatively normal 😂

  • Daniel Clark
    Daniel Clark 3 months ago +3779

    Being in a court room being spoken to by a judge is very nerve wracking even when you're just jury. Everything's so serious and they seem really powerful and intimidating

    • Cory Dodge
      Cory Dodge 3 months ago +73

      Nah, they have no power unless YOU give it to them.

    • Handjob handsome
      Handjob handsome 3 months ago +32

      @Cory Dodge huh??? dawg they decide what happens to u tf you mean💀

    • FullMetalPleb
      FullMetalPleb 3 months ago +10

      I've always found them chill I have trouble staying formal

  • Proxy
    Proxy Month ago

    Why is Billie Eillish working as a security detail?

  • masked smiler
    masked smiler 3 months ago +5336

    Brody took "protect your ass at all cost" to another level 💀

    • Winter
      Winter 3 months ago +11

      i had at least 3 strokes trying to figure out what you just said

    • Benny Marquez
      Benny Marquez 3 months ago +3

      Maaaaaaaan fr ✋🏼💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    • Jodi Ramirez
      Jodi Ramirez 3 months ago +2

      ​@Winter you need medical attention then, bro

    • Xenitha
      Xenitha 3 months ago +1

      @Winter you might wanna start paying attention in English class, it will help improve your reading comprehension skills.

    • Winter
      Winter 3 months ago +5

      @Xenitha ""protect you ass at all cost" at another level", that literally makes no sense. Maybe if they said "'protect your ass at all cost' to another level" i'd probably understand.

  • Ice Botha
    Ice Botha 2 months ago +2

    I've seen the whole thing, and it's deffo worth a watch. I totally enjoyed it.

  • J040 4LV35
    J040 4LV35 2 months ago

    how I talk after my barber fucks up my hair

  • Zam
    Zam 3 months ago +5490

    This is that thing Michael Scott wanted to invent

    • Daisy Perez
      Daisy Perez 3 months ago +40

      It’s probably where they got the idea 😭

    • sicktriggerhands22
      sicktriggerhands22 3 months ago +30

      Chairpants idea. 😆

    • No More Hope
      No More Hope 3 months ago +9

      And Peirce Hawthorne 😂

    • deadlyydude
      deadlyydude 3 months ago +17

      @Daisy Perez this show is produced by the people who made the office

    • Dee Snuts
      Dee Snuts 3 months ago +6

      @deadlyydude you srs? Because if so then I’m totally watching this

  • Mike Hardin
    Mike Hardin Month ago

    One thing I can't stand is a damn judge. Why these assholes have so much authority is beyond me

  • ICantThinkofAName
    ICantThinkofAName 18 days ago +1

    he sounds like me whenever i try to order food for myself at a restaurant 😭

  • truckboy
    truckboy 3 months ago +5285

    Man, he REALLY wanted out of jury duty!!! 🤣

    • Kairo San
      Kairo San 3 months ago +5

      My goood this comment had me crying 😂😂😂 rarely ever laughed so hard from a Clip-Share comment

    • Paul Cready
      Paul Cready 3 months ago +1

      I didn’t think of that😂, if that was his motive he would be genius but I don’t believe so 😂😂😂😂

    • swiperthefox777
      swiperthefox777 3 months ago +4

      This is the first thing I thought too. But I will tell you how to really get out of jury duty. Pick a stance on their questionnaire and lean really hard into it. Either no matter what evidence you could see, you think he is guilty. Or no matter what, you will vote innocent. Like one thar I was involved in, a guy was in a lawsuit with a business for a slip and fall. I put how people lie all the time, and that I loved that business, and I'm 100% sure it was just for money exc exc. The defense DEFINITELY doesn't want someone like that on the jury. So I was dismissed pretty quickly, and I didn't purger myself. Lol, the judge personally called me to tell me I didn't have to come back in.

  • Lea
    Lea 2 months ago

    why is no one talking about how billie eilish is side questing as a security guard ??

  • DemonicX
    DemonicX 8 days ago +1

    He has a disability and they made a fun of it by pointing it out , shame on the court room for no one came to help him 😡

  • Izaih Newman
    Izaih Newman 3 months ago +3001

    “I’d like to sit I umm wanted to comply”🤣🤣🤣

    • FaZe_Aussie_Pro
      FaZe_Aussie_Pro 3 months ago +5

      Not funny he studded

    • Ziqni
      Ziqni 3 months ago +17

      @FaZe_Aussie_Prohe’s an actor so no shit he’s gonna put on a fake studding

    • Dont_click_this_profile
      Dont_click_this_profile 3 months ago

      ᴅᴏɴ’ᴛ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ

  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor 2 months ago

    Suitcasing chairs is a federal offense

  • OdinOji
    OdinOji 2 months ago

    Idk who he is or what this show is but he's guilty asf 😂😂

  • Jerald
    Jerald 3 months ago +1854

    He sounds like a really nice guy too

    • Anthony Mcfarland
      Anthony Mcfarland 3 months ago


    • Dr. Menyac
      Dr. Menyac 3 months ago +11

      Probably is, then realized he fucked up after uncle Johnny got accused for 24 murders

    • ConceptNull
      ConceptNull 3 months ago +3

      You are doing a ordinary mistake of weakness being mistaken for niceness. Person who is very weak has no option but acting awkward and "nice".

    • Dazai Osamu
      Dazai Osamu 3 months ago +21

      ​@ConceptNull chill out my nigga its js a movie

  • Tasty Cookies
    Tasty Cookies 27 days ago

    That is awesome. Noted, great way to make jury duty fun or a way to get out of it. Lol

  • James
    James Month ago

    Please God let them make a second season!!

  • yo
    yo 3 months ago +1679

    Best representation of being nervous ever 😂

  • Nathaly cruz
    Nathaly cruz Month ago

    The women in the back was fighting the urge to laugh😭😭

  • George Birch
    George Birch 2 months ago

    He’s more guilty then the defendant