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How To Look Like The Most Powerful Person In The Room

  • Published on May 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Discover The 4 Necessary Emotions To A Killer First Impression:
    Why Tyrion Will Win The Game Of Thrones
    Game of Thrones is extremely violent. Yet despite all the bloodiness, most of the power that you see characters like Tywin Lannister or Daenerys Targaryen wield is not through physical force. Rather it comes from mini-conflicts of body language, eye contact, and tonality. Specifically, there is a battle to control the 4 W's.
    I believe the person to win the Game of Thrones will be the one that best takes control of these 4W's. And one of the best candidates to win is Tyrion Lannister. He may never sit the Iron Throne himself, but I believe that given his incredible command of power, he will be by the ruler's side. Here are the four W's that make Tyrion so special
    1) When: In this scene Daenerys completely controls the when as Tyrion and Jorah are there at her leisure. She also takes command of the silence.
    2) Who: Tyrion is great at making himself appear more important. Tywin Lannister is also great at this as he snatches the power from Joffrey, despite the fact that Joffrey Baratheon is king.
    3) What: Tyrion does an excellent job of controlling what Dany focuses on
    4) Where: Daenerys' power is completely dependant on where she is - when she finds herself in front of Khal Moro in season 6, it's basically at zero
    So those are the four W's that I believe will win to Tyrion winning the Game of Thrones. Hope you enjoy!
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Comments • 3 225

  • Be Grateful
    Be Grateful 2 years ago +3523

    Other power moves:
    1- never ask permission!
    2- make yourself so independent that you don’t need them
    3- make yourself indispensable
    4- power is in the way you stare, your voice, your walk, your posture.
    5- you must have courage to be powerful
    6- have the courage to walk away from what doesn’t serve you.
    7- have strong boundaries.

    • Safal Tulsyan
      Safal Tulsyan 2 years ago +82

      And courage comes when you know you are going the right things.

    • Stone Fox
      Stone Fox 2 years ago +73

      Power is easy... courage is getting up in the morning...

    • Erson Twin Ongayo
      Erson Twin Ongayo 2 years ago +34

      No. 4 is natural for me but at first I don't understand why people are tiptoeing when I'm around and I don't exploit my natural gift because I don't like people feel not comfortable with me but now I realize and know how to use it to get people respect instead of fear or intimidation.

    • Ace The FireDragon
      Ace The FireDragon 2 years ago +65

      6- Make people dependent on you.
      If you want more power rules, the book 48 rules of power is a great read.

    • Space Cowboy
      Space Cowboy 2 years ago +39

      For instance, it would be hard to get a job with NASA. But if I already lived on the moon, it would be harder for NASA to try and hire me.

  • barbariandude
    barbariandude 6 years ago +877

    On a relatively off-topic note, Jack Gleeson is an extraordinary actor. So few people could pull off Joffrey that fantastically, turning even the tiniest of lines or gesture into an opportunity to reinforce the core personality traits of pettiness and spite. I'm definitely looking forward to the next show or movie that stars him.

    • C Mendes
      C Mendes 2 years ago +1

      I know, it’s a shame

    • John Smith
      John Smith 2 years ago +14

      @System Of A FoX Depending on how much of Joffreys delivery was Jack naturally and how much he was coached; he has the tools to be good at it and I wish him well. We need more better psychologists than more good actors.

    • Alexandra_AGP
      Alexandra_AGP Year ago +15

      If you’ve ever seen him interviewed, it’s quite a thing to look for. He’s charming and confident, yet also modest and really smart.

    • Tiffany Brader
      Tiffany Brader Year ago +29

      The guy made enough money on GOT and is probably still collecting because of licensing merch and residuals. And he wants to use the money to educate himself and get a degree? That’s classy. Maybe he’ll return to acting later in life or use his “Joffrey” experience to become the best Psychologist ever. 👍

  • Tony S
    Tony S 4 years ago +348

    I love that moment when Cersei is arguing with Tywin and she says "Don't make me do it again, please." She sounds almost like a child. Heady's delivery is fantastic.

    • Cr Hu
      Cr Hu 2 years ago +34

      They're two of the best actors in it. Maybe THE two best. Best abusive family chemistry since The Lion in Winter.

    • Marie Drudi
      Marie Drudi Year ago +4

      That moment breaks my heart every time.

    • cddeutsch
      cddeutsch Year ago +21

      @Cr Hu Lena as Cersei is probably my favorite performance of a clear villain with occasional sympathetic moments. She was diabolical, but I could never bring myself to hate her.

    • Anthony Teggart
      Anthony Teggart Year ago +4

      This always makes me adk the obvious question that no one ever seems to. Why did Tywin never remarry. As the Lord of Casterly rock and warden of the west he would have had his pick and it would have increased his power and influence, he could have had more sons to sure up his direct lineage. It never made any sense because he would have been in control of the whole situation and ensured the family was stronger than ever.

    • collins udekenyi
      collins udekenyi 3 months ago

      @cddeutsch am telling u

  • gluuuuue
    gluuuuue 5 years ago +378

    Tywin also responds to Joffrey's exasperation at having to climb a bunch of stairs by himself climbing the steps up to his throne. It demonstrates that he'll willingly walk up some steps, then challenges Joffrey's own ability and will by offering to waste the efforts of servants to carry Joffrey up. Tywin directly answers his question by (not-so-subtly) transforming it into a statement that he is the more capable one while Joffrey is weak.

  • robsfo
    robsfo 4 years ago +777

    He actually won... He was meant to be dead after he was caught by the Unsullied in 8x06. Instead, he became Hand of the King, which actually makes him "The King".
    Tyrion Lannister "the Imp" of Casterly Rock, won the Game of Thrones.

    • Nyron Franklin
      Nyron Franklin 4 years ago +60

      The PImp of Casterly Rock. There I fixed it for you. 😀

    • Infinity
      Infinity 3 years ago +13

      The Starks won, mate.

    • Black Powder User
      Black Powder User 3 years ago +75

      Yeah sure, the Starks won as the "alpha wolves" of their own packs, but the one most responsible for the new order in Westeros is actually Tyrion.
      In his first official Small Council, Bran has no interest in actual ruling, being contented with having Tyrion governing from the shadows. Also, if you look at previous seasons, the Hands often wield equal power, if not greater, than the Monarchs they serve.
      Just ask Jon Arryn, Ned Stark, and of course, Tywin Lannister.
      Of the Starks, I could say Sansa "won" the most, ruling over a war-torn, economically ruined North... but hey, independence aight.
      Lastly, "Power resides where men believe it resides. It's a trick, a shadow on the wall, and a very small man can cast a very large shadow."

    • Infinity
      Infinity 3 years ago +7

      @Black Powder User I can counter-argue, but I like your explanation and it would take a lot of time so I won't :).

  • Big Solid Boss
    Big Solid Boss 4 years ago +1754

    Bad news, Tyrion's IQ dropped to below 60 in season 8.

    • Ryan Jones
      Ryan Jones 4 years ago +36

      Big Solid Boss I’m starting to wonder if that’s on purpose..

    • John Doe
      John Doe 3 years ago +155

      It started dropping sooner but his low point certainly was the idea of putting women and children in the crypts when the undead attack.
      EDIT: To clarify, his IQ started dropping the moment they went past Martin's writing.

    • Miko
      Miko 3 years ago +7

      It's called sarcasm.
      Ever heard of it?

    • Bryan
      Bryan 3 years ago +28

      Ryan Jones I wouldn’t say it’s on purpose. Just D&D not being able to write a character as smart as seasons 1-4 tyrion

    • Jason Jia
      Jason Jia 3 years ago +2

      @Shubho fangay much?

  • Korey Luster
    Korey Luster 7 years ago +5234

    Tywin Lannister. The only man in the world to send the king to his room.

  • Yash Jhaveri
    Yash Jhaveri Year ago +129

    1:21 WHEN things occur
    3:30 WHO matters more
    8:04 WHAT you focus on
    10:53 WHERE the interaction happens

  • Dennis Poncardas
    Dennis Poncardas 5 years ago +223

    I love the scene where he sends the King to his bed. Legendary.
    He basically said "The baby is cranky, he needs his nappy." Badass!

    • Evil Inside
      Evil Inside 2 years ago +8

      He needs milk. Chocolate milk.

  • Sumiyabaatar Enkhbaatar
    Sumiyabaatar Enkhbaatar 6 years ago +441

    Power resides when men believe it resides. - Absolutely true.

    • Evil Inside
      Evil Inside 2 years ago +6

      Today we believe power lies with the government.

    • Kevin C. Cucumber
      Kevin C. Cucumber Year ago +2

      @Evil Inside thats not varys meant by power. The government has power. If they want you taken out they will

    • rizza mae ong
      rizza mae ong Year ago +6


    • MC14 m
      MC14 m Year ago

      That is how Donald Trump has made it so far.

    • Dexter
      Dexter 10 months ago

      Can give a example for better understanding?

  • Mike Lourence Dumapi
    Mike Lourence Dumapi 6 years ago +223

    Went on a job interview today, asked the interviewer why would I work with them, sat next to him, told him how my first wisdom tooth was pulled out and finally asked him to go to my house, security escorted me out, thanks, need more tips like these im gona subscribe.

  • Aldo L
    Aldo L 2 years ago +683

    Never focus on what you cannot control. Treat it as if it doesn’t exist, regardless of how much it insists on being acknowledged.

    • Cosmin Beast
      Cosmin Beast 2 years ago +53

      That is one of the rules of Stoicism. You cannot control what is outside of your control, you can only control how you react towards it.

    • Joe Antonelli
      Joe Antonelli Year ago +4

      Yes - very good advice.

    • March Angelo P. Aliño
      March Angelo P. Aliño Year ago +3

      But the things I cannot control keeps ruining the very thing I can control, which means, try to find another strategy to neuter and deal with it instead of avoiding it.

    • Cruise with Martini
      Cruise with Martini Year ago

      power is not in control, only fear

    • Xiaojie Ziyun
      Xiaojie Ziyun 4 months ago

      @March Angelo P. Aliño That's my problem. I have no complete control over how people keep on trampling over my rights as a person, but I do have a *little* bit of control still. However, that lack of control makes me really stressed out because I'm trying to fix it, but it's so difficult and the things I do to try to fix it keeps on failing. So I'm a bit lost.

  • MentalReach
    MentalReach 7 years ago +6527

    That moment when you realized your favorite TV show can be used as an educational program for real life problems.....priceless

    • Burve97LP
      Burve97LP 7 years ago +1

      +John Roy +YoungLifeThoughts Nice one :D couldn't stop laughing :)

    • ubah
      ubah 7 years ago +5

      +YoungLifeThoughts or just feed it to the Hounds!

    • Gabriel Kaine
      Gabriel Kaine 7 years ago +13

      +MentalReach Everything can be used in such ways. But yes, GoT is one of the best shows for power plays.

  • CountryMusicMann
    CountryMusicMann 4 years ago +86

    When Joffrey is talking down to Tywin about the Tower of the Hand, I also like how Tywin climbs the steps to the Iron Throne as if to say, "Look how easy climbing stairs can be."

    • Cr Hu
      Cr Hu 2 years ago +1

      A point lost on no one. If you can't be bothered to climb some stairs...

  • NerdGirl72
    NerdGirl72 2 years ago +153

    The crazy thing is that when you stay out of the power plays..people talk to you about everything because they want to sway you to their side. You can learn a lot about the people telling you things about others from just listening and not chiming in lol

    • Lee Boriack
      Lee Boriack Year ago +3

      Simply Brilliant. Thanks for the share.

    • Siorai
      Siorai 8 months ago +3

      I experienced this in my internship and learnt every scandal and secret in one month lol

  • Laura Wells
    Laura Wells 2 months ago +6

    This entire channel reinforces what I’ve learned in my own life, that people of all backgrounds respond best to someone who thinks before they speak, has emotional awareness and self control, and can figure out the boundaries of every social situation so that they can either respect them, purposely break them, or push them. If you want to win a game you have to know the rules.

  • Marc Alcatraz
    Marc Alcatraz 6 years ago +830

    damn say what you will about tywinn but the guy can handle power and show it too, you can tell where tyrion got it from

    • Sara F
      Sara F 4 years ago +55

      Tyrion's power is an entirely different type of power though. He's smart, calculated, and can get on good terms with pretty much anyone. Tywin commands power and makes many enemies in the process, which is why he's dead and Tyrion isn't.

    • Nutty dishwasher
      Nutty dishwasher 4 years ago +5

      @Sara F True he has a whole different kind of power then for instance Daenerys who has the beauty and the weapons, or Jon who can fight.

  • Charles Johnson
    Charles Johnson 2 years ago +48

    One of my favorite scenes is Cerci responding to Littlefinger when he says "knowledge is power". Cersi no power is power.

  • Austin James
    Austin James 7 years ago +2504

    As a psychology major, I found this to be very profound, sir. Well done.

    • TV talk with Avi
      TV talk with Avi 7 years ago +18


    • Nathen Colberg
      Nathen Colberg 7 years ago +37

      phych major? hahaha good luck man

    • TV talk with Avi
      TV talk with Avi 7 years ago +2

      +Nathen Colberg graduated

    • TV talk with Avi
      TV talk with Avi 7 years ago +10

      +Nathen Colberg thank you, you too!

    • Donovan Suh
      Donovan Suh 6 years ago +22

      But, the part where he tells less movement means more power, it necessary is not true. When you are challenging someone or being challenged sure less movement means you are reacting less to the other person, but in general more movement means comfort and charisma.

  • Aaron Seet
    Aaron Seet 4 years ago +52

    Right from season one Tyrion has been the smallest man but the _biggest personality_ (helps that writers make him outright the most entertaining and having a stronger moral compass than the books) . The primary reason I watch *Game of Thrones* is because of Tyrion.

  • BellaBarossa
    BellaBarossa 6 years ago +7

    This was an excellent analysis of power dynamics in Game of Thrones. Subconsciously, most viewers recognise them, but few of them could consciously articulate what they are witnessing. I'm very impressed!

  • Jennifer Wood
    Jennifer Wood 4 years ago +18

    Do a piece on Daenerys! I would love to see a breakdown on how she came to be so successful and turned all her misfortune around to her advantage!

    • Ibne Batuta
      Ibne Batuta 5 months ago

      İ second that

    • Ibne Batuta
      Ibne Batuta 4 months ago +1

      @TomDanks dragon is what Targaryens had or else there were more powerful people other than Targaryens, so, without dragons Targaryens themselves were a piece of 🐴,lmao

    • TomDanks
      TomDanks 4 months ago

      @Ibne Batuta yeah with that pretty hair lol

    • Ibne Batuta
      Ibne Batuta 4 months ago

      @TomDanks exactly, with white hairs,lol

  • Shelly Carpenter
    Shelly Carpenter 4 years ago +5

    Completely agree. Working 12 years in a crappy store with a lot of crappy bosses, it really opens your eyes and perspective that who is "in charge" is not always actually the person in charge. Everyone is a person with lots of flaws and strengths. Respect is earned for me with everyone, no matter the status.

  • Cerebral Liberty
    Cerebral Liberty 5 months ago +32

    "We could arrange for you to be carried"
    So many great lines , but most need a setting , which makes them memorable only to those who know, brilliant.
    Another i remember-
    "Power is Power"
    Cersi to little finger ,whose about to meet his demise , fittingly he gets a preview of the method of his actual demise.

  • Pravin
    Pravin 6 years ago +6029

    Teacher said: You either study or you shall not pass!
    Me: I demand a trial by combat

    • Brother Malachai
      Brother Malachai 6 years ago +92

      Then you found out your Teacher is GTO. :-0

    • Rahul Kashyap
      Rahul Kashyap 6 years ago +102

      Pravin Bhorge then tommen of house baratheon banned trial by combat and you failed lol...........

    • Patrick Boulton
      Patrick Boulton 6 years ago +52

      Is the teacher Gandalf and me a Balrog?

    • Mards
      Mards 5 years ago +26

      Right, go to a job interview and say "well why should I work for this company? What makes this a good fit for me?" I'm sure they will admire your importance

  • McDash
    McDash 6 years ago +5

    I think an episode about Littlefinger or Varys would be extremely helpful, as they are extremely good at making people do what they want. Just a thought ;)

  • Nikki Dolce
    Nikki Dolce 4 years ago +30

    Jack Gleeson is a great actor. Loved all his scenes in thrones.

  • Skylar Karrasch
    Skylar Karrasch 5 years ago +2

    I love that you are doing this through the language of Game of Thrones. That is why we tell stories and why we are so connected to the characters. Because while we may not be a dwarf trying to win the trust of a lady with 3 dragons but we can take lessons from these stories and make the applicable to real life.

    • Songe
      Songe Year ago

      I think that's something the consumer audience has lost. Not everyone mind you, but a decent portion of audiences don't watch/listen to media to learn from the story. What makes me sad about that, is we will lose good stories to learn from because the production of them won't be called for if we don't stay vocal about wanting them.

  • Rogue-ish
    Rogue-ish 4 years ago +109

    Bran won, the guy who stares at people . He won the game. So now I know to win, you just need to stare at people.

  • Carrie Antal
    Carrie Antal 4 years ago +4

    I"d love if you'd do a video on how to change the dynamic from win-lose to win-win, particularly when the person who wants to use a win-lose approach is your boss? In reality, it seems to me that if a person attempts to flip the power dynamic with a person who is your superior at work, they will come away resenting you (and even accuse you of "insubordination"), and it's not good for you in the long run professionally. But if that same person has a zero sum view of all interactions and needs to be steered away from that and toward a win-win mentality, but you're a subordinate, what would you recommend?

  • Ben Thorn
    Ben Thorn 7 years ago +3285

    Joffrey reacted so much he'll probably get sued by the Fine Brothers

    • Lia Springs
      Lia Springs 7 years ago +112

      *slow clap*

    • rsz
      rsz 7 years ago +6

      +Ben Thorn LOL!!

    • Ryan Tan
      Ryan Tan 7 years ago +38

      he will demand a trial by combat

    • Lia Springs
      Lia Springs 7 years ago +4

      Look at his reaction ! He is too much of a coward for that.

    • purjopore
      purjopore 7 years ago +1

      +Ben Thorn

  • Corsay
    Corsay 4 years ago +58

    You were right, Charlie. Tyrion Lannister did win the game of thrones. It's absolutely amazing how insightful you are!

  • James Gleeson
    James Gleeson Year ago +3

    A few friends quite enjoyed our discussions on watching the interactions of characters within the GoT series. Your summation is very close to what we talked about. The writing is superb and how it was projected onto the screen, very rare to see.

  • Get Rekt Gaming
    Get Rekt Gaming 5 years ago +34

    As soon as Tywin started walking up the stairs,Joffrey backed up a bit thinking,'please don't hurt me.'

  • Jeff Ardian
    Jeff Ardian 5 years ago +2

    Hi Charlie, you made a lot of great videos, very insightful and inspiring for me. You're probably one of my favorite guy in youtube right now. In this video you mentioned about a situation during the time you are in a consulting interview and how you handle it. Just a suggestion but could you make a video on it, specifically on a consulting interview when there is case studies and requires you to do critical thinking fast while under the interviewer pressure? Thank you very much!

  • Amando Abreu
    Amando Abreu 2 years ago +254

    In job interviews I usually pick the chair next to the interviewer. They quickly realize that if they tell me to sit elsewhere they come off as petty. It changes the whole dynamic if you end up getting hired, it's interesting.

    • D
      D 2 years ago +20

      When you go to jail for SA it won't look good on a background check

    • Sean Stone
      Sean Stone 2 years ago +37

      I’m guessing you don’t get hired very often.

    • Amando Abreu
      Amando Abreu 2 years ago +8

      @Sean Stone Nice 😂

    • roosvelt1984
      roosvelt1984 2 years ago +9

      I run my own business, I sit where I want with whom I want. Feet up on the desk if it pleases me.

    • Nicholi Larson
      Nicholi Larson Year ago +11

      I'm the kind of boss who will show you which chair you should move to. Then conduct the interview trying to see past the skepticism created by a stranger who may have trouble with boundaries.

  • sigunat
    sigunat 7 years ago +2707

    Tyrion will win because he drinks and knows things.

    • ꧁Rhae꧂
      ꧁Rhae꧂ 7 years ago +24

      It´s what he does

    • sigunat
      sigunat 7 years ago +4

      Which one of the seven gods said that? Or were the tree gods? Be more specific please and read between lines. Take care mate.

    • connor coates
      connor coates 6 years ago +6

      sigunat what?

    • Goddy Fame
      Goddy Fame 5 years ago +3

      Tyrion was given power in Mereen and he brookered a fake peace that brought Mareen close to destruction until Dany came back with the Dotraki.
      Tyrion led to the destruction of Tyrells and the decapitation of the Doonish. Tyrion's advises are bad in most of the cases.

  • Fred Meyer
    Fred Meyer Year ago

    dude... thanks.. I immensly enjoy your videos so far and the way you make your advice relevant using real world and fictional situations are well done. your commentary each time makes me realise more and more why I loved the characters in the first place, sort of like the missing puzzle pieces to a puzzle I had already built but could not finish. thank you

  • Christopher Dedeyan

    Great explanation of the power dynamics. Definitely a lot of takeaways to utilize in business and every day life. Keep up the great work 👊🏼

  • c1
    c1 6 months ago

    These are excellent illustrations on power dynamics. I never watched Games, but it didn’t matter , your points are excellent and applicable to any situation. Love this channel. Thank you for all your research and well made videos and illustrations!

  • ot4kon
    ot4kon 4 years ago +722

    and he won, he sit a puppet king with no interest in power and rule as a the hand of the king.

    • Infinity
      Infinity 3 years ago +23

      The Starks won, mate.

    • Artie Rupinen
      Artie Rupinen 3 years ago +39

      That thing next to Bran was not Tyrion. That was a bafoon.

    • Bat man
      Bat man 2 years ago +33

      The fans lost

    • Aswin G
      Aswin G 2 years ago +10

      He survived because the writing dies

    • A Z Y
      A Z Y 2 years ago +5

      never thought of it that way🤔 brilliant


    1:25 When things happen
    3:30 Who is more important
    8:06 What to focus on
    10:54 Where the interaction happens

    • Daniel Ta
      Daniel Ta 7 years ago +4


    • Dogbehu
      Dogbehu 7 years ago

      +LonelyBookaneer And hard to pronounce

    • JimBorrison Borrison
      JimBorrison Borrison 7 years ago +2


    • armanke13
      armanke13 7 years ago

      nice sums

  • Call Me Swivel Hips
    Call Me Swivel Hips 6 years ago

    I've mostly ignored power dynamics my entire life, and I think it has served me well. As they say, change is constant and contentment is captured. Controlling others is not a member of contentment really. It builds off of it.
    So now here I am realizing that if I do at least observe the power dynamics of situations, I could enhance my ability to move my life forward. Which is not my interest alone tbh. So why not?

  • Alexander Draganov
    Alexander Draganov 2 months ago

    The most important lesson I learned in life, was from Littlefinger. Always consider their intentions. Weigh their actions, and consider the motivation they would have for taking those actions. You’ll never be surprised.

  • Carlos González
    Carlos González 11 months ago +3

    Feels like a more advanced scarce vs abundance concept. Very specific in each point. Unvaluably awesome!

  • Scrolly TM
    Scrolly TM 4 years ago

    One more thing i like about Tyrion is that he asks people what they want and acts as he would give them what they want in exchange for his profits or life in some cases but he literally gets what he wants from people without giving anything in exchange. You can see this when he was at that skytower with his prison guard. Anyway he might give gold to people but that is nothing for him since his family is rich,like he did with Brron for example.

  • Anna
    Anna 5 years ago

    I would like to know more about the when of all this. Sometimes the hardest part is knowing which moments you can be chill in and which ones need to get real, and unlike Tyrion I don't have the threat of death 24/7 helping make it clear.

  • Josue Cruz-Reyes
    Josue Cruz-Reyes 7 years ago +51

    "Death is so boring, especially now with so much excitement in the world."
    A great mentality by Tyrion

    • Charisma on Command
      Charisma on Command  7 years ago

      +Josue Cruz-Reyes Too true, always appreciate the world around you.

  • Day Z
    Day Z 3 years ago +8

    Actually, already in the beginning of the books in Jons chapter at the fiest for Robert in Winterfel it was said that little Tyrion casted a big shadow, shadow of a king

  • Darryl Creapea
    Darryl Creapea 6 years ago +30

    Its genius how this guy hooked me with something like game of thrones and taught me valuable lessons that were in front of my face as i watch my favorite show. hes got my sub : p

  • marvelka94
    marvelka94 4 years ago +1

    I think in this context, it would be very interesting to analyze Robert California from the Office. In terms of the position of power, ability to convince anyone to do anything he wants and also the ability to tell a story that makes no sense, but somehow captivates everyone in the room
    Love the video, btw. Game of Thrones is just brilliant

  • James Walsh
    James Walsh 4 years ago

    That thing about realising that it isnt the end of the world if you dont get the job, date, client or whatever is pure gold. It took me years to work that out. Also levity has always helped my cause. If you can make someone laugh, you have them in the palm of your hand.

  • Depipro
    Depipro 5 years ago

    On the topic of "too Zen", the original meaning is in the state of consciousness where you are fully aware that one single mistake can be fatal. In that sense, Tyrion is likely the most Zen individual in GoT.
    I'm actually surprised you would use the modern fashionable version of the word, considering how you appear to value clarity in your explanations, whereas things don't get much more vague than the modern Western usage of the word "zen". ;)

  • Tyler
    Tyler 7 years ago +159

    I miss Tywin, Such a great villian character.

    • Bunny Haghjoo
      Bunny Haghjoo 4 years ago


    • Niet Actief
      Niet Actief 4 years ago +16

      He was not a villain

    • Daniel H
      Daniel H 4 years ago +13

      @Niet Actief He was if you root for the starks.

    • Niet Actief
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