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This Guy Seems To Hate Women

  • Published on Aug 14, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • This is the greatest awful advice of All Time
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  • Brice
    Brice Year ago +31900

    "women can't connect to god."
    This man is gonna freak out when he hears about the Virgin Mary.

    • Mike Sawyer
      Mike Sawyer 6 hours ago

      she was definitely not a virgin

    • ivica
      ivica Month ago

      Mary had a husband she is not virgin bat she is good women, I don't know why catholic say she is a virgin...

    • ACK The Great
      ACK The Great Month ago

      or mother theresa, sister faustine, every nun existing right now pretty much, damn

    • Pluviophile
      Pluviophile Month ago

      Lmao he should read about Hinduism and Greek mythology then...

  • Olivia
    Olivia 4 months ago +2159

    I love how he starts to say “women need to find a high value man” then realizes that doesn’t apply to him and quickly adds “or a man on his way to becoming a high value man”. Nice attempt at a save there lmao.

    • no one
      no one 4 days ago

      Tbh we have a shortage of fathers, even less good dads. It's hard for a woman to pick a high value man when she hasnt observed what that actually is. She hasnt seen the good example her fathers supposed to be.

    • Mollusck Scramp
      Mollusck Scramp 16 days ago

      I wheezed so hard when 14:03 popped his anime profile pic on the video, bwahahaha

    • Nikita James
      Nikita James Month ago +11

      You know a burn is hot when you can feel it on a phone. LOL seriously I had to comment twice this is murdering with

    • Nikita James
      Nikita James 2 months ago +26

      Shots fired, sick burn!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Josephine
      Josephine 3 months ago +27


  • Dr Professor (Doctor Professor)

    It's extremely obvious that this guy has a niece that he's not allowed to be in the same room as anymore.

    • Lee Jerrett
      Lee Jerrett Month ago +4

      @Kojika KoifishPeople can live on earth for their entire lives but convince themselves that the sun doesn’t actually ever set; but instead just shrinks and gets really close to the horizon and then loops back around. You shouldn’t underestimate people’s ability to delude themselves about things they should encounter every day.

    • Thehoodedteddy13
      Thehoodedteddy13 Month ago +3

      I’m more wondering what this man’s mother must have done to him

    • ChanceFreely
      ChanceFreely Month ago +2

      oof fair

  • plo_ska
    plo_ska Month ago +553

    dude got rejected once in middle school and made it his whole personality

    • Pentaclown
      Pentaclown Day ago

      pretty sure he got rejected every time once he opened his mouth

    • blahblabblah
      blahblabblah 18 days ago

      he carry’s a cootie catcher on him at all times

    • paul zozak
      paul zozak 19 days ago

      Look at his face. Wouldnt surprise me.

  • Stuart Ward
    Stuart Ward 6 months ago +6510

    This guy never outgrew the "girls have cooties" phase of his childhood.

    • Giorgos Kiriakakis
      Giorgos Kiriakakis 28 days ago +1

      ​@Alex Neufeld worse than that.

    • m e
      m e 29 days ago

      ​@him cooties arn't real?!?!

    • darling
      darling Month ago

      @him I haven't watched the video, but I read your comment and I thought you were just joking 💀

    • Tem Pino
      Tem Pino Month ago

      @nico-breon AKA based

  • Cpt Red Horse
    Cpt Red Horse 3 months ago +1491

    My first ex and I were together for years; through high school, through college, the military, you name it. We were each other’s first for everything. One day, she decided she wanted out. She then f*cked my best friend at a party. I was in the darkest place of my life for a long time after that, but I eventually learned how to heal and move on. This guy is like if I hadn’t moved on, tried to make sense of my pain through the lens of hatred, then had the audacity to fling that hatred out into the world.
    She just doesn’t love you anymore, dude. The more you try to make sense of it, the more you lose yourself to this insanity

    • no one
      no one 4 days ago

      It's much worse when a woman cheats because she releases more serotonin during sex. It's for the best because a woman who truly loves you wouldnt even dream of cheating on you. You dodged a bullet bro. I hope you find your soulmate soon.

    • Enki U
      Enki U 8 days ago

      @SnufHuffBoy eh, even if they didn't want to be. And he probably could. Rape is a crime fueled by hatred, after all.

    • Enki U
      Enki U 8 days ago +1

      I'm sorry that happened to you. You should be proud of getting yourself out of that dark spot.

    • Slayer4501
      Slayer4501 21 day ago +1

      I'm raising a glass to you brother

  • Acorn Smasher
    Acorn Smasher Year ago +48103

    "Women can't handle pain." That is not true, I was in immense agony after listening to him for 5 seconds and yet I made it through the whole video.

    • DaniBoi
      DaniBoi 19 hours ago

      ​@Sam Roy sorry for the comment a year later but the guy probably hasn't seen a woman
      Or at least hasn't touched one and it hurt his feeling so bad he went full send against women

    • Pancake
      Pancake 4 days ago

      I couldn't get through it, so mad respect

    • 𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗺_𝗲𝗱𝗶𝘁𝘀
    • RedLove
      RedLove 20 days ago +1

      We go through the hell that is menstruation, I think we handle pain pretty well haha

    • ehsan
      ehsan 22 days ago

      plus we have menstrual cycles.. some which can put people in the hospital, like i respect all men except for this dude (not charlie lol)

  • Supaiku's Sketchbook
    Supaiku's Sketchbook 6 months ago +1371

    “The more stress she goes through the more she sees the world as a negative place”
    Excuse me but that is literally everyone

    • bLoWsMokE
      bLoWsMokE Month ago +2

      Yes much of what he says applies to everyone lmfao.

    • SnufHuffBoy
      SnufHuffBoy 3 months ago +18

      Wait? women can feel stress? I thaught they werent real!

    • Dark Harmony
      Dark Harmony 3 months ago +2

      And who is it that usually starts & participates in wars? Yeah. This dude's never actually lived in reality himself.

    • Troyman8
      Troyman8 3 months ago +10

      It almost sounds like common sense. Oh wait. It is!

  • Audrey Hatch
    Audrey Hatch 6 months ago +1435

    As an asexual woman, I can confirm that I only care about sex 🥰

  • super flan
    super flan 3 months ago +345

    this guy: "women can't handle pain"
    also him: *explains how women exist to create babies*

    • Corporate
      Corporate 7 days ago

      @Enrique Perezarce are you making fun of this comment or the guy in the video?

    • Enrique Perezarce
      Enrique Perezarce 7 days ago

      That’s the dumbest take of course women can handle pain. Now can they handle different types of pain better then men yes they can and no they can’t. It just depends on how the average life of a guy and a girl is.

    • Corporate
      Corporate 8 days ago

      @Jenny Glynn childbirth is literally so painful that your brain sometimes blocks it out so you want to do it again to have another kid

    • Aptspikeybird
      Aptspikeybird 20 days ago

      I mean I get what you're implying and I agree but he's talking about mentality

    • Jenny Glynn
      Jenny Glynn Month ago +12

      100% sure he thinks that periods and childbirth aren't painful despite the fact that he'll never experience it and women only think it's painful because we're just too weak to handle it

  • Antares
    Antares 3 months ago +747

    The weirdest thing about people like this is that they keep listing all the things they hate about women. All the ways women are inferior and less than human... Yet they are also angry that women don't want to be with them?
    If they hate them, why do they want to be with them?
    I can't stand this incel mentality. It needs to stop.

    • Kingof Grim
      Kingof Grim 29 days ago +9

      @Mike Oxlong Andrew Tate and sneako are the kind of people this guy loves to watch. They are the “king of incels”

    • Mike Oxlong
      Mike Oxlong Month ago

      yes people like that is literally incel shit i don’t understand why guys like Andrew Tate and Sneako get hate when they speak facts about women’s logic and the true meaning of life of being a man

    • bLoWsMokE
      bLoWsMokE Month ago

      He didn't really say anything like that though.

  • Josephine
    Josephine 3 months ago +438

    this guy thinks every girl is a clone of his crush that rejected him

    • cosmic
      cosmic Month ago +2

      @joy the sylveon 🪦 facts

    • joy the sylveon 🪦
      joy the sylveon 🪦 Month ago +1

      the fact he even had the confidence 😭🤚

    • cosmic
      cosmic Month ago

      @Wafflemation oh, ok

    • Wafflemation
      Wafflemation Month ago

      @cosmic OP said his singular crush that rejected him. I said PLURAL crushes who rejected him

    • cosmic
      cosmic Month ago

      @Wafflemation ???????????????

  • Bland_Potato_Chip
    Bland_Potato_Chip Year ago +9880

    As a woman, I can 100% vouch for this man. I do not exist.

  • ParadoxRein
    ParadoxRein 7 months ago +1082

    "Women can’t handle pain"
    Here’s seven examples of the worst pains women go through!
    1: childbirth
    2: period/menstrual cramps/pains
    3: constant harassment from men (women aren’t the only ones to experience this but it’s more common with women)
    4: 1 out of 8 women in developed countries will experience rape
    5: 1 out of 4 women in developing countries will experience rape
    6: bartholin glad cysts
    7: we need to prove ourselves for positions in a work place while men usually are given them straight away
    8: watching his rants where he thinks he has to make an excuse for liking men romantically

    • Animated Stuff 🍀
      Animated Stuff 🍀 4 days ago

      @alexander So 0% are false accusations? What about Kwite?

    • ParadoxRein
      ParadoxRein 7 days ago

      @Enrique Perezarce rape is defined as nonconsensual sex. Sex you regret later on is NOT rape. You consented to that act but feel differently later on is not rape.

    • Enrique Perezarce
      Enrique Perezarce 7 days ago

      Oh I thought the 1/4 women was developed countries I was like that’s cap. Then again does it mean like actual non consensual sex or sex you regret later on. I’ve had friends tell me they’ve been raped then explain to me they were consensual during the entire act but later regretted. But if it’s like non-consensual from beginning or during then I can see those figures

    • Celestialfox458
      Celestialfox458 19 days ago

      @Siddharth Ghantasala She discovered two elements, polonium and radium

    • Siddharth Ghantasala
      Siddharth Ghantasala 19 days ago

      Marie Curie got 2 Nobel prizes just to be in the same picture as the men.

  • 4nqqie
    4nqqie 6 months ago +288

    As a 15 year old girl just trying to live and get by, besides all the non sense this man is saying and the jokes that people are making towards him, it genuinely sometimes hurts just to know that there are actual men like this in the world. Woman have been fighting for the right to just exist. Really gets to me sometimes.

    • Michelle Govea
      Michelle Govea 6 days ago +2

      @Drayz ur so cool. Grown man dunking on a 15 year old girl. I'm embarrassed by proxy

    • Giant Pink Cat
      Giant Pink Cat 6 days ago +2

      ​@Drayz What kind of 15 year old would watch Cocomelon?

    • beluga fan fnf
      beluga fan fnf 11 days ago

      You're 15

    • stacyaaa
      stacyaaa 16 days ago +2

      Ah man.i am a 15 year old too.and it scares me to think that the day is getting closer that I'll have to do everything all by my self and that i have to face people like him.i mean, i already did face alot of harassment from guys.but damn....
      Idk but a part of me just tells myself that it was a mistake to be born as a woman??
      Its okay girl,
      Dw we'll get through this together

  • Hibou Deluxe
    Hibou Deluxe 3 months ago +401

    tell me you've never talked to a woman like she's an actual human being with feelings without saying you've never talked to a woman like she's an actual human being with feelings....

    • Thehoodedteddy13
      Thehoodedteddy13 Month ago +2

      More like “tell me you have never been in the same room as a woman since you were born without telling me you have never been in the same room as a woman since you were born”

    • McSmash
      McSmash 2 months ago

      @Sallahudin the best part is that its generaly true that fellows like this one have barely talked to women , its all very tragicomical

    • Sallahudin
      Sallahudin 3 months ago +2

      Why do you have that “Kyle she’s an actual human being with feelings” part. This video is just tell me you haven’t talked to a woman without telling me you’ve ever talked to a woman.

  • Velmari
    Velmari 7 months ago +753

    So this is the guy that Andrew Tate got all his ideals from. What a visionary

    • Kingof Grim
      Kingof Grim 29 days ago +2

      @Relic I mean this is literally Andrew Tate Lite

    • Relic
      Relic Month ago +1

      Ah yes what an amazing time to mention Andrew tate again misogyny am I right

    • Daniel Baur
      Daniel Baur Month ago +1

      @Unlucky_potato Just because he is an evil person doesn't mean he can't be correct. Some of my favorite quotes come from Stalin and Mao, even though they were among the worst people ever.

    • I don’t know what my pfp is
      I don’t know what my pfp is Month ago +4

      @Daniel Baur and I’d still like a better ratio than 1:1 because that ain’t cuttin it

  • Lapras
    Lapras 3 months ago +299

    As Jenna Marbles once said "nice guys don't finish last, maybe youre just not a nice guy"

    • The Tigrex
      The Tigrex Month ago

      @Your Mum as sad as that is it’s true

    • Your Mum
      Your Mum Month ago

      Well some genuinely nice fella's will finish last at something. Like Frank Grimes

    • Lapras
      Lapras Month ago +3

      @The Tigrex it's ok, she stopped making vids a few years back but you're all good lol

    • Thehoodedteddy13
      Thehoodedteddy13 Month ago

      My motto is that I don’t try to be a nice guy, I try to be a good person

    • The Tigrex
      The Tigrex 2 months ago +2

      @Lapras idk I really just watch the same you tubers that’s why I didn’t know who she was initially

  • Diamond Dragon
    Diamond Dragon Year ago +20215

    This dude would have a stroke if he found out about lesbians.

  • Shelby Solano
    Shelby Solano 5 months ago +466

    As a woman who is gay and in turn has mostly male friends, this is so heartbreaking, i can’t even believe this is a real person. Please remember that even if people like this exist there are still so many good men who won’t put up with shit like this. Don’t ever give a guy like this a chance ladies.

    • Sol
      Sol 17 days ago

      @Esther Liu wholesome interaction

    • Esther Liu
      Esther Liu Month ago +2

      @Thehoodedteddy13 interesting. nice to know a little fact every once in a while

    • Thehoodedteddy13
      Thehoodedteddy13 Month ago +2

      @Esther Liu i mean lesbian can also refer to someone from the greek island of Lesbos. Not really relevant here, but just a fun fact that came to mind.

    • Esther Liu
      Esther Liu Month ago +2

      @American1028 gay is an umbrella term

  • My Remedy
    My Remedy 8 months ago +301

    This guy is living proof everyone's opinion NOT being equally valid. I've spent most of my life in Special Ed classes and hearing this guy makes me feel infinitely smarter. That's how weak his logic was.

    • Egg
      Egg 3 months ago +8

      Where the school system places you does not directly correlate to your intelligence, as there are many different kinds of intelligence and public schools are designed to be successful to the broadest amount of people with the least additional investment.
      Special Ed just means the school in its default form doesn't provide you the type of education you need for success.
      You don't need savant syndrome to be neurodivergent and highly intelligent.
      Maybe it doesn't bother you, but I feel like it should be said as someone who probably should have been in special Ed classes, but this was before that was really a common thing.

  • Aviation George
    Aviation George 3 months ago +272

    the sad part is... he was most likely raised this way... which to me means his mom is out there somewhere being treated SO horribly.

    • DudeBro
      DudeBro Month ago +6

      Either that or he was raised in a single household. It’s not a guarantee of course but with many people who act like this it’s rather common.

    • LittenPika_Animations ♡
      LittenPika_Animations ♡ 2 months ago +4

      @Sandy Agbakoba oof-

    • LittenPika_Animations ♡
      LittenPika_Animations ♡ 2 months ago +3

      omg ur right-

    • Sandy Agbakoba
      Sandy Agbakoba 2 months ago +38

      I think it's more likely his mom hurt him so badly it distorted his perception and made him vulnerable to this sort of ridiculous thinking. I had a friend like that thankfully he healed and is a wonderful human now, also he was a kid at the time 16.

  • Meodrac
    Meodrac 4 months ago +156

    We need to look at society and how we're producing thousands of guys like this one

    • Deciduous Rex
      Deciduous Rex 17 days ago

      Conservative education

    • Jack McKeown
      Jack McKeown 3 months ago +6

      @Mark Baker I had a flatmate who went to an all boys school, his father died and he was raised by a misandrist. When we met him he had spent the first 2 years of uni never socialising with anyone and then decided to change and socialise with his new flatmates (Us).
      He was pretty decent but occasionally would say something that made everyone uncomfortable.
      I, my other flatmate and himself were all autistic so we knew it had some difficulty with understanding people and since we could relate to that we did are best to rationally explain why some things were not acceptable and he did see reason and was improving.
      But his online gf we was really toxic, horrible, demanding and the relationship was really one sided.
      Eventually he said a poor choice of words to her, it was a misunderstanding and he apologised but she ghosted him for weeks which was too much for him so he broke it off between them and he was crushed.
      But then he started to fall into tic tocs on break ups and women. Then came Andrew Tate and Jordan Peterson. And he then sent me this whole manifesto in pieces were he texted me for 4 hours straight on why women are stupid and other stuff similar to what this guy said.
      But there is not chance of me getting through to him now.
      It is partially his own fault, worsened by difficulties due to his condition and how he was raised.
      My heart breaks a little but I have grown numb to him after all of the incidents involving him, he doesn't try,just expects the world to revolve around him, he is arrogant and if there is an issue he just blames everyone else. And you can't do anything for someone who won't try.
      But had there been better institutions to socialise with wider society, had he contact with girls growing up this could have been avoided.

    • Mark Baker
      Mark Baker 3 months ago +10

      Lack of organised socialisation. I dont understand how we expect people to become well rounded adults when we dont even teach people how to interact in a proper way.
      I went to an all boys school and it ruined my socialisation. I still get nervous talking to women even though ive had a gf for 6 years.

  • Alex M
    Alex M 20 days ago +12

    “Women can’t handle pain”
    I’m sorry to the one who endured a painful birth to this one

    • Goomba
      Goomba Day ago

      Yoooooo, sick burn

  • Miciah Swab
    Miciah Swab Year ago +33029

    Pokimane forgot to read his tier 3 sub once and now he can never see the world the same.

    • Scrap4TT4CK
      Scrap4TT4CK Month ago

      Yo that funny af! 😂😂 ngl

    • Gay Dude
      Gay Dude Month ago

      @A random cat with internet connection who is Lmafo

    • Radical Traffic Cone
      Radical Traffic Cone Month ago

      Because he sees the world as a sensory experience or something

    • RJ246
      RJ246 3 months ago


    • Liam Holcroft
      Liam Holcroft Year ago

      @Dama I see it now that he's put more comments out, when i replied, it was just him saying not to judge people on looks alone, which is fair enough. He wasn't saying all the therapy bollocks.

  • Christal C
    Christal C 5 months ago +118

    I would LOVE to watch him go through a period/pregnancy simulation and then say again that women can’t handle pain

    • Sunni Productions
      Sunni Productions 2 months ago +1

      yesss 5 times too becuase its fun

    • SnufHuffBoy
      SnufHuffBoy 3 months ago +1

      @Tittleman's Crest Epidurals aren't 100% paralyzing. You still feel a bit of pain just not as much.

    • ball eater
      ball eater 3 months ago


  • Jake Enderby
    Jake Enderby 4 months ago +91

    The sheer number of young "men" who think like this guy but even worse is growing at an exponential rate. There is something severely wrong with this society.

    • Corporate
      Corporate 8 days ago

      Its kind of on a null state right now of there being like a 1:10 ratio of guys in America that think like this and it’s staying there because they keep passing their ideals to their kids. But I do think people like this are slowly going away, the only reason you see more is because they started becoming more vocal but it isn’t changing anything because most people are smart enough to see through their shit.

    • Peepee poopoo
      Peepee poopoo Month ago +3

      Fr. People like him used to be a freak anomaly but now boys are starting to follow people like him to the point where they’re not a freak anomaly anymore

  • Dill Wont
    Dill Wont 3 months ago +129

    Who hurt this guy? And someone should do a welfare check on his mother.

    • Corporate
      Corporate 8 days ago

      @Bad Boy or his girlfriend from 6th grade that broke up with him

    • Bad Boy
      Bad Boy Month ago +3


    • bruzarWCH
      bruzarWCH Month ago +3

      A pulse check you mean

  • Phyro
    Phyro 6 months ago +108

    "women cannot handle the stresses or the pleasures of life" My mom is literally the strongest person, mentally, that I know. Hearing this guy talk is like shoving nails in your ears, its painful and you just want it to stop.

  • Gruzbrother
    Gruzbrother 3 months ago +60

    "They can't appreciate different aspects of the man."
    Also him:
    Judges women only on their *fertility*

  • lbartel
    lbartel Year ago +10007

    This guy found the longest way of saying "women won't have sex with me".

    • Robbie Matthews
      Robbie Matthews 28 days ago +1

      I’m a virgin, but wouldn’t come up with this long of an excuse for it

    • Julia Rose
      Julia Rose Month ago +1

      Oh yeah

    • Nikita James
      Nikita James 2 months ago +1

      Maybe cause a dat 2inch.

    • Mark Drake
      Mark Drake 3 months ago +1

      Truth here. Sad as fuck.

  • Brother Aracon
    Brother Aracon 4 months ago +31

    "women cannot handle mental stress"
    My lead OR nurse mother with 3 kids:
    My grandmother who dealt with a impoverished state of home, raising multiple of your nephews and nieces, and a abusive drunkard of a husband:
    My aunts who grew up to see most of your loved ones (including themselves) pick up multiple types of addictions and destructive habits:
    My great grandmother who had to live not knowing wether or not her husband was coming home from each day on base:
    My other grandmother battling multiple different types of arthritis and hearing degradation:
    This man has no right to speak on the pain and mental states of others.

  • RorschWillow
    RorschWillow 7 months ago +86

    I love how through his infinite capacity for misogyny he managed to somehow wrap back around briefly into partial misandry and into full blown misanthropy in general with the idea that no matter what gender you are, you ultimately have no value beyond your ability to produce. Whether it's reproducing or just producing, you have no other value as a person beyond those. What a horrible way to view other human beings, this guy feels like a sociopath projecting his hatred for other people through the lens of his hatred for women in particular.

  • Genesis Ellis
    Genesis Ellis 20 days ago +3

    i don’t think ive ever heard someone tell on themselves more than this man has

  • CEO At Crystalsoft
    CEO At Crystalsoft 5 months ago +62

    When a guy hates women so much, he's just afraid to admit his love for men ❤️

  • Emmanuel Q
    Emmanuel Q 24 days ago +4

    He continuously contradicts himself. It’s legit hilarious

  • Satan
    Satan Year ago +27502

    As a woman myself, I want to laugh, but I'm incapable of experiencing joy in any form. My fertility is on the line here, I can't afford to miss out on getting the D.

  • Belle Draws
    Belle Draws 3 months ago +29

    There are so many guys like him in the world idk why getting laid and having a girlfriend is so important that they're blaming women once things don't go the way they want. Like I'm 19, a virgin and been single since forever but I've never resented men if they're not into me because life doesn't revolve solely around sex and dating my guy. They blame everyone else but themselves. I hope they stop and think "oh maybe women aren't crazy, maybe I'm the problem?"

    • RandomNameHere
      RandomNameHere Month ago +3

      Realizing they’re the problem would require them to take accountability for their actions

    • Ms. Marvel Fanboy
      Ms. Marvel Fanboy 3 months ago +2

      Religion and culture make guys like him

  • Katie Mills
    Katie Mills 3 months ago +63

    This guy has finally done the unthinkable and brought men and women together on the same fence.. what a pro 👏🏻🤦🏻😅

  • Flavored Water
    Flavored Water 3 months ago +53

    My pain tolerance is now the highest possible for a human after having to endure him speaking for an entire video

  • Riki Ravenclaw
    Riki Ravenclaw 2 months ago +14

    as a woman, I’m so glad I could hear this guy! he really taught me a lot about myself that I didn’t know!

    • weaponized glitter☣️
      weaponized glitter☣️ 18 days ago +1

      I know. I mean what should I do as a female neurosurgeon . I guess I'll call in worthless

  • VladimirGlutenTag
    VladimirGlutenTag Month ago +9

    Tbh everyone here is roasting him but i genuinely have pity and some sadness for this man. I’ve had great relationships both platonic and romantic with women and rarely have they given me more pain than joy. This guy needs help with whatever trauma/ environmental damage he’s suffered, i do hope he lightens up one day :/

  • Ryan Dewhirst
    Ryan Dewhirst Year ago +41904

    Saying women don’t go to the gym is something only someone who has never went to the gym would say

    • គង់គា ឆាត់
      គង់គា ឆាត់ Month ago

      @TJ Riddle lol

    • Absit Reverentia Vero
      Absit Reverentia Vero Month ago

      Well.. to be fair, the ratio of men/women going to the gym, it's pretty mindblowing.
      In my gym, it's like 9:1 ratio.

    • Jakob Whaley
      Jakob Whaley Month ago

      @prenti where I used to go this one girl came in regularly, put 450 on a bar and use that for most her work out for the day and she was built like if I hit her with a car my car would break

  • Matt Owens
    Matt Owens 7 months ago +38

    As a married man, I'd like to weigh in here... she, her, my love. My friend. Is the rock that my entire existence is built upon.

  • cortacartón
    cortacartón 7 months ago +39

    As a girl who can't really handle pain, this was truly a video, sorry i can't express my emotions as i cannot have experiences.

  • emmabug
    emmabug 3 months ago +204

    he definitely grew up in a severely christian household and got beat by his father for liking men

    • The VGFSG
      The VGFSG Month ago

      @Bub Fluff It's down to the church that you go to. I'm not going to argue with your point, because I will admit (as a Christian) that a lot of the negativity towards a decent amount of the Christian people is justified to an extent.

    • Thehoodedteddy13
      Thehoodedteddy13 Month ago +6

      @Bub Fluff i mean, he just said that’s not how he was raised. Most christians are generally normal people, just like most atheists. You are just thinking of the extremes

    • Bub Fluff
      Bub Fluff Month ago +10

      @The VGFSGeh that’s BS. You’re taught to be the “spiritual leader” of the household and women are to know their role, not preach, and raise the kids. I saw it all having been born and raised into a baptist Christian community only going to private Christian schools and church twice a week w/ Bible studies and all.

    • dumb stuff
      dumb stuff 2 months ago +2

      Makes sense

  • Finn Dougherty
    Finn Dougherty 7 months ago +34

    frankly, i’m not at all surprised this dude exists. i’m sure there are millions of others just like him. But the lack of surprise is what’s concerning

    • Dogma8
      Dogma8 2 months ago

      @Robert Carter he was not talking facts, everything he was saying was degrading and horrrible. trying to imply that all women are weak and cant handle pain is like saying men arent allowed to cry, or that all men can do is muscle brained labor. the fact you show any support for that sort of behavior is shocking.

    • Dogma8
      Dogma8 4 months ago +4

      true, its worse to be used to this shit than for it to be new to us.

  • Anondel
    Anondel 3 months ago +35

    “Girls don’t work out” my sister could literally bench press this twig

  • P-WingBlade
    P-WingBlade Year ago +10950

    I’ll give him this: His existence definitely helps 90% of people feel better about themselves. Including myself.

    • Corporate
      Corporate 8 days ago

      @masterzombie probably gets off to it lmao

    • Crystal Wu
      Crystal Wu 5 months ago

      @Seth Davis cmon man im all for self appreciation- but the bar is 6th down under.

    • ᗩKᗩ ᔕIᑕKᖴOᖇᗰ
      ᗩKᗩ ᔕIᑕKᖴOᖇᗰ 8 months ago

      The dude is so toxic he's probably an orphan due to him rejecting his parents as he deemed them as "weak"

    • Equals Sign
      Equals Sign 11 months ago

      all he does is remind me of myself at 13 years old

    • Unixtreme
      Unixtreme Year ago +2

      This video made me pretty sad to be honest.

  • Michael Gifford
    Michael Gifford 3 months ago +30

    Imagine choosing to believe delusions that make you this bitter toward half the human population.

  • DingDongDanger
    DingDongDanger 7 months ago +21

    "They can't handle anything of greater importance, or greater responsibility".... Me a woman, literally taking care of everything from something as simple as laundry all the way to fixing the cars. Paying the bills, taking care of financial qualms and vet visits for animals we own so on and so forth. I am literally dealing with so much I have skipped many nights of sleep recently to ensure it gets done.

  • Manuel João Cruz
    Manuel João Cruz 20 days ago +2

    I know this is 1 year old, but god damn i love to see Charlie roasting this guy for 15 min. It brings joy to my heart

  • Katelyn Marie ASMR
    Katelyn Marie ASMR 5 months ago +23

    knowing i could probably lift, push, and work harder than this guy gives me happiness

  • Kipter 1999
    Kipter 1999 3 months ago +80

    How is his skin so smooth yet has acne its scary

    • Spittoon
      Spittoon 18 days ago +1

      It looks like he's got one of those bandana masks of acne

    • Kay C
      Kay C Month ago +6

      He's wearing a mismatched foundation

    • Vilma Vanderloss
      Vilma Vanderloss Month ago +2

      Probably bc he's like 16 years old

    • -Random-
      -Random- 2 months ago +4

      fr there's no way he's an actual existing person that's out there somewhere

  • Teresaaaaa
    Teresaaaaa Year ago +9688

    “Women can’t handle pain” the fact his mother went through all that labor and pain, just to give birth to this maniac.

    • Ruthie
      Ruthie 3 months ago +1

      @Christian Taylor ah yes, the highest quality evidence, a Clip-Share montage of dash cam footage

    • Dylan Searcy
      Dylan Searcy 4 months ago

      It's because of our anatomy. You don't see a dog in pain while giving birth

    • rwatson8
      rwatson8 4 months ago

      Although she must be pretty terrible to inspire this level of hatred.

    • blahblahblah
      blahblahblah 4 months ago

      I’m crying for her.

    • Dylan Searcy
      Dylan Searcy 4 months ago

      Women can't tolerate as much pain as men

  • Mia Simone Hunt
    Mia Simone Hunt 5 months ago +16

    he is so obviously a nice guy, like his mommy issues must be off the charts

    • Robert Carter
      Robert Carter 2 months ago

      No he’s right y’all just mad 😂🤡

  • Jhang Xina
    Jhang Xina 4 months ago +55

    I think bro is still sad at the fact that his team probably lost in boy vs girls dodgeball in 2nd grade

  • Evan420
    Evan420 Month ago +11

    I love women. All women. Tall, short, thin, curvy, plain, pretty, ugly, make-up, no make-up. Really helps to not hate on people....

  • You
    You 20 days ago +4

    this guy taught me so much about me as a woman. As a woman, I didn't realize I found exercise.
    I also didn't realize that as a lesbian woman I wanted wiener from a man

  • Jules
    Jules 16 days ago +5

    Woman can birth multiple children but we can’t endure pain…?😂

  • ssjgodgamer
    ssjgodgamer Year ago +15958

    I would say we can't let this man reproduce but he's handling that by himself

    • Dmytro 🇺🇦
      Dmytro 🇺🇦 6 months ago


    • Andy G
      Andy G 7 months ago

      @Kali Unfortunately some women actually think like this, such a shame. Humanity has been and is going all down hill since the inception of the internet, smh.

    • D. HoChoy
      D. HoChoy 9 months ago

      No woman would touch him with a 20 foot pole

    • Rocket Man
      Rocket Man Year ago

      MAN?! Speaking for men, I can say we take no responsibility for that cretin XD

    • Kermy Schmidt
      Kermy Schmidt Year ago

      No this is how cult leaders are made. He's gonna have 6 women and 50 kids and they will all have the same teachings. There are women out there that search for these kinds of men unfortunately.

  • Fi Fi
    Fi Fi 7 months ago +29

    “Women are born with value because of their fertility”
    Women and other people with uteruses:
    *Can’t get pregnant until they’re 11 or whatever*
    *Can be infertile or whatever their whole life*
    *Can have the ability to get pregnant but it’s such a low chance that it just doesn’t happen no matter how much they try for a baby*

    • Fi Fi
      Fi Fi 7 months ago

      Pez I don't really get it, but I know what you're saying

  • Windy
    Windy 25 days ago +2

    As a women I laughed so hard

  • Sleep
    Sleep 5 months ago +11

    It's not even "Stop having fun", it's just simply "Stop having any kind of emotion."

  • Lenny Bird
    Lenny Bird 21 day ago +3

    I can only imagine what this guy thinks his mother is 🤦🏾‍♀️ 💀

  • The Succromancer
    The Succromancer Year ago +9292

    This guy is the real life version of “You’re gay because you like men. I’m gay because I hate women. We are not the same.”

    • angusisarat
      angusisarat 7 months ago +2

      One of my exes was literally just this but unironically and it was lowkey terrifying.

    • Tsunayoshi Sawada
      Tsunayoshi Sawada Year ago

      @Jude Black that emoji took me out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Khalid
      Khalid Year ago


    • 🍄ophelia🍄
      🍄ophelia🍄 Year ago

      LMAOOO that's what I'm saying

  • Sabreman854
    Sabreman854 3 months ago +57

    "He can see every possible reality in the known multiverse."
    And in not a single one of them does he get laid.
    The universal constants now include: The speed of light in a vacuum, gravitational attraction, the strong and weak electromagnetic force, and this man's celibacy.

    XPNKDRINKX 7 months ago +10

    Hearing this guy talk about us actually made me feel sick…I can’t believe people think this way

  • Hd.1 Cool
    Hd.1 Cool 16 days ago +6

    bro's the embodiment of "i don't get any b*tches"

  • nunya
    nunya 7 months ago +6

    This the kind of guy that could end up on the news for something horrible. I hope the proper agencies are checking into this guy.

  • Mimi 78
    Mimi 78 17 days ago +4

    If a woman doesn’t exist, why does my landlord still need the rent

  • No_Soap
    No_Soap Year ago +18382

    If he doesn’t like women that much, just date men. It’s that easy.

    • Tyler Ryder
      Tyler Ryder Month ago


    • Javier V.
      Javier V. Month ago

      @Mat Lenaghan bro you got ratioed so hard it fucking hurts 😭😭😭

  • Speed Idy
    Speed Idy 6 months ago +12

    i would rather tell my parents my deepest secrets then listen to this man talk about this for more then 1 minute

  • Dark Fox
    Dark Fox 6 months ago +22

    This bloke is as much of a women's expert as Jake Paul being a boxer

  • IHatePeople
    IHatePeople Month ago +7

    I got one word that could absolutely OBLITERATE this man’s existence.

  • Max Palmer
    Max Palmer 7 months ago +6

    I’ve had a few failed relationships in my life and have gotten hurt real bad but I was raised right to treat women with respect regardless

  • Jason Corral
    Jason Corral 2 months ago

    Whenever I start to feel bad about myself, that I feel like I'm flawed and hopeless, I'm going to remember that people like this exist, and that at least I haven't fallen that far.

  • JameZ
    JameZ Year ago +3185

    "Women only perceive the world through sensory perception."
    Every living being does this you donut lmao

    • The chosen Juan
      The chosen Juan 2 months ago

      @Joshua Crawford fr that's most sociological debate nowadays, especially online lol

    • A_ PRSN
      A_ PRSN Year ago

      what caused you to edit the commebt

    • Ishaan Khurana
      Ishaan Khurana Year ago +1

      Holy Gordon insult

    • Golden Darkness
      Golden Darkness Year ago +1

      Hellen Keller hardly does

    • Aj Guerra
      Aj Guerra Year ago +6

      He forgot to put skill points on perception and intelligence and speech

  • Money on my mind
    Money on my mind 6 months ago +23

    The scariest thing is this guy actually believes this

  • erica
    erica 7 months ago +15

    Can you imagine being this guys mother and seeing this come out of your child's mouth? There's way he grew up with sisters or a mother, he had to of had grown up with only a single dad because there's absolutely no way a person with half a brain cell would be this delusional to think this.

    • Beli Vuk
      Beli Vuk 5 months ago

      @erica I'm glad we can agree on 3 things now. The 2 you've just mentioned and that AoT is awesome :)

    • erica
      erica 5 months ago +1

      @Beli Vuk Your point does still stand, and i do have to apologize for assuming he has been raised by single dad, that was wrong of me. And like you said, perhaps it's neither.

    • Beli Vuk
      Beli Vuk 5 months ago

      @erica Even if it didn't go through your head 1st, you choose to write that one, and only that one. Sure, later you're agreed with the possibility of the mother thing and both may or may not be true (perhaps neither is) but my point stands.

    • erica
      erica 5 months ago

      @Beli Vuk Dude, that wasn't my first thought, i just wrote this one down. My first thought was that he had an abusive mother or smth like that make make him think like this. There are alot of possibilities that could cause somebody to have this reasoning to why women have "no worth". This man specifically is ignorant. So no, im not talking about men in general im talking about THIS guy in particular.

    • Beli Vuk
      Beli Vuk 5 months ago

      It's sad how your 1st thought is leading to "he was raised by a single father". See, that's the kind of thing men get on the daily basis. We're called bad, ugly, stupid, incapable, rapists, creeps, etc. on the daily level whenever we poke our heads out of our homes and no one bats an eye. It's not even considered bad to think those things about men on the whole these days it seems. The amount of animosity and hatred men face daily simply because they are men is soul crushing at times. Most men learn to deal with it or have someone by their side to show them love to balance the hatred, but some men are alone and unable to carry that burden, then turn into that guy. Whichever variation of the events took place, whatever his childhood was like, it's extremely sad that your 1st thought was to just blame it on another man you know nothing about except that he's a man

  • Spork
    Spork 3 months ago +31

    Imagine this guys mom seeing this garbage and banning him from family gatherings only sending him a bowl of frozen mashed potatoes on thanksgiving like in a physical cube of ice

  • Chris Palumbo
    Chris Palumbo 6 months ago +12

    This guy is so wrong on so many levels, but one thing that especially stuck out to me was how he described women "pitying the nice guy". This is such self-centered thought. He seems to think that any interaction between man and woman is only ever one trying to seduce the other or some shit like that. Sometimes people just like to be nice. Friendships are a great thing too between men and women. It's not all about who can give you sex, and anyone who thinks that's all there is to life has a lot of self reflecting to do.

  • Hope Griffin
    Hope Griffin 28 days ago +2

    Dude I’m cryinggggg this video is gold 😂 thank you for bringing this idiot to light for us all to watch

  • Kelvinator X
    Kelvinator X Year ago +5056

    The only time a woman would ask this guy to go out is when he's inside a woman's bathroom.

  • Budd
    Budd 4 months ago +21

    Ironically I bet a lot of guys like this look up to Andrew Tate while Tate hates them

    • Mohammed Suliman
      Mohammed Suliman 19 days ago

      ​@GEC757true but I think he means that Tate isn’t at this guy's level

    • GEC757
      GEC757 4 months ago +10

      being hated by andrew tate is something to brag about

  • Suburban Demon
    Suburban Demon 6 months ago +5

    -Forsake fun and good emotion
    +Gain emotional abuser and decrease enjoyment in life to create it
    Seems like an even trade for any young woman to sign off their life

  • Hashiriya
    Hashiriya Month ago +2

    It’s amazing what 4chan can do for someone

  • Dáinsleif Sanders
    Dáinsleif Sanders Month ago +5

    “If something hurts it’s a bad thing” that’s… literally the reason pain exists. 90% of the shit he’s saying is stuff all humans do

  • Sam.white14
    Sam.white14 23 days ago +2

    guy isnt even an incel hes just insane

  • foxykittyxo
    foxykittyxo Year ago +3832

    “Women can’t handle the stresses of life” A poor woman handled the stress of birthing this abomination.

  • Shiidisguy
    Shiidisguy 8 months ago +4

    This guy spends more money on his hair style than he would on any potential girlfriend

  • Mazerwolf
    Mazerwolf 5 months ago +3

    I come back to watch this very often. to gawk at this poor thing, i don’t know if i should hate him or pity him, he’s gone so far down the spiral staircase of madness

  • Tugit Brothers
    Tugit Brothers Month ago +5

    “Women can’t experience pain”
    My mom who gave birth to 8 children: 🗿

  • GalaxyToaster
    GalaxyToaster 6 months ago +4

    Words can't describe how shocked I am at the way this little boy thinks.

  • Saurav Rathi
    Saurav Rathi 2 months ago +7

    I think this type of people should be left alone without coverage.

  • Chaos Angel Zone Act 3
    Chaos Angel Zone Act 3 Year ago +3617

    “Women don’t work out.” Sounds like something someone who doesn’t work out would say, because if he did work out, he’d see women at the gym.

  • Philippa Grimoire
    Philippa Grimoire 3 months ago +8

    That last comment was the entire reason for his ridiculous rant…”women can get men whenever they want…and we can’t” And he just CANNOT deal with this!

  • km_1911
    km_1911 7 months ago +7

    I’m convinced that this guy’s whole plan was seeing if he’s able to recover successfully from ruining his entire life as early as he could possibly ruin it. Because his entire life is, indeed, ruined.

  • Me Tube
    Me Tube 24 days ago +1

    You just know he has some really dark secrets.
    He’ll be on the news one day!

  • tsunami brown
    tsunami brown 7 months ago +1

    critical is the best. aside from his words, his facial expressions alone convey his true emotions. it’s awesome.